Letter of solidarity to Sokratis Tzifkas from the prisons (Greece)


translated by actforfreedomnow/boubourAs  source

 On the 3rd of August anarchist prisoner Sokratis Tzifkas, after his transfer to a hospital to be examined for health issues he is dealing with, returned to Diavata prisons, where he has been held since March.

There he once again comes against the procedure of cavity search and the order of the people-guard to strip. A procedure which besides the obvious reasoning, that is the prevention of smuggling in illegal objects (with the striping taking place mainly to detect drugs, so to not dispute the monopoly of the individual correctional service in the supply of illegal and legal highs), has one more intention.

The demonstration of power from the side of the people guards towards the prisoner, so that the latter get it in their heads that the former are those who “are in charge” inside the human warehouses they call “detention facilities”. This procedure is one of the many attempts which take place during the imprisonment of a person in order to bend their moral, so that they compromise with passivity as the best method of survival within a hostile environment. In order to make them, in the end, wipe out every thought of reaction, resistance, struggle against the asphyxiating frames which deprive them the freedom of movement which binds their space and time, into a condensed version of the catholic prison of capitalism.

Besides, for the maintaining of order and the smooth function of prison, where every attempt of insurrection or escape is something more than natural, it is very important that the prisoner is used to –if not willing- to accept and execute the orders of the people-guards, even if these affect their elementary dignity.

For these reasons and for many more, Sokratis refused the cavity and strip search. After this refusal he immediately went through the disciplinary council and was imposed with a disciplinary sentence in isolation for 10 days.

The number of 10 days of course, which is formally defined by the correctional code as the biggest number of days that a prisoner can be in isolation, has already been surpassed in two cases of anarchist prisoners, once in the prisons of Nigrita in Serres and again in Diavata prison the isolation units of which have been known by many anarchists and not only, prisoners. We from our side believe that the isolations and the sentences which are imposed by the prosecutors, sergeants, managers against the hostage fighters of freedom must be seen, so much from the “inside” as much as the “outside”, as one more small cause to terminate the voluntary “isolations” which wrecks the communities and their struggles.

They should become one more small trigger (among so many others) to collaborate freely and for freedom, one more reason of war with the society of prisons and the prisons of society. Although no isolation will be able to bend the individual strength of Socrates today, of anyone of us tomorrow, we ought to stand one next to each other, from a timed will/need/desire for collective multiform attempts of rupture with the world of authority.

Every imprinted refusal, every imprinted struggle, every imprinted expression of solidarity “inside” or “outside” of the walls which separate our common imprisoned worlds, is also a thud which transfers messages of freedom through the cement, reminding and bring up-to-date our common dream and our common hate. Because isolation is the life in apartments… Because freedom is in the struggle and its conquest… Because rage cannot be disciplined…

SOLIDARITY with anarchist comrade and hostage of the social civil war Socratis Tzifkas who is in isolation in Diavata prisons for refusing to take off his underwear during the cavity search.

Alexandros Mitrousias

Ramy Sirianos

Giorgos Karagiannidis

Andrey Masourek

Moustafa Ergioun

Babis Tsilianidis

Mixalis Tzimas

Spiros Stratoulis

Makis Gerakis

Kostas Sakkas

Dimitris Dimtsiadis



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