NO TAV prisoners (Italy) – Call for urgent solidarity with Maurizio Ferrari



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Maurizio Ferrari, a comrade and NO TAV prisoner since 26th January, was transferred to the prison in Cuneo, where he is being subjected to harsh isolation regime and censorship on the mail. He’s not handed over books and other reading material he’s been sent in, and goes to a small concrete yard alone for one hour a day. By inflicting this total deprivation of human relations on him, they hope he’ll bow down but we know that our comrade is resisting with his head held high.


We invite everybody to show solidarity by sending telegrams and letters in order to break the isolation Maurizio is being inflicted and to make pressure on his hangmen and on the governor of the prison of Cuneo.


Maurizio Ferrari


C.C. Via Roncata 75

12100 Cuneo



Cuneo: Anti-prison demo in solidarity with Maurizio Ferrari


Start: 14/07/2012 at 4pm

End: 14/07/2012 at 9pm


On 26th January, six months after the massive demonstrations in Val Susa, an operation by the prosecution of Turin led to searches all over Italy and to the imprisonment of 26 comrades, of whom three are still being held.


Among the aims of this investigation, there is the attempt to intimidate and divide the NO TAV movement and anyone who opposes the impositions from above. Right in these days the trial against the 46 NO TAV people under investigation has started at the court in Turin.


One of these, Maurizio Ferrari, who was moved from the prison of Milan to that of Cuneo on 16th June, is being subjected to harsh treatment: isolation (no contact with other prisoners, alone in his cell and in the yard), censorship on his mail, no chance to receive books or other material, continuous provocations.


In front of this situation, it is important to give a firm response: for this reason we are calling for a solidarity demo in solidarity with Maurizio and all the prisoners who endure the oppression of prison every day.






NO TAV now and forever


Solidarity with all investigated NO TAV comrades


Maurizio, Juan, Alessio free now!


Against prisons and the society that creates them!


Freedom for all!


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