Greece -Letter from anarchist Babis Tsiianidis On July 18th takes place the trial in which i am accused for a robbery in the economic sector of Ahepa hospital in the summer of 2010.


               Translated by Act for freedom now/boubourAs
In the text me and my comrades had published before our first trial (for the arson of vehicles of the national electricity company), we had mentioned the decisions we had taken concerning how we would how we would act at our trials, as well as the reasons which led us to them.
Thus, with this reason, we publish also a collective text on the matter of wage slavery, as in March, refusing to testify to my judges, the persecutors of the multiform liberating struggle, I will not be present at this trial either. In the last years we are going through an era which presents a special interest. The restructuring of the capitalist system, which takes place this period, has caused discomfort to a large part of society and partial dispute of the system by many people.

The polarization of the social body intensifies, the spreading of fascist and nationalist views and practices is obvious on one side, while on the other side there are attempts of elementary self-organization, struggles of partial substance erupt and the more radical parts such as the anarchists, continue with more clear characteristics, no matter what the conditions, the anti-state struggle.
In this condition therefore with the capitalist dream deteriorating, we also notice the upgrade of oppression from the side of the state. The creation of new police forces, increase of the use of material from the cameras which are on every corner of the metropolis, the publication of photos of suspects and the search for information from eye witnesses, continuous upgrade of the terrorlaw are some of the methods used to prevent the inevitable.
A new addition to the oppressive arsenal is the DNA.
The identification of my DNA found near the spot of the robbery is the evidence involving me in this case. Persecutions of anarchists based on the “discovery” of DNA have taken place in two other cases (in the cases of anarchists Aris Sirinidis and Simos Seisidis) while this new “weapon” in the hands of the greek police has been used additionally also in the persecutions of other anarchists in the recent past. The upgrade of the oppressive strategy should not surprise us, since the use science and technology, which contributed to great degree to the uprise of the authoritarian civilization, from the side of the state and dominance, has always been applied. We from our side as anarchists we should not be exhausted in calls for the maintaining of our rights from the state, since these presuppose obligations towards it, a contract we owe and desire to destroy.
We should promote the total refusal of the authoritarian civilization and the rupture with every of its versions. We should intervene in whichever struggles with our own point of view, strengthening them and radicalizing them, while at the same time continuing, with even more rage, the anarchist struggle against every form of authority. Revealing the revolutionary libertarian prospect, spreading the anarchist perceptions and practices, creating triggers for the taking on of anti-state action by more and more people and using any means we judge as appropriate for the strengthening of the struggle, away from the dipoles legal-illegal, to work on the structuring of anarchist communities.
Besides, for our enemies we will always be guilty for our attempt to fulfil our desire to live free, to define our lives on our own at an individual as well as a collective level, in harmony with nature, away from webs of authority, control and mediation, from relations which reproduce hierarchies, oppression and exploitation, from the dependence on “experts”.
An attempt, a struggle which goes over the destruction so much of capitalism, as well as every form of management of the authoritarian civilization.
We should get over the preconceptions that keep us inactive.
We should develop relations which reflect what we promote.
We should prepare and act for the intensification of social civil war, for the spreading of anarchy.
With the thought next to those who continue the struggle and fight for the individual and collective liberation from the shackles of authority, within and out of the walls in every corner of the planet.

ps. On July 18th, in Thessaloniki, the trial was cancelled since the particular court had no jurisdiction for this case.

The trial was scheduled for October 15th, 2012.

more info for the day of trial here:

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