Italy – operation ”Ardire” – Communiqués from the anarchist comrade Elisa Di Bernardo


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To all the comrades

Five minutes of freedom… in prison!

On 1st August 2012, on my fiftieth day of isolation in the Don Bosco prison of Pisa, I was moved to the Rebibbia prison in Rome, high security unit. Isolation is over! The ‘social animal’, as someone calls the human being, can now be driven out… prison is still prison!

On Friday 3rd August I find out that the appeal our lawyer had presented to demand Stefano and I be released was accepted: the ban on meetings between defendants and lawyers, ordered by the prosecutor before the questioning, was unmotivated and infringed our right to defence. The entire procedure against us is not valid… I’m free… 16:45… but… certainly freedom can’t be granted to ‘anarcho-terrorists’. So in the office of the prison from where my detention was theoretically to end, two ROS carabinieri timely arrested me for the second time… 16:50… ‘danger of escape’! Well, slipping away from the bars of a prison office with an officer and two carabinieri on the spot is a skill I still have to acquire, I must confess!

I don’t want to bother anyone by setting to explain the juridical reasons (which after all interest me very little) for the factual illegitimacy of the arrest (the daily ‘Corriere della Sera’ of Saturday August 4 published a short article on the subject). On Monday 6th August the nth judge decided for my remand in custody reiterating the danger of escape (too many ‘insurrectionist anarchists’ are ready to offer support between Chile, Mexico, Greece and other countries). Through this (bold) measure, the prosecution and its pupils confirmed their dirty tricks and demonstrated their real fear to see us out of the home jails… but here I’m, cheered up as ever! If they think that these methods and their consequent bureaucratic trickery can demoralize me or exhaust me they are making a big mistake. On this front, prison has no ‘re-educating’ or ‘rehabilitating’ effect… Long live anarchy!

Elisa Di Bernardo

Political prisoner, anarchist and vegan.

Prison of Rebibbia

Via Bartolo Longo, 92

00156 Roma



 A non vindictive hunger strike


It is with great joy that I join Marco Camenish’s proposal for a non vindictive hunger strike to be carried out from 20th August to 3rd September 2012. My body will be the preferred instrument of struggle against so called ‘operation Ardire’ and the repression that the State even more often commits to its puppets guards in order to stop anyone who dares question its power by words and deeds.

 Against the jails of everywhere, which claim to annihilate the individual and his/her inevitable vital drives for freedom, by raging even more where rebellion, dignity and determination reign.

In solidarity with comrades and brothers Marco Camenish, who was once again refused bail, and Gabriel Pombo da Silva, who is waiting to be extradited to Spain as requested by himself. These facts, which the bold anti-anarchist raids of 13th June obviously tried to hamper, would have affected their lives right this year. I hug you tight with my heart full of complicit subversion.

In solidarity with the comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire (their communiqué, ‘CCF – Chaos is coming’ is very determinate), who don’t take a step back in the Greek prisons and remain with their heads held high even now that six of them are under investigation because they are involved in ‘operation Ardire’: keep on fighting fear as you’ve always done… you are not alone! ‘Always fighting…’ (Olga Ikonomidou from her communiqué on the end of isolation).

In solidarity with anarchists Eat and Billy imprisoned in the Indonesian jails: the ocean that takes us apart is just a trampoline for international revolutionary complicity.

In solidarity with brother Luciano Pitronello (Tortuga) on affection strike: your words from far/close Chile confirm your strength, courage and individualist nature.

In solidarity with Mexican anarchist comrade Mario Lopez, who got wounded last 26th June by the accidental explosion of the device that he was apparently carrying, and to his companion Felicity Rider, on hiding since then and wanted from those who have already planned another ferocious repressive wave in Mexico. Resist Mario! You are not alone in the hospital today, you won’t be alone in the cell tomorrow! Run Felicity! May the wind of revolt stay with you as long as possible and take you away from your hangmen!

In solidarity with the comrades searched and investigated in the very recent ‘operation Mangiafuoco’ carried out between Germany and Italy at dawn on 8th August on initiative of the notorious prosecution of Bologna.

In solidarity with all those who, outside and inside the prisons, struggle with all means against constituted authority and predetermined power.

Thank you to all those who don’t stop showing me all their love and solidarity.

Honour to the comrades fallen in the struggle! They are always with me!

With love and anarchy,

Elisa Di Bernardo

Political prisoner, anarchist and vegan.

11th August 2012

Prison of Rebibbia

Via Bartolo Longo 92

00156 Roma


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