Greece-Corfu: Arson attack on Draka squat causes extensive damage



In the evening of Friday, July 13th, at about 20.30, fire broke out in the building of the housing project and political squat Draka. The squat is located on one of the most central streets of the town of Corfu. No comrade was inside the building when the fire broke out, and there were no injuries. However, the fire destroyed a significant part of the building (the entire top floor of the squat was burned down –video).

In the last 1.5 years, three buildings have been attacked in the town of Corfu:Elaia squat, the Jewish Synagogue (both arsons occurred in April 2011), and now Draka squat.

The squatters have not yet released an announcement. More info as it comes.

Update: Below is an excerpt from the statement of Draka squat regarding the arson attack last night. The text was also shared out during a PA’s gathering that took place today (14/7).

“It is well known that we have developed relations of solidarity, comradeship, equality and freedom.

It is well known that our entire course of action, our activity, mentality and modus operandi, can only be perceived as hostile by the State and the para-State —after all, they are two sides of the same coin.

They might say that the fire was caused by electrical short circuit although they know all too well that this cannot even happen if you have no power, particularly since there was interruption of power supply in the building prior to the fire.

They might say that the fire was caused by discarded cigarette although they know all too well that no one was inside the premises prior to the fire.

They might say that we are liable in one way or another although they know all too well that all those who have engaged ourselves in the squatting project would never permit anything like that to happen, for no reason whatsoever, but would rather defend it at all costs.

They also know, as we know, that it was clearly arson. Whatever anyone might say, they’re not going to change our opinion.

The interests that wanted to seize and exploit the building are too well known.

It is known that the neo-Nazis of Chrissi Avgi/Golden Dawn want to open an office on Alexandra Avenue (where the squat is located).

It is known that in the last 1.5 years three buildings have been burned by arson in the town of Corfu: Elea squat, the Jewish Synagogue, and now Draka squat. Let us also remind that the perpetrators of these attacks were never found and are still walking free.

What may not be known is that Draka squat is neither its walls, nor its floors, which we have no desire to abandon anyhow (and, if feasible, we intend to restore as soon as possible). Draka is all about our ideas, our relations, it is the world we envision and strive to build; it is each and everyone who stood next to the project, those people with whom we share common values; it is what we’re all about, and these are fire-resistant materials.”

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