Italy, operation ‘Ardire’ – A communiqué from Sergio, one of the arrested comrades


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Silent. The enemy is listening.

Have you ever seen those old fascist posters depicting a soldier with his index finger on his mouth and the words: ‘Silent. The enemy is listening’? I’ve been always fascinated by the grotesque absurdity of these words and I’ve always wondered which enemy was being mentioned, which was not worse than the very fascist Power that purged, killed and retaliated. I’m thinking of that poster even more often since I have once again ended up in prison, this time following the ROS operation called ‘Ardire’. Not only is a clear aesthetic reference to fascism included in this name but there is also the strong conviction that these arrests are the modern version of the poster warning: ‘Silent. The enemy is listening’.

I’ve always been a sworn enemy of the existent, so I was never surprised at or complained about the blows that the enemy never spared. Therefore I’m not interested in talking about frame-ups, let alone about ‘injustices’. I only whish to emphasize the goals of this reprisal, which otherwise risk being eclipsed by the personal stories of us, the arrestees.

It is clear that their intent is not to persecute the alleged authors of certain actions, but rather those who have always publicly claimed their irreducibility in wanting to destroy Power.

So it happens that those who don’t bow down even if they are imprisoned and those who try to create discussion and give visibility to direct actions carried out by antiauthoritarian individualities or groups are to be transformed into a warning for anyone else who still doesn’t surrender to the soporific resignation of the majority.

Certainly I don’t accept the role attributed to me and it is for this reason that I decided to adhere to the proposal for non vindictive hunger strike along with my comrades and co-defendants Marco and Elisa. I leave the critiques on this method of struggle to those who don’t have anything better to do than judge and philosophize on the actions of others. The reason of my choice is clear to me: now and forever I want to use any instrument of struggle at my disposal. As I’m locked up between these four walls I don’t have many left, but never will I surrender and I hope I’ll be able to transmit my total determination not to stop struggling. I also hope that the comrades outside, who can undoubtedly rely on more sharp instruments, will do the same.

They order us to be silent. We transform our shouts into a roar that knocks them down from their chairs.

 – You deny everything or, to say it better, destroy everything… but it is also necessary to build.

– This is no longer our business… first we ought to evict the place.

 Sergio Maria Stefani

C. C. San Michele

Strada Casale 50/A

15122 Alessandria



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