Poster against repression – “On the edge of the precipice” – Italy


Translation act for freedom now/B.pd

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On the edge of the precipice


Unemployment is on the rise, prices are on the rise, wages are decreasing, new and old tax are plundering the pockets of the poor while the privileges of the powerful are getting even more hideous, spaces of freedom are being closed down and cowardly abuses are being perpetrated in the name of security. Jails and piazzas are filling up with an army of new poor whereas money and power are being accumulated between increasingly arrogant politicians, bankers and multinationals, which are scourging entire populations with wars and devastations, just to make economy run and accumulate more money.


‘Bandits and rebels, we’ll crack you down’
Fear of untameable and wild protests like those taking place in Greece are haunting the ruling classes, which are launching preventive repressive attacks in the hope to stem the flood of the social crisis. Beloved democracy allows dissent within its rules, the same rules with which it locks up those who cross the borders, oppresses the most disadvantaged classes, kills those who cannot defend themselves, infects with diseases those who work in its factories, starves and exploits those who work for it.

The field of democracy and capital is an enclosure where people are like cattle, tame oxen being taken to the slaughter.
Woe to those who complain while being branded with fire, woe to the ox kicking while its teeth are being ripped off, woe to those who try to get out of the enclosure. During the fascist era, the State invented a crime (270bis, still in use): it is sufficient only to think to unite against the State, and you get jail and harassment. All over Italy 4 different operations followed one another in 3 months, leading to the arrest of dozens of anarchists, hundreds of others being investigated and hundreds of houses being searched. Not to mention the heavy sentences inflicted, as real retaliation, on the demonstr
ators of G8 2001or the preventive arrests against the opponents of the TAV.
‘We struggle, you vote’
Our affinity comrades and friends are not surprised at the treatment they are being inflicted, they know they are being punished only because they had the courage of getting out of the enclosure. While fearful herds are bellowing their dissent with petitions, elections and sit-ins, few individuals are spreading counter-information, unveiling and attacking the criminal structures of the system. Criminal banks are being set on fire, tax collection agencies that starve people are being made to blow up, eco-murderer tycoons are getting frightened. Groups of individuals who quite often don’t even know one another are acting according to their possibilities and methods, some by writing messages on a wall, on the internet or on a leaflet, some by slowing down and sabotaging the structures that make life hellish.
‘We don’t ask for the future, we are taking the present’
We are not naive, we know that a huge divide made of suffering and smoking rubbles stands between this system of exploitation and hatred and a society without slaves or masters, gods or religions, states or nations. But it is not sufficient to become aware of this, we must act in order to take control over our life back. To those who have
the illusion of being safe: on the edge of the precipice the ground is slippery and there’s nowhere to find refuge. To take a stand now, individually, without delegating or waiting for parties, unions, mass media, vanguards and the masses, all of this being ridiculous trash of the last century, can make the difference because it is only in the struggle for freedom that life becomes dignified. The present is a laboratory where what is to come can be experimented with; without living the present all calls for the future are empty shouts fading in deaf space.
Freedom for our brother Peppe Shighno, freedom for all the comrades in jail!
Solidarity with Gimmy and all the comrades on the run persecuted by the States!! Solidarity with anyone in the world who i
s struggling with direct action against the oppression of State and capital!!
Let’s stop the ‘heroic treatment’ inflicted on this dying society, let’s put an end to suffering, lets’ pull the plug of the system!!



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