December 14, 2017
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Italy : Stragi di stato

Stragi di stato

In view of the appeal hearings for those arrested during the Brenner demonstration on 7 May 2016, instead of following the deadlines with presences outside the court of Bolzano, an assembly the El Tavan anarchist space in Trento decided to propose a day of initiatives in the various cities for December 12th, anniversary of the Piazza Fontana massacre. The state massacres continue: the Mediterranean is a gigantic cemetery.

The idea is to weave solidarity with defendants and those investigated with the resumption of a path against borders and the system that imposes and protects them. In particular, to remember what is happening off the coast and in the territory of Libya, on the murderous nature of Italian government policy and the role of ENI.
 In Lecce, as a contribution to that day, a leaflet was given out during the No Tap march on December 8th. Also because ENI, through SAIPEM, is involved in the construction of part of the TAP gas pipeline.


Translated by Act for freedom now!

December 14, 2017
by actforfreedom

“B(A)D NEWS RADIO – Angry voices from around the world”

This is episode number 6 of “B(A)D NEWS – Angry voices from around the world”, a news program from the international network of anarchist and antiauthoritarian radios, consisting of short news segments from different parts of the world.
Infolora, Zurich: the struggle against the expansion of the deportation prison Bässlergut, in Basel
Radio Fragmata, Athens: the case of 2 Political Prisoners
1431 am, Thesalonika: workers issues
Dissident Island, London: news about arms trade campaigners and the general legal context in the UK
A-Radio Berlín: comment about Santiago Maldonado, an anarchist murder in Argentina because of the Mapuche struggles
Radio Kurruf, Chile: news about the trials against the Mapuche struggle
Radiozones Of Subversive Expressions/98FM, Athens: updates on attacks on politicians in Greece, attacks by racists on refugees, refugee organizing in Lesvos and more
(episode in total 53:48)
 you can download it directly from here:
B(A)D News Episode Nov 2017

December 14, 2017
by actforfreedom

USA: Anathema A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical Volume 3 Issue 8

Volume 3 Issue 8 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)
Volume 3 Issue 8 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)
In this issue:
What is the Role of Anarchist Media?
Some Thoughts on Care and Charity
100 Years of Communist Revolution, or, Why I Don’t Trust or Identify with the Left
Disrupt IACP
Anti-fashion cartoon
Action Against Mariner East 2 Pipeline
The World is Dying
What Went Down
World News

December 12, 2017
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Greece,Athens EN/IT: Announcement for the arson of the electronic card issuing centre of OASA (Athens Mass Transit System)

In the early hours of Saturday December 2nd we attacked the centre of
application collection and issuing of registered electronic travelcards
of OASA, on 153 Thessalonikis street, Kallithea station, with an
incendiary device. The above function was taken on by OASA as well as
personnel from 2 companies which are in charge of installing and
operating the new electronic systems of control on public transport
(turnstiles, electronic tickets etc.), LG CNS and GEK TERNA. Our
intervention resulted in the complete destruction of very expensive
technological equipment (computers, scanners, special ticket printers
etc) that belongs exclusively to the companies-contractors, as well as a
massive amount of copies of registered electronic travel-cards and
issuing applications.
Our message is clear: just like you organize our exclusion from public
transport and want to control our every movement in the cities, we
organize to destroy your plans. Methodically, with rage and a plan we
organize your worst nightmares!
The incendiary attack on a main structure of the
OASA-state-contractors plannings is added to the diverse factual moves
of resistance against the systems of control, surveillance and exclusion
which are set up on public transport recently. Against its
restructuring, we chose to carry out a targeted act aiming at creating
the greatest possible damage, the greatest possible cost for those who
have received millions of euros in order to organize the exclusion of
large parts of social strata from public transport. To factually
contribute to the blocking of the unobstructed implementation of their
plans, to further promote the wider social struggle for free

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December 12, 2017
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Uruguay: Solidarity with the Anarchists Persecuted by Operation Erebo in Brazil (Esp/Port/Eng)

Uruguay – Solidarity with the Anarchists Persecuted by Operation Erebo in Brazil
Since October the 24th, a new operation of repression and intimidation is being carried out against the anti-authoritarian and anarchist movement in general in the city of Porto Alegre, attacking individual houses, social centers, occupations, libraries and anarchist spaces.
The actions of the civil police, the press and its media spectacle have also led to the preparation of a persecutory montage with the intention of generating fear, isolating the struggles and solidarities, generating the context to intensify the repercussions and intensify the harrassment of anarchist comrades and their associates.
Named like previous operations from a malicious reading of Greek mythology, Operation Erebo was initially carried out by the civil police in Porto Alegre, however since the latest series of raids that began on November 30th it is now presumed that the Federal Police of Brazil are also participating.
This operation is another addition to the history of persecution against anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas and practices. The mass media are reporting on the possibility of the newly approved anti-terrorist law in Brazil being applied.
We believe it is necessary to make visible the situation that is being experienced in the social spaces and anywhere that is positioned in resistance.
We encourage comrades to keep abreast of events and to show solidarity with the rebels persecuted by the Brazilian state.
Hands outstretched to the comrades, closed fists for the enemy!!
Anarchist Solidarity!!!
Solidaridad con lxs perseguidxs por la operación Erebo en Brasil.
Desde el 24 de octubre en la ciudad de Porto Alegre, RS. Se viene llevando adelante una nueva operación represiva y de amedrentamiento sobre el movimiento antiautoritario y anarquista en general, atacandose casas particulares centros sociales, ocupaciones,  bibliotecas y espacios  anarquistas.
El accionar de la policia civil, la prensa y su espectáculo mediático ha echado manos también a la elaboración  del montaje persecutorio con la intención de generar miedo, de aislar las luchas y las solidaridades, generando el contexto para que se intensifiquen las perscusionones, las prepotencias y el hostigamiento hacia companerxs y cercanos.

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December 11, 2017
by actforfreedom

Naples, Italy – Repressive operation against FAI/FRI

Naples prosecutor Catello Maresca, in charge of an investigation on subversive association linked to FAI/FRI, demanded that twenty anarchist comrades be arrested and the Centro Studi Libertari, the place of anarchist group Louise Michel, and the 76/A anarchist space to be shut down..
As an investigating judge rejected the prosecutor’s demand, the latter has made appeal; this will be held on 14th December at the court of review in Naples.
Anarchists from Naples

 via: croce nera anarchica
Translated by act for freedom now!

December 9, 2017
by actforfreedom


Act for free receve on 9.12.17
21st of December we call to let the imagination flow and to express solidarity in its multiple forms. Once again we will show that our imprisoned comrades are not alone but present and on the streets with us.
They want to raise even higher walls, not only of concrete and iron, but also of loneliness and isolation. And these walls we want to break down, with love, affection, rage and solidarity for our comrade Lisa.
You can sand pictures and audiovisuals to
Having received a sentence does not imply that the imprisoned person is “only” at the mercy of the prison system. The political and judicial machine of the State continues to investigate, observe, analyse, and decide over the fate of the imprisoned. Especially when the prisoner has not fallen to her knees asking for mercy in front of the court, has not humiliated herself by some kind of gesture seen by the enemy as “reconciliation”, the ways in which the justice system can demonstrate that they are not through with her yet are numerous. The refusal to cooperate with the police is considered proof of guilt and can be used to maintain the investigation open for an indefinite period of time. The silence and dignity in the face of the executioners and their accusations is considered concealment of the crime, and can generate new investigations.
Furthermore, being socialised as a woman and not reproducing the assigned roles, in this case for example having a rebellious attitude or a non-submissive position towards the institution, generates multiple sentences which go beyond a conviction at a juridical level, since there is also the intervention of moral and social condemnations, inherent to the patriarchal framework, which ist framing prisoner to the circumstances of the imprisonment.
To continue expressing your political convictions and ideas from within the walls and not denying who you are is considered a lack of repentance and an argument for why a prison sentence does not suffice.
And when the legal arsenal is exhausted in a “reasonable” sentence, that is, sufficiently heavy to accommodate the accusation, but the ethic of the imprisoned person stays intact, the justice system does not hesitate to attack the relations with the outside world, the family ties, sentimental bonds and friendships. Besides the concrete, the iron bars, the artificial lights and security cameras which not only cut off life but also suffocate it, they add mountains of paper which need to be traversed in order to obtain simple human contact with the people close to you. Requests, permissions, authorisations, postponements, which put the will to not feel defeated to the test.
On the 7th of June Lisa, our anarchist comrade, was sentenced by the court of Aachen (Germany) to seven and a half years in prison for robbing a bank. At this moment we are awaiting the outcome of an appeal written by the lawyers which, if accepted, will involve a revision of the sentence and imply that the case will be brought to court again. Therefore our comrade is still held in preventive arrest in the prison of Cologne. Due to an illness which lasted various months, her mother died in the beginning of November. During this time, the prosecutor as well as the judge, alleging “flight risk”, have denied her the possibility to visit her mother in hospital and also the permission to be present at her funeral.
The enemy does not only use juridical argumentation, but employs many more insidious mechanisms. Like in so many other cases, when the thirst for revenge of the justice system is not satisfied with a simple – however large it may be – prison sentence, the enemy continues to be hawk-eyed, searching for every supposed weakness of the prisoner in order to submit her. It is clear that this is a purely vengeful means, an answer to the comrade’s firm and non-collaborationist attitude. An additional punishment, invented to aggravate the already tough sentence of confinement; yet another attempt to make her bow down, this time aiming at her private life and personal circumstances. A logic, nothing new, of judicial blackmail with the aim of undermining her coherence and political convictions.
They want to raise even higher walls, not only of concrete and iron, but also of loneliness and isolation. And these walls we want to break down, with love, affection, rage and solidarity for our comrade Lisa.
With hate for the enemy.
We do not forget. We do not forgive.
Some anarchist comrades

Giornata di solidarietà con l’anarchica Lisa, detenuta nel carcere di Colonia in Germania (21/12/2017)
Al 21 dicembre, invitiamo a lasciar correre la fantasia ed esprimere la solidarietà nelle sue molteplici forme. Ancora una volta dimostreremo che i nostri compagni detenuti non sono soli, bensì presenti e con noi sulle strade.
Vogliono innalzare muri ancora più alti, non solo di cemento e ferro, ma anche di solitudine e isolamento. Ed è questi muri che vogliamo abbattere, con amore, affetto, rabbia e solidarietà con la nostra compagna Lisa.
Potete inviare immagini e audiovisivi a
Essere condannati non implica che la persona detenuta si trovi “solo” alla mercé del sistema carcerario. La macchina politica e giudiziaria dello Stato continua a indagare, osservare, analizzare e decidere sul destino del detenuto. Specialmente se il detenuto non si è inginocchiato invocando clemenza in aula, non si è umiliato con qualche tipo di gesto visto dai nemici come “riconciliazione”, i modi con i quali il sistema giudiziario può dimostrare che non ha finito di esaminare sono numerosi. Il rifiuto di collaborare con la polizia è considerato come prova di colpevolezza, e può essere utilizzata per mantenere l’indagine aperta per un periodo indefinito. Il silenzio e la dignità di fronte ai carnefici e le loro accuse sono considerati come occultamento di crimine, e può generare nuove indagini.
Inoltre, essere socializzata come donna senza riprodurre i ruoli assegnati, in questo caso ad esempio possedendo un’attitudine ribelle o una posizione di non sottomissione che va oltre una condanna a livello giudiziario, dato che è presente anche l’intervento di condanne morali e sociali, inerenti al contesto partriarcale, che inquadra il detenuto nelle circostanze della detenzione. Continuare ad esprimere le proprie convinzioni politiche e idee dall’interno delle mura, senza rinnegare la propria identità, è considerato mancanza di pentimento e un argomento per dimostrare che la condanna a carcere non è sufficiente.
E quando l’arsenale legale viene esaurito in una sentenza “ragionevole”, cioè sufficientemente pesante per soddisfare le accuse, ma l’etica del detenuto rimane intatta, il sistema giudiziario non esita ad attaccare i rapporti con il mondo esterno, i legami famigliari, i rapporti sentimentali e di amicizia. Oltre il cemento, le sbarre di ferro, la luce artificiale e la videosorveglianza, che non solo isolano la vita ma pure la soffocano, loro aggiungono montagne di carta che devono essere attraversate per ottenere un semplice contatto umano con le persone vicine. Richieste, permessi, autorizzazioni, rinvii, che mettono la volontà a non sentirsi sconfitta alla prova.
Il 7 giugno Lisa, la nostra compagna anarchica, è stata condannata dal tribunale di Aquisgrana (Germania) a sette anni e mezzo di carcere per rapina in banca. In questo momento stiamo aspettando l’esito di un appello fatto da avvocati, il quale, se accettato, comporterà una revisione di condanna e implicherà un nuovo processo. Per questo motivo la nostra compagna si trova ancora in custodia cautelare in carcere di Colonia. A causa di una malattia durata vari mesi, sua madre è morta all’inizio di novembre. Durante questo periodo sia il p.m. che il giudice, in base ad un presunto “rischio di fuga”, le hanno negato la possibilità di visitare la madre in ospedale, come anche il permesso di essere presente al funerale.
Il nemico non usa solo le argomentazioni giuridiche, ma impiega molti altri meccanismi insidiosi. Come in molti altri casi, quando la sete di vendetta del sistema giudiziario non viene soddisfatta con una semplice – per quanto pesante possa essere – pena detentiva, il nemico continua ad osservare, in cerca di ogni presunta debolezza del detenuto per piegarlo. E’ chiaro che si tratta di strumenti puramente vendicativi, di una risposta all’atteggiamento fermo e non collaborativo della compagna. Una punizione aggiuntiva inventata per aggravare la già pesante condanna di isolamento; un altro tentativo di farle chinare la testa, questa volta mirando alla sua vita privata e alle circostanze personali. Una logica, per nulla nuova, di ricatto giudiziario con l’obiettivo di minare la sua coerenza e le sue convinzioni politiche.
Vogliono innalzare muri ancora più alti, non solo di cemento e ferro, ma anche di solitudine e isolamento. Ed è questi muri che vogliamo abbattere, con amore, affetto, rabbia e solidarietà con la nostra compagna Lisa.
Con l’odio per il nemico.
Non dimentichiamo. Non perdoniamo.
Alcuni compagni anarchici


[21Diciembre]Día de acciones en solidaridad con nuestrxs compañerxs presxs
Posted on 2017/12/12 by Solidaritat Rebel
El día 21 de diciembre hacemos un llamado a dejar fluir la imaginación y
a expresar la solidaridad en sus múltiples formas. Mostraremos una vez
más que nuestrxs compañerxs presxs no están solxs, que continuan
presentes y así lo demostraremos en las calles.
Quieren elevar muros aún más altos no solo de hormigón y de acero, sinó
de soledad y aislamiento. Son estos muros que queremos derrumbar con
amor, cariño y rabia por nuestra compañera Lisa. Por todo esto y para
mostrar nuestra solidaridad con ella y con todxs nuestrxs compañerxs
presxs, convocamos:
Dirección: Torre Mapfre, Calle de la Marina 16 (Barcelona)
El hecho de haber recibido una condena no significa que la persona presa
esté “sólo” a merced de las instituciones penitenciarias. El aparato
policial y judicial del Estado siguen investigando, observando,
analizando y decidiendo sobre el destino de la condenada. Especialmente
cuando la presa no se ha arrodillado pidiendo clemencia durante el
juicio o no se ha auto-humillado en algún gesto de lo que el enemigo ve
como “reconciliación”, son incontables las maneras en que la justicia
sabe demostrar que las cuentas siguen abiertas. La negativa a colaborar
con los órganos policiales se considera como prueba de culpabilidad y
puede servir para mantener la investigación abierta hasta tiempo
indefinido. El silencio y la dignidad frente a los verdugos y sus
acusaciones se consideran encubrimiento del delito y pueden generar
nuevos expedientes.
Además, el hecho de ser socializada como mujer y no reproducir los roles
asignados, en este caso
por ejemplo, tener una actitud rebelde o una posición no sumisa ante la
institución, genera múltiples condenas que van más allá de una condena a
nivel jurídico, ya que también intervienen las condenas morales o
sociales, que vienen dadas por la estructura patriarcal y que marcan a
la persona las circunstancias del encierro.
El hecho de seguir desde el encierro expresando las propias convicciones
e ideas políticas y no negar quién es, lo consideran una falta de
arrepentimiento y un argumento de que la pena de cárcel no es
Y cuando el arsenal jurídico se agota en una condena “razonable”, es
decir, suficientemente larga para complacer la acusación, pero la ética
de la persona presa sigue intacta, la justicia no vacila en atacar los
lazos familiares, sentimentales y de amistad con el mundo exterior.
Además del hormigón, los barrotes, las luces artificiales y cámaras de
vigilancia que más allá de truncar la vida la asfixian, se añaden
montañas de papel que hay que cruzar para obtener el simple contacto
humano con la gente cercana. Solicitudes, permisos, autorizaciones,
prórrogas, que ponen a prueba la voluntad de no sentirse vencida.
El pasado 7 de junio, Lisa, nuestra compañera anarquista, fue condenada
por el tribunal de Aachen (Alemania) a 7 años y medio de prisión por
atracar un banco. Actualmente, estamos a la espera de conocer el
resultado del escrito presentado por los abogados que, en caso de
aceptarse, supondría la revisión de la sentencia y que el juicio se
celebrara de nuevo. Por lo tanto, la compañera se encuentra todavía en
régimen preventivo en la prisión de Köln. A principios de noviembre su
madre murió, debido a una enfermedad que ha durado varios meses. En este
tiempo, tanto la fiscalía como el juez le han negado la posibilidad de
ir a visitarla al hospital, alegando “riesgo de fuga” y también el
permiso para acudir a su entierro.
Más allá de la argumentación jurídica del enemigo, sus mecanismos
funcionan de manera insidiosa. Como en tantos otros casos, donde la sed
de venganza de la justicia no se ve calmada con una simple, por larga
que sea, condena de prisión, el enemigo sigue atento a cada supuesta
debilidad de la presa para someterla. Está claro que se trata de una
medida puramente vengativa como respuesta a la postura firme y no
colaboracionista de la compañera. Un castigo adicional pensado para
agravar la ya dura condena de encierro, un intento más de doblegarla,
esta vez apuntando hacia su vida privada y ámbito personal. Una lógica,
nada nueva, de chantaje judicial con el objetivo de socavar su
coherencia y sus convicciones políticas.
Quieren elevar muros aún más altos, no sólo de hormigón y de acero, sino
de soledad e aislamiento.
Son estos muros que queremos derrumbar, con amor, cariño, rabia y
solidaridad por nuestra compañera Lisa.
Con odio al enemigo.
No olvidamos. No perdonamos.
Algunas compañeras anarquistas

December 9, 2017
by actforfreedom

UK, Birmingham: Cop car smashed by masked youth

A cop car got what was coming to it as cops attended a church service for the annual remember the massacre in wars day. Two masked youth rolled up to the car on a moped, one then smashed the windows of the vehicle with a hammer, laughing and shouting anti-cop slogans. The two youth then made there getaway on their bike.
Fuck up the police, every chance you get!

December 9, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy,Rome: Explosive Attack Against a Carabinieri Police Station in San Giovanni by Santiago Maldonado Cell FAI-FRI

In times of social peace and compliance there is no better reply than action. A stimulus, a continuity and a jolt to wake up those who sleep.
Acting on one’s own initiative breaks the compliance and inaction and ignites those whose blood boils.
The anarchic praxis of attack must be the basic stimulus of anarchy, otherwise it is a walking dead. Action is necessary to make us alive in the ways we consider opportune, removed from every program, hierarchical and vertical structure. Many revolutionary practices are part of an anarchism in its bowels.
We have decided to take our lives into our own hands by breaking the oppressive peace that surrounds us.
On the night of the 6th to the 7th of December we placed a steel thermos containing 1.6kg of explosives outside the carabinieri barracks in the San Giovanni district in Rome.
Our attentions have turned to the main guardians of the deadly order of capitalism: the police. Without them, the privileges, the arrogance and the wealth accumulated by the owners would be nothing. Because they have always had the function of repressing, jailing, deporting, torturing and killing those who by choice or necessity find themselves outside their law.
The fight against the state is not simple and cannot be reduced to magic formulas. But the objectives are there and you cannot always make theories and talk of convenience. Every individual free by desire and necessity puts theory into action, here and now. There is no delegation in the struggle for freedom.
What would have been in these years if an incendiary minority had not picked up the torch of anarchy? If these comrades had waited for better times? The president of the European Commission whose Christmas was ruined knows something about this. He knows something about the vampire of Equitalia and was mutilated by one of its claws.* The sorcerer of Ansaldo Nuclear must have felt the heat from the torch of anarchy in his legs.**
Today we take the torch of anarchy, tomorrow it will be somebody else. As long as you do not turn it off!
Who wants to watch will continue to watch. Who wants to justify politically not acting will continue not doing so. We are not waiting for any train of hope, we do not wait for better times. Conditions move with the confrontation. The movement is such if it acts, otherwise it stands still. The liberation of the individual from authority and exploitation is carried out by those directly concerned.

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December 9, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Cassa AntiRepressione Alpi Occidentali on the ”Scripta Manent” trial

No ifs no buts
A trial is to begin on 16th November in Turin against 29 comrades accused of subversive association with intents of terrorism and other offences. Seven of these comrades have been in pre-trial detention since September 2016, in AS2 high security units.
Besides wanting to establish personal responsibilities in relation to various actions claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation in the last decade, the investigation subsequently expanded to the solidarity with the defendants and with the re-launching of practices of attack.
The investigation, which the inquisitors called Scripta Manent, is essentially based on a comparison between the claims of various attacks and pieces of writing by the comrades on trial, on the contacts between the latter and on the distinction between the good, the bad, the social, the radical, FAI members and so on, in the anarchist galaxy. One of the classic analyses devised in courtrooms and police stations.
The acrobatics used to attribute actions to the comrades develop according to the usual old script: if you express solidarity with a certain kind of actions and/or with an acronym that claims them you become a number one suspect, then you are put under investigation and finally you are put on trial. However it’s a script sufficient to impose pre-trial detention and a trial afterwards, in the hope – theirs – to create a void around these comrades, to foment taking distance, to confirm the thesis of the good and the bad.

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December 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Zurich – Fermento anarchist bookshop raided

On Thursday November 30th, at around 4pm, a dozen plain clothes and uniformed policemen from the cantonal police entered the premises of anarchist bookshop Fermento, on Josefstrasse 102 in Zurich, armed with a search warrant. The alleged crime: “Public instigation to commit crimes and acts of violence”.
As we have just learned, three policemen from the Criminal Investigation Department of the cantonal police already entered the bookshop ten days earlier. Then too using the same statement: the bookshop window would be an incitement to commit crimes and violence against businesses and individuals, to be seen in the context of the recent incendiary attacks against the construction of the PJZ [new palace of justice] and “Bässlergut” prison in Basel.
All this did not happen completely unexpectedly. Only a couple of days before, a long background article published by Schweiz am Wochenende and taken up by the Aargauer Zeitung urged that something be done once and for all against these anarchists, boasting of having discovered what everyone in Zurich can see: our shop window.
If the police acted on the impulse of Andreas Maurer’s piece – to call the journalist by his name – or if the latter had written under the pressure of someone else, we cannot know and do not care. The journalist’s role as cop has been openly demonstrated once again.
Let’s move on to the technical side:
In the first search, only the posters hanging from the window inside the bookshop were removed. Clearly the agents in question were not sure which poster contained the criminal message, so they took them all. One of these was an invitation to support our bookshop, which at the end of February will have to give way to yet another branch of Migros. We learned of the posters’ removal in amazement.

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December 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Warrior Up: Techniques for sabotaging capitalist infrastructure and extractive industries

Warrior Up is a research project open to any anonymous input, turning an eye towards the infrastructures and extractive industries that the capitalist economy depends upon – how they function, and how they are vulnerable to direct action.
This project is inspired by the infrastructural sabotage carried out by indigenous warriors in the territory dominated by the Canadian state during land and water defense in the last decades. We want to be a resource for anarchists and other rebels carrying out actions against the economy of death – how can we make these actions more effective, safe, creative, and reproducible?
We need the help of all the brilliant troublemakers in the international anarchist space to make this resource more relevant and comprehensive. Please email us texts that have appeared in guides or communiques (or more obscure sources, like industry literature or counter-insurgency manuals) that can help us to better contribute to taking down the mega-machine. Translation of material that isn’t yet in English would be very appreciated – we can translate from French or Spanish if you direct us towards the texts.
The ‘Infrastructure’ page lists actions and research categorized by target (road, pipeline, electricity, rail, fiber-optic and communication infrastructures). The ‘Arson and Sabotage’ page lists techniques, and is also categorized by target (cars, buildings, heavy machinery). The ‘Guides’ page collects publications on arson, sabotage, blockades, security, and warrior fieldcraft. The ‘Maps‘ page lists infrastructure and extractive industry mapping projects.
Once the project is more comprehensive, we will release a zine containing the most relevant content.
warriorupthrowdown (at) riseup (dot) net

December 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece,Thessaloniki 6/12/17: Fierce riot outside university, one cop injured and put in hospital

Greek flag burnt and ripped on top of Thessaloniki university

On 6th December the hooded ones descend upon the streets of Greece in active memory of the killing of Alexis Grigoropoulos that triggered the 2008 insurrection. In Thessaloniki the street battles were particularly fierce this year with the conflicts spreading beyond the usual one street of Agio Dimitriou.
Molotovs, flares, stones, ‘gasaki’ (camping gas cannister with a strong firecracker attached), firecrackers, even a water boiler was thrown at the riot cops. From above molotovs and explosives were thrown from the roof of a building on the corner of the university, with even a Greek flag burned and torn in front of the cops eyes, denting their national, racist, fascist pride. Mainstream media scum are reporting that one cop was injured by a flare and is still in a military hospital, but local info on the ground says it was an explosive that did the damage.

December 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – The University of Salento collaborates with TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipelines)

Text of a leaflet distributed and fly posted in the city and near the University of Salento
The fact that TAP is not only an energy infrastructure but it also involves the idea of a world was made even more obvious on 20th November, as parliament members, ENI and TAP executives and shit like that were gathered together during a conference organized at the University of Lecce. The conference was interrupted owing to protests inside and outside the hall and many showed indignation at the role of the University, openly lined up on the side of the powerful. However the fact that the University is not a cradle of free thought but a factory of technicians who are to run the world should be known to everybody. As they are constrained by exams, debts and credits, students have no longer the time to reflect, discuss, oppose. Except in rare and sporadic occasions, when the routine of classes and exams is interrupted by some awareness that can’t be postponed.
However universities are normally at the service of the most powerful. It is sufficient to think of the very tight link between University and war, of research financed for military and control purposes, of the interference that big lobbies have over universities so that they can influence studies which have undisputable scientific value but which actually serve the profits of some multinationals.
The same goes for the University of Salento, which invests all its energies in nanotechnologies and engineering.
Now the University of Salento openly collaborates with TAP, as it helps with the monitoring of the olive trees uprooted by the multinational to build the gas pipeline, hosts conferences whose speakers are persons involved in massacres like TAP country manager Michele Elia, and warmongers like ENI executives, whose responsibilities in Libya are strictly linked to the death in the sea of thousands of desperate people. Finally, through the voice of its professors like Boero’s, [the University] defends what can’t be defended by intervening in the press in order to give reassurances on the safety and utility of the gas pipeline and to give credibility to a harmful and imposed work that the majority of people don’t want.
Among other things Mr Boero can’t even claim to be impartial, as he has been given commissions directly paid by TAP for years; for this reason he’s simply an accomplice of the devastation that TAP wants to bring over the lands where it is to go through.
But if the university is no longer a factory of idea and agora of critical thinking, it can always become a place of conflict: between the builders of a world made of war and exploitation and those who want to destroy it.
And so against TAP, let’s block everything!
Enemies of TAP

Translated by act for freedom now!

December 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – Disruptive action against the hotel that hosts police forces in defense of TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipelines)

Posted on 11/29/2017
Translated by act for freedom now!

On Friday 24th November, at around 7pm, about fifty demonstrators gathered outside the President hotel on Via Salandra in Lecce, which hosts the carabinieri mobile units coming from outside the region and deployed to watch over the TAP yard and the red zone in Melendugno. With whistles, stadium trumpets and cooking pans they gave life to a very noisy disruptive action, and through a loudspeaker they explained that there will be no truce for those who collaborate with and make profit from the construction of the TAP gas pipeline.
An hour later, the demonstrators moved to the streets of the historical centre and passed in front of the TAP premises, where eggs filled with paints were flown at the entrance door.
On Sunday 26th November the noisy demonstration was held once again.