November 28, 2017
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – PD premises spray painted: ‘Accomplices of the TAP’

From the local press of 17th November we learn:
‘During the night vandals attacked the premises of the PD [Democratic Party]in Via Tasso in Lecce. Unknown persons smattered the PD head offices with blood-red paint. Recently the provincial secretary Ippazio Morciano had called on the mayors of the Salento region to quell on-going quarrels between the various local communities in Salento.
Vice minister Teresa Bellanova, also of PD and a member of the Government, authorized the construction of the TAP gas pipeline, which is to bring gas from Azerbaijan to the San Foca coast, and from there to the rest of Europe. The level of controversy has therefore intensified, as the campaign against the TAP is also attracting converts elsewhere in the continent. For example Swedish activists have expressed solidarity with the [NO TAP] committees.’
Translated by act for freedom now!

November 28, 2017
by actforfreedom

Hamburg – Security company vehicle burnt in solidarity with the Scripta Manent accused, Greek prisoners, Lisa of the Aachen case and the G20 rebels

Sabotage is the appropriate means for destroying the facade of authority. When the agencies engaged in guaranteeing its security find their tools in ruins, their power is visibly questioned and this encourages us to keep on breaking the rules.
It’s similar to what is happening in Switzerland with the Implenia company, which is paying for its involvement in a prison project with its building machinery being set on fire. As also for VINCI, SPIE and EIFFAGE for the connections that these companies have with the repression.
On 13 November in Hamburg, the “Sicherheit Nord” fleet in Barmbeck was destroyed by flames, as we burned several vehicles. In ten Länder [1], “Sicherheit Nord” collaborates with the police, controls the NATO base in Lüneburg, embassies, facilities where refugees are locked up and shops in neighbourhoods that the dominant feel are unsafe.
This action and text are for us. For the thousands of people who made the revolt in Hamburg possible. For the prisoners. For the persons involved in the Script Manent operation in Italy. A fire in solidarity with the hunger strike of Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, a greeting to Konstantino G., arrested for sending a parcel bomb and his belonging to the CCF. Freedom for Lisa, [imprisoned] for a bank robbery in Aachen!
We encourage the struggle against the State at all levels. The repression won’t stop us!
For anarchy!
Autonomous groups
by chronik
[1] Similar to the French regions, the Länder have more weight and power of decision. The German State has 16 in all.
Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!

November 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Chile Hans Niemeyer is free! (18/11/2017)

Hans Niemeyer can finally leave prison after having been detained since November 2011 when a bomb exploded early in the branch of the BCI bank, resulting in him suffering acoustic trauma and being arrested.
The prosecutor quickly built a case involving him in other attacks, demanding almost 19 years in prison under the anti-terrorist law.
– On the basis of the offence “placing an explosive device” (according to the anti-terrorism law) against the BCI bank on November 30, 2011, an action claimed by the Manuel Gutiérrez Combat Group: 12 years’ prison.
– On the basis of the offence “fabrication” of an explosive device (according to the law on weapons control) that would be used for the September 17, 2010 in an attack on a high tension mast at Las Condes, an action claimed by the Alex Lemun Commando.
– On the basis of the offence of “fabrication” (according to the law on weapons control) of an explosive device that would have been used against the memorial to Jaime Guzmán [1] on August 14, 2011, claimed retrospectively by the Revolutionary Crime Cell German Bladomirobvich.
– On the basis of the “fabrication” (according to the law on weapons control) of an explosive device that would have been used against a dealership near the monument mentioned on August 16, 2011, later claimed by the German Revolutionary Crime Cell Bladomirobvich.
Finally, and following trial, Hans was convicted under the law on weapons + damage, and thanks to an equation and legal acrobatics, they managed to sentence him to five years + 300 days’ prison. The reasons of the judicial power were, on the one hand, revenge for Hans’s four months on the run from the start of house arrest, and on the other to send a signal as an example after recent trials in which the counterterrorism laws had been dropped and comrades remained free under the law on weapons control (as had happened with comrade Luciano Pitronello and comrades Carla and Ivan).
Finally, Hans Niemeyer obtained a short reduction in sentence of two-months for each year, putting forward his release date from February 2018 to November 14, 2017.
After 5 years in prison … welcome back to the streets!
Destroy prison!


November 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Against the TAP, counter-violence!

We want to express our complicity and deepest solidarity with those opposing this monstrous expropriation of the Salento land with all means and forms. The manoeuvres of the machinery of dominion, which are imposing themselves on the TAP issue more and more, are the open expression of the State’s arrogance as it strikes land and populations.
Close to those rebelling against all this with courage and love, we hope for a massive spread of acts of resistance and liberating paths. To the violence of red zones, truncheons, written and unwritten intimidations, let’s respond with the creativity of conflict! We hope to hear every day more and more massively that spontaneous actions against the accomplices of this violation continue to destabilize such social idiocy at the hands of the TAP and its lackeys. We are no longer prepared to be crushed and reduced to harmless spectators of the existential misery they want us to submit to. Knowing their determination and passion for freedom we give a strong hug to the Salento comrades!
No TAP anywhere, against neo-liberalist non-logic everywhere!
Published by Individual Anarchists from Basilicata on 2017/11/22
Translated by act for freedom now!

November 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Germany : Urgent call to defend Hambach Forest as the chainsaws and evictions begin

Urgent Call from HAMBACH FOREST
The courtcase which gave the Forest of Hambach a little more time to prepare for cutting season is lost. RWE started today with clearing bushes to prepare for total cutting. The preparations for an massive police action are obviously building. They announced that they want to evict the whole occupation. We expect them at the latest on Monday for evictions. They are already in the forest protecting machinery.
But to make it possible that Hambach Forest stays we need you and your frieds/comr@des!
At best come around.

At best bring with you:

– sleeping bag, mattress
– your friends
– an idea of what you wanna do (the Infrastructre of RWE is too huge for them to protect it all)
– waterproof boots, camouflage-clothing
– camera (for recording police violence)
– working gloves
– toothbrush
– 1st aid stuff
– rainstuff
– a small tent (not necessary but if you have)
– no drugs
– no passport (if you need it for travelling, bury it somewhere in the woods)

What you can do from outside:

– spread the news
– do what ever you like to show solidarity
– distract police forces (they will need cops from all germany to evict us)
– attack the veins of capitalism & its fossil fuel industry
– dont get caught
– dont forget them in the cages
See you on the barricades

November 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy: Anarchist comrade Pierloreto Fallanca is finally out of prison

Paska is finally out of jail
Our comrade Paska is finally out of the cage; he has an order to reside in Martinsicuro, to report to the police station and be indoors at night.
We await and demand his total liberation.
Solidarity with all the comrades involved in the Florence investigation.
Translated by act for freedom now!

November 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Freedom for all the comrades implicated in operation ‘Scripta Manent’

The first trial against the comrades implicated in operation ‘Scripta Manent’ is due to start on 16th November.
As shown by the name given to the operation, the trial is based on thousands of files obsessively accumulated by the prosecutor, Sparagna by name on this occasion. A zealous obsession, certainly, but also a strategy already seen in the past: such a huge number of files can only mean they have very little in their hands in respect to the shadowy evidence needed to get incriminations.
In the meantime Sparagna is not sparing in continual pressure as he persists in persecuting comrades’ private lives and those of their loved ones. After all, this is in line with the best tradition of someone who made their career thanks to the noble availability of the ‘repentant’: hard evidence is only a bunch of papers, so they try to proceed in another way.
We certainly don’t expect these characters to know the meaning of the word ethics, intent as they are on defending the indefensible: champions of a violent, bellicose social order of the dark ages, deaf to any logic other than careerism, ambition, profit, thirst for power to the detriment of anything and anybody, greedy for (ab)use and consume.

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November 25, 2017
by actforfreedom

Naarm / Melbourne, so-called Australia: Serco Compound Attacked in Solidarity with Refugees in Detention

19.11.17: Tonight, a group of people in Naarm / Melbourne, responding to the call out for 8 Days of Solidarity for Refugees, undertook an action targeting Serco. Serco is a multinational corporation which is directly responsible for the inhumane incarceration conditions faced by refugees, asylum seekers, and detainees, in so-called Australia. Serco is also a major player in the international privatised prison complex.
The group gained access to a central Naarm / Melbourne, Serco compound and immobilised 7 vehicles. The group also left spray-painted messages on Serco compound property, including vehicles, reading “Serco Psycho Scum”, “Serco, profiting from refugee detention- this is war”, and “Serco profits from misery, we hold YOU responsible”.
Deaths in Detention Vengeance and Accountability Crew
Act for free receive on 24.11.17

November 25, 2017
by actforfreedom

6th of December – International Day against State Terrorism – Athens ,Greece

Act for free receive on 23.11.17


6th of December – International Day against State
6 December 2008 , 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos is shot point
blank by cops in the neighborhood of Exarchia in Athens. Alexis
falls from the bullet of state murderers and a hurricane of rage
rises. This was no accident; it was a targeted murder in the heart
of a neighborhood that is, as much historically as in the present,
a hub for the oppressed to organize themselves into the
resistance movement. The message was clear, to terrorise the
resistance, to assert state totalitarian control, to stifle the
brewing insurrection against a decrepit system of exploitation and
oppression. The story of Alexis is the story of thousands of
fighters shot, tortured and dissappeared by the armed guards of
the state around the world.
In the hours, days and weeks that followed the murder of Alexis
myriads of people, who saw in the killing of Alexis their own
sufferings in this system, took to the streets around the world.
The wave of solidarity broke the isolation and alienation of the
oppressed and awakened once again the global vision for a world
without exploitation from authority. This history, our history is
not a collection of dead symbols. It is our storming ground for
the ongoing struggle against the slavery of humanity by capitalist
exploiters, their state aparatus and their armies.
States are founded on terrorism and violence.

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November 25, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy: Alfredo Cospito Ready or Not…

In these three years I was faced with choices which led me by the hand through a path fraught with crossroads and bifurcations.
Like on a minefield, I had to decide carefully where to step, with my pride and my self-respect at stake. The first choice I had to face with was whether I should continue to contribute, or let the prison overflow me, patiently waiting to get out. As limited as my situation is, I chose to continue to contribute through the written word. Once I made this decision I faced another crossroad: whether to confine myself — ecumenically — from this “high point” of my “status” (sic.) of a “revolutionary” prisoner — to bestowing blessings in each directions, applauding to every anarchist practice, paying attention not to make any enemies; or to use the weapon of critique, ever more harshly, trying to outline some analysis, to open some discourses. I chose the easier way (at least for me): openly push my critique to the extremes, at the cost of isolation (less letters, less information, less generic solidarity).
But always aware of the abyss between the thought and the action.
Words, strong as they may be, always carry something that sounds phony, even when they pose real, concrete risks, which may effectuate in years of prison for apology or incitement.

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November 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy, Sardinia : Anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu still on hunger strike

From Davide’s weekly phone call with his relatives, we learn that:
Davide will continue the long-term hunger strike, started on November 4, until his total solitary confinement, by article 14bis, is revoked.
Our comrade calls on everyone for direct solidarity.
He strengths his closeness to comrades in AS2 [high-security prison sections].
He has repeatedly stressed the need for a revolutionary solidarity.
He is in high spirits, but he has already lost 13 kilos [28 lb].
CNA [croce nera anarchica]

Translated by

November 22, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece: Poster for anarchist comrade Dinos Yiagtzoglou EN/SP/IT

On 28/10 Konstantinos (Dinos) is arrested by armed assassins of the E.K.A.M. in Athens. He is accused of sending a parcel bomb to former technocrat prime minister Loukas Papademos, who was injured by the attack inside his car. The other charges against him are for explosive packages found at the same time as the attack and also the oppressive Article 187A, for participation in a criminal organization, alleged membership of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the group that claimed one of the explosive packages.
We do not care for democracy, for the media spectacle and the cop mentality that is the junta of innocence or guilt. We do not play their game of justice, where the pieces are already placed against us, neither for the state that sows terror, the self imposed fear that permeates a passive society. What we care for is the continuation of the armed struggle against the necropolis of authority.
Strength to our anarchist comrade Dinos Yiagtzoglou.
Soul and Body, nothing is over, the conflict continues!
Chaotic and Individualist Anarchists

(Grecia) Afiche por el compañero Dinos Yiagtzoglou
[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Act For Free]
El 28/10 Konstantinos (Dinos) es arrestado por sicarios armados de la
E.K.A.M. [Unidad Antiterrorista] en Atenas. Es acusado de enviar un
paquete bomba al ex primer ministro el tecnócrata Loukas Papademos,
quien resultó herido por el ataque dentro de su automóvil. Los otros
cargos en su contra son por paquetes explosivos descubiertos el mismo
día del ataque y también por el opresivo artículo 187A, por su
participación en una organización criminal, presunta pertenencia a la
Conspiración de Células de Fuego, el grupo que reclamó uno de los
paquetes explosivos.
No nos importa la democracia, el espectáculo mediático y la mentalidad
de policía de culpa o inocencia. No jugamos su juego de justicia, en
donde las piezas ya están en nuestra contra, ni por el estado que
siembra el terror, el miedo autoimpuesto que impregna a una sociedad
pasiva. Lo que nos importa es la continuación de la lucha armada contra
la necrópolis de la autoridad.
Fortaleza para nuestro compañero anarquista Dinos Yiagtzoglou.
En alma y cuerpo, nada ha terminado, ¡el conflicto continúa!
Anarquistas caóticxs e individualistas.

 Il 28/10 gli assassini armati di E.K.A.M. [unità antiterrorismo, ndt.] hanno arrestato Konstantinos (Dinos) ad Atene. E’ accusato di aver inviato un pacco-bomba al’ex premier tecnocrate Loukas Papademos, rimasto ferito in macchina durante l’attacco. Le altre accuse si riferiscono al pacco esplosivo trovato contemporaneamente all’attacco, e al repressivo articolo 187A [attività terrorista, ndt.], alla partecipazione ad un’organizzazione criminale, alla presunta appartenenza alla Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco, gruppo che ha rivendicato uno dei pacchi-bomba.
Non ci interessa la democrazia, lo spettacolo mediatico e la mentalità sbirresca, cioè la giunta del colpevole o innocente. Noi non giochiamo al loro gioco di giustizia, in cui le figure sono già state disposte contro di noi, né per quello dello Stato che semina terrore, la paura auto-imposta che impregna una società passiva. Quello che ci interessa è la continuazione della lotta armata contro la necropoli dell’autorità.
Forza al nostro compagno anarchico Dinos Yiagtzoglou.
Anima e Corpo, nulla è finito, il conflitto continua!
Anarchici Caotici e Individualisti

November 22, 2017
by actforfreedom

New death and demonstrations by migrants in Moria in lesbos island, Greece

Following the death of a 5 years old child on the 10th October from a cause as yet unknown, one more was added to the previous ones in the detention centre of Moria. On Friday 20th October a 55 -year-old Iraqi passed away, being the 13th death in the concentration camps of the island. The medical exams showed a heart problem as the cause of death, while his co-detainees say that he had been complaining to the authorities and the NGOs over the last week without being given any attention. Same complaints exist for the death of the 5yr old girl, who had to sleep in a summer tent with her parents and 5 brothers, that were asking for blankets without being heard either. The authorities try to claim that the deaths in the detention centres are the result of natural causes or from chronic diseases; however they are nothing less than the transfer of the antimigration death-politics from the borders of Greece and EU on its own grounds. Thousand of migrants are trapped in detention centers, living under wretched conditions, exhausted by prolonged detention, and desperate from the uncertainty that surrounds them. The only cause of death is the devaluation of their lives from the racist policies of the state. As “foreign bodies” they are not entitled to have the same needs as all others, such as shelter, food, or access to the health system.
As arrivals have increased significantly lately and asylum rates are frighteningly slow, more than 5,500 migrants are stowed away in Moria’s detention center, with its actual capacity not exceeding 2,500. This condition has made the situation intolerable for most of them posing beyond the other, and serious security issues for the weakest ones. A mixture of intertwined powers and repressive means  is used to discipline immigrants, without however being always applicable.
The latest example is the latest protest of some 150, mostly afghans, migrants, which has been going on since Friday 20/10. A serious fight between arab-speaking migrants and afghans in the detention center has led many of the detainees to refuse to spend any more days in it. Initially, they occupied the street in front of the center for a night, urging authorities to speed up their asylum claims, but also move them to safer places as there were many women and children among them.  On Saturday morning they tried to march down to the city of Mytilene for a protest, but they were blocked by police forces at the entrance of the city. When the road opened again, they continued their march to Sapfo Square, the main square of the city where they decided to stay until their demands were met. From the beginning, the police presence was very intense in their attempt to terrorise the migrants but also the people that were coming to show their solidarity. Many of them had to pass from identification checks. However, the constant arrival of more and more people has led the police to withdraw from the square and the migrants spent the night in the square. Since Sunday morning and while police pressure against the people that were coming for solidarity continued, the authorities tried to convince them to abandon the square by promising them to speed up their procedures and transfer them to Kara Tepe’s center. Meanwhile, several migrants, with children among them, had to be transported to the hospital due to exhaustion. A serious hurdle for some of their demands to be met is being played by the UNCHR, which, according to reports, denies the registration of the protestors in Sappho Square for their transfer to Kara Tepe’s camp, asking them to return in the Moria centre, because they are afraid that this would set an example for other migrants as well.
With the weather conditions being expected to worsen over the next days, the only solution for the migrants and the people in solidarity that stand next to them is the strengthening of the struggles. Against the state-capitalist barbarity, the culture of the borders, the nations and the nationalisms.
 October 2017

November 21, 2017
by actforfreedom


Today, as well as for all the future hearings of this trial that sees me accused along with my brothers, sisters, but above all anarchist comrades, I will not give you the satisfaction of seeing my face in a courtroom of this tribunal.
I have never gone to the courtrooms where my funeral was being prepared in the past and I will not do so now!
I am anarchist, individualist, anti-authoritarian and above all I am for the insurrection, which has as one of its primary goals that of destroying places of death like this one and the prisons.
I will not be part of the spectacle set up by a judge who, suffering from hunger cramps, has put himself the payroll of a State that I do not recognize, being a citizen of the world in flight from its borders; I will not be there to listen to his delusions nor wait for the end to hear someone judge me “guilty or innocent.”
For any authoritarian State I will always be “guilty” because in the society I want there will be no room for you, your buildings and your institutions.
I have no desire to hear the history of anarchism by a servant of the State who has the aim of emphasizing the existence of “good” and “bad”, just because his democracy demands it.
Today he is asking for us to be condemned, tomorrow when his salary goes down he will ask for those he considers the “good” ones to be condemned.

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November 21, 2017
by actforfreedom

Bra$il – “Operation Érebo” the earth moves. Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.”

Translated by Tormentas de Fogo.
“Operation Érebo” the earth moves.
Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.”
At dawn on October 25, 2017 the weather darkened for the anarchists of Porto Alegre. The Civil Police with the so called “Operation Érebo [Erebus]” launched raids and assaults televised by the local media and transmitted by the speakers of the system in maximum volume.
From this police reaction, from the show and media scrape, and from the agitation in the anarchist orbit a thousand and one needs, urgencies, ideas, impulses and feelings have crossed us. From this reflection was born this will to communicate. We point our determination against the enemy and we strengthen our pace with those who live anarchy in its positions and practices.

Our natural tendency to chaos.
We are, we exist and we act beyond the state, the laws and democracy. We seek and spread autonomy, but we know that we can’t achieve it through negotiation with power1.
Heirs of the struggles for freedom and land, of the warriors who still teach us that we can exist in many ways beyond the society imposed against us. We feel an inconformity that persists and insists.

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November 21, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy: Text by anarchist comrade Afredo Cospito from Ferrara prison (2016)

With 30 years of charges on my back, it may seem absurd to feel the need to communicate projects and considerations. With the insistent censorship that distorts everything I write and say, it may seem stupid and mad to continue to resolutely communicate and write considerations lending themselves to censorship. I need such stupidity and madness to feel still alive and participating.
I have only one choice, back to the wall: continuing struggling, continuing with every means at my disposal.
I got inspiration to write this text from the prosecutor Sparagna [in charge for Scripta Manent]; in his solitary “interlocutory — monologue” he claimed with ill-concealed embarrassment that he got us by process of elimination, by the “scorched earth” that the anarchist movement in Italy made around us. Is it possible that the anarchist movement here in Italy sank so low as to not feel empathy with comrades caught in a grip of repression, to think of us as a foreign body?
The truth can not be found in the “specious” and stupid logic of a prosecutor from Turin. The truth is hidden in the folds, in different expressions of solidarity that have been addressed to us, in the opportunity that even a wave of repression such this one could give us. This is apparent from many actions expressing solidarity across the globe to us, this is apparent from a few but significant solidarity statements that we received. At first glance these statements may seem like the usual solidarity for appearances’ sake, but at my eyes they become fully meaningful.
Maybe because of their origins, comrades with different projects, despite everything, were profoundly, directly, touched. Maybe because all these comrades are in some way part of this anarchism of praxis that keeps anarchy alive and kicking, and well reacting across the globe. For this and for many other reasons, those words of solidarity are no small things and can become an opportunity, especially if they can go beyond the repressive matter.

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November 21, 2017
by actforfreedom

Chile – Letter from Nataly Casanova, Enrique Guzmán and Juan Flores.

Translation note: the following letter written by the imprisoned anarchist comrades Nataly, Enrique and Juan, was written for the SOLIDARIDAD A FLOR DE PIEL tattoo and body art convention that was held in solidarity with the prisoners of the social war in Santiago on November 4th.
These words were born and flew from the prison cells of San Miguel, the special high security unit and the former pententiary, to send a greeting of complicity that we dedicate to the comrades who have organized and given life to the SOLIDARIDAD A FLOR DE PIEL tattoo and body art convention…
With these first words from within the torture centres, we would like to send fraternal and complicit greetings to those who, at the intersection of rebellion and insubordinate creativity, organized and participated in this anti-prison initiative…a solidarity initiative for those who feel the bitter taste of prison every day – the anger, the frustration and the indignation of not being able to materialise the war because they are surrounded by bars, cameras and guards…
In this sense, we share the same anger, frustration and indignation, against the bastards that maintain and perpetuate this society, that imprisons our lives and the lives of our brothers and sisters… that is why we send our respect and fraternal love to those conscious minds that do not give space to inaction and indifference.

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November 19, 2017
by actforfreedom

Call to fight: Do sabotages the activities of those bastards! (Czech Republic)

Receive on 19.10.17

We see that the repressive campaign on the anarchist movement does not cease. Examples are enough: the operation Fénix ( case in the Czech Republic, the case of the Warsaw Trinity (, charges of bank robbery ( in Aachen, courts with rebels against the G20 summit in Hamburg ( and other cases.

Cops, judges, prosecutors, masmedia. They are haunted, imprisoned, robbed, manipulated. This is a challenge to all Revolutionary cells and other groups and individuals. Do sabotages the activities of those bastards. Turn them into terrain, technology and structures. Organize resistance. Support the fugitive and their loved ones.

What destroys us will stop by fighting.

The goal is clear = freedom, justice, anarcho-communism

Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB)

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– web in english:

November 19, 2017
by actforfreedom

Attack on the passport office of the police in Malmö (Sweden)

Receive on 19.10.17
On the 17th of November, the leaders of the nations of the European Union gathered in Gothenburg for the EU summit. The EU maintains its external borders vigilantly, leading to countless deaths of people trying to enter Europe. Internally, the border controls returned during the latest “refugee-crisis”, and at the Swedish border they are still in place. Borders and deportations protect the rich and powerful of the European societies, at the price of murder and incarceration, and they manifest themselves clearly in passports and police.
The police willingly do the insidious work of controlling the borders and carrying out deportations. At the same time, the EU gives the police forces of the member states extended possibilities for repressive cooperation, enabling them to exchange information and issue arrest warrants for sought-after people across the EU.
The police mobilized massively to protect the EU summit in Gothenburg, so we decided to strike somewhere else, away from their attention.
For these reasons, and many more, we attacked the passport office of the police in Malmö with rocks on the night of the EU summit.
We send warm rebellious greetings to those who fight against borders and nation states and to those who fought the police on the 30th of September when Nazis were marching in Gothenburg, especially to those who are now jailed or going to trial for the events on that day.

November 19, 2017
by actforfreedom


we receive and publish:
There is a lot of anger, and sometimes a little is enough for it to turn into fire.
Anger and fire go together and do not wait for field days to show themselves, they strike rich and poor alike as happened at the Genoa G8 or the Hamburg G20, showing their best face at such times.
Fire and anger just act, they don’t prepare the ground for revolution, they’re not looking for adepts among the masses, they look sadly at a society that has nothing left to ask of its very existence.
Fire and anger: the first an element, the second a feeling, it takes little to get them to wed, just a little courage, then they let out a scream that pierces the cloak of apathy which this dying society is now drenched in and addicted to.
Screams of revenge for the tens of thousands of migrants who die trying to cross the borders scattered all over the world.
Screams at the devastation and looting by States and multinationals in the name of progress.
Screams that warm the hearts of our anarchist sisters and brothers all over the world.
Catastrophes are the days that nothing is done against the brutality of governments!
For the anarchist comrades, prisoners of Op. Scripta Manent, for anarchist prisoner on hunger strike David Delogu, for the comrades of Florence, some cars have been destroyed by fire, including one belonging to the Italian Consular Service.

Translated by Act for freedom now!