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October 19, 2014
by actforfreedom

ANNOUNCEMENT OF K*VOX occupied space. exarxia area – Athens

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Today, October 17th there was a planned event of K*VOX with the thematic
“Armed Struggle, Revolutionary Movement and Social Revolution”
in Gini
amphitheatre in the Polytechinc, where a phone intervention was going to
take place by comrade Nikos Maziotis, member of the Revolutionary
Struggle who is held in Diavata prisons, could not take place, since all
the phones in the wing the comrade is held in “broke down”, the same day
the governmental representative Adonis Georgiadis anticipated that this
event must be forbidden.
The attempt to gag the political resonance of the comrade is blunt proof of how dangerous he is to the regime (even
now that he is imprisoned), the fear of the state for action but also
the resonance of the Revolutionary Struggle and the terror of the
captors towards any hint of the anarchist-antiauthoritarian movement for
revolutionary subversion. The attempt to de-ideologize armed struggle
and the political gagging of those who clash with the state monopoly of
violence and will not pass. The event will take place on Friday October
31st in the Gini amphitheatre of the Athens Polytechnic and the presence
and support of all of us is an indication of factual solidarity.


P.S. Despite the attempts of the state the event today was carried out
with a rich dialogue, while the contribution of the political
intervention of comrade Pola Roupas, member of the Revolutionary
Struggle, who sent a written statement from clandestinity.

October 19, 2014
by actforfreedom

Mexican prisons: The four anarchist comrades end hunger strike


On October 17th, 2014, comrades Carlos López, Mario González, Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés called off their hunger strike that began on October 1st.
The comrades are well, without complications or physical damage. They will soon make the reasons and motives for ending the strike public.
For now this is all the information we have.
Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!
Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

October 16, 2014
by actforfreedom



Translated from: radioazione the Italian version by act for freedom now!

A couple of weeks ago we wrote to Carlos who answered our questions.

 Hi comrade, how are you?
- I’m OK, without that meaning that I have become resigned and accept the reality of incarceration and the passivity of being a prisoner, one of many. Physically I’m fine, I do a bit of exercise, that’s critical so as not to sink into unnecessary depression, in fact I believe that gymnastics can control some pent-up frustrations; it helps to make me feel better and also makes me strengthen my body and walk safely inside a cage for animals where one never knows what might happen. “Catching” an intestinal infection is something normal in here, due to the “rancho” (collective food) that they give us prisoners which is often disgusting and looks terrible, at other times you can’t even guess what it is either by the smell or the by look of it. And this means that I, as good eater of “rancho”, know where the infections that appear from time to time originate.
Also, the water available to drink is not good  even though there are two purification filters that should filter it, however, the result is not optimal. The tap water is dirty and I think that depends on the area where we are (Iztapalapa) where it is all like that, as well as the fact that – obviously – for the establishment we prisoners are worth very little, and they don’t care about the hygiene of the water pipes. So it is the combination of the food and the water that produces the infections I mentioned.
As well as this, the sinusitis that I developed in here also annoys me. It’s not as frequent thanks to the comrades who have supported me with medicines, but the pain is very strong when your nose is blocked and accompanied with terrible headaches. You don’t even think of going to go to the infirmary, because they have an ethic of conduct of the kind “we will only examine if you arrive half dead or money in hand,” otherwise the wait will be a long one. On one occasion when I went to the C.O.C. doctor for him to give me some folic acid that had nothing to do with sinusitis, the woman I spoke with was very bad! And so, that’s how I am: physically nearly always OK, although my defences are lowered, but I’m trying to stay strong. I must say that when I get visits from family or comrades they bring me wonderful food and make me feel very happy. In fact I love eating and – without putting up a fight – I’ve stopped being a vegetarian.

Tell us, how did the change of attorney come about?

- The question of the attorney has been a series of surprises and vicious treatment that Fallon, Amelie and myself have had meted out to us by the administration and the federal police. I’ll take this opportunity to give a short account of that from the time we were in the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) up until when we found ourselves under federal prosecutors.
A few hours before they notified us of the change to the above court – when we were still in the PGR Camarones – they pull me out of the cell to notify me something, I don’t remember what; it was there that I saw three plane tickets before my eyes, two for the girl comrades in the direction of Nayarit prison and one for me to Matamoros.
Obviously they were going to transfer us to these federal prisons so as to put us on trial charged with: sabotage, terrorism and organized delinquency which they wanted to accuse us of at the time. An hour before taking us to the HANGLAR of the PGR to uncertain destinies, they bring me in front of the prosecutor and tell me to speak with the lawyer urgently.
As I did not manage to talk to him, I was notified that I would be transferred along with the comrades to the maximum security “Casa de Arraigo Federal” for investigations to continue. Subsequently, the comrades Amelie and Fallon were also notified, to whom I said that was good news because, in some way, we wouldn’t be split up.
It should be pointed out that although this decision was made by a judge, we never found ourselves face to face with him; which didn’t matter to us since it is a question of an authority. The journey from the PGR to the court was ridiculous. They put us – all three – in a van with about six federal police. They all held large calibre weapons like AK47s and others that I didn’t recognize, and various patrol cars followed us, all with sirens blaring.
Shortly before arriving at the federal courthouse the guy that was beside me began to “growl” aggressively things like: “We have already allowed you a lot, if you knew how much I want to smash your face in and if I don’t do it it’s because you’re with the Canadians and for now we have orders to deliver you without putting a finger on you”(I guess it was because the Mexican government is a sycophant of the Canadian government and did not want to have issues). However, if it had been up to him he would have got rid of us without anyone noticing.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared stiff at that moment. You can imagine what passes through your head at that point.
When we arrived at the court they let us out in the middle of a deployment of forces worthy of the most terrible Mexican drug traffickers. They closed two big lanes of the road and firing into the air (from what I could hear) the pigs formed a kind of cordon so that we, “the super terrorists” passed without anyone trying to liberate us.
I remember that on entering the area for being searched they pushed me up against the wall and all the personnel present told me to take off my clothes – always with the stupid order to say “yes sir, no sir” – and the humiliation of the push-ups and showing one’s ass to all and sundry began.
Fortunately they did not ask the same of the girl comrades, in fact as far as I recall were searched in private by a policewoman.
After the search they asked me what cartel (of narcotraffickers) I belonged to, whether to the Michoacana family, the Gulf cartel, Sinaloa, the Zetas and I don’t know how many others to decide where to put me; I answered simply, head down, hands behind my back, a “no sir, I do not belong to any cartel sir”. I know it was a stupid answer, but it was the only one possible at that moment.
When I got to prison I was incensed when I realised the number of cases of people under investigation that, with violence and violating their alleged individual guarantees, the police forced – through physical and psychological torture – to accept charges they knew nothing about, all for the purpose of inventing crimes.
I remember the case of a woman who was beaten and given electric shocks in the vagina so that she would accept accusations that she was forced to confess to, thereby signing up for a long prison sentence.
Despite the fact that there were no beatings inside the prison, it was pretty frustrating to spend all day locked up. We only had approximately 10 minutes between one meal and the other and then we were locked up again. Always under the gaze of the omnipresent cameras and the staff of the now extinct AFI (Federal Investigation Agency).
It was difficult to not be observed all the time in everything we did. As a kind of anecdote, on one occasion we managed to get in a pen (which is forbidden) and so I was able to write my second letter. The cops raided my cell twice but couldn’t find the pen, which made ​​them froth with rage, while the three of us would exchange mocking complicit glances.
In the end they were not able to sustain their theatricals of “terrorism” and dropped the charges with respect to federal crimes, then moved our case to the common court.
(Reclusorio Oriente)

How have you been treated in Reclusorio Oriente?

- The East Penitentiary is one of the most heavily populated prisons, at least here in Mexico City, with more than 14,000 prisoners and, as far as I know, is one of the most dangerous.
In the complex where I am held we are about 800 people in about 40 cells, or an average of 17-20 inmates to a cell. In other dormitories and complexes there come to be even more inmates in each cell, showing the overcrowding, taking into account that each cell as I see it is designed for only 6 people. Well, I’m quoting this statistical “note” just to try to answer the question of “how do they treat some of the detainees in a prison like that?” And the answer is, as a simple consequence, they are abused.
And since it is a prison, or a project of domestication and alienation aimed at all those individuals who do not accept the rules and regulations of a sick society of remote-controlled and manipulated robots, we cannot expect anything other than this: ill-treatment.
Just as there are those who have got to the point of thinking that “you make words understood by beating”, there are those who still think and believe that a “criminal” is going to regenerate in a place where he receives only ill-treatment. They come with their reintegration programs where they try to get the prisoner to study and give value to what he left outside; but the reality in here is far from that, alongside its rehabilitation projects there is the violence of the system, drugs, the dynamics of the “bandits of power,” the gradual degradation of the individual and the hatred and resentment that unconsciously starts forming in any kidnapped person.
In here, I have always identified myself as an anarchist in struggle, and this has definitely given me problems, but no more than any other prisoner, as I said earlier. For the institutions we prisoners are the scum and dead end of society and “deserve” to be treated as such: as the worst and in the worst possible way.
There are many prisoners who say the prison was worse before and now is “just a joke”, kind of accepting the current situation. This position always makes me sick, because it is precisely what the State wants; that we adapt to this “pot of misery” when we could demand much more: our freedom.
Unfortunately, as in any prison / society the individual doesn’t act until the moment he sees his interests threatened. This is something we recently experienced when a prison guard was murdered and seeing that “forbidden” items (drugs, weapons, etc. ..) continue to get in for prisoners during visits, the prison institution decided to eliminate the “cabañas” (small rooms supplied with sheets used in most cases for sexual encounters between prisoners and persons visiting) to punish prisoners and to generate a huge economic income for certain “groups” of prisoners. So, seeing their interests threatened, some prisoners are now angry with the institution to the point of organizing to prevent that happening. It ‘s just an example of what I mean.

What can you tell us about your legal situation?

- The investigations are over and we are getting there; both for the common court and the federal one. The first phase of the circus has ended. Now, if I remember correctly, the results of the trial and the sentence should arrive in two months.
And that is when, in my opinion, the second phase, which is recourse to appeal and defence, will begin. Still in my opinion, the case will be filed away and they will try to keep us a bit longer’.
I hate prison and I don’t want to remain in here, but this fucking State must try at all costs to find the accused guilty. I’ll continue with the slogan “Neither guilty nor innocent,” and I don’t care what the laws say, I just want this unnatural abduction and retention to end as soon as possible.
I bear in mind that I am not the only one on trial, there are also the comrades Amelie and Fallon, so there are points that I will not touch on out of respect for them. What I can say openly is that I will never keep quiet and will never take on the role of the victim. Regardless of what they accuse me of, I declare myself an enemy of the State and for that I will fight as much as possible.
I have noticed a number of inconsistencies in the trial, some attempts at a frameup with false police statements accusing us, and in particular those who accuse me directly, as in most of the documentation they only refer to me. I guess it’s easier for them to focus on one single defendant rather than three. I also think that in their strategic way they (the police) will try to find any evidence of my guilt and then make the connections with my comrades just to do a perfect job.
A lot could be said, but, once again I repeat, I will not out of respect for my comrades Amelie and Fallon, since I have not seen them personally for some time.

How is your mood?

- I’d have imagined it would have been easy and simple to answer such a question, but it’s not. Obviously I must be very strong and confident in what I am having to live through at the moment, and above all know that I’m not alone in this.
I have been able to see and experience comradeship and the great support of many people first hand, including some family members and many comrades of ideas and struggle, who have not moved an inch in these 8 months of prison, and are still there with their solidarity and their love, unconditionally, without asking anything in return.
But not everything is rosy, not everything is sweetness, because the deprivation of liberty involves many things and often are you filled with sadness and melancholy.
The mood varies, like outside, but with the difference that in here if you feel down you can’t just go and find a good friend or one of your family, or go and have a beer and listen to music or even go for a walk among the trees in a park, to cheer up.
In here it’s different. If you feel down you have to deal with it with your own strength, which can sometimes abandon you; grab on to memories, or if that is not enough, you can go to the phone and make some calls.
But you would like to go further, you’d like to see those you love, hug them, sit next to them and talk to them looking into their eyes, along with creating, conspiring, dreaming, laughing, kissing, among other things.
But you can’t. Visits make me feel very good, they fill me with emotions and make me come alive inside this death camp.
Reading also gives me life, the letters, leaflets and displays of solidarity of comrades.
So my mood is “good”, even though sometimes, occasionally, I feel momentarily “down.” But that’s the way things are for now, this is life.
It ‘s very difficult to admit to the sadness because usually “one” tries to prove to oneself that one is very strong and can carry on easily, but that’s not so, because as human beings we have feelings and emotions, and it is necessary to recognize them and live them.
Translated into Italian by RadioAzione and PKT



October 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Comrade Tasos Theofilou trial appellate court – Athens – Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!
The trial of anarchist-communist comrade Tasos Theofilou at the 3 member
appellate court, was postponed till November 7th 2014 because the four
cops-prosecution witnesses did not appear.
It is the ones who had  arrested Tasos Theofilou in Keramikos, in August 2012.
In the end the court sentenced T.Theofilou to a year for “resisting
arrest” and six months for contempt.

October 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

Eco-Prisoner List

The focus of the Earth First! Prisoner Support Project is on eco-prisoners, caged animal liberationists and prisoners of indigenous land struggles, who share an Earth First! bio-centric viewpoint, either in the actions which lead to their arrest or in their general activism.  We also stand in solidarity with people facing imprisonment for their beliefs and actions reflecting a broader vision towards liberation from the oppressive systems.  Check out a broader list of prisoners from allied struggles, and EF! PSP suggestions for supporting prisoners.
The following are people imprisoned for their involvement in explicitly bio-centric struggle. While we do not make any assumptions of guilt for the state’s allegations not accepted openly by individual prisoners, our position is not to pass judgment on the chosen tactics of those who have accepted political responsibility for their actions. If they are listed on this site, it is because we respect the urgency reflected in their actions, or their ideas (as some prisoners are guilty only of thought-crime). Whether or not we condone specific tactics does not change our feeling that the listed prisoners reflect a level of courage and commitment that so many dream of and long for.
EF! prisoner support is ONLY for those who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement. Cooperation entails the passing of any information to law enforcement which can be used to subpoena, arrest or prosecute another person. This includes (but is not limited to) giving agents the names, locations, activities or associations of other individuals, whether before, during or after trial. There is never an excuse to aid law enforcement.  Snitches also often receive the same or higher sentences, regardless of their cooperation. Anyone with evidence of cooperation have an obligation to make that information public. If an individual cooperates with the government, our support will end immediately. People that accept plea agreements but do not provide information or agree to provide information about other people still deserve and will receive support. Visit the Informant Tracking section for details and updates about government informants, many of whom are cooperating co-defendants of prisoners we support.
To update the information listed here, please email us at efpris [at] with ‘PRISONER PAGE CORRECTION’ in the subject line.

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Last Updated: 7/29/14
U.S.-held Earth & Animal Liberation Prisoners
Walter BondWalter Bond
#37096-013, USP Marion CMU, P.O. Box 1000, Marion, IL 62959, USA
Serving 12 years (until 03-21-2021) for the “ALF Lonewolf” arsons of the Sheepskin Factory in Colorado, the Tandy Leather Factory and the Tiburon Restaurant that sold foie gras in Utah. Walter identifies as Hardline, which he describes as, “a belief system, and a way of life that lives by one ethic – that all innocent life is sacred, and must have the right to live out it’s natural state of existence in peace, without interference.” Hardline promotes a vegan, straight-edge lifestyle and has been criticized as anti-choice, homophobic, sex-negative and in opposition to LGBTQI equal rights. However, Walter is openly bisexual and in a 2013 interview clarified that while he was once anti-choice, he now believes “no woman anywhere should feel ostracized or shamed for her decision to exercise her reproductive right.”
Birthday: April 16
Diet: Vegan
mariusMarius Mason
(Marie Mason) #04672-061, FMC Carswell, P.O. Box 27137, Fort Worth, TX 76127, USA
Serving 21 years and 10 months (until 09-18-2027) for his involvement in an ELF arson at a University building carrying out genetically modified crop tests. Marius also pleaded guilty to conspiring to carry out ELF actions and admitted involvement in 12 other ELF actions.  Join the campaign to move Marius from the extreme isolation at FMC Carswell.  Until his name is legally changed, any mail sent to Marius needs to be addressed to ‘Marie Mason’ on the envelope.
Birthday: January 26, 1962
Diet: Vegan

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October 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

Video informativo de los companerxs anarquistas en huelga de hambre (Mexico)


A short video from instinto salvaje about the hunger strike in Mexico (in Spanish):


youtube link:

Solidarity with the comrades!

Fire to the prisons!

October 13, 2014
by actforfreedom

Solidarity poster for Juan, Nataly and Guillermo of the recent bombings case


We are with you Juan, Nataly & Guillermo!
Our solidarity is attack!
For more on the case see the following links:

October 13, 2014
by actforfreedom

Chile: Claim for the coordinated attack on the 39° Bosque and 1° police stations in Santiago

from contrainformate transl. waronsociety:
On August 11 we carried out an attack on the 39°  Bosque and 1° police stations in Santiago. We wanted to show that it is possible to hit the police right in the nose. It ended up as we would have liked as some bastion of law was injured.
/”they are mortal and their laws are destructible”/
We love to see wounded or dead cops whether in conflictual clashes or acts of sabotage.They should know that anyone of them could face the same fate as the pigs moyano, vera, or bobadilla; they are all responsible (and volunteers) of belonging to a military institution that represses the population on a daily basis and orders us to comply to the laws imposed by the powerful.
It should be clear to them that each aggression that has been committed by the pigs of power is not forgotten, that their condition of impunity will not last long, they are human beings, mortal like any other.
Let us dare to confront them, there is every reason to detest the existence of the police, ratis, repressive forces, and/or guardians of the rich. They are the military force of the bourgeoisie in charge of suppressing and punishing every attempt to recuperate that which has been accumulated for centuries thanks to exploitation.
Whether in robberies or protests, they are those in charge of exerting fear on the population. Their essence is the defense of the system making us submit to its miseries. They and their bosses should be beaten and attacked with every means and all their manifestations.
We remember each blow given and yearn for the multiplication of direct attacks against their repulsive authority, as the preparation of material needed in order to cause the desired damage is minimal.
We remember and align ourselves with the compañerxs who carried out the failed attack on January 1, 2014 on the 14° station in ñuñoa, we also would have liked to see how this powerful device detonated and we celebrate the attack on the lo prado station!!
We send our fraternal greetings to all the families and loved ones of those fallen at the hands of the police.
Present in our minds are matias catrileo, jhonny cariqueo,
claudia lopez, daniel melinao, javier mendoza collio, all are present, dead here or in whichever part of the world they are part of the social war.

We are adding to the initiative of the compas in Indonesia and we make up part of:

C.I.V (International Conspiracy for Revenge)


October 13, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greek prisons: Comrade Antonis Stamboulos suspends hunger and thirst strike

From : contrainfo
On October 11th, Antonis Stamboulos ended his hunger and thirst strike. After almost 5 days of protest, his demand was not met, so he remains incarcerated in Larissa prison. Below is a short excerpt from his latest open letter:
[...] Today, that the messages of solidarity can reach the prison’s interior, and since the consequences of my abstention from water and food have become life-threatening, I decided to suspend my strike, waiting for those moments when the conditions will allow a stronger and more effective coordination between those inside and outside the prison walls. We must keep our strengths for the struggles to come. [...]

October 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Event-Discussion October 17th, -Athens – Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Event-Discussion at K*VOX
Topic: “Armed Struggle, Revolutionary Movement and SocialRevolution”

 Comrade N.Maziotis will speak via phone call.

October 17th, at 5pm, Gini building at the Polytechnic.


After the event there will be a benefit party for N.Maziotis’ court fees at K*VOX.


October 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece: Gestures of solidarity with anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos


Anarchist Antonis Stamboulos, currently incarcerated in Larissa prison, is conducting a hunger and thirst strike since October 6th, 2014, demanding his immediate transfer to Koridallos prison in Athens. Below are just a few of the recent gestures in solidarity with the comrade:
On October 4th, anarchists distributed texts and spray-painted and shouted slogans in the neighbourhood where Antonis Stamboulos was arrested, in Vyronas, Athens. On the same day, a banner was placed at Orologiou Square in the city of Veria: “War on cops, judges, journalists, bosses – Solidarity with anarchist revolutionaries – Strength to anarchist Antonis Stamboulos, arrested on 1/10 in Athens.” Also in Thessaloniki, comrades put up a banner in the district of Triandria, which read: “Do do not expect us to bow down – Solidarity with revolutionary A.Stamboulos.”

(Triandria, Thessaloniki)
On October 5th, anarchists carried out another solidarity intervention, in the proximity of his parents’ house which was raided by police, in Maroussi, Athens.
On October 7th, comrades gathered outside the prison in Larissa, as soon as it became known that Antonis Stamboulos was transferred to that hellhole.

(ASOEE building, Athens)
On October 8th, supporters dropped a banner at the main entrance of ASOEE faculty on Patission Street in Athens, which read: “Strength to Antonis Stamboulos, on hunger and thirst strike since 6/10 – Against statist illusions.”
On October 9th, two solidarity banners were hung from an overpass on Chamosternas street near Petralona in Athens. Another banner, 15 meters long, was dropped from an overpass on Veikou Avenue in Galatsi, Athens: “State and Capital the only terrorists – Solidarity with anarchist hunger & thirst striker Antonis Stamboulos – Demonstration on October 11th from Monastiraki Square, at 12:00.” On the same day, a group of anarchists interrupted the regular broadcast of Kokkino 105.5 radio station in Athens to inform listeners about the comrade’s situation. Meanwhile, a morning solidarity gathering was held outside Koridallos male and female prisons, including a protest in front of the prisoner transfer unit’s office in the same area.

(Chamosternas St., Athens)

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October 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece: Letter from Panagiotis Mihalakoglou and M.B. from Korydallos prison

Εικόνα001Inter Arma received and translated:

Greetings to the comrades who attack with strength and decisiveness and sharpen the conflict of the insurrectionary war.
On Wednesday, October 1, 2014 the dogs of Counter-terrorism agency rang the bell at my home, where I was with comrade M.B. Half an hour later and after I was sure that there was no way of escaping or the possibility of fighting them, I opened the door and this resulted in them barging into the house. They immediately put handcuffes on M.B. and sent him to their headquarters, while they kept my handcuffed in the house. During their search, they found weapons that belongs to me and with which comrade M.B. has nothing to do. Afterwards they transferred me at their headquarters as well. I was questioned for about 15 hours as they were trying to get information about the weapons and the actions of other comrades. They failed and they moved me to a cell without being able to communicate with M.B. who was locked up in the cell next to mine. After 5 days of detention, they took us before the prosecution judge and we were led to the basement of F wing of Korydallos prison to remain in pre-trial detention.
 They dont frighten us, they enrage us.
Solidarity and strength to all unrepentant political prisoners.
 Proud and unrepentant anarchists
Panagiotis Mihalakoglou
Update on the case

October 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Bologna, Italy – Solidarity demo concerning the events of Piazza Verdi 2007

Translated by act for freedom now FRIDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2014
 Solidarity demo – 4pm, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna
 One more hearing of the trial concerning the events of Piazza Verdi 2007 will be held on 17th October, and that could lead to the final sentence of the first grade trial.
 The trial involves five comrades, who had been arrested at the time for preventing a TSO [compulsory psychiatric treatment] from being executed. Prosecutor Simone Purgato has demanded high sentences ranging from 6 years and a half to 7 years and a half.
 Solidarity and complicity with
Sirio, Madda, Fede, Juan and Fako!

October 9, 2014
by actforfreedom

Mexico: Amélie and Fallon express solidarity with the four anarchists on hunger strike
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Last Friday night huge graffiti appeared on the walls of the dining room of dormitory C in San Marta prison where we are being held kidnapped. The graffiti expresses our solidarity with anarchist comrades Abraham, Fernando, Mario and Carlos, who are on indefinite hunger strike. Our fellow prisoners haven’t stopped commenting on the extremely visible composition since that day.
It’s a change from the “I love you” usually painted in the prison corridors! It has a confrontational aspect, making a break with daily passivity.
 The objective was reached! It is a way to start discussion and create spaces for reflection inside the prison. This is one of the ways we have here inside to tackle social peace and pacification. From our perspective, there are many ways to fight back and take a position of rejecting authority.
 The intention is not to claim anyone’s innocence, but to generate contexts of conflict and a break with the established order. Moreover, we are aware of the fact that the initiative of the comrades on hunger strike was hyped in the context of 2 October in the mass media, but we know that that was not the comrades’ intention, because we refuse to use the networks of the mass media, even less to talk about innocence.
 In solidarity with the compas in hunger strike!
Neither guilty nor innocent
 Women’s prison in Santa Marta


October 9, 2014
by actforfreedom

[Greece] Strength to anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos, on thirst and hunger strike since October 6th


In the early hours of October 9th, it became known that comrade Antonis Stamboulos intends to continue his hunger and thirst strike inside the prison of Larissa until his demand for transfer to Koridallos prison is met, so that he can be closer to his family and lawyer in Athens.

October 9, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece: Update on the situation of the 2 people arrested by Counter-terrorism agency on 1/10 (Athens-Thessaloniki)


Inter Arma received and translated:
Today, 6/10, the last 2 of the 5 defendants who were arrested during a coordinated raid of the Counter-terrorism agency in Athens and Thessaloniki, were led to Korydallos prison  (in the basement of the F wing). The two comrades are Panagiotis Michalakoglou and M.B.
The two comrades are not accused of participating in a terrorist or criminal organization neither are they related to any robberies, as counter-terrorism agency was leaking to the press during the first days. The accusations are: aggravated possession of arms and possession of explosives (grenade).
From the first moment Panagiotis claimed responsibility for the weapons found inhis house while M.B. has nothing to do with the case. Communiques written by the two comrades will follow. We stand by them with fury and conscience.

October 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece: Anarchist Antonis Stamboulos transferred to Larissa prisons


Solidarity banner in the city of Veria, northern Greece: “War on cops, judges, journalists, bosses – Solidarity with anarchist revolutionaries – Strength to anarchist Antonis Stamboulos, who was arrested on October 1st in Athens”
On October 7th, nearly 25 comrades gathered for about an hour outside the prison of Larissa as a small token of solidarity with comrade Stamboulos, as soon as we were informed that he had been transferred to the same prison (in the A wing). As far as we know, the comrade continues his hunger and thirst strike.
The States are the only terrorists; solidarity with urban guerrilla fighters

October 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Anarchist comrades Chiara Zenobi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Niccolò Blasi claim sabotage on TAV yard in Chiomonte

From macerie and Velen(A)
Translated by act for freedom now
Turin, 24th September 2014
From comrades who were in court we learn that Chiara, Claudio, Mattia e Niccolò were smiling and in good spirits during the trial and with their heads held high they claimed their participation in the action of sabotage that took place in May 2013 at the TAV yard in Chiomonte. The comrades dismantled the accusations and theorems that prosecutors built up on a very different reality and rejected the label of ‘terrorism’ attached to practices that belong to the NO TAV resistance, thus getting rid of the jargon and semantics of repression and dominion.
Here are the comrades’ declarations to the court:
 I knew Maddalena and Val Clarea before the TAV yard was erected there. In those woods I walked, slept, ate, sang, danced. In those places I experienced precious fragments of life together with friends who are no longer there and whom I carry in my heart.
To those places I went back many times in the course of the years.
In the daylight, in the night, in mornings and evenings; in summer, winter, autumn and spring. I’ve seen those places changing and trees falling down after being cut down to make room for barbed wire. I’ve seen the yard expanding and a piece of wood disappearing, headlights popping up and the army coming over to watch a desolate landscape from the same armoured vehicles that patrol the mountains in Afghanistan.
So I went back again in Val Clarea during the now famous night of May.
Too much was written and said on that night and it’s not up to me, nor is it my interest, to say how the action translates in the grammar of the penal code.
What I can say is that I was there on that night.

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October 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

Russia – Update on anarchist comrade Ilya Romanov

Translated by act for freedom now
 We receive and transmit;
 The comrades of Moscow Anarchist Black Cross let us know that Ilya Romanov’ health is improving, especially as concerns the wounds caused by the explosion of the device he was handling.
   As for the comrade’s judicial situation, very little is known because investigators haven’t handed out any official paper on the investigation to Ilya or the court yet. Only when the investigation is concluded will it be possible to have a definite outlook on the comrade’s judicial situation. Investigators are setting up a ‘terrorism’ case and are trying to attribute to Ilya some pieces of writing they found on Ilya’s friend’s computer.
 Comrades have called an expert in order to demonstrate that Ilya is not the author of those writings. Investigators are also retracing Ilya’s trajectory of struggle in order to prove their theses; for example they’re using a declaration he made after his release from prison in Ukraine a few years ago, something they hadn’t paid attention to so far but which is now ‘evidence’ of the comrade’s ‘political extremism’.
 Ilya hasn’t spoken about the case yet, but he wrote several articles in Russian, which we’ll try to translate soon. Comrades in Moscow have troubles in communicating with him but they said he’d make a declaration as soon as the trial begins.
 We also asked the comrades in Moscow for clarifications about the doubts on Ilya’s anarchist consistency raised by some comrades. The comrades denied the fact that Ilya has ever expressed any pro-EU or nationalist positions; on the contrary his being anarchist clearly emerges from his writings.
 Finally we thank all the comrades who have been actively participating in fundraising in recent months. We’ll continue our solidarity activity with Ilya Romanov.
 Anarchists from Trento and Rovereto


October 7, 2014
by actforfreedom

Athens, Greece: Anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos goes on hunger and thirst strike


Following his arrest on the 1st of October 2014, Antonis Stamboulos is currently being held under pretrial detention facing terrorism charges.
On October 6th, with another open letter, the comrade announced hunger and thirst strike denouncing the fact that he is now being held in the prisoner transfer centre of Athens. Furthermore, he protests the ongoing media construct fueled by antiterrorism cops against him.
The terror-frenzy scenarios leaked to the Press have no end, to make it easier for the antiterrorism unit to exterminate him. The captive comrade has been portrayed, among other things, as a leading member of the Revolutionary Struggle urban guerrilla group, as co-perpetrator of a bank robbery in Kleitoria (Achaea, Greece), as alleged successor of slain comrade Lambros Foundas, while the mouthpieces of Power have spread that the wanted anarchist Pola Roupa along with her child was supposedly seen on the steps to his apartment in Kallifrona street in Kypseli (which was deemed a “safehouse”). Meanwhile, wannabe informants and other ridiculous snitches have been all too willing to testify against him (e.g. a neighbor to his parents’ house claimed he had heard explosions from the basement of their home).
The fact that the cops took him to the prisoner transfer centre – despite the prosecutor’s request for his transfer to Koridallos prison – reveals that they are attempting to send him to another, remote prison in order to exterminate not so much him as his relatives, who will be forced to travel for hours to visit him in prison, but also in order to make the work of his defense lawyer tougher than it already is.
Antonis Stamboulos stated that he will not let the scumbags of antiterrorist police and their political bosses crush his close ones. That’s why, even before they announce where they’re planning to send him, he warned that he does not accept to be taken anywhere else other than Koridallos, close to his family and lawyer.
He thus started his hunger and thirst strike on October 6th.

Slogans spray-painted on October 4th by anarchists in solidarity in Denizliou Street in the district of Vyronas, exactly where the comrade was kidnapped by cops: “Solidarity with comrade A.Stamboulos” – “The fight goes on; Antonis, hold strong”.