Anarchist comrade Luca ‘Billy’ Bernasconi is free! – Italy


Italy – Anarchist comrade Billy is free!

Translated from informa-azione by act for freedom now/B.pd

A communiqué from Billy

Hi everybody,

I got out of prison on Sunday 19th August. The judge, foaming at the mouth, released me as he did with Silvia, after we served 2/3 of the sentence. Finding back the comrades’ warmth and the glances and words that are so precious to me was pure joy. In spite of the isolation inflicted on us during this time, there was not even a single instant when I felt really alone. From the letters, news of benefit events, initiatives and actions coming to me, energy was almost palpable, a strong experience in spite of everything. For this, for the strength and warmth, for the courage I received, I can just say thank you. Thank you so much.
Of course nothing is over, on the contrary this is only a new beginning along ‘this path beyond the main road’.
Now we miss Costa and Marco, porco dio [fucking hell]!!
All my solidarity to the investigated and searched of operation ‘Mangiafuoco’ and to all the rebels who are inside.
Thank you.

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