January 11, 2017
by actforfreedom

Greece – Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas released from custody – Revolutionary Struggle comrades end hunger & thirst strike

According to Athens Indymedia a new order was issued by the prosecutor on 08.01.16 terminating the detention of Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas, the 6 year old son of Revolutionary Struggle members Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis, and awarding temporary custody of the child to his grandmother.
The child has already left the hospital with his relatives. Comrades Pola Roupa, Nikos Maziotis and Konstantina Athanasopoulou have ended their hunger and thirst strike. A decision on final custody of the child will take place in six months time.

January 11, 2017
by actforfreedom

Arson and sabotage at hambach mine, by Criminal Mechanics Party -Germany

This new years night while everybody was celebrating, we had a special party of our own, visiting the hambach opencast mine and putting on a nice fireworks display for RWE and breaking some glass for a lucky new fear.
After wandering along the railway tracks which transport brown coal from the mine to nearby power stations, we came across two signal boxes and a bundle of cables and thought these were perfectly suitable targets for our mischevious intentions.
We opened the boxes with a wide chisel and placed inside 10cm lengths of inner tube stuffed with gasoline soaked cloths then smeared the inside of the boxes with burning gel to make sure it all burnt properly.
We thought the party was over, but then on the way back we noticed some welcoming lights from an office trailer in a fenced compound. Next to the trailer were two parked diggers in dire need of maintainance, we checked the trailer was empty by smashing its windows, then cut the fence and set about immediately improving the air conditioning of the diggers, smashing their windows, cutting all of the hydraulics and adding some extra holes to the coolers. We also poured some dirt and broken glass in the gas tanks and used a bolt cutter to cut the valves of the trailers tires.
200m further, we found a front-end loader and gave it the same treatment aswell as emptying the fire extinguisher found inside the cab into its gas tank.
According to the media reports all of this caused a damage of “tens of thousands” of euros, making it our most expensive new years party so far.
We wish to send our thanks to all the people who provided us with perfect soundcover by wasting huge amounts of explosives and terrifying the local wildlife in a stupid capitalist ritual.
– Criminal Mechanics Party

January 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Mexico – Incendiary attack against a gas station in Tultitlán by ‘Punky Maury’ Informal Action Cell FAI-IRF

Yesterday we attacked the gas station located on Canal Prados avenue in Tultitlán, State of Mexico with incendiary bombs and molotov cocktails causing a fire in the gasoline pumps which we could not stop to appreciate or calculate the damages.
Our motives? Revenge for our comrades detained by state forces for protesting against the so-called ‘mega gasoline’, which starves our people for the benefit of the rich and powerful. But this was not our only reason, we also want to denounce and attack the progress, development and totality of the civilizing project that tramples underfoot and destroys Mother Earth.
To destroy the walls of all the prisons!
To let burn what has to burn!
To defend Mother Earth by all means necessary!
Sincerely: ‘Punky Maury’ Informal Action Cell FAI-IRF
(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

January 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Cremona, Italy – Northern League premises attacked

From the local media of 15th December we learn of and report an attack on Northern League premises in Cremona. Windows damaged and graffiti left: “No borders, for Emilio and Maurizio” and “Racists and murderer guards”.


Translated by act for freedom now!

January 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy – Presentation of the book LA RIPRODUZIONE ARTIFICIALE DELL’ UMANO [The Artificial Reproduction of the Human], Ortica editrice, 2016

presentazioni-alexis-png_hdPresentation of the book LA RIPRODUZIONE ARTIFICIALE DELL’ UMANO [The Artificial Reproduction of the Human], Ortica editrice, 2016, with the participation of the author Alexis Escudero, organized by Collettivo Resistenze al Nanomondo [Resistance to the Nano-world Collective]
7am vegan aperitif – 7:30pm presentation
Centro Socio Culturale, Via Borgo Palazzo 25
7:30 vegan aperitif – 8:30pm presentation
El Tavan, Via dei Muredei 34/B
7:30 vegan aperitif – 9pm presentation
Radio Blackout, Via Cecchi 21/A
With the participation of Daniela Danna
6pm presentation – 8pm vegan aperitif
Libreria Antigone (lgbt bookshop, gender studies, feminisms, queer art and theory)
Via Antonio Kramer 20 (Porta Venezia)
1pm vegan lunch – 3pm presentation
Garage Anarchico, Chiassetto Sant’Ubaldesca 44 (Zona San Martino)
2pm presentation – 4:30pm vegan snacks
Libreria Naturista, Via degli Albari 2/D
“The artificial reproduction of the human – medically assisted procreation – is yet another conquest of capitalism towards an increasingly oppressive exploitation of the living, which is extending its tentacles right to the origin of life and is even transforming human seeds into merchandise.
The artificial reproduction of the human being, which capitalism is imposing on our bodies, will allow genetic control, selection and modification and homologation until the total domestication of the human is reached.”
Contacts: info@resistenzealnanomondo.org
STILL LIFE. Invisible biocide within the law
A Tgmaddalena documentary
Translated by act for freedom now!

January 8, 2017
by actforfreedom

Thessaloniki [Greece]: Church burned in solidarity with Monica and Francisco (08/12/2016)

In the early hours of 8 December 2016 we decided to attack the church of the Prophet Elijah in Olympiados Street in Thessaloniki, setting fire to the entrance door and the interior. This was an act of solidarity with the anarchist prisoners Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, accused of an explosive attack against the Basilica del Pilar in s-g-salonicco-grecia-incendiata-chiesa-in-solidari-1Zaragoza that took place on 2 October 2013. In fact, during this period the Catholic Church in Spain was hit by a series of attacks because of its desire to restrict access to abortion.
Each religion is our enemy. It maintains the status quo, pacifying society with norms that later become laws. It bases its power on the faithful’s hope of a future life in the hereafter, stifling all desire for rebellion in the present, here and now. It justifies war based on cultural differences, that religion itself created.

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January 7, 2017
by actforfreedom

Train sabotage by Piromane against RWE – Germany

On the night of the 5th of january I paid a visit to the hambach open cast browncoal mine close to Aachen. My goal was to destroy the railroad tracks with a load of thermite i stole from an other industrial company.
Thermite burns around 2500 degrees celcius and the steel of the tracks melts around 1500 degrees celcius so the thermite does a lot of damage when ignited properly.
I chose the location so it would hurt them most, at the part whare the train can switch to the other track since this part is one of a kind and they have to make a new one on site.When i got there i setted everything up after checking the target and my escape root, the termite i put in 2 plant pots with hole in the bottom to guide the molten mixture to the right place. The stuff is easy to ignite with sparklers which you can get anywhere around new years but to be sure it all goes up i put around 20 in each spot. I placed the devices and set it ablaze, just in the moment i lighted the 2nd one i saw the hadlichts of an train comming my way. I had plenty of time to get some space between me and the molten mixture and watch the train driving into one of the pots. The tracks and front weel was covered in the burning thermite and making a repetetive noise of the wheels hitting the damaged spot.
After one last look at this spectacle i got my ass out of there.
Piromane against RWE.

January 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

Athens, Greece – Statement of anarchist guerrilla Pola Roupa – Starts hunger and thirst strike 05/01/17

I Panagiota (Pola) Roupa declare that I was and will be until I die an unrepentant enemy of the system. They have now put the child in the middle of this war and they punish him in order to get revenge against me. They have kidnapped my child and i don t know where he is since our arrest in the early morning.
We are at war, it is true. But them fighting against my child, by not allowing me or other close relatives to see him and by threatening to send him to an institution, is the most despicable act in this war. Those who are in the state apparatus are worms because they are fighting against a 6 year old child.
And I want to state that I have now begun a hunger and thirst strike to demand that the child is given to my mother and my sister. As for me I will remain the enemy until I die. And I will never yield. Long live the revolution!
Pola Roupa




Act for freedom now notes:1547004433_7a4d5d742d_o
In the early morning hours of January 5th 2017, two Revolutionary Struggle members, fugitive comrade Pola Roupa and anarchist Konstantina Athanasopoulou were captured at a southern area of Athens. Anti-terrorist cops raided a hideout with Pola and her six-year-old son inside, while Konstantina was arrested in another house nearby.
After being forcibly removed from his mother, Lambros-Viktoras Maziotis Roupas—the small son of Revolutionary Struggle members Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa—is being held captive inside a children’s hospital in Athens guarded by cops…
In response to this, three Revolutionary Struggle members—Nikos Maziotis, the recaptured comrade Pola Roupa and the newly arrested Konstantina Athanasopoulou—have undergone hunger and thirst strike since January 5th, demanding that the six-year-old be immediately placed with his aunt and grandmother.
Konstantina’s statement:
“I am an anarchist, member of the armed revolutionary organization Revolutionary Struggle. The only terrorists are the State and the Capital. I refuse to eat and drink anything until the child of my comrades Pola Roupa and Nikos Maziotis is delivered to relatives of theirs.
Konstantina Athanasopoulou”


January 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

NYE Demo at HMP Hindley – UK

Report on Demonstration at HMP/YOI Hindley 29/12/2016
Yesterday, around 40 people from the North-West gathered at HMP Hindley to send a loud message of solidarity to those affected by the prison’s harm, neglect and violence, and highlight the inhumane impact of current government policy. The prison, recently savaged by the government’s chief inspector of prisons as “possibly one of the very worst [Category C prisons] that inspectors had ever seen”, holds over 600 young people and adult men in abject conditions: inmates are fed mouldy bread, kept in filthy cells in extreme isolation (two thirds are regularly locked in their cells for over 18 hours a day) and denied access to showers, clean clothes and clean bedding. Over 150 prisoner suicide watch files have been opened in the last 6 months, and the latest tragic suicide in February 2016 shows that the authorities ignored the recommendations of an investigation into a previous death in 2012 — prisoners have only limited access to their families or professional emotional support services, and cell bells are often left unanswered.

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January 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

Anarchist Wallpaper #2 December 2016 is out

awallpapernr2dec2016englishAfter the smashing success of the first Anarchist Wallpaper, here is the second edition! This time around, the paper is about borders, militarisation, and of course the repression surrounding the previous wallpaper. Download the wallpaper, print and circulate it!

Download the wallpaper:

Anarchist Wallpaper #2 December 2016 

Destroy the borders of Fortress Europe
About the militarisation of borders.
While products and capital can travel freely across the world, fences are being erected throughout the European landscape. Soldiers and police are being sent to the borders and thousands of people are being locked up in present-day concentration camps.
The borders of Fortress Europe are closed, the fences erected from steel and barbed-wire, and the seas are being blocked by the military. People who have undertaken a hellish journey looking for a better life are being labelled as undesirable and are being locked up and dehumanised. The witch-hunt against migrants is being carried out so that we don’t have to be confronted with the real problems that we are all facing. The fences on the border and the militarisation of the streets are not meant to protect us from a so called tidal wave of refugees. The borders are there to protect the elite and are nothing but the tentacles of a controlling and oppressive state. The same state that is doing everything to keep people tied up, tied up in work, exploitation and repression.
Western wars for resources, the arms trade, and exploitation lie at the root of the great migration wave. These wars that are being fought under the guise of fighting terrorism are nothing more than a violent trade mission aimed at filling the pockets of the managers and bosses of large corporations. While they keep getting richer, we must work our asses off every day to be able to survive, to keep filling the pockets of the rich.
That is what connects us all. We are all subject to the same social construct of exploitation and repression. We must not go along with the scapegoating politics of blaming refugees for every social ill, such as the lack of housing and poverty. These problems are not the fault of migrants, but of the bosses and exploiters. It is the whole political party spectrum from left to right that allows affordable houses to be demolished while luxury apartments pop up in their place. They keep poverty in place because it’s not in their interest to achieve real equality. They cannot profit from actual equality, and their cronies from large multinationals wouldn’t be able to keep getting endlessly richer.
By militarising the borders and filling the streets with officers carrying machine guns, the state is only showing that it can force everyone to do what it wants by using violence; that they can keep everyone in line and working in the pursuit of the state’s interests. But nothing could be further from the truth. We can and must break the chains of oppression. If we really want to be free, then we must attack the state, hinder militarisation and destroy their borders! Destroy the borders so that we can all live in freedom!



January 6, 2017
by actforfreedom

Prison of Latina , Italy – The Censorship confiscated the texts by anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino (03/01/2016)

The anarchist comrade Anna [arrested in Op. “Scripta Manent] write us that for the first time her outgoing mail has been blocked.
It’s about two texts for the 4th issue of publishing project “Croce Nera Anarchica” [Anarchist Black Cross magazine].
The texts concerned has been sent to me and to comrade Alfredo Cospito.
The Plague Upon You!
Omar Nioi/C.N.A.



January 4, 2017
by actforfreedom


receive by email:
The preliminary hearing for the trial of comrade Daniele Cortelli has been set for 31st January and his custodial appeal will still go ahead on 13th January.
Custodial appeals for Marco Bisesti, Anna Beniamino, Alessandro Mercogliano, Valentina Speziale e Danilo Cremonese have now been set for 21st February 2017.
ps: “from a letter sent by comrade Anna Beniamino, we know that for the first time, her outgoing post has been blocked. She had sent two articles for the Croce Nera journal due to come out soon’.

January 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

[Brussels, Belgium] Attacks in solidarity with Damien, in pre-trial detention in Fleury

Et bim !

attack in solidarity with the compa  Damien

glacial brussels:

last night I was strolling innocently neck warmer up to the eyes and glass breaker in my pocket when I crossed in front of this car of security guards who were driving around alone. after putting up my middle finger to the camera above me I smashed the windows of the cashpoint.
too much security, too many cops, too many screws.

a little thought for you when it breaks damien.


p.s. as I’d warmed up, on the way back I also broke the jc decaux that were going on a little too much (of the kind bling bling of christmas did you see)

dedicated to all those who don’t wait

[Published in indymedia nantes, saturday 31 december 2016]

Translated by Act for freedom now!

January 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

Italy Florence – Bomb against neo-fascist bookshop, a bomb disposal cop wounded and anarchist places raided

We learn from the national media of the explosion of a bomb in front of a neo-fascist bookshop in Florence and of an unspecified number of raids in homes and places of anarchist comrades. A police bomb disposal expert was wounded during the operation to defuse the device connected to a timer: the explosion led to injury of a hand and an eye [previously the media reported the amputation of the hand and loss of the eye]. fiorenze-e1483353882523
In the hours following searches were conducted in the area of anarchist circles in Florence and Tuscany; at the moment there is no more information about the places affected, while reports say they have not found anything. The bomb had been discovered by a patrol of the Digos in the town involved in monitoring the bookshop near to Casapound, identified as a sensitive objective and already attacked in the past. The prosecutor is investigating for attempted murder.
Further updates coming soon.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

January 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

[Chile] Poster in memory of anarchist Sebastián Oversluij, who fell three years ago during a bank robbery in Santiago

In the morning of December 11, 2013, companion Sebastián Oversluij was preparing to expropriate a bank branch in the commune of ‘Pudahuel’. Upon entering the said agency, the comrade “Angry” drew the submachine gun he was angryhoy-208x300carrying under his clothes announcing the assault. The wretched security guard attacks the companion by killing him immediately, the bastard in uniform having had a military training and  great mercenary experience in Haiti and Iraq.
We associate ourselves with the comrade’s decision to expropriate the rich, recognizing them as enemies of capital and the system of domination that generates and propagates the miseries we live daily. We encourage any attack on the property and interests of the rich, we are part of this multiform war against power.
We remember the comrade for what he was, for the consistency of his actions, for his contribution and his advance in this process of permanent attack against the structures of power. Memory is a constant and continuous exercise in our history, and that is why we are honouring the comrade who decided to take his revolutionary practice to his last breath.
“It’s time to reclaim life, destroy all authority, attack the police, attack banks, expropriate, disobey and destroy.” Angry
Memory and combat for the comrade fallen on December 11, 2013 during a bank robbery
[Poster received by mail in Spanish]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

January 4, 2017
by actforfreedom

Athens – Νew years eve outside of Korydallos prisons (31/12/16)

As every year, like this one we celebrated the new year outside Korydallos prison next to our imprisoned comrades.
The difference with the previous years is that we managed to stand very close to the women’s prison and to make a small demonstration around the male prisons shouting slogans without the uniformed bastards to keep us at a distance from the walls of the prison.
We stand by our captive comrades.
Until all kinds of prisons collapse!
Dynamite and fire to all cells!
Traces of Fire

January 3, 2017
by actforfreedom

Smash G20! Bank attacked in Lund, Sweden!

Yesterday 27/12 night a bank was attacked in the central parts of Lund. The windows of the one side got smashed and on the other, slogans were sprayed. This is part of the anti-capitalist mobilization for the G20 in Hamburg in July. This is a step in delegitimatizing capitalist institutions, in showing the resistance towards them in a concrete way. This is just the beginning.
Translated from https://gatorna .info

January 1, 2017
by actforfreedom

The anarchist comrades accused of participating in the expropriation of a bank office in Aachen are still imprisoned in Germany awaiting trial that will start on January 23rd 2017. [cat / cas / eng]

Call for solidarity!
The anarchist comrades accused of participating in the expropriation of a bank office in Aachen in the month of November 2014 are still imprisoned in Germany awaiting trial that will start on January 23rd 2017. The dutch comrade, also judged for expropriation of a bank office on the same territory, is free at the moment, although the prosecutor has appealed the decision after the judge granted acquittal. (more info in English: https://solidariteit.noblogs.org/)
From Solidaritat Rebel, we want them to feel our solidarity for it to cross borders, bars and walls, and send them all our strength and complicity.
We want to unmask and point out three important protagonists responsible for the kidnapping of our comrades.

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December 30, 2016
by actforfreedom

[Mexico – Marseille] Texts by Fernando Barcenas Castillo

 Fernando Barcenas’ text sent for the ABC (Anarchist
Black Cross Festival 2016) Marseille
ferFrom the North prison of the city of Mexico 1 December 2016
 In the prisons of the city of Mexico, isolation is used as
massive disciplinary measure in order to extort and extirpate
from prisoners right down to their last cents.
 “Inside” these cities with more than 50,000 male and female prisoners, capitalism is what it is, it does not disguise itself, nor does it wear democratic masks. And today it is clearly announcing its elementary law: we, the marginalized, will be exterminated. But not before offering up the last drop of our slave labour, our badly paid bitter-tasting sweat, bitter because we know that it is against our will.
 Meanwhile they dictate the conditions of participation in their trade:
“Get into the van, or he’ll knock you down.” They ask cynically that many cowards join the ranks of the mafia because they know they won’t have the courage to give up their comfort.
And yet prison wasn’t always like that …
 The deluge of drugs that pours down on it has turned it into an immense house of madmen, where the needs of prisoners are fuelled to better defraud them, pushing them to a life of automatons at the orders of commerce …
 It is for this reason that it is so important not to stop imagining and being sensitive. Indeed they are trying to convert us into war machines.
Now only action and solidarity remain, knowing that prison is nothing other than the society in which we live.
 At war until total freedom.
 – Fernando Barcenas –
Translated by Act for freedom now!