Italy – Update ‘Ardire’ and ‘Shadow’, 13th July 2012


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Alessandro and Sergio decided to attend the open doors trial regarding operation ‘Shadow’, whose public prosecutor, Manuela Comodi, is the same as in the operation ‘Ardire’.
People who were there in solidarity could greet the comrades and exchange a few words with them.
The two could stay together in the same cell for more than half an hour until Ms Comodi arrived and, much to her annoyance, pointed out that the comrades should not meet each other because they are defendants in another trial (the Ardire one).

The comrades seemed in good shape, excited by the presence of friends and comrades.
The hearing lasted less than an hour (because the public prosecutor turned out 45 minutes late) and was postponed at 25th September.

Later on, at 11pm, the hearing [riesame] for Alessandro, Stefano and Elisa regarding operation Ardire was held. Unfortunately its result was negative as had been for Sergio, Katia and Peppe.

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