February 7, 2017
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Paris, France – Long live tungsten carbide (18/01/2017)

In solidarity with Damien. An occasion to share the remarkable effectiveness of a little pocket companion.
I was very pissed off this evening. I was thinking of Damien facing trial, of the great demo of 14th April, when we had fun smashing everything, of all those arseholes who are ruining our lives, of our diver’s masks and gas masks p-f-parigi-francia-viva-il-carburo-di-tungsteno-18-1getting bored since we stopped smashing everything every Thursday [during the four months of protest against the Job Act, demos were often on Thursdays – sometimes also Tuesdays.TN].
Near the Porte des Lilas [north-east of Paris; TN], I smashed the screens of 7 ATMs, 4 JCDecaux billboards and the windows of a RATP car [Paris public transport] and one belonging to SPIE (prison building contractors).
All this with much appreciated discretion (relatively discreet: it makes a little ‘plop’, especially on car windows), thanks to a small [tungsten carbide] wheel used to cut tiles, 22mm in diameter, attached to a lace strong enough to take the weight of the shards of broken glass. For the cops it’s a funky necklace but it’s glass’s worst enemy. They can be found in all good DIY shops.
Handyman Bob
via:   anarhija.info
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now

February 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Anarchist Black Cross: document read out during the 21/01/2017 meeting in Turin

As happens any time that power tries to block the path of the revolt that creeps like weeds, opening up cracks and disconnecting the straight secure roads of exploitation and oppression, it is necessary for those who still care about the life pulsating in those weeds to look each other in the eye.Logo300
Following the operation denominated ‘Scripta Manent’ we, some anarchists, decided to do a number of meetings. Those held in Pisa and Rome have produced various problematics. But obviously, happening in a context of ‘emergency’, i.e. in response to the arrest of eight anarchist comrades, it was difficult to find the space to go into them. Not for that should we lose the opportunity to find this space and create moments for deeper analysis.
The last phrase of the text calling for this series of meetings that started from Pisa read: ‘We believe that those who see the responsibility to claim the anarchist idea, its tensions and practices as their own need to meet up and discuss.’ Let’s ask ourselves a question: why do we consider this responsibility ours at the present time?

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February 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece , Athens – Report from the 3rd hearing in the trial of anarchist communist comrade Tasos Theofilou

January 10th 2017
With the testimonies of four prosecution witnesses, three of which were employed at the branch of Alpha Bank in Naousa, Paros, and one was a colleague and friend of the victim Demetris Michas, the trial of the anarchist-communist resumed today at the Athens Court of Appeals. In contrast to the two previous witnesses- the sister of the victim Maria Micha-Bekiari and the anti-terrorism high ranking official- the witnesses in this session deconstructed, more or less, the charges and revealed the manipulations of the prosecuting authorities.
The first witness who was called to testify worked as a supervisor at the bank branch which was robbed by three people on the 10th of August 2012.
“The first person who came in was wearing a cowboy hat with a scarf – or a cap- underneath, glasses, a short sleeved polo shirt and a cross-body bag.  He was around 1.80m tall, slim, had a beard and his arms were uncovered. Next, two more people came in, one was around 1.75-1.76m tall and completely covered. He threatened me, pushed me over the safe-deposit box, asked me to press the pin and led me to manager’s office. The third, around 1.70m, with glasses, beard, had a fake nose attached and was wearing a legion hat which covered his ears and sat facing in the opposite direction of the counter. Then the timer went-off and they became irritated, the third one said “they have noticed us from the outside.” They took 59.640 euro, opened the door, left and then I heard three gunshots,” he said.
To a question posed by the Judge, as to what aspects did Tasos Theofilou look similar to one of the perpetrators, he replied: “Only in terms of height, he is similar to the first one, I cannot say otherwise.”

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February 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Solidarity noise demonstration, at detention centres Harmondsworth (London, UK)

On the morning of a mass deportation charter flight to Nigeria and Ghana (31/1/17), forcibly removing up to 100 people from the UK, a solidarity demonstration took place outside the twin detention centres of Colnbrook and Harmondsworth, next to Heathrow Airport. A banner bearing a phone number was displayed, and people detained inside the centres were able to lend their voices to the protest, and to be put in touch with practical and legal support.

Many spoke about their situation and conditions inside, including one calling from Harmondsworth: “The way they are treating us is very bad, we have mental health problems, we don’t get our medication, they don’t want people outside to know. […] We don’t have windows to breath air.” Continue Reading →

February 5, 2017
by actforfreedom

Chilean Prisons – Words in solidarity with Tamara Sol, Tato and Claudia


Note from Insurrection News: The following text by imprisoned compañeros Fabián Durán, Enrique Guzmán,  Nicolás Rojas and Joaquín García was written in response to the cowardly attacks by prison guards against the imprisoned compañeras Tamara Sol, Tato and Claudia that took place at the San Joaquin women’s prison on January 11th and 12th. In response to these brutal and cowardly attacks friends and relatives of the compañeras quickly mobilized and held a demonstration outside the prison on January 13th. Banners were displayed outside the prison, slogans were shouted and also painted on the prison walls. Riot police eventually attacked the demonstration with water cannons and arrested 5 compas. Although the demonstration was suppressed it sent a clear message to the prison authorities that attacks against imprisoned revolutionary compas will be immediately responded to. You can see some photos from the demonstration here.
Chilean Prisons: Words in solidarity with Tamara Sol, Tato and Claudia
From the modules of the maximum security section we salute each of the compas kidnapped by the state, who day by day, with dignity and pride, face the prison reality in each of its expressions and forms.
A few days ago we learned in a more or less partial form of the cowardly attack by the prison guards against the compañeras Tamara Sol, Tato and Claudia. We are fully aware of how repetitive these actions have become, whether as punishment, isolation or an eternal package but the recurrence prevents normalization, this gives us more strength, to ourselves and to our convictions. Each day we become more acutely eager for revenge against the prison society and those who defend it.
We know the personal motivations of many prison guards and the truth is they do not worry us, because we know how they feel about subversive prisoners and we know that each cowardly attack is due to their frustrated attempts at defeating us, therefore they are nothing but reasons for us to feel proud.
We greet each of the compañerxs and relatives who with their solidarity and unyielding attitudes held a rally outside the prison in support of the compas.
We end these words sending much love and strength to the compañeras.
We are attentive to their decisions and we will not hesitate to join them in whatever actions they deem necessary.
Fabián Durán
Enrique Guzmán
Nicolás Rojas
Joaquín García
via : insurrectionnewsworldwide

February 5, 2017
by actforfreedom

Toulouse] Vehicles of ‘Toulouse Métropole’ burnt in solidarity with Damien! – France

Fire at Toulouse Métropole
On the night of 21-22 January, four vehicles from Toulouse Métropole went up in smoke.
After discreetly introducing ourselves into the car park of this company, we set fire to the crates that were parked.
A small contribution to the criticism of the metropolis, and how it ruins our lives.
Solidarity with Damien, imprisoned in Fleury.
[Published on iaata.info, Monday, January 23, 2017]
via: lechatnoiremeutier.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 5, 2017
by actforfreedom

[Montreuil, 93] Three Autolibs go up in smoke in solidarity – France

Autolib on fire
 We wanted to express our solidarity with Damien, sentenced on Thursday 19 to 10 months in prison, with actions.
 We were many in this rampaging demonstration on the 14th of April and will not let him pay for it alone – we do not forget him. On the evening of Sunday the 22nd we found three Autolibs in rue Galilée in Montreuil and set them on fire.
 They flog us the Autolib as a solution for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, ‘smarter’ city. We puke on their propaganda.  For Damien, therefore, and also for the comrades imprisoned in Italy for Operation Scripta Manent.

Freedom for all!

Friends of Jules Bonnot and of spring 2016

PS We want to send a complicit accolade to the comrades who burned cars of collaborators in Brussels on the evening of the new year. Reading that the nights of Brussels were illuminated by your attacks (and those of others) motivates us even more to act (this is also what communiques of claims are for, right?). Yet we think that distributing leaflets, sticking up posters is important and it is not to “form brigades” or to “seduce” but to share subversive ideas.

But we’re sure you’ve already thought about it. Kiss.

[Received by email, Wednesday 25 January 2017]


Translated by Act for freedom now!
ubica copy

February 5, 2017
by actforfreedom

Germany – ‘In Spite Of Their Separation’ – Call for international solidarity and action to defend R94 in Berlin

We are writing to you from the threatened houseproject Rigaer 94
in one of Berlins once notorious squatting neighbourhoods.
Our contexts might be worlds apart or really close but the reality we lived last year
bears the prints of the same systematically oppressive system.
In solidarity with all threatened projects, individuals and emancipatory struggles, we would like to better connect our structures and work on a closer link based on support, in our struggles.
Let’s keep walking this path together, but first a short summary of the recent past and our situation.
Last year saw us, the neighbourhood and people around, on the receiving end of much police repression, starting with the declaration by the state that our street and neighbourhood was a danger zone (Gefahrengebiet), giving the police extra search and detain powers and a green light for constant street harassment of anyone fitting their vision of a ‘leftist’, not white or somehow not normative person (this evolved into almost anyone being controlled, no matter how they presented). Continue Reading →

February 5, 2017
by actforfreedom

Koper (Slovenia): Solidarity with INDE Platforma Squat, under threat of eviction [ENG-SLO-ITA]

Autonomous spaces under attack, support the struggle!
Call for solidarity actions for INDE squat in Koper, Slovenia
In the last few years we have seen new autonomous spaces emerging in Slovenia, joining the struggles of older squats all over the country. Along the Slovenian coast, two enormous buildings were occupied until recently. The occupations brought radical politics and different social relations to their environment. Both squats were always open to a variety of projects and initiatives, but had strong anarchist presence and activities as well. The spaces used to be factories, which were destroyed by the brutal privatization.
Right after New Years, ARGO squat in Izola was forcefully evicted. Eviction was preceded by a series of harassments from police and security company, that in some cases resulted in serious bodily injuries and fines for comrades there. The second coastal squat, called INDE, got an eviction notice just a few days ago. We are supposed to leave the premises on January 30 2017.
Both squats are currently owned by so-called Bad Bank. This is a state institution under the management of the Ministry of Finance, created to resolve debt by big failed speculative financial investment that crashed during the economic crisis. In other words: they are there to sell buildings cheap and open them to further financial speculations, by which the rich will once again profit, while all of us will lose. The eviction of INDE is going to happen under a pretense of cleaning up dangerous material at the site. ARGO was also declared a dangerous zone by authorities, but the only thing they are trying to clean out of it are comrades who are bringing life into these spaces.

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February 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece -The authorities refuse to revoke the detention of hunger striker Mohamed A.


February 1st:  Mohamed A. was escorted by police forces to the Asylum Service this morning with significant delay. The reason behind his transfer was that the Asylum Service demanded an appointment in order to take his photo and fingerprints. In the morning cops reassured his supporters and Mohamed himself, that his detention would be repealed and he’d return to hospital unguarded. When the process at the Asylum Service was completed, Mohamed was given a document that confirmed his asylum application, based on which his deportation is now cancelled. Later on he was taken to the police department of the detention centre where he received documents stating that his application has been recorded but not accepted yet, therefore his detention could not come to an end. Mohamed is now back in the hospital and he intends to go on with his hunger strike. His mental and physical health have significantly deteriorated.
The responsibility of the Asylum Service is very obvious since the officials have been aware of the fragility of Mohamed’s health and still refused to prioritise his application, which extends the state of captivity he is in and puts his life in grave danger.The vindictive stance of the police towards him is also manifest in the way they messed with his mental health since the chief of police himself had announced to Mohamed that he would be released and tried to persuade him to stop the hunger strike.
Revoke the detention of Mohamed A.
(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)
*Mohamed is now on the 50th day of his hunger strike
And more info here

February 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Rail traffic: Seven cable gutters burnt – Germany

Rhein-Neckar, 29 December 2016 – 3 January 2017
Last week, train users had to be patient: several fires caused many delays in the vicinity of Bruchsal.
Last Thursday, firefighters and police were in continuous intervention in the region of Bade du Nord. On the same day, five fires were reported in the region.
In fact, the first happened on Wednesday night, persons unknown set fire to two cable gutters of the Deutsche Bahn located parallel to the tracks, north of Graben-Neudorf on the Karlsruhe-Mannheim line.
The following day, the intervention forces were called for four more fires: around 11:30, 12:50 and 14:45, fires were started along the tracks in Walldorf-Wiesloch, Bruchsal-Untergrombach and Bruchsaler Schlachthof. In the evening, police were again called for a fire between Germersheim and Speyer, at the level of Lingenfeld.
Since then, traffic has been re-established on the line between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. Even if all the damage has not yet been fixed, the main cable tracks controlling the signals have been repaired. All trains can circulate, but the work is not finished, and passengers should expect delays.
In Graben-Neudorf alone the damage amounts to at least 100,000 euros.
Investigators have as yet found no trace of the arsonists. The police have not yet clarified whether the facts are related and how many perpetrators would have been involved. “There are slight differences in the modus operandi of the five fires,” but in each case the gutter had been opened, fire accelerator liquid poured inside and then set alight.

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February 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

Leuven, Belgium -A small deed of resistance.. to show that the accused are not alone

(BE) Leuven
A small deed of resistance.. to show that the accused are not alone.

February 2, 2017
by actforfreedom

[avalanche] Contributions Avalanche 10


Dear comrades,
We make this call out for contributions for the next issue of the anarchist correspondence paper Avalanche.
Texts concerning anarchist interventions, ongoing struggles, past
experiences, critical evaluations, broader reflections on the anarchist struggle, can be send until the 1st of march 2017 to the following email:
Thanks for telling us as fast as possible if you think on sending a contribution.
Queridos companeros,
Hacemos esto llamamiento a contribuciones por el proximo numero de la revista de correspondencia anarquista Avalancha.
Se puede mandar textos sobre intervenciones anarquistas, conflictos en curso, experiencias del pasado, balances criticas, reflexiones mas amplias sobre la lucha anarquista, antes del 1 de marzo 2017 en este correo:
Gracias de decirnos lo mas antes possible si pensais en mandar una contribucion.

Chers compagnons,
On lance cet appel aux contributions pour le prochain numéro du journal de correspondance anarchiste Avalanche.
Les textes concernant d’interventions anarchistes, des conflits en cours, des expériences du passé, des évaluations critiques ou des réflexions plus amples sur la lutte anarchiste peuvent être envoyé avant le 1 mars 2017 à l’adresse suivante:
Merci de nous prévenir si vous pensiez envoyer une contribution.

February 1, 2017
by actforfreedom
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Galicia (Spain State): New operation against Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Elisa Di Bernardo

Garra-Sombras-83490Careful who you call comrade!
Tuesday, 24 January, on the outskirts of Vigo (Mos), a deployment of about 60 armed men between the Guardia Civil and secret agents, searched (and almost destroyed) the house where Gabriel Pombo da Silva had lived for a few months with his partner Elisa Bernardo. At dawn the two were violently awakened, handcuffed and separated … aim: to find firearms and explosives! The search lasted about eight hours and in spite of the means employed (dogs and high technology radar tools), gave no results … among the things seized there is the usual “interesting” anarchist material, cameras, maps of various cities, some cable and old malfunctioning cell phones.
While Elisa, despite the repeated threat of being placed under arrest unless she revealed the much desired hiding place, remained free, Gabriel was arrested on charges of “illegal possession and trafficking of weapons and explosives and armed group”.  During the 24 hours’ detention (the release of the comrade happened, in fact, the next day) the facts were bitterly reconstructed.
About three months ago the couple got to know a self-proclaimed anarchist comrade who, during the few opportunities to meet, “confesses” her problems with drugs and a conditional sentence she is doing because of an arrest suffered in 2013 on charges of being the author of an attack with Molotov cocktails on an institution in Vigo. Heart in hand, Gabriel and Elisa, respond to the request for help from the “comrade”, accepting her for a week (at the beginning of the year) in the aforementioned house to accompany her in the worst phase of a path of detoxification. After this brief period, the girl returns to her own home … reappearing as informer (of false information) the day prior to the present named “Operación Buyo”.
If we had not received certain news that during her previous arrest she had defamed other people, we would have limited ourselves to considering her a “victim of the system”, but that is not so. Maria, this is her name, is currently in jail on the same charges as Gabriel, probably hoping that being the daughter of a military leader can help her to avoid the worst since an arsenal of firearms was found at her home. In 2013, in fact, despite the charges of terrorism, one saw the sentence being reduced significantly (from 11 to 2 years !!!), then converted to parole, with her remaining imprisoned not more than a few months. With all the hatred toward the repressive system, prison and the judicial system, it is inevitable to wonder since when do those who claim themselves as anarchists receive such treatment. Each to their own conclusions.
Gabriel, for now on bail and under investigation … comments on this latest repressive operation thus:
“Inside as outside” one palpates this reactionary arrogance against who never resign themselves. You see that the pigs of every race and condition need “additives and dyes” to sweeten the whole “reality” that is inconvenient to them.
“Journalists” more concerned to sell their printed shit than verifying the veracity of what they publish. “Police” more interested in organizing speculations to prove their hypotheses.
What is really “surprising” (or who knows not), is that since they let me go (not to mention all that this tremendous affair contains) there was more “protection” in “Judicial Power” than within the so-called “libertarian movement”.
Since 2012 there are already 3 “Operations” (Ardire, Scripta Manent and “our local” Operation Buyo) against me.
In Italian ” buio ” means” dark … and yes …” dark” is this whole operation in which a “girl” (with a dark past) approached with the question of being a “comrade” to then want me stoned alive. Those requesting information on this “girl” can read the following links and answer for themselves. I am neither a judge nor a prosecutor.
In relation to the shit about the “training ground”, the “terrorist cell”, the “possession of weapons” and trafficking of the same … well … I think the facts belie all. However I understand that in this alienated society and this corrupt system it is preferred to speak / to lie about the underlying causes of poverty than watch one’s own navel.
I’m still standing. I continue with my anarchist path despite all and everything. They will never be able to stop the Agustin Rueda University, that I am going to inaugurate in my parents’ house in the country there in Mos, with this kind of maneuver.
In my house were seized: 5 winter cabbages, anarchist books and magazines. It is obvious that if they had found even one nail clipper in my possession, Gabriel Pombo would be writing “communiques” from a cell and not in freedom.
To those who continue to support me and show me their unconditional love: I’m here!
To those who continue to want to assassinate: I’m here!
Never Defeated!
Never repentant !!
For Anarchy and the end of domination!

Gabriel Pombo da Silva
29 January 2017


Translated by Act for freedom now

February 1, 2017
by actforfreedom


Act for free Received 1/2/17
flyer aggiornato
In the early hours of 6th September 2016, an operation coordinated by the Digos (political police) of Turin led to the searches of 30 homes in various Italian regions (Piedmont, Liguria, Lazio, Umbria, Lombardy, Abruzzo, Campania, Sardinia and Emilia Romagna) and the arrest of five anarchist comrades accused of subversive association with terrorist intent. In addition, two anarchists who have been in custody since September 2012 received notification in prison.
The police operation is called “Scripta Manent” (from Latin proverb “verba volant, scripta manent” — spoken words fly away, written words remain), and is just the latest in a series of similar others carried out throughout the last decades, all of them meant to take anarchists out of the streets and into jail. Why? Because anarchist ideas and practices are dangerous to power. These are ideas and practices, theory and action, which have one and only unequivocal object: total liberation and the destruction of all forms of oppression, no matter whether we live in times of “crisis” or not. But during a period of “crisis” people often stop being passive recipients of decisions imposed from above. Anarchists, in this sense, can set an example in terms of attack, direct action and self-organization of the struggle. That’s the reason behind the many operations with fancy names (Cervantes, Night Time, Boldness, etc.) that have cost many comrades time in prison and endless judicial proceedings.
Italian public prosecutors don’t even need any evidence of “crime” to order raids and arrests against anarchists. So if you are an anarchist in Italy you can expect your home to be stormed by dozens of armed cops at any time, and you end up in jail for months on end awaiting trial for some police investigation often based on inconsistent evidence.
“Scripta Manent”, in particular, is focused on a string of direct actions claimed by various groups of the FAI, Informal Anarchist Organization, between 2004 and 2012. The attacks inserted in this investigation include the parcel-bombs sent to the CPT (detention centre for immigrants) director in Modena in May 2005, to the traffic-cops barracks in Torino-San Salvario and to the chief-police of Lecce, the explosive device against the RIS barracks (carabinieri forensics) in Parma (October 2005), the parcel-bomb sent to the Mayor of Bologna Sergio Cofferati (November 2005), the devices against the carabinieri cadets’ barracks in Fossano (June 2, 2006), the devices placed in the Turin neighbourhood Crocetta (March  2007). In order to corroborate the crime of association, another action was included in the list: the shooting and kneecapping of Roberto Adinolfi (May 2012), managing director of nuclear power company Ansaldo Nucleare, despite the fact that two comrades (Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai) have already been convicted and have publicly claimed this attack putting a supposed end to the case.
The comrades arrested in operation “Scripta Manent” are:
Marco Bisesti – Strada Alessandria 50/A – 15121 San Michele – Alessandria (AL)
Alessandro Mercogliano – Via Arginone 327 – 44122 Ferrara
Anna Beniamino – Via Aspromonte 100 – 04100 Latina (LT)
Danilo Emiliano Cremonese – Via Arginone 327 – 44122 Ferrara
Valentina Speziale – Via Aspromonte 100 – 04100 Latina (LT)
Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai – C.C Via Argione 327
44122 Ferrara (Italy)
Another comrade, Daniele, was arrested in relation to other proceedings on charges of possession of material for the manufacture of explosive devices, following the discovery in his apartment of some batteries and an electrician’s manual.
Daniele Cortelli – Str. delle Campore 32  –  05100 Terni (TR)
In the face of all this, we can only stand by the side of those who struggle against this rotten society based on exploitation and who believe in action as a means to change things. Let’s not allow repression to achieve its aims of intimidation and scaremongering that would want us to be submissive and obedient to the order of the law.
Freedom for all!
Fire to all prisons!

February 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

Financial Campaign to aid political prisoners in Greece

Actforfree: Received 30/1/17

The state through repressive mechanisms (cops, jail guards) and judicial power (prosecutors, judges) aimed at physical and psychological extermination of political prisoners.ραδφ-2
Prisoners and comrades however, are in a daily struggle between “special” conditions of detention, vindictive transfers, visiting denials, intimidation and persecution of relatives and friendly contacts and relatives, isolation’s, deprivation of rights like exit permit from prison, intent proceedings and indictments for statements of regret, self-censorship and capitulation. The ideas however are not imprisoned and solidarity is not penalized by any terror law . We build bridges to continue our common struggle by whatever means available. We support the imprisoned comrades both politically and morally through the promotion of their speech and the practical questioning of state power. For a long period some detainees and prisoners do not receive absolutely no material help and they still fight against the state oppression .
For these reasons, we constitute an initiative of financial support for the prisoners comrades.

There is an account for sending money and a pay-pal account too.
For further information, contact the station’s email.



Gefangene / s Begleiter / unsere Ses sind tägliche Kampf unter «besonderen» Haftbedingungen, rachsüchtig Transfers, besuchen Dementis, Einschüchterung, Verfolgung von Angehörigen und freundliche Menschen, Trennung, Entzug der Lizenzen, Absichten Versuch Anklagen für Reue-Erklärungen und Geisel Situationen. Der Staat durch Unterdrückungsmechanismen und Justizmacht zielt darauf ab, physische und psychische Vernichtung von politischen Gefangenen. Aber Ideen sind nicht in Haft und Solidarität wird von jedem Terrorgesetz nicht bestraft, wie Sie wollen.
Wir bauen Brücken unseren gemeinsamen Kampf fortzusetzen, indem was auch immer zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln. Wir unterstützen / s Insassen sowohl politisch als auch moralisch durch die Förderung ihrer Sprache und die praktische Frage der Staatsmacht und Materialien. Für eine lange Zeit erhalten einige politische Gefangene und Gefangene nicht unbedingt jegliche materielle Unterstützung und dennoch im Stehen und Angriff gegen repressive und Justiz stehen aus. Aus diesen Gründen stellen wir Initiative finanzielle Unterstützung für Gefangene unsere gefangenen Genossen

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January 31, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece Moria, Lesbos: The story of a refugee indefinitely confined on the outskirts of Fortress Europe

Published on Jan 22, 2017
From escaping death or imprisonment and torture in Nigeria to the indefinite imprisonment at Moria refugee concentration camp in Lesbos, Greece, this is the revealing story of a migrant that endured months of unimaginable hardship to reach Europe hoping to find, if nothing else, at least some decency and a chance for a future without fearing for his life or freedom, only to be indefinitely confined in a refugee hot spot living under inhumane conditions.

January 31, 2017
by actforfreedom

The appalling living conditions at Souda refugee and migrants camp (Chios, Greece – January 2017)

Published on Jan 28, 2017
Nine months after the EU-Turkey refugee agreement and the official closing of the Balkan route towards north Europe, thousands of refugees and migrants are being forced to live indefinitely in concentration camps across Greece, in horrendous conditions, with no hope for tomorrow, being exposed to below zero temperatures, in inadequate and unacceptable dwellings or even tents.
The tragic images of refugees living in tents covered with snow and barefoot toddlers in the muddy water of the camps, waiting in long queues for a plate of food under unbearable temperatures, are still fresh. Despite government claims that the measures for the protection of refugees from the adverse weather conditions have been successfully completed, the preparation for protecting migrants and refugees who are trapped in the Greek islands has failed, despite the millions of euros that have been given to prepare for the winter, which recently has been harsh even for Greek weather standards.
And it’s no wonder, since the Greek government, local municipalities and NGO’s see refugees as a business opportunity.
And for these reasons for many months since the initial wave of refugees coming to Greece in 2015 the government and the police -through media propaganda and arrests- managed to demonize and barred all the hundreds of volunteers that in a self organized manner were helping the thousands of refugees arriving to Greece. Then they imprisoned the refugees into camps guarded by the police, from which they are allowed out of them for few hours a day, (which is pointless in most cases since they are situated far away from villages or cities, so that contact with people and necessary services is avoided or prevented), forbidden outsiders to visit the camps, even reporters or photojournalists without supervised permission and directed all the money to NGO’s to run the camps (many of them were set up just a bit after the first refugee waves sensing the flow of money to the European entry point of Greece). There have even been situations were local authorities used the money they got to hire people to help the refugees indeed to hire employees but use them for completely different duties serving the local authorities, based on the excuse that greece is under financial crisis, thus we see these appealing conditions in camps were already to refugees have died in January.