Operation ‘Ardire’ – Letter from imprisoned anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva


Translated from Italian by act for freedom now/B.pd and j.

Italian translation from parolearmate via  Liberación Total

     Operation ‘Ardire’ – A letter from Gabriel Pombo da   Silva


Anarchy will become synonymus with youth again. Once again it will kick out at the state of affairs that suffocates and crushes us; to resist and ALWAYS RESIST. To defend everything that is ours: freedom, the right to live, the right to everything that is indispensable both physically and spiritually.

And if we fall in the struggle, at least we’ll have the satisfaction of falling with our arms in hand.

And young (that not counted in years but the forever new ardour for resistance and attack) we will march towards the climax of Daring…


Mario Vando.


That the mass media are an integral part of the power apparatus is clearer on this occasion than ever before. At least, I wondered: when a hundred policemen storm the houses (and other spaces of the movement) of dozens of comrades and their families (on 13th June), how is it possible that at the same time the text of an ‘arrest warrant’ is  already available on crook Silvio Berlusconi’s website, ready to be downloaded in PDF format? Especially if we consider that many of the accused had no possibility of knowing why they were being raided…

Long before this (accusatory) ‘production’ and on various occasions over recent years, other journalists servants of the regime (as well as ‘elements’ of the Italian, Swiss and German ‘movement’) pointed at me (and us) ocasionally as the ‘theorist’ and at other times as the ‘militant’ and/or activist of the Informal Anarchist Federation etc, not to mention the insults and putting down inflicted by the ‘movement’: police informants, provocateurs, agents of reaction etc…

Obviously, in order to give some substance to such an ‘accusation’, it was necessary to invent and ‘find’ some ‘accomplices’ on Italian soil… and it is here that the search begins, still in the circles of the usual suspects, it couldn’t be otherwise, the declared anarchists, impenitent individualists, unredeemed iconoclasts, solid and nihilist: certainly not the Tolstoy-like pacifist, in these days when (poor) pacifism imposes itself as ideological imperative in all ‘isms’…

Certainly the servants of power were ordered to, focused and concentrated on striking several of my brothers and sisters on Italian soil… Comrades such as Elisa and Stefano, who for many years have taken care to fill ‘my’ cell with warmth and love, to have me participate in struggles that are going on all over the world, to send me reflections and discussions on the many questions that could interest us as anarchists, as well as texts, news, letters concerning our imprisoned brothers, news of the various frame-ups and repressive procedures in order for us to learn from this and sharpen our weapons for the social (or antisocial) war in act…


Not to mention Giuseppe Lo Turco, incarcerated because he ‘spreads and translates’ texts of the ‘movement’s’ counter-information! And what can one say about Sergio Maria Stefani and Alessandro Settepani, ‘guilty’ of having participated in a hunger strike! As for Paola, Katia and Giulia: what are they being ‘accused’ of, for Bakunin’s beard?

After all, I’m not a lawyer and the technical and juridical aspects of the language of power are things that I openly despise and for this reason I’m not going to ‘evaluate’ the ‘squabbles’ of cops and tricksters.




I considered Culmine a home, a ‘voice’ in the digital world where fervor and hope could converge… A space where one could ‘insult, curse and spit on’ all those who make a show of the monopoly of ‘information’ and ‘Violence’… And in these times of ‘incertitude’ and ‘crisis’ of various kinds, this is something that is more persecuted and ‘punished’ than satraps and corruption.


 Because today it is very ‘dangerous’ to spread and talk about anarchist ideology, the famous DO IT YOURSELF… Then you can’t expect someone to put a collar on you and walk you like a ‘trained dog’ on a leash. Be poet and expropriator like Renzo Novatore.


To have done all this is another of the ‘crimes’ committed by Elisa and Stefano: a ‘crime’ made more serious by ‘judicial isolation’, systematic censorship and the most vile revenge that these rats in uniform have for those who use (abuse?) ‘sacrosanct rights’, which the ‘citizens’ of a ‘democratic state’ are supposed to have, like the right to information etc.


Yes… the prisons of democracy are characterized by their love for ‘human rights’, which its jailers defend with truncheons, isolation, censorship, theft, violence etc… what a beautiful democracy! I hope they’ll give me another 30 years so that I can be rehabilitated!


Don’t cry if you don’t see the sun because your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars…

Jacques Mesrine (Death Instinct)


To me the object of this funny operation called ‘Ardire’ is very clear: set up and orchestrated for the sake of the ‘managers of media entertainment’; magistrates (like Ms Comodi) anxious to climb the ladder of their disgusting careers; criminals in uniform (like all criminals are!) like Gianpaolo Ganzer desperate to ‘rehabilitate’ himself after his past as ‘camel’…

The goal is to remove those who disturb by spreading counter-information; to prevent communication about the new revolutionary anarchism and showing solidarity with both antagonist radical struggles and the anti-authoritarian prisoners who are so numerous in the world; to spread ‘cutters’ among the different realities of the movement in struggle so as to reduce us to becoming ‘spectators’ and ‘consumers’ of the alleged ‘squabbles’ that appear in their files, which have been taken out of context, manipulated, shilly-shallied, exaggerated, openly falsified; the fruit of phone tapping (of course we knew our phone calls were being tapped), correspondence and texts come out during years of numerous debates in an international context…

How great must be the frustration of these imbeciles of the Italian military intelligence and judiciary! In more than 10 YEARS they haven’t managed to ‘lock up’ any of the comrades of the Informal Anarchist Federation (on Italian soil), nor have they managed to STOP the advancing of a proposal of struggle and organization which is as worthy and legitimate as others might be…

It is useless and absurd to assess and/or discuss the delirium and bullshit contained in these 277 pages… In other words, I wipe my ass with their warrant, just as in the past I did with the sentences of post-Franco judges…

An epic of love, ours

 To play around the fire that makes superhuman efforts to burn us;

To fly like a butterfly around the flames;

To create danger;

To run down the most dangerous cliffs in order to train our muscles;

To create with strength;

And we always run with the same fervour, rhythm;

To act.

Beyond all criticism.

Beyond ‘morals’.

Beyond life.

For life.

And we are just beginning.

Thus will we go towards the unattainable goal:

By creating,



The impossible.

The intangible.


‘In death for life’.

In death for love…

Severino Di Giovanni


As for what I’m accused of, I have never concealed (quite the opposite) my ‘liking’ and affection for informal (stable and with ‘acronyms’) organizations such as the INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION, the CCF, the CARI-G. Pradexis Guerrero (among the others) as well as the ‘galaxy’ of Insurrectionist Groups (some of them being sporadic in space and time) and individualities who made THEORY out of ACTION, and COMMUNICATION as a base and quintessence of one’s own being; and from which and with which the system of dominion and its repressive appendixes can be faced…

It won’t be the almost 30 YEARS that I have spent as a hostage and/or their threats of more trials, prison and isolation to make me renounce my IDEAS and FEELINGS…

I want to clarify/specify that my IDEAS are based not ‘only’ on what I have read and discussed all these years alone or with others; but also and mainly on what I HAVE LIVED and OBSERVED in first person in their concentration and extermination camps for proletarians. I got all my strength, love and hatred from that… what the fuck should I ‘repent’ for? For having being a witness to all this exceptional wickedness and perversion? For having resisted (and still resisting) a system conceived to crush even the last breath of life? For dreaming, and within my limited possibilities saying and shouting: well, fuck off god and long live anarchy?

To disobey with words and actions; to go beyond the ‘ideological’ prisons that try to entrap us all like spiders webs, in order to absorb our individuality and make us ‘parade’ militarily with a ‘flag’ in our hands and empty heads full of fashionable slogans…

I know that for me (as well as for many others) there is no chance of getting out of jail by relying on their laws… because their legality requires that I renounce my political identity… and of course those who renounce their political identity not only betray themselves but also all those who preceded us on the long path for dignity and freedom.

There is nothing heroic or of the ‘martyr’ (the graveyards are full of them) in this consideration. I believe it sincerely and with all my heart and therefore I’m ready to accept to ‘pay the price’ for having being coherent with myself and what I think/feel…


I would like the so-called operation ‘Ardire’ not to be confused with the alleged dismantling of the INFORMAL ANARCHIST FEDERATION; this is what the Ganzi-Comodi couple would like (in their wet dreams)!

I’m not aware of the fact I could be the responsible for the ‘creation’, ‘organization’ and ‘planning’ of the FAI/FRI and its ‘campaigns’ and ‘actions’… but if this was true I’d say I’d be honoured and proud of it…


I want to take advantage of these letters to hug all my ‘co-defendants’ (what a shit word!) in so-called operation ‘Ardire’ (those I know and those I don’t) with STRENGTH and LOVE; from cell to cell, from heart to heart…. to Marco Camenish (and may we immediately start acting in order to take him out of the clutches of the Swiss State’s atomic and capitalist oligarchy), whom I have learned a lot from and whom I appreciate very much. To hug our brothers and sisters incarcerated in Mexico, and Mario Lopez (Tripa), wishing him a quick recovery and hoping he will continue to give us ‘paper caresses’ that inspire flares in our complicit nights. To Felicity Ryder; run, comrade, run! May not the dirty hands of the ‘valets’ ever touch you! Still in Mexico, a big angrily anarchist hug to you, Gustavo Rodriguez (your written contribution against all the imbeciles is brilliant and necessary, and we should develop it), and all our warrior brothers and sisters in this latitude of the Globe. In Bolivia, to Henry Zegarrundo, kidnapped in the dungeons of Evo Morales and his ‘red guards’… and a loving wink to ‘Las Noctilucas Descarriadas’, whom I greet with all my heart… In Chile, to all those whom I already ‘know’ (I’m going to write soon, I’m getting your letters… kisses to Nahual…) and to those who continue as ‘free’ ones to throw sand in the cogs of the system. I know that I haven’t given any ‘sign of life’ for a long time… It’s impossible to cope with so much correspondence! And flying to the other side of the world, in Indonesia, I greet and hug you; Eat and Billy, dignified and proud militants of the FAI, and not only!

And as usual, the brothers and sisters of the CCF, who scare the hangmen in robes and uniform with their combative and dignified attitude… their last text ‘Chaos is coming’ makes me feel proud to be anarchist… With brothers and sisters and comrades like you it is impossible not to walk with one’s head held high and not look through the walls and uniforms that today ‘contain’ our advance… THEY WON’T STOP US!


LONG LIVE ANARCHY!                                                                                



PS 1: I inform all the comrades that I don’t think I’ll be taking part in a hunger strike (because I can’t) for health reasons, but I’ll support it within my possibilities: by refusing the food of the prison, by writing, I don’t know… by doing what I can…

PS 2:  This text was written before Stefano Fosco’s open letter to the Italian movement was published, to which I have to answer soon. For now let it be clear that I don’t want anybody using my name, nor anyone trying to hide behind it, especially in order to hold positions that I don’t share at all.

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