Italy – Trento: solidarity leaflet distributed in Trento in the days before the trial in cassation for the events of Genoa 2001



Translation act for freedom now/B.pd


                                                        GENOA, IT’S NOT OVER


Genoa 2001 they came in thousands to attack capital and its defenders. These days were stained with the blood of Carlo Giuliani and the Diaz, and were marked by both the scientific and indiscriminate violence of the State. But the very State that with a terroristic media campaign, thousands of cops and the militarization of a whole city had laid the terrain for the bloodiest repression, was unprepared for the explosion of rage that set the streets on fire. The bureaucrats and recuperators (parties, unions and in the movement), delegated by the State to manage the social conflict and its spectacular recuperation through agreements (that it was however not obliged to respect) were also caught unprepared. Thousands of all kinds of people deserted the trap of the (agreed) ‘siege’ on the ‘red zone’, aware that power and exploitation are not Winter Palaces to be assailed but the social relationships that dominate our lives and spaces at all times everywhere, and that the structures of power are spread diffusely, so are vulnerable, inside that ‘per se’ device which is the city.

During the G8 days in Genoa, thousands of insurgents clashed with police, expropriated commodities, attacked banks, shops, companies, barracks, surveillance devices.

A prison was attacked, streets were subverted: paving stones became weapons against the police, street furnishings an instrument of self-defence from the charges. But above all, what was shattered and turned upside down was the peace of the rich, the murderous serenity of a world of images, commodities and police. After two decades of class war waged mainly by the bosses, the days of Genoa were the first sign that it was possible not to simply turn the tables but to actually overturn them. The anger that exploded in Genoa was not unprepared, it was capable of going on the attack.

These explosions belong to us, they are the same as 14th December 2010 and 15th October 2011 in Rome, 3rd July in Val Susa, years of insurrectional tide in Greece. They are our history and our struggle. Genoa 2001was a turning point for our lives and the years that followed.

A rebel was killed by the police for those flames of joy and revolt, and now another ten are facing the extreme repressive regurgitation of these days: on charges of devastation and plunder, the State wants to condemn them in cassation to sentences ranging from eight to fifteen years in prison. We are not interested in dwelling on the length of the sentences or the ‘justice’ of the trial: the meaning of this reprisal is that the State cannot allow the idea that it can be attacked without someone paying for this to spread.

In fact, the words ‘devastation and plunder’ bring to mind the disasters of capital (TAV, major works, the intensive exploitation of land and populations) more than smashed windows do.

The fire of Genoa still needs to be kindled.

Let’s show the people on trial (and their repressors) that they are not alone, that revolt and solidarity won’t be stopped by antiriot cops and law courts.

Let that July become a threat again, let the bosses of the world and their cops tremble in fear again, let other wonderful days of joy and insurrection come soon.

anarchists and libertarians


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