March 19, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has directly blamed "terrorist commandos of ETA for the death of a policeman on Tuesday near Dammarie-les-Lys in a st

from the france press….17/3/10

“The president expresses his deep emotion following the death of Jean-Serge Nerine, chief sergeant, assigned as the public security to the district Dammarie-les-Lys, fatally wounded during an exchange of gunfire with a commando of the ETA terrorist group” the statement said.

The alleged member of ETA was arrested on Tuesday near Paris after the death of a policeman during a shootout, and is being prosecuted in Spain for acts of urban violence.

Joseba Fernandez ASPURZ, subject to two proceedings before the National Court for acts of “kale borroka” urban violence perpetrated by radical groups of young Basque separatists in March and September of 2008.

The movement of “kale borroka” is considered by the Spanish police as the nursery of the ETA. The Spanish judiciary has formally requested the release of ASPURZ in Spain.
The circumstances of the tragedy still unclear

In terms of the investigation, the judicial source was unable to specify the exact circumstances of his arrest, especially if it could be the author of the shots that killed the French officer. The sergeant, aged 52, father of four children, was killed late Tuesday afternoon near Dammarie-les-Lys (Seine-et-Marne) in a shootout with basquen gunmen.

According to judicial sources, four cars were on the roadside, and four people filled their tanks with gasoline canisters when police intervened. Then two other cars arrived, carrying three to four people, and then the gunfire erupted, allowing the escape of suspected members of ETA (excluding custody). They fled by car or on foot, the source said.

Police recovered a handgun in a car, which was part of a consignment of 350 stolen firearms by a commando of the ETA October 23, 2006 at Vauvert, near Nimes (Southern France).

After the tragedy, the Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux visited in the evening at the police station in Dammarie-les-Lys. He urged the policemen “to accomplish their mission of service to the security of their citizens but still thinking about their life, their own security and their families.”

Unions Police questioned by AFP were in turn expressed their “emotion” highlighting the “violence” of attacks on police officers who “trivialize”. “We hesitate to shoot at police officers who are on the frontline in the safety of our citizens,” said Yannnick Danio, spokesman for the union SGP-Police Unit (first union peacekeepers).

Jean-Claude Delage, secretary general of NATO (second union) himself has called for “minimum sentences” for perpetrations of police staff because “there are no limits to violence.”

March 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Grigoropoulos trial UP DAY 18/3/10

The court in Amfissa, central Greece, that is hearing the trial of the two policemen involved in the shooting of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos in December 2008 yesterday rejected an appeal by the two new prosecution lawyers for a one-week suspension so they could get up to speed with the case file. Nikos Konstantopoulos and Zoe Konstantopoulou have taken over the case after the two previous prosecution lawyers quit after a dispute with the judge over legal procedures. Judge Angelita Papavassiliou said that she would consider a request by Grigoropoulos’s mother, Gina Tsalikian, to testify for a second time.

March 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

lloyds private banking building attacked in clifton BRISTOL UK

last night the office of lloyds private banking in clifton was attacked

on the night of wednesday the 17th of march 2010, the lloyds private banking office at 131 pembroke road, clifton, bristol was attacked.

a plaque with ‘lloyds private banking’ was removed from a wall and taken away.

walls of the building were sprayed with: ‘in the shadow of a dark horse lies a capitalist bailiff ‘, and ‘bankers up against the wall’

pipes and cables to cooling fans etc to the building were cut

two windows were smashed

March 18, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Brussels – Windows of a bank smashed

Brussels – Two cars of Greek diplomats burned

“In Ixelles (Avenue de L’Oree) two cars of the Greek Diplomatic Corps have been burned.”

Translated from
16/03/2010″This Monday, all the windows of a branch of the Dexia bank in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert were destroyed.

Our thinking goes to the anarchist Lambros Fountas, murdered by Greek police.
Solidarity with the permanent revolt in Greece.”

Translated from

March 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

‘For Lambros’ – Bristol commemorates Greek anarchist killed by police 17 March, 2010 ·

Probation Offices Attacked in Bristol

At 2am on 17 March, anarchists attacked the inner-city probation offices in Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Paintbombs were thrown, the windows destroyed, were to personnel gates locks attached and slogans ” No prison – no State” and ” For Lambros” on the walls were spray-painted. This activity is inaugurated on the death of our comrade Lambros of Athens in Greece, who was murdered by cops and represents part of our active denial of the control system. This attack came also in solidarity with Alfredo and Christos, with G20 and Gaza defendants, and with all prisoners who fight.

Hooligans with Conscience

Remembering Lambros Foundas, killed by cops in Athens

Things seem to be heating up around St. Paul’s and Stokes Croft. Yesterday saw a large public gathering to protest against the police-supported eviction of the Jesters social centre, readying it for another Tesco Express; this morning I noticed this graffiti and paint bombing on the side of Decourcy House, the Avon & Somerset Probation Area office on Upper York Street. It memorialises Lambros Foundas, a Greek anarchist shot dead by Athens police last Wednesday. There is an obituary on Act For Freedom Now!

March 17, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Clashes In Jerusalem On Hamas 'Day Of Rage' from the press

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Tuesday March 16, 2010

Dozens of Palestinians have clashed with Israeli police in East Jerusalem on a “day of rage” declared by Hamas.

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The Palestinians hurled stones at police and set tyres ablaze while officers responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Sky’s Middle East correspondent Dominic Waghorn said: “Skirmishes are coming and going, it’s a game of cat and mouse between the protesters and Israeli border police.”

Medical officials said around 40 Palestinians suffered minor injuries.

The violence erupted as thousands of Palestinians took to the streets across the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

“With our blood, with our souls, we sacrifice for you, Jerusalem, martyrs by the millions, onwards to Jerusalem,” the crowds shouted as they marched.

Hamas called for the day of protests after Israel reopened a 17th Century synagogue near the al Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem‘s Old City.

The compound, sacred to both Jews and Muslims, has been the site of Israeli-Palestinian violence for decades and was the epicentre of the 2000 Palestinian intifada.

March 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Rebellion in Madrid and Rome

    Madrid and Rome: Revolts in Detention Centers

All over Europe, new prisons for migrants people are built. National or multi-national collaborators invest in this business, and harbour the local fascist politics.

In Madrid, around March 8th
, detainees put fire in several rooms. From the street, one could hear them screaming: „fire!“, „tell people what happens here!“[..].
„I‘m racist and i‘ll send you back to your fucking country!“. That what said a policeman to an Angolan detainee when he refused to enter the plane, kicking him in his chest and putting him a straitjacket. He came back to the Center almost unconscious. Some hours later, he was taken to the hospital (besides, he’s seriously ill). This is what started the revolt.

In the meanwhile, we learnt protesting movement rose last month: collective revolts, clash with police ( several policemen have been injured).
For information, the Red Cross entered the site several weeks ago, with a financial help from the Interior Minister, that would be about 200 000 €


Saturday March 13th, Rome: Demonstration and revolt infront of Ponte Galeria detention Center.

Since a while, a demonstration in front of Ponte Galeria Detention center is announced. Before arriving to the gathering, the walls of the train station and the Rome-Fiumicino lines are covered with posters.
Then, at the center, some pass food and drinks on to the detainees: food with no antidepressant nor sedative, in opposition to those usually given by the Auxilium cooperative, that manages the center since two weeks.


Just after that, about 20 detainees go up to the roof of another building, where they will stay several hours, resisting to the threats and the police attempts to chase them away.
Attempting to escape, one persone clings to the streetlight, others gash their arms, and some others threaten to hang themselves with their blankets.

When the gathering comes to an end, and when the individuals coming in solidarity (about one hundred) move away, police charge at the detainees one the roof: with billies and handcuffs.
At that point, the comrades decided to occupy the rails in „Fiera di Roma“ train station, blocking the trafic on both sides during 40 minutes. Around 7pm, a group (still 100 people) gather at the place in front of the Trastevere train station and starts a wild walk in the town, blocking the traffic behind a banner „Close the centers for migrants – Anti-racists against all prisons“.

The shouts and the speeches in the megaphone remind the saturday morning passing people there’s a camp at Ponte Galeria, and in that camp there are people who struggle and rebel.
When the ‚carabinieri‘ [italian police] arrive, the demonstrators don‘t break up and continue the demonstration in the alleyways to Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere.

The day after, national papers, that couldn‘t hide the happening, talk about an elected representative, whose visit was cancelled when police refused he enters the Center!



In Paris, Sunday March 14th, some people meeting at the Vincennes detention Center after a walk in the forest, salute teh detainees- shouting „liberty!“ Some fire works come also with the walk. People try to send balls inside, knowing police forbide them to have some. But people say the walls are really high… Some detainees have the time to go out of the buildings and to answer them, but are quickly threaten by dogs and cameras.

March 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

In Venna, in the Rodopi Counties of Greece, there are prisons that degrade human lives.

Xanthi, Thursday, March 11, 2010

Venna is one of the eight functioning immigration detention centers in the Rodopi and Evros counties of Greece. Centers like Vena have been created within the framework of the states anti-immigration policies, to be used normally in ‘exceptional’ circumstances.

All detention centers operate are outside the legal framework, and particularly in the case of Venna there isn’t even an official legal document defining its function.

Rodopi is not included in the list of counties eligible for the placement of ‘Special places for the residence of foreigners’ ‘ΕΧΠΑ’. Even Artcle 81 of Law 3536/2005 that provides for the creation of ‘Special places for the residence of foreigners’ fails to define the terms and conditions of their operation.

According to reports by lawyers who have visited the centre, hygiene conditions are appalling, there is no medical staff, and the number of prisoners far exceeds the capacity the centre was designed to accommodate. Prisoners have no contact with the outside world (lawyers, family members, interpreters, local community) and have inadequate information on their rights. The behavior of the prisoner guards towards the prisoners is often degrading to the dignity of the detainees

On Wednesday, February 3rd, prisoners in the Vena detention centre rebelled over the inhuman conditions of detention and their prolonged imprisonment. The previous day, the guards had asked the police to transfer 30 detainees as a temporary solution to the centers extreme over-crowdedness.

Nevertheless, the immigrants rebelled, setting their mattresses and clothes on fire. The police intervened and presented 42 people to the prosecutor as ringleaders of a criminal incident, indicting them for attempted escape and damage of public property.

In express proceedings on Friday February the 5th, without lawyers and interpreters, they were sentenced to 4 and 6 months imprisonment and legal deportation for the contempt of the law, and damage to public property.

To prevent the possibility of an appeal of the decision by a group of concerned lawyers who had shown interest in doing so, the convicted were moved to Drama and Kavala.

To answer back to these incidents, in Xanthi and Komotini, initiatives have been taken against these concentration camps, involving an information campaign for the local community around the issue of Venna and the suppression of the uprising, as well as holding a protest in Komotini (February 19th) and Venna (February 20th).

Arriving to the nightmare that is Venna, we managed to verify the true conditions of detention, as well as the every day terror endured by the imprisoned.

Following negotiations a group of people managed to enter the centre upon which they discovered that the prison population was falsely grossly understated (there were in-fact over 200 prisoners ‘hosted’, as opposed to the official ‘46’). Furthermore it was discovered that 4 individuals were on hunger strike. The patients had not received any essential medical attention (one person was even refused post- operative transfer to a hospital).

We see in the case of these 42 defendants and the prisoners on hunger strike, the immediate response of the State, towards people who are struggling for their human dignity and freedom.

The policy of humiliation, torture and repression carried out by the Greek state is fully consistent with the requirements of ‘Fortress Europe’. The state even refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the centers it establishes. Of course we don not expect any legal framework to define what dignity means and under what conditions it is violated. We believe that the right to free movement, to human dignity and the freedom to choose where to live is inalienable. The struggle for life, dignity and freedom is not illegal, it is just. No one is illegal.

We demand the immediate abolition of the concentration camps.

Immediate release of all the imprisoned immigrants. Acquittal of the 42 accused in the uprising at Venna that took place on February the 3rd.

Initiative against the detention camps of Evros and Rodopi.

March 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

DNA tests thwart terror probe GREECE FROM THE PRESS

DNA tests on drops of blood found at the scene of a shootout last Wednesday in southeastern Athens match the blood of Lambros Fountas, the 35-year-old terrorist suspect killed in the exchange of fire, according to counterterrorism police officers, who had hoped the blood would shed light on the identity of a second man who eluded arrest.

The blood found at the scene of the shooting also failed to match blood samples gathered from the sites of recent terrorist attacks and bank robberies, thwarting police efforts to link Fountas to domestic terrorist groups such as Sect of Revolutionaries and Revolutionary Struggle.

Police believe that the second suspect is a member of an anti-establishment group with links to another recently formed terrorist group, the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire. Officers who were at the scene of the shooting last Wednesday claim to have recognized the second suspect before he fled.

Police have stepped up their investigation into Fountas’s suspected involvement in terrorist activities after a search of his home at the end of last week turned up a detailed map of the capital’s surveillance cameras.

Sources told private television channel Mega yesterday that police fear a revenge attack by domestic terrorists for Fountas’s death. These fears were fueled by the discovery of the map, which pinpoints all the capital’s street cameras and includes notes regarding the scope and blind spots of each camera’s lens.

Officers have also boosted their search for a possible hideout and have intensified surveillance of the dead man’s relatives and close friends. Seven keys found at Fountas’s home in Ambelokipi, near central Athens, are being tested but have not yet matched any addresses linked to the suspect.

Police have also asked the director of the private diagnostic clinic where Fountas was employed for a list of the dates the 35-year-old had taken off work to determine whether they correspond with those of any domestic terrorist attacks.


March 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

latest news, 12-13-14-15 March 2010 FROM GREECE

Friday 12th March 2010

  • The trial of the fascists about the events of the past days in Chania town on Crete island started today. Among them a well-known fascist Mr Karefylakis, responsible for organizing many fascistic teams in the town who act against immigrants and people who support the immigrants. The fascists are already sure that they will not be judged after being backed up by Nea Dimokratia and LAOS (right wing and fascistic parliament parties) who are involved in para-judge cycles.
  • The Confederation of Blind People condemns the pigs that they sprayed tear-gas in front of their faces during the General Strike demonstration in Athens, despite that the pigs could make out that the protesters of the certain block were blind because of the well-known white sticks they used to hold on their hands.
  • The rector-ship of the Polytechnical University in Athens called for a senate after many pressures from students because of the entrance of cops in the Campus of Zografou district on 21st February (watch older update). The announcement:

Decision of Rectors’ Senate in National Metsovian Polytechnical University, Athens

12th March 2010

We are witnessing a period when the government takes a frontal assault against the rights of youth and workers. On the opposite side has already become apparent the social discontent which is reflected in the mass struggles and strikes throughout the latter period.

The attack on Asylum is part of the government policy and it is part of the plan is to remove social achievements.

The Asylum is a historical achievement and had an important role for the struggles after the fall of the military junta. As this is non-negotiable for the entire academic community and therefore must be condemned, from any part of the Academic Community, any police intervention in asylum areas; interventions which can happen from the police authorities after the law of Ms Giannakou.

The Polytechnichal Community with full awareness of the deserved political responsibility and under the fact that we have defended the Asylum during limit and critical situations, both for the building complex at Patission Street and for the Polytechnical Campus in Zografou district, after the recent events on Sunday 21st February, we state that:

A. The invitation of police forces does not face the alleged violent actions by unknown persons which take place in the Institutions. In contrast, it upgrades the feeling of fear in the Higher Educational Institutes and contributes to the upgrading of repression and debate on the need for removal of Asylum law.

B. The decisions to break the University Asylum require the consent of the Senate (collective expression of the university community). The assignment of the decisions’ rights to the Rector Shapes according to the Frame-law of Ms Giannakou is a trap and must not be applied.

C. The certain decision of the Rector-ship on 21st February can not and also must not create a precedent. Because there is a risk to get to what was experienced recently in the German Universities, namely braking the Asylum against the student and popular movement and the free movement of ideas.

D. The polytechnical community will not tolerate any discussion of abolishing or restricting Asylum.

Saturday 13th February 2010

  • Actions on the Exarcheia square against heroin dealers and other state repression methods still go on. And to remind for one more time: after the election of the new social-democratic government in October, the Exarcheia district were occupied by special pigs’ forces any single night. After the resistance of the residents to this occupation, the government decided to move the heroin dealing in Exarcheia. We shall not also forget the cases that some kilos of heroin were also found on war-ships of NATO.
  • Info Demonstration through the district of Chalandri against the government’s and EU’s economical measures. In the action participated out-parliamentary communistic organizations and residents of the neighborhood.


  • Intervention in a speech of Anna Diamantopoulou, education minister, by unpaid and unemployed educators. The fiesta of the minister had to make with the new laws for the education structures she wants to vote, a new structure that gives less money for education and employs less teachers. On the video, one of her body-guards tries to push away the protesters and his gun appears on common view.


  • Intervention in front of a church in Ioannina town. The protesters raised placates asking for the church fund property to be transferred to the public sector and ceperate the church’s relationships with the government.
  • Action in Thessaloniki in memorization of anarchist Lambros Fountas, killed by cops on 10th March 2010. Ten luxurious, government and privet security services vehicles were looted all around the town.

Sunday 14th March 2010

  • Free translation from anarchy press:

“Crowd Management “, another name for repression.

Practical and immediately began to be expressed the solidarity of Chancellor Merkel and the German state to Georgy (Greek priminister) and the Greek state.

That’s why today departed for Berlin the head of Greek Police Mr E. Oikonomou and the director of Special Violence Crimes’ Treatment Division (anti-terrorist division) Mr Alkiviadis Tzoitis, in order to meet in the base of German Federal Police for Crime’s Prosecution with their counterparts there “to exchange experiences and lessons for dealing on topics about models of big cities’ policing, the organization and function of police units for searching and investigating serious forms of organized crime and terrorism, the protection of VIP’s, as well as best practices regarding the management of a large number of protests and demonstrations“.

What seems to be in their immediate priorities, is directly
related to the “management of the crowd” of the oppressed people and they are well aware that soon they will be kicked away by this crowd … But the plans always fail as the people’s wisdom say and especially when these plans are published shamelessly …

Also this visit can not be considered as irrelevant by the analysis of the staffs of those in power, which show that the confrontational mood of the people is already in high levels.

It would be wise from the side of the managers of powers to know that it will not be possible to “manage” the crowd and to suppress the anger of the oppressed people, when the anger will explode …

Monday 15th March 2010

  • The fascistic attacks on Creta island still go on. Early in the mourning fascists looted immigrants’ cars.
  • Workers of Public Electricity Company squatted symbolically the offices of OAED (public job office) in Alimos district of Athens, Ptolemaida town and Megalopoli. The workers condemn their wage and pensions cut-outs, stating also that the government dismisses workers while the working hours of employees get more and more. The workers also announced a 48-hours on 16th and 17th of March.
  • The building of Imathia Prefecture in Veroia town squatted since early in the mourning from workers of United Textiles who are not paid for the last 12 months of their work. They also ask for the factories to start functioning again condemning the bosses that made profits against them and then shut down the business. The workers will also squat the building tomorrow. Meanwhile their co-workers of ELITE shoe factory are unemployed for four months now despite the government’s promises that the shoe factory would not be closed.
  • The doctors of Aglaia Kyriakou Childcare’s Hospital in Athens and University Hospital in Larissa town under job retention since today. The doctors are not payed since November for their extra hours, when the hospitals are open during nights etc. They also condemn the lack of doctors, nurses and equipment in the hospitals which get under danger the lives of patients. On 24-hours strike tomorrow the nurses all around Greece against the cut-outs of their wages and condemning the lack of nurses in hospitals all around Greece.
  • The Federation of Benzine-stations Owners announced a 24-hours strike on 18th of March.
  • Wine producers and wine traders blocked the Corinthe – Tripolis Highway at Nemea town condemning economical facts of their sector and the lack of state support to farmers.
  • 5 persons of the 11 arrested during the General Strike demonstration in Athens are accused with heavy crimes. One of them must stay in pre-jail custody according to the “hoodie-law” which was voted by the last government. The judge authorities decided to pre-jail him despite the photos which prove that on the time of his arrest his face was not covered.

Photos of the certain arrest, the guy with the Rastafarian, scroll down:

Video of the certain arrest, 2’32” – 2’46”:…

Photos – Video (In front of the prosecutor’s office today while the arrested comrade was stepping in front of the “justice” authorities. The pigs did not hesitate to attack against the protesters and let the blood of one of them run on the ground):

March 16, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

poster from athens for a demo 20/3 for memorial TO ANARCHIST LAMBROS FOYNTAS

poster from athens for a demo 20/3 for memorial TO ANARCHIST  LAMBROS FOYNTAS

March 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow




…one day we will meet again comrade, and it will be just as you always dreamed…


translation : by actforfreedomnow! from Greek to English for our comrade lambro!

March 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow

Solidarity initiative for C. Stratigopoulos, A.Bonnano in Athens Greece 17/03/10

Let’s say things as they are…

1/10/2009 Expropriation of a bank in Trikala.
The same day anarchists Christos Stratigopoulos and Alfredo Bonanno are arrested. Still today they are imprisoned in one of democracy’s hellholes.
A democracy that knows how to punish its sworn enemys.

Especially for A.Bonanno, – the 73 year old comrade with a long and multiform contibution to the international subversive anarchist movement
-Who has serious health problems,the revengeful imprisonement puts his life in immediate danger.

Wednesday, March 17th, 19.00pm, Politechnic, Gini building.
-Video Projection about the prosecution of anarchists in italy.
-Intervention from a comrade former co-accused of C.Stratigopoulos and A.Bonnano
-Information from the defence lawyers.


translation to English from actforfreedomnow!

March 15, 2010
by actforfreedomnow


CALL 07804167930 ON THE NIGHT


Nutty and the Blazers
Kev the Poet, the Hip-Hop Bard
Jade and Kerry
MC Wildeye
CatchPyro (Calipso)
Chef and Ben
DJ Steaz
Curious (Poet)

Elijah Smith who is still behind bars over year later without trial. Please take note of new prisoner number
Elijah Smith, A3186AM , HMP Lewes , 1 Brighton Rd, Lewes, Sussex, BN7 1EA ENGLAND
For those who can visit, times are 2pm-4pm. If not write a letter!