September 28, 2020
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Maubeuge (North), France : Two SPIP cars set on fire in jail car park

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L’Observateur / Friday 11 September 2020

Two vehicles were struck by fire during the night of Thursday September 10 to Friday 11, around 2:30 am, in the parking lot of Maubeuge prison. According to Christophe Muzzolin, of the Force ouvrière pénitentiaire union, this is apparently a voluntary act since “a brick was found inside one of the cars”.These vehicles belong to the Prison service for integration and probation. They were parked in the parking lot reserved for personnel of the establishment.

 For Christophe Muzzolin [his ugly face opposite; NdAtt.], this is no more and no less than a “sign of pressure. It is to tell the personnel that if we can’t reach them inside, we can get them outside “.For several months, the trade unionist has been urging his management to “secure the whole domain. Today it is like going into a mill “. His aim: that those entering the prison area be checked beforehand, along the Assevent road, with the installation of barriers and fencing, as well as cameras.
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September 28, 2020
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Haut-Rhin, France : Fourteen indictments for nine relay antenna fires

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France 3 / Thursday 10 September 2020

Seppois-le-Bas, 6 July 2019

Fourteen activists of the yellow vests movement have been indicted for damage by fire in an organized gang, announced the Mulhouse prosecutor Edwige Roux-Morizot at a press conference this Thursday, September 10. The twelve men and two women would have

set fire to nine telephone antennas in eight municipalities in Haut-Rhin, between January 5, 2019 and January 23, 2020. They were placed under judicial control.
The events took place in the municipalities of Altkirch, Roppentzwiller, Eteimbes, Seppois-le-Bas, Valdieu-Lutran, Traubach-le-Haut, Wittelsheim and Kingersheim. The indicted, aged 22 to 63, would have acted with the same operating mode for each degradation, by spraying gasoline on a tyre before setting it on fire next to the pylon.

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September 28, 2020
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Pact (Isère), France : The aerial is burning, the TGV is late

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Le Dauphiné / Wednesday 9 September 2020

At around 1.15am in the night between Friday 4 and Saturday 5 September […] an SFR/Free relay antenna was vandalised along the Sud-Est TGV railway line, in the town of Pact. After breaking the gate locks with a bolt cutter, the intruders cut cables at the base of the antenna before setting fire to a tyre. The flames spread rapidly to vegetation, destroying almost 1,000 m², while putting the antenna out of use. The fire also affected the circulation of the TGVs, as the installation also manages the communications of the SNCF. Rail traffic had to be slowed down for part of Saturday morning. […]

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September 28, 2020
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Many months after Richii’s sentence, the filth has taken him to prison to serve six months. We want to remind you how important it is to support folks in prison, write letters and send love his way, he will need it.
Richii was arrested and sentenced on bogus charges for fighting against the fur industry. He was targeted because of his history organising in animal rights in Sweden and used as an example to try to stop a campaign that has become increasingly effective. His charges are manufactured to make him look bad and are not based in reality.
Read his words below:
“Auf wiedersehen comrades
if you are reading this, I have been kidnapped by our animal hating & corrupt state and will be imprisoned for a while.
Many of you have asked me if I want any form of support in prison. Feel free to write me! However, do not feel obligated to send money or other expensive things. Instead, donate that money to your local animal sanctuary.
Never to stop fighting for the animals, regardless of any resistance or setbacks.
We are the only ones they’ve got, the only ones who want to save them at any cost and the only ones who care enough and are dedicated enough to set our egos aside for what’s right. We are the ones fighting to end cruelty and exploitation of animals and we’re going to end it once and for all, step by step.
Fight even harder to crush the resistance: show no mercy for those who stand between us and the oppressed individuals we are trying to save from a certain death.
Fight back. Organize yourself.
No revolution has ever begun without a fight, no revolution ever happened in silence. Silence Is Violence.
Raise your voice for those who can’t speak, fight until every cage is empty and smashed into pieces. I will join you as soon as I can.
For the animals
My address in prison :
Box 3112
200 22 Malmö
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September 28, 2020
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Italy – “Scripta Manent” trial, call for initiatives

Numerous hearings of the operation “Scripta Manent” trial will be held in Turin in September, where 23 anarchists are accused in various ways of episodes and practices of attack that belong to the legacy of the struggle against Authority.
Operation after operation, trial after trial, the State is sharpening the judicial instruments for criminalizing anarchist and revolutionary actions, to strike struggles, suffocate solidarity, worsen prisoners’ isolation.
On the one side, the State and Capital, with the discrimination, repression, exploitation, wars and massacres they are responsible for every day
On the other, different practices and instruments to put in question, disrupt, attack the roles and structures responsible for all this.
We are proud to have chosen where we stand. Proud to struggle.
Thursday 24th September from 9am

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September 28, 2020
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Italy: Statement by Alfredo Cospito – Operation ”Scripta Manent” Trial

IT | Dichiarazione di Alfredo Cospito letta in aula il 9 settembre 2020 per l’appello del processo Scripta Manent
ES | Declaración del compañero Alfredo Cospito
Statement by Alfredo Cospito read in the courtroom on September 9, 2020 for the appeal of the Scripta Manent trial
I would have liked to be silent and let only my lawyer speak (who is more than capable), but seeing that my ideas have been torn to shreds and that words that I have never said have also been put in my mouth, I am forced to intervene directly in the first person.
For us anarchists the end does not justify the means, we firmly believe in the ethics of the means we use, for us it is the means that justify the end, not the other way around.
That is why I must reiterate that I have never made an apology for massacres or mass murder (as stated by – the prosecutor – Sparagna in a previous hearing). The prosecutor is confused, deliberately confusing “terrorism” with “massacre.”
Two ugly words (without a doubt): one belongs to me, “terrorism”, the other is totally foreign to me, “massacre.”
(I open a brief parenthesis on “terrorism”)
Sparagna, in order to create the monster (“the bloodthirsty anarchist,” myself, so we can understand each other), has fished in the context of many of my writings, extrapolating phrases at random. Phrases that are the result of a diatribe (from one of the many debates) that our movement is going through, “the legitimacy of the use or not of the term ‘terrorism’ in an anarchist sphere.” For those who are not anarchists, it is difficult to understand the passion with which we anarchists collide on certain issues.
The (real) meaning of this discussion about terrorism (used by the prosecutors in an incriminating key) actually revolves around my conviction (solitary, I am practically the only one who holds such a position in an anarchist sphere) … I said, about my conviction that It should not be the power to decide which definition is fair or not to use.
Since its origins, anarchists have used the word “terrorism” (in my opinion correctly) in the true original sense: defending the poor people from the exploiters, from the capitalists.

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September 24, 2020
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Poster: Fire to the Cybernetic Prison

PDF to print (11 x 17)
Poster text:
Fire to the Cybernetic Prison
It’s never too late to resist
Artificial Intelligence
AI labs, recipients of several $100M in government funding, are working to put “machine learning” algorithms in the service of a long list of industries. Under an “ethical” facade, some applications will simply allow well-placed capitalists to further enrich themselves. Others aim to reinforce repression, whether detecting shoplifters at the supermarket with automated video surveillance, developing facial recognition tools that work even on partly covered faces, or “predicting” crime or the probability of a prisoner re-offending.
5g Wireless Networking
The unprecedented bandwidth of 5G technology enables the deployment of AI on the scale of a city in real time. Every movement becomes trackable thanks to thousands of cameras integrated into a centralized surveillance apparatus. This vision is already in practice in more than one European “smart city”. Countless sensors dotting public spaces, in businesses, cars and public transit, and worn on our bodies aim to make every action the object of calculation, prediction and control, all under an eco-friendly label. By its pervasiveness, a web of algorithms is made invisible and therefore impossible to resist.
Robotics and Automation
Self-driving cars. Robotized warehouses. Cashierless stores. Delivery robots that call the cops when they are attacked. An infrastructure is being deployed that will change the world of work and our living environment permanently. We don’t mourn the disappearance of back-breaking and boring jobs. A dehumanizing pace is imposed on the remaining workers, who must keep up with the machines and productivity software or be shown the door. Meanwhile, what measures of social control and what exploitative schemes await the new excluded masses of an age of technological unemployment?
Life in Front of a Screen
Possibilities for authentic relations between humans and with our surroundings are increasingly erased in service of a virtual hyper- connectivity. Understanding, discovery, and the search for meaning are reduced to production of data. Attention deficit, memory problems, loss of emotional skills and imagination, disrupted sleep, musculo-skeletal pain, anxiety, loneliness, depression: the symptoms of addiction to online technologies are worsening as the proportion of the population that has spent their entire lives immersed in touch screens grows.
For free and full lives, open to the unknown
Be the outage in their network!
Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

September 24, 2020
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My Pestiferous Life – Claudio Lavazza

Claudio Lavazza, rebel, anarchist, bank robber and gentleman. During the 70s in Italy he participated in the struggle against State and Capital, arms in hand. Contrary to the grave-diggers of subversion, after this experience, he never traded his desire to overthrow the existent for a political career. He never resigned, nor sought refuge in any State, which could have granted him a controlled freedom. He kept fighting, against winds and tides.
After 16 years on the run, never renouncing his anarchist coherence, nor the joy of living as a free man, he was arrested after a bank robbery in Córdoba, Spain, in 1996. On this occasion, three comrades, including Claudio, were seriously injured and two policewomen lost their lives. Claudio was subsequently locked up in the special prison regime FIES, where – even in this toxic place – he continued his battle with firmness and perseverance.
After serving twenty-two years in the Spanish dungeons, he was temporarily extradited to France – since his sentence in Spain is not yet finished – in the summer of 2018. Here he would stand trial for a bank robbery of the National Bank of Saint-Nazaire, which took place in 1986. For this robbery he had already been sentenced in absentia to thirty years of prison.
Going to take money where there is plenty is always a possibility, as a refusal of the blackmail of work and exploitation, to seize the necessary means to carry out a struggle against the State. However, back then in Saint-Nazaire, “the tightrope robbers”1 did not just touch any safe. They expropriated the State’s vault, emptying the pockets of those who oil the gears of power of almost twenty-six million euros.
Even when faced with the most adverse conditions, when everything needed to be rebuilt and re-imagined, Claudio beat his own path, with countless smiles and struggles. As an anarchist, his passion is freedom; his enemy is power. There is no time to waste when one is armed with this conscience.
It is up to each one of us to forge our own journeys, to undermine, harm, expropriate and destroy everything that belongs to power, its structures and its servants.
Claudio Lavazza, My Pestiferous Life
300 pages / 8 euros
Printed  May 2020

September 24, 2020
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[Difundir] Sale Rebrote nº 06 (septiembre 2020)

Palabras previas
Compañeres, luego de un par de meses llenos de actividad y contratiempos, con gusto podemos compartir con ustedes un nuevo número del boletín anticarcelario Rebrote.
Con un estado de «excepción” extendido hasta el mes de diciembre, una vez más el gobierno y empresariado en Chile pretenden contener la rabia y el carácter que lleva impregnado desde hace muchos años el mes de septiembre. Un mes lleno de memoria y lucha, que históricamente se ha visto marcado por la acción subversiva e insurrecta en las calles, y que desde hace ya un buen tiempo no se vivía con un toque de queda ni la presencia de miserables militares.
Además de tener excusas para la vigilancia durante este mes en particular, entendemos que parte de la estrategia del poder también es poder prever lo que ocurra en el próximo octubre, cuando se cumpla un año del inicio de la revuelta y se realice también el circo constituyente.
Junto con el aumento de las medidas represivas como la extensión del estado de «excepción», hemos visto como distintes compañeres detenides durante la revuelta han sido condenades, muestra clara del castigo ejemplificador que el Estado de Chile busca aplicar a quienes se atreven a transgredir el orden establecido. Sumado a esto, claramente la prensa burguesa ha jugado un papel fundamental al momento de reforzar estas ideas, lo que quedó muy evidenciado trás el asqueroso show mediático que se desató luego de la detención de les compañeres anarquistas Mónica Caballero y Francisco Solar.
Creemos que el apañe hacia les preses no debe decaer y junto con retomar las calles, la represión tambien está siendo preparada para nuevamente colmar las cárceles. Es importante no olvidar las distintas necesidades que encarna unx presx y sus cercanes, por lo mismo son distintas las maneras en que se puede solidarizar. Desde esta perspectiva nos parece importante visibilizar el trabajo de distintos grupos y redes que de alguna u otra manera brindan un apoyo hacia quienes se encuentran secuestrades por el Estado.
También como en todas las ediciones anteriores, hemos incluidos distintos escritos emanados desde el interior de las prisiones y que se agrupan en la sección «Palabras desde Adentro», junto con otras noticias, artículos, reflexiones y propaganda afín.
Agradecemos profundamente a quienes nos aportan tanto en el contenido como en la difusión de esta publicación periódicamente.
Memoria por Claudia López y Macarena Valdés
Libertad para Mónica y Francisco: Ni culpables ni inocentes, enemigxs del Estado!
Abajo los muros de las prisiones.
Boletín anticarcelario para presxs
septiembre, 2020 |
Versión para leer:
Versión para imprimir:

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San Miguel Prison, Chile: New Drawing by Anarchist Prisoner Mónica Caballero

[Prisiones chilenas] Dibujo de la compañera anarquista Mónica Caballero
The prison and I are old acquaintances, on more than one occasion I have sat at their table, over the years we have changed and we have both learned from each other…but no matter how much time passes essentially the prison and I remain the same. Prison is still the power-sucking monster that grows and spreads submission and repentance, and I continue to have the same seditious desires as before.
Mónica Caballero, anarchist prisoner

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Whether Hamburg, Frankfurt or anywhere else…

… away with §129, §129a and §129b!

The most revolutionary thing one can do is to proclaim always loudly what is happening.” Rosa Luxemburg 
On Monday, August 31, cops attacked 27 objects, 24 of them in Hamburg and one each in Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia. The reason for the searches is the investigation against the Roter Aufbau Hamburg for the formation of a criminal organization.
These investigations are a further escalation of an authoritarian formation in Germany. The aim is to smash emancipatory structures and to ensure that fascistization continues to proceed. In this context, stand also the investigations on 129a here in Frankfurt, which have the sole aim of criminalizing and smashing left structures. With our solidarity, however, we are taking the wind out of the sails of repression – widespread and united against this class justice.
We send solidarity greetings to those affected by the raids and wish you a lot of strength!
Solidarity with the Roter Aufbau Hamburg! Fire and flames to the repression! United we Stand – United we Fight!
We are all 129a! | | PGP-Key (Fingerprint: 03F3 4318 89FC 18BD 2E09 0EEA 930C AFF9 6256 B4CA)


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Chile: Fuerza y solidaridad concreta con los compañeros Juan Aliste y Marcelo Villarroel

Las cárceles son las estructuras que buscan inhibir el acto de cualquier persona que salga de las conductas propias del Estado, el castigo, la imposición y la disciplina es el régimen que tiene que vivir cualquier cautivo/a, buscando en ellos/as anular sus acciones, ideas y convicciones. Estas acciones pueden ser “delictivas” como quienes desafían el orden bajo una opción política revolucionaria.
Es por eso que hoy, a través de estas letras, queremos apoyar a unos compañeros que resisten con dignidad en la Cárcel de Alta Seguridad en Santiago de Chile, nos referimos a Juan Aliste Vega y Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, prisioneros subversivos autónomos y libertarios.
Los compañeros hoy se encuentran cumpliendo condena por unos atracos bancarios, uno de ellos culminó con la muerte de un paco el día 18 de octubre del año 2007.

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September 24, 2020
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RIP Pong (Gutson Heyres): A Passionate and Dedicated Anarchist

by Bandido
September 2020
I first knew Pong way back in 2004. I saw them in a punk gig with a full battle gear street punk look alongside his friends Tonton and other Makati punks. I visited them in their hang out place in Makati, and then I knew that Pong lived in a jeepney and sometimes he stayed in university rooms or friend’s house in Makati. When his family moved into the relocation site in Cavite, Pong and his older brother still stayed in Makati. Pong was literally a nomad, moving from place to place. When I was working as a tricycle driver, Pong and others would visit me in our terminal hang out and eat together after I finished my work. If we wanted to visit the anarchist space in Cubao, we would go together and sleep outside on the streets at nighttime.

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September 24, 2020
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To all those who keep fighting (Athens,Greece)

“Against the struggle of the coward: A note of strength for the underdogs”

Struggle is a trajectory that functions with or without hope of victory. Struggle pertains to the maintaining of a position, the preservation of a conviction, and the refusal to forfeit integrity. Struggle is a risky endeavor; emotionally, pyschologically, and in many cases physically.
The anarchist position is by far the most controversial of all political struggles. We can never turn to any border for asylum, nor any official for protection. We function without faith in society’s flaunted matrix of so-called rights. We function without an expectation of victory, and we fall in line with an affinity of organic desire and passion; rather than a prescribed ideology or organization.
Our anger is that of the excluded; so we can expect to be underfunded. We work towards the impossible, so we can expect the relentless wrath of capitalism’s rationality; degrading our hope. We can expect the full repressive force of the existent, as we call for the most radical of change.

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September 24, 2020
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Comments Off on Greece: In a suffocating world, squats are a breath of freedom by Women Defend Rojava – Athens Committee

Greece: In a suffocating world, squats are a breath of freedom by Women Defend Rojava – Athens Committee

In the morning of Monday, August 17th, in Thessaloniki, the squat Terra Incognita was evacuated by the repressive forces of the state. For over 16 years, Terra Incognita has been a meeting place and a melting pot for hundreds of fighters, men and women, thanks to its stable structures, such as a library, a printing house, a gym etc., hosting events, interventions or demonstrations against repression, capitalism, fascism and patriarchy.
A few days later, in the early hours of Saturday, September 5th, the state mechanism chooses to evacuate Rosa Nera squat in Chania (Crete). This attack is not random either, since Rosa Nera in recent years has been the center of investment plans by the administration of the Technical University of Crete, given that the squat is situated on Kastelli hill, one of the most touristic places in the city. For 16 years, Rosa Nera hosted people and events, supported and participated in many struggles, local and non-local, had been a stable spot offering practical solidarity towards immigrants but also the local community thanks to its numerous open structures such as library, reading room, children’s workshops, playground, theater groups, community garden, charity bazaars etc.
During the summer, Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera organized events for Internationalist Solidarity for the Rojava Revolution, with the participation of people who have been directly involved in the experiment of the Democratic Confederalism. An experiment that has been taking place there in the recent years and has been under constant attack, both by the fascist Turkish state and by the imperialist forces that are constantly intervening in NE Syria.
Let’s not forget the gun shots against the social center K * BOX, in Exarchia, fortunately without victims, by the mafia ravaging the area with the tolerance of the police. These events had preceded the failed attempt to evacuate the squat Libertatia in Thessaloniki.
Let us stand in solidarity in every possible way with the Fighting Squats who are facing state repression by the far-right government of New Democracy.
Hands off the squats!!
Black Roses will bloom for a lifetime!!
Internationalist Commune of Rojava
Initiative for Internationalist Solidarity
(member of the international campaign RiseUp4Rojava)
Women Defend Rojava Athens Committee
Athens, September 2020
For Greek:σε-ένα-κόσμο-ασφυκτικό-οι-καταλήψεις-ε/
For German:

September 21, 2020
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Comments Off on Athens,Greece: Claim for vandalizing a LIDL supermarket in the area of Faliro

Athens,Greece: Claim for vandalizing a LIDL supermarket in the area of Faliro

Responding to the call of Terra Incognita to turn October into a month dedicated to solidarity and standing up for Terra Incognita, but also for every other occupied ground threatened by reppresion.and the call of Liebig34/Berlin for an action week in September, we damaged on 15/09/2020 the windows of a LIDL in the area of Faliro. Strong windows, expensive windows. Only peanuts on their balance sheet until this kind of actions gets used more frequently.

In time frames of action calls, our actions will be easy to reproduce and leave the frame of time and space. They protect the center? – we attack in suburbs and enjoy the melody of screaming alarm systems in the deceptive silence while human machines rest for another day of restless consumption.

Reasons to attack supermarkets were allready mentioned in another action against the same company but also other interventions. Pigs may take the squats but our destruction will become visible in the face of the boring city, turning them into graveyards of burned cars, shattered shop windows and aggressive graffities against steril neighborhoods. This is how we interpret the calls of occupied, threatened or evicted spaces. And this is our way to support every resisting collective which calls for attack.
(translated from )

September 21, 2020
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Comments Off on Avis de Tempêtes 31/32, 15th August 2020 When the sun and the wind…

Avis de Tempêtes 31/32, 15th August 2020 When the sun and the wind…

When the sun and the wind…
«If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change».
Tancredi, The Leopard (1958)
How do you make industrial society sustainable in the times to come? An old question that the rulers of the world are now being forced to ask themselves differently. Forced, given that certain models of exploitation risk spinning out of control if societies continue to follow the same pattern. Every summer the forests go up in flames in increasingly apocalyptic proportions, even as far as the arctic circle. The land is drying up. The sea levels are rising. The oceans are emptying of fish. Pollution is killing the flora and fauna irremediably, in spite of everything rendering the human being even more dependent on the pharmaceutical industry to face all this. The more the devastation advances, the more the artificialization of the living is seen as the one and only solution.
And in fact it really is the only solution. In order to continue along the same road at least. To regulate territories even more, genetically modify organisms, build dams, reorganize  the forests, fertilize the soil with the help of industrial input…: these are the only possibilities to give a glimmer of life to what is already dead. In the name of safeguarding the planet, what was left of this planet is being destroyed in order to build a simulacrum of it. Something that looks like it, but is not really it. To be or to appear to be, that is the question, the famous English bard might have said. Our epoch is destined to be that of appearances and ghosts. This «derealization» is underway everywhere and is becoming palpable, including in human relations, right to the innermost parts of the individual subjugated to this onward rush that mutilates them, adapts them, renders them artificial, an impoverished copy of what, once, they might have been.

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September 21, 2020
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Comments Off on Update on the trial for GARE eviction (Athens,Greece)

Update on the trial for GARE eviction (Athens,Greece)

Today 18/9/20, was planned to take place the trial for the 1st eviciton of GARE squat in November ’17. Solidarians from both Athens and Berlin came to support the persecuted comrades. Due to the court’s schedule, the trial was postponed for the 3rd of February 2021.
Solidarity with the persecuted comrades from Germany, who are targeted by the german state’s counter-insurgent units.
Solidarity with persecuted comrade Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
Victory to the resistance of Leibig 34

September 21, 2020
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Comments Off on Ljubljana, Slovenia: In solidarity with Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera in Greece,we stand on the ground from where we fight

Ljubljana, Slovenia: In solidarity with Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera in Greece,we stand on the ground from where we fight

In solidarity we stand on the ground from where we fight.
Autonomus factory Rog as a squat and a comnunity that we build within this walls very much understands what resisting to the authoritys is in terms of keeping an occupied space to build self-organised structures of self-education, solidarity and mutual aid, against all types of exclusions and discrimination withing the local context.
Therefore we also clearly stand in solidarity with all comerades around the world struggling to do the same because we understands this pockets of liberated teritorry as an esencial tool in our stuggle for freedome. In this moment therefore we would like to send our message of power of to the comerades in Terra Incognita and Rosa Nera.Make them liberated territory again!In solidarity AT Rog Ljubljana.