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May 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Anonymous – On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts: a contribution to the topic of the theory of the practice of Sabotage

Comrades, the game is yours and we take courage in its daily practice. Organize it yourselves with your accomplices.
Against the old world in all its expressions, in order to leave pre-history, let’s launch and multiply attacks.
Asturian Institute of Comparative Vandalism


May 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Italy – Anarchist comrades Francesco Sala, Lucio Alberti and Graziano Mazzarelli transferred to house arrest

Translated by act for freedom now
hb-saraceno-31-300x20027th May 2015 – At the end of the trial against Francesco, Graziano and Lucio, the court sentenced the three comrades to 2 years and 10 months for the attack on the TAV yard carried out between 13th and 14th May 2013 in Chiomonte.
The comrades were therefore transferred to house arrest.
Freedom for all!
Graziano, Lucio, Francesco, Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò in the streets and in the struggle again!


May 28, 2015
by actforfreedom

Revolutionary Struggle case Appeal trial update – Athens

Revolutionary Struggle case
Appeal trial.   22.5.2015
C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorMy DocumentsNew LibraryComrades Nikos Maziotis and Kostas Gournas were transferred yesterday from Domokos prisons to Koridallos prisons where the upcoming trial will begin today 22.5.15 in the special court room of the prison.
The comrades were take straight to the basement  cells of the female prisons, where they are basically in isolation…
After the demand by comrade Nikos Maziotis for a postponement in order for him to contact his lawyer since his transfer from Domokos was only the previous day, the court decided to adjourn till Wednesday June 10th at 9am.
After communicating with the comrades of the Revolutionary Struggle over the phone, we can state that they are strong and their morale is high!

May 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Prague, Czech Republic – SRB (Revolutionary Cells Network) claim arson of police car

  From RadioAzione
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now


 On Friday 15th May a cop car parked outside the police station on Hostivařska Road in Prague was set on fire. This is the result of premeditated sabotage carried out by the M.A.P. cell. We were following the actions of the network of revolutionary cells, but hesitated before turning our anger into direct action of attack. For a long time we were tormented by fear and indecision.
Then a change of direction happened. On 28th April the police launched an attack on the anarchist movement of the country we live in,and this facilitated our decision to act. We think other choices of this kind will follow. Perhaps a burnt out police car represents just a small step compared with what must be done to put an end to capitalism.
But this step opens new possibilities to us.  And it was inaccessible to us as long as we were incapable of going beyond the limits of protests, which bark a lot but don’t bite our enemies. We have broken the chains ofbourgeois morality.
For the State and capital we are no longer harmless hot air merchants. We are becoming a threat, because we have started destroying whatis destroying us.
And it’s just the beginning! The struggle continues!
M. A. P. cell / Network of revolutionary cells/SRB

May 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Chile, Santiago: Armed attack against Quilcura police station

shotswe receive and publish, translation waronsociety:
Police forces carried out a series of checkpoints in the Parinacota población on April 16 2015. Two women were detained with molotovs and flammable liquid and taken to the police station. A short while after these arrests a burst of gunfire was unleashed against the 49° Police Staion of Quilicura. Of the 20 shots fired, 6 directly struck the windows of the police station leaving no one wounded.After the shots, the repressive pack of dogs rushed out to besiege the different poblaciones without being able to arrest or link anyone to the shots fired at their station. The following day the minister of the interior went to visit the police brothel, and their own neighbors told him the barrage against the police station was due to the violence with which the police keep the poblacion besieged.

Stop aiming the weapons in the poblaciones at the oppressed!                                                                                                    

      Aim and fire at repression!

video (es)

May 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Czech Republic – Solidarity against “Operation Phoenix”

 From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now !


On Tuesday 28th April the Czech police, evidently inspired by their European colleagues, launched a string of anti-anarchist actions under the name of “Operation Phoenix”. There have been arrests, interrogations, raids and servers have been seized. Three anarchists are being held behind the walls of detention, whereas the others are ‘free’ on bail.
The whole event was presented as a police intervention against terrorists – a label promptly and willingly adopted by the media, which used it in order to artificially induce and spread panic, so contributing to giving legitimacy to what happened. These actions carried out with the aim of suffocating the growing anarchist movement in the Czech Republic don’t surprise us, because our struggle against inequality through self-organization goes beyond the functioning of official institutions and the judicial apparatus, something the State does not like. Those who don’t hesitate to exercise terror and injustice – in the form of police repression, wars waged by the army, laws, ubiquitous CCTV cameras sanctified by the municipalities or exploited by the bosses – want to give us lessons about “terrorism”.
So who are the real “criminals” and “terrorists”? Those arrested and charged are comrades, and if they are terrorists, then so are we. We build solidarity, create possibilities and point at those who plunder and exploit us!
An immediate end to the persecution and all the charges!
We express our solidarity with the comrades and will continue the struggle!
Translation from Czech by RadioAzione [Croatia]

May 26, 2015
by actforfreedom

Italy – Gianluca Iacovacci and Adriano Antonacci: Appeal court drops Terrorism charges, Adriano is free!

From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
22/05/15 – The appeal court dropped charges of terrorism against Gianluca and Adriano.
The two anarchist comrades, held prisoner under the High Security 2 regime since 19th September 2013, had been accused of
association with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order, as well as arson, aggravated theft in concurrence and defacement and soiling of private property: judicial concepts and repressive instruments to punish the 13 actions attributed to the comrades.
Specific charges remain in place, but as the charge of terrorism was dropped Adriano has been released, while Gianluca remains in prison.

May 23, 2015
by actforfreedom

UK – Solidarity Poster for insurrectionary anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales

al8DJ8FLa_dWaPzfIGMnIWQvyButOmugSvF2slKJp5Q,32ndQwu14Pri393YURAlYJkv7QIGNbsNgRRVxGDB0psEarly  morning in Santiago on 22 of May 2009 we lost our brother Mauricio Morales. He was carrying an explosive device which detonated in his back pack, he died on the spot. It is assumed that the disgusting institution of the school of the Gendarmerie was the aim of his attack. He died a fighter, without fear, without hesitation, confronting every form of power.
He decided to turn his hatred into action. He transformed his life into a constant struggle against the existent. Publications, direct support to imprisoned comrades, the spreading of anarchist and anti-authoritarian literature, the spreading of ideas were part of the daggers he sharpened during his life. In this way he wanted to contribute in different ways to the destruction of this society based on the logic of power and exploitation.
Remembering these moments our hearts fill with pain, but it is important not to fall into the lethargy that the loss of a comrade can lead to. We cannot forget that he died with his eyes fixed on his aim. And this fact must shake us, must help us to open our eyes.
We are at war, the strikes will be many, but that’s how it is for a fighter that doesn’t stop, doesn’t bow his head; that makes his life, among other things, a constant surmounting of obstacles.
The harshness of death strikes us and is such a whirlpool that sometimes we can barely believe what is happening. Death or prison is not only a slogan, today for us, those words are tattooed with blood and fire.
…some words written by comrades of Mauricio in 2009 who remain in our hearts and continue to fire our passions.
“Because when your heart beats, it beats freedom, love and anarchy!
Anarchy doesn’t die in the mouth, it prevails in active hands.”

May 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

Responsibility Claim for the arson attack on prosecutor Evaggelos Mademlis , on the night of Sunday May 17th in thessaloniki

 Thousands of people independently of sex, race and age appear before the judicial powers either out of bad luck (when they are brought there in chains), or from naivety (when they are trying to find their “lost rights”), but always due to a condition.
The condition defined by a caste of well-fed, blameless and undefiled authoritarian maniacs capable of reinventing the limits of sadism as well as the perception of time itself. The time the offenders must erase from their lives in order to be corrected and reintegrated into the jungle of the capital where only the strong, credible, rich or those in positions of authority survive.
 For the “just” ones who do this job dead time is necessary in order for the offending subject to reform, become disciplined, prove their total inability to be anything other than a citizen. A slave. Fearful. Productive. With respect to property. With faith in institutions. With gratitude to the boss. A citizen, with whatever that entails…
 They cynically announce years of sentences gathering tears of loved ones and the unfulfilled dreams of the culprits in pages loaded with charges in huge files behind paragraphs and legislation.
With the pretext of maintaining social peace they convict those who broke their laws like modern inquisitors. They are the ones who propose the incarceration in concentration camps of people who entered the country “illegally” asking for political asylum. They are the ones who order the shaming of “criminals” judged dangerous for the common good, photos of “terrorists” and “hiv-positive” people are served up to us by the 8 o’clock channels, for knowledge and compliance. They are the ones who scorn the economic decadence that leads someone to steal and then convict them with the maximum sentences, without accepting mitigating provisions. It is they who upgrade charges on arrestees from protests and impose exterminating guarantees and bail conditions. They are the ones who propose dozens of years for fighters arrested for attacks on State targets and bank expropriations, characterizing them as members of hierarchically structured organizations who aim at making profit, two values (hierarchy-profit) that fighters clash against all their lives.

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May 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

Val Susa, Italy – Sometimes something interesting: the car of Hotel Ninfa owner up in flames!

 By Anarchici pistoiesi 
Translated by act for freedom now
Every now and again something interesting also happens in the Susa Valley, extending the front of attack on the high speed rail to peripheral areas in collusion with the TAV lobby can widen the field of struggle.
The possibilities of intervention could potentially become infinite, making the valley territory more ungovernable in terms of repression and control.   Who knows, maybe some will dissociate themselves, that’s in fashion, saying that these are mafia practices that don’t belong to a certain movement, pointless chatter.
Ending up on the internet isn’t important, actions don’t have to be accompanied by throngs of journalists and photographers (“friendly”, of course!) ready to put any wisp of dust in the media spotlight. Attacking power in its physical manifestations means doing it at any moment and anywhere that it manifests itself, both directly and through the tentacular collusion it establishes.
  From Piemonte Indymedia:  9 May. Avigliano, Turin. A Mercedes parked outside the Ninfa Hotel goes up in flames during the night. The hotel is already infamous for hosting police and carabinieri deployed in the Susa Valley, and for giving space to a conference organized by the Democratic Party in support of the High Speed rail.   Apparently the car belongs to Enzo Savant, the hotel owner.


May 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – Election headquarters of “Noi con Salvini” [With Salvini*] trashed ⃰

 Translated by act for freedom now


Salvini is the leader of the Northern League party, now hunting for votes in southern Italy (in alliance with right-wing parties) amid strong protests from the local population.
   LECCE, 9th May 2015.
 On the eve of Matteo Salvini’s election campaign visit to the city, unknown people trashed a window of the “Noi con Salvini” committee during the night. The committee supports one of the centre right-wing candidates at the local elections.
  On 11th May Salvini’s presence at the Tiziano Hotel in Lecce was opposed with shouts, insults and throwing of eggs. In order to meet his supporters Salvini was forced to enter the back door escorted by police.
 The protest ended after traffic was blocked for half an hour on the highway to Brindisi, adjacent to the hotel.



May 21, 2015
by actforfreedom

Turin, Italy: No Tav prisoners – A letter from Lucio Alberti from Le Vallette prison

Translated by act for freedom now
 Vallette, 29/4/2015
On Monday 20/2 we were transferred to Le Vallette. We left Ferrara at 9am, the three of us caged in the same armoured van under the usual escort, complete with the farce for a piss at the service station with machine guns pointed just in case comrade Camogli attempted some coup.
We arrived in Turin five hours later and it took another four to complete the new arrivals procedures: various searches, paperwork, photographs, medical checks and a long wait. From the guards’ attitude it soon became clear that our presence was an awkward inconvenience not only from a logistic point of view, and the ‘aversion’ towards us was palpable.
When we got to the wing around 7pm we found a large welcoming committee, who ignoring our questions on the obvious oddities of the section, locked us in three cells next to each other, two on one side and one opposite. We quickly realized the trick: we are in a unit for special prisoners whom we have been separated from as they have been moved to cells at the end of the corridor, piled in like sardines.
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May 19, 2015
by actforfreedom

Athens – Responsibility Claim for the arson of the Golden dawn nazis Offices in Marousi 15/12/14

Translated by Act For Freedom now!
90A776790A2ED79DB751C0C42059F0ACIn these last years with the economic crisis deepening even more, ageneralized mobilization is observed internationally as well as in the
domestic territory. For the latter, especially since 2010 and after we
can see a total attack on the base of society restructuring the class
map. This attack is aimed against the world of labour, strikes the basic
terms of survival and promotes a violent redistribution of wealth aiming
only at the rescuing and reproduction of capital. Social resistances
dealt and deal with the change of the oppression model to a more
autocratic direction that aims at controlling those who resist. Within
this condition (and for it) the system highlighted its fascist reserves.
The role of the Golden Dawn at an economic level is no other than to
promote the interests of the capital (see questions and voting of laws
for ship-owners), to apply in practise the new blackmailing labour model
(see Unemployment organizations only for Greeks whose cheap labour and
flexibility of labour relations would be the envy of the Federation of
Enterprises).Additionally, the reconstitution of order in the households
(see the Taxi drivers association) is a main target since the “peaceful”
alliances are the ones that allow the attainment of framed “social
dialogues” for the promotion of their interests. At a political level
(institutional) it is a main pillar of conservation of the system (with
an always “antisystemic” profile) taking the role of the rabbit and
acting as another arm of the interests within the institutions.
At a social level the nazis seek the conflict in the interior of the
class of the oppressed. In every neighbourhood where the nazis found no
unmediated antifascist movement from below, created a regime of
terrorism with raiding squads carrying out pogroms against immigrants,
attacks on fighters, homosexuals and anyone who is different compared to
their standards.
We think that the antifascist struggle must be multi-form, unmediated
from party interests, aggressive and have class characteristics. This is
the only way it can be a threat for every fascist state or para-state
Thus, on 15/12, a few hours after the first publicly announced event in
the new offices of the north sector, we chose to attack them with an
incendiary mechanism at the entrance of the offices on Grammou street in
We will not give a shred of land to the fascists to diffuse the racist
hate and grow roots in the neighbourhoods. Only the people who resist
the imposition of fascism as a social condition has a place in cities
and neighbourhoods.
Anarchists against fascization of society

May 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

On May 22nd begins the appeals trial of the 1st case of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle- Greece

Translated by Act For Freedom now!


The first trial of the organization Revolutionary Struggle lasted from
October 5th 2011 to April 3rd 2013 and was a political trial, a stand to
defend armed struggle as well as the actions of the organization from efeteio_EA
2003 to 2010, it was a political stand to defend the social revolution and condemn capital and the state.
The court sentenced the three members of the Revolutionary Struggle Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and Kostas Gournas to 50 years (merged) in prison, while comrades Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Christophoros Kortesis got 7 years each.
Just like in the first trial, in the appeals trial starting on May 22nd
the Revolutionary Struggle will not be tried as a “terrorist” organization.
The indictment of the Revolutionary Struggle and the
comrades on trial for the same case, against capital and state, will be heard again, promoting with their discourse the struggle for Subversion
and Revolution.
Solidarity to the members of the Revolutionary Struggle Nikos Maziotis  and Kostas Gournas and to comrades Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Christophoros Kortesis who are tried in the same case.
Solidarity Pola Roupa member of the Revolutionary Struggle who is wanted
and with a bounty on her.
We call everyone to come on Friday 22nd at 9am to Koridallos Prisons, to express our solidarity to the comrades on trial.
Assembly for Solidarity for the political prisoners, imprisoned and
persecuted fighters.

May 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

Spanish State: Monica Caballero has been transferred to Asturias

 Up with those who struggle!! Monica Caballero has been transferred to

 The anarchist compañera Monica Caballero has recently been transferred
 from the prison of Brieva, in Avila, to the prison of Villabona, in
 Asturias, where compañero Francisco Solar is also locked up.
Possibly this change is only temporary and it could be that in some
weeks or months she will be transferred back to Brieva or some other prison.
The post code of the prison of Villabona has changed, so here we give their corrected and updated addresses.

Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda
C.P. Villabona
Finca Tabladiello s/n
33422 Villabona-Llanera

Francisco Solar Domínguez
C.P. Villabona
Finca Tabladiello s/n
33422 Villabona-Llanera

May 18, 2015
by actforfreedom

(Chile) Update about comrades on hunger strike since April 14.

[By Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras]
 On Friday 15, May, anarchist comrades Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Guillermo Duran are on the 32nd day of their hunger strike, demanding:
– the release of comrade Enrique Guzmán
– the immediate transfer of compañera Nataly Casanova from solitary confinement to a wing/tower where she will be able to have contact/relationship with other inmates and more hours in the yard– the end to harassment of their close environment
– the end of assaults and disciplinary sanctions towards Juan and Nataly;
– end to DNA-based prosecutions.
Comrade Enrique Guzman stopped his hunger strike in the second week because of physical problems.
The judicial court refuses to give satisfaction to the comrades’ demands.
While people close to the comrades are trying some legal proceedings for the satisfaction of their demands, solidarian comrades on the outside have made demonstrations and incendiary actions in the streets and outside the prisons where the comrades are being held.
The comrades´ health is not good. For example, Juan started at 61kilos. and he was 54, ten days ago. Guillermo started hunger strike on April 14 weighing 91 kilos (Approx.), on May 9 he weighed 83 kilos. Comrade Nataly is under 50 kilos.
 Here we have some words from comrades Juan, Enrique and Guillermo:
Words from comrade Juan Flores
“Well !!! As I have already said on previous occasions … this is our response to all the barbarity and bastard police manoeuvres that Power unleashed against us; from that September 18, 2014,Power has continued haunting us to perpetuate fear among those close to us, with the intention of putting us into oblivion. Clearly, their attempts have been in vain. Solidarity is smoldering and far from police / court / State terror. On the 26th day of hunger strike, we have gone hand in hand with each gesture of solidarity, turning into practice all our conviction with the unconditional breath of our comrades, friends, relatives and support between ourselves. Words of encouragement, love and strength that we receive daily, strengthening us and extending our decision.
 Juan Flores1st wing, Santiago 1 Prison,Santiago, Chile.

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May 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Day in memory of anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales, fallen in combat on 22nd of May 2009-$hile

Act for freedom now! received from Spanish  and translated:



Day in memory of anarchist compañero Mauricio Morales, fallen in
combat on 22nd of May 2009

“Anarchy doesn’t die in the mouth, it stays alive in active hands”

Sunday May 17th
Place and time to be confirmed
Projection of videos
Live music
Vegan food
Writings from compañerxs

Called by: Biblioteca Antiautoritaria Sacco y Vanzetti (Anti
Authoritarian Library Sacco and Vanzetti)

May 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Solidarity with David Farias (father of Tamara Sol) – $hile

 Taken from lafugacoordinadora
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Today   at around 2 in the afternoon, in the context of the rally-march
in solidarity with compañera Tamara Sol, 9 compañerxs were detained
amidst pushing and beatings.

7 of them were released at around 5 in the evening, and
another around 10 at night, all of them charged with minor
disorders, for obstucting the traffic.

The only one who was not released was David Farias, father of Tamara Sol, who tomorrow will be put through arrest and detention procedures after being forced to pass the night in the police station, given that
he is accused of harming a carabinerx.

The hearing will take place tomorrow (1st May), at 11am at the
justice centre (Rondizonni).

We make a call to solidarize with the compañero in this situation
where the State, just as in the Enrique Guzman case, puts its claws
into those who refuse to deny their bonds with our compañerxs.

Down with the prisons walls!! Tamara Sol out in the street!!
 Stop the harrassment of the close environment of our compañerxs!!

May 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Burning Down: The Songs of Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain – usa

Announcing! Burning Down: The Songs of Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain
Link: Down is a collaborative music project between anarchist prisoner Sean Swain and musicians outside of prison. The lyrics to all of the songs on this album were written by Sean. The music was written and recorded by the bands, in some cases with input from Sean. As Sean is a fan of folk and punk music, bands that reflect those genres were sought for this project. If you like a particular band, there is a link to their website, bandcamp or facebook if you click on the individual track. A physical version of this compilation will eventually be released, hopefully by the end of 2015. Until then, submissions are still being accepted. Information on how to contribute a song to this project can be found on the bandcamp page.
This project aims to support Sean and bring his lyrics to life. It also aims to provoke interest in prisoner support in general, including collaboration with prisoners on creative projects such as this and support their artistic aspirations, in whatever form that may take.
For a world without cops, cages or borders!
The album is free to download, but you can donate to Sean’s legal defense fund at his website:

May 16, 2015
by actforfreedom

Denmark – Copenhagen – Solidarity with the hunger strike in the Greek prisons

Act for free receves:photo 3
photo 1
photo 4
In answer to the call for solidarity with the hunger strike in the Greek
prisons, a few ( far too few ) turned up in front of the Greek embassy in
Copenhagen on the 2nd April, where we place a banner on the building and
handed out flyers to passers by. A Greek member of the protest, managed
after the police arrived and forces us to the opposite side of the street,
to gain access to the embassy and flyers and info was handed to employees
of the embassy.
We also managed to cover the entryway of the embassy with
flyers before the cops forced us away….
This was a small event attended by only a handful of people, but those few
showed dedication and most importantly solidarity with our comrades in the
prisons, not only in Greece but all over the world.
To all those who didn’t turn up. Fuck you and your sofa anarchism.
Fire to prisons, state, capital and sofa anarchists

P.s. We wish all the comrades a speedy recovery as of time of this post,
the hunger strike has ended.

Some Anarchists in Copenhagen