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April 24, 2014
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April 23, 2014
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Komotini, Greece: Text by Anarchist Steki Utopia A.D. about the new prison legislation,and photos from the anarchist book fair event of 2 days on 5 and 6 April 2014

From: utopia-ad
Translated by Act for freedom now! PHOTOS HERE


The state after cultivating the fear and hypnosis spreading them until the most active and disobedient groups, combined with poverty and misery, finds a fertile ground of indifference and selfishness in order to put through nazi-like legislations concerning the prisons and their new role.
 The cause was given with the escape of Ch.Xiros, in order for the parliament to pass a new legislation for the creation of high security prisons. This new upgrade of oppressive methods of authority has as sole target the “qualitative correction” of the political and insubordinate penal prisoners.
 The prisons which will be transformed are the 1st wing of Domokos prisons, the white cells constructed in Larissa prisons in 2003 , the white cells of the female and male prisons of Koridallos.
  With the new legislation therefore, the prisons are organized as such: in the A type prisons will be held those who are on remand for debts and for crimes on property or wealth without violence. The state however made sure to leave some loopholes (for who we wonder?), since according to the new legislation whoever pays the sum for which they are accused of their sentence could decrease from life down to 3 years.
 In the C type prisons will be “hosted” those who were tried for participation in the 17November, those accused of participation in the CCF, people judged dangerous for public safety and the country’s  order, as well as prisoners who have attacked prison guards or have escaped in the past.
 At the same time, there will be a special protocol for the rights of the prisoners. The right of leave is completely abolished (it reappears after 10 years of incarceration in the form of an application which we doubt will become acceptable) while there will be strict limitations to all forms of communication with the outside world (i.e. receiving and sending mail, visitation rights).
 Also, for the outer guarding of these cells there will be created a new oppressive unit which will reprt directly to the Greek Police. However, the vengeful mania of authority does not end here. The labouring in these specific prisons, which constitute a practice to decrease the sentence, will be carried out by prisoners of other prisons and not those in C type cells. On the other hand, those who choose the tempting path of snitching, it is.. that their persecution can be postponed and they can be released.
 Finally, in the trials of those who are hostage in the new dungeons of democracy, the only things that will be said are what the chairman finds substantial. Their aim is the limited defence of those accused  but also the silencing of their political resonance.
 For the prisons, which they want to transform into fortresses, a large sum will be spent so much for the specially trained personnel as well as their formation. On the contrary, they refuse to spend this money, for the upgrade of the medical wing of Korildallos prisons, pretending that there is not enough. The conditions of medical treatment of prisoners is inhuman and nightmarish with prisoners piled one on another in a minimal and messy space lacking medical supplies. Thus, people with simple fractures, cancer patients, AIDS patients and other illnesses are all in the same space. Additionally, our poor Greece is one of the 14 countries which fund the destruction of nuclear weapons in the Mediterranean.
 Closing we would like to mention that the prisoners are people who happened to be arrested because of mistake compared to the rest. If one considers that everyone has more or less broke the law (from a misdemeanour to a felony) they will see that because of attention or conditions they weren’t arrested. Besides, everyone is a possible murderer. Prisons are the mirror of society where authority put a sheet over and the terrorized subjects simply fear to pull back, settled in their ignorance.
 Freedom Goes Over The Ruins Of The Prisons
 Anarchist Steki Utopia A.D.


April 23, 2014
by actforfreedom


Translated by Act for freedom now! boubourAs
On Tuesday April 8th was attacked with a grenade, the car (silver opel vectra) of the known prison guard G.Bardakis on 33 Zaimi street, in Egaleo.
This attack, is a minimal act of memory for the murder of prisoner Ilir Kareli.
 Kareli, tired of hurting from the beatings, electroshocks, baton strikes, buckets of frozen water, the humiliations by the prison guards, finally “escaped” from the hands of his torturers with his death.
We know his death, will soon be forgotten. Just like the dozens of deaths forgotten and will be forgotten in the hellholes of the prisons, by illnesses, smack, desperation…
 The murderers prison guards, no matter how much they tried to wash away the blood of the dead from the isolation cell with chlorine, did not succeed. It remained there, a stain on the wall to remind… that blood can be washed away only with blood.
Now its our turn…
 Night is our friend and its darkness embraces us. We pull our guns out of the stash, take our motorbikes and go hunting.
Because tonight we hunt correctional officers.
Our eyes and ears are everywhere.
Whoever bastard lays their hand on prisoners, will have it cut from the root, whoever demeans and humiliates prisoners will personally meet us in their house, the gym they go to, the traffic light where they wait in their car.
 All you who have made violence a profession, towards locked up people,
now you will pay with the same coin…
 We send Strength and greetings to those prisoners inside who support the pan-hellenic mobilization against the fascist legislation for the construction of isolation prisons “type C”.
Respect to the urban guerillas of the Informal Anarchist Federation.
 Solidarity and complicity to the anarchists of praxis, who on Sunday April 6th attacked the riot cops, outside Domokos prisons.
All prison guards who participated in the group torturing/murder of Kareli, are now WANTED.
We inform those who were not detained, that their names -are already known through the indictment but also in the circles of prisoners- are on a list for permanent “elimination”.
Whatever little village they hide in, whatever profession they might change, they should know that we will find them and they will fall in our ambush.
Concerning the detained prison guards/torturers, they should know that whatever prison and protection wing they go to, they will meet their bounty Faith. All prisoners are informed and we have friends everywhere. Their days are numbered… (and hard…)

 Nihilist Gangs of Revenge

April 23, 2014
by actforfreedom

Spain – Anarchist comrade Francisco Solar transferred to the prison of Asturias

Translated by act for freedom now 
After having been moved in various prisons (Madrid, Burgos, Cantabria) for a week, on Saturday 12th April Francisco was taken to the prison of Asturias.
He and Monica are being detained in FIES 3, can make not more than 8 phone calls per week for the duration of 5 minutes each, can send not more than 2 letters per week, can get one visit per week for the duration of 40 minutes.
 To write to the comrades:
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Ávila-Prisión Provincial
Ctra. de Vicolozano s/n
Apdo. 206
05194 Brieva (Ávila)
 Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
C.P. de Villabona
Finca Tabladiello
33480 Villabona-Llanera (Asturias)

April 21, 2014
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Translated by Act for freedom now!
March 10th 2010. Lambros Foundas, member of the Revolutionary Struggle falls dead by the bullets of a cop in Dafni during a preparatory action of the organization. Four years later the proposed political action of Lambros Foundas and the Revolutionary Struggle where he acted, is even more topical, the choice of struggle and the strategy of the action even more imperative. Four years later and the terms of life of millions of people are becoming more and more miserable in the name of saving the economic and political system which is being buried deeper and deeper in the crisis. Four years ago comrade Lambros Foundas gave his life to a political attempt to not turn decadence into a way of life, to not sacrifice people in order to save the system. He gave his life to a political attempt whose final aim was to throw the corpse of capitalism and with It the state, in the trash of history. He gave his life to open the only path for the complete overcoming of crises, to open the way for social liberation, for Social Revolution. This is the matter which is worth fighting for, even dying for.
Lambros Foundas lives and will always live for those who the revolution remains a live prospect. He lives and will live always as this revolutionary figure which incarnates the dreams of the revolutionaries today at every corner of the planet.

He lives and will live as a symbol and beacon of the revolution.

Authority always invested in the cultivation and exploitation of the baser instincts of its subjects in order to exterminate the revolutionaries and its political opponents. The greek state has a rich tradition concerning this. The bounties and rewards for the extermination of fighters of ELAS (Greek People’s Liberation Army during the second world war) and the guerillas of the Democratic Army was a standard phenomenon. The civil war in the battle of propaganda of the then regime against its political enemies were persecuted as “common robbers”. And the rewards for every cut off head of a guerilla that the various nationalists brought were in the daily schedule.
Despite the different conditions of today’s era, the terror of today’s authority which skins the greek people in order to feed the crows of the international elite in front of the prospect of beginning a new guerilla war which will blow their plans in the air, makes them resort to the sleazy and vulgar methods of bounties and head hunting, seeking to arouse the most despicable instincts of all kinds of well-wishers of authority.

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April 18, 2014
by actforfreedom

Bologna, Italy – Considerations on the Operation ”Outlaw”


Translated by act for freedom now

At 5pm
 On 31st March 31 2014, at 5pm, 21 anarchists of ‘Fuoriluogo’ were acquitted as the case against them proved groundless. They had been on trial with the charge of having formed a criminal organization aiming at the subversion of the democratic order, an organization with leaders, deputy leaders and affiliates. After six months between jail and house arrest for 5 comrades, restrictive measures, prohibition of residence in the city of Bologna and deportation orders for other comrades, the closure of Fuoriluogo and three years of judicial torment and nine hearings, the result of the first grade sentence was made known.
We still don’t know whether the prosecutor will make appeal or not. The way the trail went on shall discourage such a move: the bad performance played by the prosecutor and the Digos of Bologna shall prompt them to retire silently. As a matter of fact, however, these people might well insist, even in the face of the collapse of their accusations and the time spent shadowing and harassing the defendants, which only caused some gossip on their private lives. Certainly they’re not ashamed nor do they care about the lack of skills they demonstrated; so it is possible that they, as agents of repression, decide to keep their accusations on the stage.
As they serve and protect the system, they certainly don’t need to demonstrate understanding and competence but they only need to achieve at least some little results. In this case they closed down an anarchist place, and temporarily diverted those who were on trial from taking part in the struggle with incisiveness. They took some comrades away from the city with deportation orders, but they can be sure that others joined and that the deported comrades found other places where to make troubles to power.

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April 18, 2014
by actforfreedom

Spain: Update on the situation of anarchists comrades Mónica and Francisco

direccfrom instintosalvaje, transl wos:
Today, Saturday April 12, after passing through several prisons (Madrid, Burgo, Cantabria) throughout the week, our compañero arrived in Asturias, where they abruptly decided to transfer him.
Several weeks ago, we communicated through various media that Fransisco was in a pretty bad situation due to isolation. Although the situation has changed, surely due to pressure from outside, he remains in a punishment wing, separated from the rest of the “political” prisoners, although in a relatively better situation and they have allowed him, after many months, telephone calls with friends, since the prison’s warden had only allowed calls with family members.
We know that he is well and strong, and we hope to be able to visit him soon.
Mónica remains in the same situation of the past months, and she is also doing well in spirit and strength.
Both compañeros remain in preventive prison and at the moment nothing makes us think this situation will change. Nor is there much news in the case or the charges against them.

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April 18, 2014
by actforfreedom

Mexico: Communique for package bomb sent to the rector of UNAM

From : waronsociety

iSin título

Note from Instinto Salvaje:
Without ceasing to communicate what some individuals carry out against some persons, representatives or visible faces of the techno-industrial system, we believe as a webpage that the struggle emerges with the destruction of the techno-industrial system, but that we wager our lives, ideas or actions for the destruction of every form of authority first and foremost, and in anarchy as a central axis of our lives. This does not mean we do not support or will stop spreading what some individuals are doing recently in the Mexican region–entirely to the contrary–but we want to make clear our difference and our position around these topics.
Morelia, Michoacán
14 April 2014
“Obsidian Point” Circle of Analysis
It has been some time since we started writing about some situations that had arisen in Mexico concerning the terrorist group ITS; we published a total of three analyses [1], in which we have publicly demonstrated our support of the group ITS, in their actions as much as their position. Until now we have decided to solely be those who comfortably spread and highlighted the group’s communiques and actions, but that is over. The violent advance of the techno-industrial system, the degradation that civilization leaves in its wake and the oblivion they are forcing us toward, ceasing to be natural humans to the point of turning into humanoids: there must be a convincing response.
We abandon words and analyses in order to begin with our war, the war against what kills us and consumes us, against the invincible megamachine which only wild nature or its very own technology can collapse. We do not seek victories, triumphs or results from what we do or have done, we are not revolutionaries, platformists or anarchists.

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April 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

Counter-information bulletin – February 2014

From: inter arma

France: Attack with paint bombs against the central offices of Thales company (involved in war industry and control systems) in Lil by Chicken-like Terrorist Commando.
U.S.A.: Brian Vaillancourt was sentenced in 9 years of imprisonment for attempted arson against a McDonalds, in Chicago. He was arrested on 09/02/2013.
Chile: Police car torched near the 21st police precinct of Santiago.
New Zealand: KFC restaurant torched in Upper Hill area by ALF.
France: Vehicle owned by Orange company was torched in Paris.
U.S.A.: Office of Oakland police attacked in Fruitvale.
Chile: Fiery barricade in memory of Sebastian, in front of the 26th police precinct of Pudahuel by the Incendiary Cell Sebastián Oversluij.
Italy: Incendiary attack against a surveillance court in Trento.
Germany: Attempted arson at hotel construction site  in Berlin by ELF.
U.S.A.: Demonstration in solidarity with Carlos Lopez at the Mexican consulate, in Seattle.
United Kingdom: Incendiary attack against 3 vehicles owned by Royal Marine Reserve in Bristol by Mutiny Group of FAI.
Greece: Intervention with posters in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Spyros Mandylas and Andreas Tsavdaridis in Komotini by Anarchist Squat Utopia A.D.
France: Vehicle owned by Spie company was torched in Paris.
Chile: Intervention in solidarity with Chilean anarchist prisoners, outside the maximum security prison of Santiago.
United Kingdom: Chickens liberated from a factory farm, in West Midlands by ALF.
Peru: Pigeons liberated by ALF. With this action the ALF declares its resurrection in Peru.
Turkey: Excavator torched in Istanbul by ELF-FAI/IRF.
U.S.A.: Tractors sabotaged in Atlanta.
Greece: Intervention with anarchist slogans in Lesvos.
Italy: 32 ΑΤΜs of San Paolo bank sabotaged in Turin.
Brazil: 10 police vehicles burned inside the Military Police barracks in Porto Alegre.
Chile: Comrade José Miguel Sanchez Jimenez was released from prison, after 20 years in captivity.
Finland: Fur shop vandalized by ALF. This action marks the re-emerge of ALF in Finland.
 Other news:
Mexico: After the passing of the 40-day arraigo (17/02) the cops didn’t manage to get more evidence about the charges of terrorism against Carlos López, Amelie Pillierst and Fallon Poisson. The comrades are now held for causing damages and attacking public peace.
U.S.A.: Kevin Johnson (Olliff) was transferred in Vandalia prison, in Illinois, where he will serve his sentence (2,5 years).
Greece: During the 36th session of the ongoing trial of CCF, the comrades attacked the prosecution’s witness and prosecutor himself V. Foukas, who had an offending attitude towards the during the trial.
Italy: In the early hours of Tuesday February 25, special forces of Italian police (R.I.S.), raided the houses of 10 comrades in Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Campania, executing a warrant issued by prosecutor Federico Manotti in Genoa. The comrades were put under investigation and are accused of being the perpetrators of the attack on the R.I.S carabinieri barracks of Parma on 24th October 2005, for two attacks on carabinieri barracks in Genoa occurred in 2005, the parcel bomb sent to the former mayor of Bologna Sergio Cofferati and the arson on a Red Cross vehicle. In the context of this operation one person was arrested for reasons unrelated to the investigation. (Comrades’ text about the invasions)
Chile: The trial for the comrades Juan Aliste Vega, Freddy Fuentevilla and Marcelo Villarroel, accused in the so-called “Security” Case, has been set on 25th of March (2014). Groups, publication and counter-information projects issued an international call for a week of solidarity actions from 14 till 25 March.
Mexico: International call in solidarity with Mexican anarchists, which are targeted by the state’s repression apparatus.
United Kingdom: “Gross Misconduct and the Guerilla Massive”, pamphlet by Dark Matter Editions with poems and thoughts on anti-socialism, anti-civilization, anarcho-nihilism and individualism.
Spain: “1982 – 1984: La Epidemia Terrorista”, pamphlet about anarchist terrorism with the declarations of Emile Henry and Ravachol, published by Círculo Anárquico Villa Española project.
Chile: “For a beautiful morning…. There is a whole world to tear down”, special publication from Refractario zine, about Adinolfi case and comrades Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai.
France: “Et notre haine rit…”, a collection of writings by Renzo Novatore in French, published by Ravage Editions.
by Inter Arma

April 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Poster in solidarity with imprisoned anarchists Gianluca and Adriano


Translated by act for freedom now

To order copies write to: villavegansquat@inventati.

 Poster reads:

Millions of cars lined up in traffic jams, massive industrial pollution, concrete poured on nature to make space for highways, rail-tracks, shopping malls, prisons, schools and technological sites; toxic and nuclear waste poured in rivers and on the earth, genetically modified animals used in scientific experiments or for organ transplants, millions of other animals imprisoned and killed every year to satisfy futile consumerism; expropriation of peoples’ lands in Africa, Asia and South America by western governments and multinationals, wars waged to grab  the last energy resources, new chemical and technological weapons tested on entire populations by imperialist powers, chemicals and carcinogens in the food we eat, genetically modified plants bombarded with pesticides to boost production, forests raised to the ground to make space for intensive one-crop plantations and gold mines…


 Long years spent in schools, offices, factories not much different form prisons, or in front of cell phone screens, computers and TV, entrapped in a flat life made of work, family and programmed entertainment, we are turning into machines that produce and consume and are becoming accomplices of a system that kills and devastates the world, in exchange for miserable technological comforts that can’t make us happy.


 Always on the side of those who ‘still have ears for things unheard’, are always rebel and hostile to the power of civilization, and choose to act for a free and wild life.


anarchists in prison accused of sabotage and incendiary attacks on banks, energy multinationals (ENI, ENEL) and companies that exploit animals and the earth

April 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

Mexico, 5E: Update on the beginning of the trial

translated from Spanish by sabotagemedia

April 3 and 4 were the dates indicated as the start of the trial for Amelie, Fallon and Carlos, arrested on Jan. 5.
For the first hearing, on April 3, the police officers who made the arrest were summoned to testify so to start the presentation of evidence. However, at 11am, the appointed time, no cops showed up, suspending the hearing. On April 4 only one of the summoned expert witnesses was present. New dates for the hearings were set for April 28 and 29.
During the night of April 3 Carlos was moved to the general prison population area. The compañerxs could be seen through the cracks in the railing.The no-show of testifying cops and experts is a strategy of delaying the judicial proceedings which have already been used before in trials against other compañerxs. It is a way to try to erode solidarity. Therefore, we call to continue solidarity with all compañerxs kidnapped by the Mexican government in its prisons.
Solidarity with Carlos, Amelie and Fallon!
Solidarity with Mario González!
Freedom for the Octobre 2 prisoners!
To write to Carlos, Amelie and Fallon:
Centro Feminil de Reinsercion social Santa Martha Acatitla
Amélie Trudeau / Fallon Rouiller
Calzada Ermita
Iztapalapa No 4037
Colonia Santa Martha Acatitla
Delagation Iztapalapa
C.P. 09560
Reclusorio Preventivo Oriente
Carlos López Marin
Calle Reforma #50
Col. San Lorenzo Tezonco,
Deleg. Iztapalapa
C.P. 09800

April 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

Information up dates of the trial concerning the ATE Bank robbery in Purgetos (Greece)

 Translated by Imprisoned Anarchist Giannis Naxakis

Report of the trial concerning the ATE Bank robbery in Purgetos (Greece)

 *The trial is taking place inside Korydallos prison in the “special court” designed for “dangerous” prisoners. Accused of the robbery are two anarchists, Grigoris Sarafoudis and Yannis Naxakis.
 On Monday 31/3 the first actual hearing took place. The three first witnesses (bank manager and clerks) were examined. They didn’t recognize in the face of G.Sarafoudis any of the perpetrators of the robbery (Y.Naxakis refuses to participate in the procedure and is absent from the courtroom). How could they recognize them though since the perpetrators were wearing hoods?
To the questions asked by the judge to the first witness, she categorically answered ‘no’ when asked about any chance of her distinguishing any characteristic of the two perpetrators. The questions from the juridical side continued without any outcome. Then the questions moved on to the possibility of recognition of the body shape of G.Sarafoudis but once again there was no outcome since the witnesses said they saw two really tall men.
The witnesses also categorically denied seeing any of the perpetrators carrying a mobile phone or a hands-free speaker set (material that was found at the scene and on which the DNA of G.Sarafoudis was supposedly found). They also said that they were not threatened during the robbery and that they saw the action once again on a DVD copied from the CCTV recording system. But the DVD doesn’t exist in the file with the relevant documents. It looks like the antiterrorist police didn’t find any incriminating evidence on the video against the two accused comrades and decided to make it disappear…
The trial continued on the 2nd of April. Three more witnesses were examined. A man who lives across the street from the bank, a woman who lives on the top floor of the building where the bank is situated (who also owns the premises and works as a cleaner in the bank) who was at home during the robbery, and an undercover cop from Larissa (biggest nearby city) police headquarters.
The cop claimed that he went to investigate the scene after the robbery the same day but it looks like he never actually did.

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April 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

Seattle: 3 Bank ATMs Sabotaged (USA)


During the evening of Wednesday April 9th. 3 Bank atms in Seattle had their credit card slots sealed shut. This was done in solidarity with the hunger strikers at the Northwest Detention and for Amélie, Fallon and Carlos.

- Some Anarchists

April 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

Letter by K.Gournas member of the Revolutionary Struggle and D.Koufodinas member of the R.O. 17November concerning the legislation about the prisons – Athens

Translated by Act for freedom now!
The legislation for the prisons creates the greek Guantanamo.
Those incarcerated in these special kinds of the prisons:
 -Are deprived of all rights the other prisoners have (days of leave, probation etc.)
 -Have their visitation rights and phone calls minimized (almost eliminated).
 -Remain locked in their cells for up to 23 hours a day.
 A special police force comes into these prisons with classified duties and authorities.
 This asphyxiating regime of detainment reminds us…. of the american Guantanamo. This legislation of Samaras, Dendias and Athanasiou is of fascist inspiration. Its an expression of a state of permanent emergency. It is the equivalent memorandum for the prisoners.
The micro-society of prison would not be unscathed by the full on attack on greek society. The moment that at a global scale neo-liberal capitalism, in order to overcome the crisis steps on decades of vested rights, applies to greek society the most inhuman version of this strategy.
 This strategy leaves no decompression valves, on the contrary it compresses, besides human dignity, every desire for resistance. This logic expresses the legislation for the prisons: it creates the fear of C type prisons. Fear for the prisoners, but also all of the fighting society. First target of the legislation is the isolation of political prisoners. Its prototype is the model structured for those arrested in the summer of 2002 for the 17November.
 Its aim is to legalize and standardize a similar regime of isolation. So the resonance of the political prisoners does not reach the society which seeks anti-systemic directions. However, just like in 2002 the struggles of the prisoners and the solidarity movement subverted these plans, reversing the political isolation, this is what will happen now too.

 We call for all political prisoners, fighting prisoners, the solidarity movement, the fighting society to unite their voice and actions, so this fascist legislation does not pass. This Struggle is a piece of the struggle against the memorandums that destroy all of society.

 P.S. The legislation is applied to the prisons before its even voted in. The cutting of leave days, the closing of every decompression valve, already lead to tragic results: the knife in Malandrino prisons was held by the three who had the inspiration for this legislation.
 Kostas Gournas
Dimitris Koufodinas



April 11, 2014
by actforfreedom

ATHENS, Greece — Suspected domestic exploded a car bomb outside a Bank of Greece building in the heart of Athens 11.4.14

ATHENS, Greece  — Suspected domestic exploded a car bomb outside a Bank of Greece building in the heart of Athens Thursday, causing damage but no injuries in a brazen attack hours before a landmark bond issue by the financially struggling country.

No group claimed responsibility for the 6 a.m. (0300GMT) explosion, which shattered windows in the central bank branch and buildings up to 200 meters away, and left the charred remnants of a car with only two wheels still recognizable.

April 11, 2014
by actforfreedom

Chile – Poster in memory of Anarcho-Nihilist comrade Sebastian Oversluij (Pelao Angry)

Chile – Poster in memory of Sebastian Oversluij

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now



 ‘We have ideas, we have instruments …We must learn to use both and create revolt every day. We must create now the life we want to live… Let’s start living the life we want’  Pelao Angry

 Anarcho-Nihilist comrade Sebastian Oversluij (Pelao Angry) took part in the storming of a bank in Pudahuel on 11th December 2013. As the comrade was trying to expropriate the wealth of capital he was executed by William Vera, a miserable guard who was there to defend the privileges of the bosses.

 Let’s go on with our denials and struggles.

Let’s take back our lives from the enemies of Freedom.


April 11, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Operation Ardire: All Anarchists comrades free from precautionary measures


Translated by act for freedom now

We receive and transmit:
Today (8th April) all precautionary measures inflicted on the comrades investigated following operation ”Ardire” have been revoked. Alessandro, Elisa, Stefano, Peppe and Sergio were still subjected to reporting daily to the police station and residing in their hometown. We got confirmation that four comrades are no longer subjected to these restrictions, whereas we haven’t got any confirmation regarding Sergio. However there’s no reason to believe that he constitutes an exception. We also add that the investigation is still on-going.
Updates will follow.
Cassa di Solidarietà Aracnide

April 9, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy –Communiqué from anarchist comrade Adriano, locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara


Translated by act for freedom now

What follows is a communiqué that Adriano, locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara, sent us on 25th March, the day after he was transferred in order to attend the preliminary hearing at the court of Rome in the trial he’s facing along with Gianluca.
Cassa di Solidarietà Aracnide
To write to the comrade:
Adriano Antonacci
C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
Violence generates violence. Regardless of what is right or wrong, no matter how abstruse is the boundary between opposites and how easily they can converge. The word violence and the concept it expresses present deep mystifications to those who have the monopoly on it.  All expressions of dissent are being disproportionately repressed… no surprise… ‘go and tell them that it’s springtime’ [rough translation of ‘vagli a spiegare che è primavera’, a verse by the late anarchist singer and song-writer Fabrizio De Andrè].
The modus operandi of cops and politicians is infamous enough, with their artistic architecture made of inexistent castles in the sky, and their accusing anarchists of belonging to imaginary associations; and with the judiciary of the State-Capital, servile and functional to miserable power, advocate and perpetrator of the dictates of dominion.

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April 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

PDF: ‘Anarchist dialogues – A conversation with Gustavo Rodríguez’ by Conspiración Ácrata (Mexico)

FROM 325


Here we send you the English translation of the conversation with Gustavo Rodríguez published in Conspiración Ácrata. Feel free to publish it on your pages.

A warm embrace,