October 18, 2018
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Italy: 9 October, first day of the “Panico” operation trial

Yesterday, Tuesday 9 October, the first hearing (postponed from 12 July) of the trial for the “Panico” operation took place. A large presence of comrades warmly welcomed the entrance in court of the three comrade prisoners present at the hearing, to the growing irritation of the president of the judging panel. The three answered greetings, smiling and waving, while the infamous guards tugged at them to their place in the front row; they were not put in the cages but sat next to their lawyers, separated from the other co-accused by a compact wall of screws. A move that however did not prevent the exchange of looks, kisses, and signs of affection between us and them.
The hearing took place according to the same old script: there was once again the discussion on the admissibility of the civil parties, the judges withdrew to deliberate, then re-entered and proclaimed that, even at the united trial, all the civil parties (already mentioned at the preliminary hearing) are eligible. Subsequently, there was a brief debate about the temporal order with which to prepare the appraisals on interceptions with respect to the testimonies (whether before, after or during), and the request for evidence by the prosecution and the defence. The hearing ended with the scheduling of the following four hearings:
October 18, 2018: introduction to the investigation, the head of the Digos will speak;
– witnesses (cops) re the Melograno fight on 21 April 2016
– witnesses (digos) re the presence outside the police headquarters the same night, after the arrests

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October 18, 2018
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Ain, France: Communique of the burning of the slaughterhouse of Hotonnes. EN/ GR/ IT/ FR/

This is the text that goes with the incendiary attack on the slaughterhouse of Hotonnes (Ain), during the night of 27 to 28 September 2018.

The moon is waning, and in its third quarter. A group of individuals attacks a slaughterhouse, lighting eight fires, both underneath some vehicles and inside the building itself, after having forced the entrances and ransacked it. The electrical systems were attacked by the fire, perhaps allowing the refrigerator and remote surveillance systems to be deactivated. Acrid black smoke invades the starry sky and falls on the village of Hotonnes and surroundings. We would like to begin by hailing the ever-increasing number of attacks on butchers’ shops, from the beginning of the year onwards. These actions touched us, they didn’t leave us in the simple role of spectators, but pushed us to act. For us it is important not to let the repression stop us, and to spread the antispecist attack without mediation.
Antispecist action is also seen in everyday life, in our relationship to the living beings around us. Thus we are not interested in criticizing murder as an inherently bad value because moral condemnation seems to us detached from any reality actually lived. It would interest us more to extend antispecism to all living species and refuse the false distinctions between the so-called “sentient” beings and the others. The mass planting of firs to make planks or the intensive breeding of hens to produce eggs has the same effect on us. A wasteland can easily evoke a mass grave. We do not want a vegan or animal-friendly capitalism as it continues to exploit other species.

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October 17, 2018
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Avis de tempêtes #10

Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°10
(octobre 2018) vient de sortir.

Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est
en format A5, et celui-ci fait 20 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque
nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le
blog :


“Bien entendu, le reflet que nous renvoie le pouvoir n’est pas la chose
la plus intéressante au monde pour qui n’entend ni se mirer dedans ni
dialoguer avec lui, mais le détruire sans médiation. Mais aussi parce
que les miroirs déformants du pouvoir ne sont qu’une prison de plus pour
tenter de nous contraindre à regarder avec ses yeux, à penser avec ses
catégories, à rêver avec son projet. Cela ne fait que souligner
davantage la nécessité de faire vivre dès aujourd’hui, dans les luttes
comme dans les attaques, dans les discussions comme dans les
solidarités, à travers notre éthique et nos refus, un monde qui soit
notre, qui nous soit propre. Face aux miroirs déformants du pouvoir
comme face à leur symétrie renvoyée par les autoritaires (contre-culture
du lundi matin ou contre-pouvoir de l’efficacité politique), imbibée de
dialogue conflictuel et de compromis tactiques avec l’État, ce « notre »
ne peut qu’être un « autre ». Un autre qui ne soit basé ni sur une
composition avec l’existant ni sur la masse. Un notre qui ne soit pas
unique comme un parti ou triste comme un syndicat, mais au contraire
libre et sauvage comme une multiplicité d’individualités en guerre
contre le pouvoir.”

October 17, 2018
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Antiracism on Prison Island (So-called Australia)

actforfree received on : 16.10.18


The purpose of this short text is to bring attention to tendencies within the Antifascist movement in “Australia” that are stunting resistance to the spread of openly hostile racism across “Australian” civil society as a whole. (Incase you’re wondering..I don’t advocate for racism to be hidden, contained or “civilised” I think that the Australian colony must be burnt to the ground as it was founded on white supremacy and continues to exist through institutional and social violence against all that do not want to live by traditional european values but first and foremost the indigenous clans that exist all over this land.)
1. Power/Hierarchy/Solidarity
Within the movement there is an unquestioned balance of power that is swinging in favour of those that wish to use anti-racism/anti-fascism as a source of personal power. This use of power manifests itself through organisation. There is a strict adherence to formality, various meetings have been organised in which associated groups come together to meet…however these meetings are facilited by the same people and the roles never change. There is very little encouragement for action outside of any officially organised (or seemingly) group and people that have come to be involved have continually been used by individuals in informal/formal positions of power as human resources…praised and encouraged for doing what people in [positions of power are unwilling to do but left to fend for themselves when the consquences of such actions begin to unfold.

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October 17, 2018
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Indonesia : Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners Release

Some Yogyakarta prisoners are free!
Here are some Yogyakarta prisoners who have been released after undergoing trial and reading the verdict:
– MD detention decision of 5 months, the term of detention served, free October 9, 2018
– OO for 5 months detention decision, deducted the period of detention served, free October 9, 2018
– MI and MEA prisoner decision 5 months 15 days, detained prison term, free 14 October 2018
– ZW and AMH detention decision 5 months 15 days, the detention period will be deducted, free October 14, 2018
Today, Monday 15 October 2018 the hearing was held for the MCs with testimonies from BV and AM.
The progress of the trial will soon be returned to us.
Nothing is free until everything is free!
For more information:
Instagram account: @palang__hitam
via: Website: palanghitam.noblogs.org
Email: civilrebellion@riseup.net

October 14, 2018
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Athens video : Direct action of the militant anarchist anti-fascism of the metropolis

On the evening of October 11, we received the information that Hungarian fascists, in the wake of the Greece-Hungary national football teams were in an apartment near Kaniggos Square, having hung banners with nationalist content and the Hungarian flag, shouting slogans and Nazi salutes. After confirmation of the information, a group of comrades who are part of the anarchist anti-fascist movement, we chose to approach them and see in practice the dynamics of Hungarian fascism. We regret to see that one of their common connections to local fascism is their speed of escape. Unfortunately for them they were not all as fast. The three Nazi fascists who were left behind were beaten and “welcomed” by the combatant direct action of the militant anarchist anti-fascism of the metropolis.
Antifascists of Athens

October 14, 2018
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Greece, Athens : for zac/zackie oh! (english text) from assembly for the murder of Zac / Zackie Oh!

1 What didn’t happen after a murder, in the center of Athens, at noon: the taking of fingerprints, pictures of the crime scene, enclosing the perimeter with yellow police line, taking testimonies; police protocol was not followed. What did happen after a murder, in the center of Athens, at noon: the murderer, Evangelos Dimopoulos, sweeps the broken glass, cleaning the crime scene and gives an interview on-camera. The other murderer, Athanasios Hortarias (member of the nationalist organisation “patriotic front”) posts on twitter that the victim ‘killed himself’ with a glass splinter. The witnesses from the surrounding area close down their shops. People passing by continue their shopping. The murderers and their supporters, those who shout and those who keep silent are known to us. We know that they are the owners defending their property. We know that they are the bosses, who build their shops through exploitation, exploitation which sometimes culminates in physical extermination. We know that they are the people always minding their own business, always up to defend the established order. We know that they are agents of patriarchal violence that disciplines deviant bodies. We know that they are the cops.
2 The two murderers, the passers-by, the owners, the bosses, the people only minding their own business, the middle class, the cops, the paramedics, the apathetic observers, everyone contributed in their own way to the murder of Zackie Oh! Afterwards, the media rushed to spread the news; establishing the profile of the “thief”, the “drug addict”, the person who “ran amok”, in order to a cold-blooded murder. They presented the identities that Zackie Oh! held as a priori “marginal” and dangerous, rationalising the murder as a natural outcome. They carried out a survey asking whether Zak deserved to live; and the not so relevant at first glance question: “which people don’t we want as neighbours: migrants? people following other religions? homosexuals?”. Such surveys leave room for the rise of the most conservative, homophobic, racist and toxicophobic reactions within greek society.
What took place there and the following handling of the incident “from those in power” reveals an even more normalized condition. The cops finished what the others started by giving the final death blows to Zak; who resisted until the end. In any case, we know for sure that the executive and judicial power is racist, homophobic, and sexist; prejudiced in its judgement, covering up for murderers and rapists. We’re not surprised by the diligently deficient case file, or by the fact that the two murderers (who took justice into their own hands even though their physical safety was not threatened) were not kept in pre-trial detention. Meanwhile, women who defended their bodies against their rapists/harassers, are treated completely differently by the greek judicial system that convicts them without recognising self-defence as a mitigating factor in their cases. Likewise, we have witnessed similar cases where greek owners have killed, claiming to defend their properties, and have then been declared innocent. In Amfissa last spring, a butcher committed a cold-blooded murder of a 14th year old Roma girl for no reason. At his trial there was a gathering of local people “in solidarity” with him, which was dispersed by enraged Roma people.

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October 13, 2018
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Saint-Martin-d’Hères (Isère), France – The anguish of a blank page (05/09/2018)

Telling what happened so that it doesn’t remain a dead letter.
Cars are burned every day. Not without reason, perhaps. What does this metal cage represent for each of us? What is it really? Does destroying it not mean giving it back its original value?
We lit a fire under the front left tyre of a van belonging to JCDecaux [a big French company specialized in advertising and urban fittings also in Italy] in the night between 4th and 5th September. About fifteen minutes later, from afar, we heard the first tyre explode.
How many people who realized what had happened took the trouble to phone the authorities? How many people preferred to admire the spectacle of this advertising beacon? We’ll never know.
Attacking cars won’t change the face of the world. It might change our lives.
We aren’t forgetting the attack on other forms of power. In particular those that we participate in every day. Perhaps it is more challenging to attack our determinisms rather than material things… even if we enjoyed burning that screen-painted vehicle. It is one of the rare moments of disobedience we can allow ourselves. And acknowledgement of our daily obedience is bitter.
It was so simple. Why leave intact all the material that represents and facilitates the oppression imposed on us? If only all of it could disappear so quickly, with a little petrol and a lighter!
Against all forms of power, especially those imprinted inside us.
A thought to all carbonised wrecks
A hug to our accomplices, known and unknown, locked up and outside.
To the attack!

Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

October 13, 2018
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Pescara, Italy : Streets are made safe by the comrades who walk them, not by fascists or cops

We receive and spread:
Yesterday, Saturday 1st September, as they were going on their usual afternoon walk along the high street, Pescara’s people found Cas(s)aPound holding a demonstration at the bus terminal in the centre of the city. This region-wide demonstration, which was called following a rape that took place on Saturday 25th July in the terminal bus area, was meant to oppose the ‘degrade’ of the station area, and it also embellished the discourse of sexism and racism with the usual rhetoric against immigration. Of course, as they are good fascists and servants of power, they didn’t fail to demand more cops in the streets.
On the same afternoon, however, the fascists didn’t expect that others, comrades, immigrants, organized themselves and spontaneously opposed the fascist presence thus showing that there’s no need to ask anybody for permission to be in the streets. On the other side, by contrast, there was a bunch of obedient servants of power ready to interrupt the demonstration as soon as the length of time kindly conceded to them came to an end.
Yesterday, with that counter-demonstration, we shouted that women don’t want to be defended by the fascist shit and that to exploit a rape in order to carry forward racist and security politics makes us angry, it’s disgusting and must be strongly rejected. Rape is the climax of the violence of patriarchy, regardless of the nationality of who commits it, and it is still a recurrent practice of fascists and men in uniform. The goal of those who were in the streets against Cas(s)aPound was also that of expressing the greatest and most sincere solidarity with the woman who was inflicted the violence.

Translated by act for freedom now!

October 13, 2018
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USA : Anathema A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical

Volume 4 Issue 9 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)
Volume 4 Issue 9 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)
In this issue:
Hate Crimes at SCI Phoenix
We All Live Downstream Pt. 2
What Is Direct Action?
What Went Down
“Always Escalate!”
Against The Cult Of Visibility
Life’s A Witch And Then You Fly
Examination: Imagination
Fireworks Etiquette At Demos

October 11, 2018
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Everyone hates the state. so smash it!



Act for free: received: 8.10.18


Everyone hates the state. so smash it!
The State is everywhere.Not only lurking in our neighborhoods and on every street corner, but embedded in the reflexes of so-called citizens If a friend of yours saw her own possibilities outside the logic of obedience and laws, you would mysteriously lunge for the categories and ordinances that the state has imposed on all our interactions with life that society y has enclosed. Why is this so? Did you consciously sign the social contract at your birth, and consent to honor its decree s at all times? What made you love the autocracy of something set above you? These are the cops in our heads. Mo st people decide that they cannot live without them, so me cannot live with them
for another moment longer.
The State precedes all that it allows. Everything we do and everywhere we go, the things around us are made so because of authority over others .The cities s are the way they are to concentrate populations around the
Workplaces ,the technological-productive apparatuses, the disciplinary measures and the centers of consumption. Our families are the way they are to assign reproductive roles through gender binaries. Our media is the way it is to distract from our dispossession. Our daily encounters. With each other are filtered through the logistics of capital and time. No matter how disposable we are, some find self-importance in policing each other’s’ compliance with
what those before us ensnared all of life in. Fools of the state become angry when someone isn’t also working a shit job every day of the week and smothering the pain in alcohol and TV shows over the weekend.
Perhaps the slacker in question has a different skin color or self-expression as well. This is where fascists become volunteer police for the typical (glorified) normality of state society because t heir rationale for submission was invalidated.
The State cannot protect, it can only enclose. The cops can only clean up the mess when people are pitted against each other, they cannot and will not undo t he social configuration that imposed desperation and misery to begin with.The state cleans up t o justify submission in the eyes of its useful fools.The “service” it provides is the bare minimum to quell basic responses of anger and abandonment, other wise it would be way too obvious that they monopolized violence for their own self-perpetuation.The duty of liberals is to cite “human rights” as modifiers for state society and its violence.This takes state power as a given,as inevitable.It disarms our agency and coerces us to affirm our citizenship and customize it,instead of negating it for t he unique experiences every one of us is,all perfectly capable of providing for ourselves and each other.
The state cannot be a tool for good. Marxists would tell you that “the workers” should seize state power through a communist party and bring about a utopia when the factories and t he offices become theirs.They would say that the state will simply whit her away when it is no longer useful to t he communists,and we will have a bountiful society of self-managed production.But states are an amalgamation of moving pieces that can only continue doing so if there are subjects to give them power.They do not halt themselves when an external use for them ceases,t hey are always inclined to persist,to monopolize,to contain through territories and borders and re­ introduce command when these are questioned. Whoever holds power will protect it to the death.
The State will probably never go away.The la st few decades of unrest have made t his clear,but this is why we must attack. This is why we must cultivate insurrectionary bonds of desire,mutual interest and self­ determination. We were born int o this global society with capital and bitterness as our only communities, fabricating ludicrous myths of life purpose and honor.Whatever we have to lose will invariably become something wonderful with our selves at the forefront of our live s’ creation. We must generalize revolt.We must not make names and programs the priority,but maximize the persistence of attack, obstruction and sabotage on every
single form of authority.Not for future worlds and better societies,not for better concessions and movements,
but for ourselves against all rulers, exploitation and subjugation.

October 11, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Athens : FILOPAPPOU HILL GOT FULL OF MURDERERS -Γέμισε ο λόφος φιλοπάππου δολοφόνους, EN/GR

Today, 6 of October, with the participation and support of comrades, we made a first aggresive intervention to Filopappou Hill against control, fencing plans and police presence which Athens Municipality has imposed using as an excuse the death of a 25years old guy. We made postering and texts distribution in the neighbourhoods around and also we destroy the cameras which they recently place in Pnyka, inside the hill. The text, the poster, photos and videos are attached.
Καλούμε στη συγκέντρωση – συζήτηση της Ανοιχτής Συνέλευσης Κατοίκων Πετραλώνων-Θησείου-Κουκακίου, στις 14 Οκτωβρίου, 11:30, στο πάρκο Βουτιέ
We call to the gathering – discussion of the Open Assembly of Citizens of Petralona-Thisio-Koukaki, at the 14th of October, 11:30, at Voutie Park
κοινότητα καταλήψεων κουκακίου/squats community of koukaki/m45community@riseup.net
Σήμερα, 6 Οκτώβρίου, με την συμμετοχή και στήριξη συντρόφων και συντροφισσών πραγματοποιήσαμε μια πρώτη επιθετική παρέμβαση στο λόφο Φιλοπάππου, ενάντια στον έλεγχο, τα πλάνα περίφραξης και την αστυνομοκρατία που έχει επιβληθεί από τον Δήμο Αθηναίων, με αφορμή τον θάνατο ενός 25χρονου. Μοιράστηκαν κείμενα και κολλήθηκαν αφίσες στις γύρω γειτονιές και επίσης καταστράφηκαν οι κάμερες που τοποθέτησαν στην Πνύκα, εντός του λόφου. Επισυνάπτονται κείμενο, αφίσα, φωτογραφίες και βίντεο.
Only the past weeks, the following “accidental” murders are occurring in the hands of the Hellenic Police. Unlike the death in Filopappou, for those nobody batted an eye. On the 5th of September, a 47 years old man from Sparta dies in an “unclear” way at the police station of Omonoia after a conflict with the cops. On the same day, a 21 years old girl from Pyrgos was found hanged at the police station of Penteli. Three days later,
in Thessaloniki a cop of the “Z” team ran over with his motorcycle and killed a 10 year young girl.
The list of the “random” state murders is endless and the anonymous are lost in the dark history of the oppressed. Graffiters that burned in the underground railways and little lawbreakers found death, all of them while trying to avoid arrest. Immigrants that “randomly” drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, hit in the

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October 11, 2018
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Comments Off on Dark Nights #47 : ‘Against Surveillance State UK / Contra la Vigilancia del Estado de Reino Unido’ – EN/ES (ACN)

Dark Nights #47 : ‘Against Surveillance State UK / Contra la Vigilancia del Estado de Reino Unido’ – EN/ES (ACN)

PDF: Dark Nights #47 – EN
PDF: Dark Nights #47 – ES
‘Against Surveillance State UK – Against Facial Recognition CCTV’
‘Contra la Vigilancia del Estado de Reino Unido – Contra el CCTV de Reconocimiento Facial’
International anarchist newsletter in English and Spanish versions. Latest issue of Dark Nights returns after more than two years. Download, copy and distribute.
Boletín anarquista internacional en versiones en inglés y español. El último número de Dark Nights regresa después de más de dos años. Descargar, copiar y distribuir.
Anti-Copyright Network
+ Facial Recognition CCTV article as A4 PDF to be enlarged to A3 and flyposted.
via: 325

October 9, 2018
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Comments Off on Italy : A few clarifications concerning a Key-logger installed in my computer by Somma Gioacchino (RadioAzione)

Italy : A few clarifications concerning a Key-logger installed in my computer by Somma Gioacchino (RadioAzione)

Recently, as I was reading the report on the hearings of the trial that we are facing following the Turin investigation “Scripta Manent”, staged by prosecutor Roberto Sparagna, I noticed an explanation regarding the keylogger (or Agent Elena, as the miserable Naples ROS called it).
A text that appears in some sites says that a keylogger was allegedly used to intercept off-line comments during RadioAzione live recordings. That would be nice, but unfortunately the reality is different.
The keylogger was a proper bug, sent to my PC via internet through a virus, and it was capable of intercepting everything around my computer. It was sufficient for the computer to be connected to the internet and the miserable ones were able to hear all audio nearby (no video because the webcam has always been blocked out).
So, because I have my PC in my bedroom they listened not only to radio off-line comments but even more… everything in fact!
Moreover it was used to create screenshot sequences of my desktop while I was writing texts or translating those of other comrades, which were subsequently published in the RadioAzione website. All this for six years in a row, in spite of the fact that I formatted my PC on a number of occasions.

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October 8, 2018
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Italy – The “operation Panico” trial begins on 09/10/2018

The trial for “operation Panico” is to begin on Tuesday 9th October in Florence.
Ghespe, Pasca and Giovanni will be present, and there will be a solidarity presence at the court.
Gathering outside Sollicciano prison at 4pm.
Translated by act for freedom now!
Source: Anarchici fiorentini

October 8, 2018
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Comments Off on Argentina : Comrade Diego Parodi has been released from prison

Argentina : Comrade Diego Parodi has been released from prison

We got good news about comrade Diego Parodi being released after almost 9 months in prison. Strength to you, comrade, the struggle won’t be over until TOTAL LIBERATION and ANARCHY are realised!
Here follows an interview with Diego after his release made for Argentinian Temperamento Radio. In the audio recording you can hear about Diego’s antiauthoritarian projects and his time spent in prison.
Temperamento Radio-Programma 33-Especial Diego Parodi
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

October 7, 2018
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Comments Off on Lyon, France : Attack on the headquarters of Bayer AG

Lyon, France : Attack on the headquarters of Bayer AG

During the night of 24 to 25 September 2018, we destroyed some of the windows of the headquarters of Bayer AG, pharmaceutical society resident in the 9th district of Lyon.
In this troubled world where the border between friendship and enmity is increasingly uncertain and changing, the mercantile society is still generous enough to produce some really bad villains. Bayer AG, parent company of zyklon B, and mustard gas, whose non-exhaustive list of horrors includes laboratory tests on women deported to Auschwitz and the flow of products infected with HIV. In the top 100 of the most polluting multinationals the monster Bayer AG merges this year with the horrifying beast Monsanto Company. Monsanto Company, parent company of agent orange, of a GMO seed with the sweet name of “terminator” and glyphosate currently at the centre of several thousand procedures for its carcinogenic properties. The north wind brought us the hearty echo of a well-deserved attack on the seat of one of these companies in Loos. At the start of autumn, while here in Lyon we are preparing for the return of our dear Gerard Collomb, we got it into our heads to make this beautiful action resonate even louder.
So, late into the night of September 24 to 25, we mustered our courage and beat our hammers many times on the pearly facade of Bayer AG headquarters, in the 9th district of Lyon. To get their poisons get out of our plates, their diseases out of the earth and our bodies. And because a minister’s resignation and climate marches will change nothing we are calling for the echo of this modest attack to continue to resonate. On their showcases and in our hearts.
Direct Action For A Better Life
Some fireflies
Translated by Act for freedom now!
via: Attaque

October 7, 2018
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Comments Off on Austria, Salzburg : Attacks Against Federal Real Estate Company, Hypo Bank and the Tax Office

Austria, Salzburg : Attacks Against Federal Real Estate Company, Hypo Bank and the Tax Office

During the night from Sunday to Monday we attacked BIG (Federal Real Estate Company) with fire and paint. They are responsible for building the prison in Puch. We attacked the Hypo bank with paint. They are the symbol of Black / Blue corruption and the speculation policies of the ÖVP (Austrian People’s Party) and FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria). At the Tax Office we smashed windows and threw stink bombs, because we attack the State.
These actions took place in Salzburg on the 16th of September because a few days later the Austrian government is hosting an EU summit meeting to increase security and to introduce surveillance measures that will target migrants from the Middle East.
We shit on the demonstrations where the participants will be filmed, monitored and criminalized. We do not play by the rules of the powerful.
Source + Photos
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October 7, 2018
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Comments Off on Indonesia: Trial Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners.

Indonesia: Trial Update on Yogyakarta Prisoners.

We need to explain, that we have difficulty finding information regarding detainees due to separate case files and also different the trial schedules between them and the schedules change of the trial day, but this did not stop us from giving information to you (readers).
Since October 6, 2018, we have been striving to get the latest information regarding the Class War Prisoners in Yogyakarta who were related to the M1 incident that happened in the past at the intersection of UIN Yogyakarta, from those 11 prisoners they have all received legal assistance ( Advocate), with the following details:
  • 4 comrades (Students of UIN & Mercubuana) accompanied by the HMI advocacy team
  • 1 comrade (Printing Worker) is accompanied by a team of OBH, including LBH Yogyakarta
  • 1 cormade (UIN student) accompanied by Widhie
  • 1 comrade (UAD students) accompanied by Arsiko Dani Windo from PBHI Yogyakarta
  • 4 other comrades (students of UII & Sanata Dharma) accompanied by LKBH UII
Here we only explain in general that some prisoners have received prisoners’ decisions, prisoner demands, and are still in the process of witnesses from the Public Prosecutor, as for, those of you who want to know the information in each trial of each individual (the prisoners) you can access via the internet (pn-sleman.go.id) according to the case file you want.

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