NO TAV – Italy: another two comrades hit by repression



Translation act for freedom now/B.pd


One year after the eviction of the Maddalena and the clashes of 3rd July 2011, the judiciary of Turin, led by Gian Carlo Caselli, doesn’t stop, and further restrictive measures are being imposed: Luca, 20 years old from Vaie, and Elena, 25 years old from Bologna, were hit by mandatory residency and house arrest respectively.


A year later we continue to see the judicial ‘method’ against the NO TAV struggle and the comrades, only guilty of never surrender, not even today.

On 6th July the trial against the comrades arrested on 26th January will start. In record time, all hearings have already been scheduled. This quickness and judicial efficiency makes us think… if things had been delayed, the terms for preventive arrests would have expired anyway [the arrested comrades are being held in preventive arrest].


We are not complaining, of course. We struggle with passion against what we believe is unjust. So don’t give us lectures on justice…


Freedom for all!!

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