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February 27, 2015
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690_56440a86-6689-4ca3-9b09-812c5764ca48exarxia8exarxia_sooc708_0Attacks took place in Exarchia with molotov cocktails and torched cars around the Athens Polytechnic, attacks on banks and jewelry shops in central Athens and also a torched DELTA cop motorbike, by anarchists-antiauthoritarians late yesterday evening after the anti-state demonstration.

The new government is attempting to “sneakily” pass the new memorandum.
It is attempting to continue the policies of misery and secure the  interests of domestic and foreign capital.
For us nothing has changed and of course nothing could change with elections.
We will continue our struggles against the State and
capital, because the only real changes are the extension and  intensity of our struggles.


February 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Earth First! Journal Vol. 34 No. 3, Samhain 2014 – USA

Samhain2014CoverForPrint 2Click here to read the latest of the Earth First! Journal, Samhain/Fall 2014

The Hambach Forest Occupation

by Rabbit
hambach1They appeared early in the morning, around 7:30 am. I and the other person I was living with in the treehouse had just awoken. We looked out the window and I saw the pigs surrounding “our” tree. They were putting up this “we are-on-an-important-mission” red and white plastic tape around the whole occupation site. It was quite clear: Today they were gonna evict us.
One cop climbed up a tree next to us to cut the walkways. I moved in his direction to “welcome” him. I told him about my dream the night before in which I was cutting the ropes of climbing cops….

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February 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece: Statement signed by all the prisoners in the E1 wing of Domokos type C prison

Greece: Hunger strike and abstention from prison meals in E1 special wing of Domokos type C prison
 A hunger strike was begun by comrades today in solidarity with Giorgos Sofianidis, a fellow prisoner in E1 special wing of the C prison of Domokos. Giorgos had been incarcerated in Korydallos prisons until the last day of December 2014. He has been admitted to study at TEI Technological Institiute in Piraeus and at the Institute of Professional Training of Koridallos. On New Year’s Eve he was ‘ghosted’ to the category C prison of Domokos, although it is foreseen that those enrolled in Vocational Korydallos are not to be transferred to other prisons.
From today all the other prisoners of E1 wing are abstaining from prison food and refusing to re-enter the cells at noon.


We, all the prisoners currently held in the E1 special wing in the prison within the prison, the type C prison of Domokos, declare that as of today February 27th 2015 we are going to abstain from prison meals and refuse to enter the cells at noon.
We stand by our fellow prisoner, hunger striker Giorgos Sofianidis, and ask that he be moved back to Koridallos prison [where he was incarcerated until News Year’s Eve, in the same region where the educational institutions to which he has already been admitted are available], otherwise he risks losing any possibility to study at the TEI [Technological Education Institute] of Piraeus and the IEK [Institute of Professional Training] of Koridallos.
We demand that the special conditions of detention as well as the barbaric and inhumane type C prison be abolished.
Our mobilisations will continue until the type C prisons are permanently abolished.
Kostas Gournas
Nikos Maziotis
Dimitris Koufontinas
Giorgos Sofianidis [on hunger strike since 27/2]
Yannis Naxakis
Alexandros Meletis
Konstantinos Meletis
Vasileios Varelas
Mohamed-Said Elchibah
Alexandros Makadasidis

February 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Attacking, on 12/2/15, two banks (eurobank and alpha bank) in the centre of Thesaaloniki breaking the windows and destroying the ATMs.

Translated by Act for freedom now!
On February 12th and 13th consultations of E.U. members took place in
order to address terrorism and the economic policy respectively. For us
these two matters are which compose and add meaning to the modern
european vision, that is the economic bleeding of those below,
oppression and dealing with any domestic or foreign enemy which
threatens the stability and social peace.
Specifically on 12/2/15 a summit took place between the ministers of the
E.U. because of the recent incidents in France (there was a previous
summit on 15/1/15 between the ministers of interior and defence of
Europe with the participation also of the U.S. interior minister). The
dominant targeting was the carving of a common anti-terrorist policy and
the finding of new techniques of observation and control, that is to say
a further widening of the defence and fortification of dominance which
we perceive as a primary target of those above in a period of social
unrest. We experience the results of similar such meetings already with
the upgrade of the terror-law, the concentration camps, FRONTEX, the
fence at Evros, the high security prisons and not only.
On the hand, on 13/2/15 the eurogroup meeting took place for the
formation of the economic policy which aims at bringing “growth” to
Greece and generally to Europe. For us this “growth” is nothing more
than the attempt to save and perpetuate the same capitalist system to
which we attribute the poverty, oppression and misery of our lives.
Independently of the different models of economic management, the role
of the banking and the economic system in its entirety remains the same:
the accumulation of profit in the hands of the dominators and the
economic bleeding of the oppressed. Today we experience an alleged
radical economic managing of the crisis, which does not however escape
from the frames of the totalitarian and neo-liberal E.U., it does not
abolish and could not abolish the condition of exploitation itself.
On the other hand, the socio-political management of Syriza, in
contradistinction with that of N.D. which attempted to exterminate the
movements through the strategy of intensity, goes into a new oppressive
strategy with main weapon the assimilation of the demands of social
struggles that have preceded.
For us the enemy independently of the façade it wears, left or right,
was and is the state and capital. Against the logic of delegations we do
not await that any government will give a solution to the problems we
are experiencing, and we propose the unmediated struggle with any means
until the liberation from every form of authority.
Therefore during the days the european dominators met to form their
oppressive and economic course we contributed to this dialogue, by
attacking, on 12/2/15, two banks (eurobank and alpha bank) on Ionos
Dragoumi street in the centre of Thesaaloniki breaking the windows and
destroying the ATMs.

February 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoner Emma Sheppard – Bristol -uk

Anarchist prisoner, Emma Sheppard was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment on Tuesday 24th February 2015 at Bristol Crown Court for committing criminal damage recklessly endangering life.
260A57C300000578-0-image-a-4_1424805209418Emma Sheppard brought three cop cars to a juddering stop by puncturing their tires with the crude “stinger” device made of plywood and nails. The stingers were left outside a police station by Emma and at least one accomplice, who the police have failed to catch or identify. Emma was caught immediately in the area and took responsibility.
Emma Sheppard
HMP Eastwood Park
Church Avenue
GL12 8DB

February 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Anonymous -The War Over My Life

The battery feels cold against my fingertops. I stop grubbing about in the desk drawer. Slowly the filter of the cigarette pastes itself onto my lips. The thread of steel wool from the workshop is diligently prepared with the eyes and the fit for the battery. Solemny I construct the smouldering gear. First at the positive pole. Important that the smouldering point, the eye, is proper. And so the other end follows at the negative pole. The smouldering appears quickly. Hurriedly the tobacco filled mouth of the cigarette meets the glowing eye. Puff. Puff. The cigarette is litten. The smell of burned metal, battery acid and tobacco smoke. It is past lockup. I’m really not the smoker type, I’m doing the snuff but then again the forbidden smoking ritual… A heretic ritual. A spit in the face of the correctional institution…a manifestation of a fervent need within me, to refuse that uniform that they are trying to impose on me. It raises the life quality…
I light a cigarette that I sloppily rolled myself. I stand in front of the house where I live in an European metropole. A catholic church faces me in defiance from the opposite side of the street. The cigarette no longer raises the life quality, it is now as much a part of my everyday life as was the strip-searches in prison.
I can never speak for anyone else without comitting a most horrific crime to myself, I can always only speak from my own experiences, my contradicting interests and desires.
The prison that I was defying when I was lighting a cigarette with a battery and a piece of steel wool, is the same prison that I defy when I today choose to act for myself, for my liberation and to be able to live together with other free individuals. This is not a prison with a given name or a specific place to find for confrontation. It is a prison that I see us all living in.
The shapes it takes are so many and its guises are so different but what they all have in common is that they are substantialized as soon as you try to approach the spontaneous, the wordless, the immediate, the unmediated – that, which is your life. There are many different names for this prison – shame, justification, obligation, duty, obedience – that all are deriving from the same source, which is, to be ruled by someone else’s interests.
The prison walls most simple to aim ones arsenal at, are of course the ones right in front of us. Wether it be a local cop station, a company or one of the state institutions that so innocently, through hard paper work, administrate our life circumstances.
But what is then a demolished wall when you later finance its reconstruction with the taxes you pay from the work you have been more or less imposed to do? When, after all, there is yet another wall and yet another still…behind the first one?
Attack is a splendid act but is so easily institutionalized into becoming yet another unreflected part of ones administrated everyday life’s constitution. The attack is indeed an act of self-defense when it is aimed from a slave to a ruler but how long are we gonna act like slaves, how long are we gonna defend ourselves? How long are we gonna let our ideas – our passions and wills – give in to the fear of really becoming a threat to the ruling interests? When do we quit our roles as submitted and start acting with the self-confidence of one who lacks of masters? When do we stop believing in change and start to destroy the foundation of this prison, that surrounds us all from first breath to the last?
We can only be ruled so far as we allow ourselves to be. It might sound cynical but it is at the same time a statement hard to disarm. Ultimately: The one who rather chooses to die than to bow before a master, is in no way better or worse than any other individual – disgusting moralist values don’t belong here – but what we can say is that it dies as itself. It chooses to die of and for itself, for its will to live completely in accordance to its own passions, needs and desires. It chooses to die rather than to serve someone else’s interests.
Most people continue, however, barely living, to kill themselves for someone else’s interests. Few are of course the ones who wish to die but, confronted with the possibility to really live, will they dear to take the chance?
What does it really mean to live in constant hostility with the existent, with the state, with the interests that tries to rule me? Put aside the rather exciting taste it gives as the words roll out of the mouth, it is of course something that recieves a new answer every time a comrade asks herself that question.
For me, this means to never become comfortable in the circumstances that the rulers create for us – circumstances they create in an illusory exchange for our submission. I enjoy life as much as I can but I never sink so far into the sofa, that I can’t get up again.
This means that my everyday life does not only consist of pure survival, or to ”take care of myself” according to the latest fashion, or to achieve something that does not correspond with my passions, dreams, needs and wishes, may they be social or societal expectations or obligations.
For me this means a constant conflictuality with my current existence, which is to say, with the interests that try to rule my life. This means the active search for the materialization of my anti-authoritarian rage and opportunities for confrontation with all the structures that maintain this society.
This means to never compromise with these structures. To never fall for the promises of change,accommodation, negotiation or improvement. For my basic survival I do of course need to make practical compromises but to mix them up with the place that what my heart desires has, that my passions and ideas has, is just one big self-delusion. To mix them up means in this case to hand over to the State my arms, in one self-loathing weapons amnesty. To put the gloves on the shelf and be pleased with the existence this society offers me. This means to not feed myself with the lie that I can live a life on my own terms within this society.
To never compromise means to never stop fighting as long as my freedom and my life is being restricted and ruled by someone else.
The gate opens slowly. The sun makes me peer. On the parking lot the hacks’ cars are reflecting the sun in their shiny paint. The air above the asphalt is rippling. It smells of freshly mowed lawn and elder. My clothes are so last Fall’s fashion and way to warm. The sweat is pushing through the eyelids. They say that if you turn around, you will come back. I turn around in defiance, smile and reach out a long finger. I think a bit about the time that has passed. A tear appears in my eye but soon disappears into the sweat. The smile expands. I turn back again, let go of what I have in my hands and cartwheel over the baking- hot asphalt. Soon my ride arrives with loud music through the downrolled windows…
Constantly enriched of experiences in the struggle against the existent, from one prison to another, I throw myself with a fighting spirit in to the war over my life!

February 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece: Incendiary attack against a Hondos Centre outlet (Heraklion, 17/02/2015)

On Tuesday 17/02 we attacked a Hondos Centre outlet located in the center of Heraklion, using an improvised incendiary device.
Hondos Centre: A “service” of beautification in the kingdom of spectacle and illusion. In the realm where reality has been based on delusion, where substance has been established on a virtual basis and where the human recognizes himself throughout the consumer’s products – “achievements”. There, where everybody and everything are numbers and commodification has been extended to everything existent, reaching the seizure of consciousness itself. There, where “work sets you free” and daily routine castrates your thought. There, where everybody is simultaneously a prostitute and a pimp of authority.
In the face of of this machine of enslavement, we choose Negation. Negation that will lead us to the total conflict with this world and the experience of authentic freedom. There is surely no unique and unnegotiable truth (it is subjective) and there certainly isn’t a revolutionary manual to guide us to its experience. Equally certainly we, having grown up inside this social machine, are carriers and exponents, sometimes more and sometimes less, of the dominant morality, way of thinking and behavior.
This is exactly where our struggle begins: the conflict with ourself, to uproot every authoritarian attitude and mentality, every prefabricated idea, every trace of the dominant morality from inside us. This constant conflict with our contradictions, our compromises and the limits of this world, until we become ourselves the change we want to live. For us, the transform of this negation into attack, is an indispensable part and the continuation of this internal conflict. Into attacks that create local time-spaces of freedom, causing cracks in the seemingly invincible enemy-state-system, giving power to those who carry them out, to the comrades who are in captivity or who fall back (only to attack once again) and to those who have decided to act.
We are egoists and in a hurry. We repel anything related to victimization, the balance of power, waiting, death. We do not wait for the movement and the favorable conditions for our struggle to mature and we do not rely on the recognition by society. Besides, it’s the society that recognizes and rewards only those who don’t criticize it and do not carry out actions which would cause it’s dissolution (and here is a note that we cannot avoid making on the much debated issue of prisons: the struggle for the destruction of the prisons is impossible to proceed separately from the struggle against the society that guards them).
We have a long, tough and beautiful road before us and we are in the beginning. The challenge for us is to arm ourselves with knowledge, experiences, new practices and methodologies of attack, but more important to arm our conscience and steel our resolve. For the journey towards the Unknown, Life, Freedom, Anarchy.
Strength to the comrades and behind bars.
Strength to those who are planning their attacks.
Strength to everyone who dreams with eyes open wide.
Translated by Inter Arma

February 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

Avalanche 4 (english version)

Avalanche EN 4issue 4
February 2015
(pdf english version)
Dear comrades,

The fourth issue of Avalanche just came out. To get paper copies in
English, please send us a mail. If not, you can also download the PDF
from the website The Spanish and now also
German version of this fourth issue are in the making and will soon be

anarchist greetings,

Chers compagnons, chères compagnonnes,

Le quatrième numéro de Avalanche vient de sortir. Pour obtenir des
exemplaires, il suffit de nous envoyer un mail. Sinon, il est toujours
possible de télécharger le journal sur le site La version espagnole et allemande de ce
quatrième numéro sortiront bientôt.

des salutations anarchistes,

February 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

France, A series of fires against the State

Via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!
 l’est républicain / 14 et 15 February 2015
 Belfort 1: A series of fires against the State
berfortFour cars were destroyed by fire on the night of Thursday to Friday, shortly before 1.30 am in rue Dufay, Belfort. At first glance, the fire would have started from a van belonging to the general council, parked near Legay bridge. The front left door had been bent and the cabin set ablaze. The fire also destroyed materials that were in the vehicle. A saloon car parked near the van was also ablaze. Traces suggest that it was also set on fire deliberately. The blaze put two other cars out of use.
berfort-2Berfort 2 “I was going home when I saw an orange glow and a plume of smoke through my window.” David Swift is among the few who called the fire brigade of the Territoire de Belfort yesterday morning [Saturday 14, Ed], to report a violent blaze of cars in the Town Hall car park. Around 4.10am, firemen and police officers were already on site to control the blaze that was engulfing a 4X4 vehicle belonging to the Gardes Nature [nature guards] and a saloon, parked right next to it in a square for people with disabilities. [...] There, neighbours recalled that this was not the first time a nature guard vehicle fitted to retrieve stray animals, had been set fire to.
 A few minutes before this fire in rue Petitjean, two other cars were burned on a private parking lot in rue de Florence. The fire had obviously been started in the first and then spread to the second. This is not the first time arson has been recorded in this area close to the Mife and the new Pôle employment agency. In the spring, litter was set fire to in front of and behind the Pôle agency….


February 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Italy – Communiqué from the anarchist comrades locked up in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara

Translated by act for freedom now
 After the news that circulated between 13th and 17th February, here is a communiqué signed by the prisoners of the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara.
 The prisoners decided not to be silent in the face of yet more abuse from the guards and to protest against the solitary confinement inflicted on a comrade in the unit. We believe it is necessary not to allow their words to remain dead letter; on the contrary it is important that they circulate as much as possible, among comrades outside as well as inside prison.
 To the comrades outside, 14th February 2015
 A few words to let you know what’s going on in the AS2 unit of the prison of Ferrara.
No will/intention to feed the ferocious appetite of victimization’s cultists or anti-prison experts in view of the latest prisoners’ lament.
 On Friday Alfredo [Cospito] was subjected to the judgement of the prison little tribunal, following a report issued a few nights earlier for having insulted a guard who had turned to one of us, Graziano [Mazzarelli], in a disrespectful and provocative fashion. Graziano was guilty of asking the disgusting man to turn the volume down. For the record, all this happened after midnight. Besides causing him lose the 45 days of earlier release, the ‘sentence’ implied that Alfredo was immediately put in solitary confinement, or rather, as they say, excluded from all social activities (exercise yard, sociality, gym and football pitch). As soon as news spread in the unit, after a short discussion, we started making noise and banging at the bars. Our demand is simple: we want Alfredo back to the unit. In the space of a few minutes several inspectors turned out, and to them we reiterate our demand. After some useless chatting they went away and promised us the greatest honour (for them): ‘On Monday you’ll see the head officer’ (the dickhead!)
 As it looked like they hadn’t understood what we had said, perhaps because of the excited tone, about an hour later we set for more banging and finished off the day banging at the stroke of midnight. In the early afternoon today we gave the bars more shaking, tomorrow we’ll see…
 For the moment we ‘achieved’ the suspension of sociality (‘until ordered otherwise’) at lunch time and in the afternoon, but Alfred still doesn’t show up…
 We know he’s doing well and he doesn’t give a shit about their punishment, just as we don’t give a shit about their petty blackmails and unwanted concessions.
 We are headstrong and will continue to demonstrate our vicinity and complicity with Alfredo.
 That’s all, we’ll keep you updated!
 The anarchist comrades of the AS2 unit of Ferrara
 Adriano, Francesco, Graziano, Lucio, Michele and Nicola
 To write to the comrades:
 Adriano Antonacci
Francesco Sala
Graziano Mazzarelli
Lucio Alberti
Michele Fabiani
Nicola Gai
 C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara

February 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Operation GRhone and the Badger hunt – Bristol – UK

Fast-forwards to December 2014 and Badger’s face is staring at us from every national and many local media outlets. Crimestoppers and Avon & Somerset Police’s Operation Rhone announce a £10k reward for information, whilst forcing his parents in north-west Bristol into the media spotlight too(2). Badger is wanted for two specific actions, although no evidence is cited for either. It’s made clear the Badger hunt, and the two actions, are just a part of their investigation into over 100 actions by ‘persons unknown’(3) over the last four years.
So why the sudden flurry of police & media attention? In reality the police have been active all the time, supported by their slavish media-hounds at the Bristol Post. We, at Bristol Defendant Solidarity(4), have a timeline of their activity since August 2011, when victims of an unproductive police raid on a Bristol squat contacted us for support and advice. Since then police activity has ebbed & flowed, nothing for months, then intense activity, such as the last 6 months of 2014 – triggered it seems by forces from outside the area(5), which resulted in Operation Rhone being formally set up.
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February 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Genoa, Italy – Benefit concert for anarchist comrades Billy, Costa and Silvia
Translated by act for freedom now
28febbraio-WEB_800x566Three comrades were arrested in April 2010 and subsequently sentenced to years in prison and other restrictions in relation to an attempted explosive attack on the IBM nanotechnology research center of Zurich, Switzerland. In quite a tortuous attempt at making the charges indictable twice in two different countries, Turin prosecutors are trying to put Billy, Costa e Silvia on trial – by extending the charges pressed against them in Switzerland and adding the aggravating circumstance of terrorism.
 The fact that the Polytechnic Institute of Zurich is one of the offended parties leaves no doubt about the origin of this new repressive operation: as it transcends geographical borders and national legislations, the State machine in collaboration with the institutions that make its functioning possible is trying to annihilate those who have decided to oppose the reigning devastation. The intention is that of creating a status quo whereby those who raise their heads and decide to express conflict towards gradual alienation and destruction of the living inflicted by industrial society find it increasingly difficult to carry on the struggle.
 At each attempt at striking us made by the institutions of exploitation, we relaunch the idea of complicit and active solidarity.
 No compromise in the defence of the earth. Solidarity with Billy, Costa and Silvia!
– 8:30pm: Presentation + Talk on nano/ biotechnologies and updates on the legal proceedings against the three comrades
 –10pm (be in time!), concert with:
 ESLEGE (Anarchopunx // Genoa)
WARPATH (Heavy d-beat / crust hardcore // Milan)
LAMANTIDE (Dark chaotic hc // Cremona)
TO ASHES ( Veganstraightedge Hc // Bologna)
LOSERS PARADE ( Hc Punk Outfit // Genoa / Chiavari)
 * Vegan snacks; stalls with environmentalist, libertarian, antispecist materials; exhibition on ‘devastation and plunder’; words from Italian prisons
 ** Bring your distro over and leave your dog at home!

February 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

Italy: Billy, Silvia and Costa are on trial again soon: let’s relaunch the struggle against nocivity

Translated by act for freedom now
nuclear_garden___cosmos_mag_by_fetish55THE TRIAL OF BILLY SILVIA AND COSTA IS APPROACHING:
Five years have passed since we were arrested in Switzerland when police at a checkpoint on the Albis pass, Canton of Zurich, found explosives, propane gas canisters, petrol cans and several copies of a claim by Switzerland Earth Liberation Front in the car we were in. The target of the proposed attack was the Binning and Rohrer Nanotechnology Centre, a structure that was under construction at the time, property of IBM in collaboration with ETH, the Federal Polytechnic of Zurich.
The trial took place a year and a half later where we were accused of: preparing deliberate arson; concealing and transporting explosive material; unauthorized trade (importation) of explosives. Federal prosecutor Hansjörg Stadler demanded sentences of 3 years and 4 to 8 months, broadly accepted by federal judge Walter Wütrich. The court confirmed all the charges, except that of illicit traffic (importation) of explosives, a charge we were cleared of.
Parallel to this, the Public Prosecutor of Turin had begun a thorough investigation of the explosive cartridges that the Swiss authorities had found on us to find out where the material had come from. When the investigation was completed, prosecutor Enrico Arnaldi Di Balme issued three more charges against us: terrorist activity involving lethal and explosive devices, possession and transport of explosives in the public space and receiving stolen goods (explosives), all charges aggravated with ‘terrorist intent’.

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February 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

uk – London – Burning barricades as ‘para-military operation’ launched against squatters on Aylesbury estate

inthebellyofthebeast receives & transmits:
On Wednesday night Southwark council workers along with 100 cops attacked squatters on the abandoned Aylesbury housing estate (one of the largest in Europe), in a ‘para-military’ operation.
The cops & council workers were prevented from entering the squatted building earlier in the evening by a burning barricade of mattresses and a steel sheets.AylesburyEstate1702bAn army of cops then descended upon the other steel plated entrance with angle grinders, as sparks started to fly a ferocious resistance ensued, the squatters preventing the cops from entering for two whole hours, as they pelted the cops with any object to hand and broke their angle grinder several times.
AylesburyEstate1702aMeanwhile as the eviction took place another building was occupied by the squatters just next door, to the embarrassment of the authorities, a building that had previously been squatted but evicted by force by council workers and cops in previous days.
The Alyesbury estate is due to be demolished during the first phase of a £1.5billion, 18-year ‘gentrification’ of the estate. The squatters, who moved in on February 7, object to the scheme and other large ‘social cleansing’ operations that have been taking place at speed in London in the last decade. One squatter claimed that “What’s going on here is effectively social cleansing to make London a nice ‘clean’ place for the rich. A group of us wanted to stand in the way of that so we took over some of the flats as an act of solidarity.”

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February 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

DE PROFUNDIS CLAMAVI – RadioAzione [Croatia], February 2015

Translated by Act for freedom now!RadioAzione-CroaziaDE PROFUNDIS CLAMAVI

[From the depths I have cried out]

 This text is not a criticism of the self-criticism of the comrades of the CCF, entitled “De Profundis”. I am not facing long decades in prison and so it’s not for me to judge the methods used by the comrades to regain freedom and get back on the trails of the anarchist urban guerrilla struggle.
This text would just like to halt the constant flow of information, or rather counter-information for a moment, for some self-critical reflection. Because it seems to me, managing a site of counterinformation myself, that one often skips criticism of the texts that are published, almost as if we were news agencies.

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February 19, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mexico: Open letter of Anarchist Amélie Pelletier and Fallon Poisson

On February 14 there will be an event in the museo de la tolerancia [museum of tolerance] that aims to raise money for political prisoners and anarchists.
Being in prison we have little information about the event.
We don’t know who is organizing it, but we know our names appear on the list of prisoners for whom the event is done.
We wanted to clarify that it seems strange that people we do not know and with whom we do not share affinities are using our names without notifying us. That we’re in jail doesn’t mean we have no voice. These acts of solidarity where all prisoners are mixed make us think of the blind recuperation of imprisoned people. Whether they are “Political” or “Anarchists”. Since the beginning, we always remained firm in our positions and ruptures. It seems rather strange to see our names beside those of Brian Reyes, Jacqueline Santana and Jamspa at a public event of solidarity. Perhaps their intention is to build relationships between different bands of people. That we understand, but we also know that there are reasons for this lack of relationship. There are very different methods and intentions and probably irreconcilable schisms.
For us the feeling of affinity is primordial in our struggle. We do not consider ourselves as “Political Prisoners” and do not attack the institutions of Power to improve society.
On the other hand, in prison we have relationships with all kinds of people, with whom we do not necessarily share “affinities of struggle”. People who do not care about “politics”, of which most believe in god, and never went to school. With them we also build strengths and live multiple moments of subversion of the existing order. It would be ridiculous to organize only with self-proclaimed “Political Prisoners”. We do not like most political prisoners, and neither most anarchists for that matter. The trick is to start from here with the energy there is. If we separate ourselves from this group that organizes the event it does not mean that we cut off everyone. We separate ourselves from those who identify as authoritarian, political partisans or left-leaning. We also learned that the event will be held at the Museo de la Tolerancia, State Institution.
We want no mediation with the State.
Let it be said, we have no affinities with any of the people mentioned —except Carlos— nor with the people who are organizing the event. They do not consider ruptures that already exist, they only reproduce “presismo”*. We do not want to be recuperated. Go ahead with your solidarity events but without our names. Those who support us know why, and share affinities with us.
The best Solidarity is always Attack.
For Total Destruction of the Existent.
Fire to Civilization.
To infinity and beyond.
Fallon and Amelie
Reclusorio de Santa Marta, México DF
Translators note: The term “presismo” refers pejoratively to a form of victimization and idealization of “political” prisoners, and of making anti-prison struggle a specific, partial one and in which the main activities are characterized as assistance to “political” prisoners and prison reformism.
Source: Machorka

February 16, 2015
by actforfreedom


Translated by Act for freedom now!


fantazia5I am writing this text to critically evaluate the struggle we carried out, as it is an important legacy that needs to be analysed so that we can use it as a strategy compass for the hard days ahead.
The State, aware of the political defeat it suffered, is counter-attacking on other fronts of the struggle, so the continuation of a coordination based on specific agreements is necessary. Not only as a defensive battle position but as a conscious possibility of re-entering the chessboard with assertion as some comrades have rightly said.
During the hunger strike the State weighed up what the political cost of my possible extermination would be; the more the multi-form solidarity movement strengthened, the more the State changed its rhetoric. In brief we can say that the chameleons of government policies changed colour four times. From provocative indifference to superiority, then to a show of power, followed by panic. But let me be more specific.
 “Provocative indifference”
The Ministry of Justice secured the intransigence of judicial authority through political orders right from the start of the hunger strike. This was obvious from the moment that the Special Appellate interrogator Nikopoulos took up the case. Up until then he had claimed to have no jurisdiction. This was confirmed when the Ministry of Justice made an announcement just before my claim was examined in another judicial council, in which the reason for my not getting the furlough was explained, passing on the responsibility to Nikopoulos’s negative decision.
This was something I realized and had communicated to the comrades beyond the walls in my intervention at the event in the Polytechnic, as well as in the text that I wrote during the hunger strike. That’s why my choice of making a claim to all the judicial councils had the precise aim of revealing the government’s political strategy, causing simultaneous hotbeds of increasing intensity, which is what happened as I shall explain better.
 The phase of chronic indifference ends with my admission to hospital and the mainstream media’s focus on my case.
The State mechanism had already planned its strategy for this phase and began the process of materialising it communicationally. Given, as I said, that it had secured the intransigence of judicial authority, it would then present an amendment which would seemingly solve the problem in the eyes of “public opinion”. The case would be followed through the distorting lense of the mainstream media, while it basically it was toughening its correctional policy even more by demonstrating the dogma of zero tolerance to all resistance.

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