May 26, 2017
by actforfreedom


Yesterday, Wednesday, May 24th, Gare’s occupation was the target of organized thugs. At midday, during clashes with MAT forces around Exarchia Square, there was a confrontation of protesters with a shopkeeper who tried to prevent a barricade-defense being set up against cops. This particular shopkeeper is known in the neighborhood of Exarchia as being connected with circles of protection rackets, prostitution and drugs, and with state security. A group from an adjacent movement space rushed to defend him. The incident with a portion of those present athte barricade, with this group has been the reason for GARE to attribute responsibility for these events as a whole.

This particular group has been denounced in open movement processes in the recent past by a multitude of collectives, for authoritarian attempts and military-style enforcement against self-organized efforts. The group supposedly acts on behalf of movement spaces and forms. But these, although they have been called upon to denounce the actions of this group, are silent instead.

Immediately after the incident, this specific group along with another bunch of thugs gathered menacingly outside the GARE squat. This larger collection included members of gangs who sell protection to the area’s shops, and who have been involved in attacks and injuries against radicals in the past. After they all had gone, later some of the original problematic group came to our assembly and said they would turn against our squat if we do not identify and deliver to them within 24 hours the people who confronted them at the events earlier in the square.

Later that night, people in this group took down GARE’s squat banner from Exarchia Square, which was calling for an event on Sunday 28/5 and an open meeting on Monday 29/5 to mobilize against police occupation of the neighborhood. This action was a direct attack on social resistance to repression. Such practices serve state planning, correspond to parastate activity and must be dealt with as such. The banner was replaced immediately by comrades of the squat, with a guarded intervention in the square. The barking of these gangs has roused our feelings, and raised our guard. We will stand firmly against every attempt to terrorize resistance in the neighborhood.

We call on all the groups in the movement to take a stand. SILENCE IS COMPLICITY.

We call for a meeting for information, and to defend spaces of struggle.
Thursday 25/5 at 5 pm at GARE squat

Exarcheia has history!


GARE squat

Kallidromiou 74, Exarchia


May 25, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – On the struggle of comrade Davide Delogu, imprisoned anarchist from Sardinia

Translated by act for freedom now!
A few days ago on the Croce Nera Anarchica website we published news of the attempted escape of anarchist comrade Davide Delogu from Sardinia, an attempt which concluded with machineguns pointed at his face. We learned the news from the telephone call that Davide has with his family every week.
Davide tells us that he’s been held in total solitary confinement since 1st May, and that article 14bis (six months of constant solitary confinement with censorship on all letters) is to be applied to him once again.
His escape attempt, Davide explains in a personal letter to me to which he attached a document, is a Direct Action within a campaign for self-liberation that he decided to launch in deed on 1st May.

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May 25, 2017
by actforfreedom

Thessaloniki, Greece: “Not in memory, in continuation” Banners for Punky Mauri & Italian anarchists

Mauri“Arm yourselves and be violent, beautifully violent”

Not in memory, in continuation, for our combatant comrade Punky Mauri.




During the day of 22nd May we hung two banners for anarchist comrade Mauricio Morales Duarte ‘Punky Mauri’ & those anarchists arrested during Operation ‘Scripta Manent’ in Italy. One was hung in the Rotunda area and the other under the arch in Kamara, both in the center of the city.
Eight years ago on this day Mauri took the attack to the state by attempting to place a homemade bomb at the school of Gendarmeria in Santiago, Chile. Instead of gnashing in the face of authority, the explosive went off prematurely.
Operation ‘Scripta Manent’ is another repressive operation amongst many that have already occurred against comrades who dare to oppose the Italian state. Under the context of trying to find those who took part in Informal Anarchist Federation attacks since 2005, but also an attempt to destroy the insurrectional conflict in Italy and cut off any solidarity network to those already in prison, such as Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai.
Just because our comrades fall or are imprisoned does not mean they are not with us, neither will we be paralysed with passivity and ‘philanthropic solidarity’, the conflict against all authority continues.
– Some Individualist Rebels

May 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Turin, Italy – Update on the 3rd May arrests and a letter from one of the arrested comrades

Translated by act for freedom now!
The comrade not found by the police on the day of the arrests (Turin, 3rd May) is Greg. We hope he remains on the run without too much anxiety.
From macerie, we are publishing the description of the forced DNA sample-taking inflicted on one of the arrested comrades during the police operation of 3rd May in Turin. We remind you that a solidarity fund has been set up to support the arrested comrades:
IBAN: IT67T0316901600CC0011061808
Account name: Giulia Merlini
Donations from abroad might require the bank address: Istituto Centrale Banche Popolari Italiane, Corso Europa 18, 20122 Milan, Italy
On forced DNA collecting
For over a year DNA sample-taking has become regular practise in the identification of those stopped or arrested, including the comrades struck by the most recent investigations. Resistance to sample-taking results in it being forced, and it is increasingly hard to have one’s own way over the defenders of order and control in the forensic rooms. Here is the experience of a comrade arrested on 3rd May and still being held in the Vallette prison, who continues to ponder over possible ways to resist the practise.

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May 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Mexico,Oaxaca – Explosive-Incendiary Attack Against a Luxury Car Dealership In Memory of Punky Mauri by FAI-FRI

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 23.05.17:
Oaxaca Ungovernable: 8 years after the fall of Punky Mauri the offensive continues. Detonation of explosive-incendiary devices in a luxury car dealership.
Our dead are a fertilizer and a black seed of confrontation, nourishing the actuality of the revolt and remaining valid in every gesture that confronts authority. To spread and propagate the strength of their struggles and ideas is essential to nourish our present, to never forget and to promote a praxis of permanent insurrection.

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May 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Bologna, Italy – All the comrades of Fuoriluogo acquitted at the appeal trial

Translated by act for freedom now!
We receive and spread:
Six years have passed since the cops, on orders of Bologna prosecutors, turned on Spazio di Documentazione Fuoriluogo and comrades’ homes thus beginning an operation to dismantle a situation that had become annoying and intolerable for a city destined for well-off people, shop keepers and consumers.
The space was seized and closed down, 6 were arrested (one of whom was immediately released) and 7 were given various restrictive measures.
For 28 of them the charge was organized crime, article 416, with subversive purposes. 21 were put on trial.

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May 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

A call for solidarity actions on May 31st 2017 – Poland

Dear Friends,
We have been waiting for over a year for the trial of the Warsaw 3. Today, we send this call out for solidarity actions on the first court sitting – the 31st of May 2017.
There is also a demonstration ‘WE ARE ALL TERRORISTS’ planned for that day in front of the court in Warsaw (adress: Marszałkowska 82).
The Polish government follows the international trend to see terrorist threat everywhere. There is no better reason to fuel war economy, enhance policing tools and prepare the ground for autocracy than the figure of the enemy. Either external threat – migrants (including kids ready to commit acts of terror), or the inside threat in the form of the domestic terrorism category is at this point commonly used in the whole EU to scare the population into obedience.
As it is for other countries in the EU, terrorist attacks have been the justification to introduce new security regulations that grant states greater powers and significantly limit those of the peoples. Polish authorities also want to seize their chance to secure their own position riding on the European anti-terror wave. In the wake of the introduction of the new anti-terrorist law in Poland, mainstream media were first reporting the wave of false bomb alarms across the country, when finally they have got what they were waiting for. In the night of the 23rd three anarchists were caught on a parking lot of a police station in an attempt to set a police car on fire.
For the authorities and their media the arrest posed a long awaited proof that there actually is a terrorist threat in Poland! The arrested three, after being beaten and tortured were thrown into the isolation cells for the most dangerous criminals to be held there for the next 4 months.
Media theater had begun and the introduction of the new anti-terrorist law was presented to the public as justified.
The word ‘terrorist’ was abused by the media to the point of ridiculousness. Since this category is so vague that two individuals labeled as ‘terrorists’ can have almost nothing in common, the authorities have quickly understood it’s usefulness in eliminating potential threat to the their power.
The polish state has imprisoned the Warsaw 3, but it wasn’t enough. It has passed 3 new anti-freedom bills, but it wasn’t enough. Then it’s thugs brutally deported a PhD student who didn’t agree to spy for them – we all remember Ameer – but that still was not enough. They also feel the need to keep blackmailing activists, deporting foreigners and criminalize anyone who dares to resist.
We are calling you to take solidarity action on that day.
We are calling you to come to your nearest polish embassy, and show the republic of Poland what you think of it!
Fire to prisons, courts and copshops!
(Here you will find a leaflet for the call for solidarity actions with wawa3 update)

May 23, 2017
by actforfreedom


El 28 de junio de este año se cumplirá un año desde que Eric King fue condenado a 10 años de prisión, y un año desde que se rebeló en la corte de Kansas City, Missouri. Eric King leyó una declaración que había preparado donde menciona por qué tomó acción en esa fatídica noche y que no se arrepiente de su ataque. El compañero ha visto y experimentado muchas cosas en los casi tres años de su encarcelamiento, y en cada paso de su camino se mantiens inquebrantable en lo que él es y los principios que abraza. Desde largos períodos en la SHU (*) (Unidad de Vivienda Segura), pasando de una institución a otra, además de situaciones llenas de ansiedad en las que no sabe dónde podría ir a terminar, siempre mantiene una especie de espíritu que lo mantiene a flote no importa lo que le arrojen. También entiende que si bien puede estar encerrado, está lejos de ser olvidado, como lo demuestran los esfuerzos de colectivos de aquellos que le apoyan activamente desde las cercanías o la distancia. EK está envalentonado por cualquier persona que responda a ese fuego interior, lucha contra la opresión como parte de la lucha anarquista, sin detenerse, y que sigue siendo implacable, no importa lo que el estado le lance.
¡Así que, con esto queremos anunciar el primer Día Internacional de Solidaridad con Eric King, el 28 de junio de 2017! Por favor marque sus calendarios y mantengan a EK en sus mentes. Usted puede ayudar a construir y mantener una base de apoyo con nosotrxs que durará los próximos seis años de su condena de 10 años. Vamos a demostrar que cuando uno de nuestrxs amigxs y compañerxs está en cautiverio por pasar a la ofensiva podemos movilizarnos a nivel internacional. Podemos dar a nuestrxs amigxs el apoyo que merecen y demostrar a todos los demás que no los dejaremos atrás cuando enfrenten la represión o el encarcelamiento cuando participan en la lucha anarquista. Ya sea que decida poner una noche de escritura de letras, un show de punk, una cena o cualquier otro tipo de recaudación de fondos, y si eligen aumentar la conciencia imprimiendo el folleto de apoyo y distribuirlos en algunas partes de su ciudad, únanse a nosotrxs en solidaridad con Eric Rey el 28 de junio. Nos encantaría saber lo que ustedes deciden hacer en su ciudad, por favor, póngase en contacto y háganoslo saber.
Eric siempre pregunta por lxs otrxs prisionerxs anarquistas y por todxs lxs presxs políticxs. Recibe las actualizaciones y anuncios desde la Cruz Negra Anarquista de NYC, por correo cada dos semanas, pero si escribes o apoyas directamente a cualquiera de lxs otrxs presxs políticxs le encantaría saber cómo lo están haciendo. La lucha del prisionerx políticx es una lucha unificada, así que trabajemos duro para mantener eso en la cara de un estado implacable que esta tratando de quebrarnos.
Ayúdenos a mantener un nivel de apoyo que pueda ayudar a Eric a empujar y seguir adelante, año tras año.
¡Por Eric King! ¡Y por el anarquismo!
-Grupo de Apoyo de EK

(*) Unidades de aislamiento máximo

Announcing The First Annual Int’l Day of Solidarity with Eric King
June 28th of this year will mark one year since Eric King was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and one year since he stood up in court in Kansas City, Missouri. EK read the statement he had prepared declaring why he took action on that fateful night and that he still has no regrets. Eric has seen and experienced a lot in the nearly three years of his incarceration, and every step of the way he is unwavering in who he is and with the principles he upholds. From long stints in the S.H.U(Secure Housing Unit), to getting moved from one institution to another, to anxiety filled situations where he doesn’t know where he might be going next, he always maintains a kind of spirit that keeps him afloat no matter what they throw at him. He also understands that while he may be locked up, he is far from forgotten about, as evidenced through the collective efforts of those actively supporting him directly or on the periphery. EK is emboldened by anyone who responds to that fire inside, fights against oppression as a part of the anarchist struggle undeterred, and who remains unrelenting no matter what that state throws at you.
So, with that we’d like to announce the first annual International Day of Solidarity with Eric King on June 28th 2017! Please mark your calendars and keep EK on your mind. You can help build and maintain a base of support with us that will last for the next six years of his 10-year sentence. Let’s show the state that when one of our friends and comrades is in captivity for taking action we can mobilize internationally. We can give our friends the support they deserve and show all the others out there that we will not leave you behind when you face repression or imprisonment when engaged in the anarchist struggle. Whether you decide to put on a letter writing night, a punk show, a dinner, any other type of fundraiser, or choose to raise awareness by printing off the support flyer and distribute them somewhere in your city, please join us in solidarity with Eric King on June 28th. We’d love to hear what you decide to do in your city, so please get in touch and let us know.
Eric is always asking about the other anarchist prisoners and all political prisoners. He gets the NYC ABC updates and announcements in the mail every two weeks, but if you write to or directly support any of the other PPs he’d love to hear about how they’re doing. The struggle of the political prisoner is a unified struggle, so let’s work hard to maintain that in the face of a relentless state trying to break it down.
Help us to sustain a level support that can help Eric push forward and push through, year after year.
For Eric King! And for Anarchism!
-The EK Support Crew

May 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

In memory of our Insurrectionary Anarchist Compañero Mauricio Morales


Early  morning in Santiago on 22 of May 2009 we lost our brother Mauricio Morales. He was carrying an explosive device which detonated in his back pack, he died on the spot. It is assumed that the disgusting institution of the school of the Gendarmerie was the aim of his attack. He died a fighter, without fear, without hesitation, confronting every form of power.
He decided to turn his hatred into action. He transformed his life into a constant struggle against the existent. Publications, direct support to imprisoned comrades, the spreading of anarchist and anti-authoritarian literature, the spreading of ideas were part of the daggers he sharpened during his life. In this way he wanted to contribute in different ways to the destruction of this society based on the logic of power and exploitation.
Remembering these moments our hearts fill with pain, but it is important not to fall into the lethargy that the loss of a comrade can lead to. We cannot forget that he died with his eyes fixed on his aim. And this fact must shake us, must help us to open our eyes.
We are at war, the strikes will be many, but that’s how it is for a fighter that doesn’t stop, doesn’t bow his head; that makes his life, among other things, a constant surmounting of obstacles.
The harshness of death strikes us and is such a whirlpool that sometimes we can barely believe what is happening. Death or prison is not only a slogan, today for us, those words are tattooed with blood and fire.
…some words written by comrades of Mauricio in 2009 who remain in our hearts and continue to fire our passions.
“Because when your heart beats, it beats freedom, love and anarchy!
Anarchy doesn’t die in the mouth, it prevails in active hands.”

May 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

North Greece,Kavala city – SLAUGHTERHOUSE SET ON FIRE

received anonymously:
“three nights ago we broke into the famous slaughterhouse el toro at kavala, greece, and set it on fire. it looks like we didn’t manage to make the plant room explode and make the whole fucking thing collapse to the ground as we really wanted to, so we will return and finish our job. bastard, you will pay for the april fools jokes. until all are free. vegan jews”
note: The slaughterhouse in Kavala has been the target of protests since a license was granted for the kosher slaughter (slaughter without first stunning the animals) of sheep and goats. The license has been suspended. The manager of the slaughterhouse posted an April Fools’ Day joke that kosher slaughter had begun.



May 18, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece , Athens – Responsibility claim for the attack on Omonia police station by Wild May group 16/5/2017

Translated by boubourAs for Act for freedom now!
About the attack on Omonia police station for the anniversary of the
death of anarchist guerrilla Christos Tsoutsouvis (May 15th)
For the revolutionaries who did not give away even a breath to the
hunters of the state.
For the guerrillas, who are winners from the first shot, feeding inside
them the last shot before they meet it in their journey.
May 15th 1985, a clash in Gizi area, anarchist Christos Tsoutsouvis,
member of the organization Anti-State Battle, shoots and drops 3 cops
who had ambushed him, on the spot. The last cop, before leaving his
futile life manages to shoot once. The bullet hits the comrade in the
heart. The cheerful comrade stole the fruits of history from the hands
of authority and gave it away to the community of freedom.
May 15th 2017, we attacked Omonia police station with molotov, together
with a few dozen other comrades. The decisiveness of this raiding
attack, its formation and complete element of surprise of the uniformed
torturers, gave us the opportunity to reach the door of their nest and
torch some cop-cars.

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May 17, 2017
by actforfreedom

ATHENS – Responsibility claim for a coordinated attack during the night of Thursday May 4th on Vodafone shops


Translated by boubourAs for act for freedom now!


Responsibility claim for a coordinated attack on Vodafone shops

The crisis was and remains an opportunity for state and bosses to loot
large social strata. Thus, it could not leave our transportation in the
city unaffected since the attack we have experienced these last 7 years
intervenes in every aspect of the social field.

A main weapon in the arsenal of capitalist brutality is the demeaning of
concepts, conditions, words, perceptions. Thus, the restructuring
promoted in the means of public Transport does not only speak of
vandals, destroyers of public property, free-loaders and fare-dodgers.
Essentially, it excludes large social strata from the basic need of
transport in the urban web, rendering transport in the city some sort of
luxury. Our travels with means of Transport, whether used to go to work,
school or just a stroll, is an imposed necessity, an inseparable part of
the reproduction of capitalist relations since capital could not profit
like it does, without a network of fast transportation.

With a cost of over 125.000.000 euro, the restructuring and “purging” of
the means of public Transport imposes the increase of the already
expensive tickets -especially if one considers the quality of life,
wages, etc- the placement of turnstiles that will exclude all those who
cannot or choose not to purchase a ticket, cameras everywhere above our
heads in stations, carriages, buses, large groups of inspectors, who
like genuine headhunters have been unleashed on stops and stations.
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May 17, 2017
by actforfreedom

Attacks with cocktails Molotov were carried out in the early hours of Tuesday16/5/17 by a group of people in the center of Athens.


Specifically, around 2.30 am a group of 20 individuals threw Molotov to
the facade of Omonia police station.
A while later, individuals threw Molotov at the General Secretariat of
Trade, on Kaniggos square.
Finally, around 2.45, the target of attack was the riot cop unit at the
corner of Tositsa and Patision street, near the Poytechnic.

May 16, 2017
by actforfreedom

Genova — Valbisagno [Italy]: Mobile phone mast sabotaged in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike (12/05/17)

Mobile phone mast sabotaged in solidarity with prisoner Alfredo Cospito on hunger strike against the censorship imposed on those arrested in op. Scripta Manent.
Break the isolation

May 15, 2017
by actforfreedom

Letter from Kara, anarchist in jail for the burning of a cops’ car – France

via: Attaque
Indymedia Nantes / samedi 13 mai 2017
Fleury, 4th of april 2017
Brief Statement
I would like people to know that I am not in accord with the statements I made to the judge.
It does not do to break with our principles just because of being afraid.
At the «trial» I plan on saying either nothing fruther or statements in accord with my principles. I am, have been for many years, & expect to always be, an anarchist.
I have the same principles & values that I had before I got arrested, & I never doubted them either. Being here has taught me some really importanin-the-yard-medium-212x300t lessons I should’ve know before (but not the ones «they» want to teach.)
It’s important to me to be in solidarity with Krème. He’s my friend who I never met.
I’m so profondly greatful for the support I have gotten in the form of books, letters, money & just positive energy sent.
I think it’s not even an exageration to say I would be dead without it.
« No! Sentence first, trial afterwards ! « Replied the Queene of hearts.»»
Alice in Wonderland
Kara W.
No more laws No more lies
No more cages No more leaders
No more coffins No more history
Up with witches, up with wolves, up with whales
To write to her :
Kara (David Brault)
N° 428682
MAH de Fleury-Mérogis
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 Saint-Geneviève-des-Bois Cedex
[en français]