Operation Ardire – Update and Solidarity Fund (Italy)


Operation Ardire – Update and Solidarity Fund


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On Friday 29th June a hearing [‘riesame’] was held at the court of Perugia concerning Paola and Giulia. The result was negative and full details will be known during the coming week. For the other comrades a hearing will take place in the first week of July in Rome.

After a meeting we decided to create a solidarity fund to support the comrades arrested in the operation Ardire.

We provide our pay post  number and email address in order for people to support the comrades in prison. We are also going to spread the most important updates.


Aracnide – Cassa di Solidarieta contro la Repressione [Solidarity Fund against Repression]


Card number: 4023 6005 84 15 2039
Account name: Giuseppe Caprioli

Contacts: aracnide@autistici.org

read all so   https://actforfree.nostate.net/?p=9912

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