Italy – NO TAV prisoners: communiqué on the trial from Maurizio, Juan and Alessio




Translation act for freedom now/B.pd


Preliminary hearings for the clashes in Val Susa are being held in these days at the court in Turin. The tight schedule of the hearings gives us, the three of us who are locked up, the chance not only to see each other and hug each other but also to take the time to talk to each other, not only through letters. We took advantage of this time spent together to discuss and make a few points, which we want to share with those who struggle.

We started discussing on how to face this trial and, looking into each other’s eyes, we asked ourselves: ‘What are we going to do?’

This question came out also thanks to the letters we received and continue to receive. We started a discussion and came to the conclusion that we want to face this trial without relying on lawyers because we think we don’t need to defend ourselves from anything and anyone, because we want to attack the state and society with their monopoly of violence, and because we consider the judicial apparatus as a theatre where individuals are forced to play the predefined roles of guilty and innocent by the current social relations.

We came to the general consideration that to face a trial is not something different or separated from the struggle.

This is a contribution coming from the meeting held in the little cage of the court of Turin.

Maurizio, Juan and Alessio.


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