Summary of day 22 (Friday, June 22) of 2nd Halandri Case trial (Athens)


Summary of day 22 (Friday, June 22) of 2nd Halandri Case trial

Comrades Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, and Christos Tsakalos—in a gesture of solidarity with Olga Economidou, who has been locked up in solitary confinement at Diavata Prison for 49 days—demanded that the trial be suspended. Comrade Damiano Bolano also submitted the same demand in writing, since he didn’t attend the trial in person.

The judges contacted the Justice Ministry to find out more about Olga’s situation and the status of her transfer. The Ministry informed them that Economidou’s solitary confinement will end in a few days, at which point she will be transferred to Thebes Women’s Prison.

Therefore, the judges insisted on continuing the trial. But despite everything, the Fire Cells Conspiracy comrades refused to take part in the proceedings, saying that “the trial will continue solely and exclusively after Olga is removed from solitary confinement, transferred, and we have spoken to her ourselves, because the Ministry keeps saying the same thing it already said a month ago.” Given the comrades’ definitive, irrevocable rejection, the presiding judge was obligated to suspend the trial.

The trial was adjourned to Friday, June 29.

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