Italy From rebel Val Susa– (August 2012)



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From rebel Val Susa

What has been happening in Val Susa in the last month is indicative of the strength, limits and perspectives of the NO TAV movement.

The camping of struggle in Chiomonte has been and continues to be an occasion of debates and initiatives. Besides the Val Susa inhabitants, comrades coming from Italy and from abroad have participated and are still participating. We discussed against infrastructures in France, about the twenty-year old mobilization against the Castor trains in Germany, about anti-militarism, the defence of the Khimki forest in Russia, about self-organization on the Basque mountains and the Alps, about TAV and banks, about the situation in Kurdistan and Afghanistan…

Alongside all this, we have been experimenting with different practices of struggle: from the demo outside the Italcogne in Susa (with public violation of deportation orders inflicted on some NO TAV bandits) to the surprise initiatives against the hotels hosting the occupation troops. Above all, we have demonstrated that the yard in Clarea is not at all unassailable: strikingly on 21st July, when fences, walls and headlights went down, but also during other surprise walks, when the police was unable to control the whole area. Direct action against the yard, therefore, but also the beginning of non-collaboration with the logistics maintaining it.

The threat of eviction of the camping did not occur, a sign of the fear politicians and police have of the reaction of the Valley (and not only) in case of a police operation.

This is a rare example of the relation of force between a movement in struggle and the State.

Even the asphyxiating controls around the camping (with continuous identifications and the expulsion of a dozen French comrades), if in the first days created a situation of siege, later pushed the NO TAV people to find new methods of action, more agile and less announced.

Moreover police checks have also exasperated the inhabitants of Chiomonte and other towns, as always happens when the State can no longer concentrate means and men only in the yard. A hundred people besieging the police station of Susa on 6th August for an hour (on the occasion of the arrest of two comrades from Rome) defied the occupation troops in their home and gave courage to the NO TAV struggle.

The attempt at splitting the movement did not work: thousands of Val Susa inhabitants who took part to the march from Giaglione to Chiomonte on 28th July were quite a significant response.

To be part of the camping in Chiomonte is important for different reasons: to strengthen the initiatives as well as to propose new ones, but above all to think in perspective: from the trial against the NO TAV due on 21st November to the continuation of the campaigns of struggle both in the Valley and outside. The NO TAV struggle can be the detonator of a general movement, a spark of growing intolerance which nevertheless finds it hard to break isolation. To have ideas for the coming autumn is of paramount importance. It is not simply a question of showing solidarity to the Valley that resists, but also to find the ground for the generalization and practical convergence of the various struggle.

To resist in the Valley and to be anywhere: a nightmare for the technocrats of the government, a chance for us all.


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