Italy – Operation ‘Mangiafuoco’ [fire eaters]: investigations and searches against anarchist and radical environmentalism



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Less than two months after operation ‘Ardire’, which led to the arrest of eight comrades and the setting up of an absurd theorem of accusation whose main goal was to punish and break up counter-information and international solidarity with anarchist prisoners, the repressive machine of the carabinieri ROS, in agreement with the prosecutor on duty, raided several houses of comrades in Italy at 4am of 8th August 2012. According to what the media of the regime reported, searches were also carried out in Germany.

In this case, starting form investigations on specific anonymous acts of sabotage targeting property of subjects involved with the exploitation and slaughter of non-human animals and with the devastation of the planet, the operation called ‘Mangiafuoco’ shows its real purpose, i.e. the intimidation of comrades who for years have been engaged in a radical critique of a model of society, and before this of civilization, based on the commodification, plunder and destruction not of ‘material property’ but of all living things: from small mammals slaughtered in order to adorn rich ladies, to the transformation of the Earth through practices such as extraction of fossil fuels, the development of radioactive harmfulness, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies in a completely dead and man-centred environment.

Awaiting more info and communiqués from the comrades hit by this repressive operation, we publish what has been spread by the press reports of the Bologna police.


Source: RAI TG 1


Operation of the carabinieri ROS in several regions in Italy and Germany against an anarchist-environmentalist group. Since dawn today, the carabinieri of the ROS and of the local units have been carrying out thirty personal and local searches ordered by the Prosecutor of Bologna against 21 people accused of being responsible for a series of arsons and damages aggravated by terrorism aims.


THE INVESTIGATIONS. As explained by a press report, the investigations concern an anarchist-environmentalist group for years involved in environmentalism, against animal experiments and in the attack on the technological and industrial system. In particular, a nucleus organized in Bologna has been located, linked to several national and foreigner affinity groups, which made recourse to direct action to the detriment of companies involved in the sectors of research and experimentation, fashion, financial transactions, banks, telecommunications and nuclear power, as a means of anti-system protest.


GREEN ANARCHISM. According to a press reports, the investigations concern a number of incendiary attacks like that against the restaurant ‘Roadhouse Grill’ in Bologna of 12th  December 2010, which was claimed online with a communiqué in solidarity with three prisoners detained in Switzerland, ‘Billy’ (Bernasconi Luca), ‘Costa’ (Ragusa Costantino) and ‘Silvia’ (Guerini Silvia). Then, on 26th March 2011, there was an attack on the company IBM Italy, carried out with a rudimental cask of stainless steel containing flammable liquid. The attack had been claimed with graffiti on a staircase by Elf (Earth Liberation Front). Finally, on 29th March 2011, four rudimental devices made of plastic jerry cans containing flammable liquid with a trigger made of big firecrackers and matchboxes linked to a fuse, had caused the arson of two electricity cabins on Via San Donato 50/4 in Bologna, the premises of the ENI commercial offices, with damages to the infrastructures of the building. The last episode occurred on 21st July 2011 with the arson inside a shed in Ozzano, the detached site of the Department of Science of Food of the faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna. The action had been claimed on the website informa-azione by ‘Animal Liberation’, again in solidarity with the three prisoners in Switzerland ‘Billy’, ‘Costa’ and ‘Silvia’.  (  Comrade Silvia Guerini released from prison! July 4th, 2012 )


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