Greece- Released today (22/​​06) afternoon Anarchist Comrade Giannis Skouloudis.




Sokratis Tzifkas is incarcerated in Diavata prisons ever since the trial for the case of arson on DEI vehicles had begun, in March 2012. Currently, he is not allowed to receive books (literature, etc.) by post, while all letters that are sent to him—as in the case of many other prisoners—are first ‘checked’ in the police headquarters of Thessaloniki (GADTH).

For this reason, a post office box has been set up for those wishing to communicate with Sokratis Tzifkas: Postal Box/Τ.Θ. 8, Postal Code/Τ.Κ. 57300, Halastra, Thessaloniki–Greece.

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