Trento, Italy – Solidarity demo for the imprisoned and investigated comrades of Op. Ixodidae



Translated by actforfreedomnow/B.pd

20/09/2012 – 18:00
20/09/2012 – 21:00
Thursday September 20 from 6pm in Piazza S. Maria (Trento)
SOLIDARITY DEMO FOR MASSIMO AND DANIELA and all the other comrades under investigation in operation “Ixodidae”.

Updates on the investigation and the situation of the imprisoned comrades, exhibition on article 270 and the development of repressive laws in Italy, open mic, music, benefit bar.

Let’s continue to bring solidarity with our comraes to the streets.

Let’s re-launch passions that no jail can ever suppress.
Let’s refresh our support to all struggles that attack this existent made of bars and locks.
Let’s confirm once again that the only terrorist is the State.


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