Responsibility claim for the arson of a bank in Neapoli (Thessaloniki)


 Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs

In the early hours of Monday May 21st we placed an incendiary device outside the bank on Andreas Papandreou street in Neapoli Thessaloniki.We chose this robbing target (bank), beyond its known role as a crutch and lately as a parasite of the system, as a counter with the case of comrade Rami Syrianos who is accused of robbing an auction house of police confiscated vehicles.

The comrade was locked for two months in one of the “newcomers cells”, in a regime of isolation and with a camera permanently stuck above him as a vengeful answer to his evident refusal to succumb the humiliating process of cavity search.

It is not the first time that dignified fighters feel even more intensely the oppression but just like now we will be against and will be aggressive to every such attempt.We greet the comrades who light up the nights and blow up the days with their aggressive actions.

Strength to comrade Rami Syrianos Strength to comrade Olga Economidou for the same kind of treatment.

Solidarity to all the decent fighters behind the walls of democracy.


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