January 21, 2017
by actforfreedom

Netherlands – ATM machines demolished in solidarity with the anarchists accused of bank robbery in Aachen, Germany –

Last night we demolished 9 ATM machines in Den Haag, the Netherlands, in solidarity with the the anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen, Germany. Their court case is set to begin on January 23rd 2017, and will take around 26 days spread over a 5 months.
We are not interested in knowing whether the comrades are actually responsible for the bank robberies or not. Expropriation is an ethically just and politically legitimate practice, a method of struggle that is part of the history of all revolutionary movements.
We want them free! Love, rage and solidarity!
Destroy all banks! Fire to the prisons!

January 20, 2017
by actforfreedom

Call for solidarity demonstration for the members of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle – Athens ,Greece


Solidarity demonstration for the members of the armed organization
Revolutionary Struggle, Saturday 21/1 at 12.00 in Monsatiraki. Athens
Collaboration for the diffusion of revolutionary prospect.

January 20, 2017
by actforfreedom

Debating Justice: A letter from Damien out of the Fleury-Mérogis jail – France

Damien is an anarchist arrested on Wednesday, December 7 in Bretagne, charged with attacks against the Chambre of Commerce, a Jaguar dealership, and other targets during a demo that took place on April 14 between Paris’ 10th and 19th districts during the mobilization against the Loi Travail. This letter was published on January 7 and was intended as a contribution to a public discussion about how to engage with the justice system, in a bid to break the isolation that it seeks to impose.
When I heard that on January 9 in Paris there was going to be a debate about justice, I wanted to try to contribute by letter, but because I’m not allowed any visits or phone calls, I don’t have any details about the subject of the debate. The theme of justice is tied to many issues, like repression, authority, and incarceration, as well as obviously questions of defense or attack, resignation or dignity, inaction or vengeance.
This is a personal choice belonging to each individual and I don’t want to lecture about it or present myself as a martyr or hero, which I am not. So I will speak only of my own choice, one that isn’t motivated by the specter of revolutionary duty, but by desire, my own need to feel more free, more dignified, and more alive than my jailers permit.

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January 18, 2017
by actforfreedom

Florence, Italy – Update on raids carried out 1st January following the explosion of a device at “Il Bargello” [neo-nazi] bookshop

1st January 2017 at around midday the Digos of Florence turned up at three flats in the city and a house in the province of Prato. They searched the homes and cars of those who were there, looking for weapons and explosives. They found nothing apart from one instance, where they seized electrical material (cables, switches, bulbs) and various items (computers, ‘bormioli’ glass jar lids, beeswax…)
Five people were taken to the forensic unit in Florence where they were photographed and fingerprinted; after several hours in the police station they were requested to do a swab test on their hands to detect traces of explosive material. Four people agreed to it, whereas one of them refused so the police decided to seize the jacket they were wearing. At 8pm all five were released with investigation reports showing negative results.
The search of the house in the province of Prato also went on for a long time, followed by a clumsy attempt by the forensic police (who went there after the Digos of Prato and Florence) to do swab tests to look for traces of gunpowder on the hands of those being investigated. The cops wanted to do the test in the middle of a wood using cotton wool from an envelope that had already been opened. At their refusal to submit to the test, the four people were taken to Prato police station where – besides the material already seized – their coats were also taken.
Charges being considered by the investigators are attempted murder, serious bodily harm and fabrication and transport of an explosive device. So far no one is known to have been declared under investigation.
Translated by act for freedom now!
encircled A

January 18, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Update on Operation “Scripta Manent” (16/01/2017)

The Court of Cassation decided to commit Daniele Cortelli for trial, concerning the decision of Court of Liberty [provincial appeals court]. Additionally, on January 10th the judge for the preliminary investigations rejected the house arrest.
We have been informed, after the prison visits, that Marco Bisesti has had the disciplinary council on January 13th, but he did not know its outcome yet, following the fact that he smashed with a coatrack several objects in prison office. This gesture was triggered by the installation of opaque windows which actually made impossible to look outside the building.

January 18, 2017
by actforfreedom

Mapuches still resisting in “Chile”

In a march commemorating the ninth anniversary of the murder of indigenous Mapuche activist Matias Catrileo, shot in the back by police,  protesters stormed the financial district of Santiago, Chile.
They demanded charges against Mapuche spiritual leader or ‘Machi” Francisca Linconao be dropped. She is charged in an arson attack that killed two wealthy land owners in ancestral Mapuche lands. After a 14 day hunger strike ‘to freedom or death,’ she was released on house arrest the same day as the march and ended her hunger strike. Protesters denounced ongoing  police violence against indigenous peoples in Chile.
Decrying cases like that of Brandon Hernández Huentecol, 17, who was shot in the back by police last month. Huentecol has had 12 operations and remains in critical condition. His family denounced police efforts to buy their silence.

January 18, 2017
by actforfreedom

Sydney, Australia – Solidarity mural for the Revolutionary Struggle comrades in Greece

Received on 14.01.16:
On January 5th 2017, fugitive Pola Roupa and anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou were arrested in Athens. Anti-terror cops raided a home with Pola and her six-year-old son inside, while Konstantina was arrested nearby.
Both women are members of Revolutionary Struggle, an anarchist guerrilla organisation which has waged war on capital and the state for the past decade.
As a minimum response to the capture of our comrades, some anarchists in Sydney painted a solidarity mural.
Solidarity with the prisoners of the social war.
For the annihilation of every prison.

January 15, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Updates on anarchist comrade Daniele Cortelli

Daniele will be at a preliminary hearing at the court of Rome on 31st January.
Daniele is not among those investigated within operation “Scripta Manent” but he was arrested following the raids carried out in that context.
Translated by act for freedom now!


 Act for free Notes:  update “On 10th January, Daniele was refused house arrest. He also lost the appeal for his custodial conditions held on Friday 13th so he is likely to be in prison for the duration of his trial”.

January 15, 2017
by actforfreedom


anonymous report:
“On December 24 in the province of Perugia we wanted to celebrate Christmas
in a different way, as we all should do, we wanted to restore freedom and
dignity to two poor innocent creatures.
Tired of keeping them, or for some reason, the Master had them locked up in cages completely forgetting them, after several complaints, finally whom it may concern had gone to the place, but for them it was okay,
nothing strange.

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January 15, 2017
by actforfreedom

Brescia, Italy – Two anarchist comrades investigated following an attack on the Polgai police training centre

From the media of the regime we learn that after a year of investigation prosecutors from Brescia have put two anarchist comrades under investigation. They have been charged with attack with intents of terrorism and possession and fabrication of explosives, article 280, following an attack on the Polgai police training centre in Brescia, which took place in the night between 17th and 18th December 2015 with a bomb made with eight kilograms of gunpowder. The device caused damage to the door of the building. The attack was claimed by the anarchist comrades of Cellula anarchica acca (C.A.A) in affinity with the black international, and was in response to a BLACK DECEMBER call for action.
We are not interested in knowing who are the guilty or the innocent.
We stand close to Juan and Manu, as we are aware that any anarchist action makes cracks in the walls that dominion erects in order to restrain us inside as well as outside.
Translated by act for freedom now!

January 14, 2017
by actforfreedom

Interview with anarchists from Den Haag in the Avalanche, Anarchist Correspondence, issue 9

December 2016 – The NetherlandsAvalanche-EN-9
Interview with anarchists from Den Haag
A conversation with two anarchist comrades from Den Haag, NL, an overview of the context, struggle and projects of a few anarchists from this city. We chose to transcribe this interview in order to better understand the particular path, circumstances and moments of revolt that have composed the experience of these comrades.
Tell me a bit about the city itself…
A – Den Haag is a city of 500 to maybe 600 thousand people, it is both the home to poor neighbourhoods, such as the Schilderswijk, the poorest neighbourhood in the Netherlands, and of the biggest institutions of justice of the European Union. The motto of the city is “Peace and Justice”.
It is the host of some of the most important military, intelligence and justice institutions of the European Union… Europol, international summit centres, interna- tional courts, embassies…
B – There is also an international zone, protected by security delta, this is not only for the State but also com- panies, it attracts companies, capital. This city has all changed in the last 15 years, some- one in charge, from one day to the next, decided to flip the switch… and everything changed, all the dozens of squats were evicted, cleaned up, made the space for its new international role…
You mentioned before the Schilderswijk, this neigh- bourhood is quite famous, but mostly we hear about it from mainstream news, can you talk a bit about it from your perspective and what kind of presence you have there?

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January 12, 2017
by actforfreedom

In the late hours of 25-11-16, we carried out coordinated arson attacks against the German energy multinational RWE – hambach – Germany

In the late hours of 25-11-16, we carried out coordinated arson attacks against the German energy multinational RWE in the vicinity of the hambach opencast lignite mine. We have delayed this communique until now (11-1-17) for strategic purposes.
After a scout of the area, we split up and set fire to six pumping stations, two electrical transformers, one digger and a substation of the electrical grid.
Pumping stations are key pieces of the mines infrastructure used to lower the water table and prevent the flooding of the mine. They most often resemble a section of exposed pipe and an electrical box surrounded by construction fence. We prised open the electrical boxes using a crowbar and placed simple timed incendiary devices and a bundle of bicycle inner tubes inside to ensure the flames caught nicely.

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January 12, 2017
by actforfreedom


After the arrest of comrade Pola Roupa member of the Revolutionary
Struggle and the comrade who was arrested at a similar operation in
Brahami, a solidarity gathering was carried out outside GADA (athens
police HQ).
An open assembly in the Polytechnic followed, which carried out an
intervention outside the house of S.Kodonis minister of Justice. The
mass intervention by solidarians is a first reflex action to the
vengeful captivity by the state of the 6year old child of comrades
N.Maziotis and Pola Roupa, who went on hunger and thirst strike
demanding that their child be given to their relatives immediately.




Translated by Act for freedom now!

January 12, 2017
by actforfreedom

Text of imprisoned anarchists in solidarity with the comrades on hunger and thirst strike – koridallos prison, Athens – Greece

This morning 5.1.17 two anarchist comrades K.A and the member of Revolutionary
Struggle Pola Roupa are caught by the cops.
Comrade Pola fell in their hands having her son with her, who they
separated from his mother and are keeping him in the juvenile
Behind the screams of the crows of tv and the laurels political
superiors expect for their “new success”, hides the callous brutality of
the state mechanism. Both towards the comrades who we know very well
what methods of psychological and physical violence they are
experiencing right now, but especially against the 6year old child they
are using as leverage.
No one should doubt where their vengeance could reach in this war. The
only obstacle can be solidarity. Solidarity on a political as well as on
a human level, against the mental torture of a young child who they
interrogate and deprive him of his familiar environment.
Left and right wing scumbags who are now in the political administration
of the capitalist machine, do not even think about continuing this
That stuff about institutionalizing the 6 year old child will remain in
the dirty mouths of the blackmailing cops and interrogators.
Immediate satisfying of the demand of the hunger and thirst strike by
anarchist P.Roupa and N.Maziotis.
Give the child to his relatives right now.
Solidarity to those who do not bow the head.
War against authority until social revolution and anarchy.
Dimitris Politis
Panagiotis Aspiotis
Giannis Mihailidis
Antonis Staboulos
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos
Tasos Theofilou
Giorgos Karagiannidis
Alexandros Mitrousias
Grigoris Sarafoudis
Argiris Dalios
Fivos Harisis
Nikos Romanos
Grigoris Tsironis
Marios Seisidis
Kostas Sakkas
Giorgos Petrakakos
Spiros Christodoulou


Translated by Act for freedom now!

January 12, 2017
by actforfreedom


To begin talking about hunger strikes, first of all I must find the reasons that gave birth to such a method as a means of protest/pressure in order to understand it better and, by extension, interpret it in the present. Only following this, can my views on it be understood.
Going, therefore, back in time, I can offhand imagine a situation in which a person (or persons) wouldn’t have any other option for expressing his/hers rage against the oppression he/she experienced because all other means would have been ruled out, one way or another, and, thus, he/she would proceed to such a move. I can imagine a person that had used up all the active means at his/her disposal, until it was practically impossible for him/her to make any other move besides refusing food. Obviously, this person would be in a condition of confinement or restriction since he/she didn’t simply leave the oppression zone. In fact, I imagine that this first person didn’t even have the capacity of free physical movement, maybe due to having been beaten or restrained, and then he/she came up with this ultimate way of reaction in a passive self-destructive way, betting on the blackmail of the oppressors. I cannot estimate if this blackmail was emotional or outright practical, since I don’t know which era I’m referring to but I lean towards the latter. I’m almost certain that the first one to try this ended up dead. I presume that such a death at some point didn’t fit the oppressors any more, I assume for practical reasons (maybe they wanted to use that person for labour/slavery), which fits with the logic of a much older period in time.
This discontent of the then ruling power probably got widely known and spread as the incident that marked the beginning of the sporadic reproduction of the hunger strike phenomenon. On top of this, with the gradual democratization of certain societies, such a death was no longer convenient, not any more for practical reasons (for which they would have probably taken measures by then), but for humanitarian reasons, putting at stake even the core of the regime’s rhetoric, namely democracy, and therefore the position of its officials.

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January 12, 2017
by actforfreedom

Bristol NYE 2016 prison demo! – UK

On New Years Eve 2016 we made a successful noise demo outside Horfield prison to remember those inside. While most other people are celebrating, for people locked up it’s just another night of the same routine, and we tried to shout our joy and rage from the year that’s passed over the 5m fortress walls to interrupt the monotony for at least one evening.
We did manage to make quite a ruckus and heard some shouts from inside! Freedom for all prisoners in 2017 and forever!

January 12, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece – Updates on the trial of anarchist communist comrade Tassos Theofilou

C18PYWVVEAEyCK0.jpg large
Second hearing of the trial of Tassos Theofilou
by Sylvia & Giant
With the provocative statements and behavior of the prosecution, started the second hearing of the trial of appeals of Tassos Theofilou, on Tuesday, 20th of December. The sister of the dead taxi driver Demetris Michas, changed her initial testimony and now recognizes Tassos Theofilou as the one who fought with and shot her brother “based on what she found out” while stating she had watched footage which was unpublished at the time and recognized Theofilou.
During the trial, her son, who accompanied his mother, prevented anyone wanting to sit down in the audience from walking in front of him, while during his departure he spat towards Tassos Theofilou’s mother, who was outside the appellate court talking to a member of Omnia TV and another girl from the audience.
At the beginning of the hearing the presiding judge asked the defendant about his plea regarding the changes and Theofilou responded that he denies all charges. Then, the defence attorneys submitted their requests.
The first request of the defense concerned the possibility to keep audio records of the trial in order to safeguard the credibility of the court, after the failure to keep accurate records of everything during the trial of first instance. The lawyers stressed that important parts of the procedure, such as the orations of two defence attorneys and the comments made by the presiding judge, were entirely lost. During an intervention, Mr. Fyrakis also highlighted that the avoidance to keep to keep audio records in trials like this, serves political motives.
The prosecutor Mrs. Anna Kalouta suggested that keeping audio records is not necessary since, among other factors, there is a lack of equipment. After the judges conferred, they announced that the request is denied due to technical difficulties, as the Justice Ourania Papadakis put it, despite the request being seen in a positive light by the judges.

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January 11, 2017
by actforfreedom

Anarchist prisoners in Italy

 Marina Cugnaschi
Seconda Casa Di Reclusione Milano-Bollate
Via Cristina Belgioioso 120
20157 Milan
Francesco (Gimmi) Puglisi
C.C. Roma Rebibbia
Via Raffaele Majetti 70
00156 Rome
These comrades are serving a 10-year sentence for ‘devastation and plunder’, a charge that Italian prosecutors devised in order to punish the hundreds of rebels who rioted in Genoa during the G8 summit in July 2001. Carlo Giuliani, a young rebel, was shot dead by a cop on the second day of the summit. At the end of those days of generalized revolt, many demonstrators were beaten up and tortured by the police, while others went on trial and were sentenced in 2012.
Maurizio Alfieri
Via Camporgnago 40
20090 Opera
Maurizio is a long-term prisoner who is being targeted by the Italian prison system for speaking out in favour of other prisoners and for denouncing the terrible conditions of the various jails he ‘visited’.
Alfredo Cospito
Nicola Gai
C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
Nicola and Alfredo were arrested in September 2012 and accused of having shot and kneecapped Roberto Adinolfi, the boss of an infamous nuclear power company, in May 2012.The action had been claimed by the Olga Nucleus of the Anarchist Informal Federation. The comrades claimed responsibility for the action during the trial, which was held in November 2013. Alfredo was sentenced to 10 years and 8 months, Nicola to 9 years and 4 months. It must be said that Roberto Adinolfi’s kneecapping was very much welcomed by anyone opposing nuclear power in Italy and abroad.
Marco Bisesti
C.C. Strada Statale Casale, 50/A
15121 Alessandria (AL)
 Alessandro Mercogliano
C.C. Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
Anna Beniamino
Via Aspromonte 100
04100 Latina
 Danilo Emiliano Cremonese
Str. delle Campore 32
05100 Terni TR
 Valentina Speziale
Via Aspromonte 100
04100 Latina
 Daniele Cortelli
Str. delle Campore 32
05100 Terni
These comrades were arrested after raids were carried out in various Italian cities on 6th September 2016, in what was named ‘operation scripta manent’. Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, already in prison following Adinolfi’s kneecapping, were also included in the investigation. The charges for all (except Daniele) relate to a string of direct actions carried out between 2004 and 2012 and claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation. In other words the comrades are accused of belonging to a subversive association with intent of terrorism.
Daniele, on the contrary, was arrested in relation to other proceedings on charges of possession of material for the manufacture of explosive devices, following the discovery in his apartment of some batteries and an electrician’s manual.
Divine Umoru
Via Arginone 327
44122 – Ferrara
The situation of Divine Umoru, anarchist prisoner held up in the Ferrara AS2 unit on charges of possession of potentially explosive material.
Judges have once again refused to grant Divine house arrest, this time at his mother’s home in Bologna (they had already refused house arrest in a comrade’s home). The pretexts were the fact they didn’t have availability of electronic bracelets and Divine’s subversive frequentations in Bologna.
Their intention concerning Divine seems that of organizing a one-way direct trip to Nigeria. He left Nigeria as a child, when he came to Italy with his family. If this is what they want we must act so that it doesn’t happen and it is every Anarchist’s responsibility to act in this respect.
In the coming days an appeal trial will be held against the refusal to grant house arrest.