Italy – Solidarity from Milan and from Comrades for the constitution of Soccorso Rosso Italia


Solidarity from Milan

TICK* OF STATE                                                                            

[*the name of the operation against the comrades form Rovereto and Trento]

In an upside down world wars are called ‘missions of peace’ and the devastation of territories is defined as ‘development’. As a consequence of this distortion of words, those who oppose all this are inevitably terrorists.

Those who use chemical weapons (which are banned in conflicts abroad but which are allowed at home) at head high, smashing demonstrators’ faces and poisoning their lungs, are praised and defended by all mass media servants of political parties (the totality of mainstream media), whereas those who respond to this violence are the usual ‘terrorists’, no matter if they are anarchists or not.

The PD [Democratic party] is one of the supporters of this new language, and in Piedmont Stefano Esposito [a senior member of the party] is one of the main responsible for the presence of the army in Val Susa, a complacent abetter of the torture occurred on July 3 2011 against 4 demonstrators arrested during the assault on the non-yard [a TAV yard], the moral responsible for the criminalization of the anarchists from Trento and in particular for the arrest of our comrade Massimo, whom this politician often referred to as the leader of the Val Susa revolt. This politician’s small brain does not allow him to understand that anarchists don’t have leaders nor do they aspire to become such. Signs, leaders, charismatic leaders and all correlated misery: we leave all this to a power that tries to shape its enemies in its image and likeness in the vain attempt at categorizing them in order to repress them in a hysterical and vindictive way.

Moreover it seems to us that the inhabitants of Val Susa in struggle and all those who oppose the destruction of mountains and rivers don’t certainly need someone who tell them ‘what to do’, as they can do that very well by themselves.


In an upside down world relations of friendship and complicity are transformed into ‘criminal associations’, which are called with names never heard before, entirely made up by the investigators in charge.

So two days before the NO TAV camping in Rovereto the prosecution of Trento arrests two local anarchists and puts another 43 under investigation for various crimes, from the occupation of abandoned buildings to anonymous act of sabotage carried out from 2009 to these days. The link with the struggle in Val Susa is pretty much clear, as much as is the generous contribution that the comrades from the Trento region have given to this struggle.


By this operation, alongside all the others occurred in these last months all over Italy against realities and individuals committed to the struggle against harmfulness and the devastation of the territories, power wants to erase the presence of anarchists from social conflicts. Its game is always the same and is pretty old: when the established order thinks it is facing historical moments that could put it into question, it takes care of removing from the scene the most active elements in the struggle and tries to isolate all those who deny themselves to any compromise and who, in the struggle, don’t stage any pantomime purpose-built for the press, as we know very well which side the press stands on.


Anarchists who have always given more than mere support by struggling and risking in first person in spite of repression on the one hand, and the accusation of being ‘citizenists’ on the other.


For both these kinds of sewer to disappear form our streets and mountains, we hope for the generalization of revolt anywhere.

Solidarity with anyone who oppose authority anywhere.




anarchist individualities gathered for the occasion in Milan, 30/08/2012

Solidarity from  CCCPSRI:

Solidarity with the comrades from Trento and Rovereto

We express our militant solidarity to the comrades arrested on August 27 in a repressive operation that took place between Trento and Rovereto, and we express our closeness to the more than 40 comrades searched and investigated.


The repressive claw of the State has arrived on time in a moment when the latter is busy with adopting endless ‘anti-crisis’ measures, which turn into a politics of tears and blood made of cuts to public services, privatizations, decrease in jobs, devastation of the territory and waste of public money for the construction of big works, which only benefit the interests of capitalism!

All this is inevitably accompanied by more control, militarization and repression necessary to guarantee the success of the structural reorganization that Monti’s government is carrying out in Italy in the attempt to survive the economic crisis intrinsic to the capitalist system and to maintain a forced ‘social peace’. They are determined to avoid the development of any form of protest which is not controlled by revisionists and which is not compatible with the system.

Once again the target are organized realities engaged at the forefront to struggling, in this case against speculation and for the defence of the territory, as is happening  in Trentino and for years in Val Susa against the construction of the TAV. This investigation wants to hit again the NO TAV movement hard, a movement which is alive thanks to the determination of the inhabitants of a whole valley along with that of comrades who have been supporting this struggle for years and who are trying to give their contribution to its growth.

Three investigations against anarchist comrades in less than three months are just the last judicial events that are hitting many comrades, students and also workers in struggle.

All this is the expression of the war on the internal front that the State is waging on the possible development of class struggle, and ultimately against the development of a revolutionary perspective.   The other side of the coin of the imperialist war on the external front, which has seen Italy directly engaged in countless aggressions (from Afghanistan to Libya).

Solidarity is the best weapon to break the isolation in which they want to confine single comrades with prison, searches and investigations, and to re-launch the NO TAV struggle, which today is seriously threatening Italian and European speculators and capitalists, and more generally to strengthen any mobilization hit by repression.

Solidarity with the comrades hit by repression!

Freedom for Massimo and Daniela!

NO TAV now and forever!

August 29 2012

Comrades for the constitution of Soccorso Rosso Italia


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