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May 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

Final update from Koridallos prisons 29/04/2016 – Athens

This afternoon, prisoners Fabio Dusco and Tony Nebu set fire to
isolation wing where they were held as a form of protest for their
incarceration there BUT also the mocking they received for last ten days
about their alleged transfer from there. The orchestrators of this
mocking was the prosecutor V.Marsioni who although admitted to Dusco
that he is illegally held in isolation she stated quote: “you are fine
here… what are you protesting about??” and sergeant V.Lambrakis who
constantly pledged that he will end this reasonless isolation and in the
end just let the days pass..

As soon as the fire was set in the wing, the political prisoners from
the basement wing went out to the wings yard and set mattresses on fire
in support. From the smoke there was a problem on the second floor where
the women prisoners are held who also went out to the yard.
In the mens prisons of Koridallos, the 1st and 4th wing participated in
the mobilization and remained outside their cells as long as it lasted.
Cops then arrived to the prisons and the transfer of the two prisoners
to Trikala and Grevena prisons respectively.

There was a commitment that there will be no violence inflicted on the
two prisoners by the cops and at 10.30 they were transferred. At the
same time the prisoners from the 1st wing, 4th wing and the basement
wing went back to their cells.

This development with this conclusion should be food for thought about
the dynamic of the mobilizations that should develop in the prisons far
from empty jubilancy and defeatist syllogisms.

May 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

Revista Regresión N° 5 – Mexico


Editorial Revista Regresión N° 5
Traducción al inglés de la quinta editorial de la nueva Revista Regresión.
Traducción a cargo de Chahta-Ima.
What is life? It is the flash of the firefly in the night. It is the breath of the buffalo in winter. It is the shadow that runs on the grass and is lost on the last day.
Crowfoot, before dying, April 1890
Wild Nature calls, that special call is heard only by a few. It calls to defend a place, to resist artificiality, modernity, progress, and the anthropocentric. The call is desperate and agonizing. It creaks slowly.
For the hyper-civilized, it is inaudible and insignificant. But for us, the eco-extremists in particular, it is of vital importance that we heed that call.
I am an eco-extremist, and I recognize the value that this has today in this modern era, in this idiotic society drunk on technology. You’re branded a lunatic here when you put the Natural above the artificial, when you choose to start conversations in person rather than send a message on Facebook, when you choose to take natural medicines rather than drug your body with pharmaceuticals, when you praise the life of hunter-gatherer nomads over the detestable practices of transhumanists, etc.
In industrial society, if you oppose humanist and progressivist morals, you are labeled a reactionary or a bigot. The masses point you out with their disgusting fingers shouting in unison: Terrorist!
I am an eco-extremist, and I recognize the value that this has in the here and now. And I am prepared to be pigeonholed in the worst way possible, all to admit that I am an individualist at war with the technological system and its civilization.

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May 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

Mexico: Another Car Dealership Torched, Green Girl Cell and Blue Girl Laugh

vehicle-arsonWe do not fear your cars in flames because we have a new world in our bikes.
The indiscriminate arson of vehicles is not a popular method in public opinion, but we do not deny that it is a very efficient way of getting attention. The destroyers attack consumer society at the root: cars, the vehicle of narcissism, erotic fantasy, the sublimation of sexual potency.
 – Gavroche, La revolt of Banlieusards.
The youth that has burned vehicles have understood all society. They do not burn them because they cannot have them: they burn them so they do not need to want them.
– Frédéric Beigbeder.
Today, April 26, 2016, at approximately 3-3:30 AM, while the stinking slave masses gather energies in their bedrooms to rise early and work, while many people dream of saving money to buy luxuries and climb the social pyramid, we scurry our plague towards one of the most widely diffused and accepted symbols of techno-industrial, modern, capitalistic society: the car.
toyota-arsonWe claim responsibility for the explosive incendiary attack at dawn against a car dealership in Coacalco, México Building, located on Lopez Portillo Ave. The fire spread to five or seven new trucks, causing major damage to that company. These attacks, of course, appear to us to be more ludic [showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness] than “revolutionary” since the “social revolution” is something we do not care for, and the programs, parties, organizations, catechisms, and other leftist trash provoke nothing more than boredom and nausea for us.
We want nothing, we claim nothing, we protest nothing, we demand nothing; we prefer the attack, the rapture by force, pillage, sabotage, mocking, fun, game.
We wish to contribute to the banality of violence, given that it seems essential to attack the enemy; it is not a question of “militarization,” professionalization, specialization, meticulous measurements or doses, or broken down by dates, as in the case of the red guerrillas and/or organizations of the leftist “struggle;” it is about informal actions, casual actions, ludic actions, vandalism, within reach of any sick and rabid spirit, anxious to destroy that which surrounds it. We do not dream about changing what exists, we are conforming to watch it burn, to hear it explode.
At war with that which exists!
At war with ourselves!
P.S. Haha!
Green Child Cell, Blue Child.



May 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

POWER DOWN – No to the 735kV power line – Canada

sabotagedpylon-1024x543From Interruption
735 000 volts. This is what will pass through the new very high tension line that Hydro-Quebec wants to construct as of this year. The trajectory of this line is 400km long and will transport electricity from the Chamouchouane central to Sanguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, passing through Lanaudiere, towards an eventual post that does not exist at the moment, in Terrebonne, called Judith-Jasmin. This will be linked to the Montreal region by a second segment of 19 km towards the Bout-de-l’Ile post. This is the most important hydro line in 20 years, estimated at 1,3 billion dollars. In fact, it’s the 12th line of this scale in so-called “Quebec”.
But firstly, they need to clear-cut the path where pylons will be planted. The deforestation has already begun in the north and in Lanaudiere. It has caused multiple expropriations and partially crosses the hunting grounds of Attikamekws in the north, St-Michel-des-Saints, St-Zenon, Ste-Emelie-de-l’Energie, St-Alphonse-de-Rodriguez, Rawdon, etc.

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April 29, 2016
by actforfreedom

Police attacked the ‘Stop Fennovoima camp’ at Pyhäjoki – Urgent (Finland)

April 28th, 2016
– We need help immediately!
Today 28.4. around 3 pm, riot cops and a police patrol with dogs started to approach the camp. We communicated clearly to the police with a megaphone that they are not welcome, and we don’t want to engage in conflict with them. The police didn’t say anything or answer any questions.
The police started to shoot people with a projectile / rubber bullet gun and the people at the camp defended themselves by throwing rocks. The police were clearly aiming for the activists heads, backs of heads and upper bodies with the gun. People got hit several times on the area of their upper bodies. As far as we know, not to their heads though… The police got hit several times with the rocks, and there was one police car burning up in flames at the area.
After a long struggle with delay tactics, the police managed to move ahead to the camp when the people who were defending the camp disappeared to the forest. In the camp the police shot projectiles towards the kitchen-collective people. The police evacuated all the people from the camp, and took some people into custody.
The police have also threatened to evict another camp location which is still in our use.
We don’t accept giving into repression and police violence, and the struggle against Fennovoima will continue. Now we’ll need everyone to help build up the camp again, and to continue the fight and actions against Fennovoima. We invite comrades to this fight wherever you are – let’s aim our actions towards the companies which are working with/for Fennovoima, the embassies of Finland, or the local police.

April 29, 2016
by actforfreedom

Trento and Rovereto, Italy – ENI petrol stations sabotaged against war

From the local media we learn that in the night between 15th and 16th April, two petrol stations in Trento and one in Rovereto were sabotaged by anonymous persons: dozens of pumps were cut and a cash machine was hit with a sledgehammer. On windows and shutters was written: ‘ENI out of Libya, no wars no borders’ and ‘ENI lives off war’.

April 29, 2016
by actforfreedom

South London – For every raid, a response – london – uk

ChDf1naWMAA9kTIArticle from the Anti Raids Network following a series of immigration raids on Deptford High Street last week.
On Thursday 21st April, 3 Immigration Enforcement vans (one unmarked) arrived in Deptford around 9am. They raided numerous shops, handcuffing and arresting 6 people from three of these businesses. The raids continued until around midday. Raids frequently occur on the High Street, but they often strike very early in the morning and rarely are they so protracted as they were on Thursday.
The immigration officers wore plain clothes to avoid alerting people to their presence. They were also supported by police community support officers (PCSOs), who had clearly been gathering intelligence to help immigration officers identify people who were working in the shops. PCSOs attempt to present the ‘friendly face’ of policing, using this persona to engage people in conversation and gather intelligence for officers to act on at a later date.
A handful of locals gathered and shouted at the officers, rightly accusing them of racism, while others tried to physically block the vans, delaying their departure for some time, but more people need to show solidarity if we are to kick the ‘racist vans’ out of Deptford for good!
People from Deptford Anti Raids – who run a stall every weekend on the market – have since been out on the High Street, leafleting from shop to shop and inviting shopkeepers and residents to a public meeting on the square.
Some of the graffitti & posters that appeared after the raids. Posters are available for download from the antiraids blog here.

April 29, 2016
by actforfreedom

“I attack, therefore I am” by imprisoned anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos

“The proposal unfolded, the rebellion was generalized, some people undertook to respond to the call, fighters were active and the clock started to move: with different activities ranging from roadblocks, blockades, marches, closing of schools, explosive attacks everywhere, arsons, and other acts. All was called forth by this insurrectionary project, a coupling of theory and practice in action, a convergence between thought, analysis, action and proposals for destruction.”
– From a responsibility claim of anonymous comrades in Mexico for three bomb attacks against targets of authority, in the framework of Black June
For us, the month that passed was a testing ground for the informal coordination of anarchist action, at the same time being an experimental attempt for a political coexistence of comrades from different political origins and outlooks, who while maintaining their political autonomy would contribute to the realization of a subversive plan oriented around four key political directions: direct action, diversity of tactics and theories, the desire for a common coordination, and informal organization.
The campaign of Black December was a gathering point for the strategic direction of informal organization and to restart the continuous anarchist uprising in our own territory and internationally. This is why I think it was worthwhile, both for the prospects of enlarging anarchist attack and to look for paths where anarchist practices will meet, so that everyone who participated in this subversive undertaking will not just stay where they are, but will look for the right means to ensure the continuing informal coordination of anarchist action, defining our own coordinates within the social war and thus shaping those conditions that will allow us to strengthen and empower a polymorphic front to diffuse the seed of continuous anarchist insurrection in the metropolises of the world.
“Black December – Political conclusions and creative equations”
In the endless hours of the dead and desolate dimension of prison, often we are trying to analyze the data of external reality despite the minimum of stimuli that reach us. The observation, study, treatment, and monitoring of events unfolding in a parallel space-time is a condition which should not be treated in a narrow way, but rather treated with persistent attempts to connect with companions outside the walls who wage their own battles against authority.
I have the impression that hardly anyone will be able to argue against the fact that, in general, and for various and often mutually independent reasons and causes, anarchist circles show a sharp decline in their activities. The issues that were able to develop strong independent dynamics were few, and there is a common feeling among many comrades that in the last three years those dynamics have been most reflected during hunger strikes by imprisoned fighters.
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April 28, 2016
by actforfreedom

April 23rd, Eleysina: Antifa demo in solidarity with refugees. Athens – Greece

This afternoon (23/4) there was an antifa demo by more from 100 people in
Elefsina, in solidarity to the refugees and against the concentration
camps (hot spot) in Skaramaga.
During the demo slogans were chanted and written on the walls (in
various languages), flyers were thrown and the window front of known
fascists connected to Kasidiaris were smasshed.
To conclude there was also an attempt of an ambush by about 20 neonazis
at Aspropirgos station.

April 28, 2016
by actforfreedom

Bern, Switzerland – Action in solidarity with the 22 comrades facing the Appeal Court in Greece for the CCF case

ccf223.04.16: As part of a Europe-wide day of action for the appeal court cases related to the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire where 22 comrades are on trial, anarchists from Bern did an intervention outside prisons in the city with banners and slogans in solidarity with the comrades on trial and with political prisoners in general.
(via Athens Indymedia)

April 28, 2016
by actforfreedom

Athens: Collection of actions for free transport in means of public transport.


IMG_20160407_133241In the last month, collectives, anarchist spaces, squats and comrades
have been carrying out a series of acts of interventions in the center
of Athens making moves of counter-information concerning the refusal to
pay, free transport and the opposition to the grid of control andoppression.
For solidarity between those down below, against the poverty
imposed by the state and bosses, but also against all sorts of snitches,
inspectors or not.
Here are the interventions and photos from them:
On Tuesday, March 29th we moved along the axis of Patission st. from
Assoe (Athens University of Economics) up to Ano and Kato Patissia
entering busses and trolleys. Flyers were given out, stickers were put
up and stencils were painted on bus stops.
On Thursday, April 7th we carried out an intervention again on the axis
of Patission, giving out flyers putting up stickers on bus stops,
chanting and painting stencils all during the trail.
On Saturday, April 16th there was an equivalent intervention at Agios
Nikolaos station and the nearby flee-market on Michail Voda st.
On Thursday, April 21st we moved between the carriages of the overground
trains from Ano Patissia to Victoria station.There was fly-posting
around all stations, flyers were given out and stickers were put up
inside and outside the station.
SOLIDARITY between those down below or BRUTALITY of the state of bosses
and their snitches.
Collectives from the center.

April 27, 2016
by actforfreedom

About the recent eviction of 8 Peresiadou Street squat and self-organized project in Athens

cropped-10532541_353350174857277_7848841660907396128_n3peresiadou3-1024x783Athens: The three arrestees of Persiadou 8 squat are to appear in court.
The three arrestees of Persiadou 8 st. squat in Galatsi were transferred
to GADA (athens police headquarters) will appear before the prosecutor
today (22/4).
A few words concerning the eviction of the squat. The police raided the squat in Galatsi as was mentione don twitter. Also it mentions 3 arrests for misdemeanors concerning criminal damage and stealing electricity.
When and how the occupation began..
Text from 2015,
Open Assembly of Anarchist in Galatsi:
Persiadou 8 squat (Galatsi).
While the situation remains equally uncertain for the vast majority of
society and given that the Hope the government promised before the
election is factually proven it is not coming… we think that the
continuation of the class-social struggle against every form of
authority is necessary.
As anarchists, we believe that it is necessary to carry out actions that
promote self-organized ways of creating hearths of resistance and
freedom of expression against a rotten political system, whose only aim
is the misery and exploitation of human and nature.
Thus on March 31st the Open Assembly of Anarchists of Galatsi took the
initiative and occupied the building on 8 Persiadou st. in Galatsi.
This specific house is abandon for many years now, is in a terrible
condition and is a source of infection for the neighborhood and its
The aim of this project is the creation of a self-organized social space
-open to everyone who is against hierarchical, racist and fascist
mindsets- in order to create relations of solidarity and political
zymosis between the individuals that will participate in it.
pace by comrades, the
police showed up and the result was the detention of 4 comrades, who
were held for about 3 hours in Patissia police station and were then
Despite the oppression we received we are not willing to abandon this
specific attempt, since our aim is social approach and not conflict with
the areas residents.
10, 100, 1000 OCCUPATIONS
APRIL 2015

April 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Italy – Anarchist comrade Gianluca Iacovacci is free!

cartonat2_800x550We learn that Gianluca Iacovacci, who had been under house arrest since 16th June 2016, is at last free without any restrictions. The comrade was arrested along with Adriano Antonacci following a string of sabotages in the Castelli Romani area, and had claimed responsibility for the actions. The first-grade sentence of 6 years was reduced to 3 years at the appeal trial, after the charge of terrorism was dropped.
Translated by act for freedom now

April 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Callout for the mobilization on the Alpine Austrian-Italian border on 7th May.

volantino brennero banner

Callout for the mobilisation on the Alpine Austrian-Italian border on 7th May.
The Austrian State has announced that the border of Brenner will be closed again at the beginning of April.
That means: steel fences, barbed wire on the paths, inspections on the highways, on the federal roads, on the trains and on the bicycle tracks, military patrols, containers for the refugees.
Soldiers and barbed wire are shown once again as a “technical solution” to contain and close in the poor ones, whose exodus is the result of wars, environmental devastation, extreme poverty.
Beyond the formal complaints, the Italian authorities conform to this intensifying controls in the South of Brenner.
We are facing an historical passage.
To believe that walls and soldiers are a treatment always reserved to someone else is a tragic illusion: what is fenced, outlawed and oppressed is everyone’s freedom.
From Palestine to Mexico, from Turkey to France and already very close to us, the borders are the symbol of our present moment.
Accepting them makes us inhuman and accomplice.
To try to destroy them is the beginning of a possible freedom.
It’s necessary to choose which side to take.
2.30 PM
(in front of the railway station)
For further information, appointments and texts:

April 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

London (UK): The old Crown Court in Southwark squatted


The old Crown Court in Southwark squatted !
Between the Trinity House estate and the snatch-vans at Southwark Police Station, the old Crown Court was squatted. The building was formerly the Inner-London Crown Court, and was used to convict and imprison primarily poor and working-class inner-London residents. Along with much of the neighbourhood, it is now owned by the Trinity of St Clement, whose redevelopment plans are eerily similar to the violent regeneration elsewhere in Southwark.
Squatting this building is our response to the criminalisation of the poor and deviant in Southwark, London and beyond. This building’s legacy of imprisonment should be written-over and damaged, and the current situation for London’s poor and deviant challenged. Mainstream culture talks of state and prison violence as if they were elsewhere, but being nicked and doing bird are realities in poor, inner-London life. Wherever we steal, work illegally or resist evictions at our council homes and squats, snatch-vans and courts are used against us.
Our response is not only to this system of so-called justice, b ut to the redevelopment of neighbourhoods such as this. How many must lose their homes to make way for the sanitised city-village? The property owners and developers, the Trinity of St Clement or Berkeley Homes, are fast making the streets of Southwark into the yuppie wastelands of the City. Empty buildings nearby to where three-thousand Heygate homes were demolished is an exercise in extravagance and class cleansing.
At the squatted Crown Court, we want to support struggles against state control and redevelopment.  Our last event, a film screening on the Tottenham riots, was a fund-raiser for London Anarchist Black Cross, a prisoner-support group working towards abolition. We look forward to using the building against its former purpose – towards housing for all and prison for no-one.
Fuck the Law – Squat the World!

April 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Mexico: Explosive attack against CORTV Oaxaca by Informal Anarchic Individualities

Posted on by
Received and translated on 25.04.16:
In the early hours of April 23 we placed a homemade explosive device on the premises of CORTV Oaxaca, a media / manipulation chanel working in the service of the state.
Given the wave of repression against anti-authoritarians that is especially focused on the anarchist movement, we undertook this action as a call to spread the attack against those who we consider our enemies.
We recognize the different faces of those who condemn us to a life of misery and oppression, and their collaborators.
This time it was the media of mass communication, who are noted as instruments of power for social alienation and as an indispensable part of the repressive framework of different sustained operations in recent times against the anarchist movement fulfilling the role of criminalizing our compañeros and their struggle.
Our objective is to break the social peace, exacerbate the conflict and sharpen and expand the revolt.
We stand in solidarity with our imprisoned compas and the fallen of this war sending them fraternal greetings, wishing them to feel the fire and the action.
For Fernando Barcenas, Monica Caballero, Francisco Solar and all anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners.
Informal Anarchic Individualities