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“Time becomes ‘eternal’, it is like being frozen while you think – see –
feel but cannot touch – feel it all                                                                                                           
Memory… memory, this yes!
Every minute, every kiss, every name, every city where I was free like a
bird full of energy and dreams, creative and active, drafted in freedom,
an inducer of action and a propagator, I remember all of it and no one and
nothing can steal them from me… ”

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva “Diary of a Delinquent”
Black International Publications (in publication)

After 53 days in isolation and the vengeful attitude, concerning the
carrying out of my disciplinary transfer from Thebes prison to Diavata, on
the 26th of June I was moved to Koridallos prisons for the upcoming trial
of the persecution of the solidarity text of the CCF for the anarchist
steki Nadir.
The regime of isolation, broke not because decisions were made, but
because of the conditions. Besides, every prisoner is a number, every
number is one more paper in the useless piles on top of the desks of
bureaucrats which is easily lost or thoroughly buried.
Two days later it is announced to me that I must be transferred again to
Diavata prisons. A fact that meant a return to isolation.
Thus, on the morning of Friday June 29th and while my ‘escort’ (special
forces, cops, special force for transfers), waited, I clearly stated that
I refuse to follow, I refuse to return, I refuse to participate in their
game. In such or similar cases the tactic followed by the state mechanism
is given. It begins with an attempt to bring down your moral, highlighting
the dead-end of the situation and the futility of your choice, i.e. ‘there
is no other way’ and concludes with the known threats about violent
Their methods didn’t work of course, neither did they create even a
millimetre of doubt in my refusal and no intention to conciliate. Besides
the decision which derives from the soul and the clear choices is the one
of non-quitting, of continuation of the rupture with the correctional
After a long delay, magically appeared from the ministry the document for
my transfer to Eleona in Thebes, a fact that meant the cancelation of my
transfer to Diavata and my stay in Koridallos until I was transferred to
Right now I am back in prison where I began this ‘voyage’.
53 days of isolation sound like a lot. When experienced are even tougher,
harder. But the history of prisons hides inside it isolations, abuse and
torturing of anarchist revolutionaries and generally disobedient people
who do not count days but years.
Factual solidarity outside the walls in these cases is what mentally
abolishes every isolation, every torture and continually feeds the
All these gestures of solidarity, the gatherings, the letters, and the
arsons violate like unrepentant burglars the web of silence and torch its
interior. From the shots by FAI in Genoa, to the torching of the Microsoft
offices by the Deviant Behaviours – International Revolutionary Front in
Marousi, the hatchet of the anarchist war was never buried…
Always in battle…
Olga Economidou member of the CCF – FAI – IRF
Prisons of Thebes

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