Italy- ”Operation Ardire” – Elisa’s letter from the prison of Pisa.



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To all the comrades

I won’t dwell on the summary of the staging posts that the servants of power have to follow when any public prosecutor orders them to arrest a rebel. They fulfil their duty egregiously and using any means, but by now they have become predictable, banal and not at all original, in a regular cycle of repression, which an anarchist is certainly not afraid of.

So, since Wednesday June 13 2012 I have been locked up in the ‘Don Bosco’ prison of Pisa along with my comrade Stefano: a handful of iron and concrete is keeping us apart.

‘Judicial isolation’, as it is smartly defined by codes and laws that I despise, is broken any time I receive words burning with love and solidarity, in spite of the censorship on the mail. I thank the comrades who sent them to me. Words received after ten days of total silence, which had been planned by those who see these words as a threat to their power: this confirms that no dignified prisoner is alone!

What can be said as concerns the charges? Hackneyed article 270bis is one again the protagonist of the nth anti-anarchist raid carried out in the hope to permanently suppress years of struggle on an international level. We are all sure that this hope is pure illusion in the distorted minds of our hangmen, as decades of history have demonstrated by a long succession of burning nights.

My legal defence will be merely technical and will aim to dismantle those imaginary accusatory castles, the fruit of the fatigue of those who contributed to writing the 277 pages of the arrest warrant, by making a clumsy display of their eavesdropping job, part of which is even funny. Will they sentence me because I’m an anarchist? Well, they can well do so! Do those gentlemen consider my existence as a spoke in the wheels of their democratic State and rule of the law? Well, this is an honour to me!

I’m pretty well. My mood is flying much higher than these bars and embrace all those who, outside and inside the prisons of the entire world, are struggling with dignity against all forms of power.

Above all, it enters the cells of our brothers and comrades of struggle Marco Camenish and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, who after 20 years in prison are still coping with the dirty tricks of power, but they never bow to those who have always wanted to annihilate them.

It enters the cells of the Greek comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, the Chilean cell of brother Tortuga and those of my co-defendants locked up in various Italian prisons.

To all of them a hug full of love and strength.

To those who are expressing all their solidarity with me, with any means, thank you and a rebel, anarchist hug.

 Pisa, 9th July 2012

Elisa Di Bernardo

Political prisoner, anarchist and vegan.

C.C Don Bosco

Via Don Bosco 43

56127 Pisa (per ora…)


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