Italy – Nuclear power: another train of radioactive waste across the Val Susa



Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

In the night between 23rd and 24th July the accountants of harmfulness silently organized the transport of radioactive waste from Saluggia, the site of the deadly legacy of Italian nuclear power, to Le Hague in France, where economic aspects and the irreversible environmental hazard posed by nuclear power merge for the benefit of energy giant Areva. The trajectory was uncovered and disrupted with different methods and intensity, from Vercelli to Val Susa. There is still no news of actions on the other side of the Alps.

In Bussoleno, some enemies of nuclear and of TAV readily gathered in order to block the rail tracks and disrupt the businesses and traffics that orbit atomic technology. The forces of order also turned out with massive deployments. Always ready to serve the worst causes and the greediest bosses, they allowed the radioactive convoy to carry on its journey relying on their 17 vehicles loaded with labourers of repression. In the meantime, a train coming from Bardonecchia and carrying unaware passengers and some NO TAV fighters who had set off from the resistance camping in Chiomonte, was seized by the forces of order to avoid the ranks of the antinuclear block from being strengthened.

It was an asymmetric struggle, not only as concerned numbers and weapons available to each line-up, but also and mainly because of the passions and thoughts animating one line-up against the orders characterizing the other one.

Another radioactive train has passed by, another moment of direct action and counter-information has once again unveiled the multiform and miserable threat of nuclear technology.

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