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January 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

Ferrara, Italy – Gathering outside the prison

Translated by act for freedom now
volantino-ferrara-copia_543x768Against prison as an institution of repression and social model, solidarity with all the imprisoned comrades
To power prison has always been a laboratory for the creation and experimentation of social control. Schools, factories and hospitals are based on the architectural and disciplinary model of prison. The intention has always been to accumulate bodies, which in turn is an essential prerogative for the accumulation of capital.
This implies control and repression that are constantly carried out on various levels and have been developing throughout the time. Among the latest developments of the technology of repression are the reform of the prison system based on differentiation, a reform promoted by the Emilia Romagna region, and the extension of article 42 bis to political prisoners.
On one hand a dangerous ‘zoology of the delinquent’ is created in order to classify that part of the population incompatible with ‘normality’, considered more important than the individual.
On the other hand repression is being intensified against all the forces of social change that really struggle against exploitation of man over man and the earth. If prison used to criminalize political struggles now it turns it into terrorism. It has never been so easy to be labelled as terrorists.
The ‘hard prison’ of Ferrara, where anarchist comrades are locked up in the high surveillance [AS2] unit, represents one of the most outstanding examples of this repressive and punitive reasoning. We think it necessary to point out the existence of the State oppressing machine of normalization and denounce it in this place and symbolically in all other prisons.
We also think it necessary to express our most heartfelt solidarity with comrades Michele, Adriano, Graziano, Lucio, Francesco, Nicola and Alfredo. Recently they struggled against more restrictions imposed by the prison guards on sociality and the exercise yard, and have won.
Our solidarity also goes to the comrades raided in Bologna following acts of sabotage on the TAV carried out in the month of December. We also want to struggle against all forms of snitching and defaming, which are inevitable accomplices of power’s repression.
 25th January, 3:30pm: gathering outside the prison of Ferrara (Via Arginone)

January 25, 2015
by actforfreedom

Scotland: ‘Gang of travelling criminals’ raids two ATM’s

JS54999948A raid on two cash machines where thieves made off with £10,000 could be linked to a gang of travelling criminals.
Police Scotland are seeking the help of forces across the UK to track down those involved in the smash and grab at a Morrisions supermarket in Banchory, Aberdeenshire in the early hours around 3am yesterday morning.
It’s thought a Land Rover was used to haul the machines from the wall in the heist which could also be linked to a similar raid on a bank in Kirriemuir in Angus before Christmas when £100,000 was taken.
One line of inquiry links them to fugitive…who is wanted for raids on 31 ATMs across the UK.
from local snitch media

January 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Kadıkoy, Istanbul: Anarchist solidarity with imprisoned anarchists in Spain Prisons (Turkey)

Act for freedom now! receives:10943925_398666956963117_2396076786715349252_n10928994_398667043629775_1530713936868325954_n10425110_398666900296456_2902699298920781100_nLast night, anarchist groups called ‘Anarchist Front’ and ‘Shadowlesses’, took an action in support of imprisoned anarchists after Pandora Operations in Kadıköy. With black flags and masks, anarchists started to march to a street much used, attack to the ATM’s, bank windows and some capitalist shops like Adidas and chanted for solidarity with anarchists prisoners in Spain and all around the world.
During march, anarchists took down dustbins to blokade roads and attack some ATM’s and multinational capitalist shops. Also, they spoke out about the situation of imprisoned anarchists in Spain prisons. And they chanted: “İnsurrection, Destruction, Anarchy, Long Live Statelesness of People, Freedom for Anarchist Prisoners”.


January 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Italy – Amor y rabia [Love and Anger]: Radiocane on operation Pandora

Translated by act for freedom now
louise-brooksDifferent countries, same antiterrorism. A string of police raids against comrades of the anarchist movement was unleashed on 16th December 2014 in Barcelona. Eleven people were interrogated, of whom seven were held in custody with the charge of ‘terrorism’. [Radiocane transmits] an account and analysis of the facts by a comrade from Barcelona.
the details of the solidarity fund :
ES68 3025 0001 19 1433523907 (Caixa d’Enginyers)
Per maggiori info:
And the addresses of the imprisoned comrades, here
For those who can’t write in Spanish, the comrades let us know that Anna and Bea can read in French, Enrique in English and nearly all of them in Italian. They tell us not to send books directly to them because these are counted for as parcels, instead books have to be posted at the following address (specifying, if necessary, the name of the receiver):
Local anarquista Poble Sec
c/o Maria Hernandez del Blanco
Creu de Mollers 86,
Poble Sec Barcelona.

January 22, 2015
by actforfreedom

And me, what am I doing?

finimondo     16.01.2015
Translated by Act for freedom now!
A quarter of a century ago a comrade was arrested for robbery. After the arrest another comrade wrote to tell him that since the ‘accident’ he now saw him in a different light, seeing him as ‘a man who deserves respect’, whereas before he had just considered him ‘one of those rather opinionated ego-tripping intellectuals’.
I obviously don’t know why the second comrade had had this idea of the first, but it cannot be ruled out that it could also have been due to rumours within the anarchist movement. What a stroke of luck that the robbery failed, at least many got proof that he was not just a windbag – as some had said – just sitting at a typewriter criticizing everything and everybody and churning out theory, but somebody who puts that theory into practice. An anarchist, in fact.
Twenty-five years later, definitely influenced by rumours in the anarchist movement – the kind of rumours that are heard in private discussions, at public meetings, concerts, on demos – many claim that certain comrades just sit at computer keyboards criticizing everything and everybody and writing theory, in short, do not put this theory into practice. Doing fuck all, basically. We don’t know the main reason for thinking and saying this, but probably the fact that they have never been caught red-handed helps to feed the chatter. Ah, what bad luck, not getting arrested … Put under investigation, at most, but that is a whim that investigators indulge against anyone who professes to be anarchist ..
But why does this sleazy gossip take hold and magnify? Because it is particularly convenient to discredit anyone who expresses doubt and criticism – whether deemed founded or not – lowering the content of the critique. Instead of answering it with another, just as bitter and sharp, critique the critics are passed off as people who are unworthy of being taken into consideration, because they cannot do anything else and, so, “don’t merit respect.”
But what is most worrying in such matters is not the nasty habit of gossip-mongering, which does no credit to individuals who would like to transform the world by reproducing its misery, as the police attention that accompanies it. Beyond what someone does or does not do, in fact, is the claim to be aware of it – by comrades !, mind you – that is staggering, and how this conclusion is reached.
Not being able to get news in first person – for fairly obvious reasons – how do you reach these conclusions? By navigating through the wonderful world of the internet, holder of Truth and Knowledge by virtue of all that the sites of the movement report or don’t report, through items in local and national newspapers and / or claims.
The gaze becomes investigator, the eye scans, trying to read between the lines, divinatory qualities are revealed, judgment and sentences are passed … this lot do, this lot don’t, these others might have done but didn’t, while these others could have done more and better … It is not a provocation to talk about a police attitude here, it is a well-founded affirmation because it is precisely the way that investigative bodies often put forward their hypotheses; it is a gaze that it would be good to abandon, given that the first necessity for anyone who wants to fight the State and Authority is to not think and talk in the same way as they do.
The reverse of this mentality is the claiming to know what others do, and how they do it. This is also the result of a police attitude and mindset, that becomes public and turns into informing pure and simple. Those who act this way have always been called snitches, and rightly so. But it does not create a sensation when practiced by apologists of hierarchical struggle, theorists of the verticalization of struggles, those who for years have continued to make insinuations in public encounters, slandering comrades who paid with their lives for their struggle against the TAV, way back when it was neither popular or trendy, and sabotage was not yet an approved practice.
Amidst this vast sea of mud, there is one question that everyone should be asking themselves yet doesn’t: but me, what am I doing and what more can I do? Putting forward doubts and trying to advance one’s own theory and practice, thus attacking and providing oneself with new theoretical and practical tools, would surely be more useful than looking around trying to understand what others are or aren’t doing.
In this way one might avoid finding oneself yet again, in another twenty-five years, seeing some arrest as a stroke of luck: at least everyone will know that the arrested person this time around had been doing something, and had not just been sitting at a warm keyboard, criticizing everything and everybody and churning out theory.
To be considered, from then on, someone that deserves respect!

January 22, 2015
by actforfreedom

(France) -‘Des Ruines’ – nouveau revue anarchiste apériodique/ new anarchist zine

5-14-1c81eAct for freedom now! receives:
Après consultation des nouveaux tarifs de la Poste, les frais de port que
nous avions annoncé pour le France ne sont plus valides. Nous les
estimerons et les communiquerons par mail lors des commandes.
Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer la sortie du premier numéro de la revue
anarchiste apériodique Des Ruines au format A4 relié, pour 112 pages.
Cette revue se donne l’ambition de remuer les réflexions, recherches et
débats autour des perspectives anarchistes et antiautoritaires. Certains
débats vifs et toujours d’actualité, certains autres laissés de côté et
exhumés pour l’occasion.
Pour commande : desruines(at)
– 1 exemplaire : 4 euros
– A partir de 5 exemplaires : 2,50 euros l’unité.
Le sommaire et la couverture sont consultables en ligne ici:

We are pleased to announce the release of the first issue of the anarchist aperiodic magazine Des Ruines from France, 112 pages in A4 binding format.
This magazine will give itself the ambition to stir reflections, research
and debate about anarchists and anti-authoritarians perspectives. Some
lively debate and still relevant, some others left out and dug for the
for orderings : desruines(at)
- one copy : 4 euros
– starting from five copies : 2,50 euros each
The table of content and covers can be seen

January 22, 2015
by actforfreedom

Neo-nazis lock themselves inside and will not face confrontation – Athens – Greece

Video of the attack at Golden Dawn nazis office in Athens

Fascist cowards will not face head on confrontation from anti fascists pounding on their steel door! Make a point to confront any piece of shit fascist you are aware of to make sure that they know that they and their ideas are not welcome in our streets anywhere!

January 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

Villa Vegan Squat, Milan, Italy – Benefit concert for the anarchist comrades arrested in the Spanish State following Operation “Pandora”

Via:Villa Vegan Squat
Translated by act for freedom now
Villa Vegan Squat, Milan, Italy – Benefit concert for the anarchist comrades arrested in the Spanish State following “Operation” Pandora’: 30th January from 9:30pm (be in time!)
image-e1421231139265Letormenta (Earth-grind from Forlì)
RFT (hardcore from Milan)
Lamantide (hardcore/post-hc from Cremona)
?Lacosa (post-hc from Saronno)
NO sexism, NO racism, NO homophobia, NO transphobia, NO specism
Leave your dog at home, there’ll be other free animals!
At Villa Vegan squat, Via Litta Modignani 66, Milan; metro Affori FN M3, buses 40 and 41

January 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Operation “Pandora” [Spain]: A text by some of the arrested anarchist comrades

From: RadioAzione
Translated by Act for freedom now!
To our people, to all comrades known and unknown who embrace anarchist ideas and all those in solidarity and interested.
The morning of 16 December [in Barcelona] a large deployment of police raided neighbourhoods Sant Andreu, Poble Sec and Gracia, Manresa, Sabadell and Carabanchel di Madrid, entering our homes shouting “Police!” and after meticulous searches, arrested 11 of us. At the same time the Ateneu Llibertari of Sant Andreu, the anarchist Ateneu of Poble Sec, Kasa de la Muntanya and the homes of some friends, were raided without there being further arrests.
When the police got tired of rummaging, recording and collecting supposed clues, we who were arrested in Catalunya were taken separately to different police stations outside Barcelona, with the aim of hindering any gestures of solidarity, and 48 hours later we were transferred 600 km to the Audiencia Nacional in Madrid. After long hours of waiting during which you could cut the mutual hostility with a knife, four comrades were released with other precautionary measures and we 7 were put in preventive detention without bail on charges of creation, promotion, management and belonging to a terrorist organization, destruction and possession of explosives and incendiary devices.
We perceive this latest repressive strike as an attack on anarchist ideas and practices, at a time when the State needs internal enemies to justify a series of increasingly repressive and coercive measures to reinforce the existing forms of totalitarianism. With the discourse of the crisis and insecurity as a background, we have witnessed the intensification of border controls, racist raids, evictions, hetero-patriarchal violence and the exploitation of labour and a long etcetera that manifests itself in increasingly miserable conditions for most people.
These cold walls we are now locked inside hide the smiles that appeared on our faces when we learned that family, friends and comrades spent hours and hours in front of the police headquarters and at the Audiencia Nacional, taking care of us despite the cold and the distance. Similarly, it fills us with joy to know that there was a big combative demonstration of solidarity in Barcelona and also elsewhere, gestures that fill us with strength and courage to deal with this situation with dignity.
We send a greeting, always fighting, always fraternal, to Francisco Solar, Monica Caballero, Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and all and the indomitable who beyond imposed boundaries and despite imprisonment, oppression and hardship, do not put down their heads and continue to make bold the struggle. Our hearts are with you.
Now and always death to the State and long live Anarchy.
Some anarchists under the backlash of Operation Pandora.
Madrid, end of 2014

January 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mexico: ‘The Conflict Against Technology’

Sin títulofrom edicionesaborigen via instintosalvaje, transl waronsociety:
Ediciones Aborigen has taken the text “Chronology of the Conflict Against Technology” posted on the blog El Tlatol in August, 2014, in order to compile it in an archival effort for its physical and informational reproduction.
This chronolgy presents the evolution–in the thinking as much as the modus opandi–of the groups and individuals dedicated to sabotage and terrorism (in “Mexican territory), as an extreme form of response to the frenetic advance of the techno-industrial system.
This is a history that does not end here, the wild natives of these lands preferred to die before they would be domesticated, the resurgent resistance that has called to us is following their steps.
In defense of wild nature,
Ediciones Aborigen
September 2014

January 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mexico: Indirect Response to the Individualists Tending toward the Wild

Sin títulofrom edicionesaborigen via instintosalvaje, transl waronsociety:
Ediciones Aborigen (Aboriginal Editions) reproduces one of the entries from the blog El Tlatol which was published in August 2014, in which the persons responsible for the blog’s updating take note of something curious and doubtless worth publishing.
September 2014
Introduction from El Tlatol:
Reading more deeply the communiques from the ITS group, the group that updates the blog El Tlatol could see that the sixth text from ITS is a response to the critiques written by a pair of editorial groups loyal to the ideas of Ted Kaczynski, namely Último Reducto (Last Bastion) and Anónimos con Cautela (Cautious Anonymous).
This pair of critiques were made public on January 8, 2012 on a blog that no longer exists, and ITS indirectly responded to them on the 28th of that same month, without mentioning the signatory editorial groups.
Perhaps these critiques–and especially the one by Último Reducto, being the one that has more weight and simplicity–were what pushed ITS to self-critique and the definition of positions. We will not really know until they make a statement about this matter.
We clarify that the group that updates the Tlatol blog do not believe in intend to attach ourselves to the rights of the author, therefore we consider it viable to publish texts that we did not author (as in this case), but which serve us egoistically for a concrete end. So if anybody thinks to write to our mailing address and ask us for an explanation about the use of their text (or texts) without the author’s permission, our response will always be to ignore and to pass over their bothersome rules of writing.

January 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Chile, Santiago: From Chile to Spain Insurrectionary Solidarity

from 325, transl. waronsociety:
A banner is a banner…but it is more than a piece of paper when it is marked with a form of seeing and understanding permanent multiform conflict.
It is a minimal gesture of response, a complicit wink to our compañerxs kidnapped by the Spanish State, our complicity extends farther than any border.The collusion between the Spanish and Chilean state became evident through the public flirtation between their repressive organisms, materializing in several trips and meetings of their authorities in both territories during the last few months.
Operation Pandora is not simply a blind re-issuing of a repressive model, but also includes forward movement, looking at the falsification of reality through labeling the GAC as a cell of direct action (just like here where squats were labeled as fronts of a “terrorist organization”). In addition the repressive leap is based on the fabricated trap of accusing the compañerxs of comprising a “terrorist organization” that has not committed a single known attack. This is Democracy, the absurd that self-affirms in order to perpetuate its own power. As anti-authoritarians we don’t beg for anything, we only declare our contempt.
From different latitudes and and territories we learn about the repressive maneuvers in Spain, understanding that the Social War is lived on a global scale. States share information and strategies. We do not only study, but are part of the same wave against power.
We do not forget our hermanxs Francisco and Mónica, our hearts have been and will be with you.
Solidarity and struggle with the compañerxs kidnapped by Operation Pandora and with our dear friends of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and Christodoulos Xiros recently imprisoned: Once a guerrilla, always a guerrilla!
Some Anarchists
Santiago-Chile. January 2015.

January 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece: Text by Nikos Romanos in solidarity with Dimitris Ch.

Inter Arma received and translated:
Since recently, we watch the two candidate govermental poles engaging in a communicative conflict in the face of the parliamentary elections about the future management of the Greek state. On the one hand are the managers of fear that roam from tv channel to tv channel talking about eminent disasters and on the other hand the vendors of hope that sell their merchandise to all those desperate and gullible people that envision a welfare state like the ones other European countries have, where exploitation is masked with social benefits.
In this political context, the state has unleashed a new anti-terrorist campaign that is presented through the media as a well-directed action movie where the cops come out as the winners. The final act of this poorly set scenario took place yesterday. On Friday morning, the cops barged into a wing of Avlona prison, searched only the cells of some of my former fellow prisoners and very good friends and confiscated telephone books, phone cards, personal notes and other personal things.
Some time later, my dear friend Dimitris Ch., who had received his regular prison leave and his wife, are arrested, while a search at his house takes place simultaneously. The search is carried out in Korydallos prison where the prison remained closed from noon until next day’s morning. EKAM (police special forces) conducted targeted raids in various cells of political and criminal prisoners in A and F wards. Of course it’s not by chance that the cops’ intervention was announced in the news before it even started, confirming the communicative aspect and the political exploitation of the police raids by the state. Raids in Larisa, Domokos and Trikala prisons by EKAM also followed, always under the blessing of local prosecutors and prison authorities.
But behind the political expediencies of domination, there is pain, sorrow and rage beyond description. D.CH is a friend with whom I have shared joys and sorrows behind the bars of captivity. A man who, for those who know, has already payed with 20 cursed years of imprisononment from his life, his choice to honor his friendships. A beautiful person that has nothing to do with the labels the suit-wearing crows of the media give to him. A friend who I will support until the end because he would do the same for me.
Because the pigs of the real mafia, politicians, cops, judges frame him just before the end of his prolonged nightmare of imprisonment just because they want to see him coming out their prison brothels as a broken man.
But he laughs best who laughs last.
Μitsaras my brother strength and courage
Nikos Romanos
Korydallos Prison

January 17, 2015
by actforfreedom

Santiago, Chile: Confrontations, street blockades, and incendiary attacks in memory of compañero Sebastian Oversluij, Angry PHOTOS

from contrainformate, transl. waronsociety:

During December 2014, several expressions of confrontation were found again in the street seeking to keep the insurrectionary memory of anarchist compañero Sebastian Oversluij slain during a bank appropriation the past December 13th alive.
Already since November sabotage of the machine of hate has been expressed with fire and combat, such as the incendiary attack against a bus (ES) in the Macul and Grecia sector or the blocking of the railway line (ES) claimed by the “Anarchist Coordinated Group -GAC/ Mauricio Morales Organized Band/ Sebastián Oversluij Incendiary Cell.”
Only to name a few acts, to continue a brief re-cap -always incomplete- of what has occurred as of now:
:::Confrontations at the Ex- Pedagogico and the identification of a police infiltrator:::
On Decmeber 10, 2014, around 13:30, encapuchados carried out confrontations outside of the Ex Pedagógico, erecting barricades and attacking the police with molotovs in memory of the assassination of Angry.
During the confrontation, the students in the area found someone suspicious. After confronting the miserable one, he stammered that he was a University alumni. Incredulous, in light of the incoherent statements, the students began to be recognize his character as that of a police infiltrator, and just at that moment the special forces entered in droves inside the University to rescue their infiltrator, handing out blows to whoever they found in the area.

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January 17, 2015
by actforfreedom

Cévennes: We will not participate in national unity!

Translated by Act for freedom now!
Mobilize, yes! But with whom and why?
After the attacks on the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo and against a kosher supermarket, political leaders, political parties and the media call for “national unity” to “defend our values,” a “republican outburst against barbarism”…arton4159-48bfb
Using the indignation and fear resulting from these atrocities, the ruling class would have us forget that it is directly responsible for the rise of fascisms (from religious fundamentalism to exacerbated nationalism). By the social, economic and political system that it upholds and strengthens each day, it builds the conditions for the emergence of communitarian hatred, fanaticism and reactionary movements. Immigrant or descending from immigrant populations, the poor, the marginalized … have been stigmatized, made guilty, herded into ghettos, overexploited and rendered ever poorer over decades.
Political, economic and media power orchestrate the overall degradation, pushing to communitarianism and the war of all against all. The ruling class uses every weapon to divide us and brutalize us to assert power and increase profits. This logic of division is growing in parallel with the economic crisis that affects the population living in these conditions. And, in the face of revolts that could result from the increasingly glaring inequalities, what better than to create an artificial unity against a common enemy. The supporters of capitalism jump on any opportunity to ensure their interests.
We cannot continue down this path where poverty, exploitation and stigmatization are leading us into civil war and fascism. In any case the defence of the current system cannot prevent this macabre perspective. Only solidarity and social struggles against inequality, exploitation and the decline of our freedoms can curb these logics. Today, more than ever, class struggle and social revolution are the only perspectives against whatever kind of fascism.
Against the war of all against all!
Long live class solidarity against capital!

January 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Comrades, against the State and against all priests, Long live blasphemy!

Vive le blasphème!
via: Non-fides
Comrades, against the State and against all priests,
Long live blasphemy!
Paris, January 11, 2015
Translated by Act for freedom now!
“… The time of life is short! … An if we live, we live to tread on kings …”
In the face of a deadly attack, unprecedented in this form in our latitudes – an editorial group of a satirical newspaper, historically anchored on the far left, decimated with an assault rifle for not being subjected to the religious prohibition of representation and publishing caricatures of Mohammed – a strong will to react manifests itself, large gatherings are held throughout France and beyond, social networks are full of messages …. You go out, perhaps both to express that you are affected, to understand what is going on, what this situation is the result of and what is going to happen, to talk, wander, not be alone, to think, refuse anything in the situation, feelings that we can understand and share, we who, in politics, like to be up to the situation.
This fervour, still formless and without established discourse, is soon brought to heel within the Republican framework: what defends anyone who demonstrates will be the State, its government, its police and the construction of social and political around the defence of the existent. This time the setting is magnificent: it will be in a plebiscite with a Gaullist accent, a true manifestation of State, the greatest number is called to make a mass behind the French and foreign ministers, religious leaders, political parties and bosses … We then have the urge to hum “my uncle villainous handyman …” of Boris Vian.

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January 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Modena, Italy – Bugging device found at Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra

From Anarchici pistoiesi
Translated by act for freedom now
1lig3ligOn Thursday 18th December we found a bug inside a neon light attached to the ceiling at Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra, consisting of three 9-volt batteries joined together with insulating tape, with a microphone and antenna at each end.
As social tensions get worse day by day, eavesdroppers orchestrated by hysterical prosecutors are hard at work to repress moments of conflictuality where trajectories of conflict and a radical critique of all forms of exploitation are resolutely pursued. No victimism, we are not going to seek any kind of compromise with whatever institutional and authoritarian entity, we will have no dialogue with them; consequently we are not asking to be treated fairly or with respect. We are aware of the fact that power aims at eliminating any form of dissent in order to preserve itself, hampering relations of affinity and solidarity, criminalizing anyone who opposes it pitting themselves against public opinion, now totally brainwashed by the politics of security.
We won’t be intimidated by the machinery of repression and will continue to be on the side of those who obstruct the continuation of this alienating existent day by day undeterred.
Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra

January 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Czech Republic: Czech State Report on collaboration among anarchists

via: [Translation to Italian by: RadioAzione [Croatia]]  
Translated to English by Act for freedom now!
Grecja w ogniu: we are publishing a fragment of the report “Relations between extremists in Central and Eastern Europe and Greece”
 Extremist violence is considered a serious threat to modern European and global security, especially when linked to terrorism and other strategies of guerrilla warfare. Extremist environmentalists from different countries and regions are now in close contact and are mutually reinforcing. An important part of today’s international extremism is the exchange of strategies and tactical elements. Continue Reading →

January 15, 2015
by actforfreedom

Update on imprisoned anarchist comrades Giannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis.

Act for freedom now!
machorka-3edcxsw2After a phone communication with the comrades they have informed us
about their new addresses in Domokos C’type high security prisons and
that they together in the same cell in wing E’1.
Comrade G.Sarafoudis is transferred back to Koridallos prisons last week for the upcoming trial
of the case of the bank robbery in Filota, which begins on January 14th.
Their morale and spirits are high.

Giannis Naxakis

Grigoris Sarafoudis

Geniko Katastima Kratisis Domokou,

Ε Pteryga,

35010 Domokos,



January 14, 2015
by actforfreedom

Political statements of those accused of participation in the CCF. Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!
AullaPolitical statements of those accused of participation in the CCF.
On Thursday, August 28th 2014, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros
Mitrousias and Stella Antoniou read out their political statements
before the special court concerning the “Nea Smirni” case (a.k.a.
Anti-terrorist operation and arrests on December 4th 2010).
Furthermore, Giorgos Karagiannidis read out a statement sent by Kostas
Sakkas, who is underground, to his advocate Dimitris Katsaris.
Kostas Sakkas: 16 years (the comrade is underground, having violated his
bail conditions and is wanted)


I am sending the following text to Athens lawyer Dimitrios Katsaris in order for him to deliver it to his client and my co-accused Giorgos Karagiannidis, in order to read it out in the courtroom during the testimony procedure.
I realize absolutely that what a relative of mine testified during the witnesses’ testimonies was done with the best of intentions. However I must clarify that a large part of it does not reflect reality and does not express me as an individual.
Unfortunately the conditions in which I find myself in, my inability to communicate and the restrictions that this implies, led to the misinterpretation of this specific witness on what their role was, as such.
In my following statement my political opinions and positions are analysed to a large degree as well as what my implication is in the case examined in the court.
On December 4th 2010, two days before the anniversary of the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos by the forces of repression, I was arrested along with my comrade and friend A.Mitrousias, outside a place in which we were hiding weapons. From the start we clarified that the weapons belonged to us and no one but us. They were not intended to supply any organization and could obviously not be a product for trading.

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