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August 22, 2014
by actforfreedom

First Interview of Nikos Maziotis after his arrest On 16/07/14


First Interview of Nikos Maziotis after his arrest published in the greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Sintaktion”
You are a member of Revolutionary Struggle, an armed anarchist organization. Why did you choose armed struggle as a method of action?
Armed struggle is an integral part of the struggle for social revolution. It is an integral part of a revolutionary movement that seeks the overthrow of capital and the state. There is an inseparable connection between the movement and armed struggle to such an extent that a movement to be truly revolutionary needs to include armed struggle in its targets. Throughout history there has never been a victorious revolution that was not armed. Armed struggle or in other words, armed propaganda, is a very powerful tool for the fight and its political messages can be very powerful, as long as there is an overall political conception and analysis about where we act, what we want and what we aim for. In Revolutionary Struggle we believe that armed action aims at dissipating to the greatest possible social and folk classes the necessity of social revolution and of the overthrow of capital and the state.
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August 20, 2014
by actforfreedom

Spainish prisons: Update on Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar (July 26, 2014)

From contrainfo, transl wos:
On Friday, July 4th, as many of you already know, our compas went through a ‘Auto-Trial’ (Auto de Procesamiento) by the instruction judge of the National Court, which ended in them being tried for terrorism.
At the same time, they were obliged to be given a declaration the following week, on Friday July 11, in the National Court of Madrid. So, at the beginning of the week of the declaration they were transferred to Madrid–Mónica to the Soto del Real prison and Francisco to Navalcernero. Apparently the declaration was a mere formality, since the judge who is carrying the process forward wasn’t even there, nor was a legal secretary.

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August 20, 2014
by actforfreedom

Canterbury: Anti-police and military graffiti scrawled on the window of the Army careers office – uk



Offensive graffiti has been sprayed on the Armed Forces careers office in Canterbury.
The anti-military and police slogans were daubed in purple paint on the centre in St Peters Street overnight.
One read “F**k the Army” while another, scrawled on the door, read “ACAB” which is thought to stand for “All Coppers Are B******s” (oh really? haha)
Staff arrived at work this morning to find the foul-mouthed messages, but they have since been scrubbed off.

Army spokesman Sarah Kingshott said: “We can confirm the graffiti incident did happen.

“It wasn’t just the careers office that was affected. Because other shops were involved, it has become a police matter…”
It is thought the neighbouring Barretts car showroom was also targeted by vandals, but no one was available for comment.
source: local army & police daily

August 19, 2014
by actforfreedom

Anarchists Sabotage Equipment at a Mcdonalds Construction Site in Portland

Earlier this week, several pieces of heavy equipment, including a dump truck
and water pump, located at the construction site of a Mcdonalds restaurant
off 29th and Powell in S.E. Portland, were sabotaged by having bleached
poured into their fuel tanks.
Through the hyper exploitation of an ever growing precarious workforce, the
wholesale slaughter of billions of sentient animals, and the destruction of
ecosystems and wild spaces–Mcdonalds has always been a global symbol of
capitalist exploitation and ecological destruction. Mcdonalds also acted as
a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil which has lead to the forced
displacement of thousands of people and the implementation of economic
austerity on an already hyper-impoverished area of the world. We act in
solidarity with all those internationally who struggle against austerity and
imperialism; for a world without borders, prisons, and nations states.
This simple, easily reproducible act, is dedicated to the 5E3 prisoners
Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon and to the silent ones on the run and in forced
-some anarchists

August 19, 2014
by actforfreedom

Spain: Reflections on anarchism…Francisco Solar Dominguez from inside Villabona prison in Asturias

from instintosalvaje, transl wos:
I have been thinking about the coherency and consistency of anarchism, to determine what it is that ultimately motivates us to declare ourselves anarchists and not something else, what is it that leads us to leave a life where one of the most recurring themes are the police, surveillance, and prison, aspects that obviously no one likes but are always around because they mark our daily lives. I believe that anti-authoritarianism is central in this feeling, is what along with the intent of freedom differentiates us politically from other political currents as well as inside of our own anarchism. And it is that anti-authoritarianism implies a break with the entire existent and the ideas which are its sustenance, within which the “judeo christian” paradigm of progress is found entrenched in the majority of occidental thought, whether revolutionary or not. Therefore, is it necessary to break away from the judeo christian tradition of thought? Obviously. If anarchism intends to break with the existent in can not be part of the reproduction of one of the pillars of oppression: holy thought. Continue Reading →

August 13, 2014
by actforfreedom

Attack on targets related to prison: Barrage on Bazaar in Athens – Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!

With this act of ours, we are contributing to the constellation of
struggles inside and outside the walls that are developing against the
new law for prisons.
Highlight of the mobilisation was the hunger strike with the
participation of over 4.500 prisoners in all the prisons of the Greek
territory. One of the biggest strikes in numbers by global standards,
that lasted one week, overcoming all the organisational difficulties
within the prison environment.
The demands of the hunger-strikers included the withdrawal of the law
and others related to the terrible conditions of detainment. Conditions
that have been demonstrated in the recent past with riots and struggles
like those of drug-addicts and of prisoners with serious chronic health
problems against the non-existent health care of the prison hospital.
Prison is not just a status-quo out there somewhere for some who made a
wrong choice or were unlucky enough to end up in prison. Prison is the
invisible fence that continues from that thing we can call society as we
live it, it’s the continuous way to control and channel the poorest ones
and the oppressed social groups.

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August 12, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece- Interview with anarchist comrade Kostas Gournas by Soccorso Rosso Internazionale [International Red Aid]

 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
This is and interview that S.R.I made with Kostas Gournas, a comrade of
Revolutionary Struggle locked up in the prison of Koridallo, Athens:
1) What can you tell us about the current situation in Greece?
Greece is experiencing the biggest crisis in times of peace, a crisis
composed of multiple aspects. The turmoil that has been unfolding in the
country for 5 and a half years is something that one would expect only
in times of war. The global financial crisis of 2008 drove Greece to the
frontline of the debt crisis in Europe and led to the adoption of a
selective insolvency model in order to enforce extreme austerity
measures in the Eurozone.
In no other country has ‘shock treatment’ of these proportions been imposed in such a short time, and this treatment
has produced disastrous effects on society, even worse than those
brought about in Latin America during the first experiments of the
neoliberal school. Austerity measures have devastated the country’s
economy, destroyed 25% of its gross national product, created about 2
million unemployed and forced the majority of the population into a life
below the level of survival. Continue Reading →
Marcia NoTav

August 11, 2014
by actforfreedom

NO TAV – To comrades along the way (and along the paths)

Translated by act for freedom now
We receive and transmit:
This text is the result of a discussion among comrades, and was handed out at the first meeting of the itinerant camping held betwee 17 and 24 July in the Susa Valley. The debate that followed was indeed interesting.
To comrades along the way (and along the paths)
Earth. Careful, for heaven’s sake! Look where you’re going!
Comet. Better to not look where you are going than only go as far as you can see.
Carlo Michelstaedter, Il dialogo della salute e altri dialoghi [not available in the English translation]
We haven’t written much about the struggle in the valley in all these years because we’ve had something better to do: live an experience. When we scribbled on some piece of paper, it was enthusiasm that inspired us, even where it was necessary to talk about difficult urgent problems. We have tried to stay the way we are in this struggle. We want clear sincere human relations, not political opportunism. Our attitude has often appeared naïve, almost pathetic, to the political components – who flatter people to silence uncomfortable criticism. But ‘disappearing’ in the struggles we take part in, putting forward ideas and practices rather than organizations and flags, refusing media games in favour of the living element of a situation is a choice, certainly in contrast to the trend, often leading to judicial troubles. We like the inaccessible off the beaten track. Better the uncertainty of a destination than the certainty of getting bogged down in political shit.

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August 11, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece: Open letter of Revolutionary Struggle member Pola Roupa from clandestinity


On July 16th, 2014 the armed dogs of the establishment unleashed a fierce manhunt, and comrade Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary Struggle, was hit by a cop’s bullet and fell covered in blood. The comrade gave his battle against the cops that were chasing him. The state apparatus in its totality triumphed over the arrest of the “No 1 most-wanted fugitive” in the country. So did the criminal and real archi-terrorist Samaras, whose government took over the reins from the former pro-memorandum governments in a campaign for the biggest social genocide that has ever occurred in Greece in a time of “peace”. Samaras has used the arrest of Maziotis as a means to the stabilization of his faltering government, in order to support a political and economic regime with rotten foundations, which has long been discredited in social consciences.
For the political and economic regime, not only in Greece but also internationally, the arrest of a revolutionary with the political calibre of Nikos Maziotis is a “significant success”, as stated by the United States. That’s because the comrade’s arrest is perceived by our enemies as a blow to the struggle for the establishment’s subversion, as a blow to the struggle for liberation from the yoke of capitalism and the State, as a blow to the struggle for social Revolution. The size of threat that Maziotis poses to the establishment is reflected in the high-pitched nauseating rejoicing on the part of the domestic and foreign political power. Because the comrade and the Revolutionary Struggle, the organization in which he belongs, are intrinsically linked to the systemic political destabilization, to the undermining of a rotten regime; linked to the consistent war against domination and contemporary barbarity; linked to the struggle for the overthrow of the State and capitalism, linked to the social Revolution itself. Comrade Nikos Maziotis was and continues to be committed to the Revolution. This is what he has fought for, this is what he still fights for; this is why they present him as No 1 danger to the establishment. Thus, the political gravity of this case should be the primary parameter in expressing solidarity with the comrade.
Currently, Maziotis is a prisoner of social and class war. It’s not fair that he is in prison. It would only be fair if he was free, fighting for social Revolution. It would only be fair if those who are responsible for the plight of the Greek people, those who voted for and implement the memoranda, were shackled instead of him and they stood people’s trials; the economic elite, the rich who suck the blood of proletarians, the political elite and their servants. It would be fair if Samaras, Venizelos, Papandreou, Papademos and their criminal organizations, the Troikans and the leaders of the European Union, were shackled in chains. The domestic and foreign bosses, for the economic interests of whom the land and the people who live in it are being ravaged. These are the real terrorists and robbers. These are the ruthless criminals and brutal murderers.

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August 11, 2014
by actforfreedom

A young Israeli’s declaration of refusal
Wednesday July 30 2014
Udi Segal, a 19 year old Israeli, was due to begin military service on Monday July 28 2014. Although like most Israeli Jews of his age he is obliged by law to enlist in the army once he finishes school, Udi has refused. He is one of those known as refuzniks (in Hebrew sarvan, from sirev: ‘has refused’), like the other young people who refuse to serve in the Tsahal. Some of them refuse to serve in the occupied Palestinian territories, others, like Udi, totally refuse to join the army.

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August 5, 2014
by actforfreedom

Solidarity with anti-G8 prisoner Liam Harriman (UK)

From LDMG via RabbleLDN:
Liam Harriman has just been sent to prison for 8 weeks (16 week sentence of which he’ll probably serve 8). He was arrested at the G8 protest last summer in London. Please support him. You can write to him directly:
Liam Harriman (A0131DG)
HMP Pentonville
Caledonian Rd
London N7 8TT
You can also use the web site to write via the internet, messages get printed out and given to prisoners the next day
A second defendant is also reported to have been given a custodial sentence in relation to the Stop G8 week of action last year. More details will be added once established whether they would like to receive support.
source 325

August 4, 2014
by actforfreedom

Flyers were given out in solidarity with Nikos Maziotis case as well as all wanted armed guerilla. – Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!
Solidarity Action in Edessa (Northern greece)
“…but we hold strong and we will maintain the wheel steady on our Argo, in our persistent search for the golden fleece of our dreams, with all the flame and boldness of youth …”
Severino di Giovanni
Revolutionary organizations were always the biggest enemy of the state. As the factual expressers of revolutionary practices, organizations aimed at governmental factors, oppression forces, embassies of imperialistic forces and economic factors. To such attacks the state responded with dozens of persecutions and developed means mechanisms in order to trap the armed guerillas that shake its plans in its web.
Nikos Maziotis is such a case, a member of the Revolutionary Struggle, his persecution from the moment he took the political responsibility of the organization, was fierce. Finally on July 16th after a clash with cops at Monastiraki, he was caught in the web of the state. Anarchist Maziotis defended his freedom with a weapon but the dogs of the state managed to injure him.
After this incident the snitches of the media began once more their terror-hysteria with a series of imaginative scenarios. As genuine terror-lusters they did not fail to slander and disorientate us from the real criminal of our lives: the state and their lackeys.
This is not a surprise. The same has happened in the protests, metropolitan sabotages, expropriations, revolts and whatever consists a subversive practise. But no matter how much the dogs bark, the galleons of pirates of the struggle will go ahead towards liberating courses.
The action of the Revolutionary Struggle aimed at the social revolution and the levelling of authoritarian relations. As every armed organization it is a part of the wider struggle towards the freedom and the bloom of a new way of life, beyond that of the rotten civilization we experience. In the frames of multiform struggle, others fight with more orthodox means others with unorthodox means. All are targeted by the oppressive forces and especially the armed fighters who are an active part of it. It is those who seek to taste now the subversion through the ruins of urban centres who are persecuted and hunted with vengeance by the state. We cannot but stand in solidarity with the poets of revolution., those who dared to cast off their fetters, abandon their quiet lives and spill onto the path of revolutionary struggle. Standing in front looking in the eye of the storms that are coming.

August 4, 2014
by actforfreedom

Turin, Italy – Initiatives and actions in solidarity with arrested and investigated comrades [updated 18/6/14]

Translated by act for freedom now

Here follows a list of initiatives and actions in solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated following the repressive operation orchestrated by Turin prosecutors on 3rd June 2014.
ROME – 3rd June
 300 comrades expressed solidarity with the activists hit by repression in Turin. A spontaneous and noisy march blocked a part of the Quadrante Est in Rome for a few hours.
From Turin to Rome not a step back!
Accomplices in solidarity
Freedom for all
 MILAN – 3rd June
In the late afternoon about sixty people in solidarity improvised a demo in Piazzale Cadorna, opposite the railway station, for a couple of hours, with speeches, leaflets and banners such as ‘The struggle for homes can’t be attacked’, ‘Solidarity with the Turin comrades’, ‘From Turin to Rome let’s occupy and defend our homes’
TURIN – 3rd June
After a meeting at Asilo Occupato, a spontaneous march set off through the streets of the neighbourhood: solidarity graffiti, daubing of banks and attacks on ATMs.
From macerie:
Turin. After a busy meeting at Asilo Occupato, we decided to improvise a march in the streets of Aurora. In the pouring rain, a hundred people chanted for the liberation of the many arrested comrades. Other people at windows, bars, side roads expressed solidarity, and all agreed that the only unwanted ones in our neighbourhoods are the police.  Everyone here knows what being evicted means, and many have learned to face evictions not as if this was some personal disgrace but as an act of resistance, postponement after postponement; many know what living under the blackmail of a residence permit is like, a permit which is not there in most cases, under the constant threat of police checks.
Lecce – Solidarity march
 In the afternoon of Thursday 4th June a demo was held in the centre of Lecce in solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated in Turin following the police operation of 3rd June. Crossroads were blocked for about half an hour with banners, distribution of leaflets and speeches. Later the march moved to the suburbs of the city.
Rovereto: premises of the PD party trashed in solidarity with the comrades from Turin.
From the local media we learn that in the night between 3rd and 4th June the premises of the PD were trashed with red paint. Graffiti were left: ‘Those who execute evictions are fascists, be they leftist or right-wing’, ‘Solidarity with the comrades from Turin’, ‘PD=Repression’.
5th June
Bologna – Unknown people trashed and smashed the windows of the PD party premises on via Galliera. Perhaps someone didn’t appreciate the words pronounced by PD regional secretary Gariglio after the arrests in Turin.
7th June
Ravenna – In the morning a group of people demonstrated in solidarity with the comrades arrested on 3rd June and distributed leaflets to passers-by. They also managed to be heard by prisoners and greeted Andrea and all the other prisoners in the jail of the city.
Vercelli – In the evening, a consistent group of comrades gathered outside the walls of the prison where Fabio and Marianna are locked up. They stayed there for over two hours and managed to communicate with the prisoners.
Alessandria – A dozen people descended to the prison in order to greet Daniele. Chants, slogans and shouts in solidarity with the comrade and all other prisoners.
Asti – In the afternoon people in solidarity gathered outside the prison where Michele is locked up. The demo lasted over two hours with chants and speeches in solidarity with the comrades arrested on 3rd June.
Biella – A dozen people gathered outside the prison in the evening for an hour in order to greet Beppe and the other prisoners, who could hear and reply to speeches and chants.
Aosta – At around 7pm, the prisoners of the jail where Toshi and Paolo are locked up heard big noises. Outside, a consistent group of enemies of the prison did their best to make themselves heard, and from inside the answer came strong and warm: shouts and beating of the bars.
Turin – About 80 people in solidarity demonstrated outside the Vallette prison, opposite the wall of unit D, where Nico and Claudio are locked up. Speeches, sound system and chants went on for about two hours in spite of the massive deployment of antiriot cops.
Bologna – People in solidarity with the comrades arrested in Turin distributed leaflets and left graffiti in the neighbourhood of Bolognina, and informed passers-by about the operation that led to 17 arrests in Turin.
8th June
Cuneo – Twenty people in solidarity gathered outside the prison to greet Francesco and all other prisoners. The latter managed to communicate how Francesco had already been transferred from the Nuovi Giunti unit and welcomed the demo by beating the bars.
Paris – 10th June
source: indymedia nantes
On Sunday 8th June, under a hail storm, 8 ATMs were sabotaged with foam and hammers, while the windows of two estate agencies were smashed in Pré-Saint-Gervais and Pantin [near Paris]. A small example of our anger at exploiters and evictions enforcers.
Solidarity with the arrested comrades within the struggle against evictions in Turin.
Let’s destroy what destroys us.
17th June
Cremona – From the local press we learn that in the night of 17th June the premises of Aler (a construction company) on via Manini in Cremona were trashed. Messages were left in solidarity with the comrades hit by recent repressive operations, evictions and attacks on those who organize themselves in the struggle for homes: ‘Stop evictions’, ‘Solidarity with those who resist’, ‘Solidarity with the comrades from Turin and Bologna’. In the night, an action against a branch of Intesa San Paolo resulted in the trashing of the windows of the banks and graffiti in solidarity with the prisoners of the NO TAV resistance.
18th June- Bologna
From anonymous mail:
‘The noise of the windows of CarisBo on via Fioravanti in Bologna, smashed in the night of 18th June, is meant as an embrace to the comrades from Bologna and Turin arrested in recent raids.
CarisBo, a subsidiary of San Paolo bank, is involved in the construction of big works and urban planning projects.
Freedom for all!
The struggle can’t be arrested!!’
End of June – Rome
We learn that an office of construction company Progedil went in flames in Rome in solidarity with the comrades arrested and investigated in Turin on 3rd June. Now the office won’t be able to contribute to the construction of a new residential area. Before the flames went off, they sent a salute of freedom to Fabio, Michele, Andrea, Paolo, Toshi, Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò, Beppe, Francesco, Daniele, Marianna and Nicolò.

August 3, 2014
by actforfreedom


Campaign against the legislation for the creation of high security prisons, from 13/6 to 22/6/2014

After a communication between the prisoners in greece with the International Red Aid (RHI) in switzerland, they responded to the call and thus was organized a campaign of solidarity and counter-information against the legislation for the high security prisons. In collaboration with the RHI many spaces in different cities took on the organization of an event with this thematic.
ITALY 13/6/14
The event took place in Rovereto, with a large participation, it was also recorded in order to be broadcasted on three free radio stations in Italy. An interview was also given for the free radio station of Milano.
Event took place in Zurich and was also recorded on order to also be broadcasted from the free radio station (RadioLora). Another event-projection of documentary Cries in Betonapo from AKAKRAK BERLIN (referring to the revolts in greek prisons in 2007), took place on 19/6/14. also, on 6/7/14 there was an interview concerning the developments in prisons but also the voting in of the legislation for the special detainment conditions in RadioLora.
GERMANY 17/6/14
Stuttgart, 19/6/14 Dresden, 20/6/14 Magdeburg, 21/6/14 Berlin, 22/6/14 Hamburg- Events and their recordings in order for them to be broadcasted on radio stations. Also there were two more interviews for hamburgs’ free radio station and there was one more on 1/7/14. In all cities there were events or actions in solidarity with the prisoners on 19/6 which was also the international call to solidarity with the struggle of prisoners in greece.
During all this the text-call out for the international action day (19/6) against the legislation was translated into german, english, italian and turkish, as well as the texts by the different assemblies and announcements of prisoners. There was a constant update of the current news from the prisons. At the same time channels of communication and constant information were created. Also, through the networks of RHI, Red Aid in Germany (RoteHilfe), the individuals who run the campaign against law 129 (A and B -the equivalent of 187a in greece-) and the social centres that participated, these updates reach also the prisoners in Germany. Some of them have already sent their solidarity and support while more specifically imprisoned fighters Marco Camenisch (imprisoned in switzerland), Oliver Rast and Andreas Krebs (incarcerated in Germany) have sent comradely greetings to the events for fighting prisoners in greece and speak of the attempt to organize a hunger strike in prisons where they are held as a token of solidarity with the hunger strikers there. Something that was eventually called since they call for a hunger strike from the 18th to the 20th of July, in which prisoners from germany in switzerland.
From all the cities and the people who supported the events, solidarity is expressed in many ways*. Their eyes are on g
reece also. Where there are still acute resistances, where there are still people who fight against the existence.
The struggle continues with any means…
Until the destruction of the last prison
Solidarity is our weapon
We are not whole, the imprisoned fighters and fighting prisoners are missing
*In various cities i.e. hamburg, Zurich, Marseille, London, Dresden, Brussels, banners were hung with solidarity slogans against the new legislation as well as many slogans spray painted on central streets of those cities.
In Berlin (2/7) the group “Subersive of nihilistic act” claimed responsibility fro the arson of the car of the greek consul.
In New York (3/7) there was a solidarity gathering outside the greek embassy, after blocking the entrance they hung a banner and shared out texts.
In Zug, Switzerland (13/7) an arson attack was carried out on the headquarters of Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company (HBC). The communique was signed “Für eine revolutionäre Perspektive”.

August 1, 2014
by actforfreedom

Chile: Urgent information about the health of compa Marcelo Villarroel

from rebelióndelaspalabras, transl wos:
Rebelión note: I received the following communique via email from compas of the Colectivo Anticarcelario Vuelo de Justicia from Chile concering the health and energy of Marcelo Villarroel, after news spread by the bourgeois press in which they reported that the compañero had been affected by serious problems of heart failure and had to be hospitalized, being presently under some conditions that absolutely covered his special needs at this time and that his life was in constant danger.
Solidarity and strength for the compañero!
For at least the past 25 days, compañero Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, confined in the North H wing of the High Security Prison, has suffered a progressive heart failure, which has intensified in the past days and which late afternoon last Sunday brought about a crisis that signified his transfer to the prison hospital located in the Ex-Penitenciaría, where he was then urgently routed to the Ex-Posta Central in the night, under strict security measures and without any information on his situation being released even to his most direct family. Of course, the operation included at least 50 police, including special personnel of the prison guards’ High Risk Transfer (TAR), and personnel from the police’s GOPE, as well as support from the aerial brigade. Paradoxically, it was the helicopters circling the entire immediate area of the prison and the family’s home that allowed his  compañerxs and close family to discern a serious situation.
In the midst of this procedure and after he was put under observation for his delicate state of health, they decided to transfer him to San Borja Arriarrán Hospital in the morning hours for an examination that would allow them to discover the reason for the heart problem and be able to stabilize him. At this time, the only information that existed on the compañero came from the press of Power, the same press that pointed and preyed on the compañeros since they were named as the perfect guilty parties in the so-called Security Case. We reiterate the utter lack of information that the gendarmería personnel made known about such a serious event to those who really should have known, making excuses that they were so afraid of a possible escape from the prison, and in this sense, we make clear that the situation resolved itself favorably for the compañero, since we finally learned through trusted sources where he was and what his real state of health was, as he was able to be accompanied by his family, friends, and others in solidarity and affinity… but the tenor of the situation could have been otherwise.
We make present that without any doubt, despite the integrity shown daily by Marcelo (as well as by Juan, Freddy and Carlos), and despite having resisted during his lifetime of struggle and subversion at least 24 hunger strikes and countless situations and scenarios in which he has been submitted to the torture and control of thugs and guards, it has become impossible for a man of flesh and bone to resist all of this without any consequence to his health: the heart failure that has just happened doubtless has its origin in this. Even so, we remain in the firm conviction that has always motivated his rebellious decisions and actions, lately within prison, and for this reason, in spite of his delicate situation, we do not doubt that he will continue to face the enemy resisting, in the wing of the High Security Prison, the recent sentence imposed for his participation in the two robberies of the Security Case commotion.
We note that in the afternoon the information on the compañero‘s state of health was that he returned to the prison hospital after having been stabilized and spent the night there, in a place where there is indeed a condition of minimal santitation, and where there doubtless aren’t either the technological implements or suitable doctors to face any situation of possible risk, and for this reason, motions have been started to get an appointment with a trusted cardiologist who can enter the prison and examine the compañero, defining the next steps for his quick recovery, since even if one of the examinations done today in the public service didn’t produce negative results, there are now 2 prior electrocardiograms that reflect a clear cardiac problem.
The compa is in good spirits and with the integrity of one who has gone through difficult situations successfully. Our minds and hearts are with him, with his companion, children and family. They know they are not alone, we also believe that on one side of the wall or the other, nothing is forgotten or resolved, everything continues.
We leave a few words Marcelo got out to transmit calm in the face of his situation:
Dear family and compañerxs
A brief note to greet you and tell you that I am well, even though I don’t feel well and perhaps my body would say the contrary…
They want to leave me here until the morning, something I am not interested in… I intend to return today, but, well, tomorrow we’ll see…
Maybe I’m not ready to run the marathon, but my mind tells me that I can and must get through this… They did exams on me in the San Borja Arriarrán (a catheter through my arteries up to my heart and I don’t have anything–NOTHING!!) so it could have been due to stress.
Well, a kiss full of love and affection for all… and everything continues.
I love you a lot, I love you!!

August 1, 2014
by actforfreedom

France/Spain: Anarchist actions against the prison, capitalist, and patriarchal system

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:
We claim as different groups of anarchists, a series of actions aimed at attacking capital and the State and everything they represent. During the night hours of the 19-21 of July the following solidarity actions were carried out:
-An attack in Hendaia (Basque country in France) on a Loomis truck (security company which gains great economic benefits from their monopoly on the transportation of commissary and cafeteria money in various prisons) and the expropriation of 22,000€.
-Attacks on various bank branches for being responsible for human exploitation.
-The sabotage of security vehicles belonging to the Martutente (Guipuzkoa) prison.
-Attack on the facade of the juvenile prison in Tarragona.
-Electronic attack on different web pages of the UGT, CGT, and CCOO syndicates for affiliation with jailers and for defending repressive bodies.
The objective of all of these actions was to attack whichever focal point of power. The money collected during the expropriation will allow us for once to recover the costs which accompany these actions, we will continue to attack power.
For the fight for animal and human liberation.
Strength and Anarchy.

July 31, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy- Anarchist prisoners Claudio and Chiara transferred

Translated by act for freedom now
As the ‘summer sessions of trial’ against the four comrades came to an end, Chiara and Claudio were transferred again to Rebibbia and Ferrara respectively.
 Here are the addresses of the 7 comrades accused of the sabotage on a TAV construction yard.
To write to them:
Claudio Alberto
C.C. Via Arginone, 327
44100 Ferrara
Chiara Zenobi
C.C. Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Rome
Niccolò Blasi
C.C. San Michele
Strada Casale, 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Mattia Zanotti
C.C. San Michele
Strada Casale, 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Lucio Alberti
C.C. San Vittore
Piazza Filangeri 2
20123 Milan
Francesco Sala C.C. San Vittore
Piazza Filangeri 2
20123 Milan
Graziano Mazzarelli
C.C. Borgo S. Nicola
Via Paolo Perrone 4
73100 Lecce

July 30, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Words from anarchist comrades Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia from the bunker courtroom

Translated by act for freedom now
We receive and transmit a letter written by Chiara, Claudio, Niccolò and Mattia in the bunker courtroom where the ‘Bulldozer trial’ against the NO TAV resistance is being held:
From a cage in the bunker courtroom of the Vallette prison, Turin 16th July 2014
On 11th July another operation orchestrated by the indefatigable prosecutors from Turin concluded with Francesco, Lucio and Graziano being taken behind bars. As spectators and unwilling protagonists of this paradoxical show called trial, they are accused of having taken part in the action of sabotage following which we are being held in this cage today.
We are not interested in the circumstances that led to these arrests or in the tricks used by investigators to spy on our lives, their brilliant insights and their expertise in setting up impressive incriminating theories. The way they get excited while babbling words of satisfaction at the press is just another demonstration of their miserable lives.
We simply want to express our closeness and love to Francesco, Lucio and Graziano and to all prisoners. We hope that the enormous solidarity we’ve been receiving from anywhere in the most varied forms in these months, will punctuate the rhythm of their days as it did to ours.
Always with our heads held high
Claudio, Nicco, Chiara and Mattia

July 30, 2014
by actforfreedom

Spain – Terrorism charges confirmed against anarchist comrades Monica and Francisco

Translated by act for freedom now
On Friday 4th July it was finally decided that Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar will go on trial on charges of terrorism. According to the judge, the police and the press, which work together in this case, the two comrades ‘are linked to the FAI/FRI, a terrorist international organization based on insurrectional anarchist ideology’. The recourse to this acronym, which has nothing to do with the claim of the attack, is obviously being used to justify the trial for terrorism, given that the EU included it in its list of terrorist organizations.
Still according to the press and to police and judicial reports, ‘both defendants presumably belong to the Grupos Anarquistas Coordinados (GAC) within the organization FAI/FRI’. The press, and in some cases even the ‘alternative’ press, never stopped mentioning the link with the FAI/FRI, even if this is only police’s fantasy.
‘An independent superstructure made up of violent groups like those of the Islamic jihad’, Periódico de Aragón reported.
The other comrades accused in this case were acquitted.
Monica and Francisco are doing well, and everybody knew that terrorism charges would be confirmed, even if the press boasts of something innovative.   Basically judge Velasco has acknowledged the police’s theory in order to put the comrades on trial.
We know that the two comrades were glad that the other comrades accused in the case were acquitted.
We send warm hugs and encouragements to Monica and Cariñoso (Francisco).
Solidarity is stronger than their prison bars!
To write to the comrades:
Mónica Andrea Caballero Sepúlveda
Ávila-Prisión Provincial
Ctra. de Vicolozano s/n Apdo. 206
05194 Brieva (Ávila)
Francisco Javier Solar Domínguez
C.P. de Villabona Finca Tabladiello
33480 Villabona-Llanera (Asturias)

July 29, 2014
by actforfreedom

ens (89): Serial night riots in the ZUPs (urban development zone) since the beginning of the month – France

via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Tuesday, July 15, 2014 In a statement, Maire Louise Fort “denounces and condemns in the strongest terms the serious incidents that have taken place [...] in the neighbourhoods of Champs-Plaisants and Chaillots: firefighters and police attacked, cars and skips on fire. ” The deputy mayor of Sens adds: “These incidents are not new because they occurred following recurrent stone throwing at buses last May and July last.
These extremely serious acts cannot go unpunished because the main victims are the police, the bus drivers, the firefighters and the residents of these neighbourhoods. ”
On the night of Monday 14th, rue de Londres, two vehicles were set on fire, requiring emergency response and security police around 5 am, Tuesday, July 15. In the adjacent Avenue de la Marne, firefighters also had to overcome a lot of garbage burning in the middle of the road. The work of “about twenty youths” according to residents. [...] New incidents have occurred, particularly in the area of Champs-Plaisants in Sens, during the night of Wednesday, July 16. Cars and a bin were set alight. After a quiet night, Champs-Plaisants was again in flames during the night between Wednesday 16 and Thursday, July 17.
Vehicles and a bin were set alight between 10 pm and 3 am. Firefighters intervened rue Boileau around 22:45, rue de Rome around 1:30, avenue de l’Europe around 1:45 et rue Racine around 3 am, for fires in skips and three vehicles. A fourth car was burned by the fire spreading. A car was also burned rue de la Fosse-aux-Saumons and a garden shed, at Boutours. [...] Within a few minutes, the windows of three buses of the Intercom network (transport network of the town of Sénonais) were shattered Wednesday, July 2, 2014.
The scene involving a group of a dozen young people took place in the late afternoon, Avenue de la Marne. It was the second act of incivility in less than two months.
The public transport network has decided to not serve the area for a week, forcing users to make a mile walk to catch the bus.