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February 6, 2016
by actforfreedom

Civitavecchia – FAI / FRI communique for attack on the court

We receive anonymously and spread:
 My heart abhors and defies
The powerful of the earth,
my arm makes war on the cowardly oppressor
(Rebel Love – Pietro Gori)
 We are living in a state of permanent global war, the perpetual war between oppressors, we know it and we know the main and secondary characters of dominion. Above all the oppressed know it, those who suffer arbitrary power over their lives.
 Right now we are witnessing the passage of tanks and military in the streets of the rich and opulent West, the increase in controls and garrisons in defence of the order of commerce and consumption, the militarization of the territory.
 Changes that strike even the most dormant minds, but which the strategy of global control will try to make us digest.
 Among the exploited, gentlemen, there are two classes of individuals. Those of one class, not realizing what they are and what they might be, take life as it comes, believe that they are born to be slaves, and content themselves with the little that is given them in exchange for their labour. But there are others, on the contrary, who think, who study, and who, looking about them, discover social iniquities. (Auguste Vaillant)
 We are not so short-sighted as to believe that this global war has such clear and sharp sides. Just as we recognize the enemies of freedom, we cannot bear the resignation and tolerance of those who are willing to give a piece of their lives every day. That is why we don’t delude ourselves that we are working for any revolution, we see clearly that the only anarchy realisable is what we experience when we finally free ourselves of every burden and decide to attack power. An experience that we feel we share with comrades around the world participating in the project of spreading the F.A.I / F.RI. anarchist seed.
 Tonight we planted this seed in the form of an explosive device placed in one of the key locations of State repression dispersed throughout the territory: the court of Civitavecchia. We decided to take our freedom ourselves. We have sharpened tools, analysed tactics, because we thirst for anarchy, and we are impatient.
 Courts and prisons are simply outposts of dominion; places that are not just symbolic, but physical, where the State and the authorities stamp those who do not conform to the dictates of global control with the brand of condemnation, guilt, imprisonment and exclusion.
While holy doors are opening wide to spread miserable feelings such as mercy and compassion, we are breaking down ideological and real walls to allow the real hatred that motivates us to be reconciled with the love of a free life. Today we acted convinced that don’t want to carry the experiences of the comrades we have lost, like those who are locked up or on the run, in some antrum of our heart, but free them, leaving them to arm our hands, warm our flesh.
 That is why our greeting goes to the comrades and prisoners who with their non-submission contribute to the spreading of joyful conscious subversion.
 Fireworks committee for an extraordinary year, F.A.I / F.R.I.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 6, 2016
by actforfreedom

No retreat: forward with the struggles for freedom

About the acts of sabotage aganist the high speed trains and an army base

When darkness surrounds the neighbourhoods, immersing the city into a territory under siege – supreme affirmation of state power and its ideology –, it is easy to succumb to total resignation. When the trumpets of war and massacre are braying, crushing the struggles for freedom to leave only space for the fight between two powers that want to impose themselves, it is easy to think that everything is lost. When the media bombings are hammering the message of order, pushing all shouts of refusal and rejection towards the margins, it is easy to stop thinking by yourself and letting yourself be swept away by the bloody current.
And yet… This last week, the state has been aiming for a complete adherence to its values, threatening with brutal repression all those that don’t bend. Faced with the jihadist gangrene which has devoured, first and foremost, the revolutionaries of so many countries (Egypt, Syria, Libya) – revolutionaries which have courageously risen up against the regimes and for freedom, and which all the states in the world have preferred to see massacred with statist bombs or slaughered by jihadist executions –, the state has been striving to affirm the triumph of its vision on the world: a horrifying world of capitalist exploitation and statist oppression. The state is now trying to decree that the only war everyone is called to participate in is the war between him and an islamist competitor, thereby attempting to bury the only war which we, revolutionaries against all power – be it statist or religious – are ready to wage: the social war against oppressors and exploiters. And the state takes the occasion to reinforce its repressive arsenal.
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February 6, 2016
by actforfreedom

Parisian anarchist library threatened…by “anarchists”

Friday 6 February 2015
All the versions of this article: [English] [français]
Words of introduction by the translators (Dialectical Delinquents) : The following is a translation of a communique sent out from the anarchist bookshop “La Discordia” in Paris, which has been tagged and been the subject of calumnies calling them fascists because of their critique of Islam.
Various comments have been circulating the Parisian “anti-authoritarian” milieu describing both La Discordia and non-fides (which are not the same thing, despite some people being involved in both, some are involved in just the bookshop/library) as racists and – at least in the case of non-fides – as anarcho-nationalists. Anyone looking at either of them for longer than 2 seconds would realise that there’s not only not the slightest bit of truth in these slanders, but also that they have consistently maintained an internationalist position contrary to some of the implicitly nationalist stances of some of the “anti-authoritarians” (e.g. a failure to critique Palestinian or Kurdish nationalism). Whilst this graffiti might seem a fairly trivial incident, such things, unless vigorously contested, can have a miserable result far worse than a tag. A lie goes half way round the world before the truth has time to get its boots on. And in a world of lies, most people are ready to believe anything as long as it conforms to their prejudices – lies are taken on faith, and most avoid checking things out themselves (one only has to look at the history of Stalinism to understand how vicious calumnies and amalgam techniques can become). So, in the spirit of solidarity with these anarchists, I have translated this text, despite it being of interest to fairly few people.
As planned long before, on Tuesday, January 26th, a debate entitled “Islamophobia: the conceptual political extortion racket” was held in La Discordia. We wanted to confront ourselves and others with a topic that is at the crossroads of the current widespread confusion over the condemnation of racism and the defense of religion. The joint discussions were interesting, and the sixty or so comrades and companions who came (we promise, next time we will rent a larger place, and with more chairs!) demonstrated that a lot of people find the need for a revolutionary critique of religions, every religion, even Islam, which others would like to palm off as the “religion of the oppressed.”
However, on arriving on Tuesday afternoon, we saw that the front of Discordia had been tagged, probably during the night. Some circled A.s (thank you!) and particularly poorly written and thought-out invectives (“fascists” and “racists”) in black spray paint.

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February 5, 2016
by actforfreedom

Brighton Antifascists‎ Beyond Dover: Talking About Antifascism – uk

12650807_1059764524075597_6994152875803689751_nOn the 16th Feb we will be hosing an open meeting at the Cowley Club. Come along and meet us, and talk about what we do and how you can get involved.
– Who are we and what do we do?
– What is the Anti-Fascist Network that BAF is affiliated to?
– What do we mean when we say we want to combat fascism with “Mass Direct Action”?
– Who are the new breed of post-EDL fascists and neo-nazis, many of whom were filmed seig-heiling in Dover?
– How can people get involved with us?
We will hopefully be answering all these questions and more on the day. See you there!

February 5, 2016
by actforfreedom

Saronno – Italian Post Office tagged against Mistral Air and in solidarity with Lecce comrades


We learn from the local media on 27 January that the facade of the Via Manzoni branch of the Italian Post Office was daubed with slogans against the deportation of migrants by Mistral Air, opposition to the CIE [detention centres], and solidarity to the comrades arrested in Lecce because their struggle against them.

February 5, 2016
by actforfreedom

Argentina – TWO BIRDS RELEASED January 20, 2016

anonymous report (translation):Argentina_birds_Jan16
“‘Each life is important and unique’
A common form of entertainment for the speciesist is to have the
precious animals as an ornament, or as a reminder of the logic of their
enclosure. That’s how we saw two birds in a house in the suburbs of
Buenos Aires and we did not hesitate to release them and break their cages.
We dedicate this action to fellow Liberationist Sebastián Angry
Oversluij who died two years ago.”

February 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

ITALY -SOLIDARITY AND ACTION February 22 to 28 -2016


SOLIDARITY AND ACTION February 22 to 28 WEEK OF AGITATION throughout Italy against techno-sciences and the world that produces them

 26 February PROTEST AGAINST EFSA, European institute for food safety

 From 12.00 to 17.00 in front of the EFSA headquarters Viale Piacenza – Parma
 “It does not suffice to change the world. We do that anyway. And to a large extent that happens even without our involvement. In addition we have to interpret this change. Precisely because to change it. That therefore the world does not change without us. And ultimately into a world without us.”
Günther Anders
Dealing with techno-scientific power and its principal manifestations: biotechnology, nanotechnology, computer science, neuroscience is not just focusing on some aspect of this particularly harmful society. As Ellul wrote over fifty years ago, technology has made itself the system and mediates our lives beyond any will whatsoever. In this also the other animals and the whole planet are crushed and manipulated according to the needs of the moment under the technical imperative.
The techno-sciences are recombining and converging towards what has always been their ultimate goal: total control over living beings. Many wonder why we are paying so much attention to technology when the problems around us are so many. In a technical system like that of the present where everything is marked by the machine, technology represents the time, place, space that covers every form of exploitation. Sometime call it green economy, others scientific progress and yet others catastrophe management, covering the areas that once redesigned will widen the network where all the relations of power are developed in every link, such as the launching of a GMO or the manipulation of the germ line, from where there is no return. A struggle against toxicity cannot disregard the social context that produces it, is desired by it and rendered necessary for all.

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February 2, 2016
by actforfreedom


solidarità-si-co-bil-22-1-16On January 13, the first hearing of the proceedings against Billy, Silvia and Costa accused of possessing, transporting and receiving stolen explosives and for attempting to sabotage the IBM international nanotechnology research centre in Zurich was held in Turin. Comrades from various parts of Italy were present in court in solidarity.
 To support their thesis the prosecution presented two witnesses: Digos inspectors from Turin who had followed the investigations that began immediately after their arrest in Switzerland. Only one of the two witnesses was cross examined by the prosecution and the defence. Apparently it seems that the trial will be quicker than was said at the beginning, the next hearing was set for March 2 where the prosecutor and lawyers will speak.
For a complete hearing report refer to
 From the solidarity meetings in view of the trial there was a strong desire to continue a radical critical path and struggle against the technosciences. From 22 to 28 February there will be a WEEK OF AGITATION throughout Italy against the techno-sciences and the world that produces them. On February 26, a PROTEST AGAINST EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) in front of the EFSA headquarters in Parma, and many initiatives are being planned in various cities of Italy.
 To read the callout for the week and for contacts:

February 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

ISRAEL: Tania Golan’s statement refusing military service


Tania Golan is an anarchist, a vegan, an activist in ecological struggles and a member of Ahdut-Wihdeh-Unity. C refuses to take part in the Zionist army. We publish her Declaration of refusal, which includes her reasoning and her social criticism.
Deciding to join or not to join the army is a political decision which everyone should be able to make on their own. I protest the law that threatens young teenagers into joining the army.
I have no trust in authoritarian hierarchy. The army is a hand of the bourgeoisie, the government and weapon manufactures. There are those who profit from Israeli-Palestinian conflict and will never let go of economic control over the West Bank. These powers have created racism and division. Government spending on the IDF (which also comes from the USA) tends to grow from year to year at the expense of education, healthcare and welfare; yet there is no security – there are many threats in Israel. I presume, our fear is exploited as a distraction and prevention of profound thought.
One can not build a just society based on injustice. I refuse to take part in a racist, fascist, discriminatory and oppressive organization. I refuse to take part in an organization which, for decades, holds millions without civilian rights.
On the other hand, there are people like us, with the same needs as us, who only want to live their lives. Arrests, administrative detentions, harassment by the army and Jewish settlers, wage slavery, no welfare — we cannot be safe if we give good reasons to fight us.
The army, just like school, is an institute that performs socialization. As the main objective of public school is to stitch together the society into a monolithic entity, so the main objective of the IDF is not to protect the people, but to be a melting pot (Israeli slang for the army as the institution which makes people the same) that keeps the ethos alive and makes people adore itself, while it actually protects only the hierarchy.
It is an institution with clumsy bureaucracy, sectors that deal only with each other and have no bearing on the real world, and other sectors dealing with civilian affairs. This kind of structure is educating fresh youth into a dogmatic way of thinking that perpetuates the hierarchic relationship between the oppressor and the oppressed. This part of life is the final stage in entering adulthood in this part of the earth, between the river and the sea.
I think that joining an organization should be motivated by personal desire and thought. It works, we can take as an example the Democratic Federation of Rojava, not so far away; perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them. They have no conscription laws, but, nonetheless, they have similar percentage of recruitment to the YPG and YPJ as Israel have to the IDF. If there is no desire to protect something, it probably should not be protected.
I reject the reasoning in favor of joining the army: companionship, direction in life, experience, helping the community. I choose not to sacrifice myself to two whole years of rattles, humiliation, and oppression for nothing. I will not wear military uniform, so I will not contribute to the public pressure to join the army. Refusing the conscription is not a simple thing, but neither is joining the army.
Last but not least, there is the social issue of justice. The army endangers the environment by spilling oil and sewage, getting rid of equipment by throwing it into the sea and ongoing activity which endangers the balance of flora and fauna. All of the above happens without the least amount of accountability, exactly as the army does with government spending.
Using your voice, in any situation, is great help, and I invite everyone who has a voice to use it.
Plainly, bad things happen when good people do nothing.
Tanya Golan

February 2, 2016
by actforfreedom

SIN RETORNO EDICIONES Editorial & Distro anarquista – Mexico



Los anarquistas necesitamos afrontar la cuestión de la propaganda con eficacia. ¿Propaganda porque y para qué? ¿Que función tiene la propaganda y hacia quién esta dirigida? Todas estas son algunas de las interrogantes que nos hemos realizado antes de dar el paso hacia una nueva experiencia en la difusión del pensamiento ácrata. Finalmente hemos confluido en que la continua difusión del pensamiento anarquista es una necesidad, porque tenemos la necesidad de análisis cotidiano de las ideas, tenemos la necesidad de la crítica y la auto crítica, pero también tenemos la necesidad del debate y la discusión.
La difusión de la idea anarquista o la propaganda debería de siempre estar sometida a la crítica para que esta no se convierta en una alternativa más a la propaganda del sistema; es decir, que la propaganda anarquista sea generadora de ideas y no de opiniones, para generar opiniones ya está toda la basura progresista de izquierda y social democracia. La propaganda anarquista debe de ser fuente de nuevos pensamientos y nuevas perspectivas en base de las cuales poder comprender el relativamente nuevo mundo que nos rodea y así poder combatirlo.
Estamos asistiendo a tiempos donde muchos de los anarquistas parecen haber perdido la perspectiva de las cosas, parecen haber perdido toda esperanza, parecen haber perdido el rumbo y el camino hacia una vida sin Estado y sin autoridad. Consecuente con esto muchos compañeros se están viendo hundidos en organizaciones autoritarias y Marxistas de toda índole que se nos presentan bien disfrazadas de “libertarias”. Muchos de los proyectos de libertad de los anarquistas se están diseminando en un mar de autoritarismo camuflado en pro de la construcción de un cierto tipo de poder.
Un repensar la anarquía para poner en rumbo nuestros objetivos y mantener una consecuente e inminente crítica hacia todo tipo de poder es siempre necesaria y forma parte de esa nueva perspectiva de la anarquía que se definió ya desde tiempo históricos con Mijail Bakunin y el grupo de compañeros que se separaron de la internacional, cuando estos compañeros se dieron cuenta que el problema no es la cuestión económica, sino el poder en si mismo.
En esta distribuidora pretendemos aportar algunas herramientas para ese repensar la anarquía, para el análisis y la crítica destructiva a la autoridad y a todo tipo de poder y Estado. Pero también para entender que la anarquía es una tensión cotidiana contra todo lo existente, es recuperar nuestras vidas y manejarlas a nuestro antojo.
Una distribuidora y editorial del pensamiento anarquista siempre es importante y nunca dejara de serlo.
Sin retorno ediciones es una editorial y distribuidora del pensamiento anarquista, y tiene presencia en varias partes del territorio mexicano. Sin retorno es una ruptura individual, inminente y violenta con lo establecido, con las normas sociales, con las identidades que nos impone el mismo sistema. Sin retorno es una actitud ante la vida de permanente hostilidad con el poder. Sin retorno también en una propuesta para una vida en libertad. Sin retorno, porque cuando damos un paso más allá de la línea, no hay nada ni nadie que nos pueda hacer retroceder en el camino que hemos tomado. En la lucha contra el Estado y el Capitalismo no hay vuelta de hoja, no hay paso atrás.
Por eso, sin retorno ediciones.

sin retorno copy


February 1, 2016
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – Poste Italiane’s cash machines attacked against involvement in deportation of migrants

Translated by act for freedom now
 We receive from anonymous mail and spread:

February 1, 2016
by actforfreedom

Delayed Claim of Responsibility for Attacks in Brighton in 2014 – UK

From: Rabble:
Anonymous submission. Note: we have made one edit to the content, the author can contact us if they want to discuss this.
Words without actions are nothing but corpses rotting in the mouths of those “charming and sophisticated” ones, ever ready to smear and drown out the insurrectional project of anarchists of praxis with speech.
Actions without words will never be enough to address and confront our daily struggles for individual liberation and autonomy, for it is with both the pen and the sword, theory and practise, that one is properly armed to give context and coordination to our struggles, to share solidarity and proposals in the most unmediated form, the direct attack against civilisation.
When attacks against the world of power are not claimed or publicised, the potential for spreading radical discussion, tactics and solidarity between whoever is interested is negated. Thus the aims to build a reciprocal, polymorphous and dynamic anarchist offensive is hindered, and the knowledge of so many attacks are lost to the void of clandestinity.
This claim of responsibility has been delayed so long for two reasons:
Firstly, the initial communique was foolishly sent only to one website, and for whatever reason was not published.
Secondly, due to some events around the time of these attacks, it made sense to postpone further debates on publicising our actions, for strategic reasons and to further develop our ideas and practises as individuals, outside of the temporary alliances forged in the context of struggle.
However, after almost 2 years of silence, I choose to lay my cards out on the table and do what i can to share these memories with whoever is interested, so that they may continue to inspire further action, as the communiques and actions of comrades worldwide continue to inspire and empower me in this war against society.

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January 31, 2016
by actforfreedom

The Anarchist Library, torrent + updates, January 2016


From the depths of January 2016 comes a new torrent of all 8 languages (including Swedish and German libraries for the first time) currently on The Anarchist Library. This torrent includes all of the various formats including plain PDF, A4 imposed PDF, letter imposed PDF, ePUB, HTML, XeLaTeX, plain text source, and source files with attachments that make reading texts from the library easily digestible on various mediums.
You can find the torrent file here:
And the magnet link here.
This is a snapshot of the anarchist libraries as seen on January 18, 2016. If you are unfamiliar with torrents or don’t have a favourite client, two options are qBittorrent and Transmission among the many.
Each archive is packaged as an ISO image. If you don’t know exactly what to do with an ISO image, please visit:
The library torrent for our how-to guide. You can mount the files on your computer to keep a copy of the library permanently (forever!), extract the files to another location, put them on your e-reader, or burn the ISO image to a set of discs that one could use to start a distro for example.
If you encounter any problem with this distribution or have other
questions and comments about the library, please feel free to join the
IRC channel #anarchistlibrary on Freenode servers or via web browser
In other library news, the book builder feature has seen a huge update and is now more powerful than ever. These include:
  • running headers
  • cropmarks (this allows those of you who want to trim booklet the ability to do so with precision. It’s also another step along the way for giving users the ability to start their own distro of wonderful anarchist literature.)
  • custom paper size (and B series)
  • new imposition schemas
And finally, thanks to Let’s encrypt, all eight of the libraries now have valid SSL certificates, which means warning free https among other things.

January 31, 2016
by actforfreedom

Italy – Contributions for prisoners update

15 January, 2016 – The current account for contributions to Alfredo and Nicola: IBAN IT10 T076 0101 0000 0101 0767 885 in the name of Paolo Perona.
For donations from abroad : BIC/SWIFT BPPIITRRXXX
For info: nidieunimaitres@gmail.comnon is more valid, for contributions, from next week it will be possible to use the post pay account of Crocenera PostePay card no.: 4023 6009 1934 2891 in the name of Omar Nioi
From croceneranarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!

January 31, 2016
by actforfreedom

The conflict against RWE Hambach forest – Germany


The conflict against RWE at hambacher forst has intensified with every day since the beginning of this new year.
Many individuals embracing a diverse variety of tactics have been hard at work bringing anarchic mischief to the mine.
Some elements of practical refusal from the occupiers of the forest include:
* The continuous barricading of the roads used by security and construction vehicles, as well as structural damage to the bridges they use with fire and pick axes.
*Tree-spiking and the placement of “potential improvised explosive devices” in threatened areas of the forst, as well as more and more barricades, platforms and tree-defenses deeper in the woods.
*The technological apparatus of RWE such as pumping stations, radio-masts and electrical transformers being set aflame almost daily.

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January 31, 2016
by actforfreedom

Winter European Speaking Tour Learning from SHAC/Free Sven and Natasha

LFS-EngAbout the Talks
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) was the most powerful and effective international grassroots animal liberation campaign the world has ever seen. After more than a decade of using innovative and groundbreaking activism against Europe`s largest animal testing laboratory HLS, the campaign finally ended in 2014, following years of state repression and the imprisonment of dozens of activists.
This presentation will analyse and critically reflect on the history, tactics and repression of the SHAC campaign. It will look at the importance of SHAC and what can be learned from the successes and failures of the campaign. There will be discussion of the use and effects of repression on the animal liberation movement and how this is affecting our activism today. We will learn about the importance of solidarity and understanding the role of the state when fighting dominant industries and how we can work differently to make our activism more sustainable and resilient to repression in future. The presentation will include the personal stories of one of the SOCPA7 defendants and an ex-prisoner from one of the earlier Conspiracy to Blackmail cases.
There will also be information on the ongoing SHAC case against Sven and Natasha, who are currently waiting to be extradited to the UK for their trial and face up to 14 years in prison.
For more info:
From Free Sven and Natasha

January 29, 2016
by actforfreedom

Police riot van attacked by youths with bricks in Grimsby town centre -UK


ONLOOKERS have spoken of their “shock” and “disbelief” after a group of youths threw bricks at a police riot van in Grimsby town center  smashing its windscreen last night.
The incident happened between 8.30pm and 9pm (Tuesday, January 26) and is said to have involved a group of six to eight youths on bikes who launched a succession of bricks at a Humberside Police van parked outside Chambers pub in Old Market Place, Grimsby.
via:scum media