Mexico: Claim of responsibility for explosive attack on the Federal Energy Commission


from vivalanarquia, transl waronsociety:


“Solidarity between anarchists is more than written words,” say the same ones who make apology for this ideology, unfortunately, observing the extremely complex reality from an objective vision, we note that words will always be words.

This we can corroborate by observing the present context from the Mexican territory, more specifically in Mexico City where, since a comrade was apprehended for the alleged placement of an explosive device in some offices of the Federal Electricity Commission, very few “direct” actions have been carried out (we can state not even one, speaking within the context of Mexico), limiting themselves solely to even more symbolic acts (we say even more, since we also consider the placement of an explosive device a symbolic act, but we believe that even though it is a symbolic act it has a greater impact, not only for the “authorities,” and society, but also for the comrade who we act in solidarity with) such as rallies, talks, flyers, songs, etc. We do not say that this is not important to give a certain “moral support” that remains clear, but is it the case that anarchists do not oppose the government? And you say that you “do not negotiate with the enemy;” then why only limit yourselves to this kind of action “negotiating” with the enemy? Is this not somewhat incongruent? We the Earth Liberation Front do not just remain in cheap rhetoric or acts of “negotiation,” and therefore the night of July 21 of this year we decided to put true solidarity into practice, placing an explosive device consisting of 3 butane gas canisters as an explosive charge, a rocket engine as starter and a cigar as a time delay, at the facade of one of the offices of the Federal Electricity Commission at the height of the southern boundary, in addition to leaving a small painting on one of the windows, which had only the English initials of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

Unfortunately we could not affirm that the device worked, since there were some security guards in the offices guarding that property and on seeing that we had done some painting the guards began to “fuck” and shout so we had to quickly take flight; we do not know if the guards were so stupid as to put the security of “the social peace” before their own physical safety, but what we do know is that we have laughed in their face once again, once again we have left them in ridicule, for this same reason it did not strike us as strange that in the paper and TV news they said nothing of this act, because what would society think upon finding out that even though some officials were guarding some important symbol of society some “encapuchados” placed explosive devices under their noses, without being able to arrest one of them? Surely it would demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the capitalist “authorities” (which is nothing new).

With this symbolic act we want to transmit a bit of moral support to the comrade Mario (Tripa) since it is the only (real) means that we have within our reach.

Until we are free and wild.

Frente de Liberación de la Tierra/
Earth Liberation Front

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