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At dawn on Wednesday 8th August, officers of the carabinieri Special Operation Units [ROS] show up at the doors of 20 houses – mainly in Emilia Romagna but also in Rome, Arezzo and even Germany – on order of the pair Cieri-Scandellari, a new generation of acrobatic prosecutors from Bologna. In two cases the heroes in uniform make their performance by smashing doors and pointing pistols at astonished comrades. The investigation involves 17 people accused of organized crime aiming at committing arson and damage following arson, aggravated by the inevitable subversive aims. From the few papers we were given and from articles written by the clowns of the press, we learn that the charges refer to specific events occurred in Bologna between the end of 2010 and mid-2011, in particular the attacks against premises of IBM, a restaurant of the chain Roadhouse Grill and the research laboratories of the Faculty of Agriculture in Ozzano (Bologna).

Those who were notified investigation warrants are almost all individuals who never concealed their support for the necessity of radical analysis and practices that did not separate the struggle for animal liberation from that for human and earth liberation. Individuals who conceive the destruction of this system as the only way to achieve freedom for all, whereas the movement that calls itself of animal liberation relies on laws and institutions in order to stop the practice of vivisection and the farming linked to it, claims that veganism is the aim of the struggle against animal slavery and calls for an unlikely abolition of the latter, thus demonstrating that their only worry is to reform this system and make it more ‘vegan’ and sustainable. In this context it is obvious that the few and increasingly isolated ones who continue to carry on with certain kinds of claims are more exposed to repression.

Some of the people involved in this investigation are involved in the Aracnide Solidarity Fund, others the Forlì Equal Rights project.  And it is in their houses that 1,300 and 1,900 euro respectively were seized – in spite of the fact that the money was declared as personal savings – with the obvious intent to hit solidarity with prisoners and the support and counter-information carried out by these comrades. This is a very serious precedent within the application of charges related to crimes of association, something we must take into account from now on.

This new operation shows even more clearly the importance that charges connected to crimes of association represents for the repressive apparatus of the State. It is also very important to put what happened in an international repressive context, where the necessity to hit and stop attacks on the technological apparatus is taking shape, which is necessary to save saturate markets and capitalism in crisis.

In the last year and a half Bologna has been a privileged target of repressive fury. On 6th April 2011, operation ‘Outlaw’ closed down the anarchist space Fuoriluogo, put 27 comrades under investigation and arrested 5 of them. Starting form that moment, police pressure has been on the increase, dozens of deportation orders and oral warrants have been notified, stop-and searches have become increasingly frequent, until police even came to sabotage a car [a comrade’s car] and evict a building by demolishing the roof on which three comrades were resisting, thus endangering their lives.

With this last wave of searches, it becomes evident that a second operation is underway [in Bologna]. It is called ‘Mangiafuoco’, and also makes recourse to the instrument of organized crimes charges. Their goal, which they declared through the media, is to link the animalist area to the one called insurrectional.

On the contrary, it is obvious to us that the prosecution from Bologna wants to complete the sidelining of comrades who have been struggling for years in this city. What these two operations have in common, and the repressive context in which they are being carried out, is the intent to stop the attacks on the interests on which this system is based.

Those who govern feel certainly reassured when they attribute the attacks on giants such as ENI, IBM, banks, centres of research and animal exploitation – which are the main responsible for the exploitation and devastation surrounding us – to a well defined area.

It won’t be these attempts to stop the risk that the attacks spread – as Equitalia shows , especially in this period when such attacks manifest themselves as direct expression of social discontent, which this system can no longer keep at bay.

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