Italy, Op. ”Ardire” – A few words from Stefano [19th August 2012]



Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

We receive and transmit an update we got today by Stefano Fosco from the prison of Alessandria, dated 19th August:On Friday 24th August at 10:30am I’m going to attend a hearing (‘Camera di Consiglio’) at the court in Alessandria – Vittorio Emanuele II, 130 –  held by the court of review (Riesame), concerning the appeal against the August 7 measure of the judge for preliminary investigations of Alessandria (in other words against the enforcement of the first order of remand). Although the hearing will take place behind closed doors, I asked to attend.

The same procedure will be held in Rome as concerns Elisa.

Regarding the initiative proposed by Marco, we still don’t know if Elisa and Sergio are going to join it, with a 20-day hunger strike. As far as I know, they haven’t made a decision yet. The rest of us will join the initiative with a symbolic day, but there are differences and perhaps we’ll only join on an individual level.

Stefano Gabriele Fosco
Via Casale, 50/A
15122 San Michele (Al)


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