April 10, 2017
by actforfreedom

After Nearly Five Years, Animal Activists Sven and Natasha Have Been Extradited from the Netherlands to England

from Earth First! Newswire
In July of 2012, Sven and Natasha were arrested for “conspiracy to blackmail,” a charge stemming from their efforts to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), Europe’s largest animal testing laboratory and the target of the worldwide campaign known as Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). Since the police raid in Amersterdam that lead to their arrest, they have been awaiting extradition to the United Kingdom, where they face up to 14 years in prison.
On February 18, 2017, Sven and Natasha’s support site announced that they had been extradited on their European arrest warrant:
Yesterday British Police came to extradite them from the Netherlands. After a night in the police station, they were released from court this morning. They now await their first court hearing in late March.
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April 10, 2017
by actforfreedom

Anarchist Bookfair Stockholm 2017 – Sweden


 (ENG) The 10th of june 2017 will see the Anarchist Bookfair return to Stockholm! The bookfair will be open from 10.00-18.00 and consist of seminars, panel discussions, workshops and film screenings. You’ll also find food, books and the company of radical politics from all over the world. This year the bookfair is held at Midsommargården, Telefonplan.

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April 10, 2017
by actforfreedom

Ferrara Prison [Italy]: Update on censorship / Anarchist comrade Nicola Gai in isolation (31/03/2017)

We learn from the correspondence with anarchist comrades in the AS2 [high security] of Ferrara prison, that with the renewal of censorship [March 6th] for another three months, the grip on their correspondence started again, and many letters are seized.
In addition, they tell us that comrade Nicola Gai could be in isolation. We are waiting to get all the facts, as soon as the prison visits will be done.

April 10, 2017
by actforfreedom

Sardinia, Italy – Update on anarchist comrade Davide Delogu from Sardinia and some words dedicated to him and others anarchist prisoners: SEMPRI AINNANTIS!

The trial against Davide, due on 9th March in the court of Cagliari, was postponed to 17th May. Davide is accused of attempted escape from the prison of Buoncamminno.
Sempri Ainnantis!
«… dreams are to be made true here in the present time and not in a hypothetical future, given that the future has always been sold by the priests of all religions and ideologies so that they could steal from us with impunity. We want a present time that is worth living and not simply sacrificed to a messianic wait for the future Eden. For this reason we wanted to talk concretely about anarchy to be realized now, not tomorrow. The “everything now” is a bet, a game we play and whose stake is our life, everyone’s life, our death, everyone’s death…»
Pierleone Mario Porcu
We know people… quiet and loquacious, shy and bold, humble and arrogant people…
People who live obedient like sheet, and others who don’t hide themselves in betrayal, they look into your eyes and stay always side by side no matter what. We know people who dream without imagination and live without dreaming, people whose eyes are used to stare below and whose ears are used to take orders such as “wake up”, “work”, “pay”, “buy”, “believe” , “respect”…
We know many people alone in the crowd, patiently waiting for an answer to their prayers till the end of their lives, for an eternal tomorrow, for better days, for a bright future.
But those who wait for a better life tomorrow are already dead today.
We know many individuals but only few of them are our comrades. Indomitable and unrepentant anarchists are shouting “a slow death or else the anarchist struggle here and now!”
And we are shouting with them, this is the only path of struggle we think worth the joy to take.

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April 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Taking responsibility for OTE telecommunications parking – Thessaloniki

Tuesday 7/3
The days when our comrades fell into enemy hands, tortured, isolated,
The days when revolutionaries bled and gave their life for freedom
are deeply engraved in our memory.
Our days will engrave deep wounds on the body of power.
The gas canisters at the OTE parking, on Tuesday’s dawn, at
K.Karamanlis street  in Thessaloniki are dedicated as:
-A minimal tribute to revolutionary member of R.S. Lambros Fountas
-A minimal act of solidarity to the anarchists on trial for
the Velventos expropriation case
Anarchist Formation of Counterattack


Translated by ”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

April 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

News about imprisoned anarchist comrade Damien – France

Anarchist comrade Damien, who is imprisoned at Fleury-Mérogis, has informed us that two investigations have been opened against him. One concerns a collage of anti-electoral posters (‘We Will Not Vote’ and ‘To End The Illusion of Democracy’) that were pasted on the wall of the prison courtyard and the other concerns an act of sabotage carried out against a production line in one of the prison workshops (where, via providers like Iccub, products of brands such as Hachette, Bourjois Parfums, Yves Rocher and Post-it are packed by prisoners).
Three other prisoners are also accused of sabotage.
In solidarity with them, tags appeared on the walls of the prison courtyard: ‘Fire To The Prisons’ and ‘A screw who commits sucide is partially forgiven’.
The comrade and the 3 other suspected saboteurs are currently awaiting prosecution.
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April 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Damien Camélio – France

There are days in prison where anger and hatred, mixed with a feeling of helplessness reach the maximum. The police arrested Comrade XXXX, who is currently imprisoned here in Fleury, but in another building, which prevents us from having any contact.
The comrade is held under pre-trial detention in building D2, on charges related to the barbecue with bleusaille sauce case. I do not know the exact content of the charges, but I do know that he is being held on a criminal warrant. So he is also likely to be accused of attempted murder of two representatives of order.
These accusations are absurd because we know, and the justice system also knows, that the intention behind this beautiful act of insubordination was not to burn the cops who were sitting in the burning police car but to scorch them a little, literally, just to soften their flesh. Be that as it may, I don’t care whether the comrade is guilty or innocent of the facts of which he is accused. It is enough for me to know that he is an anarchist to feel solidarity and it is enough for me to share the facts in order to feel complicit with him.

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April 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

UK – Vodafone antenna sabotaged in Bristol

Vodafone antenna sabotaged on the 9th of March in Bristol.
Roughly three weeks ago a mobile phone tower operated by Vodafone was sabotaged with fire in Barton Hill, Bristol. This attack against the ever encroaching technological wing of capitalist infrastructure was inspired by recent similar actions in Italy. Across Europe, Vodafone has ‘proudly’ had a wide variety of contracts with a number of different police forces for a long time.
This phone tower, on Queen Anne road, is/was located in front of Kenneth Steele House, the serious crimes unit of Bristol police near Temple Meads train station in Bristol. This is not only a hit to the company but to the pride of the cops and their facade of control. A ‘warm’ greeting to them.
As well as this a G4s car was sabotaged just over a week ago in St George, Bristol.

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April 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

Solidarity to Reker Ahmed , against racism and fascism – South London ,Croydon -UK

angry-croydon-544x976On 31st March, a young boy, Reker Ahmed, was brutally beaten by a gang in the area of Croydon whilst waiting for a bus. The gang (of almost 25) approached the boy and after asking where he was from, chased him and attacked him, leaving him with life-threatening injuries. He was only 17 years old and currently applying for asylum in the UK. This attack occurred on the Shrublands Estate, in Shirley, a diverse working-class area and its significance was felt by the local community.
In response to this racist and xenophobic violence, we chose to decorate the neighbourhood with our outrage. In offering a message of solidarity here, we demonstrate our solidarity everywhere; from the U.S to Greece, from Belarus to the Middle East; for all victims of the State, of the border regime and for all victims of hate crime.

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April 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

Germany – Aachen trial summary of sessions 13 ,14 , and 15.

session 15
During the session on the 31st March the court looked at all the physical proof that was found inside the bank (tools, tie wraps, a hammer, a chisel, etc.) and inside a plastic bag found outside which the prosecution attributes to the robbery (clothes, sunglasses, a wig and two guns). They also talked about the data found on various computers that were confiscated during the raids: documents, web pages, personal photographs, etc. although the prosecution has concluded that these were not relevant for the case.
The session that was planned on the 3rd of April has been cancelled. The next session will take place on the 7th of April; the LKA cop responsible for the German investigation will testify on this day, as well as read out the Spanish part of the investigation which the deputy inspector of the mossos d’esquadra could not do because he refused to identify himself with his full name.

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April 5, 2017
by actforfreedom

Florence, Italy – A few contributions on the latest wave of repression against anarchist in Florence

Summary by act for freedom – A suspicious parcel was spotted by a Digos patrol outside the premises of a fascist Casapound bookshop on New Year’s Eve. A bomb disposal expert called to the scene in order to detonate the device was seriously injured by its explosion. Shortly afterwards several anarchists’ homes were raided by the police in Florence and other areas in Tuscany. Prosecutors started an investigation for attempted murder.
Another operation, ‘operation Panico’, unrelated to the action against Casapound, was carried out by the cops on 31st January against 35 anarchists of whom 3 were put under house arrest and 7 were inflicted various restrictive measures. Villa Panico squat was also raided and closed down. The charge pressed with operation Panico is criminal association and refers to a number of episodes that took place in the city in 2016.
Repression against anarchists is going on with all the means it has at hand. The declared intent is to give a name to the person who placed an explosive device against a Casapound bookshop on New Year’s Eve. Inadmissible for them to acknowledge their inability, their responsibility for what happened in front of public opinion; they ought to show that the State is there. The response must come from Rome, their lordships’ careers are at stake. So after the searches on 1st January, the arrests and restrictive measures within “Operation Panico” on 31st January, where the action was mentioned in the investigation but not among the accusations, it’s now the time for interrogations.

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April 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

UK , South London – Graffiti in solidarity with refugees has gone up in Croydon the day after serious attack on the 17-year-old Kurdish-Iranian refugee


The 17-year-old refugee Kurdish-Iranian was waiting at a bus stop in Shrublands Avenue, Croydon  with two friends on Friday 31.1.17 when they were approached by a group of 20-30 people.
 After discovering he was an asylum seeker, they chased him and launched a savage attack including  repeated blows to the head …
The boy was left with a fractured skull and blood clot on his brain. He remains in hospital in a serious but stable condition. His two friends managed to escape with minor injuries.
Migrants and refugees are welcome!!

April 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece, Athens – taking responsibility for arson attacks in Dafni area by Packs of fire – FAI/IRF


Cut your strings puppet

We are taking responsibility for the arson attacks at dawn
on March 10 at the Mayor’s house and at the Post office in Dafni.

In that area, that same evening seven years before, anarchist
Lambros Fountas fell from cop bullets. Seven years on, we
don’t forget our dead comrade who gave his life for freedom and

In times of repression we slip through the ruptured fence that the
state rigs up and fills with the debris of fear and repression against
any form of action that lurks the streets. At the targets
our devices played the symphony of destruction before
exploding few meters from the station patrol, the state
police pigs at Dafni metro station that oversee the law-abiding life
of the city’s marionettes: job, house, cafe, nightlife. Every day the
city   routine under full control, divided into small occupations.

However, history is written when the silent crowd is abandoned and the
refusers of silence act. There where we turn our rage into fire and
feed our fire with gasoline. We are the ones that don’t fit into your
world. Let
your sweat pour to protect it with a smile until comes its destruction.

We don’t forget, we don’t forgive LONG LIVE LAMBROS FOUNTAS


Solidarity to the evicted squats and occupied spaces and to
the comrades arrested during the state’s last repressive operation. 10,
100, 1000s of squats against a world of organized rot.

Attack with all means the regime whether it is left or right


Packs of fire – FAI/IRF



Translated by ”midnight express”for act for freedom now!

April 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

Chile – Sentences against the comrades accused in the PDI case (24/02/2017)


enlacallecasopdnOn 24th February 2017 the third oral tribunal of the penal unit issued sentences against comrades Felipe, Manuel and Amaru, convicted of an incendiary attack on the Homicide Squad of the PDI [investigating police] in November 2014.
In the end the comrades were sentenced to 5 years outside prion under intense surveillance by gendarmerie officers, on charges of attempted murder in residential area.
Manuel, Felipe and Amaru got out Santiago prison hours later, and were welcomed by their families and friends amidst hugs and greetings.

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April 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Rome, Italy – Tattoo Circus benefit for prisoners at Bencivenga Squat


Start: 01/04/2017 – 11:00
End: 02/04/2017 – 23:30
Saturday 1st April
From 11am Tattoos & Piercings
Drawing exhibition
Theatre show in the afternoon
8pm Pizzas
To be followed by concert with: Dead’s All Folks
Sunday 2nd April
From 11am Tattoos & Piercings
Drawing exhibition
Afternoon show with: Bloody Circus
8pm Food to finance the publication of the book “Gli Anarchici di Bialystok, 1903-1908” [Anarchists in Bialystok, 1903-1908] ed. Bandiera Nera
Followed by concert with: Sensitive Man, Joey Molinaro (Solo Grind Violin)
Translated by act for freedom now!

April 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Avalanche (English) Issue 10 March 2017




M arch 2017
Time seems a self-evident measure of life, to the point of being assigned to the natural order of things. And with algorithms becoming more infused in daily life, its significance as a factor of being tends to increase. But time imposes itself on us as an uncompromising, exter­nal force, demonstrating an indifference to individual paths. The irrefutable fact of passing time belies hide­ outs or erratic behavior. Life measured by time needs to be productive, to show results.
As time becomes the guidelines of life, what exists be­ tween these lines are only circumstances. And for circumstances you find adequate responses while moving on to another particular situation. Thus life can consist of only vague intentions mingled with chance. The only logic that binds the different chapters of the biography of such a life together, is the one of time. The plot is the strategies applied for the achievements we have suc­ceeded in.
Still for many such a life seems aimless. So we can pro­ duce a meaning that tells us who we are, and who we have been. And who you will be. A grand narrative that moulds an existence that is more limited (since it also tells who you cannot be and who cannot relate to you) but more comprehensible. The question of identity be­ comes a deus ex machina, the key to all answers.
But what if being productive is not a satisfying aim, and to belong to one or an other seems aleatory. Instead of a logic aimed at results, we propose a method of life. One that entails developing autonomous practices and anti-authoritarian relations. A life that gets it oxygen from these liberating experiences. This is certainly not
a stylistic choice, as some might reproach, not one of the lifestyle options inside this society. But a disruptive ethical position that creates it own conflicts with author­ itarian logic.
When our intentions are resolute, the logic is not exter­nal but our own, we can instead of responding to circum­ stances, create the situation we are moving in. Through anarchist projects aimed at opening spaces for encoun­ters while sabotaging the tools of domination, and thus subverting the logic of authority. These projects are occasions, experiments where ideas and actions inter­ twine becoming expressions of a perspective that goes beyond the particular.
If the monologue is the tool for those who want to pro­duce a hegemonic narrative and the debilitating repe­ tition of cliches of common sense for those who obey to the dominant logic, dialogues are an integral part of the effort to create new paths. An approach that starts from an honest reflection of one’s own trajectory and that doesn’t seek to efface differences. A dialogue is in opposition to the rhetorical tricks used in too much dis­cussions, that are employed to align others behind one discourse.
We have to create more moments of dialogue. This pub­ lication can be one, although with its own limitations . But dialogues between individuals, through experienc­es, are a necessity.
Moving between the periphery and center
along the banks of the two rivers
until the coasts of the Atlantic
correspondance@riseup. net
avalanche.noblogs. org

April 1, 2017
by actforfreedom


The protest of 12 February 2012, voting day for the second memorandum of
enslavement and obliteration, was one of the most massive and
dynamic protests of recent years. People from Athens and Piraeus took
to the streets coordinatinatedly and dynamically. During the protest
cops forces took in several dozen protesters, ending in 79
arrests 4 of which – including anarchist comrade Vaggelis Kailoglou – were given six months’ pre-trial imprisonment until August 2012.
Vaggelis’ arrest was one of the 79 (from the total of 170 people detained)made that night. However he and three others bore the brunt and were charged with felonies. Vaggelis K. with the three others arrested on Sunday 12/2/2012 were held under harsh conditions in G.A.D.A.(Police Headquarters), until Thursday 16/2 when they were sent before the prosecutor.
There new charges were suddenly added to the case, resulting in their imprisonment on remand.
Not, of course, due to hard proof but rather orders from above
and to set an example.They were used as scapegoats for the violent
escalation of the way the protest ended up on Sunday 12/2. During their
period of imprisonment,a large wave of solidarity to the 4 occurred.
Five years later the trial of the 4 arrested was due to begin on
Wednesday 29/3/2017 at 9.00 in the second degree court.
However the judges decided that the trial should be postponed and transferred to the high court at a later date, still to be decided.
Translated by ”midnight express” for Act for free.

April 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

Grete , Chania -Claim of responsibility on 9/1/2017 by “incubators of resistance”

At dawn on 9/1/2017 we torched the ATMs of Eurobank at Chania
town centre. This move was an imminent response to the incarceration
of Pola Roupa and the pre-trial imprisonment of Konstantina
Athanasopoulouand also the kidnapping of Roupa ‘s and Maziotis’ 6 year old son on the
orders of prosecutor Nikolou. The target was chosen the hit of
Revolutionary Struggle against Eurobank in Argiroupoli at 12/5/2009
being carved in our memory.
The pre-trial imprisonment of family relatives/friends of persons
arrested for guerilla warfare, that have taken place in recent times
in Greece climaxing with the kidnapping of little Lambros, reminds us
of the efforts of the political leadership and the police/judicial
complex to demoralize unrepentant fighters. These fraudulent practises,
instead of discouraging potential revolutionary subjects, only
succeed in arming their hatred even more.
Our first targets always will always be the cops, judges and political personnel
Strength to Pola Roupa and Konstantina Athanasopoulou
Freedom to the imprisoned fighters
Nothing is over.. Viva the revolution!
“incubators of resistance”
Translated by ”midnight express” for Act for free.

April 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

Antifa with sledgehammers and axes smash the headquarters of Golden Dawn party in Athens, Greece

Published on Mar 31, 2017
At about 9:30 Friday morning on March 30, 2017 approximately 30 anarchists – antifascists armed with sledgehammers, axes and red & black paint attacked the headquarters of Golden Dawn party in Athens, Greece, despite it’s close proximity to the greek Pentagon, the headquarters of the riot police, the headquarters of Athens police, the Ministry of Public Order and the police academy, ie. in one of the most heavily guarded areas in the city, proving the that even the most impossible target is made possible if you have the will.

The original cctv footage was originally publicized by  nazis Golden Dawn.

April 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

St Petersburg, Russia: Anarchist solidarity action for detained protesters in Belarus

Early in the morning in St Petersburg, some anarchists hung a banner on the Alexander Nevsky Bridge that read ‘The Will of the Belarusian people!’ as a sign of solidarity with the detained protesters and anarchists in Belarus.
“We were inspired by the struggle of the Belarusian people against the dictatorship of Lukashenko. Despite the persecution, the people continue to fight against tyranny and lies. We hope that the events unfolding in Belarus will ignite a spark that will awaken the people of Russia against the dictatorship! Freedom for political prisoners!”