April 17, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Neo-Nazi became a victim of his own aggression On the 17th of April in Odessa 15-Nazi Skinheads with the use of bottles and rocks attacked 5 members o

Nazis ran up to the antifascists sitting on a bench near the “Orech” club and started shouting threads and Nazis slogans and started the fighting. Nazis ran up to the antifascists sitting on a bench near the “Orech Club and threads and started shouting slogans and Nazis started the fighting. Earlier activists of «antifa» were often threatened by Nazi-skinheads; anti-fascists were victims of nazi-attacks. Earlier activists of “antifa” were often threatened by Nazi-Skinheads, Anti-Fascist were victims of Nazi-attacks. Their fore they realized that any conflict provoked by Nazis could be fatal. Their fore they realized that any conflict provoked by Nazis could be fatal. Protecting their lives “antifa” had to use a pen-knife (means of self-protection not prohibited by the low) Nazi-skinhead Maksim Chaika –was wounded. Protecting their lives “antifa” Had to use a pen-knife (means of self-protection not prohibited by the Low)-Nazi Skinhead Maxim Chaika-was wounded. He did not get proper medical aid and died. He did not get proper medical aid and died. If the antifascists had not fighted back protecting themselves they would have been in morgue. If the antifascists had not fighted back Protecting themselves they would not have been in the morgue. Ultrarights tray to make benefit of the insolent by fouls presenting the facts and cynically lying to the publicity. Ultrarights tray to make benefit of the insolente Foul by presenting the facts and cynically lying to the publicity.
Ultrarights propagandists declair that killing had political subtext. Ultrarights propagandists Declair that killing had political subtext. Actually 5 antifa had to resist 15 aggressive nazi-skinhead attack. 5 antifa actually had to resist aggressive 15-Nazi Skinhead attack. The police confirm the fixed number of antifashiscts. The police confirm the number of fixed antifashiscts. Nazis are truing to present Maksim Chaika as are victim however it was him , and his friends who started the fighting. Nazis are truing to present Maxim Chaika as are victim however it was him, and his friends who started the fighting.

It is well known that Chaika himself and another Odessa Nazis often threatened antifa activists. It is well known that Chaika himself and another ODESSA Nazis often threatened antifa activists. Were collecting info even addresses and made attacks antifascists. Details were collecting addresses and even made attacks antifascists. Naturally Nazi can reject an unfavorable facts replacing them with their own falsification. Naturally Nazi can reject an unfavorable facts replacing them with their own falsification.
Mass-media also reproduce the myth that killed Maksim Chaika was an activist off are ”patriotic organization” it is well known that social organization ”Sich” is Nazi-skinhead organization who were make onslaughts on racism basics. Mass-media also reproduce the myth that killed Maxim Chaika was an activist off are patriotic”organization”it is well known that social organization”from”Sich-Nazi Skinhead organization who were make Onslaught on Racism basics. Criminal reports from all Ukraine have more and more facts about killings on racism basics. Criminal reports from all over Ukraine have more and more facts about killings on Racism basics. People who perform disagreement wish antihuman ideology of Nazism take even bigger risk to fall victims of the street terror. People who perform disagreement Wish antihuman ideology of nazism take even bigger risk to fall victims of the street terror.

Bands of neo-Nazis do not keep in secret they are planning to revenge- we can see this info online: “We must do everything possible that the least of over blood to be shed and the most blood to be shed by the enemy. Our enemies should be killed first then our losses would be minimal”. Band of the neo-Nazis do not keep in secret that they are planning revenge-we can see this info online: “We must do everything possible thats the least of it over without blood shed and the most blood to be shed by the enemy. Our Enemies should be killed first then our losses would be minimal. “
Meanwhile the ultrarights parties try to make political accets hypocritically mentioning the repressions of the “Ukrainian patriots”. Meanwhile ultrarights the parties try to make political accets hypocritically mentioning the repressions of the Ukrainian patriots. “ It is worth mentioning that politicians of the opposite (pro-Russian party “Rodina” and politician Igor Markov) – are following the pragmatic aims. It is worth mentioning that politicians of the opposite (pro-Russian party “Rodina” and politician Igor Markov) – The following are Pragmatic aims. They preset the incident as a conflict of pro-Russian and Ukrainian right radicals. They preset the incident as a conflict of pro-Russian and Ukrainian right Radicals. But Ukrainian “antifa” is not related to any political force. But Ukrainian “antifa” is not related to any political force. More than that a party promoting national superiority could provoke only negative feelings of antifa members. More than that a party promoting national superiority could only provocative negative feelings of antifa members.

The fact that antifa are presented as extremists is another myth that should be denied. The fact that antifa are presented as extremists is another myth that should not be denied. Mass-media keep silent about extremist nature of neo-Nazism ideology that rejects value of human life. Mass-media forget about terrifying statistics of killing on basics of racism hatred. Mass-media keep silent about extremist nature of the neo-nazism ideology that rejects Value of Human Life. Mass-media Forget About Terrifying statistics of killing on basic hatred of racism. It is ter
rible that people who do not agree with Nazis can’t count on any protection of the authorities or society.
It is terrible that people who do not agree with Nazis can not count on any protection of the authorities or society.
We should add that reaction of the antifa- activists for aggression had legal foundation: part 3 paragraph 27 of the constitution of Ukraine provides the right of the individuals to protect their own lives and health and also lives and health of other individuals from the illegal actions; according to provision 36 of the Criminal Low of Ukraine the above motioned of the antifascists is consider as a necessary self-protection. We should add that reaction of the antifa-activists for aggression had legal foundation: Part 3 paragraph 27 of the Constitution of Ukraine provides the rights of the individual to protect their own lives and health and also lives and health of other individuals from the illegal actions , according to provision 36 of the Criminal Low of Ukraine the above motioned of the antifascists is consider as a necessary self-protection. The antifascists knew that the Nazis were more numerous and that they were armed with bottles and rocks so fighting was inevitable. The antifascists knew that the Nazis were more numerous and that they were armed with bottles and rocks so fighting was inevitable.

We – the activists of antifascist movement – express our sincere condolences to Maksim Chaika’s family and relatives. We – the activists of antifascist movement – express our sincere condolences to Maxim Chaika’s family and relatives. Those who make fools of young people with the neo-nazi ideology and trend to gain money, power and glory are really guilty of Maksim Chaika’s death. Those who make fools of young people with the neo-Nazi ideology and trendy to gain money, power and glory are really guilty of Maxim Chaika’s death.
We demand from Odessa police comprehensive investigation of the incident and the conformation of the fact of necessary self-protection on the part of antifa We demand from Odessa Police comprehensive investigation of the incident and the conformation of the Facts of necessary self-protection on the part of antifa
We demand from all mass-media to resist all the provocations and to objectively present the event because the destinies of antifascists who are involved in this incident depends on this. We demand from all mass-media to resist all the provocations and to objectively present the event because the Destinies of antifascists who are involved in this incident depends on this. More than this mass-media should oppose attends of definite political forces to cash on Maksim Chaika’s death. More than this mass-media should oppose attends definite political forces of the cash on Maxim Chaika’s death.

April 8, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Four months ago it was a 15-year-old schoolboy in Greece – today it’s a 47-year-old newspaper seller in the UK.

Enough with the state murders!

Whether civilians’ deaths are caused because of “heart attacks” (most likely due to police terror) or head injuries (due to police brutality) or “misfires” (due to police stupidity), we say we had Enough!

Enough! Of your lies in attempting to cover up your mistakes
Enough! Of your “Robocop” attitude
Enough! Of your “to serve and protect” fake masks
Enough! Of you being the guardian dogs of the privileged elite

We say Enough! and we are going to say it out loud so everyone can hear us.

Saturday 11th of April at 1:30pm in Bristo Square (Edinburgh)

Bring friends, banners, candles and something to make noise with (drums, whistles etc.)


April 4, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

The man who died during last week’s G20 protests was “assaulted” by riot police shortly before he suffered a heart attack, according to witness statements received by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Investigators are examining a series of corroborative accounts that allege Ian Tomlinson, 47, was a victim of police violence in the moments before he collapsed near the Bank of England in the City of London last Wednesday evening. Three witnesses have told the Observer that Mr Tomlinson was attacked violently as he made his way home from work at a nearby newsagents. One claims he was struck on the head with a baton.

Photographer Anna Branthwaite said: “I can remember seeing Ian Tomlinson. He was rushed from behind by a riot officer with a helmet and shield two or three minutes before he collapsed.” Branthwaite, an experienced press photographer, has made a statement to the IPCC.

Another independent statement supports allegations of police violence. Amiri Howe, 24, recalled seeing Mr Tomlinson being hit “near the head” with a police baton. Howe took one of a sequence of photographs that show a clearly dazed Mr Tomlinson being helped by a bystander.

A female protester, who does not want to be named but has given her testimony to the IPCC, said she saw a man she later recognised as Tomlinson being pushed aggressively from behind by officers. “I saw a man violently propelled forward, as though he’d been flung by the arm, and fall forward on his head.

“He hit the top front area of his head on the pavement. I noticed his fall particularly because it struck me as a horrifically forceful push by a policeman and an especially hard fall; it made me wince.”

Mr Tomlinson, a married man who lived alone in a bail hostel, was not taking part in the protests. Initially, his death was attributed by a police post mortem to natural causes. A City of London police statement said: “[He] suffered a sudden heart attack while on his way home from work.”

But this version of events was challenged after witnesses recognised the dead man from photographs that were published on Friday.

An IPCC statement was due to be released the same day and is understood to have portrayed the death as a tragic accident. However, the statement’s release was postponed as the complaints body received information that police officers may have been more involved in events than previously thought. An IPCC spokesman said yesterday that in light of new statements it was “assessing” the information it had received before deciding whether to launch a full investigation.

Part of the commission’s inquiries will involve the examination of CCTV footage from the area.

Liberal Democrat MP David Howarth said: “Eventually there will have to be a full inquest with a jury. It is a possibility this death was at police hands.”

A police source told the Observer that Mr Tomlinson appears to have become caught between police lines and protesters, with officers chasing back demonstrators during skirmishes. He was seen stumbling before he collapsed and died on Cornhill Street, opposite St Michael’s Alley, around 7.25pm.

At around 7.10pm, protesters had gathered outside the police cordon to call for those contained inside – some for hours – to be let out. Officers with batons and shields attempted to clear them from the road.

Around 7.20pm, five riot police, and a line of officers with dogs, emerged from Royal Exchange Square, a pedestrian side street. Three images taken around this time show Mr Tomlinson on the pavement, in front of five riot police, and in apparent distress. He had one arm in the air, and appeared to be in discussion with the officers.

Mr Tomlinson then appears to have been lifted to his feet by a bystander. Minutes later he fell to the ground. “We saw this guy staggering around,” said Natalie Langford, 21, a student. “He looked disorientated. About five seconds later he fell, and I grabbed my friends to help him.”

Police have claimed that when paramedics tried to move Mr Tomlinson away for urgent treatment, bottles were thrown at them by protesters. He was later pronounced dead at hospital.

Branthwaite added: “He [Mr Tomlinson] was not a mouthy kid or causing problems, but the police seemed to have lost control and were trying to push protesters back. The police had started to filter people into a side street off Cornhill. There were a few stragglers who were just walking through between the police and protesters. Mr Tomlinson was one of those.”

The police tactics during the G20 protests were condemned in the aftermath of the demonstrations. The clearance of a climate camp along Bishopsgate by riot police with batons and dogs after nightfall on Wednesday came in for particular criticism.


Protesters marched to Bethnal Green police station in east London yesterday to demand a public inquiry into Mr Tomlinson’s death.

April 2, 2009
by actforfreedomnow


Death At The Hands Of Capitalism

April 2, 2009 · No Comments

This is no appeal to calm.

Yesterday through the actions of the Metropolitan Police a man died during the protests against the G2dog-attack0 in the City of London. How this man died, whether as a result of direct blows from police batons or from the effects of the police “kettling” tactic and their attempts to force people in a direction it was not possible move, his death is their responsibility. We have already seen the BBC, unsurprisingly, peddling the police’s line that his death was due to ‘natural causes’. When they mention it at all that is. Though how it is natural to be penned in by armed thugs like an animal before being beaten and attacked is a tribute to their warped logic.

What should not be forgotten in light of this murder is that this is not the first and nor shall it be the last death at the hands of capital.

Everyday people are murdered by states, police, armed forces and militias all over the world. Capital, and its agents, think nothing of human life and profit will always, always come before humanity. Capitalism is directly responsible for the deaths of millions upon millions of people all around the world. From the wars that are fought in pursuit of profit to famine and death through preventable disease to those murdered for resisting its impact upon their communities or for organising for better conditions at work.

defenders-of-capitalAs we see the economic situation decline for working people in this country we can expect to see this become starkly clear. As more and more are made homeless, jobless and see their living conditions reduced, the ruling class will continue to live in splendour and affluence upon our backs as their parasitical forebears have done for generations.

The rulers of this country, and indeed this world, live lifestyles of opulent luxury that is beyond the ken of the vast majority of us. These parasites shall not see their blood drenched splendour reduced in the slightest.

Unless that is that we, the honest, hard working people of this world tear their privilege asunder.back-now

These wealthy parasites live off our hard work and we suffer the consequences of the economic games they play in pursuit of ever greater profits for themselves and everyday we, the working class, suffer and die all over the world. This death through police actions yesterday is just one more death in the tragic blood stained history of capitalism.

This is no appeal to calm, rage today on the streets of London. Rage though not at this one death but at the horror and terror inflicted upon our class by the ruling 1% and their agents. Rage against the theft of our world by parasites who sponge off our labour. Rage at having to work your entire life through only to be denied the fruits of the world that is yours by right of birth.

This is no appeal to calm.

For more up to date information on what is happening in London today do not look to the BBC or other mainstream media outlets.. Look instead to the indymedia website which will carry updates as they come in from the streets.

There will be a demo today in solidarity with the guy killed last night.

Meet 1p.m. at the Bank if you are in London.

The aim of the assembly is to:

mark the death of the protestor,
call for an independent police inquiry
show solidarity against the enormous police repression that happened against protestors outside the Bank, the Climate Exchange and elsewhere in the City of London.
Any witnesses to this event or any other act of police violence against demonstrators is advised to write a full statement as soon as they possibly can, sign and date it, and give a copy it to a trusted other party. These statements should be given to Bindmans Solicitors (contactable on 020 7833 4433) and the Legal Monitoring groups present at the demonstrations. Information can also be sent to Indymedia London:

March 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow


Late in the night of the 25th March, in a small posh corner of Greater London, U.K. several cash mashines around the neighbourhood were utterly destroyed. Ch@os followed next morning!

Hip-Hip Hurrah! The spring has arrived!

c u on the streets!

we are their crisis and we are fearless!

March 23, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

[2day a'dam] benefit voku 4 greek social revolution

beukenweg cooking brigade – 23.03.2009 11:32

benefit vegan voku for the prisoners of the Greek social revolution of December, today at the new joe’s garage (pretoriusstraat 43). 19 H, 3€ or donation.


As almost every monday the beukenweg cooking brigade will serve nice vegan food at the new joe’s garage for 3€ or donation. All benefits will be destinated to many different social causes and struggles, giving some flyers and general info about the organisations or events we are supporting with each voku.

Place: Pretoriusstraat 43.
Price: 3€ or donation.
Day & Time: 23.03.09, 19.00 H.
Benefit for: prisoners of the greek social revolution of December (revolt’s assembly support collective kratoumenoi.eksegersis at gmail.com).

March 21, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Calgary Herald, March 21, 2009

Calgary Herald, March 21, 2009

Calgary Herald, March 21, 2009

Calgary Herald, March 21, 2009


Protest groups upset over rally violence

The Calgary Sun [Alberta]
March 23, 2009

CALGARY — Anti-Racist Action Calgary is condemning the violent actions of protesters demonstrating on their side of the line who clashed with the Aryan Guard at a weekend rally.

Three protesters were arrested Saturday when the anti-racist group confronted members of the Aryan Guard who were marching to celebrate White Pride Day.

The rally of several hundred people became violent when demonstrators began tossing water bottles, cans of food and signs at each other.

The chaotic clash injured two people, including Sun columnist Rick Bell.

But Jason Devine, spokesman for ARA, said the group does not condone violent protesting.

“We have said from the beginning it was supposed to be confrontational but not violent,” he said.

“We have never called on people to physically assault the Aryan Guard — our job was to ostracize them, getting the message out there are Nazis in our community.

“The signs are there to get the message out not there to bust people’s heads open.”

Devine said those who resorted to violence and were arrested were not associated to the ARA and had just joined the march off the street.

And once the debris was thrown, he said he tried to stop it.

“We immediately said to people ‘don’t do that because this is not what it’s about’,” he said.

“We in no way condone random people attacking them.”

But he said he doesn’t feel the ARA’s image has been tarnished with the violence that erupted from its side of the line.

“If people look into the situation … the ARA has not and is not advocating violence,” he said.

“They (the Aryan Guard) are the ones advocating violence.”


Protest turns violent as Calgary Aryan Guard, anti-racism activists square off

By Jamie Komarnicki, Calgary Herald [Alberta]
March 21, 2009

A white pride march through Calgary’s core quickly deteriorated into a violent melee Saturday as protesters flung rocks, aluminum cans and other projectiles into a crowd of people taking part in the demonstration.

Several fist fights broke out at the Aryan Guard rally and at least two people were treated for head injuries after being hit by the projectiles, although the injuries weren’t serious.

Police arrested three people, and charges are pending.

More than 400 anti-racist protesters confronted about 60 members of Calgary-based white supremacist group, the Aryan Guard.

The white pride marchers began their route near Mewata Armouries and planned to make their way to city hall.

The Aryan Guard waved white pride flags and chanted slogans as they zigzagged through the inner city. Their path was blocked at several turns by the raucous anti-racist activists, who first clashed with the marchers at 7th Avenue and 6th Street SW.

A strong police presence formed a human barricade between the two sides.

Authorities broke up several fights between the two sides along the way.

At one point, the Aryan Guard marchers brought traffic to a standstill on 6th Avenue as they threaded their way through vehicles.

“It freaks me out,” said one motorist, recording the protest on his cellphone through his car window.

The protest ended at about 4:30 p.m. when the Aryan Guard boarded a city bus and were shuttled out of the core.

Earlier in the day, the group of anti-racist activists held a “celebration of diversity” on the steps of city hall as part of efforts to overshadow the Aryan Guard’s event.

Several hundred people, many waving anti-racist signs and some of them masked, gathered for a series of speeches and songs promoting multiculturalism.

Rally organizers lashed out at the Aryan Guard.

“The message has to get out there, they’ve got to be exposed,” said Jason Devine.

“This rally isn’t going to get rid of the Aryan Guard, but it is a blow to them.

“This is a springboard we have to build of off. We have to take the energy of this rally and go further.”

Kelsey Mills learned of the event after reading an article in her high school newspaper. A similar event last year — which saw throngs of white supremacists and anti-racists clash on downtown Calgary streets — was shocking, she said.

“I just think that it’s not right. The Aryan Guard shouldn’t be around,” said Mills, 17.

Harmohinder Plaha, president of Calgary’s South Asian Canadian Association, called for Calgarians to stand up against racism.

“We don’t like racism. We are totally against it,” he said.

March 14, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Free Spaces Demonstration-Berlin March 14 2009

Free Spaces Demonstration-Berlin March 14 2009

At the 14. march 2009 arround 4.000 people were gathering on the Hermannplatz in Berlin to demonstrate for the survival of left free spaces in Berlin and everywhere and against the ugly gentrification in lot of the center’s districts of Berlin. Many residents already have been forced to move in other districts of Berlin, since they cannot afford the constantly increasing rents in the center’s districts anymore. The demonstration was part of the “United We Stay” action weekend. The campaign, which organised the demonstration is called “We Stay All”. They also claim an immediately political solution for the few stayed house projects and Wagenburgen (squatted places where people live in trucks and cars). The concept of the demonstration was to appear as colourful and openly as possible so that common people also join the demonstrations and to avoid attacks of the riot cops (which in last time offener happened on demonstrations of the radical lefts).

The demonstration started at 15:00 from Neukölln, went through Kreuzberg and ended then in Friedrichshain. The cop’s presence and repression took place with 900 of them following and disturbing the peacfull protest. They started with randomly controls to people who started gathering, filming the protestors during the whole event. At the Warschauer Bruecke the whole demonstration had to stop because the cops arrested two prostesters. They said that they shall have went on the rail tracks of the underground. After they took their blood type and their personal data they released them and the demonstration went on. But already short time later the cops started trouble again, they splitted the demonstration into two parts after some ppl surrounded and attacked a singled cop car. The cops stated later that they weren’t completely innocent that the situation escalated because the cops in the car got scared and locked themselves inside the car. At the same time that happened a group of arround 1.000 demonstrants splitted from the demonstation and went in the Warschauer Strasse, where some cars, cop cars, a Mc Donalds and a bank has been smashed and some waste containers were looted. One cop car has turned upside down. Later they also tried to attack the new opened Nazi’s clothes shop but it was protected by arround 50 cops. As the first coming 100 demonstrants saw the cops they stepped back and after one minute hundreds of cops were coming from all sides and hunting the protestors. During that situation a bunch of cops were passing by a person who had nothing to do with the demonstration, one cop hit him and the person felt with his head on the kerb stone edge. That person has been seriously injured with a basal skull fracture, but instead of the cops helping him and call the emergency they went away and let him lay helpless on the street. Also the feminist squat near the place the person was injured was attacked by cops. At the time that this event happed the rest of the demonstration went through the Revaler Strasse, where people of the culture project RAW made a fire show, further through the Simon Dach Staße (a street full of trendy tourist’s bars), where some protestors smashed windows of a bar and later in the night four bars were attacked with butyric acid. The demonstration went then on through the Scharnweberstrasse where people from the house project Scharnweberstrasse 29 made a fire show on the balcony and people from the second house project Scharni were standing on the roof and waving flags. The demonstration ended in front of the city hall in the Frankfurter Allee observed from a cop’s helicopter and lot of cops with dogs in front of the city hall. During the demonstration 12 people were arrested and two cops injured. After the demonstration the cops were present in the whole district all the night over and randomly pressed charges against people. Police and fire-fighting operations continued through the whole night.




Foto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/maly_krtek/sets/72157615557269050/

March 13, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Friday 13.3: London Solidarity Event for Konstantina Kuneva

Konstantina Kuneva is a female, single mother, migrant worker and grassroots syndicalist who was attacked with sulfuric acid by employer-hired thugs in late December 2008. She has suffered major injuries and is being treated in intensive care in Athens since. The attack happened in the aftermath of the December revolt, and the solidarity response of the movement was vigorous and dynamic throughout the country. Fund raising events are still taking place in various greek cities because of the urgent need for money, that will allow Konstantina to travel to the USA for an elaborate and very expensive operation, which her only chance to have some of her basic bodily functions restored.

Benefit event for Konstantina: Screenings, discussion, food and live music on Friday March 13 from 5 to 11 at 100 Flowers squat, 2A Belgrade Road, Dalston N16 8DJ. The event is organised jointly by Greek comrades in solidarity, local Turkish/Kurdish workers organizations, and comrades from North East London squats.

For more info on Konstantina’s case, most of the greek texts that have been translated into english can be found here.


February 25, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 Haunt of Migrants in Exarcheia attacked with hand-grenade

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the night of February 24 the Haunt of Migrants on Tsamadou Street in Exarcheia was attacked while an assembly of the Association of Conscientious Objectors was taking place inside: A hand-grenade was thrown from outside. Luckily the building’s window was shut and double-glazed – the first layer of the window broke but the hand-grenade bounced off and exploded outside.

(article found at occupied London)

What follows is a statement issued by the Network for Social and Political Rights, also housed in the same building.


Murderous attack with hand-grenade at the Migrants’ Haunt

Last night, February 24, at around 10.05 pm “persons unknown” threw a hand grenade at the Migrants’ Haunt at Tsamadou Street in Exarcheia, the same building hosting the offices of the Network for Social and Political Rights). At that time the Haunt was full of people as there was an open meeting of the Association of Conscientious Objectors and the co-ordinating body of our group was also having a meeting. The attack had no victims only due to sheer luck as the hand grenade did not manage to get through the double glazed window, bounced back and exploded just outside the building.

Last night’s fascist, para-statal attack is part of the wider attempt of sovereignty to strike back after December’s revolt. During all this time we have been watching the intensification of statist and para-statist (meaning, undercovers and fascists, often the same people — trans) violence as well as a dirty propaganda campaign against spaces of resistance (”the far Left is to blame for the violence”). The “persons unknown” who threw the hand grenade do not only turn against us but against the social antagonist movement as a whole, against all who revolted in December, against all who actively refuse the dictatorship of the market and the “democracy” of the batton.

It is probably unnecessary for us to say that we shall not make a single step back, it is unnecessary to say that the parastatals will receive the response they deserve.

Athens, February 25 2009

February 12, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

From 150-200 people participated in the Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade marking the 1-Year Countdown to the 2010 Winter Games on Feb 12, 2009 in downt

Image scaled down

Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade Lights Up the Streets!!!

February 12, 2009 – 00:51 — no2010
Torch Protest Feb 12, 2009

From 150-200 people participated in the Anti-Olympic Torch Light Parade marking the 1-Year Countdown to the 2010 Winter Games on Feb 12, 2009 in downtown Vancouver. After rallying at Victory Square at 6PM, where a ‘torch of resistance’ was lit and used to burn a Canadian Olympic flag, the demonstration marched to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, where a 2010 concert was taking place and dozens of police were assembled to stop any possible disruption. From there, the protest moved up Georgia St. to Burrard, stopping at various corporate sponsors, including the Hudson’s Bay Company, Royal Bank of Canada, Bell, and CTV. About a dozen torches were lit on the protest route, which ended at the ‘Countdown Clock’ located at the Art Gallery. Several targets were hit with paint bombs, including the clock as the rally ended. There were no arrests.

The protest was organized by the Olympics Resistance Network;
Email: olympicresistance(at)riseup.net or visit: www.No2010.com

Resist 2010 ! No Olympics on Stolen Native Land !

Check out the image gallery at: http://www.no2010.com/node/791

Some corporate news stories:

Anti-Olympic protestors hold counter ceremony

By Jack Keating, The Province February 12, 2009

More than 150 protestors marched from Victory Square through downtown Vancouver in an anti -Olympic torch light parade Thursday night.

The parade, to mark the one-year countdown to the Olympics, was held to highlight all of the “negative social impacts” the 2010 Olympics will have on Vancouver.

The march left Victory Square where one protester burned an Olympic flag with a torch, and they marched by the Queen Elizabeth Theatre where dozens of police stood guard to prevent any attempt to enter the theatre where an Olympic gala event was being held.

The marchers, with about 10 flaming torches and chanting “homes not Games”, continued along Georgia Street to Burrard and then down Robson, stopping at some of the corporate Olympic sponsors offices, before ending up at the Olympic clock outside the Art Gallery.

Dozens of police on bicycles and motorcycles and others filming the march with video cameras kept a close watch on the parade.

There was a brief standoff between protesters and Vancouver police officers on bicycles at the clock that ended peacefully.

However, after the protest ended someone threw a red paint ball that splattered against the bottom of the clock.

Speakers from The Olympic Resistance Network, which organized the march, at Victory Square urged people to fight against the “2010 corporate invasion, police state tactics, homelessness, criminalization of the poor, ecological destruction, public debt, colonization and other negative social impacts” they say the Olympics will bring to Vancouver.

One speaker talked about the 370 per cent increase in homelessness in Vancouver in recent years while more than a billion dollars is being spent on the Olympics.

Anti-Olympic activist Garth Mullins said the parade was an alternative to VANOC’s “spin” on the 2010 Olympics.

“We’re trying to use the torches, which are the symbol of the Olympics, to actually take them and shine some light on the impacts of the Olympics on the poor and homeless people in the Downtown Eastside,” said Mullins.

“And also on the environment, indigenous people and people whose civil liberties are going to be eroded and crushed in Vancouver.”

Mullins also criticized Operation Silver, a massive security operation underway by the army, CSIS and police.

“We feel that their security plans are going to be very detrimental to people’s civil liberties and we’re also trying to shine some light on that,” said Mullins, wearing a jacket with the orange-coloured words “Resist 2010” across the back.

Alissa Westergard-Thorpe thought the rally and parade was a success.
“I think it’s important that with the one-year countdown we get our voices out especially as the city, VANOC and the police are trying so hard to suppress dissent in the city,” said Westergard-Thorpe.

“And I think more and more people will be concerned over the next year as you see the police state build up and you see the economic waste and the environmental destruction associated with the Olympics even more people will care when the Olympics actually and I think a lot of people care right now.”

“I think merely the fact that we’re able to go out and march in the streets and express our viewpoint is always a success, especially when they’re trying so hard to restrict our right to protest.”

Several Hundred Anti-Olympic Protesters Light up the Streets
Globe and Mail Update, February 12, 2009

Anti-Olympic protestors lit up the streets of downtown Vancouver during a protest parade Thursday night, carrying makeshift torches and setting fire to a 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics flag.

Several hundred people participated in the march, which stopped outside of buildings belonging to Olympic sponsors such as the Hudson’s Bay Company, CTV, and Canada Post. The protest focused on concerns about affordable housing in the city, native land use for Olympic venues, and the financial burden on taxpayers for the games.

CTV reported Thursday night that protesters also paint-bombed the Olympic clock, just as the demonstration ended.

Olympic protests during one year celebrations
Countdown clock vandalized
News1130 Staff VANCOUVER(NEWS1130) | Friday, February 13th, 2009

Not everyone greeted the countdown to 2010 celebrations with cheers.

About 100 protestors, some carrying torches, marched through the downtown core to protest the Olympics.

Despite a heavy police presence, the Olympic countdown clock at the Vancouver Art Gallery was vandalized. It had red paint thrown on it.

Damage is minor and no arrests have been made. The vandals took off right away – leaving behind hoodies.

This is not the first time the clock has been vandalized.

No-Fun City tag sticks as 2010 parties go elsewhere
An article on the lack of public events organized by Vanoc, ever fearful of protests
Wed Feb. 11 2009, ctvbc.ca

In Whistler they are partying. But Vancouver, it’s a much different story.

For years, the 2010 host city has celebrated every milestone on the Olympic journey. Not anymore. There isn’t a single public event planned for the one-year countdown day for what some call the No-Fun City.

The city had been celebrating since it won the Games, but Vancouver’s mayor, Gregor Robertson, dropped the puck on this one.

“Tomorrow there isn’t big parties all across the city. There’s so much energy focused on pulling the Games together, and the venues specifically, so all of the focus has been there in preparing. Unfortunately no work has been done for the big public celebration,” he told CTV News on Wednesday.

While there’s no special one-year countdown celebration in Vancouver there is one at the Richmond Speed Skating Oval. This is where Vancouver’s mayor will be, along with Premier Gordon Campbell and IOC president Jacques Rogge. There’ll be special performances and Olympic Athletes, but it is not a public

No parties in the host city? Beijing had a big bash for its one-year countdown — why not us?

“That’s a good question,” said Robertson. “We gotta kick the fun into gear here.”

There will be a public celebration in Whistler — an outdoor concert in village square. Could it be previous protests have made Olympic organizers gun-shy about Vancouver?

“It’s really a case of trying to manage crowds — there’s tremendous interest but only limited number of seats,” said Colin Hansen, the provincial minister responsible for the Olympics.

“There are some challenges that come from the amount of size, scope and the amount of security in terms of safety, not even necessarily in regard to protest,” said Maureen Douglas of VANOC.

But if you are looking for something to do, you can ride SkyTrain — TransLink wants you to bring your “horns, cowbells and tambourines” and make some noise at 6 p.m. Or you can head to Canada Place where the heritage horns will blow at 6 p.m. and you are encouraged to “clap, sing, whistle or cheer.”

They’re having way more fun in other provinces — flag raising in Parliament Hill, torch lighting in Calgary — but nothing in Vancouver.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Shannon Paterson.


by no2010 & more 12:47am, Saturday February 14 2009

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Anti-Olympic Protests Spread: No Olympics On Stolen Native Land!

by Tar 03:31am, Saturday February 14 2009

Feb. 12th, 2009. – Protestors in Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, Stratford and London will mark the one year countdown to the Vancouver Olympics with a series of road side actions and related events. Between 7am and 9am, tens of thousands of commuters on major Ontario highways can expect to see large banners bearing anti-Olympic messages. The protestors – friends and members of Anti-Racist Action – specifically aim to highlight concerns that the Olympics are accelerating development on unceeded indigenous territories in British Columbia (BC).

With the Olympics, there is a frenzy of development in BC – the Olympics are the new ‘gold rush’ – bringing displacement and destruction to indigenous communities and culture. The Province of BC was carved out of land that was never surrendered by the indigenous peoples, and was never part of any treaty. Today, most of the province remains as unceeded land. Despite this, the government continues to sell, lease and allow development on Native land for mining, logging, oil & gas, ski resorts, and other industries. The Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) has gone to great lengths to hide the negative impact that the Olympics will have on indigenous people, by obscuring the facts on their participation in these games. VANOC would suggest that “participation” means appropriating and marketing indigenous imagery and culture, and also making a series of multi-million dollar business deals that funnel money through Band Councils. Grassroots movements in indigenous communities are saying no to the Olympics. They see their land being irreparably damaged by expanding Olympic developments. Anti-Racist Action supports grassroots, indigenous, protesters, and we unite to say “No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!”

January 29, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

  • A brief outline of the solidarity in France with the Vincennes detention center prisoners in trial and against all sort of prisons

    2 janvier 2009

    In solidarity to the rebellious of Vincennes retention center (prison for immigrants to be deported) who pass in court on January 25, 26, 27th 2010, for burning their prison during a revolt in June 2008. A week of solidarity is set from the 16th to the 24th of January. Here is a very brief outline of solidarity actions, it is far from complete for translation reasons.

  • Open letter to some Italian anarchists

    1 January 2009

    We just finished reading your letter, that you wrote to us and all the French comrades. We read it with pleasure, finding in it multiple points we recognize ourselves in. We read it attentively, because it comes from the people who unfortunately have to face, before us and more than us, the repression. However, we must say that it also left a bitter taste and provoked a kind of discomfort.

  • To French comrades concerning Tarnac arrests but not only

    1 January 2009

    We know how painful it’s to be separated from our own comrades, and we have no recipes nor lessons to give about the way to take them out the fastest (to take them all out, forgetting the distinction between ‘guilty’ and ‘innocent’). The rapid notes that follow are the fruit of several thoughts born out of different experiences lived in Italy, hoping they could be useful to our French comrades.

  • One more twisted nail: Letter from Ivan

    1 January 2009

    Wednesday 11th of March, Ivan and Farid were called by the examining magistrate for an audition on the ongoing investigation. But above all, the prosecution and the judges wanted to ask their incarceration under the pretext that they would be in recidivism of judiciary control violation. The cops would have seen them together at certain gatherings in solidarity with Isa (who was still in prison at that moment). The judiciary control forbade them to «enter in contact in any way».

  • A communique by a comrade on the run, Diego Rios, from some unknown part of the world

    26 December 2008

    On the 24th of June, the Jhonny Cariqueo Social Centro was ransacked by the ‘Grupo de Operaciones Especiales (GOPE)’, Special Forces of the Chilean State, as part of investigations into recent bombings against the government and capitalist institutions. They were searching for our comrade Diego Rios because they had found a bag with material for the manufacture of explosives in the house of his mother. The police didn’t find Diego, and were met with dead silence by the comrades in the house at this time. It is now two weeks since Diego took the decision to go on the run, refusing to fall in the hands of the enemy, assuming the position of an antagonist in society. Our comrade, we send our support and brotherly hugs. Our comrade, every day you evade the police is a strike at power!

  • Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down

    10 December 2008

    During the last two months, the strategy of counterinsurgency developed by the greek state since December has passed to a new phase of totalisation. If we speak of counterinsurgency and not of repression it is because the former in contrast to the latter is not so much a military type intervention, as an integrated political and social technology producing consent, fear and defeatism. It aims not at the immediate annihilation of the insurgents, but at the removal of their living space: the (…)
  • Letter from Paolo

    26 November 2008

    The 25th of October 2009 at 7.50am, whilst taking my dog for a walk, I was surrounded by three members of the LRD, investigation service, I had to go to their office for an interrogation. A special intervention-unit in an armoured car was waiting at the corner, in case I would resist. The fuckers didn’t even let me quietly say good-bye to my daughter who was just leaving for school at that moment. The same service made a house search the day before, confiscated my lap-top and took pictures of political posters and others.

  • Not everything is following its normal course

    26 November 2008

    When we find the determination to quit going through live on our knees we make it difficult for things to continue as per usual. And despite all of their cops, judges and prisons, they will never break this determination.

  • We are not slaves, we are dynamite

    17 November 2008

    They are old things, from another century. Poverty, which progress seemed to have banished from the West, comes back to make us feel its bite. Bankers aren’t jumping from windows yet, but the poor are filling the streets. Factories and shops close their doors. Millions of people find themselves with no means for facing the future. They were promised that a life passed on their knees, between a job that profited a boss and obedience to the will of the government would at least ensure a quiet survival for them. Now it’s clear to all that this was a lie.

  • On the arrest of Leonardo Landi

    16 November 2008

    Leo had been hunted by the antiterrorism with an international arrest warrant since 2008, when one of the tentacles of the Florence attorney’s office had orchestrated yet another inquest against the anarchist scene in Tuscany. The comrades were accused of subversive association with terrorist aims, some with the specific accusation of having robbed a post office at gunpoint for self-financing.

January 22, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Translator’s intro: Radio Revolt is an unlicensed radio station in Greece which is devoted to counterinformation. It transmits from an occupied re

On 21 July 2009 the station was attacked. Here is an adapted English translation of Radio Revolt’s announcement, originally in Greek:

During the morning of 21 July the occupied space where Radio Revolt is housed, the railway carriage of OSE (a Greek railway operator) in the centre of Aristotelian University’s campus in Salonica, was attacked by persons unknown with three molotov bombs. After the ‘unknown’ perpetrators attempted to attack our studio, without success, they resorted to bomb with their molotovs the WC of the radio station, and any damage done was limited within it. Our station stopped transmitting only for three hours just to allow for power to be restored, which we had cutted deliberately for safety reasons.

This attack on Radio Revolt is merely one more of the failed attempts by the state and the parastate, part of a semester-long series of attacks after December, ordered by the political and economic elite and executed by cops and fascists. Their goal is to suppress all voices of freedom, everyone who protests and resists. They seek to turn society more conservative, fascist, and xenophobic; their final aim, of course, is the establishment of terror. The police is being advertised as the new messiah, and the dogma of order and security is being presented as more necessary than ever.

Let them live in their dream: day by day the multifaceted resistance becomes more powerful, and thousands of people get their lives in their hands. The dynamic mobilisations and protests prove that all every threat manages to achieve is to make social movements more powerful.

Radio Revolt, against all of them who wish otherwise, transmits – and will carry on transmitting.

Against the mainstream media.


Radio Revolt

January 19, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

In the night of January 13th 2009, an incendiary device, composed of gas canisters and gasoline, exploded in the entrance of the (police) commissariat of Evomos (region of Thessalonica), and damaged the windows in the facade and the ventilation system. Shortly after, the police arrested the 26 year old anarchist Ilias Nikolau, who does not live far from there. Ilias was, together with Dimitra Sirianou and Kostakis Halazas, subject of an arrest warrant for over a year, concerning the same case as Vaggelis Botzatzis (on the accusation of several arsons). Vaggelis was released on conditions on October 13th 2008. On November 14th, during the agitations with the hunger strike in Greek prisons, the 3 others went to the commissariat of Thessalonica, accompanied by some hundred comrades. The day after, the judge decided to let them await their trial in freedom. Currently Ilias is accused for “explosion” (felony), “production” and “accomplishment” (misdemeanours). Ilias does not acknowledge the accusations, nor admits “having been caught red handed”. The police raided his parent’s house, the place where he works, and stormed the house of his grandmother out of the city. Ilias was brought to the prison of Amfissa, this is a letter he wrote:

In the morning of January 13th I was arrested in the west of Thessalonica, on the accusation of an explosion that took place at the commissariat of the municipal police. This happened a year after, an incredible accusation was created against me and three of my comrades in November 2007. That accusation put one of us in prison, and made three others escape. The witch hunt has started. We have lived through a considerably warm December and a situation that shows the lack of social peace clearly. Social peace only lives in the imagination of those that cannot understand that reality is characterized by a permanent civil war. With a revolutionary side that rebels against this democratic monstrosity. Rage replaced fear and instead of approval, negation appeared. The month of December, as a sign for times to come, made a very clear devision between those that feed the Power, maintain and defend it, and those that fight it. Now is not the time to look back in nostalgia to the ashes that the insurrection left on its path. We have to understand and express the signs of the present and the future. The signs that already exist, and those to come. The signs of a relentless social war. If we want that moments of negation, revolt and dignity are lived, we have to arm our hands and our desires, determined and organized. I resist against those who think that manifestations and pacifist protest will make a difference, because they’re already dead. They drag their corpses along the streets, in the unions and in the luxurious offices of their bosses. I take place on the side of those who are led by dignity and I join with those who feel the unchangeable will to disrupt and to destroy this enormous cemetery. The prison is an added step to a rebel. A step towards imprisonment. To all those who think that they have overcome me, that they have overcome us…

For me and my comrades it works just the other way around! Because as long as there are prisoners of war, we will continue to struggle. I send warm and rebellious greetings to my comrades and to revolutionaries everywhere.

Freedom for all prisoners of the revolt. Freedom for Yiannis Dimitrakis, Polis Georgiadis and Yiorgous Voutsi-Vogiatzis and all the hostages of democracy.

Ilias Nikolau, Amfissa prison, 19th January 2009

January 19, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Russian Anarchist "Skat" Baburova Assassinated 19.01.2009 | Anastasia "Skat" Baburova, 30.11.1983-19.01.2009

Our friend and comrade Skat was murdered today in Moscow, shot to head by an assassin.

Assassin was not after her – he was after advocate Stanislav Markelov, another good friend and comrade. We do not know who was there to kill Stas – it could be associates of some war criminals he put to prison, it could be connected to some corporate crimes, it could be Nazis, many of whom Stas put to prison as well. List of achievements of Stas is so long, that it will take a couple of days to gather all of them to a necrology – and list of his enemies is even longer. But we know for sure, that Nastya had a bad luck of being in a wrong place in wrong time. Assassin shot her to head as well, either to eliminate a witness, or in order to escape – some witnesses have stated that Nastya attempted to arrest assassin. Stas died in place, Nastya died in hospital few hours afterwards.

Nastya was a graduate of journalist faculty of Moscow State University. She worked a while in “Izvestiya”, but left and worked as a freelancer.
During last few months she wrote to critical paper “Novaya Gazeta”, mostly about far right.

Nastya was an anarchist and was involved in numerous activist projects. She was involved in anti-repression issues, such as solidarity actions in Moscow for repressed French activists Ivan and Bruno, and later last year in solidarity work for Tarnac 9. Last year she was actively involved in attempts to defense a dormitory in Yasniy Passage, inhabited by refugees from conflict regions of Caucasus, against violent takeover of the premises by UFSIN (Administration of Federal Service for Execution of Punishment, that is Russian federal prison administration). Nastya was arrested in that action. Nastya also joined protest camp of Rainbow Keepers last summer in Sasovo of Ryazan region, and campaign against police brutality in spring of 2008. She also traveled to European social forum in Malmö in September 2008. She was co-organising alternative media section in Russian conference Anticapitalism-2008. Nastya also helped in work with latest issue #30 of Avtonom-journal. She joined Autonomous Action a day before she got murdered. Inside the movement, Nastya got well along with everyone.

Nastya was into physical sports such as jumping with a parachute and she was also well trained in martial arts. She never went around unarmed, but her knife was not a match against a gun.

Nastya was a positive person of exceptional spirit. She will be missed by parents, friends and comrades from all around Russia and Ukraine. She was from Sevastopol, and is likely to be buried there.

January 17, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

On January 17, 2009, the small storefront space at the collectively-run Spartacus Books in Vancouver was packed with people for an info night on the s

Image scaled down

Unrest in Greece: 2nd Info Night in Vancouver (Coast Salish Territory), Canada
Info night with photo slideshow and spoken presentations.
7:00 PM / THURSDAY / FEBRUARY 5 / 2009
On January 17, 2009, the small storefront space at the collectively-run Spartacus Books in Vancouver was packed with people for an info night on the social unrest in Greece that was sparked by the police murder of 15-year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Athens on December 6. A slideshow of photos and a video of a TV station occupation were shown. Presenters took turns reading out statements from various occupied buildings across Greece. A statement from a solidarity demonstration in St. Louis, USA, was also read out and some photos were shown from the riots set off by the police murder of Oscar Grant in Oakland, USA, on January 1. A booklet was distributed containing most of the statements read out and the night ended with a discussion of the social upheaval in Greece, the anarchist movement there and the situation in Vancouver. A second info night on the same theme is to take place at the Rhizome Cafe in Vancouver on February 5, 2009.

January 16, 2009
by actforfreedomnow

“Fuck Greece, fight here!” (Greek Revolt info events in the UK)

A number of info events/ greek prisoner solidarity benefits are organised across the UK. Some will also have people from this blog presenting – if you are organising an event on the Greek events please let us know so that we can add it to the list.

Confirmed dates so far

  • Sunday 18.1 prisoner solidarity benefit gig at the Forest cafe, Edinburgh
  • Thursday 22.1 at the RampART social centre, London
  • Monday 26.1 at the Cowley Club, Brighton
  • Saturday 28.2 at the Common Place, Leeds
  • Saturday 23.5 at the Anarchist Bookfair, Cardiff
  • Bristol dates &venues tbc in Bristol
  • At least one more London date will be added for mid-February, to coincide with the launch of Occupied London #4