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August 3, 2015
by actforfreedom

France Calais – A night of migrants’ collective strength and severe police repression.

From: calaismigrantsolidarity  and notes from: rabble See below powerful video and full report from Calais Migrant Solidarity. Last night 250 people walked from the jungle to the Eurostar entrance with a plan to enter the tunnel and walk its length across to England. They were stopped by armed gendarmes and troops, and the new reinforced electric fences. Before being tear gassed away, they stood calling out the names of the dead and chanting: “We are ready to die. Stop the violence. Open the border.” Unable to pass, people then formed a new plan to block the highway leading to the tunnel, where they stayed for over 3 hours before again being chased away with truncheons and poison gas.
Saturday night was an extremely empowering but also disheartening night here in Calais. A group of 250 migrants organized together to go and try to make it inside the Eurotunnel, not to climb aboard a train but to walk the length of the tunnel to England. They walked for hours to get close to the entrance of the tunnel and managed to breach a layer of perimeter fencing only to come up against the recently reinforced fence that is electrified and topped with barbed and concertina wire. The group then went to the fence and started chanting in unison. They demanded the right to move wherever they choose, to live in dignity in Calais, and to be free of police violence. They also spoke the names of those who have recently died attempting the crossing in the Eurotunnel and laid the blame for those deaths at the hands of the police and politician’s whose policy they are enacting.
It was a very large and strong group, however on the other side of the fence were many Gendarmes and also active French military who were menacing their machine guns. The group’s chanting continued for around an hour until the point they started to make their move to try and push through the fence. People had gone down a hill and were lining a steep verge consisting of loose gravel. Those at the bottom, closest to the fence, started to try and make their way over it when suddenly the Gendarmes released a huge amount of ‘tear gas’ onto the crowd. Exactly what type of gas they used though is not clear. Having experienced it and after speaking with people afterward, it was very powerful; much more so than typical CS gas and had strong effects even at the top of the hill far from where it was sprayed. It also created a shortness of breath and a panicked feeling which suggests that it may have been CR gas. After the attack there were also people lying unconscious on the ground. Any use of gas here and particularly CR (if it was indeed that) was completely unnecessary and irresponsible. The panic that the gas created caused a stampede up the hill, but as the footing was so loose people were falling over one another trying to get away from the poison. It was difficult to breathe, see, or move in that area and many people got hurt trying to flee from the gas into a more open space. However, the group, after recovering from the attack, got together and held a meeting about what to do next. They decided to occupy the road leading to the freight terminal at the Eurotunnel, their aim, to stop traffic until they were heard.

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August 3, 2015
by actforfreedom

Welcome to Britain.


Britain, like any other country of the western world, is a huge prison for thousands and thousands of people who come here in search of a better life, the so-called ‘asylum seekers’. It’s not by chance that so many desperate people try to enter the U.K. as well as the other rich countries. They can’t do otherwise. In their homeland not even the basic conditions of surviving are left.
 The globalisation of capital requires the maximum production at the lowest cost. That’s how the bosses move the centres of production from one country to the other searching for the cheapest labour cost. And that’s also the way they spread poverty and desolation and rob millions and millions of their resources. When the occasion occurs, the bosses and their armed mercenaries invade other countries to steal their oil or in order to keep some geopolitical context in equilibrium
 As a result millions of people are reduced to starvation and com- pelled to get another place to live in. Unfortunately when they arrive in Britain, or everywhere in rich Europe, they find a hell which is not much better than the one they left. British and European laws on immigration are racist and aim to get rid of anyone who is not useful to production.
 We are talking about millions of people, not just a few..
 These people are welcome at first by immigrant-prisons and then by expulsion orders or, if they are allowed to stay in this country for a while, by exploitation and destitution.
 In Britain, migrants working both ‘illegally’ and ‘legally’ are in the hands of unscrupulous gangmasters or local bosses who give them starvation wages and have total control of their lives. Most of the immigrants coming to Britain, however, end up in the infamous detention centres where in some cases they are held for years before being released or deported.

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August 3, 2015
by actforfreedom

Statement by Giorgos Harisis, father of anarchist Fivos Harisis

Why do we baptize the real terrorists as friends?
These days the Greek people but also all peoples of Europe and the
world, who follow the developments in our country, realized that there
is a post-modern, as its called, coup de tat.
A people who resisted and voted differently is being punished and a
government and a country who wanted to dispute the dominant European
choices is enslaved.
An ultimatum was delivered with the demand: you either enforce tough and
brutal memorandum measures or we strangle your country!
It was revealed that the euro zone  functions as prison and its “clergy”
as a criminal and terrorist organization!
I made this association after attending the “terror-court” in Koridallos
yesterday against the anarchists, among which against my son Fivos, the
prosecutor read out the indictment, concerning their participation in a
criminal and terrorist organization, based on the “anti-terrorist law”
More specifically she mentioned that: “Whoever carries out a crime in a
manner or extent or under conditions which can seriously damage a
country or an international organization with the aim of seriously
intimidating a population or to illegally force a public authority or
international organization to perform any act or to refrain from such or
seriously harm or destroy the fundamental constitutional, political and
economic structures of a country or an international organization…”
These anarchists, based on the indictment, are looking at dozens of
years of imprisonment. Contrarily, the criminal gang of the E.U. and
Euro group who destroy the country with all their decisions, threaten a
whole people with Genocide, trample on constructional predictions and
expose the international position of the country, not only are not dealt
like such a gang, but are our collectors, define our policy, “write”
our laws and the most important of all… we beg to be their friends and
A double standard therefor… The state “baptises” whoever they want and
whoever disputes them, as “terrorists”, while the blackmailers and
powerful ones, as friends, collucutors and companions!
Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

August 3, 2015
by actforfreedom

The terror trial for the case of the robbery of ATE bank in Filota Florina began on Thursday July 14th with comrades Argiris Dalios, Fivos Harisis, Giannis Mihailidis, Dimitris Politis and Grigoris Sarafoudis.-Greece

Update from the terror trial in Koridallos prison – Athens
The terror trial for the case of the robbery of ATE bank in Filota
Florina began on Thursday July 14th with comrades Argiris Dalios, Fivos
Harisis, Giannis Mihailidis, Dimitris Politis and Grigoris Sarafoudis.
The composition of the court is the same that tried Gr.Sarafoudis and
G.Naxakis for the robbery in Pirgetos and convicted them to lengthy
sentences, without any evidence, just because they “are anarchists, who
joined the CCF and at some point carried out the robbery”! This theory
was developed by the prosecutor in her proposition which lasted only 16
minutes, and was adopted by the court with its decision.
It is the same composition, with K. Economou as chairman, O.Smirli as
prosecutor, who presided over the 3rd trial of the Volos case with
comrades A.Dalios and N.Romanos as the accused and the 2nd trial for the
Pefki case, with comrade G.Mihailidis as the accused. In this terror
trial the prosecutor radically changed her attitude. In her proposition
she did not limit herself to witticisms such as “are anarchists, who
joined the CCF and at some point carried out the robbery”, and did not
“rush” her speech for 16 minutes. Her speech lasted 156 minutes, she did
not let anything go, looked at things from all points of view, avoided
witticisms, did not think prints and DNA were enough to propose the
conviction of A.Dalios and N.Romanos and she “dared” to propose the
acquittal of G.Mihailidis from the charge of instigating an attempted
homicide and the changing of the attempted homicide to grievous bodily
harm in combination with article 315A. The indictment against
G.Mihailidis was unstable and the charge of grievous bodily harm was
provocatively transformed into attempted homicide.
The terror court completely adopted the proposition of the prosecutor
for A.Dalios and N.Romanos and partially her proposition for
G.Mihailidis, legitimizing the makers of the indictment, who took a
bodily harm case and blew it into attempted homicide. Therefore, we have
two different and clashing approaches concerning the proposition of the
prosecutor and the decision of the terror court on guilt. We believe
that the extensive publication and tough criticizing of the prosecution
proposition and the decision of the terror court for G.Sarafoudis and
G.Naxakis contributed to the radical change in the prosecutors attitude.
The prosecutor as expected, reserved herself about the objection.
Obviously, she will give her proposal at the end of the preliminary
hearing, together with her complete proposal on the guilt or not of the
five political prisoners.
The prosecutor then read out the summary of the indictment and the three
present accused comrades A.Dalios, F.Harisis and G.Sarafoudis stated,
after a question from the chairman, that they do not accept the charges
and that they will make a more analytical statement later on in the
preliminary hearing.
The trial will continue on September 14th.
Translated by boubourAs/Act for freedom now!

August 2, 2015
by actforfreedom

Anarchist Claudio Lavazza’s contribution to the days of solidarity and resistance in Athens

from refractario, transl. waronsociety:
Claudio Lavazza’s contribution to the “Days of Resistance and Solidarity” held March 26-28 in Athens organized by the Assembly of Solidarity with Political Prisoners and Imprisoned and Accused Fighters. The compañero remains imprisoned in the dungeons of the Spanish state since 1996, arrested after a bank robbery which left two police dead.


And  More Info here

Dear compañerxs!
Before talking about long term sentences, of the past state of European prisons, of the changes that have been made in the last few years, of the actual situation, of the experiences of struggle, of solidarity movements, of special imprisonment regimens, of anti-terrorist legislation, and objectives of the movement… I think it is best to talk of my experience of almost 20 years in prison. Unfortunately those who live outside of these walls do not have the necessary information to really understand this reality, and it is not their fault, but due to the difficulty of talking about things of such complexity and difficult analysis.
When some Swiss compañerxs asked me not long ago about “the new repressive strategies to eliminate those who choose not to bow down before Domination and the misery of the existent”, I responded by saying that those who do not want to bow down before the state are a small minority, and if I said that those affected represent only 15%, that would be a very optimistic percentage. Out of a population of 85,000 prisoners, over 85% could care less. So the repressive methods, the special regimens, and legislation are directed exclusively at those imprisoned for crimes considered ideologically “dangerous and violent” by the system and its laws. In the prisons of the Spanish state there are few who have fought and continue to fight to keep the prisoners’ values and rights elevated, and what I say is proven by the fact that during the campaign of struggle against the torture and mistreatment that began in October 2011 we were not able to get more than 60 participants, spread throughout twenty prisons in the state. In these struggles there was a curious mix of common and political prisoners of different ideologies, which was marked by the simplicity of a joint presence in struggles for the good of everyone. We could call it a connection between the struggles of prisoners who share the same repression. These participants paid and continue to pay a high price for their participation in these struggles, through prolonged isolation, disruption of their mail through a two letter per week limitation, restrictions of friends’ visits, mistreatment and frequent beatings, any kind of pamphlet or magazine about the movement was not allowed in due to “security concerns,” denial of telephone calls with support groups on the outside, the disappearance of mail coming into and going out of the prison, arbitrary transfers form one different prison center to the other with the aim of distancing friends, family, and support groups, sanctions as punishment for participation in protest initiatives like walk-outs, refusing to go into the yard, hunger strikes.

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August 2, 2015
by actforfreedom

antifenix updates czech republic

Act for freedom now! receives and transmit:


We are in great need of solidarity and benefits.

we have an Italian translation of the July update of the situation in czech republic regarding the fenix cases.

And in Castellano,

And the English



August 2, 2015
by actforfreedom

Turin, Italy – Food and books collection for the comrades arrested on 20th May

Paolo, Erika, Toshi, Marco and Luigi have been under arrest since 20th May for having tried to liberate ‘undocumented’ migrants during one of the many police raids in the streets of Aurora. The judges in charge of the case don’t seem intentioned to release the comrades any sooner: over two months later, two are still being held in prison and the others under house arrest with all restrictions.
Solidarity with them is above all to carry on the struggle for which they ended up in prison. The struggle for a city from where no one should be forced to flee because they are too poor to have stay permits. But it is also important that [the comrades] can feel the closeness and love of those who are on their side in a city split in two by injustice. And this also means little things: a longed-for book, a letter that was expected, the flavour of the food that reminds of the streets where they have lived and struggled.
Therefore we decided to organize a collection of food and books for Paolo, Erika, Toshi, Marco and Luigi. Just another way to spend an afternoon together with friends, family and also unknown people in solidarity, and to talk on the situation of the arrested comrades and, why not, find new ways to carry on the struggle and solidarity.
Thursday 30th July
Occupied house on Corso Giulio Cesare 35
6pm: collection of food and books for Paolo, Erika, Toshi, Marco and Luigi
8pm: let’s have some food together
We invite anyone to bring the food and books they’d like to send to the comrades. Please note that for the three under house arrest there are no exceptions on what they can receive. For Paolo and Toshi, still locked up in prison, here is what is allowed to the cell:
Matured cheese, dried fruit without shell (peanuts, almonds, nuts), cured meats, sliced bread, paperbacks but not too big.
Translated by act for freedom now

August 2, 2015
by actforfreedom

Trentino, Italy – A few notes on struggle and repression

We receive and transmit:
Police bungles
While Villa Assillo squat was being evicted on 14th July [in Trento], the
court of review decided on the case of three comrades subjected to regularly
reporting to the police station following precisely the occupation of that
squat. The court of review revoked the measure. Why? In their haste to impose no
matter what restrictive measure, prosecutors had accused the comrades of the wrong
offence: ‘trespassing’ instead of ‘occupation of building’. Shame that ‘trespassing’
means that a building has to be inhabited (and not empty for fifteen years). On
the contrary, ‘occupation of building’ doesn’t involve any restrictive
In September
The hearing that was to decide on the special surveillance order against a comrade,
and which was due on 16th July, was postponed to 10th September because the comrade involved had not been notified the date of the hearing.

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July 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Expropriation of supermarket,Thessaloniki – Greece

In recent years, we have seen each day increasingly dominated by extreme poverty and exploitation. Through our inability to meet our needs, it becomes an obvious conclusion: that our life is not determined by us but by others on the basis of market conditions and profit for the bosses, local and foreign. In recent years, we have seen that the system has unleashed an all-out assault to protect its interests. The police have become the military occupation of cities. Fear and terror, the main media propaganda. Under a regime of permanent threat, the bosses invite us to compromise and apathy or manufactured decisions or more insidious methods that give the illusion of choice, such as the referendum.
Beyond the dilemmas of power, to overcome inertia and fear.
To not delegate the solution of our problems to those who created them.
The oppressed must take our lives in our hands.
Faced with the dilemma: Memorandum of lenders or Memorandum of SYRIZA respond with self-organization and rupture, from both foreign and local bosses and their armies.

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July 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Paris: on foot – During the night of June 21 to 22 car tyres slashed in 19° arrondissement, in Pantin and in Lilas.

Via: Attack
Indymedia Nantes / Sunday, June 28 2015
Translated by Act for freedom now!
 During the night of June 21 to 22 car tyres slashed in 19° arrondissement, in Pantin and in Lilas.
 It’s summer, and to encourage bureaucrats, former cops, exploiters, bourgeois and others to take some exercise, and so enjoy the sunny days instead of wasting time with their ass on the car seat, we decided to give their cars some rest.
 The vehicles whose tyres are now resting in peace are:
– 22 autolib’ [self-service electric cars]
– 1 car sporting a badge of retired policeman’s association
– 1 GDF Suez [energy company]
– 1 ERDF [European Region Development Fund]
– 1 belonging to Seine Saint-Denis council
– a dozen flash cars
 Vandals on foot

July 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Bremen, [Germany] Attack on Immigration offices

 Claim for damage to Senate interior office in Bremen
More than 20,000 people dead, drowned in the Mediterranean during their flight, several kilometres of high-security fences, overcrowded lagers (detention camps for migrants under expulsion), targeted militarized rejection of refugees.1379079412
 We know all these media images. The shipwrecks are caused by the expulsion policy following the statements of politicians, oozing with false distress. Military rejection of people in poverty – this is generally the objective carried out and desired by the German and European asylum policy towards refugees.
But all this does not just take place at the borders and sea routes in southern and eastern Europe. The war against refugees is also taking place in the middle of Germany. Whether it’s harassment of the immigration authorities, isolation, criminalization, racist cop and customs controls. Or like the current worsening of the German Law on Asylum adopted by parliament. What the state does not obtain there, mobilizations of angry citizens with claims and hate speech succeeds in even more aggravation and penal severity. Neo-Nazis are committing more and more incendiary attacks against facilities for asylum seekers.* The minister of the Interior ** and his institution support its conditions and politics that goes with it and apply with their full free will.For this reason, with our modest means we caused over 10,000 euros’ material damage *** to the immigration authorities on the night of July 18, 2015, which so readily presents the senator of the interior Mäurer as head of the policy of Bremen. The attack was also aimed at him personally and his bureau.
We do not act in the hope that the dominant politic can be stopped but we know perfectly where the policymakers sit. Consider it a small demonstration of our hatred – against your prisons, your borders, your cops and your shit authority.
Nous prenons les nuits et vous dormez.
Groupe autonome.Traduit de l’allemand de linksunten indymedia, Samstag 18. Juli 2015NdT:
We take the nights and you sleep.
Autonomous group.
Translated into French by linksunten indymedia, Saturday 18 July
and to english by Act for freedom now!
 * Since last December, at least 10 shelters for migrants have been destroyed by fire. Fortunately so far, no casualties.
** Equivalent to France’s Interior Ministry. Ulrich Mäurer is a social democratic SPD party.
*** The press reported this attack in the newspapers the next day, citing fifteen masked men who attacked the building around 1h45 with stones and paint bombs.
 This attack resulted in 5 windows smashed and a luxury flowerpot destroyed outside the entrance. Despite the quick call to the police from young students returning from a school trip who were scared stiff, the cops arriving three minutes later fortunately were unable to get their hands on anyone.
Regarding the reaction of power as a result of this attack, it was immediate: the police spokesman said that the building is now protected by night patrols stationed outside it. Cops added that they have begun an investigation and will analyze CCTV images.

July 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Chile – 3rd July: 5 comrades are arrested and accused of an incendiary attack against a police station


In November 2014 a group of hooded people chained the doors of the Homicide Police Department premises before tossing incendiary bombs at the police den and burning out a cop’s car.  The hooded ones managed to go off undisturbed without the police intervening. After seven months of “investigation” the police raided the homes of 5 comrades and accused them of having participated in the incendiary attack. They were arrested in the early hours of 2nd July in several houses in Santiago of Chile on charges of possession of weapons (molotov bottles) and one of the comrades was also charged with possession of incendiary material. The 8th Court ordered pre-trial detention and the comrades were taken to the women’s prison of San Miguel and to the Empresa Santiago 1 prison.

Friends and families who had gathered outside the court to express solidarity clashed with police and journalists (see picture above).The police stated they started tracking the comrades after they found footprints on a plastic bag and also overalls used in the attack abandoned in a university building near the place of the action.  Following the cops’ interpretation of phone tapping, 4 arrests were subsequently made and DNA samples taken from cigarette butts and food containers so as to compare them with those found on the overalls.
 From croceneranarchica
 Translated by act for freedom now
More info in Spanish: Publicacion Refractario

July 27, 2015
by actforfreedom

Turin, Italy – Anarchist comrades Silvia Guerini, Costantino Ragusa and Luca ‘Billy’ Bernasconi on trial again

29th July 2015 – [In April 2015] the Prosecutor in Turin started an investigation for attack with terrorist purposes and acquisition and
transport of explosive material against Silvia Guerini, Costantino Ragusa and Billy Bernasconi. The investigation was carried out by the Digos of Turin led by prosecutor Enrico Arnaldi Di Balme, who requested and obtained that the comrades be put on trial. They had already been arrested and imprisoned in Switzerland on the same charges.

Investigating judge Silvia Graziella Carosio from Turin agreed to the prosecutor’s demand and stated that the fact the comrades had already been sentenced in Switzerland was irrelevant. The first hearing will be held on 13th January 2016.

Although defence lawyers had called on the judicial principle of ‘ne bis in idem’,
according to which a person can’t go on trial twice for the same facts, they
were unable to prevent a second trial.  The three comrades were arrested in Switzerland on 15th April 2010 as they were heading to Ruschlikon, in the vicinity of an IBM nanotechnology research centre. They were stopped by the Swiss police, who found quarry explosives and Earth Liberation Front leaflets in their car.

They were tried on charges of preparing an arson attack and illegally transporting and concealing explosive material and were sentenced on 22nd July 2011: Costa to 3 years and 8 months, Billy to 3 years and 6 months, Silvia to 3 years and 4 months.

 From croceneranarchica

Translated by act for freedom now

July 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Deaths at the Calais Border – France

Four Deaths Since The Start of June
Four people have died trying to cross the border into the UK in the last month. All of them appear to be a direct result of attempts to cross.
The most recent happened yesterday, on the 7th July, when a body was found in the Channel Tunnel, during an inspection of a freight shuttle. At the moment, it is believed he died from head injuries.
On the night of the 29th June Zebiba a 23 year old women from Eritrea was found dead on the side of the A16 between Calais and Marck. She had been staying the in the Women’s House in Jules Ferry.
On the 26th of June, Getenet Legese Yacob, a 32 year old man from Ethiopia was killed attempting to board a shuttle service in the Eurotunnel.
1st June at 4am, a man was hit by a car on the A16 and was killed.
Unlike what the media seems to think, what happened yesterday is not just important because it is causing more traffic jams and service delays. It is important because it is yet another life cut brutally short by the border regime. It is important because it means that 4 people have died trying to cross to the border since the start of June. It is important for so many reasons, but not because it may or may not have delayed someone’s train.
This Border Kills. One death would have been too many.
Calais Migrant Solidarity

July 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Immigration cops raid sabotaged in Shadwell; officers egged – london – uk

van3van4van2van1Reports are circulating of an attempted immigration raid being sabotaged by Shadwell locals on Wednesday (22 July). 16 tyres were let down and officers were egged in an action reminiscent of the resistance in Walworth last month. To make matters worse for the immigration cops, they had apparently been accompanied by media in a bid to do a spectacular “tough on immigration” stunt. The cops were called, and sadly two people were arrested in the incident.
One commenter said: “While they were busy raiding Chapman Street, their tyres got slashed, valves taken and cars scratched. The local garage refused to sell them tyres or help them. To top it all off they got egged from the local tower block and a few landed direct on their heads. Welcome to Shadwell.”

July 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

France – Massat (Ariège): Tour de France flattened

Vandalism: thousands of nails scattered on the road of the Tour
 Yesterday early in the afternoon a large quantity of upholstery nails were methodically spread over the road of the Tour, in the ascent of the Port de Lers after Massat, and the descent to Vicdessos. Thousands of nails, according to various testimonies, were picked up on the spot by Tour de France enthusiasts as well as by County Council roads road services agents.
 “The nails were spread over there, indicates the occupier of a camper spared from punctures, indicating the start of the descent to Vicdessos. I saw the gendarmes, they picked up loads of them.” But one of the victims, arrived from Toulouse with his camper says he came by … Massat. Many drivers confirm: they found many nails in this part of the route. For their part, the County Council officers also found nails in the descent, “Until Vicdessos,” one of them affirms. On both sides of the pass, that is.
 Camper-drivers, cyclists come to touch this pass classified as first level, and even the gendarmes of the Garde Républicaine, are among the victims according to our sources.
 “I’m furious, says a camper owner. I have three tyres damaged. I need to get help. I don’t understand those who did that.” A second added: “Why are they going after us? We’re not from here, but we participate in the local economy. We stopped in Massat to do some shopping.”

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July 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

Milan, Italy – No TAV prisoners – Lucio Alberti is back in San Vittore prison after house arrest

 Lucio has been back in prison since the morning of 16th July. He wasaccused of breaking his bail conditions a few days ago, as he went onto the landing of his house to chat with some comrades.
He was investigated for escape and the measure of house arrest, which he had been granted after the first grade trial for the participation in the attack on a TAV yard in May 2013, was revoked.
For now he’s being held in San Vittore, so you can write to him there. This morning the cassation decided on the aggravation of terrorism against him and another two comrades [Francesco Sala and Graziano Mazzarelli], on request of the Turin Power of Attorney. As soon as we get news of the verdict we’ll let you know.
 Lucio Alberti
C.C. San VittorePiazza Filangeri
 From macerie 
Translated by act for freedom now

July 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

Veracruz, Mexico: Incendiary attack against a Toyota dealership

“The technological progress of civilizations requires us to wage war in the here and now against all domination and it’s tentacles that gag us.”
Early in the morning of Thursday, June 25 we detonated an incendiary device at a Toyota dealership located on Vallejo avenue making a mockery of it’s security measures and avoiding the system’s patrols and surveillance camera showing that war is here and now – that cameras, patrols, bullets and all measures taken to counteract our actions are useless. Because even though the system’s surveillance cameras are spying on every street and even though their henchmen are deployed throughout the country we continue attacking, gaining in our steps against domination.
We claim this action in the name of every comrade killed, kidnapped, threatened tortured, imprisoned and prosecuted in Mexico and the world, to make it clear that every bullet is going to return – even if they kill us or imprison us they should bear in mind that they will suffer the same fate. For every dead comrade we will kill a thousand more for them. They say that Black June ended on June 7, well we say that it finishes neither on the 7th nor on any other day or month, this is a call to continue the permanent war.
Against all technology and it’s poison that murders wild nature!
Not just in June, but for a permanent Black War!
Fire to civilization!
We also salute the fugitive comrades Felicity, Chivo and Tripa – from clandestinity the war continues! We also send a warm embrace to the hunger strikers of the informal coordinating committee of prisoners, we know that it is possible to fight for the health, freedom and liberation of prisoners from all geographies.
from: contra info via:insurrectionnewsworldwide.

July 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

3 days DIY festival UNDERGROUND music scene -Veria (North Greece)

11181212_900820543311845_1306889417512726858_nThe biggest DIY Festival in Greece is coming back for the 6th consecutive year with a great variety of bands from the UNDERGROUND music scene.
A 3 days DIY festival which helps us organize our needs and promote our culture through music and other activities.
OUR culture which speaks about freedom, solidarity and the struggle against our oppressors and the society of obedience!! We stand opposite and hostile in the commercialization of our lives.
The fest aims to raise money for…
-The solidarity fund for imprisoned and persecuted fighters
-The judicial costs of persecuted fighters in Veria
-The self-managed studio »GIAFKA» records
-The creation of a self-managed photocopy in Veria
-The typographic collective »DRUCK» in Thessaloniki
The fest takes place in Platanakia, an open area outside Vergina, a village close to Veria (North Greece), a wooded location with a small river that gives opportunities to relax and enjoy the nature.
There will also be free campsite and lunch for everyone. «Campers should take note that it is quite cold at night..»