Italy: Repressive operation in Trentino, two comrades arrested – Updates will follow.



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At dawn of 27th August 2012, the summer repressive offensive against the anarchist movement continues. Information are still scarce but we know that 43 people are under investigation for conspiracy (270bis) and a number of searches were carried out mainly between Trento and Rovereto, including at the space El Tavan. A comrade, Daniela, is under house arrest, where as another comrade, Massimo, was remanded in custody and is now being held in the Tolmezzo prison.

To write to the comrade:

Massimo Passamani

C.C, Tolmezzo

Via Paluzza, 77

33028 Tolmezzo (UD)


Solidarity with the arrested and searched comrades. Massimo and Daniela free!

Updates will follow.

A collection of texts by Passamani, “More, Much More,”  can be
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Italy – On the repressive operation in Trento and Rovereto



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The comrades from Trento and Rovereto inform that Tuesday28 Agosto a solidarity demo with the anarchist comrades arrested and searched following art. 270bis (an investigation of the prosecution of Trento) was held at 17:30 in piazza Loreto in Rovereto. This was just the first initiative; updates will follow soon.

“In the morning of Monday August 27, on order of the prosecution of Trento, the DIGOS searched ten houses and arrested two anarchist comrades, Daniela and Massimo. The charge is conspiracy with terrorist aims and concerns mainly the two arrestees and six other comrades, besides 43 ‘solid’ people.

As a first response to this repressive frame-up, which regards first of all the anarchist group of Rovereto and Trento but which was undertaken a few days after the NO TAV camping (many of those under investigation participated to its making) we are organizing a

SOLIDARITY DEMO on Tuesday August 28 in piazza Loreto in Rovereto from 17:30

Let’s be there in large numbers and demand immediate freedom for Massimo and Daniela. Let’s give a response to this nth reppressive assault on anyone’s freedom.”


Italy – Solidarity from Genoa:


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The State and its servants continue to use aberrant pretexts, in the form of associations, against comrades and anyone who struggle for the transformation of this world, and in this way it hopes to stop social discontent, which is in fact widespread and irrepressible.
For years the quality of our lives within the capitalist and democratic system have been worsening. We are aware and keep on repeating that this system has nothing more to offer. There was nothing to save before, there’s nothing to save now. Simply, everything must change.
A big solidarity hug to all the comrades from Rovereto and Trento, who this morning  27.  8 saw police storming their houses with a warrant for 270bis, and in particular to Massimo, who is being held in the prison of Tolmezzo, and Daniela, who is under house arrest


27th August 2012, Genoa


Italy- Solidarity from Rome:

Translation act for freedom now/B.pdToday,

27th August, the nth repressive operation against anarchists has become effective.
On order of the prosecution of Trento, the D.I.G.O.S. delivered several warrants of investigation in the province, and carried out a number of searches and two arrests: early this morning Massimo was taken to the prison of Tolmezzo – Udine, and Daniela was put under house arrest. The comrades are all accused of being members of a subversive association with terrorist aims.Although we still don’t know the details, we feel the urge to express all our solidarity with the comrades hit by repression; after all the categories of guilty and innocent don’t belong to us nor do they interest us: the law is only the instrument that power uses in order to defend itself and maintain itself.Moreover, we refuse firmly any attempt at imposing roles, first of all that of ‘leader of the anarchists’, as Massimo is being labelled by cops and journalists. We refuse this because it is degrading and disgraceful, besides being false, to all those who make the negation of authority their reason for struggling. And for living.
The attempt at wiping out the anarchist idea by locking up those who carry it in their hearts and in the streets is becoming obvious: bosses, politicians, judges and cops fear that direct action, permanent conflict and horizontality of relations can spread like a contagious virus among the exploited. We think it is necessary to organize ourselves so that this can become true soon.
For the immediate release of Massimo and Daniela. Freedom for all.
Rome, 27th August 2012
Italy – Solidarity from Cremona
Translation act for freedom now/B.pd
Solidarity with those who struggle against the existentThis morning, 27th August, infamous cops have arrested comrades Massimo and Daniela (she is under house arrest), searched the houses of other comrades and the liberated spaces in Trento and Rovereto, and distributed the same article used by the dominant coercive system against anarchists: 270bis, subversive association. After the repressive operations against Fuoriluogo, against the NO TAV movement, after the >sentences of the Genoa 2001 G8, between Ardire and Mangiafuoco, and the charges against the comrades of Villa Vegan, which threaten to evict the squat, power is still weaving its inquisitive web of persecution against antiauthoritarian individualities.
As we stay solid with the persecuted by the State, once again we can see that the individualities in struggle without mediation against the exploiters and oppressors are being hit by the ordinary repression against those who act in order to destroy the existent made of homologation, environmental devastation, nuclear power and commodification of relationships that produce dominion and jails. Let’s think and act against control and repression in order to show solidarity and complicity.
Solidarity with all the investigated! Massimo and Daniela free now!Anarchists from the grey plain of Cremona


Solidarity from Pistoia:

They fear, they fear that autumn can be hot, hotter than this asphyxiating summer… They fear that their world, privileges, lordship fall under the mighty blows of revolt… They fear, and like a wounded beast they hit blindly those who have always been struggling, with their bodies and minds, against the oppression of authority, hierarchy and exploitation… They are shaking in fear of the revolt that is boiling in a Piedmont valley, and which is threatening their authority made of bulldozers and truncheons, devastation and teargas. In this part of 2012 many comrades have been kidnapped by the State; to them our strongest love embrace. Yesterday, August 27, Massimo suffered the same fate along with comrade Daniela… Well, do not believe you can exhaust us, intimidate us or stop what cannot be stopped… cops, politicians and businessmen: don’t think you can defend your interests (and your legs) by distributing beatings and years in prison… Our will to Freedom is a contagious virus, resistant to the vaccine of authority, and there will always be some infected one ready to poke the brazier of revolt.

Solidarity with Massimo and Daniela, solidarity with the comrades kidnapped following operations Ardire and Mangiafuoco! Long live Anarchy!

Anarchists from Pistoia.

Solidarity from Foggia:

The comrades of Filorosso in Foggia join the solidarity with the persecuted comrades.


Arrested anarchists. Solidarity from the NO TAV of Valsusa and Trentino


BLOG anarchico

Monday 27th August. The nth repressive operation against anarchists engaged in social movements, in particular the antimilitarist one and the NO TAV one, was unleashed this morning at dawn.
The charge of subversive association has hit 43 anarchists of the Trento region. The public prosecutor had asked eight anarchists to be arrested, but the judge decided to remand Massimo in custody and to put Daniela under house arrest.
One again the judiciary is relying on charges connected to crimes of association in order to stop social struggles, by locking up the most active comrades and trying to split up the movements and scare everybody.
It is not by chance that this operation, which was decided on August 2, was carried out a few days before the NO TAV camping in Marco di Rovereto.
The NO TAV movement has immediately expressed solidarity with the arrested and investigated comrades, and demanded their immediate freedom.
Here follows the communiqué issued this evening by the NO TAV of Trentino and Val Susa after the meetings held in Chiomonte and in Trentino.
A few days before the NO TAV camping, which will start on Thursday in Marco di Rovereto, the arrest of Massimo Passamani and Daniela Battisti (she is under house arrest) and the searches against a dozen of NO TAV activists from the Trento region, is an attempt at spreading fear on the whole NO TAV movement. The goal of this operation, held as the NO TAV movement of Trento is growing (in May more than 1,000 people took part to the march against the TAV in Trento), is obvious: they hope to discredit the movement, to label it as a dangerous and violent, to make people believe that they are ‘manipulated by anarchists’ if they participate to the NO TAV struggle. On the contrary, from Val Susa to Trentino the NO TAV movement is demonstrating that it is a place where no one is manipulating anyone else, but all are struggling together, anyone with their methods, against useless and devastating works and against the bullying of those who want to impose them.  
As a proof that these arrests are a pretext, it is sufficient to say that they had been decided by the prosecution on August 2: a month ago. The delay, in front of the alleged “terrorist threat”, until two days before the start of the camping, makes us think that it is not terrorists who scare but rather the variety and determination of the whole movement.
Massimo, Daniela and all the investigated comrades have given and continue to give a lot to our movement both in Val Susa and in the Trento region. Therefore we are close to them now and we hope to have them free along with us soon.
We are not intimidated by these operations. We wait you all on Thursday evening at 8pm at the opening meeting of the NO TAV Trentino Camping at the Giardini Polifunzionali in Marco di Rovereto.
And for all those who are dubious as concerns participation, let’s take the plunge because the signal we want to give is stronger now as was never before: the serenity of our reasons, participation and the determination to stop these works, because our future and dignity are at stake.
Coordination No Tav Trentino
No Tav Valsusa Movement

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