Paris, France: Many Tires Slashed in Solidarity with PNW Grand Jury Resisters


During the nights of August 15th and 16th, some tires rebelled against their existence, preferring to deflate themselves rather than perform the tasks imposed on them.

– an Orange[1] SUV (exploits prisoners)
– a Veolia[2] car (nuclear)
– a Red Cross van (manages the Roissy detention center[3] and other detention centers in several countries)
-an SUV of Sunland Energies d’Avenir[4]
-a city government car
-two Vinci[5] cars (builders of jails)
-a SPIE[6] car (nuclear and surveillance technology)
Tired of transporting yuppies from work to home, the tires of 17 vélib’[7] tires have committed suicide. The same goes for some 4×4’s and a Porsche.

This small action is a modest contribution in solidarity with the anarchists incarcerated in the American Northwest after their attacks against domination; in any case, those who remain silent in the face of the Grand Jury. Dedicated also to those incarcerated under “Ardire” and “Mangiafuoco.”[8]

Here’s hoping an epidemic of tire suicide will ensue.

Some tires who are deflated–but not resigned.

translator’s notes:
[1]Orange is the name of a French telecommunications company, which presumably profits off the prison industry
[2]French energy company
[3]French prison
[4]French Energy company
[5]French multitechnical company
[6]Construction company
[7]Government-run “free bicycle” program bikes
[8]Recent state operations of repression against anarchists in Italy

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