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August 24, 2016
by actforfreedom

Athens, Greece – Arson attack against Notara 26 refugee housing squat

Today 24/8/
05:26 The squat  #notara26 was attacked with gas canisters. All the refugees are safe. The fire brigade is trying to control the fire.
06:15 Call for solidarity and comradxs after the arson attack to notara 26 squat.
08:51 The fire was put out
10:02 MAT (SWAT) and OPKE (heavy armed policemen) stand around the building
11:14 Cal from notara 26 squat for cleaning materials
12:32 Call for meeting at notara 26 squat, today 24/08 at 17:00 about this mornings’ murderous attack
Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων/Μεταναστών Νοταρά 26
In greek



August 23, 2016
by actforfreedom

Open letter from the prisoners of Greek prisons to the jointly responsible ministers of public order and justice

On the 3rd of August 2016, the recently released -and former co-prisoner of ours- Pëllumb Marnikollaj goes to Patisia Police Station to present himself before the relative authorities in fulfillment of the conditional terms of his release. Under up-until-now unexplained circumstances, he is transferred to Red Cross Hospital and, eventually, to the morgue. Shortly before being buried as of unknown identity – and despite the fact that his identity was known to the authorities- his relatives collect his corpse and allude to torture and defenestration.
We are not the ones in charge of judging on what really happened. However, the number of reasons, which we have, not to believe the version of the Greek Police equals to the thousands of prisoners found in Greek prisons. It’s not merely the clumsiness in the way police attempted to cover the incident up; neither the fact that their explanations go against any common sense (Come on, misters of the Greek Police. Who would believe that not only a prisoner, but even a citizen that visits a station to have his ID card issued would ever be allowed to roam around police offices, opening and closing windows undisturbed?).
We have every reason to believe the family’s version of the needless death of our co-prisoner because every single one of us has endured the atrocities that take place inside the interrogation offices of police stations. We might not have had a first-hand defenestration experience; however, plenty of us have been under its threat as form of a not at all uncommon method of interrogation. We have, also, all been surprised by the fact that the windows of police stations are adorned with “flower boxes”.
That we draw up this letter and make it public does not at all mean that we have the slightest hope for an investigation or that those responsible will eventually be held accountable. It’s already straightforward that we, the poor, the unemployed, the immigrants, all those who fill up your prisons are obliged to pay the price of our deeds. In contrast, those who brought us here by means of sweeps, batons and automatic guns will always enjoy the immunity that you open-handedly offer them, since double standards apply when it comes to decisions upon what is regarded as crime and what is not.
Finally, we make it clear to all that we, as prisoners of the Greek prisons, do not intend to take sides in the game that the Greek and Albanian embassies play. We only want a reply. Even if we take the provocatively untrue version of the police seriously, Messrs. Ministers, is it the capacity of former prisoner or that of immigrant that allows a human being’s death to be dealt with such worthlessness that not even objects deserve?
PS: As an action of protest, we will be delaying our night return to our cells by one hour for three days.
Prisoners of Greek prisons

August 23, 2016
by actforfreedom

Greece: The disappearance and police murder of Pëllumb Marnikollaj


On the 3d of August an Albanian former prisoner named Pëllumb Marnikollaj shows up to register with his local police department – he was recently decarcerated and obliged to report to his local police department regularly.
Pëllumb’s tracks were lost since then.
When his family begins to look for him on the 13th of August, the officers on-duty at the police department informed them he had committed suicide by falling off a fourth floor window right after being told he would be re-arrested on account of a new warrant against him. That simple. Despite having his permanent residence on record they did not consider informing his family. Nevertheless, his family was told that Pëllumb had been taken to the Red Cross where he was pronounced dead and his body was sent to the morgue from there.
His relatives received the body just before his burial as an anonymous person and made sure an autopsy was performed in Albania, where forensics scientists discovered signs of torture on the body.
This issue has mobilized the Albanian embassy in Greece and the media in Albania, however Greek media still remain silent about this case.
From: Omnia TV
While Albanian media are bringing into the public eye the tragic death of a 28 year-old man from Leza, who was tortured before dying in a police department in Athens, and the Albanian Consulate posing serious questions regarding the treatment of this case by the Greek authorities, the local mainstream media in Greece refuse to report on the case.
Pëllumb Marnikollaj was last seen on the 3rd of August when he went to register with his local police department and his tracks were lost after that. His relatives began to search for his whereabouts, only to be informed by the police that he jumped off a window and killed himself when he was told there was a new warrant against him. The family was not given any other piece of information by any officials or the appointed coroner on the case. Pëllumb’s relatives were only able to retrieve the body just before a burial ordered by the police and they made sure the body was taken to Albania to determine the cause of death through extensive forensic testing.
The autopsy and other forensic tests were performed on Saturday night throughout Sunday 11am, in order to derive valid conclusions regarding the 28 year-old’s cause of death. Albanian criminologists rejected the suicide claims made by the Greek police, since Pëllumb’s body exhibited signs of torture and brutality. The autopsy report confirms the suspicions that Pëllumb’s death was a homicide since aggravated assault was identified as the young man’s cause of death.
Had this case really been a suicide there should have been a full report available to the Albanian Consulate and the media, but on the contrary, Albanian officials in Greece were informed about the incident through the Albanian local media “Realiteti Shkoder News”. The facts that surround the lives of Albanian nationals in Greece must be communicated to the embassy as the law provides, stated the officials. The representatives also mentioned that the case raises serious questions as to why the Greek authorities failed to inform the victim’s family and his lawyer about his death and most importantly why did the authorities decide to bury the man in secrecy as an unidentified person 9 days after his death. The Albanian Consulate demands answers from the Greek state.
Maria Konstantopoulou, a lawyer in Athens who helped locate Pëllumb’s body, noted that according to her own research the victim suffered torture at the police department and was neglected at the hospital. Doctors and hospital staff failed to provide information on whether Marnikollaj was dead or in a coma for more than five hours.
The authorities have not commented on this case despite the fact that the victim’s family is determined to take legal action.

August 23, 2016
by actforfreedom

Genoa, Italy – Sabotage against state TV and radio broadcaster RAI

Received anonymously by Informa-Azione:sabotage
“Genoa – RAI repeater sabotaged with two fires. Every regime needs its propaganda and its infrastructure. Its necessary to take action to stop the false opposition of regular citizen ‘against’ refugee / illegal. Exploited, excluded, of all the oppressed world: the real enemies are the State, Capital and the alienation of the mass media. A clenched fist to Marco, Gimmy, prisoners in the AS2 unit in Ferrara prison and in Alexandria. Greetings to Vincenzo, Pola and Gabriel, wherever you are”.



August 23, 2016
by actforfreedom

UK – Bolton: Electricity poles set alight

Electricity poles have been set alight twice in the Bolton area back in June.The arsonists caused £75,000 of damage and cut power to almost 2,000 homes in the local area. In one attack the vandals took an axe to the pole and then set it on fire.
The more sabotage to the systems network the better!
electricity polesOne of the electricity poles in full blaze!



August 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Chile – prison : Letter from anarchists comrades Tamara Sol and Natalia Collado

Comrades Tamara Sol and Natalia Collado have sent this statement on the occasion of the following initiatives: anti-authoritarian Day for comrades Tamara Sol, Natalia and Nataly at the Libertarian Library Manuel Rojas. Sunday, July 17; 1st Antiauthoritarian Café Literario at the Kanno Suga and Denjiro Kotoku library. Saturday, July 30.
To the comrades, those in affinity, to those present. We were surprised to learn of this initiative, and we consider it very highly knowing that it is an initiative that comes from people whom we do not know or with whom we have no ties, who as individuals and as a group feel the desire to come together in an act of solidarity and affinities, which we greet with the affection and strength that we receive and which gives us the energy to face the prison context as we would like to.
Three weeks have passed since we found ourselves in the maximum-security section of the prison where, unlike the rest of the prison population (the other pavilions), we cannot get out of the section unless handcuffed and with a guard at our side to control us. Likewise we are prevented from participating in learning or recreational activities apart from going out a couple of days to play women’s football at the field.
This highlights the fear that institutions have for libertarians, anarchists and people who collide with the system and civilization. This in the women’s prison at least.
But in this context we are trying to break the isolation and control also of our ideas through learning spaces such as a kitchen garden that we have built from recycled materials, and at the moment we are waiting for the tailoring and screen printing project here in the section, in addition to other things that we have in mind.
We want you to know that we are happy to be together and to be working to nourish our ideas and also strengthen more bonds and practices such as forms of confrontation with the established order. And on this point we are preoccupied about the arrests of comrades that have increased following the new law on weapons and explosives control involving prohibitive convictions and no benefits from 3 to 5 years for those with a weapon or a Molotov, as well as for those who activate incendiary devices or explosives.
Faced with this new panorama, and weighing up the costs in terms of a greater number of arrested comrades, we think that at the time of passing to the attack through an action, it is important to consider the aim, the potency and effectiveness thereof and at the same time broaden the objectives and see the weak points of the patriarchal, techno-industrial capitalist machine, physically as well as morally and in ideas.
We recall as points of reference actions such as attacks, expropriations for which now see a comrade in captivity in Spain; the wave of churches burned in the South; the technological and scientific centres destroyed; the car bomb at Microsoft; Rote Zora’s actions against patriarchy; the CCF, the Mapuche and the affinity groups that organize and conspire in anonymity ..
From these cells, we send you our love, receiving the strength and solidarity that you have generated.
Tamara Sol Farías y Tato (Natalia Collado).
S.E.A.S (Maximum security section of San Joaquín prison).
via: crocenera anarchica
Translated by Act for freedom now!

August 19, 2016
by actforfreedom


On August 4th, because of a random police check just outside Sparta, the
journey of freedom ends.
Two different paths ended, two different beginnings, which however
converge on a common purpose. That of freedom. The freedom that was not
given to us and was not granted even for a moment. Contrarily, each one
of us, in our own way and with our own characteristics, fought very hard
for something most consider obvious.
We fought for every free glance to the sky, every free handshake, every
free hug, every free breathe.
We asserted what the persecutory mechanisms deprived us of, our only
weapons the endless desire for freedom, but also the courage we took
from the thought that we also continue to fight for those who stayed
On the other hand, on the opposite of freedom and life itself, we came
up against the uniformed murderers of the state, the obedient dogs, the
servants of the bourgeoisie and its capital. Those who did not hesitate
to shoot at us from behind, those who tortured us because we
instinctively did the obvious, trying to escape from their hands.
However, even if the bullets found their target, it would have killed us
and not our ideas. Because very simply, the tenacity of freedom is
intact over time from all sorts of persecutors and their weapons.
Because what we envision will never fit in the hollow heads of
authorities. And this is why, even if they kill us they will never
succeed in erasing the vision of revolution, which will continue to
inspire by passing the baton of the struggle to the next.
From the first moment of our arrest, the known media sewage began
washing up in a systematic way. With various badly fabricated scenarios,
they attempt to connect people and situations which are completely
unrelated with each other, in order to “prove” the theory of
communicative vessels in any possible way. This specific tactic does not
surprise us and we know the purpose it serves. But they will not get
their way.
In the recent years, both of us have received tons of mud and
misinformation from the planted crows of journalism, and we know very
well the obsessive revanchist practise of the anti-terrorist force
against people it has targeted. We remind them however -because they
know this very well- that you cannot fool people for ever and no way
will we be an easy prey for their teeth.
Someone is arrested with weapons… they are a terrorist.
Someone is arrested with shorts and sleeping bags… disguised into a
tourist so no one knows they are a terrorist.
So the journalists should know, that unreliability and ridiculousness
has hit the top and not their audience numbers.
Concluding, we salute all the comrades who stand by us, since words are
too little to describe our emotions when we saw the dozens of
solidarians in the courts of Evelpidon. It was factually proven once
more that solidarity has no holidays or vacations. Besides, all these
years of clandestinity we did not feel alone even for a moment.
P.S. Analytical statements about our cases and the incidents that took
place will follow in due time.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

August 19, 2016
by actforfreedom

Aachen, Germany : another comrade of Barcelona in prison for the case of bank expropriations in Germany

Another comrade of Barcelona in prison for the case of bank expropriations in GermanyWallpapersxl Hd Favorite Xoticpc Forums 2029279 1920x1080
Tuesday, June 21 at dawn, the Mossos d’Esquadra Corps kicked down the door of the house of an anarchist comrade of Barcelona, where he lived with his companion and other housemates. All were awakened by guns pointed on them and were handcuffed for hours while police raided and devastated the home, located in the neighbourhood del Eixample. Eventually, the comrade was arrested and transferred to Madrid, where the National Court ordered his detention on the basis of a European arrest warrant issued by the prosecutor of Aachen, accusing him of having participated in the expropriation of a branch of Pax Bank that took place in November 2014.
It is for this same action that the comrade arrested on April 13 in Carmel is also in prison. In this case, however, the police decided not to use the staging and media spectacle it had used during the April operation, not issuing any press release and not notifying the media of the operation.
According to what we have been able to find out, the arrest warrant is based on the supposed coincidence between a trace of genetic material found in the Pax Bank in Aachen and a DNA sample that Mossos had taken from the comrade, simulating a BAC control for alcohol. During this false control, the police got him to blow into a breathalyzer and kept the plastic tip to extract the genetic profile of the comrade from the remaining saliva.
After a relatively brief imprisonment in the Madrid Soto de Real prison, the comrade was transferred to the prison of Aachen – in the Land of North Rhine – Westphalia (in West Germany) – where he is in conditions similar to those of the comrade arrested in April: one hour’s air a day, held in the remand building, only a few hours visit a month, unable to call those close to him and control of all communications. The visiting format is particularly degrading; visits take place in the presence of two police officers from the unit conducting the investigation and an interpreter who translates the conversation simultaneously.

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August 18, 2016
by actforfreedom

Italy Bologna, 2 August: Arrest of an anarchist for possession of explosive material

 On 4 August news appeared in the local media (Il Resto del Carlino) about the search at the home of a Bolognese anarchist after a police control following a fight in the house and the subsequent intervention of the Digos alerted by the police during the search. The media reported, “In the house were materials in common use as a fertilizer, acetone, hydrogen peroxide, but also combustible powders. Substances that, if handled in a certain way, could create an explosive mixture. That’s not all. Documents and writings of antagonistic areas, in particular anarchist were also found.” Actually it was not a charge with bail, as reported by newspapers, but an arrest for possession of explosive material, and the comrade is now locked up in the prison of Bologna Dozza pending a judicial hearing of validation.
Here is the communique of some anarchists in solidarity
We are spreading the news that our comrade Divine found the police at his door the evening of Tuesday 2nd August, following a dispute in the house. The shit entered immediately, carried out a search and alerted the digos [political police]. As reported by the press of the regime, during the raid objects and substances in common use were found which if linked together with alchemic skills could have created an explosive device, as well as various papers relating to anarchist milieu. As everybody knows, even soup that’s gone off can become a weapon in the home of an anarchist.
Divine was taken to the police station and held there for a number of days without any possibility of communicating with the outside or with lawyers. The following day the press wrote of an individual who gravitates in the anarchist area being found at home with potentially explosive material and immediately released on bail. The news was false given that, in spite of many attempts, no one managed to see Divine or to get any information about his release.
In fact, 4 days later confirmation came that the comrade is being held in the prison of Bologna on charges already reported by the press [manufacturing and possession of explosive material].
The hacks of the regime’s contemptible cover up by giving false news thus allowing Divine’s prolonged isolation, should be pointed out. We are not surprised at the state’s ferocity towards its enemies and attempts at isolation won’t stop us from continuing the attack on the existent and its active collaborators.
We are at Divine’s side, as we are with all the comrades enduring state repression, and are even more determined to continue our evil ways.
While awaiting the judge’s decision, we got confirmation that Divine is to remain in prison custody.
To write letters and telegrams in solidarity:
Divine Umoru
Via del Gomito 2, CAP 40127, Bologna
 A few anarchists
Divine has been transferred to section AS2 in Ferrara, the address to write to him is:
Divine Umoru
Via Arginone, 327
44122 Ferrara
The solidarity presence outside Bologna prison called for August 20 has therefore been moved to Ferrara, August 21.
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August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

[Zurich, Switzerland] Repression and its contours [+ Call to a meeting on August 20]

97899Repression is something that is very difficult to avoid for those struggling for the subversion of society. When we struggle for our freedom we are soon confronted with the State and its various repressive organs: from cops on the streets to the courts and even prison.
Finding oneself in jail some day is a gloomy perspective which, as revolutionaries, we must always take into account. If the repression strikes particular comrades first, one must not forget all the same that its goal is not just to imprison or “punish” those who have crossed certain boundaries, but also to stop or slow down dynamics, struggles and projects. It is about this less obvious aspect that I wish to talk here.
Repression is not a personal matter
When the repression strikes, a common reaction is to turn in on ourselves. We take shelter, problems are not faced openly, what happened is discussed of course, but in small groups and not publicly, as though the repression was something not for everyone to see (not just anarchists, but “society” in general). Personally, I think that this is a serious mistake, and that when something like this happens quite the opposite should be done. It’s meaningless to hide what was previously in full evidence.
Basically, repression is not just about a person or a “phantomatic” anarchist movement, but concerns all of society because it is also aimed at intimidating other potential rebels. If a comrade gets arrested we must break the taboo of not talking about it and, who knows, perhaps by explaining what has happened other “outside” people might also sympathize with the arrested comrade?
Another issue that comes up regularly in relation to repression is solidarity.
Don’t get me wrong, it is important to take care of comrades in prison or in difficulty, but the reflex is usually different. For many the question of “fighting repression” and supporting the comrades becomes the main thing that they dedicate themselves to, often forgetting that before ending up in prison these same comrades were carrying out struggles and projects, which can now find themselves in difficulty due to their absence.

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August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

Dresden, Germany – Paint on a Thor Steinar Outlet


Dresden, 28th June 2016
We attacked a new Thor Steinar Outlet (21 Kesselsdorfer road) with paint in Dresden-Löbtau in the night between Monday and Tuesday. And we point out that another Thor Steinar ‘Larvik’ has moved premises and is now at 28 St. Petersburger ‘Prager Zeile’. This one too is in want of a visit! In both stores there is nearly always just one shop assistant waiting for more ‘customers’ during the day. Let’s raze the nazi shops to the grounds!
Source Linksunten
Translated from German to Italian by mc, Salez prison, CH
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

Brindisi, Italy – Revolt in the local CIE [Centre of Identification and Deportation]

The CIE of Brindisi-Restinco in flames in the afternoon of Monday 8th August. As has happened in the past in other CIEs in the country, two out of three units have been put out of use in the Puglia detention structure, thanks to the revolt of the people locked up in inside.
In the audio a correspondence talking about the demo that was being held outside the CIE enclosure when the prisoners started putting the internal units on fire.
At the time of the correspondence only section C is in use, whereas the other prisoners have been assembled in the open air space of the centre.
Correspondence from the CIE in Brindisi at the end of the solidarity demo
Audio Player
Here are audio testimonies recorded inside the CIE of Brindisi-Restinco
Posted on 09/08/2016 by hurriya
Source Radiondarossa
Translated by act for freedom now!
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August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – An unusual police provocation

A few words about an unusual police provocation
A Lecce web paper (the only one so far and not one of the better known at local level) has posted what is probably a police press report, which affirms the existence of an imaginary grass who would allegedly have given investigators information about a ‘network of anarchists active throughout the country also with a cell in Salento’ (
So much so that still according to the article, the Lecce power of attorney has allegedly begun an investigation along with investigators in Rome and Milan.
Concerning Lecce, charges of organized crime following a string of anonymous actions against post offices are being considered. But they also talk of ‘demonstrative actions carried out all over Italy, reprisals against the TAV, marches and demonstrations’.
At the moment, as we don’t have any confirmation we can only take the article as the umpteenth intimidation and provocation towards those who struggle against the noxiousness that pesters our lives – from the TAV to Migrants’ Detention Centres, just to stick to the cases mentioned by the article in question – coming from the imagination of the journalist on duty.
Talking about CIEs, however, we point out that the one in Brindisi Restinco continues undisturbed to take in prisoners, also thanks to the convenient isolation surrounding the centre.

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August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

[Clermont-Ferrand] Attack on the municipal police station

[CLERMONT FD ] Toc toc toc ! Hammer : 1 / Police : 0
In the night of June 27 to 28, the glass doors of the municipal police station in Clermont-Ferrand (located place de la Posterne next to the town hall) were smashed with hammers.
This particular building is the headquarters of the supervision of CCTV cameras in the city, cameras whose number has continued to grow since their introduction in 2012. The next area targeted is that of the railway station, at the end of 2016. The proliferation of these devices of control testify to the disgusting (though logical) willingness of power to strengthen its grip on the streets, through intimidation and repression.
Striking at that location, right in the heart of Clermont, is a jubilant snub in the face of that shit: your cameras are quite surpassable when faced with a little imagination and determination.
It is also a way to welcome and support the great offensive of this weekend against th e central police station (
And it’s a supportive embrace to those who, day or night, individually or collectively, in Clermont as elsewhere, sharpen their revolt and go on the attack, not against a law or for a job, but to breathe a little more freely for a few moments.
Rage Ruse Révolte
[Published in indymedia nantes]
Le Chat Noir Emeutier
Translated by Act for freedom now!

August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

La Courneuve (Seine-Saint-Denis) : Who’s annoyed with the City Hall? (Suggestion: many people)

About twenty service cars and minibuses of the La Courneuve municipality were set on fire at around midnight on Friday to Saturday night. The vehicles were in the municipal parking lot near the City Hall. Fuel and parts of firebombs were found on site. The prefecture confirmed that it was arson. Investigations have been unable to identify suspects, who were hooded at the time.
 “The destruction of the municipal vehicles will have an impact on services for an indefinite period, especially for young people, the mayor announced. We do not have the means to replace them immediately. Trips for young people, which require minibus transport, have already been cancelled.”
 This incident comes at a tense moment in La Courneuve. On Wednesday, a dog was killed by police as part of an intervention in the estate of 4000, causing deep shock among the young people. “It is hard to not to make the connection,” said a municipal source. This Saturday, the municipality called for calm and asked for police reinforcements. For its part, it has set up a police presence around the main municipal buildings and patrols to monitor the schools.
 Translated by Act for freedom now!
Posted on 30 juillet 2016 by Attaque
Le Parisien / Saturday 30 July 2016


August 17, 2016
by actforfreedom

[Thun, Switzerland] Sabotage against ‘Securitas’, collaborator of a world of borders and confinement

Let’s fight the deportation machine!
 Act of sabotage against “Securitas” in Thun.
 We decided to sabotage the “Securitas” company, to prevent it from enriching itself by locking up, humiliating and expelling people. June 17, 2016, we punctured the tyres of three cars outside the “Securitas” headquarters in Thun.
 Every day, “Securitas” transports people from regional prisons to airports from where prisoners without the necessary papers are expelled. “Securitas” exploits the “Jailtrain” hand in hand with the CCF (SBB). A train-prison in which people are shunted around different prisons.
 In addition, “Securitas” makes a fortune playing guard dog in the federal asylum centres pawing all the “residents” on every arrival and departure, as well as wanting to impose a ban on cell phones, laptops and food. Added to this, they resort to violence. On 31 May, a person was brutally beaten by “Securitas” in Glaubenberg federal camp. [1]
 We will no longer look on passively as “Securitas” and other companies and institutions make their filthy money by managing, beating and expelling other people. Together and in many ways, we will paralyze your deportation machine.
 Some anarchists
[Switzerland Indymedia, 17 Juni 2016]
French translator’s note:
[1] This camp is located in the Obwalden canton between Sarnen (OW) and Entlebuch (LU). A former military camp, it was converted into a centre for asylum seekers in November 2015. 400 migrants are managed and locked up for up to 6 months.

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August 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

Bristol: Vandalism of four car-transporters – uk

In the early hours of 6th August at Easton-in-Gordano Services, whilst the truck drivers were inactive in their cabs, 10-15 cars on four car-transporters were spray-painted causing their greedy earth-destroying companies loss of time and money infinitely larger than that we expended doing this opportunist crime.
Solidarity to all the imprisoned comrades and those on the run. Towards the international week of solidarity to anarchist prisoners – 23rd-30th August.

Eco-anarchist vandals – FAI/IRF

August 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

Chile: Butcher Shops Sabotaged in Santiago

animal-liberation-front“Animals are not merchandise. Boycott, sabotage, and attack the shops and all animal exploiters. Direct action against all forms of domination! Animal, human, and Earth liberation!”
…with simple materials we sabotaged the locks so that the owners of this so-called ‘job’ can have it clear in their heads that there are subjects that do not want and do not respect the commercialization of humiliation, suffering and death of animals.”
Javier Recabarren affiliate cell of ALF
he ALF assumes the low-scale sabotage committed during the night of July 28 in the periphery of Santiago against 2 butcher shops, 1 private dwelling (butcher owner’s house), 1 access fence into the butcher and other shops, and lastly, 1 shop selling chicken.
The flow of commercialization in the shops selling dead animals was interrupted as we filled tens of their locks with liquid steel, which the bastard owners discovered later that morning with surprise. In the following days, we left a message on paper, making it very clear why this action was committed.

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August 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

Czech Republic-‘Disappearing From State Control’ by fugitive anarchist Lukáš Borl

I´m an anarchist, a rebel and this means so much to me. Among others also that I´m threatened by those against which I fight. Besides other rebels it´s more complicated with us, anarchists. The threat is always here for us and it doesn’t matter what time or place we live in – in the position of fighters against all states the anarchists are always under the threat of repressions and violence. During monarchy, theocracy, fascist or bolshevik dictatorship, same as during the times of liberal democracy. All anarchists must live with knowing that everyday can appear the fist of the state repressions.
Anyway, even if I always feel this threat, I deaden my senses a lot during the years of my anarchist activities. I plainly didn’t care too much emotionally when some of the often repeated forms of repression came. They became a routine. Every moment cops violently attack anarchist demonstrations or evict a squat. Time after time somebody gets arrested and after a while released with a fine or probation. Nothing extraordinary in an anarchist environment. We don´t need to drown in despair because of this, we just need to cope with the conditions. I started to perceive these recurrent troubles as the inevitable result of anarchist activities. We just need to take into account, that if somebody fights against the state, the same state will fight back.
If we talk about these small “routine” repressions, we can live quite ordinary lives despite them. The police will have more and more information about your activities, but still, you can do your stuff and you can do it publicly. I’ve been doing this for around seventeen years. Police surveillance, interrogations, prison cells, courts. Fines and probation. So much of this during those seventeen years, but nothing that would prevent me from organizing or participating in anarchist activities in public.
The phase of my public activities reached the top, now it´s time for the phase of hiding. After long reasoning and considering the present context I decided to disappear from the eyes of the state control. At present I think it´s the only possible way I know of to protect myself against the crushing hit of repressions. Now I will try to outline the context and reasons that led me to this decision.
Breaking point
My current stance is the result of the last few months, but there is no doubt that I made all the most underlying decisions just few days before my disappearance. April 28, 2015 was the beginning of all of this. The day the police started the operation Fénix – this repressive campaign against the anarchist movement became some sort of breaking point. Transition from longtime mild repression into the strong one. Three anarchists ended in trial detention after the first raids and another one a few weeks later. Official version is, that it was an effort to eliminateContinue Reading →