March 12, 2017
by actforfreedom

CHILE – Letter from anarchist comrade Joaquin Garcia

It has been five months since I returned to inhabit the cells of the Maximum Security Section of the High Security Prison and I think it is necessary to refer to both the personal and the prison scenario. The reasons for not writing before are obviously personal; but more than anything it is due to the belief – despite being convinced that sharing experiences generates inexhaustible links – that the virtual platforms and their set of communications is far removed from the real and approaches an abstract idea of the day to day life of jail and that of the individual. Irreducible? Yes, whether or not there is a swing of emotions, neither conviction nor mind falters, but that disgusting idea of the steel martyr behind the bars must fall. By the suicide of the image and the fetish, by the real destructive complicity.
“Pessimism is the opium of intellectuals, optimism belongs to the stupid. A fanatical and dreamy realism, the awareness that we do not fit into this world, the values we will defend in each moment, plus the complicit warmth of those we love and cherish.”
Five months ago, a bit about detention:

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March 10, 2017
by actforfreedom

In memory for ever to our comrade fighter revolutionary Lambros Foundas.

Image result for lambros foundas
We will not hesitate to speak about Lambros Foundas, despite the asphyxiating ringer that the governmental repression wants to create.
It is difficult to accept that we will never see comrade Lambros again.
The vibrations of his social and individual action and the continuous consistency and continuity in conscience, the life attitude, social solidarity, the collective struggles and the multiform action rendered him always dangerous for every authority and the state. A dangerous enemy of the state and every dominating mechanism, an individual with a passion for freedom, that penetrated the thought of everyone that was near him, a friend close to the heart of those who fought with him. He dissolved with the depth of his thought and his attitude hallucinations and self-delusions. To walk along together with comrade and friend Lambros was a process of anarchy and freedom, a process of deep human knowledge and freedom.
This is why they could never “strike him in the mind”. His sensitivity for each person that needed solidarity took the dimension of a daily behaviour, attitude of life, revolt, of a dynamic blow against the state, the relations of imposition and the relations of exploitation of people by people.
There are certain people so old that it seems they come from the future. Because, those of who stood side by side and together with Lambros had the conscience that in “our time” we had to give a battle with an enormous depth in the time of history, with continuous fights and conflicts for the liberation from the dominating bonds.
A history so long that it made us already touch upon a step further, constantly, with dignity and self-activity, breaking the ringer of fear that they manufacture and lurks, experiencing the need of anarchy.
In any case, Lambros Foundas lives in the flaming hearts of those who fight continuously for dignity and freedom.
The memory of the rebels that die is incarnated in our small and big revolts.
S.  from act for freedom now!


March 9, 2017
by actforfreedom

Free at Last! Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar onto the Streets! – SANTIAGO, CHILE

C6UzqTCXMAgGdh4.jpg large1488897957-auno772150-1

SANTIAGO – Chilean Anarchists, Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, arrived this morning at Santiago’s International Airport, after having been expulsed from Spanish custody and deported back to their home country.
Monica and Francisco had been charged under Spanish Anti-terrorism legislation for the alleged bombing of the Basilica del Pilar Church in Zaragoza, on Oct 2nd, 2013, and were arrested a month after the incident. Spanish prosecution initially sought a 44 year sentence for the accused, but instead received a 12 year sentence in 2014. The Defense took Monica and Francisco’s case to the Spanish Supreme Court, where the sentence was further reduced to 4 and a half years this past December, having dropped one of the initial charges. At the time, the Spanish Supreme Court recognized that the intent of the bombing was to cause structural damage to a religious symbol  and thus were charged for loses and damages.

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March 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Text from anarchist comrade in prison Aachen , Germany

receive :7.3.17
Down with patriarchy – words from inside prison
Here we publish a letter of our anarchist comrade who is locked up in German prison, in Köln, since several months. She is accused of bank robbery in Aachen and she is already facing the trial. She wrote this letter in the context of 8th of march, the international Day of women struggle.
Down with patriarchy
On the social, racist and patriarchal problems faced by women in prison
It is generally well known that German society is rife with inequality. The upper classes are secure and cared for, they have no existential concerns and, despite all the wider problems of the world, they are able to offer their children a promising future which is not available to the under classes. Whilst a small minority of people are able to get richer, the majority are left to exist on the bare minimum, working for a shitty low wage and constantly being pushed towards pointless consumption so that the profit driven system that we live in can continue to function. While some sun themselves on their extravagantly expensive yachts in the Mediterranean, or get flown around the globe in their private jets, many cannot afford to go on holiday once in their lives, or to pay their rent or electricity bill or to buy a couple of new teeth. While the super-rich save their abundant wealth from taxes by securing it in off-shore tax havens or mailbox companies, for which they never face any serious judicial proceedings, the poor are doing months or years in prison for fines or petty crimes- for sums of money that the rich spend in minutes on a daily basis.

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March 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

[Drôme] Two cars of fascists burnt between Livron and Allex in solidarity – France

This night of thursday february 10th between livron and allex (26) we burned 2 cars of the national front and left “a dirty facho” on the facade.
solidarity with the rebels of aulnay sous bois
and with the compa krem compa incarcerated in fleury for the case of the burning cop car.
accomplices without any doubt
and incendiary solidarity.
see you soon.
some fieldmice.
[Published on indymedia nantes, Friday, February 10, 2017]
Translated by AFFN

March 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Bologna (Italy): Post office attacked with sledge hammers against expulsions

BOLOGNA 27/1/2017 – During the evening, Post office* attacked with sledge hammers. Garbage containers in flames right in the middle of the adjacent Beroaldo Street. A tag against detention centres (CIE) and deportations was left.
A reminder: this is a subsidiary of La Poste Italian, Air Mistral, responsible for the expulsion of undocumented migrants by plane.
[Translated from Italian by AFFN

March 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Counter-measures: on preventive repression and the struggle against it [pamphlet]

coperDownload and read the pamphlet in Italian [pdf – 4,6 Mb]
To order copies write to: evasioni[at]canaglie.org
This publication will also be available during the initiatives in Giulianova on 18th February and Rome on 25th February.

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March 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Berlin, Germany – Attack against Securitas in the context of the Global Anarchist Urban Guerrilla

Bon Soir!
On the evening of the 28th of February, six Securitas (private security company) vehicles were torched at Anhalter railway station. Securitas have been gaurding the entry to the occupied school on Ohlauer Strasse in Kreuzberg, Berlin for two years, forcing the remaining refugees to a jail-like existence. Through constant displays and harassment of the residents, their number has been constantly reduced – many have disappeared in jail, have been deported or have a house ban.
If we were able to identify more deeply with society’s slaves we would now complain that ‘guarding’ costs millions of euros for taxpayers. But no. Then we would have to complain about the bad working conditions in the security sector. On the contrary we are working on the destruction of the bridges of this society, which are still being preserved via the security sector in order to integrate even the partly autonomous milieus with reluctant practice.

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March 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Melendugno (Lecce), Italy – Molotov against TAP premises

From the local media (Lecce Sette, 13th February) we learn that the TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) premises were attacked with molotov bottles:
“Two molotov bottles were thrown last night in Melendugno (Lecce), against the premises of TAP, a company set to build a gas pipeline in Salento: one of the bottles exploded and caused damage outside the hangar hosting the local premises of the company in the industrial area, whereas the second bottle remained unexploded. [LecceSette]”
Translated by act for freedom now!
billy silvia

March 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Updates on the appeal trial against anarchist comrades Silvia Guerini, Luca Billy Bernasconi and Costantino Ragusa

 Turin, 15th February 2017
The appeal trial against Silvia, Billy and Costa took place this morning.
In the grounds for the first-grade sentence the inadmissibility to carry on the proceedings owing to a fault in the jurisdiction had been pointed out, which can be only appealed through the court of Cassation. The appeal submitted by the prosecutors was therefore rejected and forwarded to the Cassation for a final decision.
The Cassation will have to deliberate on the validity of the appeal; if it is not considered valid everything will end there, otherwise there will be an appeal trial.
Translated by act for freedom now!

March 3, 2017
by actforfreedom

Thessaloniki – Responsibility claim by ELF- cell of anti-civilization agitation.

E.L.F. Thessaloniki – Responsibility claim
Because of the call from South America against the new destructive plans
I.I.R.S.A. which had as its primary concern the development and opening
of trade between developed roads, telecommunications, sea and air
networks, we decided to take action. On Wednesday 15/2, at 2am, we
torched two excavation machines, in the center of Thessaloniki.
The new profitable plan will proceed to a massive destruction of the
Amazon which includes deforestation, elimination of the fauna and flora
and the persecution of indigenous populations, as well the pollution of
the waters aiming at the economic growth of the industrial complex. A
complex that is inextricably connected with authority and dominance,
while simultaneously being diffused within society, which in turn feeds
it, mostly willingly. A society that reproduces the social standards
that have been enforced, that perpetuates the regime of waged slavery,
that is the observer in the onslaught of dominance. A totality clouded
by propaganda, formed to follow the journeys dictated by subjugation.
Against their miserable journeys, we propose the anarchist revolutionary
action. The spreading of discourse and action, and the destabilization
of social peace, order and security.
Just like dominance, thus the material targets are everywhere. The
authoritarian complex consists of different but interconnecting
institutions and structures. The bet for us is the attack on
here-and-now, against every aspect of authority, and the maximization of
direct actions, so our strikes can be as chaotic and effective as
Against development projects and structures of the techno-scientific
For the destruction of civilization.
Strength to the anarchists hostages of war
An incendiary signal to all comrades who fight authority with all means.
Fire to the machines.
ELF- cell of anti-civilization agitation.
Translated by AFFN

March 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

Motorbike demonstration in solidarity with anarchist Marios Seisidis

Comrade Marios Seisidis is tried for the robbery of the National Bank of
Greece on Solonos street in January 2006 as well as participation in six
more bank robberies. The development of the story since then is outlined
through lengthy imprisonments, persecutions, targeting, and outrageous
bounties on comrades heads. A merciless hunt by the state against those
comrades who were accused of participation in the “robbers in black”
case as well as against the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu.
M.Seisidis avoided arrest for 11 years, in a dangerous journey of
guarding his freedom.

In a final attempt to incriminate Marios, since not the slightest
indication of the comrade’s participation in the charges attributed to
him, came up in the preliminary hearing, and since the journalistic
fabrication of the group of “robbers in black”, the baton is passed on
to the (anti)terrorist force which cooperated tightly with the special
appeals interrogators, with sole evidence an alleged dna sample. We,
with solidarity as our weapon, we stand as a dyke to these machinations
by the state and we will not allow our comrade to the mercy of the
predator hands of repression.



Assembly for solidarity to M.Seisidis.
Translated by AFFN

March 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

Brussels, Belgium – Attack by fire in solidarity

New incendiary attack in Brussels and surroundings in the night of 11 February 2017.
– the burning of a vehicle of local and federal keufs in solidarity with Damien and with all the prisoners.
Against this (old) world of authority and resignation …
for spring, freedom, light, night and equality.
Viva Anarchy.
[Published on indymedia bruxelles, 13 February 2017]
Translated by AFFN

February 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece – Prison is good only for those who build them (4 years since the Velvedo double robbery)

This February will mark 4 years since they were incarcerated. We must
have memory and we must honor our comrades.

Their are no choices, neither illusions, the choices are only two:
either spectators in the couches of a castrated life, or perpetrators of
incidents that form the development of history. The thought of freedom
is not enough, because on its own it can be a blossom, but freedom
itself is a seed. Thus, when you want to crush the state, everything in
your mind is a hammer. All you have to do is use it.

And this is exactly what our friends and comrades from Velvedo did, and
who now are hostage of the state prisons and who as of February have
been incarcerated for 4 years.

We are at war now and we must choose sides. No one can remain
un-involved. The illusions are gone, the facades have worn away. The
authoritarians admit that for emergency reasons, once more, that ideas
must be persecuted.

Nothing is over, everything continues, refusal, insurrection and


Translated by AFFN

February 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

[Montreuil, 93] Small contribution to disorder in the 93 – France

Saturday 11, following the beautiful riot of Bobigny, we wanted to keep going  …
… and we burned a COFELY car in front of Fort de Noisy. COFELY-ENGIE is the owner of GEPSA, the leading private partner in the management of jails (for information)
A thought to the rebels in the 93, the mutineers in the prisons, as in Valencia, the beautiful burning of the cop car of last May 18. A complicit and solidarity greeting to the anarchists in prisons, in France as elsewhere.
Let’s spread the revolt!
[Published on indymedia nantes, Sunday 12 February 2017]
Translated by AFFN

February 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Supporting Prisoners of the Social War in France

Received on  22/2/17
These past months, in different cities, including during unpermitted demos or riots, many of us have been thrilled by the number of offensive actions in the street. From clashes with the guard dogs of the state and property to the broken windows of shops and even the pillaging of their contents; from attacks on journalist-cops to overcoming the pacifiers of the day: all of this has shaken the arrogance of the powerful. In all forms of struggle — which aren’t limited to “social movements” — self-organization and direct action are indispensable if we are to break with the pacification world of commodities and with state terrorism. Because to claim that it’s unimaginable for individuals to directly oppose the existing order is just a veiled way of saying that social revolt is simply impossible.
Repression is not just the moment when the flashball or baton comes to strike recalcitrant bodies, it’s each moment of daily life under the domination of the State and Capital, through their thousands of omnipresent psychological and physical manifestations that coerce the poor into accepting a shitty life. It’s the prisons that lock up ever more people for ever longer sentences, in order to punish, isolate, break, and store them, out of sight of the peaceful consciences of good citizens. It’s also the outside prison, built from measures like electronic bracelets, house arrest, exclusion areas, bail conditions, and so on.

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February 24, 2017
by actforfreedom

Toulouse, France : 60 behaviour detection cameras for June 2017

Sixty cameras will detect dubious behaviour in June 2017
Nearly 60 cameras of the Toulouse hyper-centre are to be equipped with a reconnaissance system that will alert operators in the case of suspicious behaviour.
After the 102 cameras used to remotely charge wrongly parked motorists, here are intelligent cameras, able to detect abnormal behaviour on the pavement.
Since January 16, 102 video-protection cameras in Toulouse city centre allow – among other things – to “hunt” motorists who park wrongly. In one click, the ticket is sent to the Rennes national processing centre. And the fine reaches the offender a few days later: from € 17 to € 135 depending on the gravity of the offence. Around thirty tickets per day, on average, have been drawn up over last month.
But by June 2017, the Toulouse City Council will go even further. It will equip nearly sixty cameras already operating in the hyper-centre, with artificial intelligence software. Thanks to this software, acquired from the IBM company for 150 000 €, the cameras will be able to detect unusual behaviour, and to warn the video operators.

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February 24, 2017
by actforfreedom


 Source: Mail sent to the inbox of cna
Translated by Affn