Text by anarchists comrades Socratis Tzifkas, Babis Tsilianidis, Dimitris Dimtsiadis – Greece


Translated by Actforfreedomnow/boubourAs : source



With the contrasts and contradictions of the capitalist society increasing and becoming more and more visible and with ghost of insurrection haunting the dreams of the dominators of this world, those who manage our lives have one more card to play: Oppression.

The diffuse of fascist perceptions, racist pogroms on immigrants and the democratic stabbings that accompanied them, the increase in policing and panoptic control, the propaganda of fear which is reproduced by the Media, the legal fortification of the regime against the anarchists and revolutionaries who fight for the liberation of life, are the expected panic moves of a regime which, as its in limbo, it tries to offer the only thing it has left: Terror and safety.

Therefore after making sure it broke every meaning of community between the fighters, giving out made up identities and separations (violent-nonviolent, guerrillas-activists, armed-squatters, greek-immigrants, legal-illegal etc.) – and here there is a discussion to be had about how much we ourselves reproduce them- the clean up has begun: After attempting to bury about 50 anarchists in the last two years in cement and barbwire (guerrillas and not), after sending cops to take care of the “migration problem”, after crushing –at a large cost of course- the dozens if militant demonstrations –small festivals of liberating violence and meeting of the insurrectionists-, it had to send a clear message to the squats, in the summer which unfortunately was a small mound for the collective liberating struggles.

Act 1

One day after a demonstration of comrades broke up a gathering of members of the Golden Dawn (nazi party) in Agrinio, sending them away and proving that the streets did and do belong to the insurrectionists, an incendiary device is placed in Apertus squat. A few days later and after a call of collectives and squats in the area a demo takes place with 350 anarchists/anti-authoritarians/anti-fascists in the central streets of the city, making clear that every attack on fighters and squats will find against it united the fighting communities of the anarchist movement.

Act 2

Two days later, is arsoned also by an incendiary device, Draka squat in Corfu. Placed by fascist hands for the profit of the state, since the hospital to which it belongs, after the arson, stated to the prosecutor that it wanted to use it, while it left it to rot all these years. Dozens of interventions/gatherings/sharing of texts took place in many cities in Greece as a token of solidarity.

Act 3

Early August, during the more “dead” period, repeated attempts are made to cut the electricity of DELTA squat in Thessaloniki under the orders of the university to which the building belongs to. There were also gatherings, sharing of texts, but also guarding of the building in order to avoid something like that and the whole matter got a postponement for about a month, and the case is going to the prosecutor. Here we would like to remind that a similar incident had taken place in VOX squat at the end of June.

With the power company trying to cut the electricity and not succeeding, after the intervention of the squatters. Betting on the time period of the summer and the informal “time out” of the struggles, the state and its snitches, all kinds of fascists, attempted to reformulate a message of war towards the squatters but also wider, in to the communities of the anarchist struggle in the greek land. They failed though. Something that will happen again, if they forget that anarchists/antiauthoritarians already consciously participate in the non-peaceful battle between the forces of freedom and the forces of slavery.

Something that will happen again if we don’t forget the need for our further organization/collectivization in the direction of intensification of the hostilities with the state machine and the non-stop struggle for the individual and collective liberation. A struggle which does not have the luxury of leaving, without a battle, space and time to the enemy. If there is something which needs to hold strong and spread it is the decisiveness in the choices, the solidarity in the relations between the insurrectionists, the refusal of dicing up our struggle with criteria such as vacations or “revolutionary skills”.

Despite all this continuing the struggle against states, borders and fascists, against psychiatric hospitals and prisons, against capitalism and the dopes it peddles, against sexism and dominance, against the destruction of the environment and the police of society, we felt the need to send greeting of strength to the street kids who with every cause they intensify the struggle for the liberation of humans/nature from the authoritarian bonds, giving us without knowing, a bit of their passion, their strength and their courage.

In the fertile social conditions we are going through, we should sow the seed of anarchy, so the flower of total liberation can bloom.

Let us organize into anti-hierarchical militant communities and confirm to the state and fascists the worst scenarios they have in their heads.

Let us dare and continue to dare. Inside and outside the prisons to coordinate our hearts and struggles against state and capitalism.


Socratis Tzifkas

Babis Tsilianidis

Dimitris Dimtsiadis

Thursday, 23/8/12

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