Solidarity Text by the C.C.F. for anarchist Sokratis Tzifkas (Greece)


source Translated by boubourAs/Actforfreedomnow

Text by the C.C.F. for S. Tzifkas

“… We have only one life on this planet. Why do we have to waste it trying to adjust our egos to the ill wills of corrupted prospects of a disgusting society? There is so much to live, discover, and choose. But why can’t they understand? Why can’t they understand that no matter how many lives we had, we would always choose the proud path of refusal? We were, are and will be on the side of constant attack.

Each of our actions is a signal of hate for their world. Every laugh of ours, a deep slash in the façade of the social machine.

Every refusal of ours is transformed into bombs in their cars and bullets in their heads. Solidarity is either the reason for actions or else is nothing.

Everything is in our hands and the time of choices has come. Attack and again attack until the destruction of authority.

There is no other way.

The one-way of action will break into the tall walls of the prisons. Until freedom…” Dedicated to anarchist comrade Socratis Tzifkas for the proud and decent attitude he has within the walls and which ‘cost’ him a ten-day stay in the isolation unit of Diavata prisons and a disciplinary transfer.

Cell of imprisoned members of the C.C.F. first period FAI-IRF

and anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos.

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