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June 26, 2016
by actforfreedom

Spain – Words in solidarity with the comrade arrested in Barcelona

Every heart is a time bomb
On 13th April 2016 the Mossos d’Esquadra in collaboration with the German police raided three places, two of which were private homes and one was the squat Blokes Fantasma.
The repressive operation concluded with the arrest of our comrade, for whom there was a European arrest warrant after Germany accused her of participating in a bank expropriation in the country in 2014.
The comrade has been held in solitary confinement in the prison of Soto del Real (Madrid) since 14th April and has expressed her opposition to being extradited; but judge Angela Murillo of the fourth section of the Audiencia Nacional gave in (as usual) to the request of the German state and on 26th May she ordered our comrade to be extradited within 10 days, after which she’ll be put in a maximum security prison.
The prosecutor in Aachen (Germany) is the same one that issued a European arrest warrant on 24th June 2015 against a Dutch anarchist comrade, who was arrested on the Greek-Bulgarian border and imprisoned for two months.
She was then extradited to Cologne, where she spent 4 months in jail, also charged with expropriating a German bank in 2013. She was released on bail on 16th December 2015 and is awaiting trial.
What the powerful call crisis is nothing more than capitalist restructuring, which on the one hand leads us to precariousness, pauperization and uncertainty in our lives, and on the other has to repress and imprison all the people who decide to struggle and rebel against a life of misery they want to condemn us to. Obvious examples are the ‘ley mordaza’ (the gag bill), the new penal code, new antiterrorism legislation…
In order to enforce all the political and economic measures to maintain the status quo, they need to constantly sharpen their apparatus of repression and control.
In the name of security and democracy collaboration between states in matters of repression is something that they are refining more and more: European warrants, meetings between colleagues in uniform from various countries, ‘undesirable persons’ databases and DNA archives are all part of their arsenal of control.
The hypocrisy of the Europe of profit opens the borders to the circulation of capital and goods and at the same time closes them to those who don’t resign themselves to living on crumbs and flee from misery, devastated areas and the wars made by those who are on the other side of the same borders.
Unperturbed and in horrible normality, this Europe observes the barbarities it has provoked. Past and recent history shows that it is possible to break normality: by challenging the law of dominion, power, consensus and capital, by taking back our lives.
The experience of the defence of Banc Expropiat in the neighbourhood of Gracia in Barcelona opened up a crack in the social peace that they try to impose on us daily, but it has also shown possibility and hope towards building an autonomous and dignified way of living.
We know that the rebel fire burning in Gracia in recent days warmed our comrade’s heart during her solitary confinement in Madrid; and in spite of the distance she was close to us in the actions and passions of these nights, as she has done many other times.
It matters little whether the comrade is guilty of what she is accused of or not, a job we leave to the bastards who defend the system.
All the ways of expropriating the enemy who’s been robbing us for centuries, are not only legitimate but also desirable.
All our support to anyone who risks their freedom to expropriate Capital.
Rebel and internationalist solidarity with all the fighters Freedom for the comrade arrested on 13th April in Barcelona and for all anarchist prisoners
Anarchists in solidarity


June 26, 2016
by actforfreedom

Trentino, Italy – ‘From Ventimiglia to Brenner let’s sabotage the borders’: post offices under attack in Trento and Rovereto

From the local media we learn that in the night between 9th and 10th June post offices were attacked in Trento and Rovereto: windows and ATMs were damaged. The next day the post offices remained shut. Writings were left: ‘Ventimiglia Brennero, fire to the borders’, ‘Poste = Mistral = deportations’, ‘Mistral Air (= Poste) deport immigrants from Ventimiglia to Brenner let’s sabotage the borders’.
‘Poste italiane accomplice of deportations’ also appeared on the windows of a post office in Mori, south of Rovereto.

June 26, 2016
by actforfreedom

Switzerland/Italy – The Odescalchi military exercise: between militarization and risk propaganda

A different view of the Odescalchi exercise
A massive military exercise named ‘Odescalchi’ will take place between 19th and 22nd June in the area bordering Chiasso and Como. The two protagonists are the Swiss and the Italian armies, but the activities involved, namely setting a freight train containing toxic substances on fire and evacuating the residents of the area, will also involve several police forces, border guards, civil protection, the fire brigade, that is to say all the cogs of the same machine that we can call repression, war, control, democracy, State.
Of course RUAG, the Swiss company producer of war technologies, supplier to the Swiss army and arms exporter, will also be there. The Swiss railway services (SBB-CFF-FFS) will collaborate by providing the train that will have the accident. And everything will be reported by the media of the regime, RSI (the Italian Switzerland radio-television broadcasters), which have already praised the exercise and its noble purpose: to protect the population.
In times rendered uncertain by continuous media alarmism, people need to feel reassured and protected; so here they are, mobilising in 5,000 to be deployed in the Mendrisio region and put themselves on display in the civil protection exercise.
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June 26, 2016
by actforfreedom

Italy – Against war, against borders.

Against war, against bordersPicassoMassacreInKorea
‘The Army Fights’ is the title given to the days in commemoration of the first world war, starting in Lecce on 21st May and continuing in other Italian towns. This umpteenth attempt at presenting war, soldiers and military weapons as harmless and even amusing is staggering and deeply disturbing.
The first world war that they want to remember was a terrifying massacre of entire generations, about which there is absolutely nothing to glorify; quite the opposite, the only suggestion it can give is how disgusting it is to fight for one’s country and how much one’s country, or rather the economy today, just considers those it sends to the front as numbers and the possible consequences as mere variables: homes, hospitals and civilians being bombarded, so-called collateral damage.
Wars are more and more technological today, but they produce death and destruction all the same. There can be absolutely nothing positive in a death machine or a soldier: they are mere instruments in the hands of those who want to grab resources, run a given area in the world and increase their dominance. Sometimes nationalism and one’s country are the ideological pretexts used to provoke conflicts. But it is the Economy that uses war as a means for restructuring and profit. If the rising nationalism of the 1900s led to a tragic and bloody world war, in the same way walls and barriers are being erected and borders are being militarized today. War has been declared against the poorest, the wanderers, those for whom the Economy and the States have decided there is no longer any place in the world.

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June 26, 2016
by actforfreedom


2015-05-01_NO_EXPO_17307984436On 14th June, the court of Milan set 2 of our 3 comrades free with the first-grade sentence. Even if this was only half a victory, as Casper is still in prison with a sentence of 3 years and 8 months for devastation and pillage (the shortest sentence so far for this kind of crime in militant milieus), yesterday was surely a day of joy. The massive investigation on the 1st of May demo carried out by the Digos and public prosecutor Basilone was supposed to produce a mountain of charges, but in the end it gave birth to a mouse: all the charges against Molestio were dropped, so he has spent these last months in prison for nothing; Iddu’s sentence was downgraded to aggravated resistance, he got 1 year and 8 months and was released immediately with a suspended sentence; 2 years and 2 months to Nano whose charges were also downgraded to aggravated resistance (he is still under house arrest).
Instead, Casper’s militant past influenced judge Nunnari, who accepted the prosecution’s theorem of destruction and looting based solely on one ‘proof’, a video showing Casper waving to the demo. This gesture was interpreted by the judges as some mysterious signal aimed at coordinating the invasion of barbarians in the city and so, thanks to the statute of psychic concourse, he was sentenced according to article 419, even if there is no evidence of this in his actual behaviour. Casper is also the only one to face a request for damages amounting to 87,000 euros made by Unicredit bank, which however is to be debated in a civil action. Each of the three convicted comrades was ordered to pay 15,000 euros to the police, as opposed to the initial request for 30,000 euros made by the ministry of the interior’s lawyer.
Yesterday we were outside the court in a well-attended demo which went on to the State university for a lunch, the redecoration of the walls of the adjacent Caritas building and a meeting on how to continue the struggle against the charges of devastation and pillage (past and future). The meeting opened with the presentation of the pamphlet ‘Rompere la piazza’ [Breaking the Square]’, which supplied interesting points to think about. A wider discussion on how to face the devices of the repression will continue on 7th July in Cremona in the context of the initiatives that will follow the demo outside the court on the occasion of the sentencing against the second group of people accused of devastation and pillage.


A letter to Greek comrades by 1st May 2015’s prisoners Casper, Molestio and Iddu
Text by the 5 students who the Italian authorities want to be extradited to Italy
Information from the Court of Appeal about the 5 arrested students in Athens and updates 12th and 13nt November
Milan’s May Day ‘No Expo’ Riots ,Italy

June 24, 2016
by actforfreedom

Greece – Intervention in Thessaloniki for comrades G.Naxakis and G.Sarafoudis.

On Tuesday 21/6, an intervention took place in Aristotelous square and
specifically in cinema/cafe OLYMPION. A huge banner was hung from the top
floor which wrote “Constant anarchist struggle until the destruction of
existence, until individual and collective liberation” and flyers were
thrown in solidarity with anarchist captives G.Naxakis and G.Sarafoudis in
view of their appellate trial on 22/6 for the bank expropriation in
Pyrgetos, Larisa.
Persecutions and imprisonment of fighters are one more
reason for the development of diverse anarchist action, one more reason to
sharpen the war against state and every authority.
Assembly of Anarchists for the connection of struggles inside prison-society

June 24, 2016
by actforfreedom

Greece: Incendiary attack against vehicles at Peugeot-Citroën dealership in Thessaloniki by Anarchist cell ‘Les casseurs’

To clarify once and for all: Power cannot exist without us. We can live without it (and even better). Power drains us of our essence; it pillages life.
[Excerpt from: ‘Manifesto of Rebellion – Signpost to a Different Future’; December 2008]
The imposition of domination knows no national boundaries or state divisions, nor is it concentrated in the hands of a minority elite headquartered in a specific part of the world. Power pervades every part of this world’s metropolises, every human relationship structured according to the capitalist standards.
The era we live in has all the characteristics of a contemporary war; a war triggered by domination and counting victims – its only way to perpetuate its existence. For almost four months the unrest continues in Paris and other cities of the French territory over a proposed new labour law, despite the intensifying control and repression in response to the recent ISIS attacks and in view of the Euro tournament. The struggle is manifested by all means, from occupations of squares, theatres, factories, to attacks against banks, stores, and large-scale clashes with cops.
Without deluding ourselves, we’re able to realise that the future of demand-centred struggles is doomed and the subjects of social struggles may be carriers of authoritarian logics. However, the reality of social unrest is the field amid which minorities can develop effective solidarity and equality relations, where they may find themselves overcoming fear through clashes with cops and developing the consciousness that the voting of a bill is nothing compared to the existence of laws, is nothing compared to the existence of every Power.
Let the upheavals in the French territory be another occasion for the encounter and organisation of our action. The only stance which befits us is the strengthening of combative confrontation, the reversal of fear, the socialisation of this reality, and the only way to achieve all this is none other than diversion from normalcy in every part of daily life. Let the broken windows in Besançon, the sabotage of ATMs, the burning of a police car in Paris, the Molotov cocktails against Toulouse’s police station become the trigger for realising that revolutionary prospects are widened within insurrectionary events and through social destabilisation, which is neither self-existent, nor a parthenogenesis. On the contrary, it’s the goal of polymorphous anarchic struggle, that’s also responsible for its preparation, for transferring the war to the here and now, away from delegation logics, away from logics of waiting for ripe social conditions; for promoting the system’s destabilisation, for making visible the two opposite camps that exist: either with the present world, or its deniers.
In the early hours of Thursday June 23rd 2016, we set fire to exhibits of the French car dealership Peugeot-Citroën on Vasilissis Olgas Avenue in Thessaloniki as a minimum gesture of solidarity with the rebels in the streets of Paris, Toulouse, Lyon and everywhere else.
Anarchist cell ‘Les casseurs’
PS. We dedicate our action not only to rebels across the French territory but also to the anarchist comrades Yannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis [both incarcerated in Greece], who stand second-instance trial for the bank robbery in Pyrgetos on July 5th 2016 [in the court of appeals on Loukareos Street, Athens]. Anarchist prisoners are never alone; solidarity that takes the offensive will break the bars of isolation imposed by domination.

June 23, 2016
by actforfreedom

Greece – Update on the appellate trial in Athens of anarchist Giannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis

The trial was postponed for Tuesday July 5th, 2016 without the process going any further. Present in the court were comrade Grigoris Sarafoudis as well as solidarian comrades.
Nothing is over, everything continuesactforfree-nostate.gif 2
Torch and burn the state cells!
Factual solidarity to our anarchist comrades Giannis and Grigoris.

Anarchists from Act For Freedom Now!

June 21, 2016
by actforfreedom

Koridallos prison Greece -Text by anarchist comrade Grigoris Sarafoudis for the upcoming appellate trial 22/6/2016.

Appellate trial for the robbery of the ATE bank in Pirgetos Larissa.
Text by Grigoris Sarafoudis for the upcoming appellate trial (22/6)
It’s already 3 years and 2 months I’ve been locked up in prison. Here,
in this crack in time, you deal with everything that’s really hostile to
you. Absolute control, enforcement, authoritarian behaviours, hierarchy
and conventions is the daily routine. A repeated excruciating routine
aiming at bringing everyone against themselves first of all, and then
against the tough reality. So, 3 years and 2 months, disappointed and
disgusted by the reality inside and outside the walls, I remain equally
anarchist, hostile towards exploitation, apathy, subjugation and
On June 22nd at the appellate court on Loukareos street, is tried the
second instance trial for the robbery in Pirgetos for which me and
comrade G.Naxakis have been convicted in the frames of the organization
C.C.F. One more imaginative creation of the antiterrorist force that was
finished off by the judicial authority which did not hesitate to convict
us as members of the C.C.F. despite the fact that in the whole
indictment as well as during the first instance trial, nothing in
relation to our participation in this specific organization was
mentioned. The result was our conviction to 16 years imprisonment each.
I will be present in the procedure, ready to refute the charges and
methods of the antiterrorist force and the judges, defending my choice
to be an anarchist.
As for solidarity I will only say that it is one of the fundamental
values in the struggle for freedom, which it is multifaceted and it
definitely does not mean identification.
I conclude with a comradely salute to those who choose disobedience and
action towards anything and anyone tries to dominate our lives.
Grigoris Sarafoudis, Koridallos prisons.


Call out for the appellate trial for Naxakis and Sarafoudis
Tomorrow Wednesday June 22nd begins, at the Appellate court on Loukareos, the appellate trial of anarchist comrades Grigoris (Akis) Sarafoudis and Giannis Naxakis who are accused in the case of the expropritation in Pirgetos Larissa and for participation in the r.o. C.C.F.
The two comrades have chosen to hold different stances towards the methods of the police-judicial complex. G.Naxakis completely discredits the procedure by not accepting to be present or be represented in court stating with a public letter of his that there are no judicial scandals since human civilization itself is a scandal. Contrarily, G.Sarafoudis chooses to fight his battle in the judicial field as well, fighting for the collapse of yet another fabrication of the antiterrorist force.
This specific case is not a field in which the antiterrorist force has invested communicationally, however it has transformed into laboratory of judicial experiments since although it is characterized by a complete lack of evidence, at the same moment especially heavy convictions have been imposed in the first instance trial.
The presence of all of us is necessary in order for there to be mounds to the police-judicial arbitrariness which deprives our comrades of freedom.


Text by anarcchist comrade Giannis Naxakis

June 21, 2016
by actforfreedom

New UK Counter-Info Project – Fire On The Horizon

Moving towards the next ‘Fire On The Horizon’

To begin with we are not interested in long introductions, we are against over worded texts that wreak of posturing and not enough praxis!

The project ‘Fire on the Horizon’ will speak for itself, disseminating counter-info that is about & related to the conflict against the prison island.  To incite, to open eyes, to reach out to free thinking minds, making the rage boil over of accomplices who are willing to awaken, to act upon their own individual desires. There is no interest in begging for consensus in order to govern the masses or adhering without critique to false promises of utopias, doctrines, ideologies that wreak of any new authority.

What interests us is the continuous conflict, the never ending insurrection, the willingness to leave the cages rather than just sit on top of them, to let wild chaotic anarchy fly free, elevating beyond the nightmare that is the technological metropolis of control & order…

What we move towards is the next fire on the horizon!

“That night we kept our eyes fixed on the horizon and saw many falling stars drawing their own chaotic paths. And we counted them over and over, we made wishes, calculated the odds. We knew that our desire for a free life had to step over all that oppresses us, murders us, destroys us, so we dived into the void just like the shooting stars we were observing. Since then innumerable stars have fallen, perhaps it’s time for our star to fall, who knows? If we had the answers ready, we wouldn’t have become what we are, but selfish bastards who would teach people how to become rodents that eat each other as they do today. At least we still remain implacable and stubborn like the people of our kind. And those of us who closed their eyes in pain and travelled far continue to keep their eyes stuck on that night sky we also observed. And they watch us fall, beautiful and shining stars. Now it’s our turn. Now, without hesitation, we fall.”

June 21, 2016
by actforfreedom

Mexico – Communique for the sabotage of 13 Telmex Booths in Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl

 Act for free receive and trasmit:



June 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Turin, Italy – Road block against borders

We receive from anonymous mail and spread:
As the usual raising-of-the-flag ceremony was being performed in piazza Castello in the afternoon of 2nd June [the Italian Republic celebration day] amidst the protests of an antimilitarist demo in the vicinity of the piazza, some roads ahead traffic circulation was being blocked in Corso Vittorio Emanuele (Turin arterial street).
A banner unfurled on a steel wire stretched between the two sides of the road reminded that the Borders Are Everywhere.
All concrete walls, militarized streets, deportations, raids, barbed wire, cages and repressive measures all represent borders which we will attack.

June 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Udine, Italy – Insurrection or revolution?


Udine, 2nd May 2016
A few points for thought
We are used to considering the words ‘insurrection’ and ‘revolution’ to mean the same thing. But do they really?
A revolution is a radical change of the existing order. Like reformism it seeks to change the existing order, with the difference that with reformism the change is gradual rather than radical. Theoretically the three methods, reform, revolution and insurrection, could or rather should assume the same basic impulse of the negation of the existent, given that – as reason would have it – if one desires something other and affirms it, one is denying the present.
Besides not existing, the future is the negation of the present on a theoretical level. In the present historical context – the aborted debate on insurrection and revolution in the configuration of revolutionary perspectives of the past is another question – the revolutionary horizon is an abstraction of the other [translator’s italics] present, that is to say the future, the ultimate non-place, it being an absolutely other time, also in relation to the plan of ongoing existence, to use an Aristotelian category. However, apart from a few distinctions to be considered elsewhere, reform, revolution and insurrection say nothing to us about the other they would like, only that they aspire to the other and the method they mean to use to achieve it. What we have said so far, and will say, concerns one of the two elements to be gone into here, namely why insurrection is to be preferred to revolution.
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June 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Brazil – Revolts in four prisons, 14 death, 24 May 2016

cordatesaThere would be at least 14 prisoners dead following revolts broken out yesterday in four prisons in the Brazilian State of Cearà during a prison guards’ strike. Five charred bodies were also found. The news was reported by the Secretary of justice in the small northern-western State.
Clashes were allegedly caused by the cancellation of visits to prisoners, a decision motivated by the strike staged by prison guards, who were protesting against the administration decision to pay arrears wages in instalments. This provoked made the anger of prisoners explode in at least four State jails. According to the available sources score settling among prisoners took place and huge damages were made to structures.
Police took back control over the prisons, while the fire brigade put off fires set on by prisoners and social workers went in aid of the victims’ families. In the meantime the power attorney of Cearà declared the strike of prison guards illegal and announced it would hold the State prison administration responsible for the murders, the damages and any other offence committed during the revolts.
Prisons in the state of Cearà, like the majority of those in other Brazilian states, are overcrowded and the prison guards’ union (Sindasp) has been demanding more staff for years. The Sindasp president in Cearà, Valdemiro Barbosa, denounced ‘the atmosphere of disorder and instability that reigns’ in prisons.
From cordatesa
Translated by act for freedom now!

June 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Ιωάννινα: 10ο Βαλκανικό Αναρχικό Φεστιβάλ Βιβλίου / Ioannina, Greece: 10th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair

Κάλεσμα / Call
Ιωάννινα: 10ο Βαλκανικό Αναρχικό Φεστιβάλ Βιβλίου
Ioannina, Greece: 10th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair
Πρόγραμμα / Program
Ιωάννινα: 10ο Βαλκανικό Αναρχικό Φεστιβάλ Βιβλίου – Πρόγραμμα
Ioannina, Greece: 10th Balkan Anarchist Bookfair – Program
BAB2016-map-of-ioannina-frontΤόσο ο χάρτης όσο και το πρόγραμμα θα βρίσκονται τυπωμένα στη γραμματεία του φεστιβάλ! Both the map of Ioannina and the programme will be printed and distributed by the reception of the festival!

June 19, 2016
by actforfreedom

UK – London – Graffiti and flyers at the Brixton Prison solidarity with anarchists prisoners and to all the migrants everywhere.


Act for free received anonymously:
Some small solidarity actions took place in the last few days for anarchist prisoners everywhere and to all the migrants under attack from this rotten system and the prison society!
Solidarity slogans were written and flyers thrown near the walls of Brixton Prison in South London.
Let’s tear down the concentration camps and the prisons!
Some anarchists

June 19, 2016
by actforfreedom

UK – SOUTH LONDON -Immigration raid chased off on Deptford High St, “racist van” trashed

Poster :pdf
On Monday afternoon the neighbourhood of Deptford, South East London, chased away a Home Office “Immigration Enforcement” raid team. The Home Office bullyboys had reportedly been spotted several times in the previous week doing so-called “intelligence gathering”. I.e., trying to harass shopkeepers into giving them permission to carry out “operations” in their premises so they don’t have to go to the hassle of getting a court warrant. On Monday they came back in greater force, but people gathered and sent them away empty handed. They drove off in several unmarked cars but abandoned their marked “racist van” in a back street, which was then refurbished with the windows smashed and messages written in spray paint (see pictures).
Deptford market is a regular target for Home Office raids, often working in conjunction with police, the local council and other agencies. The most recent major raid was in April. As with other London street markets (such as East Street), there are clear links between these attacks targeting migrants and wider attacks on the neighbourhood, as property developers and state authorities combine to “socially cleanse” the area, and clearing out those they consider undesirable. But resistance is growing. In Deptford, there is now a regular “Deptford Anti Raids” information stall every Saturday in the market, and Monday shows that people are ready to fight back.
Check the AntiRaids twitter account for raid alerts and other live updates.

June 19, 2016
by actforfreedom

From London to Prague: Solidarity with Martin Ignačák – uk

This morning (Monday 13th June 2016) a small group of people met outside the Czech Embassy in West London to show support with anarchist prisoner Martin Ignačák, held on remand for 13 months, and on hunger strike since 9th June 2016.
Who is Martin? Martin is the second longest detained prisoner in the Pankrác remand prison. For 13 months he lives there under conditions that negatively affect his psychological and physical state. Martin is accused of “conspiracy to plan a terrorist attack. Today we know that the entire “action” to attack the train, which the police claimed to prevent by arresting Martin and three other people, was scheduled and co-planned by (at least) two undercover operatives. Specifically trained undercover police officers infiltrated a group of people and gained their trust to obtain information. After a while, when surveillance of their new “friends” was established, they began to talk more about the necessity of actions more militant in nature and they actively participated in the preparation of such a plan.
Martin’s lawyer mentioned in an interview:

“My defendant considers the whole case as the result of police provocation and he had no intention whatsoever to plan or carry out a terrorist attack. As he stated, if he would not have met the undercover police agents he would most likely never have gotten into the current troubles.”

It was the police themselves who invented the whole event. Without their initiative, the whole affair would not even exist.
Why is he on hunger strike? At the end of April 2016 the City Court in Prague ruled in favour of his release from remand. But, after the state attorney appealed this decision, the high court ruled to extend his remand. Martin has gone on hunger strike in protest of this decision.
For more information about Operation Fénix, Martin’s case and the hunger strike see:
A call for international solidarity has been made. Here’s info for the embassy in London if you wanna organise something or contact them about Martin;
Embassy of the Czech Republic in London: 26-30 Kensington Palace Gardens, London, W8 4QY
Telephone: (+44) 20 7243 1115
You can also write to Martin here at this address;
Martin Ignačák 10.8.1986
V.V. Praha – Pankrác
P.O.BOX – 5
Praha 4
140 57
… and ACAB 4evs
 by londonabc