February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Paris, France: Trial of the struggle against the expulsion machinery

At the hearing on January 31, 2018 at the 16th chamber of the court of Paris, the 7 comrades sent to trial for “Damage against Air France, the SNCF and Bouygues” and refusal to give DNA samples and identification, obtained an adjournment of the trial.
The hearing will therefore be held on Friday, June 22, 2018 in front of the 16th chamber, but this time in the new crushing and punishing factory: the new courthouse of Paris located in the 17th arrondissement (métro porte de Clichy).
The irony of this date, is that the trial of the struggle against the expulsion machinery will be held 10 years to the day after the revolt during which some undocumented people burned the largest detention centre in the country, that of Vincennes (June 22, 2008).
And as chance would have it, the inamicable visits to the shops of Air France, SNCF and Bouygues that the State intends to charge some people for eight years later happened on March 17, 2010, a few hours after the sentence of ten undocumented people to years in prison for this incendiary revolt.
Appointment on June 22, 2018 at 1:30 pm for this trial …
… Today as in the past, fire to all prisons, let’s sabotage the machinery for locking up and expulsion!
[Posted on Indymedia Grenoble, Wednesday, January 31, 2018]

via: Sans_Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Montreal, Quebec: The war on the rich outside their home

On the night of January 28 to 29 in Montreal, a luxury car goes up in smoke in the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district.
The fire broke out around 1:30 am in the passenger compartment of a parked Porsche on Girouard Avenue, near Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Avenue. Arriving on the scene, the police noticed that the front window on the passenger side had been shattered and the fire was raging inside.
Despite the intervention of firefighters, the fire completely destroyed the racing car. The Criminal Fire Section of the Ontario Police Service City of Montreal is in charge of the investigation.
It is not uncommon in Montreal that the rich pay the price for hatred they sow, sometimes even just outside their house.

Sans Attendre
Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Lecce, Italy – Tilt: a place for information and struggle against the TAP ( Trans Adriatic Pipelines)

A place and a paper. Tilt is a new project to try to take up a train of thought that has never been abandoned: that of an opposition to the Tap – and not only – without mediations or compromise, a radical opposition whose point of strength and rupture is constant conflictuality; not only against the Tap and all its collaborators but also against the world of politics that has approved it, the economy that supports it and the managers of order who protect it.
    A place in which to discuss, meet, exchange information, self-organize, give and receive suggestions. A paper from where to start to criticize what surrounds us, express what we have at heart.

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February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Chile,Santiago: Noise Bombs in Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades Ignacio, Kevin and Joaquín

Wednesday, February 7th. We continue with our custom of mocking the authorities. Vandalism as an action, as an expression of rage against this sick society and its sad infrastructure.
As we have previously stated: “The streets of Santiago at night are ours when we decide to indulge in the luxury of vandalizing its symbols”. And so we did it again, placing three noise bombs, this time, under cars, inside a Mormon church and a few steps from the home of a drug-dealing bastard. We caused a bit of disorder on the periphery of the streets, without a doubt we will certainly go for more.
We express our ideas through the facts, using whatever form is valid. No one will tell us how to do things, for this reason we act without leaders, nobody sent us, nobody does it now and nobody ever will. Only our autonomous desires guide us on the path that we have chosen.
Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the prisons, strength and total complicity with the comrades Ignacio Muñoz, Kevin Garrido and Joaquín García.
via: Insurrection News

February 20, 2018
by actforfreedom

Israel: Attack Against the Tel Aviv Immigration Office in Solidarity with African Asylum Seekers Facing Deportation

On January 28th, 2018, the office of the Tel Aviv Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA) was vandalized in protest against the expulsion of African migrants.
A number of severed doll heads covered with red paint were found outside the Tel Aviv PIBA office. Among the doll heads and the red paint were typed notes stating ‘their blood is in your hands. this is just the beginning’.
Last month, the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) approved an amendment to the so-called ‘Infiltrator’s Law’, which paves the way for the forced deportations of Eritrean and Sudanese migrants and asylum seekers from March, as well as imprisonment for an indefinite period for those who refuse to leave ‘voluntarily’.
(via Attaque, translated by Insurrection News)

February 17, 2018
by actforfreedom

The Netherlands , Nijmegen : Info updates on G20 prisoner Peike

First day of higher appeal and all court dates are set
The court dates are 5th of march, 20th of march, 5th of april, 26th of april. Please see events for time and place.
Last Friday, February 9 2018, the first court day of the higher appeal in Peike’s case took place. Around 30 people travelled from Amsterdam to the court in Hamburg to support Peike, and a big group of German comrades was also present at the trial. In front of the courthouse there was coffee, music, and breakfast arranged by the German anti-G20 support group. Inside, the public was “welcomed” by riot police.
During the trial two cops from Berlin (Koslik and Marx) were heard as witnesses. Generally the day progressed slowly and consisted mostly of interruptions, since neither Koslik or Marx had a statement from their boss which stated what they could or could not say. After the lunch break the judge began questioning Koslik, who during the first case stated he had seen Peike throw two bottles. The document (Kurzbericht) which Marx (the cop who claims having been hit by the bottles, and who probably finalised the arrest) made up after the arrest however was missing in the file, while Koslik’s witness statement was based on this document.
After this, the defense interrogated Koslik, who answered practically every question concerning July 6 (the day of Peike’s arrest) by stating that he did not remember. The questions concerning who he had worked with, where the arrest had taken place, who had brought Peike to the police station, whether there had been given an order to arrest, how the arrest took place, what he had done after the arrest during the rest of the day and when his shift ended, all remained unanswered. Besides, Koslik’s statement about the appearance of the bottle-thrower had also changed: previously, in his original statement, he said that the person throwing had dreadlocks, whereas now he claimed to have seen a man with longer hair and a beard.
Due to the many interruptions in order to correct formal errors Marx was not heard as a witness on the 9th, and neither was Koslik’s interrogation done by the end of the trial. The next court session, on February 16, will begin with this, and Marx will also be heard then.
After the 16th four subsequent court dates have been planned, on March 5, March 20, April 5 and April 26. Peike was visibly happy with all the people who came to support him, so if you are able to come to the next sessions, this is much appreciated!

February 17, 2018
by actforfreedom

Greece , Athens : Molotov Attack Against the Ukrainian Embassy by the Aleksey Mozgovoy Brigade

At dawn on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, we attacked the Ukrainian Embassy in Athens with Molotov cocktails. We attacked the diplomatic mission, the police post and the embassy vehicles.
Our attack was a response to the coup and the nationalist insurgency organized by the United States and the European Union in November 2013 in Ukraine. The former Soviet Republic is a major gas transit route from Russia to Europe therefore it has to be fully tied to the US and EU chariots. Today Ukraine is under the banner of a coup d’état under the supervision of the IMF, with Nazi battalions being an organic part of the official
Our attack is a sign of honor to the murdered anti-fascists from 2013 to today, and especially to the dozens who were slaughtered at the ‘House of Trade Unions’ in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014. Respect also for the leaders of the anti-fascist struggle Aleksey Mozgovoy, Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) and Pavlov (Motoroloa) and also to all the anonymous milita members who fell with guns in their hands.
Our attack was a warning message to the Greek State and Capital. To the interests, choices and plans of the Greek urban bloc and its governments. Foreign Minister Venizelos’s visit to Ukraine in March 2014 (when Greece was the EU’s presidency), Prime
Minister Samarra’s statatement that “these are people who are fighting to enter the EU” during the referendum, referring to the nationalist rebellion of Maidan and Tsipras’s visit to Kiev in February 2017. And not forgetting the hospitalization of injured Ukrainian nationals of the National Guard at the KAT Hospital in Athens.

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February 17, 2018
by actforfreedom

Germany , Berlin : We Are All Terrorists , Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Russia!

From Rigaer Street, we send signs of solidarity and rage to anarchist prisoners in Russia, responding to the call from Russia for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Political Prisoners.
These days we heard from the arrests of antifascists and anarchists in Russia. Already before, in the months of October and November 2017, in the city of Penza, six people got arrested and brutally tortured by the federal secret service FSB. In January this year, in the city of St. Petersburg, a second wave of arrests followed with two persons first
being kidnapped by the FSB for one day and only the day after being officially registered in remand prison. The secret services‘ offensive, led by Putin’s regime, was accompanied by house raids in different cities of the country. As a reason for the repression the FSB constructed an anarchist terrorist group, named ‘Net’, planning a series of attacks on
the presidential elections in March 2018 as well as on the World Cup in June / July 2018 in Russia leading to armed insurrection and which is supposed to exist in several cities of Russia and Belarus. There is no evidence proofing the real existence of the group. The only evidences used are the statements of the arrested, which the FSB extorted from the
prisoners using torture and the threat of further acts of torture.

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February 16, 2018
by actforfreedom

France: From Portes-lès-Valence to Compiègne, Fire to the Municipal Police!



Compiegne (Oise): Van of the Municipal Police in Ashes!
On the night of Saturday, February 3rd to Sunday, February 4th, a van of the municipal police parked on the Place de l’Ancien-Hopital, self immolated. It seems that they were fed up with locking up ‘stray animals’.
Portes-lès-Valence (Drôme) – Life Span of a Municipal Police Station: 2 years!
Shortly before 10:30PM on Friday, February 2nd, an individual forced open the metal gates of the Municipal Police Station, then smashed a window pane and threw a Molotov cocktail inside. The office then caught fire and the flames completely destroyed it, despite the rapid intervention of firefighters. The mayor said that it was barely two years since these premises had been put into service.
[Reformulated from regional press articles]
(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated by Insurrection News)

February 13, 2018
by actforfreedom

[England] Sven & Natasha-Updates

Today, 24th January 2018, Sven and Natasha were in court for sentencing. They were charged with “Conspiracy to Blackmail”, accused of attempting to close down a notorious animal testing laboratory in the UK, Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) – now rebranded Envigo.
Sven was given 5 years in prison. The support group will publish his address details as soon as he calls us from prison – most likely HMP Winchester but we will confirm this as soon as we know. Please prepare your letters of support for him.
Natasha was given 2 years in prison suspended for 2 years. This means she is not in prison now but will have conditions and if she breaks them, she will have to go inside. This was a very unexpected result and we are happy to know that tonight she will not be in a prison cell. We do not know her conditions yet – so we are cautious about publishing their statement until she has spoken to the legal team.
Please stay posted for more news!

Sven van Hasselt #A3021ED
HMP Winchester
Romsey Road
Winchester SO22 5DF

February 10, 2018
by actforfreedom

Horro Vacui

There are anarchists who run after uprisings on other continents wherever the spotlights of the media fall. There are anarchists who talk about “fortress Europe” and they don’t even know which States are part of the EU. There are anarchists who struggle against the borders and they don’t even know where the Schengen frontier runs. There are anarchists who, like “good white men”, see in the “dark-skinned” non-EU people potential comrades, and they don’t even notice that there are European non-EU people.
There are anarchists who talk about internationalism and they don’t even know (or don’t give a fuck) what happens on their own continent. There are anarchists who express solidarity with all prisoners (or all political prisoners), as if the prison is really a correctional facility that automatically turns a human being into a better person (or a comrade/anarchist). There are anarchists who think of antifa as their comrades, as if the left-wing/extreme-left movements/parties are the lesser evil in an illusory revolutionary front. There are anarchists who get into the role of victims, just because they are a woman, gay, trans etc.., as if it is not enough to be “simply” a human being to be oppressed by the Power (as if this notion is too tight and therefore it requires some other label to express that someone is more oppressed than others; is it possible that in these times of alienated sexuality where people, including anarchists, obsessively see sexual harassment on every corner, we suppress our femininity/masculinity turning ourselves in a sterile “gender”, in which the democracy is trying to turn us, in accordance with this mechanistic society of mutilated sexuality?).
There are anarchists who in the 21th century still talk about the “class” struggle (a concept created in 19th century; in fact, marxist), while we live “simply” in a stratified society (like it has always been since civilization). There are anarchists who idolize the “native” people, as if they have already materialized Anarchy (always according to the notion of “the noble savage”), as if the history/time is linear (not circular).
There are anarchists who say that they seek to decolonize their territory from the State in their struggle for national liberation (“the nation”, this concept born with the modern State), as if the Earth is private property, as if all of us are not colonised by the State. It appears as though anarchists have fetishized the struggle per se, any struggle, regardless of its purpose, background, actors and ideology. So long as there exists any weak minority clashing with a more powerful enemy, it is sure to find attention (and occasionally, fervent support) on the counterinfo sites. It is as if many have forgotten that national liberation struggles are not struggles against power, but struggles for power. (National liberation is an appropriate term for what it is: it is a liberation of the nation, not of human beings). Likewise, the struggles of native groups do not seek to destroy power, but to take a (greater) share in it. No Kurds, Palestinians, Mapuche, nor any other oppressed ethnic minority or any irredentist/separatist movement seeks to abolish oppression altogether, but merely to abolish oppression against them, so that they may be free to become oppressors themselves and build a national empire of their own, justified by the same myths of ancestry and “the right” to a “fatherland” and to “national self-determination”. These terms are the jargon of the State and have no place on anarchist platforms. All these struggles take place under the cult of the nation-state. How does anyone calling themselves anarchist can find comrades among people reproducing power, authority and submission?
And there are anarchists who see no problem in being every day watched, registered, filmed…, so they make their own videos/photos to share them online. There are anarchists who use the social networks as if they are places of discussion (with “like”, “followers”, “friends” and all). There are anarchists so devoted to animal liberation, as if anarchy could be achieved (as if by magic) by all becoming vegan, as if liberation is plural, and not just one and total (liberation of the Earth and of everything which composes it). “Everything is velocity, moment, instinct. (…) My nature is — opposition; logic — indiscipline; philosophy — subversion” [Janko Polić Kamov, “Sloboda”]
How do you intend to destroy the existent if you support it with your own struggles?
anarhija.info & some comrades

February 10, 2018
by actforfreedom

Belgium : International Call for Solidarity / Action Weekend 23-24-25 Feb Against the New Squatting Ban

In the Summer of 2017 a new law was voted in Belgium to make squatting illegal. In Autumn the law came into action.
We would like to call out for an international weekend in solidarity against the new law. Because autonomous spaces are endangered worldwide, because we will never stop to claim our spaces.
FEBRUARY 23rd – 24th – 25th 2018

February 10, 2018
by actforfreedom

Germany, Leipzig : Police Station in Connewitz Attacked with Paint and Rocks Posted on February 8, 2018

Leipzig, February 3rd, 2018
On the evening of February 2nd, 2018 we attacked the cop station on Biedermann street in Leipzig Connewitz with paint and rocks.
The German police are a major player in the ever-worsening waves of repression against the anti-fascist and anti-authoritarian movements. The so-called ‘police post’ in Leipzig Connewitz was set up in 2014 by the city of Leipzig, in response to attempts by the local residents to fight against rising rents and repression, as well as various attacks against state institutions. The declared goal was to pacify a rebellious district by deploying occupation forces.
The police are by no means ‘friends & helpers’, at least not for the Connewitz population. At most, they are called ‘friends’ by the property owners, who, at the expense of the people living here, are promoting the gentrification of the neighborhood. They assist the fascists when they are attacked. The ‘security’ of the police is security for investors and entrepreneurs.
Those who secure the ruling exploitative society and the continuation of capitalist exploitation, who deport refugees and chase anti-fascists, have no right of residence in Connewitz.
Defend your neighborhoods against gentrification, fascists and cops!
(via Chronik, translated by Insurrection News)

February 9, 2018
by actforfreedom

Athens : Anarchist comrade Grigoris Tsironis is Free from the house arrest.


The Athens Appeals Council today accepted the application of anarchist
comrade Grigoris Tsironis with which he asked for the replacement of his
house arrest. Thus the conditions were replaced with a ban from leaving
the country, he is also banned from leaving the region of south Attica,
he has to remain at the address given as his permanent residence, he
cannot spend the night away from this residence and must appear at the
police station in his area every 5 days.

Grigoris was released after the 18 month pre-trial detention period had
expired on December 7th, 2017 and in a further outburst of judicial
arbitrariness they imposed an innovative condition of house arrest.

Despite the fact the bail conditions remain strict, the decision to lift
his house arrest is a first win for him as well as the solidarity
movement. It puts a first mound to the methods of the police-judicial
complex which gathers all the elements a state of emergency in the face
of the comrade as well the case he is accused of (Distomo robbers). DNA,
anti-terror law, penalization of personal and family relations, the
vengeance of police and judicial authority.

The struggle continues until Grigori’s complete acquittal of all
Until the collapse of the indictment for all those accused in the case.
Until the abolishing of judicial authority and all authorities.
Until the destruction of every prison.
Assembly against the new anti-terrorist campaign: “Distomo robbers”.

Translated by Act for freedom now!

February 8, 2018
by actforfreedom


anonymous report, from Unoffensive Animal (click here for video from the action):
December 2017, Hambacher Forst
“For a couple of months, we have been clearing out all
shooting towers, hunting cabins and stands around the forest. Those that
were inside of the forest are long gone, but the surrounding areas are
covered with metal and wood that aids the hunters splattering blood on
the ground. This is unacceptable.
We discovered that the sand and stone exploitation by the forest is
allowing hunters to create meadows for shooting stands, attracting
wildlife to the area to then murder animals without compassion. We
destroyed dozens before deciding to send a clearer message, so overnight
and with only one security guard in the area we set multiple shooting
huts and towers on fire, making sure that all were standing in the clear
ground without risks of creating an uncontrollable fire.
They burnt rapidly and our anger calmed, but only shortly. We then
decided to send a letter to the mine, allowing them to know our
intentions. If the shooting towers aren’t destroyed by them, it won’t
just be the hunting equipment that will burn, but their entire machinery
will be a ball of fire. We believe to have been successful as all stands
have been either demolished or taken away.
Let this also be a wink of solidarity with our friends in prison. Nine
Hambis are locked up for resisting cops destroying a beautiful forest.
Nine individuals with friends, with an uncontrollable thirst for
freedom, are being locked up for caring about the planet.
Do not forget. We are active, we are fearless and we will attack when is
necessary. We are not concerned about consequences and we will reach no
For a future without speciesism and where animals can be free. For a
future where the planet is respected and loved. For a future without
prisons. For an anarchist future.
some anarchists.”

February 8, 2018
by actforfreedom


received anonymously:
“Claim of responsibility for sabotage of two Benetton shops
We are enemies of power and domination. We want the end of every form of exploitation. We aim for the absolute destruction of authority and of the capitalist system. The symbols and the consequences of capitalism and exploitation are everywhere. So we just had to take a clear decision, choosing to take the side of those who are oppressed and attacking the system and its accomplices: direct action for self-determination and total liberation! It doesn’t matter how small is the action compared with the giant monsters we are fighting: it’s action and not just promises at election time, it is the proof of the fact that the fight isn’t over.
On Monday, January 29th, from an anarchist, antispeciesist, antiauthoritarian and anti-capitalist position, we sabotaged two Benetton shops located in Ferrara (Italy) by gluing the locks of the shops.
In solidarity with the Mapuches who, in Patagonia, for decades have been resisting the oppression of the corporation that, since 1991, had taken away (creating many ecological and social problems) almost one million hectares of land from the Mapuches who had lived there for centuries, in harmony with Pachamama (Mother Earth).
For the animals who are enslaved and exploited for the production of wool (to make clothes), and meat (the business of Benetton Group is not limited to the fashion industry).
For the workers, children and adults, who are exploited in factories through a particular method of subcontracting.
In memory of the victims of Rana Plaza collapse, in Bangladesh; and in memory of Santiago Maldonado, Rafael Nahuel and all the activists who lost their lives because of the brutal repression put in place by the States of Argentina and Cile.
And also not to forget the involvement of Benetton in the transport of British war material to Iraq, and the hypocrisy of advertising campaigns hidden behind fake social commitment, created by Oliviero Toscani, in the attempt to show a clean image of the corporation.
‘Power disguises itself continually and the great challenge is to recognize its colors’
Anarchist Cell – Sebastián Oversluij Seguel”

February 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Schmitten, Switzerland – Incendiary attack on Implenia, involved in the construction of the prison of Bässlergut

In the night between 14th and 15th January fire-lighters were placed and ignited on the tyres of a vehicle belonging to the construction company Implenia in Schmitten (Fribourg Canton).
“Again extreme-left vandals”
Whatever label they want to stick on us, they are only trying to distract us from what we want to really transmit. We are a group of friends who are fed up with accepting passively the mechanisms of oppression that govern and devastate the world. We often discuss about what disturbs us and what we can do to oppose it.
“Come on! It’s only a mere act of vandalism!”
The fact we decided to attack Implenia didn’t come by chance. Implenia is one of the most important companies involved in the extension of the prison for foreigners of “Bässlergut” in Basle.
We are no longer to tolerate the fact that companies make profits by locking up and deporting people.
In any case we are very angry. Little matter whether we are 15, 25, 45 or 75-year-old, this doesn’t change the fact we can’t and don’t want to live without doing anything, with this anger inside ourselves.
How could we do otherwise if we were separated from our friends being deported (or “taken back to the borders” as they say in political jargon)?
We are angry at all those who accept and support this shit and those who like Implenia make profits on it.

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February 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Greece: Free Transportation For All: A paradigmatic anarchist campaign in the difficult years of Syriza

In early 2016 a far-reaching campaign in Athens began with a fairly modest announcement: “Free Transportation for All”. With a few initial actions that grabbed headlines, like an intervention at the OASA office near Alexandras and the destruction of ticket machines at several stations, began the appearance of a campaign that continues today, and has since seen its massification with several large central marches, topical demonstrations and leafletting, persistent and costly sabotage that the police   are unable to stop despite their best efforts, and even reaching to igniting resistance among the transport workers themselves. As in the celebrated phrase of Clausewitz, this struggle is not a great burst of pyrotechnics, but the slow flame and long-lasting embers of irregular conflict, always waiting for the opportune moment to flare up once again.
This campaign is notable for several reasons, the first of which can justly be described as tactical reproducibility meeting strategic coherence. The sabotage of ticket machines, whether in the metro, on buses or trams, is an act that a group of just a few determined comrades can undertake with a little preparation. No one has to wait for a demonstration or a discussion in an assembly. It is also an act that is hard for the police to catch and prove, as the only group of people so far who have been charged for such crimes, have been found innocent. Moreover, several groups have gone to the trouble to  publish very clearly their different methods of sabotage. These range from removing the front of the  bus ticket machine with a small drill, smashing them with hammers, putting polyurethane foam or gum in the vending slots for the metro and tram, or even simply covering them with stickers, etc. &c.

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February 8, 2018
by actforfreedom

Trento, Italy – Benetton’s windows smashed for Santiago Maldonado

From the local press we learn that in the night of 24th January a Benetton shop was attacked on via Oriala in Trento. The doors and a window got smashed and graffiti were found: “For Santiago and the Mapuche’s struggle”.

Translated by act for freedom now!