Prosecution of members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and anarchist Th.Mavropoulos for the text for Nadir. (Greece)


Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs

Prosecution of members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and anarchist Th.Mavropoulos for the text for Nadir.

The new prosecutions of the accused for participation in the CCF was a start. A series of prosecutions which does not seem to have a beginning or end, has begun. 15 months after the captivilty of the 5 members of the CCF in Volos the vengeful wrath of the authorities towards the comrades involven in this case is more and more evident. Their eagerness that no comrade is released because of the expiration of the 18 month period is also clear. Something they managed not with legal loopholes but with arbitraries and by-passes of the laws which they themselves serve with so much passion.

Laws which when it suits them they use them, when not they ignore them and when they are not enough they make new ones. One prosecution folllows another and one trial comes after another. Some of them are: – The persecution for the text “Solidarity from the CCF and Th.Mavropoulos to the anarchist steki Nadir” of the members of the CCF and anarchist Th.Mavropoulos. – The persecution for the text “Concerning the new persecution for the text in solidarity to anarxhist steki Nadir” – The persecution for the responsibility claim for the attack on ATA studios, which according to the trial brief the ten comrades posted on the internet, whilst being imprisoned while the specific action has been claimed by the “Deviant behaviours for the spreading of revolutionary terrorism – International Revolutionary Front”. – Persecution of Christos Tsakalos for his personal text “Open letter of Christos Tsakalos from Koridallos prisons, concerning his attitude and the persecutory procedures”.

-Persecution of Christos Tsakalos and Michalis Nikolopoulos for the attack on Dodekanisa police station in Thessaloniki, an action which the Conspiracy Cells of Fire has claimed responsibility and which is not included in the trial brief with the 250 action of the organizations, which from the beginning ought to be a complete trial brief since it concerns actions of the same organization. – Investigation it Italy for the parcel bombs to the then prime minister of Italy Silvio Berlousconi. These investigations initially concerned Giorgos Nikolopoulos nad Christos Tsakalos but now include three more members of the CCF Gerasimos Tsakalos, Haris Hadjimihelakis and Panagiotis Argirou as well as two persecuted and initially sentenced for participation in the organization, despite refusing their participation, anarchists Alexandros Mitrousias and Giorgos Karagiannidis. This trial brief has already been transferred to prosecutors in Bologna.

Here we should stress also the moment in time which the Italian state chose to prosecute the comrades as pay back and in an attempt to show there is something being done against terrorism, which is right after the attack of the Olga cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation in Italy, who knee-caped Roberto Adinolfi, managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare. We could analyze for ever on the state methods to bend the spirit of the comrades and their desperate attempt to “correct them”, make them fall into silence and political inactivity. An attempt of the prosecutory authorities which was expressed also by the imposition of conditions to not communicate with their co- accused and the forbidding of their entrance into any university buildings (the places where the most of the anarchist meetings and events take place) to the three comrades who are accused for participation in the organization but were not imprisoned for the 250 actions of the CCF P.Masouras, K.Karakatsani and S.Antoniou. But here we will stay on the creation of laws which aim at penalizing the speech, bend the solidarity and isolate our imprisoned comrades.

The charge comes with the 4th consecutive terror law and concerns “prompting the performance of felonies”. Every text published and has the signature of the CCF is a potential prosecution. And not only in Greece. With the complete cooperation of the greek juridical mafia and the italian a story begins which has no beginning, middle or end. We are talking about a law which penalizes speech since the fortification with continuous terrorlaws for every subversive action is not enough to impose silence and inactivity in the anarchists.

The imprisoned members of the CCF with their international addressing-solidarity-dialogue have contributed with their texts in the spreading and supporting of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), the creation of the International Revolutionary Front (IRF) and the Black International of anarchists of praxis. The cells of FAI pop out in many countries world wide (Chile, Bolivia, Equador, Indonesia, England, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Russia etc.). Of the the attacks are dedicated to the imprisoned members of the CCF if they do not use the same name (Greece, Holland, Mexico, Russia). Thus, authority decided to penalize the texts of the imprisoned members, hoping that they will stop communicating with the ‘outside’ world and promoting their ideas, and maybe finally bend them.

Something the comrades have shown will never happen. The subversive dialogue in Greece and abroad continues and will continue with the prospect of creating global incidents, aiming at the total destruction of this system. In a period where the system is ill in all sectors, what it does is to enhance its arsenal legally and increase the oppression striking the parts which consist a threat for the much wanted social compliance and even more those parts which promote the total head on rupture with the regime. First target was the texts of our imprisoned comrades and clearly a ‘pilot’ application for its spreading into a total penalization of the anarchist-subversive speech.

Thus, the 9 members of the CCF and anarchist Th.Mavropoulos are tried on June 27th for the text in solidarity to Nadir, the text concerning the prosecution for the solidarity text to Nadir and the responsibility claim for the attack on ATA studio.

The charge is “prompting the performance of felonies” for their phrase “NOT MILIMETRE BACKWARDS, 9MILIMETRES IN THE HEADS OF THE COPS” From our side what we have to say is that we will remain next to our comrades.

We will continue to spread their words in all languages of the world and their legal creations will not be enough to stop us from showing our solidarity to them in any possible way. The cries they shout with strength and insistence, the passion to refuse authority, is a united voice which shakes the routine of regularity and submission.

And which will not stop being heard as long as this civilization and all its elements exists.

NOT A STEP BACKWARDS IN OUR SOLIDARITY CALL – SOLIDARITY GATHERING AT EVELPIDON COURTS JUNE 27TH 9.00AM Solidarity assembly for CCF and those prosecuted in the same case.

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