Chile: summary of the riots during the student protest in Santiago on June 28th (+ pics and vidz)


from Liberación Total
translated from spanish by sabotagemedia

Yesterday, June 28, in Santiago as in cities across the country, was held one of the many marches that have happened lately by students demanding free education in $hile.

The vast majority of demos that took place this year have not been allowed to pass through the Alameda, the capital’s main avenue. Rather they were directed to areas where there were few businesses and where police repression was easier.

During the demo, clashes with police lasted nearly four hours, during which were destroyed much of the road signs, TranSantiago bus stops and traffic signals. Banks and Claro telephone branches were attacked and two pharmacies were looted.

A police van transporting bastards in uniform was also attacked. Overwhelmed by the horde of people pouncing on them, they fled with their weapon in hand to protect themselves and ran towards a hill. The vehicle was destroyed.

A similar fact occurred on 18th Street in downtown Santiago, when a truck from the Gendarmeria lost control and collided with a post. The co-pilot of the vehicle fled rapidly while the driver was beaten with sticks and rocks before managing to escape. The truck, which found itself abandoned in the street, was attacked by a large amount of encapuchadxs [hooded] who also tried to open it while spray painting it and trying to put it on fire. A carabinieros water cannon finally arrived to save it and all were able to realize that two prison guards were still hidden inside.

After the demo on the Alameda, which ended in clashes with the carabinieros, police officers injured, damage to historical monuments, graffiti, destruction of perimeter fences, garbage containers, security modules, streetlights, standpipes and damage to public private property, the Municipality of Santiago informed that the damages suffered were evaluated at over 122 million Chilean pesos.

Road signs were most affected, 146 of them were completely destroyed. 19 traffic lights and 13 TranSantiago bus stops were damaged.

The large number of people involved made of this demo one with most police wounded. The press said that 36 carabinieros were wounded, among whom three were hospitalized because of the severity of their injuries.

Yesterday, of the thousands of participants, there were a total of 472 arrests, of which 28 are in custody, accused mainly of mischief and assault against the police. The worst case is that of Adrián Villa Cayuqueo who after being formalized for possession of molotov was accused for the attack on the police truck during the demonstration. Adrián faced a hearing in which he was accused by the disgusting institution of the gendarmerie. The comrade is kept in custody for 80 days the length of the investigation period.

a video here

and a video of encapuchadxs clashing with the cops in front of a university


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