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December 19, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Anarchist comrades Chiara Zenobi, Claudio Alberto, Mattia Zanotti and Niccolò Blasi are sentenced to 3 years and 6 months after charges of terrorism are dropped

Translated by act for freedom now
10PubblicoThere’re no good courts or just sentences, but certainly two prosecutors can be noticed as they eat their guts after gnawing at their finger and toe nails.At the first grade trial Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò were sentenced to 3 years and 6 months for the specific offences they had claimed as actions of resistance against the high speed, as opposed to the demand for 9 years with the aggravating circumstance of terrorism put forward by the pair of grey prosecutors Padalino and Rinaudo.
 As we wait for comments and in-deep analysis and hope to hug our comrades soon, a shout can be heard reverberating from Val Susa to Terzo Valico and up to Niscemi…

 Chiara, Claudio, Mattia, Niccolò, Lucio, Francesco and Graziano free now!



December 18, 2014
by actforfreedom



Greece -uk – International Call for Revolutionary Solidarity with Anarchist Nikos Romanos on hunger strike since 10/11/14


UK 26/11/14: Vehicles burnt in solidarity with Nikos Romanos and Rémi Fraisse

London 3/12/14:
FAI-Fires on the Horizon – Nikos Romanos
Anarchists on action today 3/12/14 we set on fire a security car in London in solidarity with our brothers Nikos Romanos. Yiannis mixailidis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos Dimitris Politis they are on hunger strike in Athens.

December 10, 2014.- uk

December 17, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – Imprisoned anarchist comrades Lucio Alberti, Francesco Sala and Graziano Mazzarelli also charged with terrorism

 From Translated by act for freedom now
Five months after Francesco, Graziano and Lucio were arrested, prosecutors from Turin led by Federica Bompieri have decided to charge the three comrades with terrorism, a charge already applied to the other NO TAV prisoners jailed following the attack on a TAV yard on 13th May 2013.
 A few days before the sentence of the first grade trial of Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò is due to be pronounced, notification of the terrorism charge against Francesco, Graziano and Lucio is likely to worsen the prison condition of the four comrades, permitting their transfer to High Security (AS2) units; at the same time it confirms the prosecutors’ will to insist on the repressive and media topic of terrorism.
 From Macerie: 
Exactly a year since Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò were arrested, just a few days before their sentences are due to be pronounced, charges of terrorism have also been added to those against Lucio, Francesco and Graziano. Imprisoned since July, the three comrades had ‘only’ been accused of possession and transport of military weapons, arson and other minor offences, to which articles 280 e 280bis – attack with aims of terrorism – were added this morning. This unpleasant surprise was accompanied by searches of the cells and the seizing of various materials as well as the suspension of visits. A family member and a friend who had been granted authorization to visit were in fact sent away this morning, and warned that they’d have to ask for authorization again. We still don’t know whether visits are to be suspended for a considerable length of time, as happened to the first four comrades, or for a short period. At the moment we can’t say when and where the three comrades will be transferred, as the charge of terrorism implies detention under a High Surveillance regime.
Apart from what’s going on inside courtrooms and prisons, for the past three days several hundred people have been marching through the streets of Val Susa, blocking them and demanding the liberation of the seven imprisoned comrades. On Sunday evening a huge noisy demo went through Susa, particularly focusing on the Napoleon hotel, where the sleep of the forces of order hosted there was disturbed with firecrackers and continuous loud beating. Next day, December 8, the anniversary of the clashes in Venaus in 2005, two groups of demonstrators tried to reach the area of the yard from two different spots.
The group gathered in Giaglione managed to avoid police patrols by taking footpaths; the demonstrators got to the yard fences and started beating noisily. The others, gathered at the Centrale di Chiomonte, came face to face with police lined up on the bridge opposite the gate of the Centrale; the demonstrators decided to march along highway 24, which they blocked for several hours. Others headed to the nearby railway station, where they blocked the tracks and delayed the passage of a high speed train. At the end of the afternoon a considerable group of demonstrators went back to the Centrale, where they started beating noisily, which wasn’t appreciated by the forces of order who responded with hydrants and teargas.
The day ended that way and we are set to see each other again on 17th December, the day fixed for sentencing: 9am at the Bunker Courtroom to greet Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò, and 5:30pm at the market square in Bussoleno to decide on the next steps following the verdict of the Court of the Assizes.
 Here is an open letter to Chiara, Claudio, Mattia and Niccolò, distributed in these days in Val Susa, in reply to the comrades’ declarations to the court.



 Dear comrades,We listened to, then read, the declarations you made on 24th September in the bunker courtroom of la Vallette prison. How our hearts thumped at the rhythm and sound of your voices! At last, after months of separation, solid bars and deaf walls. But in no way have those months dimmed your lucidity and determination, as shown by your letters from prison. An abyss of ethics and sensitivity separates you from the men who fill courts, police stations, and offices to decide what to do with other people’s lives. Ours and everyone else’s.We heard your words as though they were addressed to us. And so we decided to answer you publicly. First of all, we felt proud, yet again, to have you as comrades. Your words, besides being proud, sounded right, both in the sense of being ethically correct and in tune.
Through them gestures, episodes and slogans of the Valley have become a mass of serene obstinacy, an explosive mixture that thrusts you out of those hideous walls. A comrade who’s no longer there, dry throats as we go up a slope, holes made by bulldozers filled by hands, a partisan song revisited… unusual presence in a declaration made in front of the enemy… much persuasiveness and very little rhetoric. And then, without mincing our words, with the simplicity that joins us at the summit of our desires, the real culprit emerged: sabotage. Without any fuss, as one who knows they are in good company. And your sabotage became the companion of other sabots thrown at the machinery of the TAV (and not only) in Val Susa (and not only).


December 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

Greece – Anti-fascist social center Distomo opens up in Agios Padeleimonas – Athens -Greece

 From: atenecalling
Translated by act for freedom now
This is a video made by activists of the antifascist social center Distomo, which was inaugurated a month ago in Agios Pandeleimonas, a neighborhood in the center of Athens with a strong presence of migrants, and where there’ve been raids, assaults and murders committed by the fascists and nazis of Golden Dawn and the police. 

People coming from anarchist and antifascist experiences decided to open up an antifascist space, Distomo, in Ag. Panteleimonas. The name of the place is a homage to the dead of Distomou, massacred by nazi troops on 10th June 1944.  
Here is a testimony of the time: ‘In Distomo a massacre begun. Old people, women and school children (in the hall of the school) and a priest were indiscriminately murdered. Young women were found cut up with swords and knives from womb to chest.
Other women were found with their breasts cut, and with children in their arms. Children were also killed and their guts wrapped around their necks. The priest was beheaded, and his body thrown away from the head. The death toll was 296, without including the injured and the few survivors who lost their minds.’

December 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

Italy – A pamphlet by Edizioni RadioAzione [RadioAzioneEditions]: The truth on primitivist life – Ted Kaczynski’s critique of anarcho-primitivism

From RadioAzioneTranslated by act for freedom now 

RadioAzione-Opuscolo-kaczynskiWe of RadioAzione decided to translate a text written by Ted
 Kaczynski in 2008 and make it available for free to anyone who wants to
read it or distribute it in the form of a pamphlet. 
The pamphlets and other publications of Edizioni RadioAzione are meant
as benefit for
 imprisoned anarchist comrades. Just bear it in mind if you decide to
distribute this pamphlet.  This is T. Kaczynski’s accurate critique of
 the myth of anarcho-primitivism, and of John Zerzan in particular.
 I wonder why anarcho-primitivists never distributed this text… Here you
 can download the text in A4 format

December 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

International call for action and solidarity with the World Cup prisioners

From:Cruz Negra Anarquista – Rio de Janeiro

On July 12, the day before the World Cup final match, the Police of Rio de Janeiro arrested 19 activists, aiming at disintegrating the big protest scheduled for the final’s day, on the grounds that they would have taken part in “violent” acts in riots last year and they would be planning other actions in the final manifestation of the World Cup. In total 23 search warrants and arrest and temporary detention were met against people accused of participating in social movements, the mandates were 5 days of probation, four people managed to escape the police kidnapping.
The activists were taken to the City of Police in Rio de Janeiro, a large complex of police departments built to take care of the repression of the people challenging the mega-events and the logic of the market town. In this large complex is the DRCI, Bureau of Suppression of Computer crimes, which currently plays the role of the historic Precinct of Political and Social Order, the infamous DOPS created in 1924 to suppress the anarchists, mainly used during the Vargas era and later Military regime in 1964, in order to control and repress political and social movements opposed to the regime in power. Continue Reading →

December 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

Anarchist comrade Fernando Barcenas Castillo sentenced to 5 years, 9 months (Mexico)

Via 325

A few days fulfilled a year to the arrest of Fernando Barcenas Castillo after a march against the rising of the price of metro tickets, where the Christmas tree owned by the Coca-Cola multinational was burned. Today the sentence was dictated to the comrade- 5 years, 9 months for the crime of attacks against the public peace, so he misses bail.
At a time when the Mexican government is intensifying its repressive methods, certainly the sentence to Fernando is looking to send a message to inhibit the growing signs of discontent. That is why it is important to continue fighting for the freedom of our imprisoned comrades, do not let them go into oblivion.
Continue demonstrating that solidarity is more than a written word.
Freedom to Fernando Barcenas !
Solidarity with Carlos, Amelie and Fallon !
Freedom to Abraham and Luis Fernando !
Down the prison walls !
Anarchist Black Cross Mexico

December 16, 2014
by actforfreedom

Chile – Medical reports on imprisoned anarchist comrades Juan, Natalie and Guillermo are rejected

From Publicacion Refractario via RadioAzione:
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now
 On 11th November the Supreme Court rejected the results of medical reports on the comrades as well as the request for psychological/psychiatric tests, which the comrades had opposed.
This judicial decision means that evidence obtained through these tests cannot be used in the trial.
In the meantime, within the climate of anti terrorism hysteria, a case relating to an attack on the Banco Itaù de Concepcion in Santiago was reopened.
On 11th May 2012 unknown people placed an explosive device inside the Banco Itaú de Concepcion. In order to avoid injuries on civilians a warning about the device was pinned on the door. The warning fell down after the unknown attackers left the spot; however the device blew up without causing injuries to people but only damages to the bank.
The action was claimed by ‘Illegal Cell Daniel Riquelme Ruiz/Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front’.
On 7th November 7 2014, prosecutors decided to reopen the case for which no suspect had been identified. Their pretext is the similarity between the device of that time and those used at the Sub-centre and Los Dominicos. In particular, prosecutors mentioned black powder, extinguishers and a timer. Finally, the investigation in Concepcion will prove whether Juan, Nataly and Guillermo are also involved in that explosive attack.

December 14, 2014
by actforfreedom

From the victory of the hunger strike of anarchist Nikos Romanos,Responsibility Claim sabotage attack- Thessaloniki

In the early hours of Wednesday December 10th three vehicles owned by a security company which were parked in the Kostandinoupolitiki area of Thessaloniki cuaght fire. Just a few hours earlier the parliament via the mouth of the governmental representative and the minister of justice, and with extra cynisism once more, placed the dilemma according to which the stake of the security of the capitalist system goes against the life of a revolutionary.
However, against the raw show of brutality of the neo-liberal totalitarianism stands the solidarity between those who fight for its destruction. Thus, we chose, taking our turn, to attack one of the main composits that compose the mosaic of a security comlex that asphyxiates us. We hope that from our humble abode we contributed to it being understood by the “gentlemen” mentioned and those like them that when and as long as they choose to play their political games on the lives of our comrade as in the case of anarchist hunger striker Nikos Romanos, the image of enforcement of “Law and Order” they praise and revoke so much will surely be one of the last things they could hope for.
From the victory of the hunger strike of anarchist Nikos Romanos, to the blocking of the functioning of High Security Prisons and the destruction of the last prison…
…a deep breath therefore until the end (and further) of capitalism.

December 13, 2014
by actforfreedom


Anarchist comrade Nikos Romanos began a hunger strike on 10/11, demanding the educational furloughs that according to the laws of the system he is entitled to. As a token of factual solidarity  other comrades also went on hunger strike, Giannis Mihailidis (17/11), Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (1/12), Dimitris Politis (1/12) and Ilias Karadouman (5/12). Nikos Romanos chose to use an ultimate means of struggle placing  his own hody as a barricade and putting as a mound his uncompromising will and desire for a breath of freedom from the exterminating condition of incarceration. It is obvious that we stand next to him factually and we support his struggle to the end with every means, recognizing the totalitarian and vengeful conditions the correctional brothels create and reproduce.
This is why in the early hours of Tuesday (9/12) we transformed our aggressive intentions into actions, sending incendiary signals of  solidarity to Nikos Romanos and the rest of the comrades.
We placed an incendiary device made of camping-gas cannisters
outside the entrance of Kesariani city hall.
We torched two vehicles of the post office and one vehicle
belonging to the national electricity company in Sepolia.
In summary, this struggle proved the substantial political pressure
applied by a multi-tendency and multi-form wave of solidarity,
which convened and expanded within a very short period of time.
Get well soon comrades…
Some Anarchist Gangsters

December 13, 2014
by actforfreedom


On the night of December 9th we blocked 28 ATMs (theres 30 in  total) in the city of Hania as a minimal token of solidarity to the   struggle of anarchist N.Romanos..  On February 1st 2013 the comrades of the Velvedo case chose to  expropriate the branches of the agrotiki bank and the post office.
The banks are the cogwheel of the capitalist system and will always  be the target of every insurrected conscience. Although the comrades’ demands were satisfied the struggle for freedom and  social emancipation continues with all means.

Solidarity means attack

Until all prisons are destroyed

Nothing is over


sabotage copy

December 13, 2014
by actforfreedom

December 10, 2014.- uk

As of today 10/12/14, anarchist Nikos Romanos is intensifying his struggle by going on a thirst strike as well as insisting on his demands.
“His life is now hanging by a thread” stated the cardiologist, adding that: “His organism is weakened and dehydrated. If this continues, there will be limited functioning of his organs and he is in immediate danger of multi-organ failure”.
The doctors are being pressured to carry out force-feeding but they are resisting and fighting in order to comply with medical ethics. Romanos has won.
It does not matter what will follow, how far he can go, if he will live or die. I do not feel sorry for him, even if he dies I will not feel sorry for him…
I respect him.
If I was in a battle I would like to have him by my side, not my enemy.
I do not care how old he is.
He is not a child.
He is a person with free will, something the rest of us have shunned or watered-down.
This fucker Romanos, the anarchist, the criminal, the hardened one, (call him what you want, he does not give a fuck), put his body in front of the monstrosity we call Greek Democracy, the abomination of modern globalized reality.
 Alone, a human being made of flesh and bone, alone, against all.
He is not a hero or a martyr, nor is he defending the rights of those with full bellies who caress him virtually in parliament, the cafes and on facebook.
He does not shout “bread, education, freedom” at anniversary rallies and dead strikes, so that he can then go eat pop-corn and see Ken Loach’s latest film.
 No, he does not care to be “educated” in the Institutes of our misery.
 He is the only person right now, in a Deserted Land, who wants everything! It does not matter any more if he backs down, if the doctors save him, if the ministers and prime minister back down.
 Romanos, one person alone, beat a whole nation.
Without killing, without throwing smart bombs, without being famous, without having been elected in parliament, without surrendering a country to the IMF.
Alone. In exchange for his life.
How many of you, us, have the strength, the guts, to do it?
How many of you are ready to die for your ideas (if you have any), that might even be wrong?
To die for New Democracy, Syriza and KKE, to die for the police, the State, Anarchy, Orthodox religion, Democracy, the Market, Literature, Ecology, Justice or the blue whales of the oceans.
Go forward and then, give your lives.
Can you?
Who can die for what they believe and love?
 He, the criminal and anarchist Romanos, would, and is ready to do so.And maybe it seems stupid to you, but this world was changed by people who believed in something so much that they were prepared to die for it.
 And this is tough acceptance for a person who, like me, does not believe in anything.
Nikos Romanos has not eaten any food for 32 days.
 Me and you try to diet in order to lose extra weight, but cannot resist.
It’s not about who is right and who is wrong, what is good or bad, and what is in between.
Romanos is there.
Alone and defeated,
But he has won, you hollow fucks.
He has won.
S.  Act for freedom now!
 ps. Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger  strike after 31 days on 10th of December 2014

December 11, 2014
by actforfreedom
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Statement from Anarchist Nikos Romanos 11/12/14 – Athens – Greece

Following 31 days of a tough and tenacious struggle, I end my hunger strike, having scored an important victory. The amendment voted in Parliament with me its single recipient, had important differences to the initial proclamation of the Minister of Justice, eventually meeting my demands – even if this involves me “wearing an electronic bracelet”.
The only thing certain is that this victory was an outcome of the political pressure applied for it by the people in struggle and  Combative Anarchy are indisputably the great moral, political and practical victors. The multiform revolutionary struggle and us, as political prisoners, resurface from this struggle stronger than before.
I raise my fist, sending the warmest regards and my unlimited love to all those comrades who stood by my side.
PS: A detailed text will follow in the days to come.
PS2: I would like to also thank the hospital doctors who refused to bow to the pressure by the attorney regarding my forced feeding, and who supported me to the possible extent.

December 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger strike. Athens

Nikos Romanos has ended his hunger  strike after 31 days.
The law that will be applied is that he will wear an electronic bracelet to control his movements while studying outside prison.
Solidarity with Nikos Romanos and all those arrested this days in Greece
A flaming  hug to Giannis Mixailidis , Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and  Dimitris Politis
Act for freedom now!

December 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Solidarity to Nikos Romanos from Anarchists in Bologna – Italy

Today, on the anniversary of the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the fifteen year old anarchist killed by the police in Athens six years ago on the 6th of December, we demonstrated outside the Greek consulate in via Indipendenza, Bologna, in solidarity with the struggle of Nikos Romanos, the anarchist prisoner aged twenty-one on hunger strike because in prison he is being deprived of the right to attend university courses. Simultaneously, in many of the major cities of Greece there were huge demonstrations in which thousands of people participated, in many cases attacked by the police with violent charges. There have also been several demonstrations in Italy in solidarity.
 In Greece a boy of twenty-one years, Nikos Romanos, has been on hunger strike since the 10th of November. Nikos is a student enrolled at the Technical Institute of Piraeus, but he’s not allowed to attend classes because he is in prison. He is in prison because he is an anarchist militant, accused, along with three other comrades, of having robbed two banks with the aggravating circumstance of “terrorism”, later rejected in court. Despite having passed the full university admission test from prison, he is not allowed to attend classes, contrary to what is established by the Greek code of detention. But this is not the only abuse that Nikos has suffered: the day of his arrest he was violently beaten by the police and the images of his swollen face have been around the world, despite the awkward attempt [of the police] to conceal the signs of the beating by circulating retouched photos. Nikos was also the best friend of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the anarchist fifteen year old schoolboy who was killed by a Greek policeman on the night of December the 6th, 2008, in Exarchia.
Nikos, and in solidarity with him many other prisoners, is putting his own life at stake with a long hunger strike to reaffirm his dignity as human being. These days, in solidarity with Nikos, about ten thousand people demonstrated in the streets of Athens and the Polytechnic, the union headquarters and the faculty of economics, both on Patission Street have been occupied.
Collettivo Exarchia
Circolo Anarchico “C. Berneri”
06/12/2014 – Bologna

December 10, 2014
by actforfreedom

Solidarity with Nikos Romanos In Brussels

P1014106copy  In the morning of 9/12/2014, a banner of solidarity with the
anarchist prisoner Nikos Romanos on hunger strike for 1 month was
hung during one hour of strong influx above the tunnel hotel des monnaies in Brussels.
For an international solidarity.
Strength and courage to the companions who continue to fight even  behind bars.
A thought to the companion Yannis Michailidis.

December 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

8/12/14 Nikos Romanos, 29th day of hunger strike ….

 Nikos Romanos has been a prisoner of the State since the dual expropriation of a bank and an ELTA post office in Velventos, Kozani on 02.01.2013.
The action is part of a polymorphous anarchist struggle against those responsible for the looting imposed upon society as a whole by the State and capital.
nikos-romanos-responds-victory-or-death.w_lThe political choices and struggle of Nikos Romanos follows the uprising of December 2008.He strives for a world without power, exploitation and bosses.
The struggle of the prisoner on hunger strike for a breath of freedom and against the brutality of confinement and the intensification of punitive repression (termination and refusal of licenses, generalization of the isolation status, type prisons C) alongside the struggle of all the oppressed against repression and the plundering of their lives.
The doctor monitoring the comrade revealed that Nikos has been examined by a psychiatrist, who diagnosed that he is not mentally ill and has no suicidal tendencies. Therefore there is no need for him to receive psychotropic drugs or to be force fed. Even the doctor had difficulty in gaining access to the hospital, despite having repeatedly certified that she is the personal doctor of Nikos Romanos.


December 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

Revolutionary Anarchist Action salutes comrade Nikos Romanos’ and his resistance Communique- Istabul – Turkey:

Today, with all the rage against powers that seizes lives, with the conviction of a free world, black flags are being waved all around the world.
Against companies that exploit our labour for more profit; against States that murder many of us in the name of the borders they have drawn up; against all powers that fill their pockets with our lives that they destroy, making us poorer and making the rich richer; rebellion is alive in the rage of anarchism.
The rage against bosses, companies, murderers and States, is propagatingin full flood with black flags. The sorrow of being disappeared and murdered is now turning into anger, and the streets are burning with rage all over. Exactly 6 years ago, in the Exarchia neighbourhood of Athens, Alexandros Grigoropulos was murdered because he was an anarchist, at the age of 16. Murdered by a cop, with the bullet from his gun, because he transformed his anger into rebellion and was in the streets, calling to account for the lives being seized, because he didn’t obey power and he was resisting at all costs for freedom.
On the day of December 6, 2008, the bullet that entered Alexis’s chest turned into the fire of revolt in the streets. Even though the murderers continued their attacks, the rage against the ones that silenced a heartthat was beating for freedom, burned the streets into flames in Athens,in Thessaloniki, in Istanbul and everywhere.
Nikos Romanos, who was with Alexis the day he was murdered and who also had the same conviction for a free world, is now held captive because he is an anarchist. Romanos is held captive because he was not silent against injustice, because he didn’t give up despite State oppression, because with the same conviction as his murdered comrade, he kept on the struggle against all powers.  The ones who thought they could terminate this struggle by murdering Alexis, are now holding Nikos captive, hoping to stop another heart that is beating with the conviction of anarchism.
Just like in 2008, the streets are filled with anger against the State that continues to attack Romanos with all its isolation, oppression and torture. As Romanos continues his hunger strike since 10th of November, other anarchist comrades in captivity also start hunger strikes in solidarity; universities are occupied; and the same voice echoes in burning streets, in cells of resisting captives: “As long as we are alive and we breathe, long live anarchy!”
The powers that murdered Alexis in 2008 and that hold Nikos captive today think that they can silence the rage against injustice that is growing in every part of the world. They continue to capture, attack and murder under this illusion. In Mexico, 43 students resisting the politics of the powers seizing their future, are disappeared at the hands of the State; and their bodies are found in mass graves after many days.
Just because they are black, people targeted by the fascist repression ofpower, become the targets of bullets shot by the police; and the ones who resist being taken to custody are strangled and murdered by police. Many of our brothers like Berkin, Ethem Ali, Ahmet who resisted for their lives, were murdered by the State police. While the ones resisting in Kobanê to create a new life, like Arin, like Suphi Nejat, like Kader, are murdered by gangs, military and soldiers of the State; the ones who are on the streets in every corner of the regionembracing Kobanê resistance, like Hakan, like Mahsun, are targeted by the murderer police of the same State… Wherever the ones who call to account for injustice, who resist to gain their lives, who struggle with their conviction of freedom are in the streets; there is the address for oppression, torture and massacre.
The oppressors who think that they can discourage the ones who don’t obey them by capturing, kidnapping or murdering; a cry of freedom raised in one place is echoed in every direction.
From the cells of Athens to Mexico, from the streets of Ferguson to Istanbul, to the free lands of Kobanê, the conviction for a new world is propagating in full flood.
Now, this passion for freedom is getting bigger; the rage for the murders is flaring up the fire of revolt in hearts.
 This revolt is against the powers that seize our lives, that intend to destroy our freedom, that murder us.
This revolt is against capitalism and all States.
This revolt is against all kinds of captivity.
With this revolt for freedom in our hearts, anarchism is growing in every part of the world.
And our struggle is growing from one corner of the world to another, carried by the wavers of the black flags.
Long live Revolution, long live anarchy!
Revolutionary Anarchist Action (DAF)
Lycee Anarchist Action (LAF)
Anarchist Youth
Anarchist Women

December 8, 2014
by actforfreedom

Santiago, Chile – A bus in flames and a call for a ‘Black December’

 From RadioAzioneTranslated from Italian by act for freedom now
This Friday 28th November we decided to attack a public transport vehicle aimed at calling a black December of actions in memory of anarchist comrade Sebastian Oversluij, murdered during a failed bank expropriation on 11th December 2013.

Mauricio Morales y Sebastián Oversluij presentes!!!

tumblr_nftwcjC8oG1sgelkno5_1280 4_seb 3_seb

This is our way of saying that none of our dead or prisoners is forgotten, that any blow from the enemy increases our rage and expresses itself in precise actions against power. The bourgeois media linked the action to the start of the Telethon campaign. That was not the reason, of course, but in any case we are demonstrating our repudiation of those who profit from other people’s misfortune.
This is our contribution to the official figures concerning this festival of hypocrisy. We also want to point out that we’re living in times of great tension, where three people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the placing of an explosive device in the corridor of a commercial gallery in the metro station of Escuela Militar.

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