Milan, Italy – A bug and a GPS device



When bad luck turns into unwelcome surprise smelling revenge, or never question the complicity of a nail
A few days ago I was driving around on my Vespone PX200, when a nail got stuck into a tire.
Shit, what a bad luck, and I set myself to change the flat tire with a spare one.
I dismantle the buffer, the left ‘lung’, I take the spare wheel from its bracket  and …but…but…but what are these wires here? How do they stop behind the bracket of the spare wheel? Oh, but what is that black stuff with tape? Maybe it is….but no, maybe-but-maybe… oh yes, fucking hell, it is a GPS aerial with a small stick that must be another aerial, both of them stuck with strong magnets to a dark spot behind the bracket of the spare wheel, below
(1-2 photo 1).

Two wires go into the spot where the tank is placed, and I want to see what else this day has in store for me.
I take off the seat and the trunk, dismantle the tank and see a small black plastic thing (it is to gather petrol in case of a leak), I lift it and find a skein of wires with tape. I try to pull them out but they resist, so I put my hand inside, scrabble a bit and …ohhh…what a joy…so much stuff, from this small spot (photo 2)

a transformer with accumulator come out (3 photo 3)

and a GSM transmitter with a chip Sim mod. “Telit GM862-GPS” (4 photo 4)

from which three small cablets come out: these are the two aerials (1 e 2), the other one is a wire I can’t pull out…but where does it end up?
I start dismantling a bit of everything, including the grill where the horn is placed (photo 5), here, behind that, a little bit framed, there was the end of the wire… a very small bug (5).

I remove everything and finally I cut the cables linked to the firing of my Vespone, in the spot where the tank is placed.
All these objects were stuck to the frame of the scooter by strong magnets secured by tape.
At this point I put the pieces back in place, change the tire and go to a tire repairer. Then I take pictures (photo 6)

and then destroy everything…yes, with a hammer…the stuff was on my Vespone, so it is as if it was my stuff, and I just break it out. But I don’t destroy the Sim chip, no, I keep it and use it to make lots of telephone calls… as long as it lasts, you shit!
For those who don’t know this kind of scooter I have to say that it doesn’t have a battery (it’s a model of the early ’80, which I bought in 2004) and its engine generates alternating power that is not compatible with GSM transmitters, hence the presence of a transformer and an accumulator to guarantee the good functioning of this equipment even if the Vespone is not going. Now the equipment is completely smashed…

In my opinion, such a job needs a lot of time and calm (even for an expert), and probably also the complicit silence of someone. Considering the care and precision in the assembling and wiring, I think it took them at least three hours.

The Sim-business chip was activted on 14/06/2005 by an unknown company.
Considering that I happened to pierce my tires very rarely in these years and never before did I find the above mentioned equipment, I think it was installed not before 2010.

It is very likely that this Sim chip spied the movements of others in the past.
What can I say? Comrades: never give anything for granted.
To the cops: never give anything for granted.


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