October 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Bugs in Lecce

Few things in life are certain. For anarchists, besides death there’s the certitude of being constantly monitored, spied, being submitted to video surveillance and eavesdropping. Because of this certitude, one acts consequently and takes the necessary measures. But there are times when one notices something strange, and decides to find out what it is. That’s why we decided to do a rather superficial check on the rooms of our anarchist place one evening, and found what seems to be a bug inside an electric plug, although it wasn’t connected to any network.
Its precise functioning isn’t clear: either it contained a sim card through which some busybody could get connected to hear someone’s discussions, or a power supply battery. On one of the edges could be read the acronym ABG. Pictures of the object in question are attached.
Biblioteca Anarchica Occupata “Disordine” – Lecce
22nd September 2017

Translated by act for freedom now!
via: email.

October 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – Demo outside the prison

Saturday 30th September from 4:30pm, demo outside the prison of Lecce
‘Now you are alone, your friends have gone and won’t come back.’ This is a banal provocation that some ‘brave’ screw addressed to Paska, imprisoned in the Borgo San Nicola jail since 3rd August. Ridiculous provocation, normal routine also for many other prisoners and which we are only mentioning to draw attention our comrade’s situation as he’s still detained.
On 3rd August 2017 Florence prosecutors began an operation with the arrest of 8 comrades between Florence, Rome and Lecce. The charges – attempted murder, aggravated damage and transport of an explosive device – led to raids coordinated by the police in three places: the Riottosa squat in Florence, a comrade’s home in Rome and La Caura squat in Lecce. The police operation refers to an explosive attack on the bookshop Il Barghello, linked to Casapound, in Florence (1st January 2017), where an incompetent bomb disposal expert was injured, and to an incendiary bottle against the carabinieri barracks in Rovezzano, Florence (21st April 2017).

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October 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Rennes, France – EDF Vehicle Torched in Response to Police Repression Against the Bure Anti-Nuclear Struggle

Action in support of the comrades raided in Bure.
In response to the searches in Bure, EDF (French nuclear electric power company, largely owned by the French state) was heated up. An EDF car was set on fire during the night of Friday, September 22 outside the EDF center near the DGSI (General Directorate for Internal Security) and the Chamber of Agriculture.
At the scene one could read: STOP THE SEARCHES IN BURE! Solidarity with the struggle in Bure, and the comrades who are undergoing repression. HANDS OFF BURE!
To be continued…
(via Attaque, translated by Insurrection News)

October 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Bern, Switzerland – Solidarity attack on the German embassy (29/08/2017)

Last night [between 28th and 29th August] we attacked the German embassy in Bern with paint. The action was carried out in solidarity with all the rebel people wounded, imprisoned and sentenced following the G20 summit in Hamburg, and also with those who oppose the criminalization and banning of the Linksunten.indymedia platform. The people who don’t allow themselves to be pacified with existent conditions are being persecuted and punished with even greater firmness.
Over thirty people are still being held in jail, many for futile reasons. Others are still suffering the consequences of the repression. Some on a physical level, because of truncheon blows and fractures; others on a psychological level because of the cops’ savage attitude. The fiery assault on the demonstration Welcome to Hell and the many serious injuries inflicted in Rodenbarg (on the occasion of the block on Friday 7/07) are just a few examples.
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October 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Call for a day against Benetton in Italy and Europe

we receive and spread:
A greeting to all,
We are the Milan Network in defence of the Mapuche people.
On August 1, 2017, there was a violent raid without warrant of more than a hundred gendarmes in Pu lof in resistance at Cushamen, Mapuche communities in Argentina. They entered the community firing rubber and lead bullets and seized a comrade in solidarity, Santiago Maldonado. From that date, nothing has been known of Santiago. For weeks the State has denied any responsibility for what has happened.
For the Argentinian State the territory where Santiago disappeared is owned by the Benetton group. In fact it is land that the State seized from the indigenous peoples during the desert conquest (1872-1884), a genocide financed by British companies which received an enormous amount of land for the invasion, later bought by Benetton in the ’90s.

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September 29, 2017
by actforfreedom

Bang Up and Smash: Women’s Prisons, Probation and Bail Hostels , by Asbo – UK

Bang-up and Smash is an overview of women’s prisons in the UK, and a political analysis of their physical and ideological construction.
From the moment of arrest, to coming home, Bang-up and Smash uses first hand experiences to critically engage with the procedures, concepts and apparatus the state relies on, and the economics behind the expansion of the prison industrial complex.
Bang-up and Smash  is a practical guide to women’s prisons in the UK, and a rallying call to attack. Solidarity is a weapon, and abolition is not enough…
See Active Distribution for free pdf download or order print version
Also download pdf from Empty Cages website http://www.prisonabolition.org/bang-smash-womens-prisons-probation-bail-hostels/
For more information email  asbo.hmp@riseup.net
Copy left. Share, discuss, dismiss…. comments welcome. Please circulate.

September 29, 2017
by actforfreedom

We Can Still Be Worse: Reflections Following the Disappearance of Santiago Maldonado

ByAnonymous Contributor   
via: itsgoingdown
On August 1st, members of the Pu Lof Mapuche community in resistance in the Cushamen province barricaded National Route 40, along with allies in solidarity. They cut off traffic in solidarity against the legal proceedings confronting el Lonko Facundo Jones Huala (for the second time). Minutes later, buses and trucks arrived carrying about thirty border police armed with rifles. The Mapuches began throwing rocks, responding to the presence of the bastard forces of order. The border police advanced under the hail of rocks, burning the precarious houses and belongings of the Lof, forcing them to retreat across a river. Among them was Santiago Maldonado (“Lechuga” or “el Brujo”), who fell behind the rest. Some of the inhabitants of the Lof saw that the border cops grabbed Santiago; others testified as to hearing the police say they “got one.”
Afterwards, images and testimony began to circulate about how Santiago was missing, and that it seemed the border police had taken him away in a “unimog” all-terrain military vehicle. The authorities were silent through this whole process.
On Friday, August 4, various anarchists and individuals in solidarity entered the seat of government in Chubut province, demanding Santiago’s return. The place was ripe for destruction. Computers, notebooks, windows, and decorations were all angrily destroyed, and fliers and graffiti were left behind referring to the repression in Cushamen.
On Monday, August 7, a gathering was called in the Plaza del Congreso, bringing various organizations and groups together with Santiago’s family. The gathering ended up being quite large, and many comrades showed up. Enraged not only because of what had happened, but also because the political apparatus — getting ready for their elections — had been distributing fliers for their Leftist Front. On the same day, after the gathering, Entre Ríos street was cut off, and rocks, poles and firecrackers were thrown at the infantry, two city police and one National Congress guard who had been stationed nearby. Afterward, two police motorcycles were set ablaze. In the end, the group dispersed, without any arrests or injuries on our side.

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September 29, 2017
by actforfreedom

(A-Radio)in English, Chile: The hungerstrike of Mapuche Political Prisoners in the Iglesias Case (112 days!

Dear all,
This audio is based on material from Voces de la Disidencia.
Alfredo Tralcal Coche, Pablo Trangol Galindo, Benito Trangol Galindo and
Ariel Trangol Galindo are imprisoned precisely in the jail in Temuco,
Chile, since July 9th of 2016, accused of setting a church on fire with
only one piece of evidence against them: the statement of a witness
without a face who claims to have seen a truck similar to that of Lonko
Alfredo Tralcal Coche near the fire.
After one year deprived of their liberty, without evidence against them,
without a set sentence or a reasonable date of trial, on july 7th of
2017, the comuneros decided to begin an indefinite hunger strike with
the following demands: 1) fair trial within a reasonable date; 2) no to
the use of the antiterrorist law 18314; 3) no to the use of witnesses
without faces; 4) liberty under article 140; 5) repeal of the cautionary
measure of preventative prison.
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September 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

UK , London – End Toxic Prisons Tour on Thursday 28th of September

125 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9RG
Tomorrow at 7 -9 pm
This Autumn, the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons from the US will be touring the UK with Community Action on Prison Expansion.
All over the world prisons are toxic environments causing social and ecological harm. Folks from the US have been organising resistance at the intersection of mass incarceration and the environment, successfully delaying the only current Federal prison construction for over 2 years!

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September 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

USA -UK – We’re Hitting the Road! U.K. End Toxic Prisons Tour Dates & Details

This Autumn, the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons will be touring the UK with Community Action on Prison Expansion.
All over the world prisons are toxic environments causing social and ecological harm. Folks from the US have been organising resistance at the intersection of mass incarceration and the environment, successfully delaying the only current Federal prison construction for over 2 years!


Through grassroots organizing, advocacy and direct action they have been challenging the prison system which is putting prisoners at risk of dangerous environmental conditions, as well as impacting surrounding communities and ecosystems by their construction and operation. Learn about their strategy and tactics, as well as broader struggles of prison abolition, anti-racism, and environmental justice.
Information will then be shared about resistance to the six new mega-prisons in England and Wales, which themselves are proposed for toxic sites, including radiological contamination and asbestos pollution, as well as habitat destruction at every site. Learn how you can get involved!
Learn more:
Check out a recent article written by CAPE- “Fight Toxic Prions: Mass Incarceration and Ecology” – http://www.prisonabolition.org/fighting-toxic-prisons-mass-incarceration-ecology
Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons – fighttoxicprisons.org
Community Action on Prison Expansion – cape-campaign.org
Empty Cages Collective – prisonabolition.org


September 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Three actions of solidarity in Moscow, Russia

September 3, 2017 by Solidarity
Moscow anarchists hung a banner on the fence of the Italian embassy. With this we want to express our solidarity with the imprisoned comrades from Italy: Marina Porku, Mikolam Marino, Pierroleto Falanca, Giovanni Gezzi, Roberto Cropo, Salvatore Vespetino, Sandro Carovac, Nicola Almergone.
They are accused of exploding the Nazi store, which is kept by fascists from “CasaPound”. January 1, 2017 at the entrance to the store they left a bomb. By the will of fate, it exploded when the police arrived, as a result, an Italian guardian of “order” was left without a hand and an eye. The case was also supplemented with an episode with Molotov cocktails, which in 2016 were presented to the local carabineer barracks.
The courage of Italian comrades is a great example for anarchists of the whole world. It is not enough to hold actions of solidarity with the imprisoned comrades, get inspired by their direct action! Desire for freedom is stronger than prison walls!
Moscow anarchists reminded of the prisoners in Hamburg. After the riots in the beginning of June provoked by the police attack on a peaceful demonstration against G20 summit about half a hundred people are still under arrest. They are threatened with up to 10 years in prison. To remind about the case anarchists placed leaflets in the area of Goete Institute Culture center at the German embassy in Moscow. The mission of the Center is spreading German culture and language in Russia, so we helped them to spread information about the events in Germany.

video outside of Greek embasy:
Moscow anarchists have visited Greek embassy to remind about the imprisoned Greek anarchists. On the fence of the embassy a banner was placed “Freedom For Greece Anarchists”.
At present dozens of anarchist are imprisoned in Greece on various accusations. They are accused of armed struggle against the state, expropriations of banks or just political crimes. Terrible repressions, when dozens of anarchists are imprisoned for incredible terms of up to 25 years cannot stop anarchist resistance in Greece, which is one of the most powerful in the world and this is an example to all of us – no repression should break us, resistance must continue whatever the government may do to suppress us.
via: solidarity.international/

September 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece – Statement for Kostas B. from Pola Roupa & Nikos Maziotis, Imprisoned Members of Revolutionary Struggle

Received on 25.09.17:
At dawn on 17/9, the 16-year-old Kostas B. was brutally beaten by police officers and arrived at the intensive care hospital KAT. The political leadership of the police, the Ministry of Public Order and the SYRIZA-ANEL government covered for the police, presenting the incident as a traffic accident, but a series of facts and testimonies refutes this Besides, if a traffic accident had occurred during an escape attempt of the sixteen-year-old, as is said, why did he not go directly to the hospital with an ambulance, but instead ended up in GADA[police headquarters] in handcuffs and with the police dragging him as he could not walk?
This happened after an anti-fascist demonstration on the anniversary of the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, which originally started at the US Embassy as an intervention in honor of Heather Heyer, who was murdered in Charlottesville, USA, at an anti-fascist demonstration, and then the demonstration went to the headquarters of Golden Dawn in Mesogeion. There clashes started with the police forces guarding the offices of Golden Dawn.

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September 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

France – Incendiary Solidarity (Responsibility Claim for the Arson Attack Against the Grenoble Gendarmerie)

21.09.17: This Thursday at three o’clock in the morning, the second day of the burned car trial.
We entered the Vigny-Musset gendarmerie barracks. We burned 6 intervention vans and two logistics trucks. More than 1500 square meters of the garage and the warehouse were destroyed.
This action is part of a wave of attacks in solidarity with people who are going on trial at the moment.
Strength to Kara and Krem.
A thought for Damien, recently beaten by the cops.
Whatever the outcome of the trial, the police and justice will continue to be attacked.
Our hostility is a fire that spreads.
The Nocturnals
via Indymedia Grenoble, translated by Insurrection News

September 27, 2017
by actforfreedom

Chile ,Santiago – Barricades and Clashes 44 Years Since the Military Coup (13.09.17)

Encapuchadxs (hooded ones) raised barricades and clashed with FF.EE (Carabineros Special Forces) in the vicinity of the University of Chile (FASCO) in commemoration of the murdered and disappeared during the civil-military dictatorship.
Leaflet found at the scene:
Today we do not simply commemorate our fallen from the dictatorship, we also claim their forms of struggle and organization that serve as an example of subversion against capital, the state and its repressive apparatus.
44 years on from the harshest episode in our history, we rise as the children and grandchildren of those who were persecuted and killed during the dictatorship.
With their same conviction, we promise to never forget their actions, which will live on in the rebellious and combative memory of every revolutionary.
via:  Insurrection News

September 25, 2017
by actforfreedom

(Czech Republic) Prague: Update in repression case “Fenix” – Trial

September 21st, 2017
UPDATE: All the accused in “Fenix 1” are found innocent on all points. The verdict is inactive due to the appeal of the state attorney but all the custodies and so on are taken down and as a first step this is quite a relief. There will be more trials. There will be a proper post about it soon.
Tomorrow morning the city court in Prague will decide whether or not the 5 anarchists in Fenix 1 (the conspiracy of a preparation of a terrorist attack against the train carrying military equipment – entrapment by the state agents) will be found “guilty”. The sentence will be in the morning hours and besides deciding over the lives of the five, it will show how far police can take it in repression against counter-cultural movements or groups.
We will for sure inform you as soon as we know more. If they will be sentenced we will do an international call for action and organize stuff here.
All of this case cost us many emotional and physical resources and after all the court hearing we again hit the bottom of our economical budget, so if anyone has any extra money, we would very appreciate it.
We apologize we didn’t invite for the court through our blog, but we can’t access it due to admin problems. Hopefully it will change within hours.
(República Checa) Actualización en caso de represión “Fenix” – Juicio
[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde 325]
El 22 de septiembre por la mañana el tribunal de la ciudad de Praga decidirá si lxs cinco anarquistas de Fénix 1 (conspiración para preparación de ataque terrorista contra el tren que transportaba equipo militar – captura por agentes estatales) serán considerados “culpables”.
La sentencia será en las horas de la mañana y además de decidir sobre las vidas de lxs cinco, se mostrará hasta qué punto la policía puede ejercer la represión contra los movimientos o grupos contra-culturales.
Por supuesto, informaremos tan pronto como sepamos más. Si fueran sentenciadxs haremos un llamado internacional para la acción y organizaremos las cosas aquí.
Todo este caso nos costó muchos recursos emocionales y físicos y después de todo el juicio de la corte volvimos a golpear el fondo de nuestro presupuesto económico, así que si alguien tiene algún dinero extra, lo apreciaríamos mucho.
Pedimos disculpas por no haber invitado a la corte a través de nuestro blog, pero no podemos acceder a él debido a problemas de administración.
Esperemos que cambie en cuestión de horas.
via: 325

September 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

Gathering at Exarchia Sq. & neighborhood march – NOW – Athens


Saturday 16th of Septebre was a day of action in memory of the murder of antifascist activist Pavlos Fyssas by the squads of Golden Dawn, which took place on 18/9/2013 under the full cover of the cops. The state responded with brutal repression against the fighting spirit of the antifascists at the demonstration outside the central nazi party offices and outside GADA (Police HQ), as well as during the clashes that followed in Exarchia. During the police raids the cops arrested six people and perpetrated acts of torture. One of the arrested, Kostas B., ended up in intensive care in KAT hospital and is now in a coma, guarded inside the ward by his would-be assassins. The hospital director shamelessly declared that he is following police orders.
The violence perpetrated by the organs of repression is the implementation of an established strategy that aims to spread generalized fear. State reaction becomes even more brutal against all those who resist. Despite this, the struggle goes on.
The murder toll by the hands of cops and fascists is already too long. Our rage festers. Reality disproves the illusion of a democratized repression.
Lets not wait for another one to die so that we rise up.
Lets organize so that we may give our own
Gathering at Exarchia Sq. & neighborhood march
every Monday at 7 pm (Polytechnio, Stournari St.)

September 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece – Wednesday, September 20th, gathering demo held in solidarity with heavily injured K. B. at KAT hospital in Athens

Kostas M. was arrested in Exarchia some hours after the end of the anti-fascist demonstrations of September 16, on the occasion of the four years since the murder of Pavlos Fyssas.

During his arrest and transfer to GADA [Athens central police station], KM is beaten up and tortured by the MAT riot cops. Under unspecified conditions, the comrade, trying to escape the patrol that had just transferred him to GADA, is so heavily injured as to be hospitalized in the KAT. He remains trapped in a technical coma.. guarded by cops even in the intensive care unit.

The intervention lasted about 2 hours with a pre-concentration at the station of the train station of  KAT and continued in the courtyard of the hospital with the presence of some 200 in solidarity.


September 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Issue 8 of eco anarchist publication FENRIR is out. eng/it

Issue 8 of FENRIR, eco anarchist publication in support of prisoners, direct action, with updates and analysis on the anarchist struggle and the struggle for animal, human and earth liberation all over the world, is now available.
84 pages, A4
In this issue:
– Editorial
– If not now, when?
– For a Dangerous June
– A string of attacks on energy infrastructures and discussion among anarchists
– On anonymity, claims and reproducibility of actions
– An ongoing wreck?
– Science at the service of repression
– The individual in technological society. The slavery of automatization
– In the digital era
– What’s energy for?
– Celebration songs from distant lands
– Blood in microchips
– War for survival in Africa
– Anti-technology cyborg?
– News from the necro-world
– Insurrection against fate
– Updates on prisoners and state repression
– Letters from prison
– Reading suggestions
The price is 3 euros per copy and 2 euros for orders of 5 or more copies. Regular postal fee is 1.30 euros.
To order copies write to: fenrir@riseup.net
Help us distribute “Fenrir”; if you’ve got a stall or want some copies, get in touch!
We’ll be in Cremona on September 16-17 for “Between poetry and noise: two days of anarchist publications and wild dance” at CSA Kavarna.
Translated by act for freedom now!
È disponibile il numero 8 di FENRIR, pubblicazione anarchica ecologista
di supporto ai/le prigionierx, azione diretta, aggiornamenti e analisi
sulle lotte anarchiche e di liberazione animale, umana e della terra in
tutto il mondo. 84 pagine A4
In questo numero:
– Editoriale
– Se non ora, quando?
– Per un Giugno Pericoloso
– Scia di attacchi alle infrastrutture energetiche e dialogo tra
– Su anonimato, rivendicazione e riproducibilità delle azioni
– Un naufragio in corso?
– La scienza al servizio della repressione
– L’individuo nella società tecnologica. La schiavitù dell’automazione
– Nell’era digitale
– A cosa serve l’energia?
– Canti di festa da terre lontane
– Il sangue nel microchip
– Guerra per la sopravvivenza in Africa
– Cyborg anti-tecnologia?
– Notizie dal necromondo
– Insurrezione contro il destino
– Aggiornamenti sui/le prigionierx e sulla repressione di Stato
– Lettere dal carcere
– Letture consigliate
Il costo è di 3 euro a copia, oppure di 2 euro per ordini di 5 o più
copie. Il costo della spedizione con “piego di libri” ordinario è di
1,30 euro.
Per ricevere una o più copie scrivici: fenrir@riseup.net
Aiutaci a distribuire “Fenrir”, se hai una distro o vuoi un po’ di
copie, contattaci!
Saremo presenti il 16-17 settembre a Cremona al “Tra poesia e rumore:
due giorni di editoria anarchica e balli scatenati” al CSA Kavarna.

September 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

[Avalanche] Contributions n°12 – October 2017 [Postponed Deadline 15th of October]

Dear comrades,

We make this call out for contributions for the next issue of the
anarchist correspondence paper Avalanche.

Texts concerning anarchist interventions, ongoing struggles, past
experiences, critical evaluations, broader reflections on the anarchist
struggle, can be send until the 15th of October 2017 to the following
email: correspondance@riseup.net

Thanks for telling us as fast as possible if you think on sending a

Queridos companeros,

Hacemos esto llamamiento a contribuciones por el proximo numero de la
revista de correspondencia anarquista Avalancha.

Se puede mandar textos sobre intervenciones anarquistas, conflictos en
curso, experiencias del pasado, balances criticas, reflexiones mas
amplias sobre la lucha anarquista, antes del 15 de octubre 2017 en este
correo: correspondance@riseup.net

Gracias de decirnos lo mas antes possible si pensais en mandar una

Chers compagnons,

On lance cet appel aux contributions pour le prochain numéro du journal
de correspondance anarchiste Avalanche.

Les textes concernant d’interventions anarchistes, des conflits en
cours, des expériences du passé, des évaluations critiques ou des
réflexions plus amples sur la lutte anarchiste peuvent être envoyé avant
le 15 octobre 2017 à l’adresse suivante: correspondance@riseup.net.

Merci de nous prévenir si vous pensiez envoyer une contribution.

To unsubscribe: <mailto:avalanche-unsubscribe@lists.riseup.net>
List help: <https://riseup.net/lists>

September 23, 2017
by actforfreedom

Urgent Call for National and International Solidarity in Support of the 107+ Day Mapuche Political Prisoner Hunger Strike

Thursday, September 21st, 2017
Since July 7th, 2017, four Mapuche Political Prisoners have maintained a hunger strike that has now lasted upwards of over 107 days. They have been held in pre-trial custody for over a year, under what has been considered an abusive and irregular process under the Anti-Terrorist Law in using anonymous witnesses. Despite the announcements made by the Prosecutor, Luis Torres, in finalizing the investigation seven months ago, bypassing the recent Chilean Independence celebrations, the trial has yet to commence. Family members and support networks have solicited the Chilean government to deal with the prisoners’ situation, recurring to regional authorities – and even to the Ministers of the Interior and Justice, but these have remained evasive and broad in their response. Family and prisoner support networks had given a 72-hour ultimatum, which ended on Wednesday September 20th, 2017, with no response from government officials.
Various protests have taken place nationally and internationally that demand justice for Lonko [Chief] Alfredo Tralcal Coche, and brothers Ariel Alexis Trangol Galindo, Benito Rubén Trangol Galindo, and Pablo Iván Trangol Galindo, imprisoned in the Penitentiary Centre of Temuco. They wait for the word of  Mario Fernandez, Minister of the Interior, to resolve this complex and critical moment, where new lives are at risk,  already surpassing the ultimatum date put forward by family and support networks of the Mapuche Political Prisoners.

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