* Update on the campaign for the liberation of David (July 17). *Montevideo, Uruguay


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Uruguay: David in the street!
* Update on the campaign for the liberation of David (July 17). *
Our brother David Lamarthe has been released from the cemetery for the living where he was locked up.
David still has charges against him and what was left of his conviction has been substituted by community work. On the other hand, Hector Lacuesta, also a taxi union worker, remains imprisoned on house arrest for the same incidents.

For us, is different to have David in the street, but we know that nothing has changed. They still are prosecuted. The Special Operations Department continues to monitor fighters and assemble files to put any rebel on trial when it suits them and prisons remain concentration camps for the poor.
The campaign to free David has included more than 5 demonstrations, posters, and countless forms of propaganda and agitation, as well as a great manifestation of international solidarity.
This struggle, this campaign will not stop.
Our comrades are still prosecuted.
The D.O.E. keeps monitoring us.
The fascist prosecutor Dora Domenech is still hunting. (Remember that besides Hector and David, she had prosecuted other comrades also for the disturbances outside of the parliament after the approval of the Education Law, against the resolutions adopted by the national educational debate).
The fascist left press,  with its mercenaries such as Enrique Ortega Salinas, despicable human being who has said things like “Direct action that Uruguayans unions once used never reached such extremes or was applied against colleagues ” ( La Republica 19/05/2012), demonstrates his total vicious intention and ignorance, not knowing the amount of dead comrades that our workers movement has had in its history, killed by bullets of the cops or at the hands of snitches, and his evil intentions are to try to impose an official pro-snitch and pro-boss speech; this is the Uruguayan left! So similar to the right that it makes us sick!
Many have expressed solidarity with David’s case, but many workers unions and a lot of activists have looked the other way. Positioning themselves in a very fine line in this class conflict, between class solidarity and snitching it is unclear what side they are on.
Solidarity with those who struggle! A snitch is not a comrade, he is a pimp!
End the prosecution of David and Hector immediately.
Dismantle D.O.E.
Dismantle the repressive apparatus!

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