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The arrest of Tasos Theofilou: Smells like a cop construction

A case of robbery, after which followed a murder of a citizen who attacked the perpetrators, has been transformed by the anti-terrorist force into a case of ‘terrorism’, while the “parrots” have been drafted to write monstrous scenarios, full of lies, which have nothing to do with the facts of the trial brief (as happens usually when the anti-terrorist sets up a case).

Anarchist Tasos Theofilou, who was arrested for this case, strongly denies all charges from the first moment, while hsi advocate Sp.Fitrakis has spoken of meager evidence in the trial brief.

By taking a look at the case (as presented in the trial briefs and not as presented by the “parrots” which take their orders from the 12th floor of GADA ‘police headquarters of athens’), we see the stench of one more cop construction coming up. A few days after the robbery, allegdly an ‘unknown’ person called (!) and said that the robber of Paros is sitting on the steps of the metro station in Keramikos.

They even made a description. Immediately the anti-terrorist force went to the spot and arrested T.Theofilou.

What business does the anti- terrorist force have in a robbery case? At gada they violently took his saliva and fingerprints and immediately announced that his DNA matches the DNA of a hair found on the hat fallen from the robber in Paros! No prints no nothing. As for the DNA, you can read the articles of ‘Kontra’ newspaper from the relavent discussion which is taking place during the trial of the Revolutionary Struggle and you will realize that it is a method not only dsputable, but completely unreliable.

Is it accidental, that before the arrest of Theofilou the anti-terrorist force channeled to the “parrots” that they are on a good path and they have proof. Someone can easily realize who the “unknown person” who recognized the (disguised) robber of Paros at the steps of the metro and called the cops. The ‘questions’ however, do not stop here.

When Theofilou was in the turf of the infamous force, three-four cops remembered that he was the person who carried out “counter-surveillance”, when they staked out houses connected to CCF in Athens, Pireaus and Agrinio!

This alleged person was never arrested or at least detained, just to see who he is, but remembered his characteristics two years later! This way, Theofilou was found charged with the whole charge list attributed to the CCF (and to people beyond the members of the organization) and has to deal with a second trial brief managed by special appeals interrogator Baltas.

This set up really ‘stinks’.

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