Italy, Operation ‘Ardire’ – A letter from Stefano Gabriele Fosco (one of the arrested comrades, currently detained in the prison of Alessandria).



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Despite myself, here I am writing about some pseudo-nihilist assholes prowling about in the anarchist movement.

Before I start, I invite the comrades to read what these assholes wrote on the events in Brindisi in a delirious series of posts and comments where they attacked the anarchists from Lecce (whom they called ‘compagnucci’ [an insulting expression]) and raved about overcoming all morals and ethics (source: ParoleArmate). As soon as I read these pseudo-nihilist ravings I stopped having any affinity whatsoever with these assholes.

Now these assholes want to involve me in a stupid controversy on the internet concerning anti-juridism. I’ll take good care not to take part to their game, which sounds like provocation run by repression.

These pseudo-nihilist idiots don’t know or pretend not to know about a custom of all revolutionary movements. When a comrade is a prisoner in the hands of the State, and especially if investigations are still underway, one places special attention not to attack him as concerns ideological issues or choices. If the point of controversy to be clarified is particularly urgent, one always waits for the investigation to end and eventually considers which means of communication is more appropriate to highlight the point to be discussed. Under no circumstances does one makes recourse to public communiqués and accuses imprisoned comrades. Never! In the past those who dared break this practice inevitably placed themselves out of their movement and quite often their time their came to an end. Times have changed but some attitudes cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. Only assholes can take advantage of the imprisonment of a comrade in order to attack him!

I’m not going to tackle this controversy. I just point out some aspects, which are sufficient to understand the idiocy of the miserable people who attacked me:

– ‘Severino Di Giovanni was essentially anti-juridical and amoral’: the anarchist from Abruzzo was so anti-juridical that he came to ask for the constitution of an anarchist jury made by comrades who didn’t have affinity with him in relation to the rumours on the death of Lopez Arango. Idiot!

– In both the first and the second ‘Halandri’ trial the comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire had at least one lawyer and were present at many hearings. Idiot, this is not anti-juridism!

– Some Chilean anarchists involved in the ‘Bombas’ case sent solidarity communiqués to the prisoners of the CCF and vice versa. Idiot!

– An anarchist blog is just an instrument of counter-information. Under no circumstances can a blog or a paper be an instrument for the planning and realization of explosive and incendiary attacks. To claim that a person who runs an anarchist blog must take material and ideological responsibility for the anarchist direct actions they publish means to play the same game as repression. Idiot and provocateur!

Regarding my choice of appointing a lawyer, another asshole even wrote on his blog: ‘instruments are being used that, it is good to remember, are conceded by the enemy’.

At present there’s not one single anarchist prisoner in the world who didn’t defend himself with the help of a solicitor (of course I’m not talking about shop-lifting). At present in the world there are anarchist prisoners who have been in prison for 15-20 years. These prisoners work in the prison in order to sustain themselves and whenever they can they make all sorts of requests to obtain some benefit. I’m proud to have a relation of affinity and friendship with these comrades and never would I tell them that ‘they are using instruments conceded by the enemy’!

Pseudo-nihilist assholes, you lost your chance to shut up. You are trying to divide anarchist prisoners and push imprisoned comrades to take responsibility which are extraneous to them. All this you do in the internet and not in meetings and anarchist circles.

Many think you are provocateurs at the service of repression; others, including myself, think you are only miserable idiots.

I end here a debate that has never started.


Anarchist individualist prisoner

Stefano Gabriele Fosco

15th August 2012 


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