Italy, operation ‘Ardire’ – Communiqués from the prisons of Alessandria and Rebibbia on the issue of the publication of an order of custody on the sites of the movement



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The lines we are going to write need a brief introduction: what follows is the clear stand that we prisoners arrested on 13th June are taking as regards some behaviours we wouldn’t have expected from individualities or groups claiming to be anarchists.


We are not surprised at the role that the mass media played in staging a media show out of operation ‘Ardire’. As we are enemies of all forms of dominion, we acknowledge the repressive function of information, so no surprise that our order for custody was published in full by sites such as TG COM, or that rivers of ink were thrown like petrol on the fire of the media inquisition. It was far more bitter to discover that alleged ‘solidarity’ people were among the curious voyeurs. Sadly the delay in communication imposed on us by isolation and censorship, for a long time prevented us from learning that some sites of so called counter-information also spread in full the text of the order for custody. As we leave infamous jobs to others, we are not interested in inquiring on the reasons why someone decided to become accomplice with the spies of the regime, who plundered on episodes of our life. At best this seems unforgivable ingenuity and imprudence to us.

We expect the order for custody be removed from any site that published it and we hope we won’t be compelled to add others who are not habitual informants-slaves of dominion to the ranks of our enemies.


Stefano, Sergio, Alessandro, Giuseppe

From the San Michele prison in Alessandria



These few lines concern the publication of the order for custody, following which we were arrested on 13th June 2012 within operation ‘Ardire’, on sites of the movement. In spite of the different stands that each of us is taking as regards the publication of the order for custody on the internet, we all absolutely agree on one point. Those who run these sites failed to consult us, the directly concerned persons, about the publication of the documentation affecting us. In spite of the good faith we think comrades had in spreading the text of the charges against us, drawing form the site of TG COM, we would like it to be clear that the existence of a previous undue publication of the order for custody on a site of the regime does not justify the reproduction of the same.

We don’t want to dwell on the more or less appropriate use of the internet or other means – like the old and precious discussion between people – regarding the spreading of certain information, be them judicial or personal ones. Let’s be clear: the personal ones are often a violation of our intimacy, from car numbers to telephone numbers and conversations, the latter being often published – ad hoc – in order to give rise to frictions and splits inside the movement and to weaken solidarity. Each of us takes personal stands on the subject and we don’t think it to be indispensable to specify this herein.

We ask you to let us know about the modes with which the disclosure of such order took place on the sites of the movement.

Finally, we stress that for us it is important to choose with whom and how information is to be spread relating to our judicial situation.

We take this occasion to embrace all those who have expressed solidarity and closeness with us.

Solidarity with the comrades locked up in Alessandria.

Solidarity with the investigated and searched comrades in operations ‘Ardire’ and ‘Mangiafuoco’.

Solidarity with Juan, Alessio, Maurizio, Elena and all the rebels of Val Susa.

Solidarity with Massimo and all the comrades hit by repression in Trento and Rovereto.

Solidarity with all those who will never be captured.


Greetings from the prison of Rebibbia in Rome with love, anger and anarchy!

Until we are all free!


Paola, Katia, Elisa and Giulia.


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