Letter from wanted anarchist comrade Giannis Mihailidis Concerning my targeting for the incidents in Paros Island (Greece)


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Letter from wanted anarchist comrade Giannis Mihailidis

Concerning my targeting for the incidents in Paros Island

A small narration of a story of illegality…

I am starting to write because of my recent targeting by the Means of Mass Deceit (media), as an accomplice in the murder of a snitch during a robbery in Paros. The main reason I am writing is to break the monopoly of speech of authority, at least around my person and my choices.

Obviously it is particularly enraging to see every slimy little journalist who has learned to crawl and do what their superiors say, to refer to me as “ruthless”. Ruthless are those who reproduce lies which could lead people to destruction.

Thus I am interrupting my silence which in a state of illegality I thought would help me to move more quietly, and I have chosen to speak. I do not however want to speak partially and create a victimized picture of myself, so I will express myself in total.

So let me speak about myself…

As an anarchist I chose to participate in every form of struggle I considered promotes insurrection and resistance against authority to the best of my abilities, from public action in demonstrations, gatherings etc. up to guerrilla forms of direct insurrection. Ever since I experienced the violence of oppression I realized that the anarchist struggle is inherent with violence. Regardless of any philosophical approach to violence, reality dictates that every non-violent approach is at best hypocritical, if it means the acceptance of the violence of authority, which obviously is not only oppression but extends from its covert forms up to the mass slaughtering of people born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Those who are presenting me as a bloodthirsty criminal are the defenders of a murderous world order. They are the defenders of the wild capitalist dominion based on the blood and torture of humans and animals, the extermination of nature and hides behind shiny windows and well-dressed yuppies, behind image and the spectacle. I realized therefore, that one of the bets of the struggle is also the organization of violent liberating action…

So as I took part in the organization of guerrilla structures and actions, I chose, together with other close comrades of mine, to stand at the side of the wanted comrades of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire when the warrants against them were published. A relationship of solidarity and cooperation was created, which began at discussions about revolutionary strategy and the ways of spreading the anarchist proposal up to the exchange of technical knowledge, and technical co-support at the level of action. I was not a member of the organization, and there was not an absolute identification with the positions of the Conspiracy which would support such a thing. So I chose to participate in another revolutionary collective which I will avoid talking about in this letter in order not to give information to the enemy. This collective speaks for itself and there is no need for me to support it at this point with my signature. This choice of mine to stand by clandestine comrades, a choice for which I remain proud, had as a result also my abetment to clandestinity together with my comrades Dimitris Politis and Theofilos Mavropoulos as well as other, for now “anonymous” comrades, after the oppressive operation against the revolutionary organization C.C.F. in Volos (coincidently a few days after my symbolic attack against the parliament with an arrow and my arrest).

Let me speak of those days. It was a big loss. Not only because it changed my life as I knew it until then, but because it was a catastrophic blow to an important and exemplary revolutionary structure which had the possibility to strike often and dangerously, articulating a discourse which empowered the spreading so much of the action itself as well as anarchist revolutionary perceptions. Guerrilla action however did not stop neither will it stop with one disarticulation. The only thing the state manages to do is to momentarily freeze the flame of revolutionary action. A flame which will never go out as long as there are people who revolt against every authority. As long as there are ideas armed with action. Besides that of course, it was the feeling of separation with the comrades with which we had forged the same dreams, the feeling that the comrades are now hostages, which was unknown to me, since before the attack of the cops in Volos, in the case with the parcel bombs sent to the embassies where Gerasimos Tsakalos and Panagiotis Argirou, and later with the arrest of the 4 in Thessaloniki and then the arrest of Mihalis Nikolopoulos. A feeling which cannot be described but only experienced, led to the promise we gave to ourselves to do everything for the reverse of their hostage condition.

Those days, when I felt how it is to be hunted, when I desperately tried to remain free in order to continue to fight, with minimal structures at first, but with strong and devoted comrades, small in numbers but not in soul, the bases were set for our future illegal life. We were now alone against the state, against thousands of cops and the motherfuckers from the anti-terrorist force. A force which has connections with secret services of the dominating states of the world. With all these bastards hunting us, we learned how to roam, avoid and self-finance ourselves. The next important moment was the battle of our brother Theofilos Mavropoulos with the cops in Pefki. I will not give more information concerning my participation or not in this battle. What is important is that the extreme comradely and fighting attitude of Theofilos, who fought alone with one gun against two armed cops, had as a result that one more person in the struggle outside the prison walls as well and mainly that one more bloodless arrest was not added to the victories of the police against us. I wish that the broken bones of the overzealous servants of the regime still hurt….

With one more brother of ours hostage in the cells of democracy, weakened we re-experience another loss… A loss which however has inside it a victory. Because it contained non-surrendering. It was the refusal to compromise with the orders of authority which led to the battle. It was the strong deposit left by every bloody battle given by the revolutionaries against their persecutors. The main thing however is that he is alive. One more of ours in there, which supports our desire to attack the prisons and what they represent.

And somewhere here begins a dirty game by the police at our expense, since probably the superior cops realize that they cannot approach us. So they start channelling false information to the media and they dictate our participation in actions which we did not do and they have no proof of. For some reason they insist on doing this in cases where they believe they can pull off manipulating the “common feeling” against us. They are not simply interested in targeting us, they are interested in slandering us. This is why they present the incendiary attack in the metro, where no one was hurt, or could be hurt, as a blind terrorist attack. And they implicate our names in this case. Back then I didn’t feel the need to clarify my position, despite the fact I had nothing to do with it, because anyway it was not an action I agree with. The reality is that I disagree with many things that the revolutionary organization ‘February 12th movement’ who claimed responsibility and the reference to that is important only for my comrades and not my enemies. Back then I considered it logical that since I am wanted for participating in an organization which placed bombs that I am a suspect for something like that as well.

But now the cops’ dirty game has taken tragic proportions. They are targeting me for murder, as an accomplice in the robbery in Paros. Again they create impressions by bending a reality speaking of an attack on a random citizen and other bullshit which surely does not represent reality. The repeated mentioning of his profession creates the impression that the robbers shot him because he was a taxi driver (!) and not because he blocked their escape which could have been critical for the robbers, while a reference to his political identity –he was a supporter of the junta- never happened. Of course this is an image I created again from the same journalists and I was not there to know what happened so I am a bit reserved.

This of course will not let me not recognise the role of the snitch in this case. Let alone the fact that they are accusing me for this. They got to the point of showing a photograph from the robbery and specifying which one I am! And then on the top they show my photo with the bow and arrow in Syntagma square. This is how they manipulate common opinion, with such techniques they create and establish every lie which helps authority accomplish the subjugation of the people. This created news is seen by every wannabe hero-snitch such as Dimitris Mihas and they sacrifice themselves to serve law and order.

The fact that I am clarifying my position that I was not there is not a technical lie to save myself. It is a truth that I have to shout out because if I allow them they will say whatever they want and in the end I will be charged with everything. And I am willing to take responsibility for what I am responsible for. I don’t negotiate my honesty, and I passionately defend the position that what revolutionaries say in their public discourse cannot be lies. Simply because a tendency to define texts from the defence line within the institutions (understandable to a degree), when applied by circumventing the value of honesty (not towards the cops and judges, but towards those who want to hear us) ends up with the discourse losing its revolutionary importance and becoming a technique of juridical defence. And in the end revolutionaries lose their credibility.

When I heard about the robbery in Paros, instinctively my soul was with the side of the perpetrators. I want to believe that the cops will not manage to catch them. I read articles that they are on their trail and I think “that’s bullshit, they said the same thing for me so many times and it was lies. They had me for real once and the journalists shut up, they are probably misleading…”

At this point there are many things I would like to share in this letter but I self-censure myself because the danger always lurks that the enemy will come to conclusions which will help them in the war against us. Maybe the time will come when it won’t matter for the enemy and I will speak then.

It is important that I refer to comrade Tasos Theofilou who was arrested for this case. I do not know him personally, but I recognize in his writings a decent person. I do not trust what the cops say, and I will trust whatever the comrade says in his public text. I consider however that no matter what he needs our solidarity and not to be buried in silence. I send him a brotherly embrace and a “hold strong comrade”.

Closing I would like to send my love to my brothers which prison walls divide us, Theofilos, the members of the Conspiracy, the 3 of Thessaloniki and Rami, who always hold up the flag of revolutionary war and do not surrender ever. Their uncompromising struggle against the humiliating cavity search (and other comrades who are now released) has cost them dozens of days of isolation, disciplinary sentences and exhausting hunger strikes.

Their battles for decency are always an incentive for action. A substantial proof that the struggle continues within the walls of the prisons whether through the development of dynamic struggles such as the refusal of cavity search, or with guns and knives trying to rob your freedom and escape from the hostage regime the enemy has imposed on you, for example the escape attempt of the members of the CCF and Theofilos Mavropoulos from Koridallos prisons.

And to end, my warms greetings to all anarchists, fighters and insubordinate prisoners as well as the fugitive comrades around the world.


From my unknown hiding spot

Giannis Mihailidis

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