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October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom


Many individuals gathered in the special court room of Koridallos
prisons today 1.10.14 to show their solidarity to the comrades who were being

After the counting and merging of the sentences, the terror court decided:
Comrade G.Mihailidis, 16 years and 4 months,
Comrades N.Romanos, A.D.Bourzoukos, A.Dalios and F.Harisis, 15 years and
11 months,
and comrade D.Politis, 11 years and 5 months.
All comrades were acquitted of the charge of participation in the CCF.


Anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos was recently transferred to the koridallos prison
Dikastiki Filaki Koridallou- E Pteryga
T.K. 1811O
Act for freedom now!

October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

If you are an anarchist, you belong to the “Conspiracy Cells of Fire” the final verdict in the terror-trial for the robbery in Pirgetos. July 17th 2014

Both comrades were sentenced to 16 years for the robbery in Pirgetos.
The court considered their beliefs to be proof enough.
In the series of trials with the CCF as the background, another 5-month
long trial closed, leaving unanswered questions concerning the way a
bank robbery was connected to this specific organization.
The prosecutors proposition gave an answer however which is not based on
a judicial judgement but on a clearly subjective judgement, and the
court decision “vindicated” the prosecutors proposition.
We remind that the two anarchist comrades G.Sarafoudis and G,Naxakis we
arrested in a cafe in Nea Filadelphia in 2013 together with anarchist
comrades A.Dalios and F.Harisis, the DNA of which was found, according
to the cops, on mostly mobile objects which from time to time have been
collected by the anti-terrorist force and which connects them to the
CCF. This is all according to police allegations.
There was even a “leaked” scenario about a terrorist attack they were
preparing, which however, because of the arrests was not carried out.

Anarchist G.Sarafoudis
is also accused for the robbery in Filota, but
this robbery was separated and will be tried in a another trial. For the
robbery the court was satisfied with the dna sample on a mobile object,
while the informative note was not accompanied by the corresponding
analysis reports of dna, which were correlated in the indictment after a
few months.
During the trial there was no mention of the organization, but the
prosecutor said in her proposition: “in this case, no matters concerning
a terrorist organization and the investigation of these acts were
mentioned in the trial and the investigation of the crimes of theft,
robbery and illegal weapon possession. In addition, the relative
material was not delivered to the court for this specific case. But we
cannot ignore the fact that the accused have relation with the
anti-authoritarian anarchist movement. Making this reference, not for
any other reason, not for the criminal intentions of the ideas someone
embraces, which of course everyone is free to do, but because is seems
that at some point they will join the organization called CCF. This
means that acts are connected to this organization, car thefts, weapon
possession and bank robberies with the same style of action and method”.
-Participation in a terrorist organization
-Robbery with the faces covered
-Gun possession
-Grand theft auto
Thanasis Sarafoudis, father of comrade G.Sarafoudis, after the end of
the trial made this statement:
“It is an absurd, bizarre, but more than anything unfair decision.
Without any proof, as the prosecutor said in her closing statement, they
were found guilty of participation in a terrorist organization, without
there being a terrorist act. ‘Long Live the system’. Once more it tries
to close the mouths and marginalize those who resist, having a different
opinion from it.
I am not simply proud of my child. It is my honour to be his parent, and
that my children believe and fight for equality, justice and solidarity.
We will give our fight for vindication until the end”.
Anarchist comrades from act for freedom now!

October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

France: Cévennes (Gard) – Sabotage of optic fibre, two departments without internet or phone (September 12, 2014)

Cevennes Internet and telephone disrupted following the cutting of an
optic fibre
Objectif Gard, 12 September 2014

Orange have indicated that the cutting of optic fibres between Ales and
Mende early in the afternoon is now causing damage to the telephone
network in many Gard and Lozère areas.

The operator said that this is the result of a “malicious act” which
occurred “halfway between Saint-Martin-de-Valgalgues and La

This optic fibre serves several municipalities. Fixed telephony,
internet services and even mobile phones can potentially be disturbed.

The municipalities involved are: – In the Gard : Chamborigaud, La
Grand-Combe, Lamelouze, Laval-Pradel, Portes – In Lozère : Balsièges,
Barjac, Cassagnas, Chanac, Cocures, Florac, Ispagnac, Lanuéjols, Le
Collet-de-Dèze, les Bondons, Mende, Saint-Julien-d’Arpaon,
Saint-Laurent-de-Trêves, Saint-Etienne-de-Valdonnez, Vébron, Vialas.

Operating teams will have to perform civil works, clear away the damaged
support and place a new optic fibre.

This should take at least all night. Recovery is expected later in the
night or Saturday morning.

October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

[Besançon, France] In the face of JCDecaux and its minions… the best solidarity is attack!


Below is a text about the repressive waves following the destruction of JCDecaux advertising boards in the city of Besançon.
On November 18th, 2013 two people were charged with destruction of billboards which took place in Besançon between 2011 and 2013.
After 24 hours of detention and search of their homes, they were placed under investigation and judicial supervision (prohibited from leaving the national territory and getting in contact, and obliged to go at the central police station of Besançon once a month).
Both of these charges followed the arrest of a person for destruction of two advertising boards (“sucettes”) on the evening of June 21st, 2013. The cops were able to rely on the call of a citizen, who dialed the 17 emergency number from the top of his building. During his 48-hour detention, and besides the fact that he snitched on himself by admitting 50 incidents of destruction, he ended up spitting out two names before the cops. The snitch Nouma Friaisse facilitated the work of the police. This is to warn those who might run into him sooner or later, knowing that he’s made several travels on the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, particularly during the police assaults in April 2012. This collaboration with the police has evidently not permitted him to dodge the judicial machine, as he got the same judicial examination order as the others.

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October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

Paris: a car of prison constructor Eiffage goes up in smoke – France

from cette semaine
Paris: a car of prison constructor Eiffage goes up in flames
(September 18, 2014)
[Paris] Eiffage in flames
Indy Nantes, September 17, 2014
On the night of September 14 to 15, an Eiffage car went up in flames in
quai de la Garonne because of its hatred of prisons.
Fire to all prisons!
Fire to the collaborators of confinement.

October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

Cremona, Italy – ‘Everything Goes Back to Fire’ fest 2nd edition at Kavarna self-managed social centre: talks on repression, benefit concerts and food for the comrades arrested in Turin

Translated by act for freedom now

 27 Semtember / 14

 ‘Fire experiments with immediacy’

 In a world that excludes and where oppression and imprisonment are at the heart of dominion, there are still those who want to put an end to authority and the economy.

A day of concerts, talks, stalls and food dedicated to the Turin comrades stricken by a disgusting repressive operation on 3rd June.

4pm: talks on repression and on the struggle against migrants’ detention centres and eviction orders

From 6pm, concert with










At Kavarna self-managed social centre, Cremona


October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – ALF claims attack on mink breeding farm and dedicates the action to anarchist comrades Gianluca and Adriano

Translated by act for freedom now
 On 23rd August we opened up the cages of a mink breeding farm in Scorzè, via Tosatti, Venice, Italy.
 There were three structures for imprisoned animals in the breeding farm. One was empty and so we turned to the other two, where hundreds of minks were locked up. All identification slips were taken away, thus making it impossible to recognize animals in case they are recaptured.
 Many cages were damaged and fences destroyed on the back of the farm in order to allow the minks to run off in the fields among plantations and streams.
 Soon thousands of minks will be killed in breeding farms for fur coats production.
 For the animals destined to be slaughtered there’s no way out but opening up the cages. Animal liberation shall not be empty words but reality coming into action where there is oppression.
 We dedicate this action of liberation to anarchist prisoners Ginaluca and Andriano.

October 2, 2014
by actforfreedom

[Greece] Statement on the latest cyber attack against

Hello to everyone,
Over the past 3 weeks one of our servers is experiencing a large-scale cyber attack (DDoS). Multiple infected hosts from different parts of the world are participating in the attack, so we can’t really know who’s behind it. No user data has been compromised; however, the attackers have caused network congestion. As a result, the blogs, websites and fora hosted on espiv are hardly accessible or entirely unavailable.
Unfortunately there are very few things we can do to mitigate this type of attack. Nevertheless, we are considering possible alternatives to improve the accessibility of our services. administration collective

October 1, 2014
by actforfreedom

Belgium – Against the elections: no TV, telephone or radio

Translated into Italian from Hors Service by anarchist comrade Marco Camenisch
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
 Belgium – No TV, telephone or radio for those who go to the polls
 July 2014
 On 24th May 2014, the day before the national and European elections, the circus of opinions and the incessant bombardment of lies and promises come to an end. Voters are ready to perform their duties as citizens. They complain, no doubt. They complain about politicians not having ideas and being part of one and only big mafia. But they go to the polls, choose their bosses and agree that everything goes on as always. And that’s how they become accomplices of the politicians. And that’s how they too become enemies of those who reject the circus, who refuse to continue to have bosses and leaders, right-wing or left-wing, corrupted or ‘honest’. They become our enemies, enemies of those who have fallen in love with freedom.
In the night before elections day, a big TV and radio mast belonging to French public company RTBF is set on fire in Wavre. The arson causes the total blackout of several radio stations and the interruption of some digital TV transmissions. In the provinces of Brabant Wallonia and southern Brussels, the whole internet and mobile phone network of company Base is out of service because the attacked mast also functioned as kink between dozens or maybe hundreds of mobile phone masts.

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October 1, 2014
by actforfreedom

Modena, Italy – 21st September: presentation of the Crocenera Anarchica editorial project at Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra

Translated by act for freedom now
Sunday 21st September, from 5pm: presentation of the Crocenera Anarchica editorial project The editorial project of the ‘new Black Cross’ has the precise goal of becoming a place for ideas based on the importance of destruction practices: it is no longer sufficient to use the words ‘direct action’, at a time when they seem to have taken the meaning of everything and its opposite.
Obviously we will give as much space as possible to the contributions of the comrades who have ended up in the clogs of repression, not by reducing ourselves to a sort of repainted red cross but by supporting the continuation of their trajectories of struggle with all means.
The objective of this project, which should never take the forms of mere aid, is that of re-launching certain ideas and consequently certain practices.
 At Laboratorio Libertario Ligéra
Via Della Pomposa, Modena

October 1, 2014
by actforfreedom

Chile: Three comrades arrested for recent explosive attacks (latest updates)

WOS Note: For some background on the Metro bombing, the CCF communique, and analysis of the action please see this post at 325. The texts we translate here deal with the arrests following the Metro attack and two attacks on police stations, which as we all know may have little relation to who placed the device, and in which the State is attempting to lock away three comrades for decades.
from refractario, translated by waronsociety:
3 comrades arrested and accused of the recent explosive attacks
In the early hours of Sepetember 18, 2014, various raids happened in Santiago seeking results in the recent explosive attacks.
Finally, in an extensive operation the police arrested 3 compañerxs.
According to the press and the police, the arrest was supposedly made possible thanks to the expert investigations done on the videos of the attack on the Subcentro on September 8th.
The prosecution and the Ministry of the Interior did not hesitate to apply the Antiterrorist Law against the accused, who were transferred from the 33rd precinct in a extensive repressive display to await going through “Detention Control” or be “Charged” in the Justice Center. All this with the possibility of them remaining confined to the precinct, due to the extensive power the Antiterrorist Law gives them to keep them detained for 10 days before putting them before any court.

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October 1, 2014
by actforfreedom

Santiago, Chile – Police operation unleashed after recent explosive attacks leads to three arrests

From RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now
In the early hours of 18th September 2014 police raids were carried out in response to recent explosive attacks.
The police operation concluded with the arrest of three comrades: Natalie Casanova Muñoz, Juan Flores Riquelme and Guillermo Durán Méndez.
Police didn’t disclose the identity of the arrested comrade for a whole day. According to press and police reports, arrests were made thanks to the examination of CCTV footages relating to the attack on the underground line on 8th September.
The press also reported that the arrests were related to some recent explosive attacks, in particular those of 11th August against police stations claimed by International Conspiracy for Revenge and those against the underground line claimed by Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire-Chile.   Natalie, Juan and Guillermo were taken before a judge in the afternoon, where the magistrate demanded an extension of the investigation before the charges were officially pressed (the antiterrorism law allows this kind of extension in Chile).
For now we only know that the three comrades, who have duty solicitors, denied all charges.
Update will follow…

September 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Announcement of relatives and friends of prisoners in Greece

Ttanslated by Act for freedom now!
Announcement of relatives and friends of prisoners
We are the RELATIVES and FRIENDS OF PRISONERS. We who one day were
violently deprived of the embrace, affection, protection, company the
friendship of the people who the state has deprived their freedom.
We, because of the voting of the monstrosity called the law for high
security prisons, decided to unite our forces, fighting with every
possible means to support them.
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September 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Berlin – Fire to Sodexo! Italian translation by eco-anarchist prisoner Marco Camenisch

Italian translation by Marco Camenisch
 Translated into English by act for freedom now
 For almost 20 years company Sodexo has been the target of people like us, who are struggling against the racist and neo-colonialist system. It started in 1997, when Sodexo offered to take on catering and other services destined to refugees in the knowledge this would result in a huge turnover. Since then Sodexo has been internationally known as a company who became a big multinational operating in many countries under low cost management, i.e. by racially reducing human life to a question of figures.
 After the justice sector was privatized in Great Britain, Sodexo took on the management of 5 prisons. In this case too, people without the status of citizens were put in the hands of private companies by the State in exchange of huge amounts of money. According to economy laws these companies gained total power in the exploitation of their resources. And they’ve been saving on human lives first and foremost (…)

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September 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Anarchist prisoner on hunger strike Xabier Gonzalez Sola is transferred to Rebibbia prison

Translated by act for freedom now
Xabier Gonzalez Sola, a comrade from the Basque countries, has been on hunger strike since Sunday 31st August, when he was detained in Regina Coeli. He’s protesting at the solitary confinement regime he’s being inflicted. As a result of the hunger strike, Xabier was recently moved to Rebibbia prison. Unfortunately, in spite of the promises they made to persuade him to stop the hunger strike, it seems that even in Rebibbia Xabier is being held in solitary confinement.
To write to him:
Xabier Gonzalez Sola
C.C. Rebibbia
Via Raffaele Majetti 70
00165 Rome
Xabier has been held in custody since 31st July awaiting extradition for not complying with the obligation not to leave the country, Spain, where he’s on trial for belonging to the Black Flag collective and for inciting to committing crimes aimed at the subversion of the constitutional order.



September 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Brussels: Greek embassy spray-painted in solidarity with imprisoned comrade Nikos Maziotis


In the night from Thursday to Friday (August 29th, 2014), as part of the International Week of Solidarity with anarchist prisoners, we painted FREEDOM FOR NIKOS MAZIOTIS on the embassy of Greece in Brussels.
Nikos Maziotis is an anarchist prisoner, member of the urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle. Imprisoned several times, he was arrested on July 16th in Athens.
Abajo los muros

September 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Attack against Greek consulate in Zürich (Switzerland)

via 325

We attacked the Greek consulate in Zürich on September 8 as a delayed contribution to the international days of solidarity for anarchist prisoners. The official representation of the Greek state in Zürich was chosen for two reasons. First of all because Nikos Maziotis (militant of the Revolutionary Struggle) was recently arrested in Greece after a manhunt through Athens and after having being shot in the shoulder. This arrest follows a campaign by the state and the media in which Nikos and Pola Roupa have been declared as top fugitives and a huge bounty has been declared for their arrests. Despite him being arrested the media campaign aiming to negate his political identity continues.

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September 15, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Words by anarchist comrade Toshi on the protest in the prison of Aosta, where he’s being held.

Translated by act for freedom now
 We received some extracts of a letter written by Toshi, an anarchist comrade held in the prison of Brissogne (Aosta) following the repressive operation against resistance to eviction orders (Turin, 3rd June 2014).  In recent weeks several prisoners had been protesting at the increase of the price of gas canisters imposed by IAS Morgante Srl (a subsidiary of giant Arturo Berselli Spa) by refusing to buy prison supplies.
Brissogne, 02/09/14

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September 12, 2014
by actforfreedom

Bergamo, Italy – 20th September: presentation of Crocenera Anarchica editorial project at the anarchist workshop La Zona

From :.crocenera

Translated by act for freedom now



 From Argentina, sounds and colours by PROTESTANGO HIP HOP / SPOKEN WORD / BUENOS AIRES, an itinerant music and theatre show, born from the necessity of opposing social injustices in a libertarian perspective.


 PROTESTANGO (Hip Hop / Spoken Word / Buenos Aires)



September 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Mexican prisons: “That which stagnates rots”, by the compa Carlos López “Chivo”

from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:
For whoever has decided to pass from words to insurrectionary action and carry this in every scope of life where it is necessary to prioritize engagement in continual reflections and in this way reconsider again and again your thoughts, tools, and strategies of fighting. This is in order to not fall into the passive dynamics which are sterile and counterproductive when it is time to attack.
From here comes our necessity to revisit important themes that because we do not consider them something fixed, should always put up for debate and discussion.
In a manner of personal capacity and humility I take the work of re-positing what is understood by informality and insurrectionary anarchism-in a brief manner- with the intention that those who can identify can contribute and from their place, give it more depth and debate. At the same time I will make a small critique towards those anarchist currents who have been determined to treat us as “pyromaniacs without ideas”.
Around the world conflicts and tensions continue to be generated by anarchist compañerxs against the complex apparatus of domination, those whose struggle coincides with us do not stop filling us with inspiration, seeking in this way to extend and generalize the conflict in a manner of decided and destructive attack. The efforts of the compas who decide to start their projects based in the coherency of theory-practice and practice-theory (understanding that each complement the other) should be taken into account, not leaving them to be forgotten and putting them up for debate and discussion in a critical-constructive manner seeking in this way to learn from mistakes and successes to later take to the battlefield: social war. Continue Reading →