Attacks on Olympic Sponsors and Media bristol (uk)


from imc bristol

We will not participate in the Olympic frenzy and we reject the myth that the Olympics is a positive event for everyone.  However we love sports, so we decided to have some “sporting” moments of our own.

On Monday night, the day after the Olympics closing ceremony, we attacked two sponsors, Thomas Cook in Clifton and a Lloyds TSB depot near Temple Meads, by smashing the windows.  The media was also targeted; we poured paint stripper over a Virgin Media van in Lockleaze and decorated it with paint.

Thomas Cook sells a poor paradise to rich tourists whilst destroying cultures and ecosystems around the world.  Lloyds TSB are using sponsorship to distract from their dirty dealings and their “banking crisis”.  The media propagate the lie that hosting the Olympics has been a proud moment for all of us.  But what have we really gained?  Increased surveillance and repression, gentrification and austerity.

The rulers and corporate elite get richer, and fashion themselves a “community friendly” image that hides their real moves and motives.


Shout out to all who recognise the Olympics for the farcical social experiment in social control and land grab that it is, and who fight against it.  Over to you Brazil…

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