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March 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

İstanbul: Yunanistan’da açlık grevinde olan tutsaklarla anarşist dayanışma / Anarchist solidarity to the hungerstrikers in Greek prisons

Today in Kadıkoy, we marched in solidarity with prisoners in Greek prisons, who are in hunger strike since 2nd of March and who turn to death fast. During march, we chanted slogans: “Destroy Prisons, Free the Prisoners”, “Wage Slavery System will end with anarchy”, “Greetings to the comrades who are fighting and fallen”, “Insurrection Revolution Anarchy”. This action was finished in peacefull way, but if something come over our comrades, we’ll turn the streets to hell.
Long Live Anarchy!
Shadowlesses (Gölgesizler)

March 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mexico – Anarchist comrade Carlos López ‘Chivo”s reply to Izquierda Revolucionaria Internacionalista (InternationalRevolutionary Left) ‘Buenaventura Durruti’

NOTE: This is a text by comrade Carlos in reply to that of the IRI-BD: Amelie y Fallon, de la arrogancia imperialista a la miseria pequeñoburguesa 3 March.
 From RadioAzione
 Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
 I am responding on a personal level to the slanderous aggression against my comrades in affinity, Fallon and Amelie.
 One thing that characterizes internationalism is the struggle against the concept of nation, power and authority, so the physical and mental borders built by governments to fend off fraternal and free co-existence between people from different parts of the world are put in question.
 That is why, internationalist lefties, your reaching the point of saying that these two anarchists came to this region ‘to live an experience with the peoples of the developing world after leaving their lives in civilized Quebec’, made me think about the contempt you showed for some people from abroad who are resolved to realize their destructive passion against the State/Capital, be it Canadian, Mexican, European or wherever else.
 At least we are not looking for the partial destruction of just one State – in fact taken separately States are just the tentacles of world power – nor are we trying to unite efforts/capabilities exclusively between Mexican people or with ‘the revolutionaries of the developing world’. On the contrary we struggle along with any free person, whether they were born here or in China.

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March 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

Letter from Nikos Maziotis: To the Assembly for solidarity to the hunger strikers Athens – Greece

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Comrades, the political prisoners are already on the 10th day of the
hunger strike. It is very positive that the assembly supports all
demands of the political prisoners despite the differences in the
demanding frame, in order for no one to be left alone against state
oppression. You are definitely already discussing solidarity acts that
will take place in the immediate future. I know that one of these acts
is a demonstration in the centre of Athens.

In my opinion, concerning this proposal, this demonstration should not exclusively have the characteristics of solidarity to the political prisoners on hunger strike, but must be connected and place the matter of the revolutionary prospect, the matter of revolution. Because social revolution and solidarity to the political prisoners are linked and directly connected.
The common political demanding frame of political prisoners on hunger strike is very maximalist since it concerns the abolition of  anti-terrorist legislation. It is now understood by many comrades that the anti-terrorist legislation, the hoodie-law, the C’type prisons are linked to the increasingly authoritarian and totalitarian tendencies
capitalism has here Greece and internationally these last decades.
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March 23, 2015
by actforfreedom


By Act for freedom now!
 Gianluca Iacovacci, Adriano Antonacci
 Gianluca and Adriano were arrested on September 18 2013 following a ROS [carabinieri special unit] operation that also involved raids on comrades’ homes. The two comrades were accused of several actions of attack on banks, fur coats shops, and ENI premises, actions that had been claimed by Animal Liberation Front, Direct Action for the Defence of the Earth and FAI/FRI. They were charged with article 270bis: association with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order of the state.
At the first grade abbreviated procedure trial held on 18th July 2014 in Rome, Gianluca and Adriano were sentenced to 6 years and 3 years and 8 months respectively. Gianluca individually claimed some of the attacks signed by FAI and refused a defence lawyer. Both comrades refused to attend trial held via video-linking.
 Gianluca Iacovacci
Adriano Antonacci
C.C. Ferrara
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
Chiara Zenobi, Niccolò Blasi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti, Graziano Mazzarelli, Lucio Alberto, Francesco Sala
 Chiara, Niccolò, Claudio and Mattia were arrested on December 9 2013 and accused of having committed an act of sabotage occurred in May 2013 against the high speed railway (TAV) construction yard in Chiomonte, Val Susa. The charges pressed against them were heavy: attack with purposes of terrorism carried out with lethal and explosive devices, possession of war weapons, damages. Although the charges of terrorism were lifted by the Court of Cassation in May 2014, these charges were used by prosecutors during the proceedings; however they were finally discharged in the first grade trial.
During the session of the trial held on 24th September 2014 in Turin, the comrades took responsibility for the action of sabotage they were accused of. In December 2014 the court sentenced the four comrades to 3 years and 6 months, and shortly afterwards Chiara, Mattia, Claudio and Niccolò were released from jail and put under house arrest with all restrictions.
Three other comrades, Graziano Mazzarelli, Lucio Alberti and Francesco Sala were arrested on 11th July 2014 and accused of being co-participants in the attack on the TAV yard.
Graziano Mazzarelli
Lucio Alberti
Francesco Sala
C.C. Ferrara
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
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March 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

The only honour suitable for Revolutionary Anarchist Lambros Foundas and for every armed guerrilla is continuous insurrection.

What they dared to do, giving their lives and their everyday life to open the path for us.
In the streets, resisting all systems, with armed guerrilla warfare, where the position of a true revolutionary is.
Not behind keyboards posting up songs, photos and posters, securely hidden, while almost 20 comrades from the armed struggle are sentenced to hundreds of years in prison, are on hunger strike – some to the death.
 None of those who participate or participated in armed groups would have accepted this. Contrarily they would plan their attacks on the web of the urban State in order to shake it and let the struggle of the comrades on hunger strike be known everywhere.
If we want to honour  Lambros Foundas,  those imprisoned in the concentration camps, the detained and imprisoned comrades, the tortured anti-fascists, the victims of State and fascist violence and so many other comrades and other people who resisted and resist, we know where we must be:
With daily actions, demonstrations, occupations and sabotage, in any way we can in order to destroy every system, until anarchy.
 Because this is the purpose of every revolutionary. Not personal projections or electronic memorials.
But continuous and uninterrupted struggle. Because only insurrection honours the armed guerillas.
Until we meet again on the barricades.
 P.S. And for those who find armed struggle hard and might fear it, they can try to build the self-managed structures the new world of Anarchy will need… There is work for the future… on the front line, or in creation and support… Is there any will?
 *The author of the following text is Lambros Foundas. The text was written and shared out with comrades after his arrest in the Polytechnic in 1995 in Athens
“The State terrorizes, …. slanders, ridicules, enervates, pretends.Its omnipotence is now a myth.
Our rage strengthens us, its alienation does not touch us, we smash the windows of authority with rocks, we melt the chains of subjugation with the insurrectionist fire that burns in the heart of every oppressed human.
 Our eyes are open,
our ears hear every sound,
our thoughts are crystal clear,
our rage is unimaginable.
Our choice is one:
violent, uncontrollable, continuous struggle for the destruction of the State and authority.
We are enraged, we are insurgent, WE ARE YOUR WORST NIGHTMARES.”

March 20, 2015
by actforfreedom


Translated by Actforfree:
After the deposition of the legislation of the Ministry of Justice,
there appears to be a first conquest of the political prisoners’ hunger
The abolition of the legal frame that defines the operation of the
C’type prisons and the beneficial provisions for patients and disabled
prisoners, that lead to the release of multi-injured guerilla of the
revolutionary organization 17 November Savvas Xiros, would fail (or at
least not so soon) without the struggle that is being carried out. But
there is much more to happen.
We do not care for any governmental statement or any promise coming from
state employees. Every authoritarian mechanism that deals with a hunger
strike by its stated enemies will go onto a deterioration war that will
include promises, negated deadlines, vague statements and anything that
could wear us down physically or and psychologically. Especially Syriza,
who all during its political life as a major or minor opposition
demeaned and de-politicized the hunger strikes carried out by anarchist
hostages, has great experience in the systemic managing of such
Now, as a government disclaims its responsibilities transferring the
granting of our demands to a (vague) future.
From our side we continue the hunger strike without a thought of
retreating until the granting of our demands and specifically:
The abolition of articles 187 and 187A, in other words the first and
second terror-law. These articles consist the core of the regime of
exclusion we experience at a penal level as political enemies of the
state. This exclusion regime is not limited to political prisoners but
extends to 30% of the prisoners and includes: special court rooms,
special lotteries for judges and prosecutors, special transfers,
fragmentation of the cases, penalization of belief and solidarity, and
mainly the excessive increment of the sentences. We consider the
subversion of concepts which introduce these articles as a basic stake
of our struggle.
The abolition of the imposing provision of an act carried out with a
covered face, in other words the hoodie-law. A law voted in after the
insurrection of December ’08 and has been repeatedly applied on
demonstrators arrested during the clashes, upgrading the indictment to a
felony case. Also various acts (robberies, kidnappings etc) are penally
loaded independently of the individual characteristics (weapons, use of
violence etc) with the existence of the hoodie-law.
The limitation of the legal frame concerning the way DNA is collected,
processed and analysed. The displacement of how crucial this demand is
from the public sphere is not accidental. The forensic use of DNA is
right now the epitome of this oppressive onslaught in the field of
proving evidence. The expansion of its use is organically connected with
the expansion of use of articles 187 and 187A.
The insistence of police in creating bases of bio-records lead to the
obligatory taking of DNA which unavoidably lead to the torturing of
prisoners if they resist, as their conscience and dignity orders.
Persecution through analyzing and processing DNA takes place in a
completely irrational way since the method that is used to identify it,
was invented to work as presumption of innocence and not as proof of
guilt. And this, because contrarily to the misunderstandings, it is not
the genetic code which unique to every person, that is compared but the
genetic type (i.e. the measuring of the length of some parts of the DNA)
which could correspond to more people. Therefore if the genetic type is
not identified, it can be said with some certainty that the DNA sample
is not from one specific person, but if the genetic type is identified
it can only be presumed from who the sample came from. And the already
stretched persecution through identifying genetic types, is extended to
the analyzing of a DNA blend of more than two people where the blended
genetic types cannot be separated,thus giving more possible combinations of genetic types.
This way, in DNA blend, there can be a large amount of genetic types, basically making anyone a possible suspect.
Calculating also the factors of contamination by the cops who collect
it, the opaque operation of police laboratories, the knowledge of the
name of the suspect to the bio-cops in advance, the lack of protocol
etc, is obvious because the DNA analysing consists the super-weapon of
modern scientific oppression. With this approach the accused is
incriminated in every way. Additionally they are deprived of the access
to the sample by professionals they trust. In the end, the detailed
evidence vagueness of police laboratories is validated from the penal
vagueness of the terror laws.
The hunger strike we are carrying out does not seek the ease of the
legal frame. What it seeks is to place the revolutionary movement in a
position of attack overturning the attack carried out by authority. With
the hunger as our weapon we seek the forging of our relations with the
comrades outside the walls, the strengthening of our public resonance,
the intensification of the attacks against state and capitalist targets
with all means.
Now is the time to strengthen our position even more in the war we are
carrying out.
Until the end, until victory…
Hunger strikers:
Antonis Staboulos, Taos Theofilou, Fivos Harisis,
Argiris Dalios, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Grigoris Sarafoudis,
Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos, Dimitris Politis.

March 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Hunger strikes spread to 8 detention centres resistance &rebellion – uk

{Update: 18.3.15 As of yesterday it is reported that a detainee has been beaten at Harmondsworth!
Now is the time to start constantly actions against  the prison complex upon this island and all the private security minions that operate it!}






From Athens to Harmondsworth, solidarity with the hunger strikers and all prisoners in revolt.
As of yesterday (Sunday 15 March) we had heard of hunger strikes and other protests taking place in 8 detention centres across the UK, as prisoners started refusing food in Dungavel (Scotland, near Glasgow) and Dover. There is now rebellion in the majority of the UK’s migration prisons.
The other six known to be protesting are Yarl’s Wood (Bedfordshire), Harmondsworth and Colnbrook (Heathrow airport), Tinsley House and Brook House (near Gatwick Airport). (See previous report here.)
The new website Detained Voices is spreading the voices of people inside. Here are just a few fragments from the past days, there is much more on that site.
Colnbrook. Thursday March 12:
“At Colnebrook, more than 20 people on hungerstrike. And we go outside but they officers have closed the doors and we can’t go outside. I’ve strike for 5 days and no one has asked about us. No one cares. We eat or no eat, release or no release no one cares. It’s very bad here. You can’t believe it. It’s very bad for everything.”
Harmondsworth. Friday March 13:
“The response to the protest is like, they don’t have ears to hear it, they don’t have heart to beat.
“The water was shut for the whole day. No it wasn’t for maintenance work because if you see they shut the whole unit. The complete wing, was shut for the whole day. Because if you see, there are also Muslim people over there who used to pray five times a day and they couldn’t’ use the toilet, and they couldn’t use the toilet, and they couldn’t use water or anything to pray. I hear that they say it was shut for an hour or so for some six rooms but no it was shut for whole wing not only for six rooms, and it was shut for all day
“They don’t care what we are doing inside. We are dying. Because of protest yesterday, one of my mate went to hospital because of that, because he got ill. He started vomiting because he was not eating. He was on hunger strike, he got ill, and started vomiting, and now we don’t know where he is.” …
Dover. Friday March 13:
“We are not eating in Dover Detention – we having a strike. There are half of the people are already on strike. We are organising and talking with all the people. We are human beings.”
Dungavel. Friday March 13:
“Around 60 people have been on a foodstrike since Monday in Dungavel. They are not eating because they are upset at the way they have been treated for a long time. W want to see the immigration minister and we want to talk about a lot of things that have gone wrong. There are lot of things to ask:
  1. Why are the case workers telling lies. In bail summaries they tell lies.
  2. We want a time limit on how long you can detain people.
  3. Obviously, most of the people are from London and we are near Glasgow. About 80% are a from London and so we are away from your families and friends. It’s hard to drive and very expensive.
  4. The conditions we are living in – 8 people in one room. Too many people in one room.
Someone has already been to hospital and they’ve put him in a secure room for monitoring.”
Dungavel. Sunday March 15:
“There are about 70 people are still protesting in Dungavel. They are refusing to go to the kitchen to eat. There was a protest from people outside. There was the police and STV. We can’t really see them because of the walls but it is good to hear them. It shows the message is getting across, what we are trying to achieve.”As these statements make clear, the approach of the prison authorities is brutal force and isolation, knowing that few will hear the voices coming across the walls.
Active solidarity is vital.
Prisoners ask again and again that we spread their words and make more people know what is happening inside these largely forgotten prisons.
Just a small group or an individual shouting across the walls can help boost the strength of those on hunger strike. At most UK detention centres it is still possible to get close up to the cells where people are kept, so we can communicate visually and with sound.
But the border regime is all around us. We can attack it ourselves wherever we are.
The UK Home Office has signing and admin offices, holding cells, and bases from which they launch dawn raids, in many towns. Here is a list of some addresses for their “enforcement” teams.
Much of their work of running the detention centres is contracted out to private companies including Mitie, G4S, and Serco, which also have offices across the country and globally.

March 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Network Revolutionary Cells – Flames of anger hit the Řízkárnu restaurant where the employer does not pay wages (Czech Republic)

Communiqué: Flames of anger hit Řízkárnu.
On Sunday, March 15, 2015 in the morning an arson attack against two cars that provide food delivery from Prague restaurants Řízkárna was made. This fiery sabotage is our contribution to the fight against the exploitation of workers and against the dictatorship of capital. Owner Řízkárny Vladimir Krulec is a known capitalist bastard. Hundreds of people paid with their hard work just so that he could appropriate all its fruits. Gross exploitation, bullying, intimidation – these are his methods. Anger turned into offensive action is our answer.
We fight, but we do not try to rescue or organize others. Fiery sabotage against Řízkárně is our subversive response to the world driven by capitalist relations. A response which rises from the subversive practices, which can be expressed in a thousand ways in different places. Today destructive flames in Řízkárnou, tomorrow in other ways and elsewhere. Capitalist relations are fraught with all areas of life. We find, therefore, a large battlefield. Everywhere in this field, it is possible to express our subversive relationship to the dictatorship of Capital. Social class of wage-labor countries. All we have to overcome. Out of the ruins of the existing misery grow free life. Onward!
Flames of Anger Cell / Network Revolutionary Cells – 15. 3. 2015

March 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mobilise! Upcoming Antifascist Events -uk

10364206_774072912676114_8567648608107928193_nThis coming weekend sees a whole range of antifascist mobilisations in different parts of the country. See you on the streets!
Friday, March 20th
Justice4Bolton, a community group, will be rallying in Victoria Square, Bolton, at 12:30pm on Friday. The group exists to seek justice for the antifascists arrested at a protest against the EDL in 2010. Friday is the 5 year anniversary of that protest.
Saturday, March 21st
1623602_775666402516765_7591348204346448851_nToy-town Nazis National Action have called a “White Man March”  in central Newcastle. Needless to say, North East Antifascists are going to oppose them, and have called a counter mobilisation, meeting at 1pm at Nepia House, 100 Quayside, Newcastle, NE1 3DU.
Facebook Event here.

March 20, 2015
by actforfreedom

Public communique from the Vergara Family, in regards to Tamara Sol’s new legal status (Chile)

from refractario transl. waronsociety:
Dear friends,
Compañeras and compañeros,
We would like to share with you the status of the legal situation our Tamara Sol is facing, prisoner in San Miguel jail in a “high security” module, since the 21st of January. She has lived this year along with other compañeras locked down for 23 hours a day with one hour to go out to the yard. She receives two visits a week, 5 people on Monday and 5 people on Friday (two hours each time). Tamara is accused of “attempted murder” and robbery. The prosecutor asked for 7 years without benefits*, from the first day she was detained.
We, her family, have been doomed to work primarily with her lawyers, Nelson Miranda and Margarita López, on all of the legal procedures to achieve the reduction of the sentence and ensure the corresponding legal benefits be taken into account, for previous irreproachable conduct and other extenuating circumstances.
On January 23, the trial against Tamara began and she was transferred from prison to the tribunal by TAR (High-Risk Transfer), with a contingent of around 20 men with weapons of war and Tamara chained around her feet and hands. The judges due to the gendermeria’s “recommendation” have kept her in these conditions the entire trial (around five hours a day), because she is a very dangerous person. In addition to this, for the same reason, they have only let seven people into the courtroom. The presence of many armed men of the gendermeria was noted backed up by “dogs,” on the floor in which the hearings were held and on the first floor in the courtyard with the “fountain” where the majority of the people who accompanied us in solidarity were.
The trial lasted for six days, ending on the 30th of January, the day in which they gave the verdict: PREMEDITATED ATTEMPTED HOMICIDE AND ROBBERY. On February 4th the sentence was read: 7 YEARS OF PRISON WITHOUT BENEFITS (premeditated attempted murder), 61 DAYS for Robbery and a fine of 215,000 Chilean pesos in addition to paying the costs of the trial.

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March 19, 2015
by actforfreedom

Come to the Opening of the European Central Bank! | Frankfurt 2015 A Call from the Destroika for a Fantastic Convergence of Resistance- Germany

GUCCIO no.1 (english)

A4_download_Page_01We wanted to promote a new magazine:

All texts are in english and german language.

 taking side, meeting & struggling on the way of revolution

“Austerity plans, anthracite suits, annual reports, faces without expres­
sion, optimization of economic monotony. Just another palace of glass
in a city in which already a legion of them took up quarters. Presidents,
prime ministers, responsable reponsables, pervaded by the importance
of their rituals all around price fluctuations, trading in stock, key interest
rates. They pretend to administer the system in the interest of all, like
solicitous heads of family. Yet they don’t lead a household but a war. (…)”
Content: Prolog ++ Time to disconnect ++ Don’t be afraid, be welcome in the „restriction zone“! ++ Four thesis for a preemptive neutralization of antiterrorism ++ Refugees are rising up! ++ Live in common is stronger than metropolis ++ Defend the neighborhood, destroy capitalism ++ C_o_m_m_u_n_e inter C_o_m_m_u_n_e ++ The new political Regime of Debt ++ Open Letter: Why an Internationale
The magazine is here for Download.
Opening of the ECB on 18 th of March 2015!!
 This is why we will go to Frankfurt
As the restructuration of the European economy takes on the character of outright plunder, as the violence of disciplinary practices becomes more and more generalized, the more it becomes necessary to fight back – to defend our infrastructures and friendships everywhere the present social attack is being planned, prepared and made to operate on a vast scale. Therefore we will go to Frankfurt, because our defense requires us to attack.
It is necessary to transpose our experiences of local struggle to a higher offensive level, beyond the national frame of reference inherent to the movement, in order to sandwich the State on the European level as well. The opening of the new headquarters of the European Central Bank will be the occasion for us to reconverge, to unite our forces against a common enemy.
They think they can conduct business as usual without reckoning with us. But the number of those
who’ve subtracted themselves from the dreadful business of constant self-assessment grows and grows. There will be a reckoning to made by all those who’ve suffered through their politics of pauperization and destruction, a reckoning to be made for all the humiliations endured in the corridors of the administration, in the rat-race of our daily lives, for the shame we feel to no longer be young enough, fit enough, or flexible enough to “compete in the global economy”. And the more that their world breaks down around them, the more they seek to redouble their sinister grip on everything that lives.
And to our enemies, who understand no language other than that of calculation – you will pay the bill.

March 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

Medical Appreciation on the health of the hunger strikers in Domokos prisons – Greece

Translated by Actforfree


Of the prisoners in Domokos prisons on hunger strike as of March 2nd
2015, Dimitrios Koufodinas, Kostandinos Gournas, Anastasios Theophilou,
Nikolaos Maziotis.


We visited Domokos prisons yesterday March 17th and examined the above
prisoners who are on hunger strike. Today they are on the 16th day of
abstinence from feeding  Of them,
D.Koufondinas, age 57, has lost 9% of his initial body weight. He is
pale, haggard, shows fatigue on the slightest move (walking a few
meters), intolerance to the cold, he looks ill and has decreased skin
He displays gingivitis, severe orthostatic hypertension and dizziness
when trying to sit upright. He mentions signs of weakness to concentrate
and shows slight chest pain. A recent electrocardiograph raises the
suspicion of ischemic myocardial disease, while laboratory tests
conducted last week showed the increased uric acid (increased muscular
fatigue, affected kidney function). Mr.Koufodinas has carried out
lengthy hunger strikes in the past and his overall state of health seems
compromised. He requires hospitalization both for further examinations
and for his overall support in case of any event.

K.Gournas, age 34, has lost 9,4% of his initial body weight. He is pale,
haggard and shows fatigue on the slightest move. He complains of
weakness to sleep because of intense epigastric discomforts due to a
spate known from his chronic history of gastritis. He displayed
arrhythmia when trying to sit upright. He also displays gingivitis.
After multiple tests the records show low sugar counts, while the
laboratory tests conducted last week shows hyperuricemia. He requires
hospitalization both for further examinations and for his overall
support in case of any event.

A.Theofilou, age 32, has lost 9,2% of his initial body weight. He is
pale and haggard. He displays orthostatic hypotension and gingivitis,
while he complains of painful muscular spasms (cramps) of the lower
limbs. Low level of sugar was recorded in more than two tests carried
out, while last weeks laboratory tests show hyperuricemia.
He was also suggested to be hospitalized if he so wishes.

N.Maziotis, age 44, has lost 9,3% of his initial body weight. Despite
the fact that he does not complain of fatigue, it is noted that he has
severe orthostatic hypotension and displays low levels of sugar. Also,
last weeks laboratory display hyperuricemia. Additionally, Mr.Maziotis
has multiple fractures of the upper right limb, that have been treated
with external fixation. There is an outflow of a greenish liquid from
the spots where the fixation was placed (it has been cultivated at Lamia
hospital pending results), and, in successive x-rays we observed
findings raise the serious suspicion that there osteomyelitis. The
continuation of the hunger strike and the subsequent immune system
suppression could create a serious problem to this patient, who should,
either way, be hospitalized in a hospital that supports orthopaedics and
infection treatment.

In short, the four hunger strikers have an important and crucial body
loss, and laboratory indications of increased muscular tissue
catabolism. As well, 3 of the 4 have severe co-morbidity. They require,
if of course they agree to it, hospital treatment.

Contrarily, they remain in a space where there is no medical care. There
is an examination room, but there is no doctor, not even a nurse. The
transfer to Lamia hospital where the treatment conditions (prisoners
ward) seem to be completely problematic, cannot be a solution to the
problem of emergency medical treatment the hunger strikers need. A
problem, that will at some point appear for other prisoners in Domokos

Olga Kosmopoulou, pathologist
Vasiliki Korvesi,  radiograph reader

March 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece: Updates on the comrade Panagiotis Argyrou and comrade Giorgos Polydoros

Translated by Inter Armatumblr_nbuubnyAN01tjsogwo1_500


Comrade – hunger striker George Polydoros was transferred to a hospital outside prison. The comrade had undergone blood tests and doctors felt that the test should be repeated, because of some of the measurements which were not clear if there was something disturbing or not. So, while at first the comrade was moved to “Saint Paul” prison hospital, the fact that there is no equipment for conducting blood tests there, resulted in him being transferred to a hospital outside prison.
Victory to the hunger strike of our comrades, immediate satisfaction of their demands.
If something happens a hunger striker, nothing will be left unanswered.
In the morning, yesterday (17/3), comrade Panagiotis Argyrou (hunger striker since 2/3 – member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire), suffered a fainting episode. He was transferred to “St. Paul” prison hospital, where after being diagnosed with low sugar, his hospitalization in a hospital outside prison was deemed necessary thus he was transferred with an ambulance escorted by cops to “Attico” hospital. There, the comrade refused serum administration, told the doctors that he is on hunger strike and then the doctors threatened him that they would seek a judge’s order in order for the comrade to by subjected to compulsory feeding. Comrade held a negative attitude, leaving no room for discussion and negotiation to suppress his hunger strike. Thus, the hospital “Attico” refused hospitalization, and he was moved back to the hospital of Korydallos prison. There, finding that comrade Panagiotis had very low sugar and there was a risk of him suffering a hypoglycemic shock, it was requested for him to be transferred again to a hospital outside prison. At this time, we do not know to which hospital he has moved. There will be a newer update when this becomes know
Strength to comrade Panagiotis Argyrou who is in discomfort while being on hunger strike for 16 days.
Strength to the hunger strikers – members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire that are on hunger strike since 02/03, demanding the release of the mother of Christos and Gerasimos Tsakalos and of the girlfriend of the latter.
Immediate and unconditional satisfaction of the demands of the hunger strikers.

People in solidarity with the Conspirace of Cells of Fire



March 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

Some acts of solidarity for the anarchist political and fighter prisoners on hunger strike in Greece.

From the intervention outside Domokos prisons on 14/3/15 carried out by comrades from Volos, Larissa, Karditsa, Trikala and Lamia.  We stand in solidarity with the hunger strikers, and we fight with every means for the granting of their demands!
The passion for freedom is stronger than the cells.
Struggle until the destruction of all prisons!
Solidarity gathering at Koridallos prisons for the Hunger Strikers
14/3/15 (video)
Solidarity gathering and demonstration for the prisoners-hunger
strikers.  Volos, greece. -video
Comrades in solidarity in Volos gave a loud message on Friday afternoon (13/3/15), the day of pan-Hellenic day of action for the struggle of prisoners on hunger strike, carrying out a gathering at Ag.Nikolaos square and from there a solidarity demonstration through the central  streets of the city.
Utopia A.D. Komotini, Greece:
Update from the P.A. System solidarity gathering to the hunger strikers.
Today 13/3, in the frames of the pan-Hellenic day of action in solidarity to the hunger strikers, a p.a. System solidarity gathering
was carried out in the central streets of Komotinis.
During the gathering pamphlets and texts were given out to the people, texts by the prisoners were read out while hundreds of flyers were thrown around and there was a banner drop.


Anarchists from Act For Freedom Now!

March 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

(corrected) Dining With Vultures: Bristol Anarchists & the UK Media – uk

Act for free receives:
The purpose of this piece is to better understanding of mass media’s relationship to rebels (including anarchists of all stripes), in general as well as in the context of a repressive atmosphere in Bristol. As well as raising local specifics, it hopes to encourage stronger awareness around wider issues of representation and counter-insurgency.

It will speak critically, even harshly when deemed necessary, of some self-professed radicals’ interactions with the establishment – but not out of an impulse for character-assassination. Contrary to the assumptions and knee-jerk reactions of some, it does not try to lock individuals onto their current place on a ‘civil-to-subversive’ spectrum and then close the door, but to combat illusions and sharpen critique all round. The challenge of anyone in struggle is to remain aware and active in situations as they unfold around or are created by them. And while it’s presumptuous to forever write off any individual for mistakes they have made and may yet learn from, there’s an urgent need to put an end to the conduct of a few and the politics (in the most miserable sense of the word) that their tendencies see as viable.

Specifically, it’s the matter of giving friendly interviews to journalists. This has been going on for little under a year now in relation to the escalated series of high-profile destructive actions that have been claimed by some anarchist groups, and the police targeting of the public anarchist/activist space locally over the last four years. (Some detail of those events up until autumn 2014 are compiled in the booklet Since The Bristol Riots, freely available to read online, for anyone unfamiliar. Since this New Year’s Eve, the anarchist Emma Sheppard has been held in custody and at the end of February was sentenced to two years for being caught spiking an access road to the South Gloucestershire police headquarters and damaging three squad cars – all other attacks in the Bristol region remain ‘unsolved’.)
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March 17, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mass Vandalism after Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah verdict – uk

Via In the Belly of the Beast
Jessica car NJNP 2

A fourth night of vandalism on a mass scale has occurred in High Wycombe after the verdict of the killing of Habib Ullah, 39, also known as Paps, after being stopped and searched by cops in 2008.
An inquest recorded a verdict of ‘death by misadventure’ (the cops need a misadventure to happen to them!) last week.
Thames Valley assassins have retaliated with increased patrols. Eight people have been arrested in connection with the attacks upon 130 cars.
The first outbreaks of vandalism, which involved smashed car windows and graffiti painted on vehicles, started on Tuesday and continued through to the weekend.
Scores of vehicles have had NJNP – ‘No Justice No Peace’ – sprayed on them.

March 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Mexico – Words from anarchist comrade Fernando Barcenas

From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
To rebel comrades. To the people in general.
First of all a brotherly greeting, full of health and anarchy and a
combative hug full of active passion and subversive tenderness. A new
scenario is unveiling and even if the horizon is unclear we must face
what is going to happen with courage and bravery. These are difficult
times of struggle and social war, the moment has come to build a new
world, in fact the circumstances are favourable for social revolution;
we are aware that we are condemned by the dirty greed of the privileged
who chose domination in a conspiracy to keep the majority submitted and
Let’s act united, let’s rise up out of nowhere like the terror of nature
that is unleashed violently and suddenly, terrifying small and big
bosses, showing its ferocious energy with the force of a slave who has
broken his chains.
After 14 months in prison I have learned to see the dominating apparatus
with hatred but also with calm; I have come to know the aberration of
institutions and their vile and inhuman purposes that have succeeded in
degrading humanity and the meaning of freedom.
Without a doubt prison is the place that the State offers its freest and
least submissive spirits. Criminality, dissent and dignity coexist in
this obscure establishment that is separate from society but is more
free and honourable, where the State puts those who are not with it but
against it, and is the only place in this repressive criminal world that
the individual remains with honour.
And if anyone believes that our strength gets lost in prison, if anyone
were to think that our voices stop annoying the State’s ears and that we
are no longer its enemies inside its walls, it is only because they
don’t know that fighting against injustice is stronger and more
efficient when done by those who are experiencing it on their skin. For
my part I have stopped seeing the State as an indestructible strong
colossus and started to see it as an authoritarian absurdity, which
having no honour or intelligence ends up having recourse to physical and
violent punishment, like an obtuse loner who fears for his wealth of
gold and silver; at that moment rather than fear I started to feel pity
for it and completely lost the little respect that I once had.
I wasn’t born to undergo violence, I’m of too elevated a breed to turn
myself into a slave, a subordinate in need of protection, an obedient
servant, an instrument of any sovereign State in the world.
Prisoners in the streets and may everything explode!
Health, anarchy and social revolution!

March 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Greece: Text by Nikos Romanos about the hunger strike of political prisoners

Inter Arma received and translated:
On March 2, Anarchists/political prisoners began a hunger strike with demands aiming the suppressive context of the counter-terrorist crusade that goes on smoothly, despite the left governance of the traders of hope. The anarchist comrades involved in the Network of Fighting Prisones (NFP) and comrades Maziotis, Koufodinas and Gournas have put in a general framework that depicts the development of repression in recent years. That’s why each one of their demands separately deconstructs the emergency regime and its basic expression which is none other than repression. After SY.RIZ.A was elected many comrades -including me- believed that there was a need for provocations from anarchist perspective in order to force SYRIZA to reveal its real face. The face of capitalism, the face of the manager of modern powers, the face of the servant of capital.
Besides, to this masquarade with guests from all historical periods, viewers are forced to discover that beneath all the masks hides face of power, wich can neither be improved nor reformed, only destroyed, with continuous struggle by all means. And let all those anarchists that were dragged to the polls to cast a vote in SY.RIZ.A hear this.
But it became obvious that SY.RIZ.A made a rapid shift from being the institutional arm of social struggles and his digestible rhetoric of the pre-election period to the government realism as we all know it.
Because the internationalized storm of repression that sweeps everything in its path, it is implicitly connected to the structural crisis of capitalism and its restructuring at all levels of social life. The royal-matte of domination to its suborinates goes on. After having bought their conscience by giving them membership cards for the capitalist paradise through bank loans, it is now trying to ensure their faith in that democracy has no dead ends. Of course, the road to hell is always paved with the best intentions. And it’s neither the first nor the last time the Left has some essential contribution to the strategic directions of world domination. So, the last act of repressive puzzle took place with the arrest of comrade Angeliki and the pogroms of the counter-terrorism agency against relatives and friends of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.
Those who have spent a period of their lives behind the walls, can easily grasp the magnitude of emotional blackmail, of watching your loved ones who stand beside you in captivity’s everyday monotonous repetitions, behind prison bars. A real nightmare instigated by hte counter-terrorism agency and judges. And if the personal cost is to be lifted by them, the political costs would be addressed to their political superiors. And in order to pretend they have honor, let them have their fists raised when the time comes. So, the hunger strike of the imprisoned members of CCF and its victorious outcome will result in blocking the vindictive persecution of relatives of the rebels. In the same way, the victory of his comrades of NFP and of Maziotis, Koufodinas, Gournas will put a major obstacle before the attack of domination against its political opponents. So, in this context, the importance of the struggle of rebel prisoners and the solidarity movement is great.
The opportunity to open cracks in the walls not only in prisons but on authority itself (and its image) is ahead. We understand the circumstances, we coordinate our actions, we join our looks and passion against all authority, of any origin and rhetoric. Because anyone who loves freedom and hates injustice will always look for ways to destroy prison.
Nikos Romanos
 E wing of Korydallos prison, 15/3/2015.

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