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October 3, 2015
by actforfreedom


anonymous report (the defaced website belongs to McGill University neuroscience researcher Yogita Chudasama); before and after photos:


“The 7th September 2015, a vivisection laboratory website was sabotaged by using the technique of ‘deface’. It was entered to the website server and some of their directories were modified. The result was a more realistic image about what the laboratory does and a message we hope never forgot.
Because we don’t care about the excuses and lies they use to justify their experiments. What really matters is that peopple see and know what really happens inside the laboratories, and to cause the biggest economic damage as possible.
After few weeks, the website has dissapeared. What probably means it has been closed (hopefully permanently). We are proud that the goal of this action has been reached, and we’ll go on until we close all laboratories.



September 30, 2015
by actforfreedom

Germany -Ingolstadt – Attack against the Military Forces

In the night of September 14, 2015 a convoi of military vehicles waiting on the rails of the main trainstation
in Ingolstadt was attacked.
Amongst other things activists decorated the vehicles with paint and also attack while striking weapons were employed.
„What we destroy, can’t inflict any harm elsewhere!“
Revolutionary Cell Ingolstadt
via: machorka

September 30, 2015
by actforfreedom

Sweden – Animal liberationist KARL HÄGGROTH RELEASED!

12039419_961743867221207_7739425616060557918_nIn June 2014, Karl and Ebba were each sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, and Richard received a sentence of one year and nine months, for actions against the fur industry. Richard and Ebba were released in June 2015. Karl was released in September 2015.
Wonderful solidarity from all over the world. Now all 3 are finally free from prison. Thanks for this picture you activists from Basel!



September 29, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece – Pola Roupa, Member of R.O.Revolutionary Struggle – For a Timely Analysis of the Present Situation

(Excerpts from) P. Roupa, For a Timely Analysis of the Present Situation

Excerpts from P. Roupa, For a timely analysis of the present situation
[Note: for understanding the crisis in the Greek movement of the past year, this is an extremely important text. For the present, these excerpts only cover some portions of the longer Greek text.]
Systemic crises are periods when major economic, social, and political changes appear, where unique opportunities for action and struggle for subversive movements are created. These are opportunities to the extent that can be exploited properly to irreparably undermine a shaky and unstable power system, but to the extent they are not used, from opportunities for subversion and revolution they can be converted into catalysts of internal divisions and conflict. The forms of action and struggle are called forth into de facto development to meet the new historical situation, and old forms of struggle that show themselves insufficient in front of present challenges obviously collapse. History itself is a challenge for those who struggle, especially for revolutionaries.
Against the current historical challenge we are all called to advance forward. And this not only because we as revolutionaries owe it to ourselves to grab unique historical opportunities and put into practice a revolutionary design, but because if we do not stand we equal to the task, if we can not fulfill our own historic mission, History itself will trample over us, perhaps destroy us. However, as the crisis deepens, nothing will remain the same. Large sectors of the political regime’s bloc deteriorate, weaken, dissolve and some are threatened with extinction, while the attempt of Left intervention in the system collapsed with the Syriza government; new political dynamics will spring up as political extremes are reinforced, and what is at stake is who will occupy the political vacuum left behind by systemic crisis. It is known to everyone that nature abhors a vacuum, and this also applies for politics.
Although it is not at all pleasant to deal with specific political pathologies of the radical movement, I think I have at the moment no choice, since apart from presenting one’s positions, some borderline situations like the present require grappling with issues operating counterproductively in terms of creating a revolutionary movement, issues which intensify and consolidate divisions among revolutionaries- and if you do not get past this political crisis it can reach conditions of generalized political cannibalism, although in some cases such cannibalism is already manifest. An important issue for me is to see in this context the issue of alignment for some or tolerance for others of leftist attempts to transform the system. These attempts clearly represent projects that not only do not promote revolution, but very effectively work to undermine it.
Since 2010 when Greece came under controlled bankruptcy with memorandums, we failed to capitalize on the opportunities presented to us in order to create a revolutionary movement of the quality, consistency, and dynamic range required in order to be a political catalyst to promote revolution in broader sections of the population affected by the brutal crisis. Instead, some invested in political forces foreign to revolution, such as Syriza, hoping that a leftist government would relax the pressure exerted previously by the neoliberal forces of the regime, both to the social base and to those who resist, and thought this would help to improve the conditions for the development of the movement.
In fact this trend- which some cultivated long before Syriza took power and many have always believed- was expressed in different theoretical and practical forms, and was a result of our individual and collective inability to build a revolutionary movement and to shape the terms of a genuine subversive struggle. As the rise of Syriza to power was the result of the defeat of social resistance in the early years of the crisis, in an analogous way the aforementioned political tendency was and is a result of a political failure of the anarchist space in the same period. And because seeing deadlocks is contrary to my nature and political stance, I think the complete turnaround of Syriza into a neoliberal party totally identified with the lenders and a political bankruptcy which came in record time, can help to finish once and for all with any illusions concerning leftist political formations. This can help us clearly define matters, both as to the creation of a revolutionary movement and for the building of healthy revolutionary relations amongst ourselves. Continue Reading →

September 29, 2015
by actforfreedom

Piraeus: Evi Statiri, on hunger strike since 14/9, currently hospitalised

gathering-nikaia-hospital-30-9Anarchist gathering in solidarity with Evi Statiri, who has undertaken hunger strike since September 14th against fear and injustice: Wednesday, September 30th 2015, at 18:00 outside the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus. — Assembly in solidarity with Evi Statiri (in Athens).
In the early hours of Sunday, September 27th 2015, when Evi Statiri entered the 14th day of her hunger strike, she suffered severe hypoglycemia and presented with symptoms such as intense pallor, orthostatic hypotension and tachycardia on exertion. Additionally, she has experienced malaise, palpitations when making the slightest effort and when standing, and cold intolerance, often accompanied by chills. Later that day, she was urgently transferred from Koridallos prison to the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Piraeus, having lost 11% of her initial body weight.
Evi Statiri is now awaiting response from a judicial council, having filed a new request for her release three weeks ago.

via contrainfo.

September 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Photos from the Demonstration 0n 27 of September in Solidarity with anarchists Andrea and Errol and to those persecuted for the mobilizations against the gold mines in skouries in Halkidiki-Thessaloniki


We stand next to the fighter residents in the area Halkidiki and express

our solidarity to those persecuted for the mobilizations against the gold mines.

Α (2)

September 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Thessaloniki Court. Solidarity gathering on Tuesday 29-9 and Wednesday 30-9 for anarchists Errol and Andrea.

  Thessaloniki Court. Solidarity  gathering for anarchists Errol and Andrea.
On Tuesday 29-9 and Wednesday 30-9 the Thessaloniki Court will hear the  injunction for suspending the deportation order for anarchists Errol and Andrea.
.  We call for a concentration Tuesday 29-9 when it examines the   application  of anarchist Errol and Wednesday 30-9 when it examines that of anarchist Andrea at the Administrative Court of Thessaloniki, at  10:30.

Solidarity is our weapon.

Solidarity Assembly for anarchists Errol & Andrea


September 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece – Statement from Evi Statiri on day 15 of her hunger strike for justice

On Sunday morning at 2:00AM I was taken to the prison hospital due to hypoglycemic shock. The doctors there diagnosed that it was necessary to transfer me to an outside hospital. I was returned to the prison and later on Sunday morning after a visit from doctors Sakka and Kosmopoulou the prison doctors requested my urgent transfer to an outside hospital. That afternoon I was taken to the Nikaia General Hospital.Upon arrival I refused any serum apart from saline as the doctors were concerned that I presented with severe hypotension. Today Monday September 28th I removed the saline serum.
At the same time as thousands of people are heading to work, thousands of students head to their schools and universities and thousands experience the deadlock of economic tyranny and life flows on as always I continue my hunger strike against the velvet fascism of democracy that imprisons people for being relatives of political prisoners and for resisting fear, oppression and exploitation.
The request for my release was filed twenty days ago with the judicial council who will have to decide if a human life is of less value than maintaining false accusations that serve the plans and interests of power.
The hourglass of time is running out…

A system that forces people to risk their lives through hunger strike as collateral for their freedom is doomed to collapse…

The struggle continues…
Evi Statiri, 15th day of hunger strike,
Nikaia General Hospital prisoners ward

(via Athens IMC)

September 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Henkilö otettu alas puusta! The person is been taken down from the tree. Finland

The person in a tree hut is been taken down by the cops. The operation required cutting trees, building a new road, special unit of cops and fire department, 3 big vehicles, guards, and many hours. puumaja-big-682x1024
Finally the mop of pine martens caught the squirrel.
Our comrade was taken into hospital to get liquid, but was already released this night.
We are happy that the person is quite ok.
All the hunger strikes ended this evening.
Thanks for all solidarity and attention!

September 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece: Solidarity action for Evi Statiri by prisoners of A-Wing, Korydallos prison


125.09.15: Prisoners of A-Wing in Korydallos prison remained in the A-Wing exercise yard for one hour after the allocated time had expired in a show of solidarity with Evi Statiri who has been on hunger strike in the women’s section of Korydallos since September 14. Slogans in solidarity with Evi were shouted at the guards and painted on the walls of the exercise yard in red paint. The prisoners also released a communique explaining their action, below is a translated excerpt…
“We said that we would step up our mobilizations if the unjustice imposed upon the loved ones of our fellow inmates continued – we will not stop here. We will continue to support Evi any way we can as prisoners. As the days pass and we continue to see the sytem playing with the life of our comrade Evi Statiri our patience is running out. The ministry must finally take responsibility for it’s torture and barbarism and free Evi Statiri and lift the status of exile against Athena Tsakalou.”
Domokos -Ttrkala – Prisoners refuse to enter cells in solidarity with Evi Statiri- Greece
domokosSince the 14th of September our imprisoned comrade Evi Statiri has been on a hunger strike to demand her immediate release.
Evi is held in prison without any incriminating evidence in existence to support the ridiculous indictment against her.
The real reason behind her prosecution is that she has chosen to be the partner of one of our fellow inmates and member of CCF, Gerasimos Tsakolos.
The targeting of relatives is a vindictive act of power that aims to subjugate and emotionally blackmail prisoners who remain rebellious and dangerous to the orderly functioning of the prison.
The amendment passed by the former Justice minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos turned out to be a scrap of paper that had the sole aim of tricking the hunger strikers who had reached the brink of death. After many months it remains provocatively unapplied.
The struggle to stop the criminalization of relatives and partners of prisoners is a common struggle that affects all detainees. This is why today in a show of solidarity with Evi Statiri we refused to enter our cells at midday.
Freedom to Evi Statiri
- Prisoners from Domokos and Trikala prisons
Note: A similar midday mobilization was initiated by prisoners in A and D wing of Korydallos prison.
(via Athens IMC)

September 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Solidarity with Errol and Andrea – Thessaloniki


 Solidarity with Errol and Andrea
This  morning 25.9.15 at the March market a group of 10-20 comrades intervened
by blocking entry to the petty bourgeois going about their daily shopping.
During the blockade slogans against State, repression and the  plundering of nature were heard, leaflets with texts in solidarity with
Errol and Andrea were thrown and given out.
The move is just a forerunner of what will follow
No hostage in the hands of the state.

September 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Responsibility claim in Thessaloniki

Responsibility claim in Thessaloniki
Yesterday at 4 o’clock in the morning we decided to set fire to two
green bins in Iasonidou street, closing it and forcing the few cars
passing at that time to stop. So we took a chance and went to distribute
the solidarity texts from the meeting about Errol and Andrea.
Dedicated to our comrades and the promise that on the nationwide day of
action set for Saturday we’ll have a lot of stuff.




Translated by Act for freedom now!

September 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

Anarchist call anti-State demonstration in Polygyros, Halkidiki, Sunday 27/9. – Thessaloniki

Anarchists comrades call anti-State demonstration in Polygyros, Halkidiki, Sunday
Meet 11am in the central square of Polygyros (Heroes Square)
A bus will leave for Polygyros from Thessaloniki, Kamara arch, at 9am.
For reservations please call 6983389259 until Friday 25/9
Assembly in Thessaloniki in solidarity with anarchists Andrea and Errol
Anarchist posters for solidarity call out :


September 24, 2015
by actforfreedom

International Call for Solidarity and in all Greece on 26 of September with fighters Andrea and Errol – Thessaloniki

page2 - Copy - CopyThe struggl e against the gold mine in Halkidiki is part of the broader struggle against the looting of nature and our life.
Resistance has developed in both Halkidiki and the whole of Greece
showing in the best way that we will not allow the State and capital’s
‘developmental’ plans to pass over us.
We stand next to the fighter residents in the area Halkidiki and express
our solidarity to those persecuted for the mobilizations
against the gold mines.
  We demand the cessation of the administrative expulsion of Andrea and
Errol persecuted for the demo on 23/8.
Saturday, September 26 day of call of solidarity in all Greece with fighters
  Andrea and Errol 

September 24, 2015
by actforfreedom



UPDATE 23.9.15 at 2330. The protestor in the tree house has been taken down by the police on the evening of 23.9.15. All the hunger strikes have been ended now. The struggle against Fennovoima continues! The ex-hunger striker in the tree house seems to been in good condition and health relative to the circumstance.

Anti-nuclear struggle continues in Pyhäjoki, Finland. The Hanhikivi anti-nuclear camp was almost evicted last week, 15th of September, but the cops left one person in a tree hut. Some people started a new camp just next to the construction site, in a cottage which had been a second base of the camp until now. Isolating the person in a tree led to hunger strike of 5 people.
Nuclear power company Fennovoima doesn’t allow activists to bring vital supplies to the person in the tree. He has been out of food since saturday 19th of September. In this situation he started a hunger strike demanding to get food, more warm clothes and other needed supplies Monday 21th. Four more people started a solidarity hunger strike with the same demands. Three of the support strikers are camping next to the Fennovoima office in Pyhäjoki centrum and one in Helsinki.
The order to deny all entry to the area is given by the Fennovoima’s construction manager Jouni Sipiläinen and the Oulu police head is loyal to their friend, despite the fact, that actually there doesn’t exist legal prohibition of trespassing at the area yet.
We, supporters of the hungerstrikers are really concerned especially about the condition of the person protesting in a treehut. The person has stayed there one week. The weather is cold, rainy and windy, situation in the area is very stressful because of big amount of private security guards, who don’t let supporters inside the area. Situation of the protester is hard.
We strongly ask you for solidarity actions and sharing of information! For example your local Finnish Embassy and Russian Embassy would be a good place to do protest and actions. Fennovoima company is partly owned by Finland state. Fennovoima has made plant supplier contracts with Rusatom Overseas, which is a subsidiary of the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom.
Email: hyokyaalto [at]
Camp phone: +358 465 98 1080
See also:
Anti-nuclear struggle continue in Pyhäjoki, Finland: More than one week in 5 people in a hunger strike
Solidarity with anti-nucleur activists in Hanhikivi: 21st September 2015
Finland, Pyhäjoki. Eco-anarchist on hunger strike since September 19th
Monday Morning Machine Mayhem
Hanhikivi: We are still here – the protest camp stays, Fennovoima fails!


September 24, 2015
by actforfreedom

Announcing the Second Edition of Wreck – A Vancouver Anarchist Publication -Canada

Announcing the second edition of Wreck. An anarchist journal featuring theory, analysis, impassioned rants, emotional pleas, and other things, based out of the occupied Coast Salish territories.
We began this project with the hope of finding others. To that end we have been mildly successful. We have been overjoyed by the response it has received internationally, but we continue to strive for a vehicle of critique and communication locally. This issue we have a submission that tells the story of inspiring resistance to a Gold mine in an ancient forest. An anarchist analysis of the truth and reconciliation commission, as well as the media, report-backs from the wildly successful Commercial Drive Street Parties, a look back at the riots which caused 3 million dollars in damage to Vancouver’s downtown core in June of 2011, some words on the struggle against pipelines, and an anarchist’s rant on the 2015 Federal Election. We hope that you enjoy or hate this publication. That it’s pages cause you to curse or love anarchists from here afterwards. But above all that it clears the air of stagnation, like the rains we have come to miss.
The deadline for submissions for next issue is: November 30th, 2015
You can download the pdf of this issue with Colour or black and white covers here: WRECKEdition2b+w WRECKEdition2-2

September 22, 2015
by actforfreedom

Belgium – Incendiary attack on a nanotechnology and chemistry research centre

 From the local media of 28th August 2015 – via Cette Semaine
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now

Belgium At around 3:20am a fire partly destroyed the front wall of the nanotechnology and chemistry research centre of the Université Catholique in Louvain,in the Celestijnenlaan region. As the fire alarm went off the fire  brigade rapidly intervened. However part of the outside wall was destroyed by flames over 6 metres high.

The attack was carried out by placing a backpack containing inflammable material
and detonator in the vicinity of the engine room of the building.

September 22, 2015
by actforfreedom

Carlos Gutierrez Quiduleo was released on the night of 10th September – Chile

He had been arrested in November 2013 after many years on the run. During the  abbreviated procedure trial held on 9th September 2015 he claimed responsibility for a string of actions of expropriation (Banco  Santander 26th July 2006/ Banco Santander Valparaíso September2007/ Banco Security  18th October 2007).
He had been sentenced to 650 days in prison considering  the statute of limitation due to the time elapsed since the offences were  committed(time that the comrade had spent in clandestinity): 540 days for  robbery, 109 for possession of firearms.
For more info and to read Carlos’ communique on his release in Spanish:araucarias

Publicacion Refractario

From croceneranarchica

Translated by act for freedom now!