UNDER ENEMY FIRE Communique of solidarity to the comrades sentenced for the G8 events in Genoa.(Italy)


 from : informa-azione.info translated by Actforfreedomnow/sysiphus

Friday, July 13, the Court of Cassation in Rome convicted five of the 10 comrades accused of devastation and plunder for the acts of revolt against the G8 in Genoa in 2001. For the others, the trial will start again from scratch.

So many years inflicted, in fact those pronounced at the Second degree trial were almost totally confirmed bar a few months, nothing more. The heaviest sentences ever inflicted for street actions … We  were all in Genoa in July 2001 … some physically, some in their thoughts … It is as if they have sentenced all of us / and …

What to say … Marina and Alberto have been taken from their homes and locked up in prison.

As she has a very young child, Ines’s sentence has been suspended for the moment. 

Vincenzo and Jimmy are on the run for freedom.

We fully respect Marina and Alberto’s decision, although it breaks our hearts to know that two wonderful and fierce comrades of their stature are locked up in prison…  “If”s and “but”s change nothing, it will be up to us to give active solidarity, not just words. For the love that has bound us together for a long time, particularly with Marina.

Many analyses have been made and written since Genoa, perhaps too many. As if there was  a need to explain the reasons for the revolt and somehow try to make them fade into the background, because the VICTIMISM of a part of “movement” has completely characterized and conditioned things.

We totally agree with the thoughts expressed in the statement given out in Genoa, and which appeared on the Internet these days entitled “Genoa is over? Nothing is over” …, a statement that leaves no doubt about what “Genoa was”, there should have been the “after” and instead what was there … We are republishing the text below.

To you, Marina, comrade in life and a thousand adventures, big sister to many of us … and to you Alberto, we extend our warm embrace and revolutionary thoughts.

To Vince and Jimmy, may things go well for you, FREE MEN.

Freedom to  Maurizio and Alessio, still held for the No Tav resistance.

Freedom to Billy Costa, locked away in Swiss prisons

Freedom to Ale, Elisa, Giulia, Katia, Paola, Peppe, Sergio and Stefano under investigation and segregated by the only real terrorist, the State.

Bergamo No Tav Coordination  –

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