Italy -Text of a leaflet distributed during a spontaneous march in Catania (Sicily) on 13th June 2012


text of a leaflet distributed during a spontaneous march in Catania (Sicily) on 13th June 2012:More than 40 searches, 24 people under investigatin and another10 under arrest: this is the temporary result of a repressive operation orchestrated by the prosecutor of Perugia Manuela Comodi and carried out  by the carabinieri ROS on 13th June.
Our friends and comrades are accused of conspiracy and terrorism. The press, the TV and the radio are bombarding us with cryptic and alarming news, which attribute to our comrades the responsibility for sending parcel bombs and for various direct actions. In these times of crisis the State seems worried, but not about rising prices, unemployment, the dramatic fall of spending power, the critical situation of social ervices, of the new poor and dispossessed. On the contrary, the State fears that someone uncovers the role played by the system of capital in the context of the human misery dominating our life.

We don’t care whether or not the ten arrested comrades are guilty. We just want to point out that the ten people who are now locked up and deprived of their freedom and loved ones are people who have dedicated their energy to the struggle, without sparing their efforts or asking anything back.
Their struggle against concentration camps for immigrants and racism, against the unchallenged dominion of the banks in the management of economy, against arrogant multinationals and their harmful system of production, is also our struggle.
Our solidarity is not only for those under arrest and investigation but also for their families, friends and housemates, whom the forces of order didn’t hesitate to harass, search and abuse with the intent of isolating and frightening, in perfect mafia style.
It won’t be the usual judicial frame-ups that will extinguish the fire of social conflict. Imprisonment won’t stop the struggle for a free world without hierarchies and explotation.

we receive and transmit:

Solidarity with Collettivo R60!
Solidarity with the comrades hit by operation Ardire!
Solidarity with the NO TAV!We express our solidarity with and support to the comrades of Collettivo Autorganizzato R60 of Reggio Emilia, as yesterday afternoon (13th June) they were searched because of their involvement in the NO TAV struggle and for the activity they carry out ni their territory.
We invite everybody to the solidarity gathering on Friday 15th June form 6:30pm at piazza Del Monte in Reggio Emilia.Our solidarity is also for all the comrades searched, arrested and investigated yesterday all over Italy following operation “Ardire”.Freedom for all thise arrested!
The NO TAV struggle cannot be stopped!
Solidarity is our weapon!
Let’s fight back against the perpetrators and strategists of repressive attacks!
Let’s use defence to attack!

CARC – Emilia Romagna

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