May 31, 2020
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Italy: Update on the anarchists arrested on May 13th in Operation Ritrovo

Giuseppe, Stefania, Duccio, Leonardo, Guido, Elena and Nicole, the seven anarchists arrested on May 13th, 2020, for the «Ritrovo» operation were all released today, May 30th. Four of them are required to stay in the municipality of residence, with return at night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The same repressive measure, but without signatures at the barracks, was also maintained for two other persons among the five who had not been arrested on May 13th, as they were only subject to the residence obligation. No restrictions were maintained for all the others.
The crime of fire with the aggravating circumstance of subversion or terrorism, of which only one person was accused, was reworded into «damage followed by fire». The accusation of «subversive association with the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order» has been dropped. The accusation of «incitement to commit a crime» remains, without the aggravating circumstance of terrorism.

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May 31, 2020
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USA: Protesters have clashed with cops in cities across the US over the killing of a black man George Floyd by cops in Minneapolis city.

On May 25th George Floyd was murdered by cops. Demonstrations have taken place in at least 30 cities the last 3 days across the USA.
some Images take in from : sansattendre




Thousands of people also marched through the streets of Minneapolis, New York, Miami, Atlanta and Philadelphia. In Chicago, protesters threw stones at riot cops, who responded by  tear gas Several people were arrested on Saturday 30.5.20 .
Cops in Los Angeles fired rubber bullets as they tried to disperse crowds who threw bottles and set fire to their squad cars!
Some cop cars burned down last night  29.5.20  (Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York) and not only…

Greece , Poster by Athenian anarchist group in omnia paratus in solidarity with MinneapolisRiot

Keratsini area Athens, Graffiti in solidarity with the uprising in U$.

May 30, 2020
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Hello, comrades:
We would like to inform you about the latest developments on the shutdown of the server.
The information we received is that the server went out of order after an oral command of the rector of Panteion University to their computerisation section on the occasion of a complaint about digital piracy.
More specifically, this complaint concerned two book titles that were uploaded in pdf format to one of the hundreds of blogs hosted by the server. We immediately tried to contact the rectorial authorities and work out a solution, wanting to regain access to the content of the blogs as soon as possible.
The server, which hosts 850 blogs, has been located in Panteion University since the beginning of Espiv project in 2008. From time to time issues have arisen, and so far we have managed to overcome them and keep the server in place, at a public university in Athens (Greece).
We understand that many things have changed over the last 12 years, and from time to time we have discussed the real conditions under which Espiv project continues to operate. However, it is our intention and desire to keep the server in place, with all political and labour collectives, neighbourhood assemblies and self-organised projects hosted on it.
Our repeated attempts to receive a clear answer from the rectorial authorities fell on deaf ears. On Thursday, 28 May 2020 (a week after the shutdown), we received information that the rector will refer our issue to the next council of the senate of Panteion University, which is unknown when it will take place. One should not be too superstitious or naive to assume that all this is due to increased academic duties. After all, the command to shut down the server was given impressively quickly. With universities still closed and after a two-month lockdown, conditions were considered favourable to add another movement’s infrastructure to the long list of squats and projects recently suppressed. A choice that expands repression in the field of internet, imposing the normality of social media, digital snitching, and recording and surveillance of any information circulated on the internet, again showing that the role of the cop can be played well by all sorts of rectors and state employees. The choice to suppress an infrastructure that supports the expression of dozens of collectives within the antagonist movement can only find us against them.
We will let you know of any further developments and mobilisations.
The administration crew of

May 29, 2020
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Thessaloniki, Greece: 2 anarchist comrades arrested (27/05/2020)

In the early hours of Wednesday 27/o5/2020, in Thessaloniki, Greece, 2
anarchist comrades were arrested on an attempt of incendiary/explosive
attack on the house of the ex member of New Democracy (the Greek
governmental party) and now president of the Deposit and Loans Fund,
Dimitris Stamatis.

As Greek media report, the one comrade was seen by civil cops passing by
and checking the house in Kalamaria area; then the other comrade was
caught at the moment he was going to plant the incendiary/explosive
devices. The first comrade was caught a few hours later in Thessaloniki,
riding his bike.

There was a big police research operation in the comrade’s house, and
also in other comrades’ houses. More specifically, 4 squatted houses at
Ano Poli area in Thessaloniki were thoroughly searched and, furthermore,
there were totally 10 comrades persecuted, who were left free some hours
later, as nothing was found against them.

The 2 anarchist comrades are accused for the felonies of criminal
association, attempt of explosion, attempt of arson, possession and
manufacturing of explosive material which could cause danger for human
beings; also for offending the laws about arms, firecrackers and drugs,
and for resistance and disobedience against authority.

They will pass from the examining judge on Monday 01/06/2020, in the
morning, at Thessaloniki’s court. Until then, they will be held captive
in the State’s hands. Calls for solidarity will be published at the next

Updates will follow.




solidarity initiative

May 29, 2020
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Switzerland , Zurich : Anti – Rep Treffpunkt jeden letzten Samstag im Monat in der anarchistischen Bibliothek Fermento

Repression betrifft uns alle, sie ist in unseren Köpfen verankert.
Gemeinsam wollen wir uns über die verschiedensten Formen von staatlicher und gesellschaftlicher Repression und ihre Auswirkung auf unser Leben austauschen. Jedoch soll der Treffpunkt auch ein Raum sein, um einfach gemeinsam Zeit zu verbringen und Diskussionen zu führen.
Repression vereinzelt und sperrt ein.
Gerade in den aktuellen Zeiten breitet sich die Vereinzelung, Isolation und und die repressiven Mechanismen des Ausnahmezustandes aus. Während wir dies in der Schweiz durch den sogenannten „Teil – Lockdown“ ansatzweise erfahren, zeigen andere Staaten noch viel offensichtlicher ihr totalitäres Gesicht. Die Auswirkungen in den Isolationsanstalten wie Knäste oder die Lager für geflüchtete Menschen sind noch viel fataler. Keine Besuche, kein Kontakte, kein Geld mehr, die totale Isolation. Aus diesem Grund wollen wir durch das Schreiben an Briefen an Gefangene diese Isolation zumindest ein wenig durchbrechen. Es wird eine Gefangenenliste und Material vorhanden sein.
Nächstes Mal am 30.5.2020 ab 15 Uhr
Um 17.00 Uhr gibt es ein kurzes Update zu Vincenzo Vecchi, der Ende Sommer 2019 nach 7 Jahren auf der Flucht von den Bullen gefunden wurde.
Anti – Rep Treffpunkt jeden letzten Samstag im Monat in der anarchistischen Bibliothek Fermento

May 29, 2020
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Athens,Greece : The trial of Belgian anarchist in Athens postponed

Trial Belgian anarchist in Athens postponed
Because of the limited functioning of the Athens courts (due to corona
measures) the trial that supposed to take place on Friday the 29th of
May against a Belgian comrade was postponed. A new date is not yet
* On the evening of the 5th of December 2019 the comrade was arrested in the neighborhood of Holargos, Athens. After two days in custody he was charged with “possession of explosives” and got released. The trial
started about a week later but got postponed almost immediately due to the absence of some documents.
Received by email.

May 29, 2020
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Basel, Switzerland: Diplomatic Corps Vehicle Consigned to the Flames

The targets are everywhere: the companies with their buildings, machines, vehicles, people in charge; the shopping miles, billboards, courts, police stations and patrols, military barracks, transport hubs, border fences, surveillance cameras, fibre optic networks, radio masts, government buildings, churches, party offices… and sometimes you can even catch a Diplomatic Corps car, like last weekend in Basel. Haha!

(According to reports, two burning vehicles were reported around 02.15 on Sunday morning (17 May) in Nonnengasse. There was considerable material damage. The second car will probably have been the Mercedes that was parked in front of it).
It is not clear which specific corps was hit here. Any person or institution in the service of any state. But this act is rather to be understood as an attack on the whole world of states, on the idea of being governed and administered, on the principle of authority as such.
What could be written in this declaration to do justice to the centuries-old history of institutionalized authority? A history marked by subjugation, expropriation, coercion, persecution, devastation, control, up to the repeated mass massacres. So where should one begin and where should one end?
Aware that only a generalized insurrection would be an appropriate response, nevertheless a few words:

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May 29, 2020
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USA : Amazon Vans Sabotaged in Solidarity with Striking Workers by Lorenzo Orsetti Anarchist Brigade: North Carolina

We are seldom compelled to claim the ways we choose to attack. We are not specialists, nor anarchists isolated from the acts of sabotage and theft that we know occur daily by employees within the Amazon monster. We generally prefer our actions to be just another strike amongst the many, adding to the already existent chorus of rage and discontent. As the crisis deepens and the feelings of isolation and helplessness appear to be sinking in, it is important to remember that one way of regaining agency in our lives is through attack and disruption.
It is not only the corona virus that is making our lives unbearable, but even more so, it is our continued daily lives under capitalism and state control. Amazon and other tech companies are exploiting the virus, accumulating unheard- of profits and pushing their nightmare tech world. Amazon claims to provide a safe future for society all the while continuing to put its lowest paid employees in danger of infection, biding their time until they can eliminate those positions completely and replace them with automation and robots.

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May 29, 2020
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USA: June 11, 2020 statement from Keith “Malik” Washington

Revolutionary Greetings Comrades! It is hard to craft a message of Solidarity during this time without acknowledging the suffering and loss of life of so many beautiful humyn beings.
By the time June 11th arrives we will reach over One Hundred Thousand Deaths related to the Corona Virus here in Amerika.
Much of my recent journalism and activism has been centered around Covid-19.
Specifically, I’ve been calling for the release of our Elders. I started this year off with a message of Solidarity. I collaborated with my Soul Mate and Future Wife Nube Brown. We’d Love to see the state of California grant Parole to New Afrikan Freedom Fighter and Principled leader–Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa.
As far as Anarchist prisoners are concerned, I must call your attention to the struggle of our Comrade Xinachtli in the State of Texas. Xinachtli whose Sir name is Alvaro Luna Hernandez will be eligible for Parole very soon.
Inorder to facilitate Xinachtli’s release we must ensure that he has enough Financial Support so that we can retain a Parole Attorney that will zealously advocate for Xinachtli’s Release.
Xinachtli has been subjected to Decades of Racism, Bigotry, and Oppression at the hands of Prison and State Officials in Texas. Xinachtli is a Principled Thinker and Anarchist comrade who has Earned my Respect and Support. This June 11th lets focus on BEING NUMEROUS in order to Free Xinachtli.
If you would like to contribute to Xinachtli’s Freedom Campaign, I highly recommend that you contact the Wise Owl–Comrade Twitch at Central Texas ABC (twitchon [at] gmail [dot] com). Comrade Twitch has been dedicated to supporting Xinachtli’s Emancipation for a number of years and is able to advise all of us on the best way forward in support of this endeavor.
In order to highlight the urgent need for all of us to support Xinachtli I share a quote from a recent letter Xinachtli wrote:
“I apologize for the tardy reply, but as you know, tons of work to do, and not enough hours in the 24 hour cycle to do it all in, especially now with being vigilant of the spread of the infection CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 under these UNSANITARY, FILTHY CONDITIONS.

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May 27, 2020
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Comments Off on Correct address for anarchist comrade prisoner in Spain Gabriel Pombo da Silva.

Correct address for anarchist comrade prisoner in Spain Gabriel Pombo da Silva.

We learn that the address to write to Gabriel Pombo da Silva previously communicated was incorrect.
here is:
Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
Centro Penitenciario Badajoz
Carretera de Olivenza, Km 7,3
06011 Badajoz


Gabriel free!
All free!
Long live anarchy!



May 27, 2020
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[Porto, Portugal] Some thoughts on Covid and anarchists

PDF : Some thoughts on Covid and anarchists
This text is born from the need to communicate and debate amongst comrades. It is born from the need to fight physical distance and the lack of face-to-face debate and it seeks to put onto paper some topics for discussion and analysis without any pretension of absolute truth. Most of all it’s a summary of certain discussions that happened within different groups and that, to us, seem important to share with a wider group of comrades.
The process unleashed by the burst of corona virus has left the world, particularly the northern hemisphere, literally connected to machines; connected to machines at hospitals, connected to machines at home. Even Capital itself found its way of reproduction and sustenance through the machines.
This text is an attempt to open a discussion starting from a concise and eventually mechanistic analysis on how the redefinition of life has been generated, how it is being politically managed through the introduction of a disturbing agent in the social body, and what the eventual consequences are, in daily life (many of which are already perceptible).
We are interested in discussing how the declaration of a pandemic allowed for a set of freedom restraining processes and individual conditioning to be put into practice and what instruments have aided such a political program to be so efficient.
We think that it’s in the passing, from the biological moment (the bursting of a virus), to the political answer given to it, that a whole architecture of fear is built. If in the past this construction was based on an external enemy, that in a way, was perceived as tangible (ie. “the terrorist”), nowadays it is based on an invisible and unpredictable enemy, that due to its biological characteristics, permits management based on physical imprisonment.

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May 27, 2020
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France – Val d’Ouvèze (Ardèche): Stop living? Rather die! (03/05/2020)

Relay antenna attack
For several weeks now the whole population has been living in a state of exception in the form of health confinement with its dose of unheard-of prohibitions, daily hypocrisy and promises of salvation.
I didn’t want to die of fear or boredom, attached to a drip-feed in front of Netflix. Over the past month, the anger and consternation of experiencing a live bad science-fiction novel have become an antidote rather than a poison for me. So I decided to attack.
By extending the boundaries of illegality, imposing themselves anywhere in the streets, cops and vigilant citizens have transformed the territory into a space where we have had to relearn how to move around and find the path towards other accomplices.
As the crosses on top of mountains have been replaced with GMS and 5G pylons, this says something about the form that power and our beliefs in salvation are currently taking.
So it was time to reignite fires on the hills, to spread more essential and direct messages to those who want to listen, time to burn those crosses of fibre optic nodes and electric networks.

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May 27, 2020
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Athens,Greece : DEMO against state terrorism Plateia Exarcheia,Friday the 29th 8pm

Anarchistic action in defense of neighborhoods. Support for Friday night demo in Exarcheia.
We call to support the night demonstration at Plateia Exarcheia on Friday the 29th. We will not forget any of the evictions from Trikoupi to Themestokelus. As the anger builds and the system collapses we remember the war waged against refugees, friends and neighbors just trying to live. Just trying to survive in the midst of an unprecedented situation.
We will not forgive these actions as we take back control of the streets, buildings and our lives.
They were never able to cleanse Exarcheia, though we can be sure as their grasp slips and crisis worsens the gloves will come further off. They have shown the hand of authority. Let’s show the many hands of anarchy.
A meeting in the streets.
Plateia Exarcheia
Friday the 29th 8pm
Love & Rage,

DEMO against state terrorism and the anti-immigration war
Solidarity with the residents Themistocleous 58 Squat –
Hands off the squats – Cops out of our homes and neighborhoods
On Monday, May 18, the repression units of the Greek state, MAT, DELTA, OPKE and EKAM, stormed a house in Exarchia where immigrants with their children were staying. They evacuated the building from its inhabitants, destroyed the basic infrastructure (electricity–water) and in a climate of terror led them to a van to pass first through the hellhole of Petrou Ralli and then into an unknown to them concentration camp or homelessness. On paper, the building belongs to Voulgarakis, one of the most corrupt politicians of New Democracy, and it had been abandoned for more than a decade and began being used in February 2016 as a place of struggle and housing for people in need, in response to the migration “crisis” of the time. Today’s inhabitants came from Congo and Syria. Official police sources hypocritically spoke of “truly miserable living conditions”, clearly mocking people who had just been uprooted and led to homelessness. Humanitarianism and the condemnation of violence, the acceptance of the different, the elevation of motherhood and the protection of children, all the values that the state is promoting are collapsing like a tower of cards in every photo depicting hooded men with automatic weapons leading families and other residents to the camps. Some of these people are being held in Amygdaleza, while others have been released with nowhere to go after Petrou Ralli and went home to find cinder blocks on doors and windows. Self-organised projects, comrades and residents of the neighborhood of Exarchia are still trying to support the migrants in this difficult situation.
Immigrants from countries impoverished by economic exploitation and war orchestrated by developed countries are forced to come to developed Europe, necessarily passing through countries such as Greece to find the continuation of hell. They die in the exploitation of fields and construction work and when the economy does not need them, it throws them into concentration camps for reserve workers and European funds, and when they do not need them for this either, it executes them at the border, either by sinking them or shooting them with the most obvious example in Evros. After the state sows racism and imposes its violent devaluation, blinded racists and Nazi gangs play a role in completing the social extermination of already impoverished immigrants.
But foreigners—from immigrants to slaves of color—have always been demanding their visibility, freedom and equality with their blood. In the present time, protests, hunger strikes and riots in concentration camps are efforts to break imprisonment, repression, limitation of movement, miserable living conditions and violation of so-called basic human rights. No asylum, no free care, no access to education, no right to work, only illegalization, slavery, more hunting and humiliation on the streets of the metropolis, more and more confinement and concentration in warehouses of souls. Even though in reality existing rights and benefits are founded on hierarchy, exclusion and exploitation, the struggles and demands of ethnic minorities, isolated individuals, and their communities are just and necessary for their survival in a system where life depends on the rulers. And that’s why we stand by the side of each other!
The crocodile tears of the authorities over the value of human life and public health during the pandemic never washed away its deeply racist face. Both before and during Coronavirus, their statistics were clear. Cases in x number of people plus x cases in immigrants. “The alien” is still synonymous with a health bomb, despite the fact that the virus was eventually spread by Christian gatherings and conferences of merchants, politicians and scientists. They were and still arecalling for us to stay home and keep our distance while the immigrants and the prisoners—locals and foreigners—were stacked in containers and in cells in conditions that only in good faith we would call unhealthy.
For many people, but especially for immigrants, housing squats have always been a refuge from racist hatred and anti-immigration policies, a way to have a decent life and interact with society. Located in the center of the metropolis, they allow immigrants to interact with locals, other immigrants and ethnic communities, to become part of neighborhoods and everyday life, to have access to services and structures of solidarity, and to participate in social and political life. Abandoned buildings, many of them belonging to the state or its politicians, built by the relentless taxation of workers and then neglected, have finally come to life again, housing the life of the most underrated part of the social base, offering at the same time an answer to the broader problem of housing, but also to the problem of inequality and exploitation caused by property. The violence against squats in general and migrants in particular is an attempt of the greek state to reinforce racism and exploitation, to terrorize all of the oppressed and exploited.
From the attack on public spaces to the attack on housing, from the privatization of green spaces to the destruction of the natural environment, from layoffs to unpaid wages, from deprivation of basic freedoms to the spread of electronic control, from the “intentional” murders at the border of Evros to the “negligent” murders in the prisons of Thiva and the fields of Manolada, more and more the people on power is leading the exploited to a state of unbearable suffocation.
Let us take a deep breath and violently break out against the state, its bosses and their guards, standing side by side, next to the wretched. With continuous initiatives but also permanent organization, let’s take back the stolen time and space by building rebellious and free communities without national and gender divisions, without exploitation and hierarchy.
Network of Mutual Aid and Struggle / / @AntiCovidAidNetwork

May 27, 2020
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Italy : Updates about the situation of anarchists Davide Delogu and Giuseppe Bruna

Update on the anarchist Sardinian prisoner deported Davide Delogu, as of May 21st (from Sardegna Anarchica):
From today’s (May 21st) phone call with Davide we learn that the prisoner who had started the protest with him, since he too has been in solitary confinement since January, has broken off the protest. We bring back Davide’s message:
«He no longer continues the strike for his own reasons, but he sympathizes with me by not taking the lousy food from the prison. My conflict has increased, verbally assaulting and defying, and let Commander Rizzo come to my cell to give me explanations! But since he is a great coward, he delegates to the inspectors who come to commission me his repressive decisions and also to them as with other evil guards, at my request “if they have the courage – I tell them – to open the cell and come and tell me to my face”, but they run away. Infamous!».

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May 25, 2020
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Zurich, Switzerland – Paint attack

In the night of 19th May, 2020 some bottles full of paint were smashed against the façade of the Bullenpostens in Oberstrass. Why?
Well, I think the question is why not. After all, the barbaric injustice of the dominant system during the pandemic is coming to light in strident colours. Applause for nursing staff in contrast with the billions given to Swiss/Lufthansa; lack of medicines in contrast with record arms exports; distribution of food supplies in contrast with the blessing of profit shares. Overcrowded refugee camps in contrast with empty luxury hotels. Just to give a few examples. Continue Reading →

May 25, 2020
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Comments Off on ‘To find cracks. To stare down. To keep on… And to provoke…’ – interview with ASBO (May 2020) UK

‘To find cracks. To stare down. To keep on… And to provoke…’ – interview with ASBO (May 2020) UK

A scene from the insurrections within-the-walls which shook UK in 2016, this image is from HMP Swaleside.
London ABC was due to participate in the London Tattoo Circus 2020. For obvious reasons, the tattoo circus didn’t go ahead. Radio Outbreak (a ‘sideshow’ to the Tattoo Circus) is going online from 3pm-9pm on Saturday 23rd May instead. As our contribution, we will be reading from the text of an interview conducted earlier this month with ASBO, someone we greatly admire and whose writings have been inspiring, informative and thought provoking to us.
ASBO is the author of the seminal text Bang-Up and Smash: Women’s Prisons, Bail Hostels and Probation, partly an account and alaysis of systems she was held captive by. She is also part of the collective responsible for ‘The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions: Covid-19, Corbyn and ‘Crisis’, which addresses Corbyn, voting and Covid-19. 
In early May, members of London ABC sent her some questions on these topics. Her answers are bold, generous, heartfelt and inciteful, with a depth of personal reflections and a breadth of analysis grappling with the world we find ourselves in.
We hoped to bring about some encounters and discussions like this at London Tattoo Circus. In the absence of a physical space for connection we hope you enjoy this interview. We include the full text below pending the creation of a zine. 
More info about Radio Outbreak:
DISCLAIMER: This is the first time I have ever done an interview like this, and I am definitely out of my comfort zone! Also, it is important to note that while I wrote ‘Bang-Up and Smash: Women’s Prisons, Bail Hostels and Probation’ as an individual (supported by many patient friends), ‘The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions: Covid-19, Corbyn and ‘Crisis’ was a collective project. Any comments here on the text are entirely my own random thoughts, and not representative of our whole crew. Also, as I said in ‘Bang-Up’; I am humbly aware that I only had a relatively short sentence with amazing support….so my experience of prison, bail hostels and probation, is very specific, from a (relatively) privileged position. I don’t want my clumsy words to be read as being representative, or imply that I am making assumptions about other people engaging with the prison system.

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May 25, 2020
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Comments Off on France: Somewhere in France – irresponsible attack on a camera! (April 2020)

France: Somewhere in France – irresponsible attack on a camera! (April 2020)

Attack on a camera during confinement 
I sabotaged a camera somewhere in France.
With this very modest contribution, I wanted to show that it’s possible to act alone and with very little material. I also wanted to show that, if the surveillance net is too tight, you can cut some of its mesh to open yourself a gap.
And echo two texts that I liked a lot recently:
«So we must review our practices, not rest on our laurels, and be aware that we are losing. To practice mass direct action massively means to develop a way of action that can give us back our advantage in the present social war, or, at least, allow us to create positive and offensive dynamics, which we desperately need » – [More than ever, for direct action.]
«Now that we are caught in this futuristic system, we can only declare war on normality if we don’t want to die of aseptic boredom» [In May, do what you like, a call to conflict.].
Finally, and above all, I simply wanted to send a big thank you to those who attack: you give me the courage to carry on.
an irresponsible
via: insuscettibilediravvedimento
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

May 25, 2020
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Comments Off on Mauricio Morales – 11 years later, Insurrectionists Don’t Forget You

Mauricio Morales – 11 years later, Insurrectionists Don’t Forget You

It’s been 11 years since your last ride… 11 years… and we were all surprised when it was the first anniversary of your death, Mauri. The years go by, but something always remains, right?
For those of us who knew you and for those of us who knew you after your death, it has been 11 years of having you around, 11 years of continuing to propagate, breaking in, bothering, laughing loudly or in whispers, stubbornly propagating the Black Death.
How much has happened in these years, there is no rational measure that can quantify it. There are those who will say that we have lost, others that we have gained a lot, what is really important is that we continue… and that anarchy, as a concrete practice against any form of domination, as a permanent exercise, continues unrestrained. And that is why our dead people enjoy excellent health and continue to laugh, today already in other laughs.
How much you would have enjoyed the streets in these months, we smile when we imagine the answer, but you were, Mauri, in memorable days, in the chaos and its sweet deliriums. You were there, because there are those who insist on going out with you to the chaos.
This is how comradeship, iconoclastic memory and solidarity have been nourished, against any border, repression and death… as they wrote from a prison in Switzerland some years ago.
After the action of May 22, 2009, where you found death by attacking the jailers, there was no communication that made your position clear…but there was your life, your writings, your poems, songs, your stories, your experiences plagued by stumbles, mistakes, rages, laughter and successes, your constant persistence in trying, by any means necessary, to light up the night and ruin the party for the jailers of the world.
Those writings have flown from heart to heart, looking for active hands where Anarchy prevails. In your letters of black ink the skein of your ideas, feelings and convictions is unraveled, it emerges clearly who you decided to be and the paths you took even at the risk of everything… without expecting applause from the gallery, without seeking consensus, mass satisfaction, or votes of popularity.
In your writings, those who didn’t know you, have been finding you and forging their own ties of complicity, that is the power of black memory, which opens furrows and paths right there where police, journalistic or citizen insults are intended to be imposed… so vital is that clash of companions, experiences and generations, that in an attempt to cut those ties, 11 years after your death, murmurs are heard that echo journalistic inventions. It is a pleasure that you are not yet popular… but you are present among those who are ours, those who do not allow themselves to be tamed and those who choose not to tame their bitter spirits and so the echoes of your mocking laughter still spread through the streets, lighting fires even in the saddest and coldest night.
There is no day where your absence does not hurt, but here we continue… You will live in our lives Mauri.
Beyond any circumstances and any pandemic…
by Anarchy and against all authority, we will remain the worst black plague!!
With infinite love…
For all the comrades who have gone…
For all those who continue to raise the pulse of conflict…
For prisoners of war…
Our memory is black, our heart too…
Eternal contempt for the jailer!
via: 325

May 25, 2020
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Italy – News from the state of emergency (Number 2)

30th March 2020
Responsibilities in reverse
The daily scaremongering news is covering up general and specific responsibilities for the ongoing epidemic,  putting them on those who don’t stay at home, “plague-spreaders” against whom more and more repressive measures are to be demanded (the military carrying out police functions, internet tracking of the population, invitations to snitch, authorization of the use of drones…). Who dismantled the Health System in favour of the logic of profit, worsening a situation that could have been dealt with quite differently? Who kept the factories open? Who closed the schools on 20th February and shopping centres only on 12th March? Who was it? Perhaps those walking in the streets or on cycle or footpaths? And more: is it single “looters” or a system that has made the price of face masks for hospitals increase 600%?
What security?
They’ve been deafening us with shouts of “Security!” for decades. More cameras, more controls, more police, more prisons! Then a virus epidemic arrives, and from the back of the mind and the not-said of television it comes out that if trucks and logistics were to stop there would be nothing left to eat in the supermarkets within a few days. What kind of security can people who depend on a technological and productive system which they no longer control have? You can’t live from telework! Let’s take advantage of this “break” to reflect.
Without taking back the land and self-managing our food sources, along with freedom and autonomy we will also be renouncing our security.

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May 23, 2020
by actforfreedom
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Diálogos Incendiarios / Internacional Negra Ediciones, ES/PORTUGUÊS

PDF: Diálogos Incendiarios – PORTUGUÊS
Apresentamos um novo livro da Internacional Negra Edições, projeto internacionalista de difusão anárquica que, desde as vontades anarco-insurrecionais, informais e sediciosas, volta a brotar em espanhol, português e italiano, com uma nova publicação: “Diálogos Incendiários: Pela Propagação da Sedição Anárquica”, concretizado a partir da troca de idéias sobre o rumo da guerra anárquica, que tiveram, mediante cartas, os companheiros Alfredo Cóspito, Gustavo Rodriguez e Gabriel Pombo da Silva.
Decidimos fazer este lançamento no dia 22 de maio, oportuna rememoração do Dia do Caos, em memória do companheiro anarquista Mauricio Morales, quem, num dia como hoje, no ano 2009, se despediu da vida lutando contra o poder, quando a bomba que carregava na mochila explodiu acidentalmente a poucos metros da Escola de Agentes Penitenciários do Chile.
Dedicamos este livro a todxs nossxs companheiros em prisão mundo afora, especialmente para os companheiros Alfredo Cóspito, encarcerado na Itália e para o querido Gabriel Pombo da Silva, que foi detido em Portugal e extraditado para Espanha, no momento em que este livro saía à luz. Mandamos toda nossa força para o compa Gabriel diante desta nova vingança das autoridades contra sua irredutível luta.
Este livro tem versões impressas que circularão nos espaços afins, entre companheiros e em diversos projetos anárquicos ao redor do mundo. Convidamos a apoiar ativamente sua difusão compartilhando sua versão
digital, imprimindo exemplares ou realizando atividades e apresentações ali onde existam vontades dispostas para fazer o impossível pela propagação do caos e a expansão da guerra anárquica.
Vontades e colaborações editorias da Internacional Negra.
22 Maio 2020. (Brasil) (México) (Chile) (Italia)


ES:  Diálogos Incendiarios / Internacional Negra Ediciones

PDF: Diálogos Incendiarios
Presentamos un nuevo libro de la Internacional Negra Ediciones, proyecto internacionalista de difusión anárquica que, desde voluntades anarcoinsurreccionales informales y sediciosas, vuelve a resurgir en español, portugués e italiano con un nuevo título: «Diálogos Incendiarios: por la propagación de la sedición anárquica», cimentado en el intercambio epistolar en torno al curso de la guerra anárquica entre los compañeros Alfredo Cóspito, Gustavo Rodríguez y Gabriel Pombo da Silva.
Hemos decidido de manera consciente hacer este lanzamiento el 22 de mayo, en oportuna celebración del Día del Caos, recordando al compañero anarquista Mauricio Morales, quien un día como hoy en el año 2009 dejó esta vida luchando contra el Poder al estallar la bomba que cargaba en su mochila, la cual detonó antes de tiempo a pocos metros de la Escuela de Gendarmería de Chile.
Dedicamos este libro a todxs nuestrxs compañerxs en prisión alrededor del mundo, con especial dedicatoria al compañero Alfredo Cóspito encarcelado en Italia y, al querido Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, quien fuera detenido en Portugal y extraditado a Estado español en el momento que este libro salía a la luz. Enviamos toda nuestra fuerza al compañero Gabriel frente a esta nueva venganza de las autoridades por su eterna lucha irreductible.
Este libro contará de versiones impresas que circularán en espacios afines, entre compañerxs y proyectos anárquicos diversos alrededor del mundo. Invitamos a apoyar activamente su difusión compartiendo su versión digital, imprimiendo ejemplares y/o realizando presentaciones y lanzamientos allí donde existan voluntades dispuestas a hacer hasta lo imposible por propagar el Caos y extender la guerra anárquica.
Voluntades y colaboradorxs editoriales de Internacional Negra Ediciones.
22 de mayo de 2020. (Chile) (México) (Brasil) (Italia)