Switzerland: Imprisoned anarchist Marco Camenisch conducts hunger strike from August 20th to September 10th


Parma, Italy – Three mobile phone masts set on fire in solidarity with imprisoned comrades

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We receive from anonymous mail and transmit:
In the night between 29th and 30th August we set three mobile phone masts on fire in the vicinity of Parma west exit on the A1 highway. The landscape where the masts stood include, in the space of a few hundred metres, a railway track with adjoining yards, power plants, a highway, intensive farming facilities, factories and luxury villas. Many of these infrastructures feed the mega monster of the technological and industrial machinery and the insatiable thirst for energy and mobility required by the western civilized lifestyle.

Each of these structures only inspires us to destroy them and the desire to put an end to this absurd world, as we are proud to be untameable social misfits! To all the indomitable warriors burning with the instinct of freedom!

This is for you, Marco, brother and comrade! May action spread for all our comrades in prison!

Solidarity with Elisa, Ale, Katia, Sergio, Paola, Stefano, Giulia and Peppe in prison for operation Ardire, to Gabriel Pombo Da Silva and the investigated in operation Mangiafuoco.


Letter from anarchist Marco Camenish – Hunger strike from 20th August. – Switzerland

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Marco Camenish – Hunger strike from 20th August.

from: informa-azione.info

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From 20th August I’m going to start a hunger strike, which is symbolic but it intends to contribute to the path of solidarity and struggle we are running outside and inside, in no particular order, in unison, with united or different voices and methods, in different areas and with different people. But always against a common enemy and for a common goal. The common enemy is the war of conquest, exploitation, slavery, repression, diffused and total destruction. Today the common enemy is called global techno-scientific, patriarchal, terrorist and totalitarian system of the multinationals and imperialist States and is at the height of its power and spread but also of its most deadly and irreversible crisis. And the common goal is the knocking down of this system and of all forms of slavery and exploitation, for a free, healthy and just world, for all its expressions and natural elements, as essential basis of life, and for its and therefore our continuity.

This is a contribution of struggle and solidarity that is possible even from the inside, and even in this nth wave of heat, the nth sign of a dying planet, which makes it difficult even to think and write, and even more so if we are locked up in coffins of bricks and concrete always at the mercy of our hangmen.

I want to call this initiative ‘operation Fukushima’. A topical name. Another name for civilization and progress. A name for the appalling pain and annihilation administered to life by the few bosses and many servants of civilization and progress for the power and wealth of the few. It could also be called Chernobyl, Muhleberg, Beznau, Lucens, Hiroshima, Depleted Uranium, IBM, Trino Vercellese, Superphonix, Ansaldo, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, Asbestos, Cancer, Deep Water Horizon, Xstrata, Monsanto, TAV, Alternative Energy, Green KKKapitalism, Belo Horizonte.

A name to remember, also with the words of the cell FAI/FRI Olga (thank you, thank you so much brothers and sisters of the Olga cell, thank you so much to each brother and sister and group and people on insurrectionist and revolutionary action!), that… it is only a matter of time and a European Fukushima will harvest the dead on our continent!

‘Operation Fukushima’: a name to oppose the terrible and real terms of the irreversible social, economic and environmental crisis to the ridiculous anti-insurrection persecution and the stupid names of the ‘brilliant anti-terrorism operations’, such as ‘Ardire’ [Boldness], ‘Tramonto’, [Sunset], ‘Mangiafuoco’ [Fire Eater], ‘Blackout’, ‘ORAI’, ‘Cervantes’… of the Italian version of Don Quixote wardens of global imperialism. As they can’t stop the signs of the tempest, they hit solidarity and the prisoners of the insurgent path of solidarity and struggle.

A name also to repeat with force: terrorism, absolute evil and crime and ‘social high dangerousness’, brutality and cowardice, lies and murderous aggression belong to the dominant system and those who defend it. Legitimacy and force of reason, vital urgency and humanity,  the assumption of genuine, individual and collective responsibility – more urgent than ever in history – for human society, the world and their future belong to us, authentic insurgents and revolutionaries, who really struggle against this system.

So it is also a name, a small contribution, to affirm how foolish is this miserable, murderous and criminal gang of bosses and their servants (politicians, scientists, cops, judges, journalists, culture and religion and commentators and instigators of all sorts and camouflage even in the ranks of our ‘official’ movement…) if they think that their most devastating and lowest persecutions and reprisals in the best nazi-fascist tradition can stop our struggles and silence our voices inside and outside on the path of solidarity and struggle.





Marco Camenish,

Lenzburg concentration camp, Switzerland

19th August 2012


from: contrainfo

On the 15th of August, friends and supporters of Marco Camenisch announced that the imprisoned comrade will conduct a limited hunger strike from 20/8 until 2/9, in the context of the latest anti-anarchist construct in Italy (‘operation boldness/ardire’), but also because of a series of humiliating harassments in Lenzburg prison every day.

Solidarity group’s contact mail: knast-soli (at) riseup (dot) net

Prison address: Marco Camenisch, PF 45, Justizvollzugsanstalt Lenzburg, Ziegeleiweg 13, CH-5600 Lenzburg District, Schweiz/Switzerland



UPDATE: Marco Camenisch conducts hunger strike from August 20th to September 10th

After receiving a letter of Marco Camenisch, via the Red Aid International, we report that the comrade’s hunger strike will last until September 10th.



Switzerland: second Letter “Info no. 2 ” of Marco Camenisch about the latest anti-anarchist construct in Italy

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From .informa-azione.info ttransated by Actforfreedomnow/sysiphus

INFO NO. 2 ON THE RECENT  (really bold …)  (operazione ardire) ANTIANARCHIST ROS FRAMEUP 

18 July 2012 – Marco Camenisch

In the meantime I have received a letter from Elisa and yesterday one from Stefano after about 10 days. As you know they were still in “judicial isolation” and subjected to censorship, waiting for the “review” and / or transfer to another structure. Probably things will take longer due to the lack, in Pisa, of a high security structure thus “justifying” total isolation… In any case, as pointed out by Stefano and from what I have seen in the homeland (Italian) prisons, this is a period of isolation of particular (anti-anarchist. ..) ferociousness. And today I receive Elisa’s communication of July 9 that lights up my heart!

I still have not received any notification or other “official” news concerning the arrest warrant, while the hacks of the German-language local press of the regime in late June “honoured ” me along with Gabriel and the comrade Andi of the SRI a big scandalistic page doing a difficult balancing act between professional devotion to the regime and a painful observation concerning the emptiness of the warrant (incautiously posted up on the net …) not failing to wave the spectre of the possible liberation of Gabriel and myself again. From the Lenzburg concentration camp a “strange” sequence of provocatory measures, searches and threats of sanctions around and following the “sensational news”. “Punctually” the rejection of the second instance for my “conditional release” has just arrived.

 I have organized myself for an initiative without demands (more or less 20 days hunger strike) in solidarity (main reference and motivation the repression and not least the bold ROS …) and with participation and this time with appendix denouncing the  generalized “crackdowns”  implemented in this and other prisons in Switzerland, which I had initially foreseen more or less early to mid August, but with this I inform you that it is highly probable that I shall carry it out in the last two weeks of August (from August 20) partly due to the summer “lull”, also to coincide better with the organization of initiatives outside and, although this is not a proposal for a collective initiative from within, better information and  evaluation from the imprisoned comrades.

 I am therefore asking you to spread this  nfo no. 2 –   and 1 letter   Brief no.1

 Gratefully, with Solidarity and Love, Marco, Lenzburg concentration camp, July 18, 2012

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